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28 Sep

Posted by Azurewing in Casual | Sept. 28, 2013 | 69 Comments

Apk file size: 4.4 MB

The correspondence/postal chess community for Android. It introduces a unique way of playing on your android device.

Play multiplayer with friends or strangers for ranking points and achievements with as many players as you like from all over the world simultaneously, and in your own time to fit your busy schedule.

Give it a try, we think you'll love it…

Whats new

    We've bought back 3 very missed game creation features in this release as well as a few other bits.
    - Unrated / Fun games are now back.
    - Lists available open games to the user, if they are compatible with the opponents criteria.
    - Random challenge - Lists a random user to play a game against.
    - SD card installation support.
    - 3 various bugs fixed.
    Let me know what you think! :-) [email protected]

Azurewing part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 28, 2013. Google play rating is 85.9583. Current verison is 2.1.0. Actual size 4.4 MB.

Download chess-presso-multiplayer-chess.apk 4.4 MB


Ryan Brady

Best chess app Love this app. Been using it for 3 years and still going strong. Great interface to navigate and easy to set up a game. Highly recommend, and the paid version was the best investment I ever made (3+ years of use!)

George Butler

No login fix yet. I have chesspresso installed on two devices, a Samsung Note 2 and a Samsung Tab 3. When I try to use chesspresso on either of them I get a message that I am logged on to another device and so can't access chesspresso. Looks like now I will lose my games on time. This is the third time I have written about this problem and still no fix and no response of any kind.

Pinaki Bhattacharyya

Rating progression graph and plan moves feature desirable Rated this app 4. Its lacking these 2 features which are very desirable and are present in Chess by Post. please consider implementation of these 2 features. Gonna rate it 5 when implemented.

Georgian Cernat

Good app to play chess but neds some polishing. The last major update as long time ago, the buttons still sit in front of the board(screen) and still we can't use the app on 2 devices without loging out. Not very good at all. Besides this seems pretty good app!

Drew Higginson

Almost perfect Few requests... Add last-move animation when showing board, can't see if opponent took a piece. Allow select opponent from Google+. Don't show/allow invalid moves. The notification sound needs work. Replay feature unintuitive on the phone at least, I think by making the last 'step' switch back to the game while also adding an indication to what mode your switching into would be better. Edit: and I've just been stung by the multiple login issue... Looks like I'll be playing tonight when I get back home instead :(

bigvin c

Great chess app Would be on top of the best chess apps ..if it didn't crash so often ..I have to keep re-downloading it in order to play..big draw back! I'll finish up my game's n uninstall for the last time..till someone fixs these problems ! Please address the issues ..thxs

Alexandru Marton

Love the multiplayer It might be nice to have a single player function where you can train or analyze past games so that you may improve yourself... Or have a tool that tells you the biggest mistakes you made, or those that your opponents made (after each game is over)

Satchit Varma

Excellent app This is a great chess app, one of the best in the market. Never faced any problems such as crashes. My only suggestion to the dev is to include a rating progress chart, or at least a past ratings feature to keep track of your rating. Overall, 5 stars without a doubt.

Zach Norwood

Excellent This app got be back into chess a year ago or more and I'm thankful for it. Some interface improvements could be added (should auto-refresh when opening the app, better list of friends, board colour schemes could look better, etc.). Seems the developers have slowed down, but it's still the best correspondence chess interface on android.

A Google User

A good and easy app with nice interface... I think it needs a 'clock' option other than a minimum of one day to move. Once I setup a strategy but wait 24 hours for opponent to move, other battles have confused my strategy for that battle. I know of one other chess app that does have this option but the interface isn't as friendly as chesspresso. Thanks

steve belczyk

Love it! Very smooth and intuitive. Doesn't get in your way, just lets you play. One tiny little suggestion: It'd be cool to have at hand a brief explanation of the FIDE rating system, if that is indeed what is used. Extremely well done!

A Google User

Excellent chess app... It has everything that you could expect from a non-web based app. I love the fact that they keep a log of all of your games for studying your (or your opponent's) tendencies and mistakes.

Nawab Zada

I wish there was an option to see and hide coordinates on the board. Also maybe some sort of a mechanism for taking back the last move? Like a request button? And then if the opponent agrees then the last move is undone and the player gets another chance to make a move.

Magnus Moen

Good app with few problems Occasionally crashes to desktop when overloaded, but still the best chess app available.

George Masgras

almost perfect chess app I would give this app 5 stars if it had an option to put the "review moves" navigation buttons to the bottom of the screen where they're not in the way

Johan Kirsten

Major time bug spoil this Major bug, time elapsed claims possible! Please fix this problem. If someone change their clock forward after making moves they can claim victory! This is terrible please fix this. I lost many games by cheaters now.

John Washabaugh

Good multiple player chess It's pretty good for playing with friends IF your friends like chess enough to pay $5 for it. It's a little over priced but a couple of my friends do enjoy it so they paid for it and we all enjoy playing each other. It's basic words with friends style chess, nothing special, simple interface and graphics. Free version limits your moves in a day and you won't be happy with it. You can also play random people at your skill level, that part is setup nice.

Johan Kirsten

I paid for the full version and are happy with the value. Something that will help is a feature to start more than 1 game at a time.... You can only play 4 games with the free version, I dont see thd point of this. Chess. com offers a free version with many more features. As a free user why not make the interface on par? The paid version can offer content, new themes and no ads? Then tgere are chessbase products to compete with as well....

Stephen Smith

I really liked this game. Then I hit the move limit. 50 in a 24 hour period (not per day, like it says)? Awful. But okay. I was thinking about buying it, until I found out that it's $6 to buy it. Your app is alright, but not worth $6 to play more than 3 games in a day. Really sad about that.

Wolfe McBane

Easily the best chess app on android If you like chess, this app is like the pure stock android chess experience (except for the obnoxious notification sound, which can be disabled)

cam evans

Everything you need This app, apart from its incongruous naming, covers all of the major usability and background (it is very economical with mobile data) features you'll require to players frequently. Oh, by the by, the sound it makes to notify you of various moves made by an opponent, is very well designed. Better in fact than some message waiting tones purpose built for a phone.

Wiehan Van Der Merwe

A few problems 1) needs an 'analyze board' feature. Serious shortcoming of Chesspresso vs other Multiplayer chess apps. 2) controls for review of a game is completely in the wrong place, needs to be at the bottom of the board - so that you don't obstruct the board when going through moves. 3) stupid limitations on amount of moves one can make in a day in the free version - the 'ads' should be enough 'punishment' for free players 4) add an option for shorter time controls

Andrew Gidney

Best turn-based chess app on android! I must have gone through about 10 different chess apps on android, each leaving me more disappointed than the last. I used to have "Chess with friends" on apple ios which imo was perfect - apart from it doesn't have an android counterpart. This is just as perfect and actually has some improvements! Game on!

Gol Abud

Good game... only beef is one move per day is too long. Maybe 12 hours should be an option?

e. araiza

HORRIBLE UPDATE Chesspresso USED to be great. Simple. Basic. Online chess. Then came the user profiles, the flashy graphics and now the whole thing is frustrating. Notifications appear for your turn but then when you open the app nothing is there! You have to REFRESH then WAIT 5 minutes for your move to appear. Slow. Unresponsive. Amateur.

aanantha raaj

Good App indeed: Could be better, if all played games are exported to mail in one option. One game showed me check mate but there were more possible moves left. Issue with Timer.

Mike Winters

Disappointing Have to relog in every time I change devices. Graphics not very good unless you pay. Much better apts avaiable

Todd Flatland

Good, not great I switched to droid recently, and had been looking for a replacement for iOS' Chess With Friends. I installed this because a buddy of mine has been using it for a while and liked it. I really do as well, but I feel that a few small tweaks would make it perfect, mostly buggy aspects of the app. My main problem is that sometimes I have to manually hit refresh to get the app to register that its my turn in a game, and sometimes it gets stuck on the side menu when not looking at a board.

Gregory Stewart

Yellow on White Would you change the color contrast for active games? I am visually impaired and can NOT read yellow print on a white background. Would you create an option to choose background/text colors?

Ruben Sifuentes

Notification It does not let me known when it's my move I always have to remember and look to see if I have moves to make please fixes

Lukas Linhart

Perfect That's exactly what I was looking for to play with my friends. Really comfortable... Maybe a bit better chat options but it's basically flawless

Aula Mens

Hugely dissapointed Have been a happy paid user of it for years, but after upgrading to my next tablet with 7.9" 3:4 screen the application becomes a mess - the board is so tiny it occupies less than 10% of the screen. I cannot use fingers to tap figures on the board. And there is no way to make the board bigger. Application becomes 100% useless.

Mr M

Excellent app Works well,, minimal use of data, minimal use of battery power. Enough members so that there is always someone outthere ready to play.

Jared Davis

Awesome, but... One of the premium chess apps out there. But it needs to provide a way to replay a match from your email.

Kevin Haas

Clean, friendly interface I've played a few chess apps and this is my favorite. The Android style interface is nice, and the board and pieces look great. I play multiplayer against the same opponent all of the time, it would be nice if you could do rematch easier, and if the multiplayer aspect was built out a bit more but overall this is a great game of chess.

biggus dickus

Would be nice to save some notes against each game so you can remember what you were planning.

Daniel Abud

Exactly what I was looking for! The program is extremely fast and reliable. It simply just works. Very easy to find friends and get a game started, as well as keep track of games. Obviously, there are ads, but it's cheap to upgrade to no ads. My only minor complaint is that sometimes on the Nook tablet it wont update instantly - but that's what the refresh button is for in the game! Well done. I don't often give out 5 stars.

O Leza

Best Correspondence Chess I've used this great app for years now and still use it almost daily. I'll stop for a break for a few weeks then back at it. Great job, developer!

Dávid Veszelovszki

I badly miss the "Analyze game" feature that is present in another app called Chess Time. In every other aspect Chesspresso is better: faster, nicer, slicker. ("Analyze game" in Chess Time just brings up an interactive sandbox chess board to help you play around and figure out your next move)

Mike Winters

Disappointing Have to relog in every time I change devices. Graphics not very good unless you pay. Much better apts avaiable. Time out games do not time out. Very poor apt. Have played on line a long time and have found much better apts.

Mike Berry

The best chess app available. Subject says it all. Well worth the inexpensive purchase to unlock the full version, but the free version works great too if you don't mind the limited moves per day or don't play too many games at once. If you want to play chess with your friends or with strangers from around the world, this is the app for you.

Javeed Khan

App need some improvement 1. Auto draw option while holding only king is not applicable. Pls set auto draw after 50 moves on same. 2. Three times repeated move should be draw automatically. 3. Need some mlid color option in board screen. 4. Pls rectify above points , so that I will rate 5 for app.

A Google User

Below Improvements needed 1. Give few good board color combinations, such as black/white, green/white, brown/white. Make the white pieces ivory. 2. Add status to see who is online. 3. Allow to make friends so that it's easy to find people from friends list. 4. Provide SEARCH option to find people by country/language/gender/name/user id. 5. Unable to scroll leaderboard from my position. 6. Head to head statistics should be available against any particular player. 7. Can add BLITZ option also which can have different timers.

Mark Winfield

Love it Little bit more confusing with update but it is much better and helping set up games. Would be great if all games could be exported as a pgn file so that games could be looked at with other software. Highly recommended.

aanantha raaj

Good App indeed: Could be better, if all or selected played games are exported to mail in one go. One game showed me check mate but there were more possible moves left. No automatic draw feature in case of 3 moves repetition and 50 moves of non capturing a piece or with draw materials. Add themes with mild colors. Wrong notifications received. Many times sound is not working (my phone sound sys is checked). Will give you 5***** if these are rectified.

A Google User

A good and easy app with nice interface... I think it needs a 'clock' option other than a minimum of one day to move. Once I setup a strategy but wait 24 hours for opponent to move, other battles have confused my strategy for that battle. I know of one other chess app that does have this option but the interface isn't as friendly as chesspresso. Thanks

Ragunathan Pattabiraman

Used to be great. But now... No doubt it is one of the best multiplayer chess apps. But now there are several draw backs: (1) App is not updated for about 2 years now (2) Developer does not respond to support requests in forum (3) on some devices it has serious problem with WiFi connections causing lot of frustration (4) it is not cross platform or on web, you can't simply make a move when you are on desktop.

Richard Vigil

Very good except Games still continue to disappear. I have two timeout losses because of this problem. Another game just disappeared from my device and in a few hours my opponent can declare victory. Is this problem going to be fixed any time soon?

Peter Nguyen

Improvement needed Originally the first iteration was better, I remember the controls were place near bottom, thats where its easiest and most convenient. Maybe let user specify where they want controls lay out. Bottom, top, left or right. The developers dont play chess, so dont know the inconvenience.

Kevin Adams

Cheating App should have a way of detecting players using chess engines in the background. Then delete their rating and let the community know those players use engines

Tanner Armstrong

Needs auto-draw functionality It would be a 5 if there was a function that allowed forced draws by the 3 times repeated pattern rule or the 50 move rule. Those don't often become issues but when they do it's frustrating enough to bump this otherwise amazing app down from a perfect score. The app could also benefit from some polish like customizable board colors or pieces but overall it's great.

Joe Schmoe

Loving this app Found out about this through a post about top rated chess apps. Glad I found it. Still new to it but it fits my correspondence chess needs perfectly.

Octavian Partenie

Great app but missing a few features I really like the app - simple interface, you can play a very large number of games at the same time and the ranking system is good. It crashes sometimes (but quick to recover), doesn't recognize all draw situations and could have extra features (already mentioned by others). Then I'd give it a 5 :)

Ian Solomons

Elo rating / profile/ past game stats I have change my rating to slightly higher because it is decent but please fix or give explanation. I love chess and this could be a decent app. I'm fact it is aside from the bug. I got this app because I was ready to play against other players and get a true reflection of my elo rating. If you want my money fix this because it seems flawed. I have played 8 rated games (2 fun). I won't 5 rated and lost 3. It shows that I lost 4. Fix please

Owen Wall

Works and looks nice except when it doesn't. GlItches frequently and doesn't update that it is my turn, I've lost games because of this. Currently the free version won't allow me to create a fourth game. Still the interface is good, and it works fine most games. Would consider buying for no ads if it worked Properly all the time.

Joe Schmoe

No longer using With no response about exporting past games and still not able to export past games, I am no longer using the app. Sad. I really enjoyed the app. Great for correspondence chess. If there is an update for exporting past games or if developer explains how, I will gladly start using app again. Exporting past played games is HUGE for my chess game so I can play better in the future.

Paul Cubitt

Looks good, but... Started my first game, I'm black and after 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5...Every move I try to make is invalid. I'm not in check and have tried just about every legal move black can make in this position. So I'll lose by default with not much choice. Poor...

David Ockwell

Push notifications and iPhone Great app but the push notifications disappear if you look at a move then exit without having played a move. Always been an issue with this app. And it's not on the iPhone so you'll need something else to play a lot of your mates

Thaky Haqq

My games are being held hostage. Find another app. I do not like that I am being li ited to 50 moves per day. Its now the next day and I still cannot move. I do not like being held hostage for ransome. This should be made clear up front.

Bogdan Tabacaru

Love the intention hate the app I like the idea of the game but i am constantly observing that after i closr the game, I cannot reopen it unless i restart my phone. I constantly check my ram amount and i always have several hundred Mb free. It is extremely frustrating!

Billy Ellison

need a way to chg orientation of the board, I have a nexus 7 and a 10 inch tab they both are in portrait mode is not very easy to use with the tablet covers being in landscape . Is there a way to set this??? Just started using it my son has been using it for awhile likes it a lot. billy63 will be looking for reply

Sean Davies

Absolute joke. 2 games I'm playing expired over a week ago and I still haven't been rewarded the wins for them. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. If players are losing individual games then can just simply stop making moves and it won't effect their leader board status.

Andrei Andrei

Some suggestions You cannot abort a game once it has started, even if no moves have been made. Also, there are players cheating and using engines to play, so an anti- cheating program would be nice. Either than that, this app is ok.

Jerzy Pluskota

Very good, but add option to block/ignore players you don't want to play/chat with. Also game should end with draw if position on chessboard repeated 3 times.


Very well put together app Everything in this app is intuitive. It is well put together and attractive to look at, and the adverts, which keep it free, are not intrusive. It doesn't condescend to you, by telling you that you're in check, but at the same time, it won't let you make an invalid move. One feature request: I'd like to be able to change the alert sound, as my wife doesn't like the default one (: Thanks for a great implementation of correspondence chess.

Nishchal Sadaram

Its good but But sometimes I'd like to play fast too.. A 2min game should also be added.. The current ones are too slow.. A single game would take forever to complete!

Davide Ensini

Quite good Finding an app to easily play chess against friends was tougher than it should, but this one does the job quite well. Not five stars because one of my first games got corrupted, maybe due to some bug. I'm not getting paid version to submit a bug report, guys.

Tarek Hoteit

Careful when switching devices I noticed some games disappeared when I switched between the app running on my Android phone and on my tablet. For the games that disappeared, it would eventually be declared as loss (timeout)

Gergő Gulyás

Good app, bad things The app itself could be a great online multiplayer chass app but... When I upgraded to paid user my payment was in pending status for lots of hours. Then I checked in Google Wallet, it was completed. However I still get the advertisements, can't play unlimited and I didn't receive any answer to my mail from Azurewings.

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