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28 Aug
Real Chess

Posted by Alienforce in Board | Aug. 28, 2016 | 217 Comments

Apk file size: 38.0 MB

This app brings classic chess game into new dimension. With advanced 3D graphics you can feel all beauty of interacting with virtual chess set. Choose to play with AI or with real opponents.

Game Features:

* Advanced 3D graphics;
* Online gameplay. More than 1 million registered users worldwide.
* Matchmaking feature;
* Chat with opponents while playing online;
* AI with 2400 levels of difficulty;
* Hints for beginners - highlighting of possible moves;
* Different themes of chess set;
* 3D and 2D board variants;
* Both landscape and portrait screen mode supported.

Note: Location data may be used for providing you more relevant ads

Alienforce part of our Board and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 28, 2016. Google play rating is 85.9022. Current verison is 2.76. Actual size 38.0 MB.

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L Piddy

Beautiful, promising but ultimately unplayable online. This game looks beautiful. It gives you the perspective of a live game, which I much prefer to a 2D view. You can set a time limit like a real game. This is great if you want to sit down and finish a game in one session. But there are too many issues with online play to make it useful for anything but offline play. You don't get to confirm your move so it's very easy to make mistakes. Almost every game ends in draw due to your opponents clock freezing and never resuming. I have finished just one to date!

Kunal Varshney

I cant play this game online I earlier used to play this game onlone but after update i cant play it online...the online button appear to go online?? Help me and i will give 5 stars

Frank M., Esq

Great update!! Wow, nice improvement. I personally like to hear the pieces sliding, so I may have wished for that, but I love the functional changes and the new interface is a nice move. Thank you.

Rafael Diaz

Best Chess App Simply the best, why did the update take so long? It also seems a bit cluttered on 3d, a sliding menu would help.

Steven Luong

I won 5 times but the player keeps calling it a draw.

Devin Perry

Can't play against the ai crashes every time.

Hudiya Ichwana

Why the online button not appeared ?

Bill Pappas

Take some pride in your work The 3 fold rep issue is still obnoxiously present with your "update". The stalemate programing is wrong. It's not a stalemate when white still has one move left to check mate after black corners itself. Although this one works to my advantage, my pieces shouldn't magically reappear on the board after being captured. I've had three total knights now in several games. If this was programed properly it would be amazing and you could probably make a lot of money on it...

Bright Star

This game is very difficult. Even in easiest mode.

Mustafa Baloch

Mustafa baloch This game is very nice but not play online .You can quest. if you are playing this game your position is winning so other side persons will be pause the game and you cannot waiting the other person long time.its situation if you will draw the cant win.

Hamza Altaf

Updated version is flopped .. Nonsense,, dislike updated version

Shambhunath jha

Idiotic !!!waste of time

Ahmed Elsherbiny

It was much better before that update.It disconnects alot while playing online


Chess fusion Very nice game loved it

Dimple B

Its Very enjoyable game....

Axellander Bahamut

Cant play online

Sam V

I Hate the new update. It's horrible. ...

Cody Garrett

Friend or foe Countless times in an online match I've been one move away from losing and my opponent loses my not making the move. What gives?

Arslan Khilji

Beautiful Beautiful game obviously goood game

Gene Diaño

Nice graphics! But there is no underpromotion option and when white is checkmated, it still says black is checkmated. Looking forward for the updates!

Aaron Gomez

Bugs, bugs everywhere Animation and design are top notch, just hecj your app for bugs its too bothersome to mention, 1 is it never changes the "black checkmate" even if white lost

Gem Will

Love this game I love this game but there are a few issues with game play like when I make a move somehow the black pawn piece can jump two spots sideways an take out my piece when it is not possible as my piece is not near nor next to the other piece this ruins the game for me. Higer raiting once fixed

ReNee Warren

AWESOME!!!! I have always loved chess, but recently I have been addicted to it. This was a good app for me. I love how you can move the board in different angles, and how there are so many lvls for the computer player. Amazing app!

Morrighan DeSha

Love this!! But, Ive noticed three things that drive me crazy about this game, i tell one piece to make a certain move an it does somethin totally diferent, an two when i do win a match it still says i was the one that lost. And three is i always see the computer use the Castling move and im not able to.. Fix this an ill gladly put 5 stars!!! I dropped the star rating because the issues still havent been fixed

its me

Superb and great graphical Superb animated 3D game. Its awesome.

Rafał Fronc

Rather showy than solid. I reckon the app, among its kind, the most fabulous because of its effectively displaying appearance. All in all, it's rather showy than solid.After a while of playing it turned out that the white bishop wasn't able to capture the black rook on the bias.Even though, the path was cleared of enemies throughout.The issue has occurred at the time.This bug is on the contrary to the main game rules and it forced me to quit it.Also the game server is severely lacking. Unfortunately, uninstalled with great regret.


Nice! Overall is nice, but it should be much better if the pieces has more glossy texture, just opinion, don't worry

Chandramouli D

Could be best Well I am really addicted to this game.But I hate it completely when system freezes when I make a good move to beat.Secondly in online games,there needs improvisation. When anyone of the user withdrawn from the game,it should award a win to the other rather it shows connecting to the server... Its disgusting when we we're unaware about opponent status.A stastics for the games played online would be a welcome move.Anticipating that all the reviews went into the ears of Developers..

Miller Mark

Amazing It's amazing how the AI knows every move but when u put it into a spot it can't move, the game will buzz and freeze. Then u need to restart. How fair is that!! It's easy to checkmate but the AI goes for all your pieces and doesn't really have strategy. All and all its a good device breaking game (meaning I end up throwing my device because I hate to lose). I have just about had it. Your game will always castle but will not fn castle mine when it knows it's fn losing. How about an easier way to castle.

Kashyap Patel

Fool making app Can't be downloaded this app hate hate hate hate hate this app

Robert Young

Could be the best Down to 2 stars, could have been 5. Get the BASICS right PLEASE (the rules of chess) NO POINT looking this good if a match is ruined by BASIC game-play errors. Server is severely lacking. Gameplay (rules of chess) needs some work - 3fold repetition, stalemate, etc. I don't like paying for an app that is incomplete and still in beta stages. Like serving someone a half-cooked meal. Not good! Up your game developer.

Nurthin Aziz

Enjoyable Pros: I like that it feels real time with the 3d modeling. Everything runs smoothly on my HP Touchpad. Has 10 difficulty levels to choose from AND 2 player compatible. Also camera views are pretty nice too. Cons: Although we should always keep track of our safety and danger zones there always comes that time when you just don't see the checkmate coming. So I feel like they should really stop at that moment at endgame instead of going to a completely different screen having us think, "WTH! How?!?!" Wish the texture of the pieces had a smother option maybe glass or something to give it a nice look and feel.

James Georgia

Wow fail Worst chess game in the history of worst chess games the ai will cheat till it wins I've seen it do it multiple times switching two pieces positions in one turn how bad are you at making a game if you can't even make a good chess game the ai is allowed to do anything but your moves even get limited to the point where when you have the king and have to move it you can't even attack something that's right next to you says it's an invalid move then once you move the king the piece that was attacking you turns

Paul Adams

Good Chess game One of the best games 3d action is smooth downloaded to teach my 6 year old chess she loved it ads got in way so paid to remove brilliant game my daughter kept asking to play all weekend so all round brilliant game well worth downloading

Harsh Gupta

Good this game has the best picture quality ever seen...the only thing is the ads but they can managed. ..

Damion Smith

Chess Fusion I've been playing more now. No freeze ups yet,great. Rating time - if you're into chess,this one is hot,really nice. Happy loosing,the PC is bruuuutal!

Kyle Lobberman

Stunning graphics! This chess app has stunning graphics even on my 12" Galaxy Note Pro! Would easily get five stars except for bugs with online multiplayer. The online interface is OK, but it works terribly on my somewhat slow WiFi connection. I've had to cancel every game I have tried to play online because at some time during the game a box always comes up, "Connecting to server..." and never disappears. Multiplayer on the device would be better if there was an option not to rotate the board each move. That makes sense, because on a large tablet like mine, the players always play across from each other. Looking forward to future improvements.

Melba Vinson

Me no likey Okay this app with the great graphics has the promise of unadulterated chess action but doesnt deliver. IMO the timer is way off probably bc the online server doesn't stay connected. That just ruins it for me. I have reliable wifi and 4glte connections and have had no issues like this in other online games. Please fix and hopefully I'll give you another chance so I can improve this rating. Greats grapics alone does not a great game make!

Andrus Kumel

Great good looking game. Crashes a lot, drains battery.

Justin Flores

Not cool Hate this app I'm very good chess player in real life n the computer or whoever i play single handed users my same moves just the complete opset cheater computer dont like to be beaten loser never download this game its riged loser ha ha

sandhya karthik

I liked it But its the same game which I have it in my computer

Lynden G

Loved it but You got rid of the ability to rotate the screen. I play it one handed on the trains but can't in landscape mode. Bring back acreen rotation for more stars

Maaz Ud Din

Absolutely amazing The app on its own is fantastic. However i would propose one idea, linking it with facebook so that we can play it with friends!! Thank you!

Encik Zulyadi

Zenfone 5 The best!

Euferson Calibuso

New chess themes! That's what i've been waiting for, now this is my no. 1 choice.

Bill Pappas

Still ridiculous Seriously, did an out of control hormonal teenage girl design this game. The AI stamps back and forth (3 fold reps ) not getting it's way. It refuses to engage in normal game play. I have to circumvent a stalemate by constantly undoing my moves, which defeats the point of even playing.

Wyatt Thompson

I like it.BUT A HUGE ISSUE FOR ME, I was playing online and was going 5/0/0, opponent offered a draw and I DECLINE, yet somehow it still went through an I lost my streak, plz check into this and see if there's a problem or if I was just being foolish, otherwise a great game

Kyle Lindsay Swart

Awesome graphics, terrible online user interface. Ok, love the graphics, good work on the ranking points idea with the reputation points. The online playability sucks. At first, I thought the guys were quitting on me but on the verge of my opponent beating me, he quits the game! Why? I can hardly ever finish a game and on top of that, when I get the pop up that the opponent quits then my reputation goes down. You guys need to relook at your programming as the game is only 60% complete and the graphics account for 90% of that score. I'm uninstalling. HTC 1

Lisa Marie Villanueva

This game is preety good^_^ I like that it show's me the plase i have to put on so i can beet my frind at chess^_^!!!

peshaway ysn

I would kill the developer of this Chess if I have him in front of me when I do great in a game and suddenly it freezes! 1 of every two or three games will end freezing! Also, there is no escape from draw offer. When someone knows he will lose, he offers a draw and it will end drawing regardless of accepting or declining. Otherwise, it is really great especially in the graphics, and I spend most of my time playing it. Thank you and I hope you fix these problem. 4 Stars for now.

Sedik Rouabaa

The game is superb BUT... When playing on-line, many players force a draw when they see they are loosing by disconnecting network!!!!!!

Brendan Martin

Potential bug Okay, so I'm a chess novice, but I believe I'm experiencing a bug where I cannot move my Knights whatsoever. I understand the move and attack in an L path which consists of 4 total squares; including the starting point. There are times however where I find myself unable to move my Knight like stated above. Either Im missing a rule somewhere or there's a bug. Love the game, just confused with this scenario.

Cecil Harper

A Chess Lover's Dream! I love this chess app! It's smart, functional and down right fun. This is by far one of the best chess apps I have ever come across! (No they did not pay me to say this.) Don't just take my word for it; try it for yourself. ..... you can thank me later. :-)

Kevin van Niekerk

Bugged!! Broken app.. clocks freeze so what's the point of trying to get good ranking or win stats if you are forced to lose because of bugs. UNINSTALLING

Nimish Mehra

Sometimes the online button is disabled and i hate when people pause the game in between.pausing the game option must be removed.

RGIIIFan75 GoSkins

Galaxy S3 Love it im uninstalling my other chess app now...also had no problems with online play.

KAVA labor of luv

Easy and fun. 3d looks cool

Indranath Tripathi

No logic If someone forced upon a draw your rating goes down whereas their rating goes up. Frustrating.....

Bush Nwenfor

Just the skin on my phone needs a change

Phillip Thompson

How can you request a draw when your losing???? Need a resign button to admit defeat.

rajan naik

Fabulous game A game that is ment for me

Vasim Akram

Lots bug and need feature First . automatic disconnected from online. Second.. Automatic drawn matches even we dont accepted draw .. .. And add few feature like chat and add friends. . if you want to make itmore popular .

Divani Zamora

Really beautiful game

delon aboyme

The best

Kevin Parker

Great chess game Nice variation in difficulty and good selection of game modes. Only drawback is the amount of data usage caused by the adverts. Switch off mobile data while using if you have a data limit.

Daniel Clark

Chess for non chess players This app is good for people like me who dont have a clue how to play chess but would like to learn without total humiliation :-) the different difficulty levels help as you get a little better the degree of difficulty can be increased to suit. Not sure in real chess the pawn can be promoted but is a quirky idiosyncrasy of this app. I would highly recommend this app for those who find this review appealing

Mike Niewald

Great game! I would like to see a different choice of pieces I think that would be cool. Also I do have one problem that when I move my pawn next to the computers pawn the computer will attack my pawn diagonally even though my pawn was not in a diagonal position.


CUSTOM COLOR WAYS. ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE CHESS PIECES. Graphics are ill,highly addictive. Classic chess is classy, but the thought of customizing players chess pieces whether online or not...would be a nice added feature. This generation is all about options and identification. I think this feature would add depth and mindful style to your opponents and oneself. I belive that no matter the game,any skillful chess mastermind can escape a monochromatic view... consider that! -Big ups on the app.

rahul singh

Good Animation... But theme is not so Attractive.. ? And it most of the times hang the phone.. 3of 5times...

syed usman shamim

Simple amazing. Its best chess app all over the market. Good for beginers like me. It also teaches you how to play. Very well designed.. fast processing and bot laggy at all. Just one question if you can tell me if this same app is for ios users or not.because i want to play with my friends who have ios ?

Austin Elsenheimer

Been waiting for online chess I love chess, but my family members either suck or don't want to play. So it's great to be able to play a great game whenever I want, wherever I want. Great connection without lag, ads aren't too annoying, it looks great, and works flawlessly. Did I mention it's great? Seriously though, I like it.

Alin Pradhan

Cool Nice game with good graphics... only one problem with heavy data usage during online gameplay.Otherwise loved it.

chitranshi C

Loved it I love this game but it is too difficult in higher levels

Pancho Pantera

Great app Finally an app that doesn't highlight the squares i can move to. This will really help me improve my skills against a real person.

Heather Sutton

Great It is a really good game and enjoyable to me. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I do??

Louie Villa

Great chess I love the difficult settings it has really nice graphics all the options are excellent and doesn't try to sell you anything or make you spend money also love the fact that every piece is easy to move and nothing is complicated at all

Albert Jahnn

Its a very awesome game but could you pls have more designs in boards and the pieces? Just a suggestion thou.

abin sabu

Not able to play when I'm offline Now I'm not able to play the game when offline. Game starts and freezes on start menu

Slowest Sundew7

10/10 M8 This is a very moist chess app, I play against people when I'm not at practice very goooooodd oh spuh spuh spuhed

Andreas M

Good chess app but too many ads, 1min to exit game due to adverts, otherwise 4/5☆

Mohamed Khaled

The Greatest Chess app I've ever seen Beautiful graphics, nice interface, and great online playing. Only one comment, though: it would be even better with online chess tournaments!

David Resek

Great Game! Well put together. Impressed. Awesome sauce.

Sanjeeth Selvan

Love this app. Graphics are cool. Play against AI are really challenging. Awesome multiplayer option, able to play with pros around the world. Only downside thats stopping me from giving a 5 star is the video ads which consumes too much data usage unneccessarily. Remove that and a 5 star rating is for sure.

Keval Patil

Fully Ads ...big Zero 1. Full of Ads. 2. Cunsumes large data for ads Don't download is full of Ads ...u can't skip ad videos...

Lorne Madden

Chess its very good it makes you think hard and long which is good for your mind to also deal with every day life Mind blowing and must stay sharp when playing ?

Samuel Clemens

Super cool nice grfx. Like the clock timer so you can gauge ur progress and not feel pressure. Fantastic app

Gefordeon The Silvery

It's good Simple, yet great. The animations seems smooth and the overall graphics looks a bit premium, if you're playing in 3D mode. No pop up ads coming up after each game, just during the game you'll see an ad banner on the top, not covering that much area though, and hardly noticeable. Overall, it's a nice game and definitely entertaining, well, at least for me it is hehe.

Roberto Martinelli

Could be better! Why when your opponent is stucked is allowed to move foreward and backward in routation the same move till you got to make it wrong? ….i make moves to stuck my opponent and then he can just wait till i have to make the wrong step?? And if I do so 3 times I lose. It should be the same even when you play against computer. It's a good game but you should review the rules!

Michael Freeman

Looks good ! Why in 2 players game, board reverses to player 1 side!??

Nikhil Bali

Good game but after completing game always the ads pop up and videos start I don't like it

Patrick Razo

Excellent game! First time using a chess app and playing chess in general. This app really helped me ease into it. Thanks!

Prasad Shrivatsa

Annoying ads and video commercials. This chess app has nothing special and is bundled with sneaky ads. I just wanted to try it but found it to be rather disappointing. Go for Droid Fish, the best in class. You will thank me.

Aladdin Magdy

Obligatory ads This is really annoying.... why force me to watch ads without any reason.... and same ads over and over.... 1- you should make sure that I chose to watch ads if u want to make money of it. 2- get some deals with some different company.. or at least with one good media company! 3-times of ads is really annoying... you should always pick the appropriate time.... just ended a game.. excited coz I won , lost doesn't matter... and what I get is claaaaaaaaash of kings... build magnificent castles ... it stocked!

Leon Cunningham

Absolutely love this game , haven't stopped playing it since I downloaded it !!!

neil blaa

Nice graphics But the only problem is it takes a lot of space

Jaime Robrigado

Great app! A game of chess that can also teach the right moves.

Anya Zah

Great for training Graphics are wonderful and I'm having a great time. 5 stars for this one :)

Manmeet Singh

!!!!Battery killer!!!! The only limitation is that it consumes too much battery even when playing offline...pls fix this problem...otherwise everything is good

Josh Maillet

App permissions The application asked me if it could make and manage calls? Yah, no. Uninstalled until they word it better or completely remove that permission request.

Mark Burgundy

This chess sim changed my life... Love it so much that I quit my job and I play this now

drew brown

Excellent This is THE chess app for any level of player from new to serious.

Manoj Vasani

Addicted Chess 3D Great Graphics, 3d Designs, Lots of online Chess players. Just Awesome

Divek Kothari

Problem with the players I have lost around 5 matches, not by getting defeated but by opponents not playing their turn. Yes this players don't set any time or turn limit so that they don't get out and they also don't accept the draw. I HAVE FACED THIS PLAYERS TRICE AND I ALSO WASTED HALF AN HOUR, BUT I HAD TO RESIGN FROM THE MATCH THAT I WAS WINNING. PLZ PLZ PLZ I REQUEST THE DEVELOPERS TO FIX OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. AS IT IS NO FUN PLAYING IN SUCH A MANNER.

tamil selvi

Ever good game. This chess game having all feature such as playing both vs computer and against other players by online.its having 2D AND 3D features in this game.i recomen this game for all chess lovers .

Aatir Saba

Problem I have an problem please fix it then I will give 5 stars. .when ever any ads come my game is restart automatically. matches ends in every ads ...or the add also ends automatically without play. ..otherwise the game is great. .

Richard Allen

Very Cool graphics , but the screen is way to small to be played well on a phone. You can't distinguish bishops behind pawns at the back of the screen. And if you tap one square the piece goes to another square right next to it. Iost a lot of games and pieces this way And to much trash talking in the chat. Racism , rude sex. And all the commercials , so they can sell you commercial free version. And it drains my Battery to fast. 2 stars that it.

Gavin Salmon

BEAUTIFUL As the ultimate noob to chess, I have NO experience or skill in chess whatsoever!! But the game is well made and beautifully crafted. Only thing I would love to see is some form of tutorial for newbies like me.

Joseph Guven

Needs a few changes but quite good,it works. Get rid of the messaging box.All I see there is obscenity of the worst kind.It's obvious some people online have no interest in chess but just there to intimidate others.Any chance of saving games in pgn to browse over later.The time controls could be tuned better, for example ,how does one play 4 min game with second(s) increment.Also I notice disconnections happening deliberately,the timeout should be reduced to 30 secs.I like the offline engine, ten levels of difficulty suitable for all skill levels.The takeback option is a great learning tool.

Sudarshan Rangarajan

Loved the game especially the online one Hangs when played for long duration which almost every other android game does I loved the look and feel especially the 3d rotation

Mohammed Mahsoon

Why dont you enable connecting with facebook or other social media rather than g+ only? Also why we cannot choose where are we from. If you take a look at 8pool by miniclip, you will find alot of i tresting ideas helps identfiyng ourselfs better. Very nice app. The good thing is that you can play online. Loved it

Samuel Alfaro

It is a good chess app You play people from around the world. Great graphics, almost instant games when you log on to play. I haven't yet to experience any negative activity, and im beginning to belive that i wont. Over all, if all you want to do is ay chess then this is for you.

Joshua White

Pretty good game... But I wish I could zoom in or something.... It's hard to get certain prices to move that are behind other prices as well... Overall... pretty good.. enough for a rate from me... IVE NEVER GAVE A RATING.. BUT, GOOD JOB ON THE GAME. GAME DEVELOPERS....LOL

Owen Froeschle

Hand-held yet life-like Really knocks out the excuses not to play chess- can play without seeing people's poker face and without the distraction of an unusual a two-dimensional display. Plenty of customization options. I went ahead and paid to get the premium without ads.

Ishmael Chantiloupe

Great it the app keep restarting anytime I change the settings are the look of the board...and when I'm playing nonlinear if someone tries to play restart so I have to choose my games

asad raza

Great 3D graphics Great 3D graphics .Good looks and easy to understand. Multiple levels of difficulty makes it very interesting

andri yanto

I liked it I hope that i can change the view while i'm playing, ex: viewing the chess from the up side

Lurcifer Legion

Come we playing together guys.. I'am the first player of this Chester playing... Hope there someone's can teach me how to starting.. Hihi

Viraj Ariyawansa

a Mind blowing experience Wow guys... its compose of best graphics and got many interesting options... its perfect for u to develop ur thinking ability....

Wael Shoukry

Perfect Beautiful graphics, sound and design without being over the top. Perfect. But, it would be great if I can see my score by level of difficulty, like how many matches won or lost at each.

Kenneth Simon

Awesome game!!! Best app I have. I bought the ad free and it makes it even better. Okay against everyone around the world. Addicted

Vismay Shah

no offline playing for 2 peoples It's very good with awesome graphics but only way to play with someone else is online. Need Offline settings: If you guys make a LAN setting in which 2 players can play game together against each other by simply connecting via wifi or else Then this game will be awesome.

Allen Strzelecki

Cool graphics and choices. Cant move the king and 2 people offline or so i hear

Ramanidharan Narayanan

Stay away! Real rubbish of an app. Paid to get rid of adds,then realized that this app is extremely buggy. One loses matches because of it and points as a result. The players are sometimes abusive and unsportsmanlike. Finally uninstalled. What a waste of money!

Vinu Ks

Good but bit slow... It sucks lot of battery but they developed wonderful chess sofware

Hany Ramadan

Good but Hang and shut When I recive a call I loss the game!! Please fix it. The app is wonderful

Ric Salas

WTF This is poo .. I wanted to play 2 player across the table but this app doesn't have an option reverse the pieces against one another.

Ashley m

I like it. Customize options are tasteful. Graphics are good. I haven't had any trouble or problems running the app. Ads aren't annoying either. Maybe could throw a girly color in there. Like the app thanks!

Tony Marler

Fantastic Best chess game I have found so far, the only thing I have to say about it is when it becomes king v.s king the game doesn't declare it a draw in two player. Aside from that the computer is great, the online matches are grand the ratings are helpful. Altogether great game I highly recommend it.

Amir khan

It a wonderfull game for chess lovers the graphics very good and the online playing is good for experiance to defeat the diffrent types of peoples and the skill is upgrated from one level to another., i am a chess lover but i cant give time on it so it is a wonderfull app for chess lovers...


Cheating is allowed A lot of cheatings happened during and after the game. Because the score is being saved in the phone and not with the server. Please fix, lots of mess are going around. The game application is good but cheating destroys it.

Rohit CG

Nice Online And Offline Chess Game As It has Offline Option you can play even though you don't have play unlimited anytime.

Saagen Soren

No complaints! It's a fantastic game I,I have to say.The AI is very nice but sometimes in the easier difficulties the AI can do some dumb things,which I like :D

w Nawandish

Great app but to many advertisements. The management must have control over the players name there are some racist players specially from USA who name them selves against someone's background or religion i hope the management stop this thanks

Adam Reeder

Love this game. Access to live competitors quickly and effortlessly. Very enjoyable.

David Paz

Like it I like the app is the best I have seen. Still with last updates I lost my elo and game history, did reported but no answer.

domkat bess

Good Graphics and seemless experience U just have to try it to understand wat am saying


Real chess is a really good chess game that I ever seen. It is really a good game that I ever seen. Real chess has a good graphics with many options to play as like 1 player, 2 player and online. But, player can't choose their chessmen in online that's really sad. Beside this, game is addictive and enjoying. Chat feature added value in it. In short, it's a good chess game that tenure or beginners can't tolerate. So feel free to install.

Nikhil Gupta

Fine Gamewise good but the people conversation are very shameful and abusive which is displayed at the same of selecting player. Should stop any abusive or seducing word or inappropriate word by anyone.

Alpa Joshi

Ooo laa laa This is atcualy sooo good that makes me addictive nd graphics are soo cool this game is like paradise to chess lovers

arun nikson

Nice one Not like a normal chess it's something new & special while play try it then I know ?

Jonathan Granada

notice my report I have been telling you to make the board bigger so we wont press the wrong box srsly bro its been a year you dont care about your users

aryan bajaria

This app is amazing. Even my brother who is 6 years old knows how to play chess. But there ìs a problem. The people on the chat are using foul languages and family insulting languages. We would be glad if you could add the safety chat option and it must be compulsary not to use foul language and abusing of relatives. Thank you. And I am giving 5 stars bcoz of the great graphics and the best game.


Safety measures required After 4 months of play experience, I have noted the following concerns; 1; the chatter in the chatroom function can be of sexual nature. An assessment of the interface shows no option to block, report or prevent harassment. 2; there is minimal memory to keep chats should predatory behaviour and sexualised predatory behaviour be noted and require legal action.3; there's no parental control. The assessment of chatter today noted a minor child of 8 during chatter with multiple users soliciting for sex chat.

Dios Teos

Awsome! Really like the graphics , intuitive interface but the problem is probably with my android 4.1.2 phone which freezes way too often... Guys u've done a tremendous job so nevermind the ads. There's an ios version too but seems like it's not supported anymore for online c's my ipad never connects to server... if it is possible please guys! give a real chess a real chance on ios once again

Mohamed Khaled

Best chess app hands down! Beautiful graphics, nice interface, and great online playing. The latest update has also added the great new feature of the replay list; now not only can I see my game record, but also review my past games and see what could've been done better. BTW, I have an idea to make this app go from the best chess app ever to the SICK, UNBELIEVABLE, & GREATEST CHESS APP......EVER! And that idea is "why not make chess online tournaments, maybe some leagues, and achievements?"I think that would be a great idea.

Ashish Jain

Great Chess game. Thank you for creating such great game of chess. This game contain advertising but they are important as maintenance of game requires money and money comes from advertising. So no issues. Best chess game for Android

Mark Joseph Sarate

Nice chess game Can you please make a pop up of chat after typing a message

Mrinmoy Kalita

Chess lovers..just play this game...u can either play 2D or 3D ...nice graphics....time passing game

Jason Fredericks

Fun Ads suck plus people trying to hack phone by asking u to text them

Abdullah Al Mahmud

why am temporary banned for messaging.? solve it or I unstall it

Joseph raiz

Awesome. Graphics are good, no connection problem, works smoothly, good for both beginners and experts. Wish to have more players to compete with...

nick killick

Flawed When playing AI it cheats by removing pieces with illegal moves (pawns cant take other pieces left or right!)

Rashid Alkhalid

Scoring of game is very bad When I win a game I get 3 or 4 points but when I lose the game its deducting 12 to 20 points. Scoring calculation is very bad. People purpose disconnecting to get more time.

Jeffry Haryanto

Nice graphics and simple guide You can learn and become expert

raph inos

Awesome Best chess app 4 android. If u love chess, dis will blow ur mind. Nice Wrk dis.

rahul cc

Loved it If it's chess you seek to play , This is it .

loyal sakkur

It is good But there is no more stages that's the biggest drawback

Al-Fahd Marohombsar

The graphics is superb! I recommend this game. Simple but realistic.

Will Epps

I really enjoy this app. I would give it a 5 but not much experience so I don't have much to compare with.

Devon Gray

Great! Great chess game! Large span of difficulties. Just wish there were more options for game pieces and board styles!

Deamyon M

Real people real chess The best so far

Antonio Topete

Like it The graphics are good but has a lot of adds

Carlos Peralta

Lovely Very versatile and well made.

vicky vignesh

After download ..I can't able to open. Once played...after it doesn't work

Lj Cuenca

Super love it This chess game is so cool its very helpful to me for example game in school battle so cooooooooooolllllllllll!!!!!!!!! I cant say anyting more in my mouth

Derrick Faulet

Cheating Piece of shit! Every time, every single time I'm a whole piece ahead it starts bringing my connection. No problem if I loose, but if I'm ahead, it disconnects!

ellanki sathwik

Best app to play chess This is the best app I seen for playing chess online. It is very interesting to play with foreigners.


I am really enjoying dz app... But I will like u guys to include an option of having an account so that I can always retain my username and score anytime I log in

pla bag

Really best free chess game on android ......full marks..

Prayag Trivedi

Nice game It's a great game to 0lay if 1 is free and a great mind refreshing game

Daniel Hric

Great Great chess game with a good graphics and gameplay

Sven Vet

Good, but too many adds.

Tedius Muleya

Great game piece customization is truely a good feature.Challenging levels helping you improve

Robert Lopez

REALLY REAL Chess Real chess board graphics,must play for chess lovers.

Raj Aryan

ABOUT GAME It's a fabulous application ......

Sanford Groat

It had chess in it, and I was expecting mobile strike! It says chess in the title! Where are the tanks?!?!

Dina Fina

Aesome Chess app, the best!

derrick mcneal

WHY DID I PAY This is a Top Tier Chess Game there are minor fixes like allowing the disconnect when losing; make it a 10 count. My issue is this. What did i pay for? @alienforce you guys have to allow me to receive something for my hard earned money. Otherwise to all readers this game would be the best and i may change this rating soon. Stay tuned. Let's play some chess!!

Well Designed/ Easy Interface I don't usually give ratings but this app is too well designed not to praise. The interface is easy on the eye and navigation is intuitive. The aesthetics are simple and beautiful which only enhances the understanding of gameplay. Also, the AI has different settings which allow for customized difficulty. Further, competitive play comes in many shapes and sizes. Overall, the design is flexible and pleasing. I highly recommend this app for all chess players. ((No, I was not paid to write this.))

Bill Pappas

3 fold repetition, unsportsmanlike conduct, cheating game play I take back the toddler comment. Toddlers grow and learn. The AI is like a scrawny punk ass wannabe gang banger that needs its ass beat. It squares up to you like an entitled fool. It has no respect for rules and ethics. It lacks honor and proper conduct. Obviously the manner in which the AI acts is a reflection of the programer...

Chocori Biro

Best App for Chest Lovers! A lot of customizations for different visual appeals. And you get a lot of restrictions on turn times for playing online, so you don't end up waiting hours just for your opponent to make his move. Also, the ads you watch are at most roughly 10seconds so they aren't to dragging to the fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

William Copeland

Online issues Just recently this game has started having issues. Whenever i try to play online, the opponents do not load. Its just me in the lobby and my auto match option does not show up. Please fix

Nick Peruski

The Best The BEST chess app. No competition. Best graphics I've ever seen for online chess. Option for both 2D and 3D (heck no to 2D though). Chat room function is strange but I guess to make sure you know you're playing a real person? (They like to "disconnect" by closing the app whenever they're stuck or you capture their queen just so they aren't embarrassed.) Fun times.

Zachariah Russell

Would get five stars with less ads... Great game. Consistent ELO play level. Decent looking too! Update: uninstalling due to ads. When not connected to WiFi, data usage is absurd for any non real time game... 100 MB in two days. Dropped it from four stars to two...

Benjeman Alphabet

Double agent pawns!! Beware! It's annoying the pieces switch sides from time to time (but not colors) mid game. This renders the game completely useless. It's a shame because the graphics are nice. ***edit *** all has been fixed. Game play is great.

Peter Bullock

Paid for premium but can only use on one device. Doesn't show up on my apps in play store once paid for so only good for one device otherwise you have to install crummy ad version's on your other devices. Would like to be able to link one user profile for all devices rather than play off different profiles and ratings for each device otherwise it would be a good app. Hate the bad losers that go offline when they're losing rather than doing the decent thing and resigning.

Rob Lewis

Can't play on Galaxy note 7. Just keeps searching. Loved game until I got a new phone. Now I can't get a match to load. Keeps searching for players. Maybe alienforce will respond some day and tell me how to fix issue....?

Osinachi Obi-Njoku

Excellent game. Wonderful graphics, but it doesnt allow me play with my friends over a bluetooth, or some other connection. We have to use the same fone. But i love the online play, but whenever i try to chat with the person i'm playing with, he does'nt get the message

Stiver G Momin

Annoying ads. Not satisfied Please fix the goddamn ads issue. It stops me unfortunately while my play is in progress. I may be able to give 5 star. Thank you.


Prashanth Can Anybody tell me, how to block the Opponent Temporarily so that they can't chat for 24hrs. I have noticed people are being blocked and can't chat with Opponent. I want to know how to Block. Would Appreciate if anyone can tell me. Thank you

jagadeesan sundarajan Madras

ALL LOW RATES ARE GOOD PEOPLE This is the worst. This is useless.It doesn't need any explanation. Everyone are forced to uninstall it. This game itself is a piggy. BY ARJUN AARON.

thyer hurst

Nice and relaxing chess game I love the graphics on this game best chest game I've ever played on a smartphone. It looks real it also plays at your level of difficulty which is an excellent feature. I love this game I play it everyday any challengers I'm ready I can take you in 6 moves LOL

Akshay Misal

Its good but only one thing to improve U should give points for each stop so that when sometimes network get disconnect the user should won by points he or she earned, right now whoever gets disconnect gets lose even if he or she was playing better than other one. But overall its good :)

Megan Tan

Just can't stand it Can't seem to be able to play online and the adds are very annoying. The moment I click "search for match" (to find a player to play with online) the whole game crashes on my phone and I've tried it again but the same thing happened.

Shawn Bradley

Real Chess Absolute best chess game in the store! Straight up. I've had downloaded many. This one is a keeper. I've already played it more than the others combined. And I've only had it for a couple days. FIVE STARS BITCHES!!!!! LOL Great App

Jessica Noone

Glitchy It doesn't go if the computer is white (although I've chosen on the menu to be white) and does random moves! Like taking my pawn in an illegal move. Although it's still entertaining.

Asif kabir

excellent Alienforce u made great real update u will add tournament and search option for thing make real chess game ID....when we reset our phone...we lost our all game record....that's why need game ID.and save our game in your server

Masood Shaik

Game is good but moving the coins and placing it is clumsy. The view of game should have to improve while moving the coins in opponent area it has been difficult to place in some positions and placing somewhere else. Overall it's good

MGD almighty

Difficulties playing online w/o wifi. Would give it a five but when i try to play online without wifi using my phone data. Online just keeps loadin and loading. Other than that it great.

Chennai Brushworks

Worst experience No alert sound when time gets over. Alert sound should be given atleast for the last 10 seconds. One cannot remember the time left always and play. It makes me angry all the time when i lose the game without delay warning.

Vincent Williams

Real Chess the great app Get a chance to play people all over the world, it's a good thing. You can improve your game by playing the computer. Tell me where can you get better.

Joseph Guven

Good but needs improvement A disconnect should be an auto forfeit.Why should anybody wait 2 mins for a timeout?.What about a takeback option setting if so desired at beginning of game ,chess is about learning not just winning.In replay mode ,why can't I scroll game moves back and forth with the possibility of engine to assist to see errors and improvements.

opm mdp

BEST CHESS APPLICATION YET!!! They seriously made a fantastic game here folks! You can veiw the 3D board from any angle and what I like the best; is the design of the game pieces! What a great idea to have all the major pieces (Rook, Knight, Bishop, King, Queen) stand out with a touch of golden trim! Just install this amazing game to see what I mean! You'll surley love it! And as soon as i get paid next buying the full version! Big thanks to the creators!


Concentration Great game that keep ur mind thinking. Cool graphics n alright sound effects. Its a must download n must play app. Dont take my word for it, try it urself.

Pranav Sharma

Excellent chess Great app, fullfilled all things required for a gamer. Difficulty levels are also cool for any kind of player. If u want to play chess then this is it. Must download app for chess lovers.

Scotty Big Brown Toe

Sucks when you get higher ranked No other players... or you lose more points from lower players... scoring system really sucks but overall game play is ok.

Worst online game. The game has developed without basic rules of chess. The timing is not at all proper in online games. Worst game.


SUPERB.....! This is very usefully machine to improve our chess skill.... It's giving very tuff competition when I play 8 and 9 th level. 3d effects are also good... Nic app....


Good but not Great app is good but it consumes more data and has more ads. Please remove some ads and reduce the consumption. I only have mobile data. Other than that it's fine

Jeremy Lewis

Bad levelling ai Would be 5* but ai levelling is way off. Lvl 2 is too easy but Lvl 3 is grand master and doesn't lose ever. Fix and will give 5*

Tommy S.P.

After playing online with other player, we must set the time settings to get into "standby room", if can improve by directly back to the room? And my rating was reset after i reinstall my android phone.

daniel walker

It's ok AI is good. Online is ok when you checkmate opponent or if they leave game doesn't declare winner. It just freezes to screen. Pls fix.

Zero Kiryu

Invasive You actually think that after i finish a game, you can usurp control of my phone with an uninterruptible ad?????? I downloaded and played one game to discover this. Nothing else matters. 1 star and uninstall.


I would have given U 5 stars but due to unlimited time players are not playing proper game. They are wasting time.

Philip Miller

Connection issues I don't mind losing, but connection problems with one move left, causing me to forfeit is too frustrating.

It really sucks that you guys limit the moves of the pieces. You can't necessarily strategies your own plan. Other than that I guess it's ok

Solid Jay

No premium version? Ads are pretty invasive for such a simple game. Pretty obvious you want to make the most amount of money off it. Uninstalling..

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