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24 Sep
Chess Clock

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Replace your chess clock with this free game timer! It's easy to use, yet fully featured to handle any time control. 100% free: no in-app purchases, no ads!

Choose your time control and you're ready to play. The 2nd player presses her button to start the 1st player's clock - and the game is on!

- Large, easy-to-read buttons
- Works in landscape and portrait on all devices
- Quickly customize the app for one-tap access to all your favorite time controls
- Time controls include base minutes per player and optional per-move delays or bonus time. The app supports both Fischer and Bronstein increments, as well as simple delays. The duration is up to you!
- Supports multiple-stage time controls commonly seen in tournaments, such as "40 moves in 2 hours + game in 60 minutes." A glance at the clock shows your current stage!
- Clock pauses automatically if the app is interrupted; manually pause the clock at any time
- Pleasant sounds for buttons and "time's up" alert

At, we really do love chess, and *sometimes* we even play it offline! For times like that, we created this clock - and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Whats new

    - fix issue with background usage
    - add Full Screen mode option(on pre ICS Android press menu button in settings) part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 24, 2014. Google play rating is 86.9042. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 1.0 MB.

Download chess-clock-1.apk 1.0 MB


simon daniel

No response. I requested few improvements. One of them is most important different time for individual player and also number of moves. I think the app developer made the app and forgot to come back and check it.

Valentine Imaralu

Great app It's the best of over 200 chess clock apps i checked out. Jst one thing though, an icon to indicate who is black n who is white should be added to the time boxes. Really great app!

Arran Winmai

Deleting profiles I can't seem to figure out how to delete settings. I think it should be the button at the top, next to the button to create profiles, but I can't select any settings to either delete or edit. Furthermore, I am actually looking for a setting that gives me an x amount of time per turn. The closest I could get with this app was either Fischer or setting a delay (but then I can't see how much time I spent on the turn).

Lennart Kolmodin

Best chess clock Two requests: 1) louder sound when hitting the clock. 2) I wish it automatically created the name of the settings based on the configuration. I.e. if I make a configuration 3 min+2 sec increment, name it for me!

Rakesh P

Very good app but something wrong It's very good app but something wrong with the display with my Samsung S5, 2nd sec zero shows below in each side. Fix it soon.

Ram Prasath

One feature is missing. Need feature which provides the option to set different type of increments for each stage. Seems the increment we set is common to all the stages. Please consider to add this feature.

Mike Luis

Second click missing I wish there was a second click sound. Some people tap twice because they were expecting the click sound. Good clock though.

Khandaly Khingratsaphone

I can't change my view of the clock... There's no choices to change my view to make it both face the players instead of only facing the individual player. Nevermind... I just had to rotate my phone.. Sorry!

Jan Tuts

Clean, Simple & Works great! I have one suggestion though: maybe add an Hourglass clock mode? In Hourglass chess, each player starts out with only e.g. 30 seconds total time, but while your clock runs DOWN during your turn, your opponent's runs UP (and visa versa). So, the faster you make your moves, the less extra time you grant your opponent.

steven wesbur

Easy Despite people complaining about game time options, with 5 seconds of exploring the settings page you will find it is 100% customizable. This app is much more versatile than a typical chess clock.

Quincy Pham

Very nice but had an annoyance May have just been me, but I couldnt find a way to edit/remove customized settings. Would like to be able to change times/rename/remove the nondefault time controls. Uninstalled and reinstalled to work around. Otherwise very clean, would also like a little count down for the delay times instead of no feedback to just wait until your time goes down

wind beaker

Time control This clock can't create two different time for two player.

Kartik Krishnan

Brilliant app but time out sound not audible if there is one.

Roger Tawa

Great app Simple to use. Beautiful UI. No permissions required. Great job.

Fred Golightly

Garbage This app can't even do what a real chess timer can do and thats change yhe settings. I shouldn't have to go in and set up multiple game profiles to just modify a time setting. It says I can delete stuff but the function is broken. Kinda lame. Further more, chess clocks are used for more than just chess, I couldn't give a load about the various speed chess styles.

Kalyesubula Enos

great app it's really helped me improve my speed play. though am suggesting the two clocks face the respective players instead of facing only one player

Kabelo Lloyd

Great App Needs to accommodate N days per move game timings. Eg, 2 days per move games

Thomas Wilcox

Question ... add a delay to the second stage? Tournament TC requires 30/75, then G/45 delay 30 (second stage); in this app it appears that the delay can only be set in the first stage regardless of number of stages in customized mode.

Mark Nieboer

Love this app. One improvement would be to make a louder buzzer or alarm when time runs out.

Nivesh Thepade

Timer Problem No time adjustment, poor sensation for small time like one sec

Kedar Sahasrabudhe

Very Good App... The GUI is nice & all other features are superb. The only thing is that there should have been more time variations than initially provided, which will make using the app more interesting!

Nick Chebykin

Guys please Let us set different time per player. Need this so much:-D

Brian Stusalitus

good job it works great. it makes chess more fun, I set this app to 5/5 minute timer, thank you.

Chris Morris

Nice, wish it would handicap. Would love to be able to set different times so I could use this to handicap myself against my kids.

Hugo Benicio

Perfect loved the interface and its usability.

Janet Georgiou

Perfect! Downloaded this to show my husband that chess chocks were available. It has the main tournament times ready for use, plus the option to add more. Clock face is simple and unadorned. Just click the live clock to switch. When the live clock face goes red, the game's over. No adverts, no data mining and it's free. How can anyone not give it five stars?

Jo H.

No sound settings There are no sound (and vibration) whatsoever for alerting a player whose time is in crisis.

Oleg Kainov

Nice skin and interface but I was disappointed because there is no bayomi and canadian timer styles (for playing go). Please add them

Nik Mant

Needs a time cap option On fischer, there is not time cap option to time increments. Please fix

Andrew Whalley

One improvement requested.. Different times for different players. I'd love to give my son a time advantage on blitz. I see some others have requested this. Its very common to do this with real clocks between uneven players. Thanks!

sam saha

Simply awesome Crispy sound when clock ticks!!

TJ Dash

One Major Draw Back You can't edit saved settings at all and worse you can't delete them. Otherwise good interface, easy to use, better than the other ones around.

Akshay Nawale

Please add different individual time for each player.

Jarrod Bourlon

Buggy Did not persist time

A Google User

Slow clock When to play 2 hours game the clock goes little slowly.

gbs iklmn

How to delete a preset? Can't find the settings, when press edit it show 0 selected. How to select?

Jim Schofield

A few problems... Needs to be able to remove custom timers. On note 3 not possible.

Timothy Phan

Perfect and I love that it supports the different modes.

Prateek Agrawal

Easy, fast and classy ! Easy, fast and classy !

naveenkumar s

Looks and works really good with no ads!

Tebjan Halm

Perfect Works perfectly and great minimal design. Thanks for making it!

mohit kumar

I loved it. It easy to operate

N Pendsey

Awesome clock for chess This clock has delay, brostein and Fischer options for time increment. Though the app looks good a theme option would be even more awesome

Vincent Waller

No notification when time runs out. This is an easy to use app, but there is no chime or alarm that sounds when the time runs out. That's a pretty big deal! If the developer adds that this is an awesome app.

Rick Reumann

Unable to set different times per player If there is a way to set different times per player this would be a decent chess clock. If I'm just missing how to do this, someone email me rickcr at Gmail. The clock itself is nice but I need optional player time controls (which pretty much every other chess clock app has.)

Dom C

Good simple adjustable Great chess clock app. You can change the delay settings on the clock, nice feature. One problem as mentioned by others I can't delete old individual clock profiles.

prashanna vidyashahor

Its excellent but lacks in some areas This chess clock has almost everything except a place which tells whether the side is white or black.

Wocil Radix Mahakam Dwinov

Please add the interface preferences, and the "clicking" sound every move. The clicking just occur in a few opening steps, and gone... kinda throw the hype away of the game, especially the thrill of bullet. And the last one it didn't have compared by the other apps, a handicap feature.. I can't seem to find any option for a handicapped match, which is to set each player's time differently. After this all set and done, I'll give 5 stars

Michael Sujadi

Very nice I played with my friends using this, and it really helped when I wanted to use clock. Keep up the work :)

Pawan Kanth

Grr8 game Ooo my goooooddddddddddddd it is such a nice app i fell in love with this app toooooo gooodd developers have done a great job

raphael nyakansaila

No provision for setting different times for players. Plus cannot delete time controls

Alex Freeflow

Works great, lots of options, no security permissions requested, for the win This one

Phony Balogna

Older Samsung Love that it works without disrupting the music I'm playing

Joseph Caballero

Set time and resets I wish it had an option where you can set the timer for one minute and then it resets or restarts on each side.

Sandeep R B

Good Chess clock for local Chess tournaments U can set ur own custom time + increment.

Ivan Zharehin

Awesome chess clock. Just all the essential features right what you need.

Doug roberg

Perfect. If you need a clock. Dl and install itß

Jurij Hojs

When the time runs out timer turns red and by pressing on it, asks you to reset the clock. This is bad because if players don't see that the time has run out the game continues. The clock shouldn't warn you that the time has run out.

Shubham Gavade

Simplicity is the name of the game! Very simple yet impressive user interface...a must try for chess lovers!

naman gupta

Theme should be improved Theme should be like real chess clock ......otherwise good??

Dani Howard

Does Not Work Cannot select clocks to edit or delete, must create each timer from scratch. Had to reinstall to clear unused timers. No easy way to set a time per turn. The interface is confusing and clearly doesn't work as intended. This app clearly wasn't finished when it was released, and the developers don't seem interested in fixing the several problems with their app. 1/5 because not only is this app absolute trash, but the developers appear to be absent and silent in response to the user's cries.

Barnabus Kollins

Alarm Must have alarm when time runs out. I will give it 5 star. The best user interface.

Hank Melse

Meh Ive seen better. There is no alert when a clock runs out of time, and once you add clocks there is no way to delete them. Deleting is apparently a thing from the pictures in the app description but that function does not work at all, at least not on my phone. Fix these and I would rate 5 stars.

Ariel Cuizon

ALMOST PERFECT The one star missing is when I wrongly press the setting or restart button, it interrupted my blitz game. If you can do something about it, my 5star is yours!!

Christopher Parsons

Just needs a move/turn counter and it'd be about perfect.

reedoo reloaded

Sometimes there is a momentary delay when activating. Notification chime of time running out would be a good idea to improve the app. Great for speed Jenga.

thomas killoy

Perfect well almost Would not work on Nexus 9

Mike Luis

Second click missing I wish there was a second click sound. Some people tap twice because they were expecting the click sound. Good clock though. Edit: am I missing something? How do you set different times?

Gary bacchus

seems to work but the display does not fit the note7 screen I tried this up on my new note 7 but to display seams to be distorted it appears to be too large for the screen and there seems to be no way to adjust it

David De Backere

Not precise The clock rounds the time to seconds in stead of keeping the exact time (without having to display it). This clock fails as a clock.

Wellington Albuquerque Jr.

Great Just need a option to modify the time after the game was began. Example add 02 minutes after a illegal move. And a option to put a different time control for each player.

Kjetil Torgrim Homme

runs all the time even when unused the clock works well, but my biggest problem is that it runs 99% of the time and therefore locks down precious RAM even days after I used it last. force stop does not help.

Ravindra Joshi

Excellent except... please fix time out sound problem.

Anand Bharadwaj

Almost there! Please add ability to pause and edit game time for any player. Useful in case of adding penalty for illegal moves

Yui Hatano

Only one more weakness But Plzz put kringggg sound when the time runs out

Gene Humphrey

All you need in a clock! Simple to use but with great options! You can save custom clock settings!! I just tried a lot of clock apps. Save yourself time looking around and get this app!

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