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6 May

Posted by Cheezburger, Inc in Entertainment | May 6, 2016 | 171 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

Life is funny. Follow endless feeds of funny images, GIFs, videos and Remix them with your own pix.

This official Cheezburger app lets you follow Memebase, FAILBlog, I Can Has Cheezburger?, Failbook and any of our 50+ sites and millions of users into one simple and powerful app in this massive new 2.0 upgrade.

FOLLOW all the funny!
And find funny people and memes
Follow all the Cheezburger sites, friends and clever profiles you can find.
Post your remixes and reposts for your friends and followers.
Got the feelz? Search for that perfect meme or GIF to say exactly what you can’t in words.

REMIX your pix and friends!
So. Many. GIFs/Memes/Lulz.
Carry 25 million memes and GIFs in your pocket. Remix them with your ideas.
We’ve got the perfect pic for every moment of your life from the latest viral meme to GIFs from your favorite TV shows.
Start a meme among your friends. Why else did you take those awesome photos?

SAVE images and gifs to do whatever!
It’s your remix save them to your phone.
Save your favorites to your phone or post them on your Cheezburger Profile for your followers. Gotta collect them all!
Save any image or GIF to use them in Tumblr, WhatsApp, text messages, etc.
Running low on space? We’ll will keep all your memes and GIFs safe in the Cheezburger cloud for free.

VOTE for your images and GIFs.
It’s your Community. See what everyone else is remixing.
Vote on what everyone else is creating -- including yours.
Your votes help the funny rise to the top.
Use our remix tools to make funnier content.

Every single post from every one of our sites is here, including: Memebase, Failbook, FAIL Blog, Video Games, Geek Universe, The Daily What, Art of Trolling, Dating Fails, Very Demotivational, Pokémemes, Parenting Fails, I Can Has Cheezburger?, After 12, WIN!, FAIL Nation, School of Fail, Ugliest Tattoos, Fandom Base, Lolcats, and Rage Comics.

Now, you can follow just the ones you want into one convenient feed.

Whats new

    Fixed some of the Marshmallow related bugs

Cheezburger, Inc part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 6, 2016. Google play rating is 86.4333. Current verison is 2.0.92. Actual size 13.0 MB.

Download cheezburger.apk 13.0 MB


Techy 4198

Good WHEN it works. Great app, works very well, but I have to launch it and force close it a few times for it to load beyond a white screen.

Aaron Harris

Can't save pics... Saving to phone does not seem to work. Only the last saved pic actually saves when you close the app. Will change to 5* when fixed. One plus one cyanogen OS 12. Other apps save without problems.

nathanael Findlay

New isnt always better or faster New app design pulls up fast but only for the ads. Not anything that I actully care about. Theres no iptiom like the older version where I can say use low or high quality data/internet ussage. Constantly wanting me to select a feed unlike before when I was able to go and look at just what I wanted but pulling it up. Uninstalling for a time. Maybe ill check back and see of it gets any better from here.

Matthew Auld

Why the change If it's not broke don't fix it! The new layout is so lousy and stupid to navigate...

Thato nenick

It's pretty good I get to see all the lolz from the website, problem is that it doesn't save gifs and the pics i save i can't edit them or share straight from my images folder, format invalid? Is weird, I gotta txt them to myself to bypass this blockage. Sharing the lolz does work great.

Melinda Henegar

My feed doesn't always load. Says I'm not following anyone even though I'm logged in. Pics rarely save to the folder. Love being abld to see stuff from those I follow.

Heather Delgado

Barely mediocre Links don't open in the app. What's the point? If I wanted to search for a specific article, I'd just go to the web page. I'll be uninstalling this now.

Travis Russey

This is why people fear change!! New layout sucks, it's more difficult to scroll through and pick your favorite categories, also, saved images won't send in messenger for my Droid, says "file type not supported, select different image" yet if I copy it into my browser and save it from there, all is good but takes longer. Also, I feel this app turning more into imgur in the regard for added community support, not just to pop on and scroll through some funny and awesome pictures occasionally

Richard Heaton

Can't text pictures anymore Since the update, I can't send pictures in a text message anymore. The problem is it doesn't save them as JPEG under the type tag on the S5. It only says "*" now.

Jason Miller

Barely works Only works half of the time. It crashes and forgets all the pages I follow. Used to be a really great app, until this last update.

_scottpole _

Great but Love the latest update to material design? However the app still seems to struggle loading gifs and some images.

Menno B

Videos and gifs auto replay after a few seconds Can't use the app as a guest nor with Facebook as it enters an infinite loop. So, I gave up.

Jakob Svensson

Randomly follows people The app works great, except for one glaring fault, sometimes the app just feels like following random people, this wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that I can't seem to stop following them, I uncheck the 'following' button and it changes to 'follow', but as soon as I go out from the app and come in again it still says 'following' no matter how many times I uncheck

Frederick Sneathen

Title App used to bring the best and funniest stuff to your phone. In the past 4-7 months I have watched it slowly become less up-to-date and posts became more reposts. Many sections have been "shut down" no longer allowing new posts but rather just reposting old things and not trying to keep their reputation. Uninstalled, would not recommend after today. 4/22/2015

Alby Rose

Ruined an otherwise decent app Th is use to be an ok app until they updated it to a flashier new look and totally botched the whole thing. I'm holding out hope for a few updates but otherwise this is going in the "never again" bin

Davis Buresh

New and worse Just a couple months ago I would check the app almost daily. Recent update have made it so slow and not user friendly that I may look once a week, only to be so frustrated with it that I give up almost immediately.

James Turner

Great app, but since the latest update it won't even open.

Jorge Murillo

Links don't work I hoped the new app would support links to open directly to the app, but it just opens the app not the article. something but not quite there.

freeza inc

Good, but.. Can you please add support for Knowyourmeme?

Dan Babuska

New update Servers fixed crash issue. Good again. Still many ads

Stickman Zed

Used to love it. The older version of this was excellent, but the new layout SUCKS. Content is still good, but extremely inconvenient to get to stuff. Will rate 5 stars if changed back.

M Taylor

Latest update broke it entirely I already didnt like the new look and layout, but this latest update has the app completely nonfunctional. Every time I open it, it immediately crashes.

anton kroupa

Latest update broke it The app will get to the front page and the crash, restarted phone, no go, uninstall reinstall still broken, shame too, I used this app several times a day before this.

Gregory G

I disapprove New update makes game force close when you go to open it.LGG3

charles dingledine

Doesn't update Works sporadically, hasn't updated in days.

James Frye

Keeps hanging my nexus 7 Hangs in expanded desktop but great app. Like the new layout

Amanda Truax

Never opens right Have to force close multiple times and sometimes still won't open.

Scott Stephens

GIFs are a problem Maybe it's just my S5 but GIFs take forever to load. I usually give up after about 2 mins.

danny rosario

Way better then searching memes up

Aaron Malcolm

Crashes on opening Every time I open the app it force closes. The app is great when it works

Noah Green

Update The update ruined it. That is all.

josh stepp

At first it's great but after a few weeks it starts to eat up memory fast.

JR Morris

Really? Hate the new version....

Hayden McClelland

Keeps on crashing really bad every time I open it up

Zach Davis

Doesn't work half of the time I use this app on a daily basis, but now as of lately at any time (mostly when my phone rotates) the app goes black and my screen flickers until I force close the app. Ive tried uninstalling the app which did nothing

John-Michael Price

Big fan of the Big Cheese but... So the files aren't saved to my camera folder anymore and I can save gifs now. However,because of where the destination directory is, the saved images don't show up in my gallery. Maybe you should, you know, either make it save files where it did before the overhaul that screwed everything up or allow the destination to be changed. Not that hard.

Peter G

Poor interface Update has ruined this app for me. I cant even access the tags i want anymore

David Fuller

Broken Not fond of the new interface, but the real problem is that it now locks up about half the time I try to start it. Black screen for about 60 sec, then it crashes.

Jeff Lebowski

Network errur! Constant messages of network errors, doesn't recognize my login, and so on. Please fix!

Георгий Макаров

Excellent Better than mobile version of site

Иван Сажин

Not bad Actually it's a little bit slow, but still pretty comfortable to use.

Egor Pak

Buggy Does not working properly. Getting network errors all the time.

Mikaylah Bouchard

Update sucks. Since the update, half the time the app crashes, and half the time it freezes my phone so badly I have to force restart it. If I'm lucky enough to get through I disable my rotation on my phone b/c if you're scrolling through and it gets turned sideways, when you flip it back you're all the way at the top. I used to love this app but now there's a lot of issues. I will change my review when they fix them.

Paul Logsdon

Was moderately good Delivered all the categories I wanted to giggle at and was able to forgive that the gifs were slow to load (if they did at all) but lately will not even open. No error messages or anything, just says cheezburger stopped working and back out. Many years of love and respect to the site, but please help it work for me! Galaxy Note 3

Yuuki Donshu

Will give better rating once the problem is fixed. I am addicted to this site, but I am giving a low review due to errors within your last update. I hope this will grab your attention, or if not I hope the problem is being resolved. Programs are so picky sometimes, but I know it will be resolved soon. Good day.

Josh Walker

Loved it until it stopped working This app was my morning funny paper, until it just crashes every time I open it, now I have to use the website again. I'm sure a fix will happen soon, but until then I changed my review score to 2 because they Dont suck, it's just a bug that stopped my fun.

TheDevil Phoenix

Need to be fixed Fixed your freaking app! This thing make my whole cellphone bug out and doesn't even start. Plus when it does start (about 1 time in 100) the GIFs takes ages to load.

Mat Finnimore

It's fixed now. API demons be gone! It's better now, but still not as good as it was 2 updates ago, mainly because you can't follow the threads you usually do... ie, I need to go to the index column and manually select them each time. But if you guys grunt out enough lines of code you'll eventually get it the way we want. Well, either that or world domination, one of the two.

Heiner Bremer

Horrible Slow, wants location for some reason, has startup problems and is currently completely broken due to an api key error. Stop feeding shit to the compiler.


My rating My rating has dropped because of a new error "401 unknown appi key" please fix, I'm addicted to the site

William Ransdell

Unusable App is unusable now due to 401 unknown api key error. Was a 5 star

Noah Green

Always a problem. I keep having difficulties with this app. It logs me out, it doesn't load, the bad layout. And now it keeps giving me posts from things I'm not following in my feed. (And not every now and then, I have all the video game coverage posts in my feed even though I don't follow it.)

Trisha K.

CRASH CITY App crashes all the time. Doesn't load. When I save images to my device I can't find half of them without getting on my computer to pull them off some extra folder the app created on my phone. Images that are found when saved are super tiny.

Ryan White

Still not working I keep trying to use the app but it's still not working. Keeps giving me the message "401 unknown api key" and won't load anything. What's wrong with it??

Joe Zywics

401 unknown api key? I Can't look at the app i get "401 unknown api key "note 4 will give 5 stars if this can be fixed

Erin Y

:o) fixed Fixed the errors but I still like the mobile site.

Sarah Allen

Update didn't fix api key problem Still can't use the app due to the error problem.

John-Michael Price

Big fan of the Big Cheese but... Still having issues with the images not loading, especially the gifs. Internet connectivity is not the issue. All the crashes are tons of fun, too. Sometimes the app will lock up my phone entirely. Maybe you should start ignoring the adulations of your sycophants and fix it. Bro, do you even app?

Jamie Corneau

Doesn't work anymore. "401 unknown api key"


What happened? Wow the cheeseburger app layout is fugly, did they hire a drug addict going through life threatening withdrawal symptoms to do this update? Everything is super crowded and to make matters even worse if you don't pay careful attention you're gonna click an advert. IMO this app is totally ruined. SMH.

Brian Lebatique

Errors Only rating it this low because of the issue im having due to the last update. It keeps displaying 401 unkown api key

kelly shea

Please add filter Love the app but if you guys could add an filter option that would be great. Im so tired of MLP Brony BS showing up in the feed

Ivan Sued

Good app but latest update is not This latest update broke the app. Will change rating when fixed.

Mandy Johnston

TAKES TOO LONG Will rate a 5 if you can get stuff to actually load without waiting 20 minutes!

Dan Babuska

New update More than half the sites don't load new content and gifs are very slow to load

Jeremy Folk

What the gif? Why you no work gif?!? My favorite part doesn't work! Well, some days works. BUT WHEN?

Christian Vigilante

It works again

jesse jacobs

Ruined I used to use this app daily. Addicted to the website but the app doesnt work anymore. 401 unknown api key message and today it keeps stopping and closing the app.

Victoria Evans

Like the app But why does it need my location?

Chris Brown

Cheezburger is Paradise This app is great, and keeps getting better... Find me there @death_by_rage

joshua taylor

Only issue is with gifs not loading sometimes

Amber Helsley

Unknown API key (update) (Seems to be fixed!) Not working at all. Only getting an error message about an unknown API key.

Michael Marshall

401 Unknown api key. Temporary fix not working.


Still unstable. The 401 unknown api key issue that prompted me to write this review in the first place is fixed, but the irritating bug that causes the app to hang out crash when starting sometimes is still present. Rating it three stars because I'm only like 70 percent sure that the problem is caused by the app and not my cyanogenmod installation.

Rob Jenkins

Problem solved! Yay fixed. Cheers!

Daniel Bennett

Crashes anytime you try and open it

Joel Morrow

Borked Usually great but the last update screwed something up. No new content will load and I get an error when I try to refresh the view.

Guillaume Verlut

Thanks for the reply.

David Kinsey

Broken Since the update the just does work right. Api errors when access different parts. Please fix it.

Dave Kelly

Used to be better Slower less easy to navigate and the adds are fricking annoying! Don't touch them even to scroll. Loads every time. Might abandon the app because of the excess sensitivity that is nowhere else in the app. Actually I'm done with the app unless they fix it .

Virginia Silva

Can't like/dislike A couple months ago the app changed and I can no longer like or dislike stuff. I cannot share things either. I've gone into my profile but can't find any settings that would actually help. The only settings available are the ones to change your pictures.

Justin Guiao

Great content, awful app. When it opens, it's great. However a quarter of the time it just gets stuck at a white screen and I have to clear its cache from settings. Another fourth of the time even that doesn't solve it and the app just won't open.

Jim M.

Funny little app When I'm bored and need a humor break Cheeseburger fills me up.only problem,it sometimes gets stuck on a white screen,and doesn't open.other than that, it's great.

Cassandra Fuller

So irritating I have been going to I Can Haz for years and years. This app is a joke. Anytime I change apps I'm forced to start at the top. How would you like scrolling for half an hour only to answer a text and be sent back to the top when you return? I doubt it's hard to remember my place seeing as other apps are capable. I can't really see the point in using this app like it is.

Benjamin Gaylord

Comment section a no-go + NOW IT FREEZES Usually I find that one-star reviews hyperbolic, but in this case it is well deserved: I have to be logged in just to use the app, however I keep getting informed that I cannot comment without 'being logged in.' I tried contacting the developer but so far nothing has come back to me. Extremely dissapointing. The icing on the cake is that now it routinely freezes, crashes, or stops updating feeds. This is truly a garbage app.


Broken mess This was before really good for an app but then an update happens now it's a glitchy mess of an app once I pick a subject barely any pictures load in even if I tap the ones that haven't loaded in its all pixilated for some reason... Why? Fix it now or there should never be an app like this. Alternatively use the website on the PC it works its better and give more satisfaction then this horrible mess called an app!

Aaron Harris

Can't save pics... Saving to phone does not seem to work. Only the last saved pic actually saves when you close the app. Will change to 5* when fixed. One plus one cyanogen OS 12. Other apps save without problems.

Bolduc Traci

Used to be a good app Then it was all "you need to update your app" and the whole thing is now just a nasty glitchy confused mess. Pretty much like something you would see on failblog or failbook...if this stupid app would do its job and work.

Tiffany Cuthbertson

Favorite Site Wasted on Crappy App I have loved icanhas for the past decade. It is the one useless thing I insist on downloading as soon as I get a new phone. However, the app makes this guilty pleasure a pain in my @$$. Pictures choose when they want to load, advertisements freeze my phone and overload my screen. If there is a link in a description or article, it won't open or even show. It's no fun getting the title but not the punch line. There are a million kittens crying out in agony over the incompetence of this app. Fix it.

Stephen McDonald

Well I guess they broke it! Suddenly it won't let you see anything without an account, which I have. But when I try to log in, the password I entered deletes and it just says wrong password. Would be 5 stars but its useless now. I tried continue as guest, but it just shows a grey bg with an orange loading animation henceforthe and for ever.

Oliver A

Another terrible app re-design Another great example of "updating" an app at the expense of readability and user experience. I loved the old app, it was easy to scroll, I could see each picture clearly and didn't have to tediously click into EVERY SINGLE pic just to see if it was something I wanted to read. Dont even get me started on the cluster f*ck side navigation bar. They should fire the product team that built this crap.

Roman Minenok

Ruined So you had one of the most popular sites about lolcats and kind of established that thing and now what? Mediocre app with mediocre random trash pics? No, thanks.

Louise Wasteney

Seriously buggy Today it randomly asked me to sign in again despite having been signed in for a long time previously only to find it will not accept username/ password even after I reset it. This app hasn't worked properly for a long time, with its frequent crashes and images not loading to it's crash reporter that freezes my tablet when I try to report the problems. As of now the app is totally unusable. Well done ICHC :(

Daniel Duffield

Oops! Failed to upload. Oops! Failed to upload. Oops! Failed to upload. Oops! Failed to upload. Oops! Failed to upload. Oops! Failed to upload. Oops! Failed to upload. Worthless app.

Aaron Boyle

Won't open I've been on fail blog for the past 5 years. This app came out and i liked it. Then, suddenly, it won't open and stay open, and there's no update to fix it. Now I look at fail blog on my browser instead. Play store says "bugs fixed" but it's a lie, those bugs are not fixed!

Coleton Nickol

Used to be great Forced to upgrade. App now takes ages longer to open. I can only scroll for a short while before it just stops loading pictures. Please add a downgrade feature. Or just update the old app. Don't make us use this crap.


Too much mlp crap Literally since the latest update there have been So much mlp stuff on the front page. Im not agaist the brony community, i just dont care for it. Im sick of seeing 5 mlp posts in a row when i open the app!

Deanna Cullen

This re-design/upgrade was horrible I gave in and updated a month ago. I immediately hated it. The awful side bar, long load times of both app and photos. I would love to downgrade. My app doesn't even load anymore which doesn't matter since I have been viewing things in the browser. Uninstalling


Bring back channels The doctor who channel is gone. I like that channel. This use to like this app. Why remove it? Please put it back. This app was better before the update.

Robert Slack

Content good, app needs work Just hilarious. The app doesn't show all the content. If there are images in a story from The Daily What

Samantha Shervin

Still too many errors Nice try with the update but half the gifs autoplay and the other half still don't load. Getting better but needs more work. most multi gif/pic links don't load either.

Cayla Banman

Never loads...ever Every time I try to open this app, with or without internet, it just stays a blank white screen with the word cheeseburger on the works maybe 1/15 tries

Sarah Easton

Had to reduce my rating It was having issues with having to swipe close and reopen a couple of times each time I wanted to open the app, and images loading painfully slowly or not at all. Now it keeps asking me to sign in or continue as a guest, but it won't let me do either. I can't use it at all and nothing I do fixes it.

Chris B

Decent app but App not updating, multiple sections still show same content even though site (like dating and demotivationals) continues to update. Between this and the ads, don't bother

David Gonzalez

It's good but I Can't change my name Every time I try to change my name, it says post must have a request body

Kris Kriegbaum

Stay a while and listen... Great for killing time when you're not near a PC. Kinda iffy when it comes to loading the images quickly but all in all, a solid app.

Melissa Atkinson

Ehhh.... It used to work fine on my wifi, now only the top 2 pictures load and nothing else loads.


Love the site! Love the app just as much! Works very well. Fast and simple, loads fine on my tablet. ? ? ? now mine!

Cody Hopson

Freezing frequently Every ~30 seconds the app will freeze requiring me to close it and re open it.

Eric Kraft

Gifs take several months to load The new version of the app is slooooooooooowwwww even over wifi or with a good connection

Tiffany Clark

The app is still good If im not careful though I end up scrolling on to an uber add and it takes me away. Drives me crazy. Uber ads have become too much for me. I'm uninstalling the app. It isn't worth the uber crap to look at fails.

Matt Smith

Can't like or dislike anything.... without getting a "401 Unauthorized" message. Nice app otherwise.

Gabriel Gomez

Awesome Works like a charm and sharing is cake. Links to the site help avoid in app issues and also make it easy to save favorites. Still having issues with the forum though

Jonathan Smit

Could improve When there's a thread or list, like more than one picture or gif on a link, 9 out of 10 won't load. Also it will randomly sign me out and I'll have to pick my feed all over again, this happens at least once a day

Rory Forrester

Fix it Ads are a pest and the app will sign you out of cheeseburger pretty much everytime you load it. Plus the moderators are getting nearly as annoying as the app

Will Swiggart

Won't load When I hit the icon in my home screen all it does is give me a white screen with and turns my banner blue the only way to get anything to load is if I remove all data from the app and log back in again but that only works if I do it every time I want to open the app please fix

Laura Kelly

Fix my feed Won't allow you to customise your feed more than once. Because of this,i had the walking dead spoiled

C Hombert

Not as good as before Used to be better. Content good but app won't load 90 percent of time. Crashes lots as well

Haleigh Crouser

What's going on? I can't even get onto the app. I tried seven times to get on it. Each time is either a full white screen or full black screen and does not load. I tried closing the app and going back to it and nothing.. What's going on?

Dennis Heintz

Major bug even after update Error 401 Unknown API Key. App won't respond to anything and nothing shows up, not even a menu. Very aggravating

Jod Minster

Great, but... ... It definitely needs instant image loading for gifs and videos. It's a real pain to open every image separately.

Geoffrey Lang

Getting worse Twitter posts won't load, can't click on links in descriptions, YouTube links don't load (could be YouTube app). Any images past the main image of the post show up as little squares. But the Ad's work. Good job getting your priorities done first. Any time now you can get the actual issues fixed would just be dandy.

Adam B

Slow and hard to navigate, you need some sort of refresh button as images don't always load. Overall, I prefer your old app.

Andy Griffin

Holy crap If I could rate this lower than one star I would, was a great app, now terrible. How far it has fallen.


Still has MASSIVE ISSUES I used to use this app a ton a while back. Now I think I get something else. You have lost your chance with me. The ads are loud and unfindable to stop, images are a seperated thing to load, images dont show up, and now this permission thing. You have zero right to know where I am for funny pictures. And because I denied it it will not load. Fix your app.

William Ransdell

broken i have to forcestop it everytime to get it to work on my htc1 and samsung galaxy. will usually work but its annoying as crap

Peter Dimis

Bad Used to be a good app now wont start unless i give it access to my location why do need that so you track me without my consent

Adam Boerup

Used to be a good app with only a few ads. But after the latest update I and getting audio ads that continue to play even when I leave the app. I have to force close the app to get the ad to stop playing. The app also now asks for my location and even thought I got sent, the audio ad still knows what city I am in. Sounds super sketchy. Uninstalling.

Kory Shopp

Unable to see pics From time to time the app will put pics and posts below what is being viewed at the bottom of the page. Usually twitter reactions to something. Those can not be viewed from the app which is annoying

Daniel Kurtsiefer

Currently only black screen I am currently only getting a black screen when I enter the app. Quite sad, I love Cheezburger ... :( UPDATE: After I granted all permissions manually, it worked. So please update your permission request model. ;)

Alaina Rountree

Talking Ads Since the last update, there have been taking ads that keep repeating. I used to love the app, but these ads have got to go. I don't mind the ads in general, but the noisy ones are a deal breaker. Please remove them.

Doug Shiner

Getting worse with time Seems to crash more often than not when resizing an image or turning the phone sideways to enlarge a picture to see the detail. The fact that Cheezburger is incompatible with my tablet is not helping.


Auto Plays Ad's on loop So i used this app for a few years and they recently made it so adds auto play and never stop, as far I'm concerned they just crossed the good vs. garbage add line far beyond their comment system being broken.

John Cooper

Saving picture problems When I click "save to device" the picture does not save.

Pixel Grip

Amazing App When It Works This is an amazing app...when it works. On my particular phone, the app only opens once after installing it. Any attempts after that are futile as the app just flickers, but never opens.

Stacey AMdunger

ADS The horrendous ads pop up every couple of pics. Then when you try and get back to where you were it takes you right back to the very beginning of the pics. So annoying. Why couldn't you put tiny ads and the top or the bottom of the screen where they can still be viewed but aren't as annoying so we could enjoy the app? Uninstalled within 3 minutes of install.

Arkayne One

Can't post, app stops working Force close when attempting to post.


Fix it The app don't work at all on Nexus 7. Just flickers and won't open. Fix this and I will raise the score.

Rich Talbot

Freezes sometimes when opening Have to force shut down every other day, which is annoying

Matt Leiber

App worked occasionally with my last phone but would shut down randomly. Now with my new phone it doesn't even start. Maybe it's a problem running on this specific O.S., maybe I'm a big stupid idiot, but in the end I miss my funny dog pictures.

find rich

Used to work, but now... ...ever since the 6.0.1 'droid update, will open maybe twice then just. Stops. Breaks. Black screen. Oops.

Matthew DesOrmeaux

Uninstalled Created every time I crop a photo on Nexus 5X.

J. C. B.

Nosy... If you deny the app your location, it doesn't work. Why does Cheezburger need to know my location? Ridiculous.

Randy Reyes

Support latest Android ver.(N) Optimized app to look and feel great on other Android Devices Displays (Tablets Android TV [4K])

Lee Hampson

Harldly ever works Doesn't load , freezes and crashes

Ryan Benson

Worked once Now all I get is black screen

Jared Bench

Black screen Won't load. Please fix. I love this app

Darren Ulrich

Used to love this app, but audio ads are always playing, even after you close the app. I am uninstalling and will only reinstall after an update to remove the audio ads. Listen, Cheezburger, if no one uses your app, no one will see ANY of the ads. Edit: ad issue resolved to a manageable level. Thank you! Great content.

Nicolas Paré

App crashes when denying access to device location.

Dennis Heintz

Major bug even after update Error 401 Unknown API Key. App won't respond to anything and nothing shows up, not even a menu. Very aggravating and still doing it as of May 31st 2016. Smh

Matthew Grisham

If only it worked Doesn't load half the posts. Crashes alot. Just a pain to try and use.

Rick Allgier

Often times doesn't work This app is glorious and frustrating all at the same time. On lists of images, half of the images never load, I can't ever click any links, and I feel like some pictures are supposed to have a story or other images accompanying them, but those don't load either. I like the site, hate the app.

The Ragnarok

Big fan of the Big Cheese but... Still having issues with the images not loading, especially the gifs. Internet connectivity is not the issue, as I have used different devices with different ISPs with the same result. Maybe you should start ignoring the adulations of your sycophants and fix it. Bro, do you even app?


Crashes all the time My review used to be 5 stars. The app started crashing on startup ever since it started asking for my device's location. I could remove the apps data from the phone to get a couple of seconds of use. It did not matter if I chose to let cheezburger know my location or not.

Chelsey Cunard

Doesn't work This was honestly one of my favourite apps. Then I had to uninstall so I could have room. Now that I've reinstalled it I am so disappointed. It works once or twice if I'm lucky. Then after I shut it down and try to bring it back up again I just get a black screen. I am so so disappointed because this used to be one of my absolute favourite apps and now I can't even use it. Big thumbs down right now :(

Shruti Shekhar

Loved the older version But the latest one just won't open on my phone. No pictures , gifs or even the home page loads. And it's not a problem with Internet connectivity....there is some glitch here and it's stopping me from reading your articles !

Mark Faulk

Good when it works Pretty much everytime I open this app all I get is a white screen. I have to go to apps & force stop it to get it to work again. When it works, it is very slow loading. It also has to open videos in the YouTube app & can't play them in itself. This means a lot of switching back & forth.

Paul Callahan

Love the content, but app keeps breaking. The app is going through a phase where it will freze and open to blank white or black screen. When I force it to close and reopen it, it doesn't restart it just returns to the black screen. I've had to Uninstal and reinstall to get it to "restart".

Steven Hultgren

Content is good, delivery is bad This app is bad but slightly better than the new website. It crashes or fails to load about half of the time. Additional photos and videos are spaced with a tiny blue box.

Shawn Reynolds

What happened? Had this in my Galaxy S7 and it worked fine. Upgraded to a Note 7 and all I get is a black screen. Very disappointing.

Christopher Keller

Upgraded phone(S7), app still doesn't work. Black screen and nothing else.

Greg Danfield

Why do you "need" my location? This app is great if you like the sites! But why in the hell do you need access to my location JUST TO OPEN AND WORK RIGHT if I'm only looking at pics and videos FROM YOUR WEBSITE?!? I (& everyone else in their right mind) HATE apps that needlessly request permissions they have no good reason for requesting. I'll just use my browser and go to the sites instead, saves space on my phone memory anyway. A-holes.

Bob Smothers

It was just bad... But now it is awful. Cheezburger has gone down hill hardcore. Not updating the pages that kick the most ass. Intrusive ads that try to trick you into clicking them... and now "ad bug fixes" so you can bet they suck in a brand new way now, yay? Weaksauce of the highest magnitude. Never mattered what device I had, all I would get is the first picture then a bunch of blue boxes where other pictures should be loading... but no. Nobody at cheezburger has no cares...


Stop fixing what's not broken! Used this app ALL the time. It was a great pass time when I was bored. But lately, it crashes randomly, shows a black screen, and the brand new "requirement" that has now had me give up on it: it requires overlay be turned off. That means if any other app pops on top of the screen (fb messenger bubble for example) this app refuses to work. Why would an app that simply displays memes freak out about something like that? I have multiple apps that require overlay. I am not bending over backwards for memes...

Stephen McDonald

Really good. If you're just scrolling through the picts, works great. If you click on one, set aside plenty if time, maybe an hour to load a pict sometimes, especially a gif. (4glte good connection). Never the less, I use it daily. :)

Marc Vincent Davoli

Images don't load! Love the app in principle, but more than half the time the images simply don't load in the app! Had this problem on 3 different devices.

Yuzuru Otonashi

Smarthphone optimization has a ways to go Barely loads any pictures, won't load gifs, slow to load in general, the smartphone website is just as bad. Horrible app

Christopher Baumert

App won't open if you deny access to your location. Updated app only works if you allow it to track your location. Used to love this app but I'm unistalling. I only give it 1 star because I can't give 0 stars.

Alley Kat

Poor design You can no longer favorite groups. Loading is atrocious, some pictures never load... until you close the app and just use the website instead.

Arslan Khan

Was running It was running great on my moto x. But now crashing doing long long processes. Uninstalling.

Patrick Liu

Denied location I denied to allow location and the app just straight up stops working. Who knew that data was mandatory when viewing funny pictures.

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