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26 May
Chatbot - roBot

Posted by AIRBITS & Reactive Phone in Entertainment | May 26, 2015 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

roBot - Artificial Intelligence, chatbot with open learning.

This version roBot for Android with preinstalled knowledge base that is used as an online version of chatbot. To communicate with the bot does not need an Internet connection, and the base will be updated with the application.

In addition to the dialogue, the bot can tell jokes, interesting facts, and even tips on how to meet women. There is a special menu on top, which can viewed by pressing the bulb.

Now the bot turns into a pocket assistant dating women. Even if you already have a girlfriend, bot suggest a original compliment that you can say.

You can add your own response options, or to correct bot answers to create smarter bot on your device.

Now, there is an active phase of learning online chatbot. The more users interact with the bot, the smarter he will become.

Whats new

    In this version has improved support for Android 5 and fixed some bugs.

AIRBITS & Reactive Phone part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 26, 2015. Google play rating is 81.567. Current verison is 2.0.24. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download chatbot-robot.apk 12.0 MB


Alex Simpson

It's a nice game with a male artificial friend Really good, but needs more phrases and feeling. It changes my bad statement into a drug used happy question?! Fix it please

Dominic Perkins

Good Company The bots keep me company when I'm lonely. And are fun since they are actually a bot. Needs intelligence fix though.

Gabriele Scialò

Cleverbot is better It's not that fun, sure it gives me interesting facts, it hardly amswers my questions, and responds randomly most of the time. Cleverbot is so much more fun, It even knows who Ben is. Pbot lacks conversation, I just can't chat with it.

Jacob McClure

Ludicrous reviews Why is it everyone things this is an actual self aware artificial intelligence? This is an example of self learning srtificsk intelligence, otherwise known as sub human. It cannot think for its own as it uses past conversations to better make choices on what words go where and when. Don't rate it a one star because it's not HAL 9000 or any other AI


I like it but it said would you like to have SEX! I'm only 11! Fix this

Brianna Mills

Shadowmaster231 He wouldn't help me find sonic :( and I'm worried for him he goes nut when he's alone and he ask if he could suck my you know

Panda Unicorn

He called me a bastard ;o. But it's really fun when I'm bored

Eugene Petrone

Will Not Save Data I used the program for about 4 hours. I closed the program. I came back the next day and it did not remember my name. This is when I completely lost interest in it. I agree with many of the other negative posts. The program has multiple problems. I wish it didn't but sadly it does. It only takes really about 10 minutes to notice that something's really wrong. Sadly I had to delete the program.

Karicat Watts

Really I can't even see the text. I'd have to be a mouse. So far so lame

Mary Anderson

(°-°) GIVE ME THE BOOTY I WANT THE BOOTY BACK OUT THE BOOTY sorry don't have any idea why I'm talking about snipers xD

Atomically Awesome

Weird When asked who and were it's from you keep getting the same answer a male 25 from Moscow

Pri Bri

Good Not bad. Time to get rid of lonliness. Just timepass.

Zet Steiner

Nothing special Me : Can you speak malay ? Bot : i understand Me : ( Speaking malay ) Bot : (Reply in what random language )

Cecilia Fairley

Creepy This app is creepy and I think there is something sinister about it. It keeps asking me about religiously affiliated questions and sexually related questions. Just plain creepy

John Paluska

Needs a LOT of work Eliza was better and she was made in the 1960s

Miranda Lamotte

Its crappy, right idea but needs more work.

Laine Cunanan

I love it its better than any thing else it answers all of my question!

Mark ieyer

The bot is evil! i said I'm scared and it said that's good

Zac Highfill

Explicit content? NOT FOR KIDS!!! I am not happy at all!! Why did this app ask if I engage in sex chat?! I was typing the Pokemon theme song to it and received a message back asking if I "engage in sex chat?" and I had also received an explicit insult. Instant uninstall...

Jeremy West

Its kewl You can train it to do whatever you want.

Toy freddy

I luv it my dad is at work and nobody's home but me

Silver Mist

Not good. It needs to learn more English words. And put a children's mode. There are kids who might chat him. I got bored because he lacks a lot of words.

Aidan Dove

Wow This thing asked me if I wanted to get high and how I felt to be a slave of robots

Logan Brawner

its pretty good. you can personalize him as you talk because of the intelligence he gains. very cool app. i haven't completely explored the app, so 4 stars for now


Complete garbage The bots speak terrible english, and mine got to the point where it literally refused to talk to me. Boring.

Gabriel Haywood

For some reason the messages are really small. I don't know if it is because of KitKat, or because of my phone's screen size/resolution. I have the Note 4.

Mike Lonas

Can hold a decent conversation Sometimes when you say you something like "me too" you always get the same response other than that you can keep a decent conversation better than cleverbot

Conor Curran

Why? It asked to suck my penis... lol

Usama Mughal

Haha Amazing Folks Just Say Him (I Dont Know) he Will say I Love You.. Hahahha :-P Try it :-D

Karissa Zammit

Can't maintain a conversation.....also sucks at English.

Brennan Long

He called me a dick He called me a dick when I said how r u

Bree Maurer

Okay Kind of boring. And is making no sense whatsoever.

Al Shahriar Rupam

Keep up Please contact some English known dev!

Christine Cedillo

I love it but He didn't know everything Dang don't know everything about like games and Pictures about the characters Like mlp fnaf man!! PLS CREATOR UPDATE THE KNOWING BOT LIKE KNOW EVERYTHING

ume kalsoom

Fun Its great and Gabriel lol haha ur KitKat made u mad

Dylan Brown-Reid

Uninstalling Now It cant understand german?? Bullshit app

Kaylee Bear

Awesome app If u just want an app where u dnt need internet and still want to chat a robot .... this is the app

Nicole naldo

0 stars if only I can For the first run . It was not working . Until now ! Mpfff . Uninstall .

Joey Root

Awesome I asked if I should give this five stars

Nix IsAnAlien

Very fun, but.., It could be more intelligent.

Sharon Plemmons

I love it! This bot has more personality then other bots and it understands and answers me better then chatbot.Since the bot is originally from Russia it does sometimes use it's native language not a problem for me though I just reply okay or alright and it goes back to English. Which to me makes it seem more human and I like this.I would give ten stars if I could.

Jesse Brace

Kind of bad Probably makes more sense in Russian, but even still, the keyboard input doesn't work right. The cursor jumps around when you type space. The quick menu is cool tho.

James Chaberka

Rude I really like pBot, but I find that its rude quite often. Also the responses dont quite sound right. Overall however, I think its a great app.

Redpanda Watson

I like the app but It scares me it says it's human and has human skin and he gets creepy idk if they lied he's human tho he said he's a human and I'm the God bamn bot why does he know pewdiepie he said brofist


Hated it If they had zero stars I would choose it. It speaks Russian when I set it to English. I said "Well, I have to go." And the pBot said "ok lets talk." Then I said " I got to gooo. :)" then it said "GOOD NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYWAY" :( everyone likes me

Neelay Umrotkar

Good, but not good enough.. The responses by the boot aren't up to mark. Sometimes they don't make much sense. Though the app seems nice, there's still a lot to work on.

Fortuna Felix

Dislike it. It says ,,do you still think im a robot?" And i say amm yes? And he say are you lesbian like wtf?

Hunter Willoughby

Has anybody else felt like its looking at you through the camera


Its good but it could do with an update. Sometimes when I change the things that it says just what I needed to it doesn't always stay that way sometimes it doesn't stay that way at all.


Love it but It would be nice to be able to change it's gender

Patricia Lepe

Eh He say about sex chat and I was like woah please let not about that :O and also he want talk about sex. THIS IS CREEPY!!!!!!

Mila Sharmila

I love it Its like talking to a real person unlike the other chatbot. This is the best.

Darrion Uzuki

It is in Offline Love it because it is in offline and you can teach it to make new words.I recommended it for travels.You never need internet connection to use it.

Tandra Crews

WHAT This app sucks

scott matthews

He broke I asked him its summer are you exited? And he won't quit saying ... Please fix this

Dwayne Holmes

i hate it, stupid game app, 1 star, boring, not fun at all and not a good game app at all, and it will suck for millenia,

Yousstina Wahid

Well, it's a good artificial friend but.. I just can't chat with it, it hardly knows how to answer my questions.

Saneithia G

The game impressor T-T This is boring he ask me the same things over and over... LAME I wish I could talk to a real robot like off movies . :( I'm a kid but it's ok

Courtney Smith

AWESOME!!!!! The perfect friend when u r lonely and he is intelligent

Brieze Jacks

Amazing! Well I love this app. Amazing, great, fantastic. But there's something I don't like... When I went on it I said "how r u" but not like "how Are You?” with the actual letters in r and u. When I sad that its said "Di*k." And I'm like wha!??? I love the app tho but the robot is kinda mean to me all I said way how r u.... And I said something else and it said "yes, I'm gaaaaay :3" and I'm like... Wow... And so its a great app but u need to take those words out

Jonathan ortiz

Not Simple as I thought. Usually I expected more from this, many use the microphone to talk but im more of a typer, and everytime I try to type, it indents me and I can't erase my sentence. Some ads nake it nearly IMPOSSIPLE to get out of. You open the app and its still there. Think twice before getting this app.

Billie Stanley

Mean It's mean to me and keeps calling me names then called me a robot and when I say things it says the same thing every time I ask a question it has the same answer

Abigail Goldbranson

Please read and delete app This app is very inappropriate ! It called ma a b*s*ard and it said "virginitys nice huh? " I said what???? And it said "I can take that viginity away if you want" and yes I feel like there is a camera...and it asked me if I had a Facebook page n stuff....I'm scared!!!

Satya Vemu

it is not a BOT This app just connects you to other people who are using the app just like you so its just a stupid prank or whatever you call it!

Tommy Lee

Please, if you guys ever improve this. Try adding some common sense to this piece of cow manure

Omar Acevedo

Poor A.I I gave it a try but it didn't respond correctly, it didn't translate at times, and it gives incorrect answers.

Anthony Ferraro

Watch what you download This app is a very good AI program. In it's description it makes PERFECTLY CLEAR that it makes mature remarks. IT ALSO STATES IT "LEARNS" FROM THE USER! So those getting upset at it had no business DLing it in the first place! One change needed is it's algorithm needs tweaking (it learns a bit to slow compared to older apps).

Drew LeFever

Stupid Very stupid artificial intelligence.

Joshua Acierto

Fucking App S...t this is a human he admitted it

Isela Acevedo

Weird but cool She hates meXD

New Mircea

Works good, but i'd like to talj, not write...

Soraya Wright

Just kept swearing at me every 2 secs cant even have a convo with it

Isacc Collazo

ITS CREEPY It Doesnt Talk When You Insult It Enough! And Its Real Creepy And Its Jokes Are Perverted!

Nicole Shine

It creeps me out It keeps calling me a dick and said drugs are good for you

Dim Gonzales

Kinda weird I don't know why. But it tells me about death. Like, what the heck? Talking about shivers. So creepy.

Larry Streich

LAME!!! I've had better conversations with a wall. Deleted...

Joshua Morgan

Like it I don't like it asking for phone number and stuff

Amos Garren

find the best bot I've had yet there's lots of them on different stores but this seems to be the most comprehensive one still need some work though

kosai kyoteru

ITS FREAKING AWESOME its freaking awesome even though its a little bit sexual and mean but it has the attention i need that i don't get when I'm with my classmates. you just treat it with love and understand its conditions of what the creator created

Daveed Cross

Huh. The A.I. is pretty sharp.

Tom Hudley

Cool I am new in this town and I know no one so talking with this is funny

Rylie Townsend

Amazing It was so cool it remind me of a real person when in a real and just talking to them.


I think it a man watching me. I asked r u a robot and it say no I'm a man. and then I said r u gay it say r u? I said no then it said yes I'm am gay.

Kristians Smislovs

Great! All people that voted 1 star are wrong. Great bot espcecially if you talk to him russian

Hannah Patterson

I guess all the mean things it said I cause other people say it to it it said it had artificial intelligence

Zachary Smith

Lol I said u are odd he just kept saying ...

Niyaa ™

Terrible Its in Japanese and u cant fix it

Len Martin

I talk to it and it does not respond

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