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17 Apr
Character Generator

Posted by ARC Apps in Books & Reference | April 17, 2016 | 78 Comments

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Create detailed characters with our character generator! Our large combination of traits (such as appearance, personality, character history, family and career) make this a great tool for writers!

Whats new

    - More appearance category traits (including age, birth country and additions to current categories)
    - UI improvements
    - API updates

ARC Apps part of our Books & Reference and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update April 17, 2016. Google play rating is 61.2618. Current verison is 1.02. Actual size 2.2 MB.

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Elise Dannons

I know why I give it one star. Even if you have to be creative I still dislike this counterintuitive clunky UI. It's very slow and lags and generates the same 7 ideas which is quite boring. Good for random characters on the go but it tasks to much time. No thanks, I can make faster characters with my mind. Why do I have to email? It should be able to book mark, its not 1996.

Jhalin Pittmon

I appreciate that it sort of already has the story set up for me but I wanna be able to select and or add some to the choices because some of the stuff does not fit ny characters

Hannah Webb

Eh You should be able to change the outcomes. Personalize it. The way its set up is so that its random. :(

Emily Ockerman

Can't select anything

Calla Dunlop

I'm sorry I still can't get it to work. I want to design my character not have a random one and I actually want to see it

Cap Com

Cool but...... Its cool I cant lie but why cant I pick my character opinions if I click on them nothing happens.

Oisin Linnane

Great for imputation. Don't understand the poor reviews, generates ideas make of it what you will, down to type imagination after that. With 70c for pro

Neo Weight

Sucks! You cant do anything at all without buying the pro version

Kyler Luffman

Good, but needs more It'd be useful if you could select the gender you wanted your character to be so you don't get stuck with the opposite gender than what you wanted.

Brianna Thomsen

To Neo weight No matter what they say don't delete your comment people need to know the truth screw them people

Megan Hewer

So useful! I have succsessfully created characters with this app but it would be more fun to choose.

Otome Chibi

? So far I like the app, but I feel like something is missing from it. Other than that its 3 stars!

Kurtis Edzia

Terrible I send the description to my email and it sends me the description

Dylan Amidan

GREAT, but... I think it soes help alot but i think it needs a visual of the character to help visualize you character better in your own mind

Gemma Price

... I would like it better if you were able to click the eyes for example and a list of choices came up and it showed you a picture of your finished character

rainbowdash h

Screw this I thought you can your character this thing sucks massive balls

Gabby Catapano

Do not get, if you can't choose how you want character yourself then what is the whole point of this?????

Terona Pillay

I can't do anything As I said I can't do anything even the refresh button doesn't work!

Ellana Woods

Nope It wont let you do anything

Kristina Kinlicheeny

S Make it customizable instead of random.

Dwarfy TM

Uninstalling simulator Boring after about 2.27 minutes

Kayla Edwards

Not what I'm looking for. It won't let me CHOOSE the individual parts of the appearance. Like eyes. It's where its random. Fix this please.

nithya sriram

Just hated it

Elizabeth Roy

Out of My Character Comfort Zone I installed this app on my HP tablet to push myself out of my character comfort zone. I suspect even writers of speculative fiction create characters with familiar personality traits. This app has generated characters I never would have created on my own, and the plot generator has created seeds of plots for them. With the two apps together, I have been having a great deal of fun writing about characters in situations that are completely different from those I create on my own.


Not Flexible It has great details for each trait and creates decent characters for you. The thing that really gets in the way is that you can't customize them to how you please. The refresh button doesn't address the issue either.

Stella Mae Miller

Awful! It doesn't let u do anything! U just sit there n stare. DO NOT GET

Joey Tinger

Apps like this should be removed from Google play Does nothing creative whatsoever. Apps like this just waste people's time downloading and uninstalling. For them to generate money off this is a crime.

Payton Tincher

I'M STUPID I didn't realize this was to ignite people's thought process so for what it's meant to be bravo bruh keep it up you killing writers block good job

Jazmin Smith

What is the point ? You can't change anything, so I don't see how this would be useful in any situation. 1?

Darien Gurka

It sucks dont waste your time You have to upgrade to pro to actualy use the options except for gender

Monserat the Bard

No customization options. If you don't like something, tough luck.

Connor Cochrane

Ok,But you can't save If you can't see how it looks and get it if you like it,then why cant we save it?

Hann Lockhart

Way too little detail and options I could think of 2 dozen extra options just for the female alone. I want a short busty female for one of my characters who believed she had a fairy pet from another alternate dimension where an alter ego of hers lived- Doesn't exist. Can't add it. Also i could not simply print this to a page it wanted me to email it. I just wanted to print to read over. Guess my own imagination is what I should stick with.

i love broccoli

? Even the slightest details can bring the help me make a masterpiece in my writings, thanks ?

Velvis McGruder

How Does This Work? I assumed I could click on a feature, send it, and receive an image of my character.

Amanda Clark

I think a lot of people misunderstand the purpose of this app. I'm a writer and find this very useful to help churn up more ideas when forming my characters. I may only use one or two suggestions, but it provides a fantastic jumping off point.

Dawn Ogle

Other options Not everyone writes stories only including the human race. It would be nice to have to option to add our own alien race and physical characteristics. Just a thought.


Helpful! Especially your other generators, they help alot :^)

Daysia Ivette Wiggins Gomez

Really a pro membership for words. -_-" I mean I know this could help with a huge game or something but come on.

Maddie Thecatty

Not fun I was expecting a fun app that spawns characters based on there personality. But it was very boring, I wasn't aloud to choose it's own traits.

Ruben Broere

Stupid You can't do anything you must buy pro

Sheriff Time

Disappointed Can't believe have to upgrade to Pro version and PAY my ?money?i wonder how many uninstalls ? this app gets <.< Also I'd honestly rather draw my own character on a paint tool sai app ?Uninstalled. ?


So many options and variation, yet only two genders?

Aran Ilaoa

Sucked Everything HAS to be a ripoff with "paid version this" or "paid version that " will it ever end!?

zombie king

ATTENTION A.R.C I would like to see a design for the character but don't give me the little detailed character I want the most detailed that man has ever seen for us writers and thank u

Zella Barrett

:( It won't let me do my own thing :, (

Emily Murphy

dumb!!! what is the point of it being called character generator if you cannot make a character?!?!

Lockinside 1

I liked it. It has help me write a good character description in my short story.

A Google User

F**kin stupid You can barely change any traits without buying pro. What a load of crap!

Joe Liddle

Useful tool Useful tool for extra bits of detail. Every little helps.

Fallen Suicidal Angels

I need to frigging download and buy the damned pro app to do other things to my character

Fang the Killer

Have to upgrade to pro I hate it. I have to upgrade to pro horrid. Gay

Alissa Deering

It's getting there I have been playing around with this app for the past few days. I would say just to add more options in all categories, it gets really repetitive. Maybe have a suggestion table so we can submit our ideas?

meow kitty

DAT Lollipop on the image I have 5.0.2 too! ?

Crimel Ncgurl

Great ideas I wish there was an option for children characters though

Gerald Pe

Thanks for this app! I really needed it. I got so bored with the same characters but this app gave me some variations. But can you also generate some names for me?

Bronnie Hillier-Raikes

Disappointed It would be great if you could see your character after you've created it.

Stella Mae Miller

Thank you for your response, my previous post was rude. I like the app, I just wish there was more to it

Dakota Kiriachuk

Educate Yourselves This is meant for writers to help generate characters for their writing projects, it is not an avatar creator - don't give it a bad review if its not even the kind of app you're looking wouldn't give a music app a one star review because it didn't organize your photos, would you? And if you're complaining about the $0.99 upgrade, then go and make your own app.

Markelle Fleming

It's a good app It's good for what its meant for, but it wasn't what I was looking for. Good job though to the creators, I could see this being very helpful!

Brianna Combs

Best App I am always looking to make my characters more interesting and this really helps! If your a fiction writer, get this app!

Winx Magic Lovers News, Music, and Gaming

Amazing Very helpful, I'm writing a book but I can't find the right things for other characters so this helps a lot.

Kailyn Ridgeway

Nice! It gets things done, and it does it moderately well. The only issue I have is that it can be very slow sometimes! Also, all the bad reviews are bs, why leave a bad review because you thought this was something it's not?

Tasha Mounts

This is something I'll come back to later on for sure. Honestly, this is a wonderful idea. :) Won't keep it installed at the moment just because I don't need it right now and have limited space, but I really like it!

A Google User

Exactly what I wanted.. Don't give this app bad reviews. This does not generate an avatar but the background and description of the character. It's meant for writers and it's great.

Rossin Tsurw

Very useful! I've been having writer's block and having new characters to practise with helps a lot! I would buy the pro version if I had means to pay that 99 cents. Though I feel bad that you're getting bad reviews from people who weren't happy with what they got, or people who can't even read the instructions correctly, etc. It honestly is a great generator for me as a writer, and I'm definitely checking out other games you have! Thanks for the great generator, I appreciate all the work you guys did to make it.

Red Willis

not just for writing! its very good for drawing, as well!! im used to only draeng young teen characters, and with the random ages in this app, it helps expand my abilities!

Noneya Beezwax

it absolutley REFUSES to work! it keeps crashing for no reason! this is a simple app I don't understand how my phone CAN'T run it!!!!!!


Don't give me your hand-me-downs You need the Pro version to make any adjustments. Fastest uninstall Ever!

yeti Gonzalez

It is fine. Works well and is quick for writing characters. It's not bad, I don't see why there's so much mindless hate.

i love broccoli

? Even the slightest details can bring the help me make a masterpiece in my writings, thanks ?

Sheriff Time

Disappointed Can't believe have to upgrade to Pro version and PAY my ?money?i wonder how many uninstalls ? this app gets <.< Also I'd honestly rather draw my own character on a paint tool sai app ?Uninstalled. ?

Peachy Alien

It's actually a useful app for those who know what it really is.. Like seriously, most of you who gave it a 1 star clearly have not read the description before downloading.. if it's not what you think it is then read what it says below before rating it. This app seems actually very useful for people who need assistance in creating characters for a story, so therefore this is where this app comes in handy. Very helpful and people here actually loves it. So be careful what you search for and type in the right thing or ask a friend for search help (^:

oh gosh

Great :) So far this app has been exactly what it says on the tin (which some people didnt bother to read). Even as an artist i found this app helpful in creating characters. Although when I first opened it the refresh buttons failed to generate anything, everything has run smoothly since. Great app!!

TheOtakuLegend// My Official Channel

WHY?! Why can't we like, Create our own character? We need our own characters so we can do them easily and not try to waste our time refreshing for a new character. Please reply to keep me notified about this Review.

Bianca Acevedo

Loved it but... I wish it had a more features like: name generator, mannerisms generator and some other stuff like usual clothing or something.

Frost Moon

Hmm... Maybe different species This app is great for making human characters, but if you could expand the app, or make a new one, for animal characters, it would be helpful for me.

This game sucks I was trying to make a character, and all I could do was refresh.

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