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19 Jan

Posted by JacksOfHearts in Entertainment | Jan. 19, 2016 | 124 Comments

Apk file size: 4.2 MB

Fast read-only browser for 4Chan with Material Design. There are deliberately no boards by default. This listing (screenshots etc.) is deliberately thin.

Thanks Michael Cook ( for the icon!

Chanobol is work in progress and currently offers a read-only browsing experience for 4Chan.

If in-app WebM playback does not work on your device you can enable external WebM playback in the settings. WebM playback support on Android seems flaky but I hope that a future update will fix these problems.

Why three instead of four hearts? Chanobol's already lost a life (suspension).

The development is currently on hold. The source code can be found here:

Whats new

    - New, great icon by Michael Cook from!

JacksOfHearts part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Jan. 19, 2016. Google play rating is 81.8887. Current verison is 1.4.7. Actual size 4.2 MB.

Download chanobol-1.apk 4.2 MB


Geoffrey Bergman

Works way better than the other 4chan apps I've used

Chakri Boon

Noice app m8 4chan w/ material design definitely awesome . waiting for reply implementation

Colton Wishon

New Chanu? Board thumbnails look the same, I'm guessing this is from the creators of Chanu, I'm glad they're back

Miguel Angel

When are replies coming ? Dev, you said in a few weeks replies will come. Time has pass and its still not implemented. Any ETA?

Walter Gentz

The chosen one

Michael Osborn

Great but lacking. Best 4chan app I've found, I would like the ability to view in more modes than catalog mode. I would also say webm support is pretty important. Still better than the other 4chan apps. Hope they fix those issues.

PeppaPig Heh

Needs Replying Add the ability to reply and it gets 5/5

Patrick Carvalho

Fantastic Reminds me of the superior Chanu. Great stuff

Christopher Hawman

Great App! Very clean material design, no bugs that I've seen. Highly recommend!

Josue Estrada

Best chan app out there

Josh Marshall

Great App, Developers too. The best app right now for Chan

Deric B

Best 4chan app for reading Smooth design is pleasing to look at, but I wish I could post! !

Caleb Bowers

Good app, could be better App is great so far, but I think image viewing could be greatly improved. For example, add previews for other images in a thread while viewing one.

Reece Westlake

The layout is perfect If a fully black theme can be added for this app I would be very happy, the dark grey one isn't doing it for me. Basically a fully customisable theme would be what makes this app perfect

Nicolas Torres

Really digging this app

Danerd Nerdos

Love it But why has chanabol lost a life? :(


Great work Developer!!! Thanks for making this happen. Your unstoppable aren't you? and Thanks for adding new themes, the only main thing that we need is the reply function. There is other things that need to be done I'll send you an e-mail to explain it. We Appreciate your hard work :-).......forgive me if I'm rude :)

Luca Ippoliti

Progress! IT would be nice if you had two separate options for the theme (light/dark) and status bar/menu color. I really like the new themes, but using white as a constant background isn't the best for battery life ;)

Will C

Very good and getting better For me it will be 5 stars if they add the ability to auto refresh and cache the threads on the watch list. This way I can still review the entire thread, Incase it doesn't get archived.

Harry Tune

Great app Why does the blue theme have a green accent, and not yellow or another shade of blue? Also the background of images when you press them is still purple.

Bill Tekip

Near-perfect. I love this app, especially since it has WebM support now. Maybe a few more theme options (for example, choosing the action bar color you want. See the app Sync for reddit to get a better idea of what I mean), but none of that is too important. What's important is that until I found this app, I was disappointed that there wasn't a good 4chan client, and this developer delivered exactly what I was looking for.

Ivan Ursulović

I hope that I will be able to post & reply with this app soon , interface is amasing

Scott B

Excellent Browser It just keeps getting better and better and the developer even implemented the catalog sorting mode selector which I recommended quite quickly. I've had zero problems as well so I have to give this 5 stars now

Noctis Caelum

Good Good, but a few suggestions. Please add a button to go to the top of a thread. Also add the option of setting an image save directory like Clover. Would it also be possible to add a black theme? People that have Samsung devices with amoled displays would benefit from it. A search would also be awesome. As side of that love the interface up this app, looking forward to future improvements!

Vsevolod Moskaev

Great look! Very awesome so far, however webms are stuck buffering if I try to play then using the app rather than externally. UPDATE: WebMs with sound actually play sound, but the video remains static with the buffering circle being the only thing in motion


Can't wait to be able to post.

Shakeel Ross

Fantastic! I guess I've found a replacement for chanu. I like that all the images in the threads are loaded without having to click each one. Might I add scrolling thru threads was a breeze even while loading high res images especially in /hr/ board. On chanu, it would lag more as the image resolution gets higher when scrolling, but that's not the case for this app.

Brandon Pratt

Decent Would love the ability to download all the images in a thread like chanu could, have yet to find a browser that can :edit: awesome, i actually like it better than the last app i used. Thnx

Djordje Gajic

Great app, but can you add the ability to browse in grid-view? Its like the list view that 4chan default has. Also I noticed that webm loading is slow.

Ben Dover

#Materiyolo DuARTe would be proud This would be perfect. All its missing for the 5 star rating is posting and the ability to change the purple color. I'm not a fan. Coming from Chanu I like that slate/charcoal color and it wasn't heavy on the eyes either.

Jay Dehlinger

Awesome Just waiting for the ability to reply to be implemented. Is a reader, this is hands down the best 4chan app available right now.

I Kib

Just works Use to crash on Nexus 7 when clicking on Watch List. Works now after latest update! Really like the app for browsing 10/10

Muhammad Nabillah Fihira Rischa

Fabulous XD Add an option to disable images prehaps? EDIT: Yup, exactly. To save mobile data volume

Luke Wallis

Great app, my one suggestion however is the ability to specify the save location of images EDIT: yes I meant the former, thanks!

David Gumberg

Missing functionality — but worth it Fantastic application, that's beautifully designed. Obviously missing posting functionality, but also suffers from software nav buttons covering images in the gallery, should go into immersive mode in the gallery

Θοδωρής μπουλιερης

Best chan reader By far the best app for browsing 4chan.

James Pepper

Best 4chan app by far but A swipe left gesture to move the current thread out the way like clover would be great and webms for me after always purple and green, might be because I'm using 5.1 on the gs4 but it is a tad frustrating when using the best looking 4chan app

Kaiser Little

Where are the updates? This was a great app with lots of potential but the dev just disappeared and let it die. Where did you go? We all really want the ability to reply to posts. At least give away the source code so someone else can work on the app.


Few issues and we're done 1. Reply function fix 2. Extremely slow pictures (and thumbnails in threads) loading fix ( and why not to add a loading bar or percent to know how much loaded from the pic or gif) 3. Add a feature to close opened pics, with either a *tab anywhere on it "or" *swipe it up or down to do that (it's annoying to press on the back button every time i open a pic) 4. Add a feature to be able to switch between reply pics in a board or a thread (like all the thread pics is in a one gallery, not like each pic on it's own) I thinks those are the most important, other than that is alright. thumbs up Best regards

A Allard

Best 4chan app by far The only reason I would use any other chan app would be due to a lack of slideshow feature in the image gallery.

Derrick Huynh

Works Looks better than most apps, but no reply, and a bug where it FC when you click two images at once (found by accident)

Eid Amirul Ahmad

Please halp! By far the best 4chan app that I've ever used. But please add the reply function, will add 1 star when done.

Erick Mendez

Needs More Customization. It looks pretty, but it should have some more options. Maybe a list view?

Scott Bender

Still great Maybe you could add more themes, like the red theme on the fabled Miko app. Also you should add the option to view posts as lists rather than just catalog view

La Noire

Could be the best app available. But without reply option, it's not.

lawra Weltreich

Needs reply implementation. Other than that everything is great

Daniel Jones

Great for browsing Ability to post and reply would be great!

Kolton hughes

I want to give 5 I said a feature was missing, and it was implemented within a week!

lemai ae

Suggestion The watch list should be persistent to the side toolbar, other then that the apps great

Tom Gignac

Best 4chan app on the market.

Griffin Melson

Great, but... Currently crashes when trying to access settings. Running the M Developer Preview on the Nexus 5. Absolutely blows the competition away in terms of design and UX, however posting is not (yet) available. Fantastic, polished work in progress, though

Spencer Csaky

Can post Can't post or reply

Liam Neville

it's soooo good

Dominick Fuentes

Almost perfect Just add posting and it'd be absolutely 100% indisputably objectively perfect. The new icon is really nice, too.

Ives Navarrete

Awesome app except... Almost perfect but gifs are very slow, and the posting feature would make this the best browser

Macintosh M I N U S

Add posting Ten outta ten app if I could post. If you're not going to implement it then remove the button.


Huge bug Despite the beautiful GUI and overall usefulness of the app, whenever I try to reply to a post it tells me that the feature hasn't been implemented yet. If anyone could help, that would be awesome! Thanks!

Jordan Smith

Settings bugged in 6.0 still usable but unreadable

Bruce Banner

Love the app but I can't add the adult cartoons board

Joel Burmester

Please hurry up and implement the ability to post. This app is nearly perfect. Also dope new material icon.

James F. Eversole

Beautiful and quick application. Like everyone else, I'd love for posting to be implemented. Excellent job, though.

Limie Swys

Works smoothly really like how threads are displayed in catalogue form. Looking forward to when commenting feature is implemented tho. Then It'd be perfect

Austin Mageles

Best for general browsing ...but I hope you like lurking because there's still no posting. 5/5 for not looking like an outdated POS app

Rubeni Alimasi

Implement it already lol Other than that this is near perfect.

Nyxem Productions

OLED This app needs black theme. "Dark" is not giving significant advantage for OLED phone users. Thanks for your app.

Mat Zadeh

You're back Hope you don't leave again for almost a year

Dyliciouz m8

Pretty sxe Just needs posting feature added

Kurtis Watts

Add posting This would be perfect if you could post. At least opening threads in your browser is easily donen

Александр Едриванов

Aco Please add all parsers.

Remon van der Pol

Has potential Looking forward to the fully functional client. It looks great so far.

Dalton Davis

Wow This is the best ever. Trump 2016

Donquixote Doflamingo

It's good but webms don't play for me

Joseph Bahhadi

The best 4chan reader

tommy pearman

If you could post it would be the best chanapp. It's the only thing I don't like about it!

Diogo Oliveira

The best 4chan reader! But I can't reply, when that feature is available this app is perfect for me.

A Google User

Can't image search Nice try ck, but that board is good as dead, love tv. :v) Please add reverse image search, other than that, good app.

ben rieker

So close to perfect. Even though it's read-only, I really wish I could post and reply.

Ivan Lopez

Works. It would be 5 stars of it were not missing a critical feature. When the reply feature is added it will be 5 stars

Ron Wade

Wouldn't even work! Samsung galaxy ace style. It opens to ablank page.

Kevin Parnell

Love the design, but missing an important feature I absolutely love this app and its design, but one crucial thing is missing, and that's the ability to reply. Once that feature is added, I will give it five stars because other than that, it's perfect.

Elijah Goodwin

Absolutely great, corneas burn This is the best 4chan reader on the pkaystore. Only problems is a glitch with M that causes the app to crash when opening the settings and the Purple is SO BRIGHT AND VIVID, a pastel green would fit the all more and be a little after in the eyes but I'm just an a*shole. Keep up the good works.

Rafi Abdullah

10/10 I found this on recommend after an app "Nofap" was also recommended previously

Josh Davies

Posting Best app for browsing and would be the best overall if you could post

Abby Louise

Sick Posting naked pictures of girls without their permission. You all are sick people

Armand Tavera

Perfect except.... Please add posting as soon as you can.

Fattest Royal

Great Ever since Clover can't be found on my phone or store, I went to this. Although replies are being worked on, for its current purpose, it works fluently and efficiently. Not basing my review off my wants, I have to say if you don't mind plain reading a board, you're in for a good time, but be patient for replying.

Ryan Ness

Needs ability to reply! Please add the ability to reply.

Yaacov Kochatkov

Please add posting. I hope its not hard.

Doky Os

It's ok. Lacks some features.

Clay Anderson

Great reader Needs update for the new boards!!!

Clorox Bleech

Add reply and it's amazing

daniel krohn siqveland

Nothing showed up, just blank

Marcus MRW

1 big problem Does not let me access /trash/, /aco/, or any of the relatively new boards

Michael Coates

The app is amazing but we still can't post and it hasn't been updated since January. What's the hold up?

An Ross

The best looking 4chan browser out there. This all looks great, and is very fast and easy to use compared to other Android 4chan browsers. Posting is not currently supported, so opening in a web browser is a must if you want to join in the conversation, but for reading threads the app works better than any app I have tried so far. 9/10 would recommend.

Spencer Junkin

Meh It is appealing to look at, but some webms and GIFs don't load, and you cannot reply. 3/5

Wiseka Rev

would be 5 star if i could acess aco and the new boards....which have been there for quiet a few monthes so technicaly they are not new

Thomas L

JUST When the hell are we gonna be able to comment? App has been out forever.

Jim Mars

Great reader Awesome to just read or view posts. Crashes randomly though. Not too big of a deal because it's so fast, but still...

Matthew Galway

Great start As everyone else has stated once posting and replying has been implimented it will be a 5 star app.

Team Continent

The Best Seriously, this is the absolute best 4chan browser at the moment. The lack of a posting feature, however, makes me wanna shove a nail under my big toe and kick a wall! I hope this is added soon.

Justin Xin

No comment reply function But I don't use it to comment anyway

Jedidiah Carter

The best browser on Android. This is honestly perfect. It really just needs posting implemented, it already far surpasses every browser in the play store.

Connor Divelbess

WebMs don't look correct by default, otherwise perfect I know it's mentioned in the description, just wanted to throw in another device to the pile where it has this issue.

Ricky Harding

Very good Good but pictures load quite slowly compared to Clover. Also no posting, what's up with that.

nicholas mininni binette

Disappointed Frustrated that Ive had this app for over a year and I still cannot reply or posting anything myself. Tired of lurking. Would be 5/5 if implemented

Team Continent

Needs New Board Support Seriously, this is the absolute best 4chan browser at the moment. The only problem I wish could be resolved is the adding of the newer trial boards, for example, /qst/.


10/10 if you could reply 10/10 if I could reply and if it could load the pics a bit faster

John Strobel

POSTING All I want is the ability to post. Give me that and I will love you forever.


Not working Used to be good buts its not working anymore.

A Google User

OLED This app needs black theme. "Dark" is not giving significant advantage for OLED phone users.

Isaiah Allen

better than mimi imo really simple and nice ui, i recommend it over the other 4chan apps out there

Justas meh

Add posting Works good but needs posting function asap

onil mamo

No posting just needs to be able to post. Happy to donate if we get posting soon

Rohan Kumar

Almost prefect Good except I can't reply to threads or post, so once that gets made, five stars

Ryan B

Dark theme settings page It's white with white text....

Ricky Harding

Very good Good but pictures load quite slowly compared to Clover. Also no posting, so one star. Also can't access many new boards.

Morganthium Z

Needs work Newer boards are unavailable and the dark theme messes up the text in settings

Krishan Bhattacharya

OK app but unusable in dark mode In dark mode, the fonts in the settings menu are unreadable - white on white

Dexter Haslem

for those asking for posting support, 4chan doesn't have a posting API so this is the best

Samuel Rosas

Doesn't work Used to, but now no boards load anymore.


Add Reply pls This is really fkn good, but you also really need to add the reply feature, i've waited too much!

Steven Lopez

Hey Why you crash so much?


Missing Needs to let you post and won't let me access certain boards

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