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21 Sep

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Apk file size: 3.5 MB

CellMapper displays advanced GSM/CDMA/UMTS/LTE/LTE-A cellular network information and can also record this data to allow you to contribute to our crowd-sourced coverage maps.

CellMapper works on both tablets and phones running Android 2.3 or higher.

- Displays low level cellular network information data along with frequency band calculations (for some providers)
- Reads cellular frequencies on certain Android 7.0+, Qualcomm based (root), Sony (root), and Samsung devices (root)
- Displays a map of both coverage and individual tower sector coverage and bands
- Supports Dual SIMs on Android One, Mediatek, Qualcomm, and Samsung Duos devices

Note: The data on the site and within the app is generated shortly after it is uploaded. Locally calculated (less accurate) data is available instantly from within the app.

Currently supported networks:
- CDMA (limited, many phones do not implement the API correctly)
- LTE-A (limited, support on latest Samsung Phones with FieldTestReader)

To start contributing, simply tap on the "Upload" button on the main screen.

Visit our community on both Google+ and on our website


Why does CellMapper need so many permissions?

android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - To get CellID information
android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - To get GPS location
android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - To get Cellular network informaion
android.permission.INTERNET - To connect to server to download map data / upload data
android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To write external CSV file if no internet connection
android.permission.READ_LOGS - To read Samsung Field Test Mode data on Android 4.1 and earlier (despite what the dialog says, the app cannot read your browsing history unless your browser write it to the system log)
android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - To read info about airplane mode / network settings
android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - To start at boot time (if enabled)
android.permission.VIBRATE - To vibrate on CellID change (if enabled)
android.permission.WAKE_LOCK - For phones that do not support 4.2+ CellID Support, to ensure they report correct data
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To write external CSV file if no internet connection
android.permission.BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE - To read field test mode data without root

Whats new

    - Enable 4.2+ CellID API by default on more devices
    - Disable legacy dual SIM support with new 4.2+ CellID API enabled (not compatible with one another) to fix OnePlus 2 and other devices part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 78.8498. Current verison is 5.0.3. Actual size 3.5 MB.

Download cellmapper.apk 3.5 MB


Ryan Dupuis

Works as intended Working so far as it should, I've read some of the reviews, people need to understand if there is no info on your area you must record and upload it! That's the point of this, man RTFM!

only way to the only heaven.Jh.ch3v16&John.ch14v6!

Beware spyware this is reads your browser history works on ZTE awe don't adjust settings shows wear tower is wish showed exact street on 3 best rf signal tracker better don't work on LG volt .cell map app .work's for LG volt show tower location may say have to update Google services app this app don't show line to tower on LG volt cell map app dose show line to tower on LG volt or how far away tower location is

Janette Wilson

Great Thanks developer. This is a really cool app. Works great on my ZTE t83.

Francis Pilkington

Love this app I love this app but one bug is that when I lock the phone the GPS into goes 0 and locked GPS is the same

Vlad Slavskiy

I love this app.

Denis English

Very cool Notbzactlysure what it does. But very cool.

juan jesus mejia olmedo

Map cell tower. Now i now where my cell provider has towers.

Jari Riihimaki

Brilliant Amazingly accurate. Great tool to get bearings to 3G/4G masts

Tuomas Auremaa

Works like a charm u tard Americans read the f****** manual!

John K

Not working ib USA Map shows nothing

charles johnston

Lost data This new version he lost a lot of data on the map

Rich Muller

Another cell tower app that isn't very good. No cells within 20 miles of me? What about the one I'm using 600 ft from my house?


MyMobileCoverage #1 RootMetrics 2nd, sensorly 3rd, open signal maps & cellmapper tied 4th, coverage mapper 5th and cellumap a distant 6th. But we should use all of them at the same time to create evidence carriers can't ignore. Recording disable button should be explained in notes field. Best feature: on full site, clicking the red dots reveals black coverage borders of local towers! Should be on every cell app!

B Panasuk

Overlapped Tells location to Google apps

Nuyo Rican

Useless Map took 4eva 2 upload! The 1* is 4 having boost mobile on list of providers! Other than that uninstalling!

Rick Saunders

Locate what What does this locate be cuz it doesn't give a screen big enough for any selections wasted my time will it waste yours

Des Carolan

Dont work No cells displayed. A joke of an app

Ashlar Darned

Battery usage is insane! Default settings force the screen to remain lit even when the program is not in focus and even when locked. The "use cellid API" causes the program to become unusable in Galaxy S4, stock OS version 4.4.4. When using the API, the cell is recorded as "Cell unknown" with a signal strength of 0dbm. Developer claims this is due to improper API implementation from Samsung and Google. Until fixed, expect poor battery performance.

Hadi Ramli

Awesome. Keep it up!

Simon Petkovski

Best app out there If you are interested in signal mapping this is best app for you. Simple and useful ui, map updates twice a day, 1 second gps points, everything you need. Beware it's battery consuming. Best to use in car on charger.

Michael Honn

Great app Thx for the map fix. Am mapping all towers in my area, none listed. Works very good. One suggestion, manually add tower to their actual location. Sprint does not supply tower location data.

Nestor Albuquerque

It was bad at first... But as the dev responded to my comment (I much value it!!!), I'm giving it another try ... hope it works.

Marquise Richardson

Map Towers A nice app to locate and map cell towers, it also gives some useful information

Anwar ul haque

Failed Tried to execute thrice, every attempt resulted in auto restart of my device

Jonathan Griffitts

This one actually works There are a bunch of similar apps but this is the only one I've found that works properly on my Nexus 7(2013) LTE. I've used it with both AT&T and T-mobile SIM cards.

Kelley Winters

Crashes on Nexus 4 Crashes whenever I view or zoom the map. No one bothered to debug this. Fail.

Gary Wilburn

Not for at&t Don't waste your time snd money if you have at&t service. Does not recognize any local towers. There are bettet apps out there that do recognize att and their partner towers.

aziz khan

It is a good creation. But it is requested to plz update it more to show the channels.

Anorld Mkombwe

Found it very helpful for network optimization

Jon Albiez

Not bad... Great for logging data. Supports LTE. Woefully inaccurate site locations that don't have the ability to be updated correctly in a database.

Alan Crone

Boy you can sure tell some people just download stuff without trying to look at any of the reviews! Developer if you ever see this can u please put somewhere in the description, about if you are in/traveling in a rural area chances are it has not been mapped. Or just plan and simple.... If you do not see towers show up! it is most likely because it hasn't been mapped yet. Ha!

Zamani Chik

Samsung Good apps.thanks

Patrick Sullivan

Awesome It is so cool to see my data appear on the map within hours. I actually feel like I am contributing.

James Jegers

Currently my favorite app for plotting cell phone towers. The app is smart enough to merge together the 3 sectors for a tower and then plot the towers not only in the middle of the 3 sectors, but taking into account which direction each sector normally faces. So if you have only collected the north sector of a tower, the app is smart enough to plot the tower on the south end of the area.

Mark Lim

It works App doesn't release GPS after exiting half the time, and the UI could use a little improvement.

Janette Wilson

Great Thanks developer. This is a really cool app. I have found it to be the most accurate tower locator. Works great on my ZTE t83.

Harold Feit

Nvidia shield doesn't support the old cell id api. Needs the new 4.2 one as default

paul harmsworth

I know that i have towers around me, but this shows nothing, ,uninstaling

Jefferson Davis

Very Useful App It's very satisfying to see the results of your scans populating the map. I was surprised that a city the size of Savannah, GA (my hometown) was lacking for data. Slowly, but surely I'm getting most of the towers in the area mapped. The program itself works great on my Nexus 4 and 6 and I often run it at the same time as WiGLE with no issues. Good job dev.

Jefferson Davis

Very Useful App It's very satisfying to see the results of your scans populating the map. I was surprised that a city the size of Savannah, GA (my hometown) was lacking for data. Slowly, but surely I'm getting most of the towers in the area mapped. The program itself works great on my Nexus 4 and 6 and I often run it at the same time as WiGLE with no issues. Good job dev.

Tyler Yanke

Amazing Great app to have an idea of coverage in a given area, as long as there is logging in the area it's so much more accurate than a providers so called coverage maps

Minh Truong

Best app! Best app measure coverage and tower data.

Nick Roquet

This app tracks your mobile provider's coverage, pretty accurately. Just not pretty and the map function can be an issue sometimes when viewing coverage. EDIT: Primarily when you zoom out and multiple towers are present. You end up with a lot of overlap. Anyway to clean that up would be awesome. Causes some stuttering within the app when this occurs.

Vincetn Eills

cellmapper I tried this app to look for WiFi hotspots 3 months ago and I am still using it. I almost have planet earth mapped. lol any one have any ideas on how to get it to other. planets? needless to say I LOVE IT.

Jonathan Goff

Towers Show Incorrectly I have 3 towers pointed over my house. The nearest one is a mile away. I have noticed other towers placed on the map in the wrong spot too.

Tim Arnott

Interesting concept The app is pretty accurate with tower location with enough data. Sprint requires the 4.2 api to be used otherwise the lte towers are recorded as "unknown". Also, Verizon towers report their latitude and longitude, why not use that?

Richard Ebersole

Surprisingly accurate Im a tower climber and I always leave this app running when driving to cell cites, very helpful at time was up in the mountains and the app led us to the tower we needed,


Non accurate cell tower aites Cell sites on the map are no where correct. This is another one of these apps that tries to find cell towers but are not accurate.

Francis Pilkington

One of the best apps for mapping cell/Phone masts however on 4G the api 4.2 works better but for 3G unticking the api 4.2 only works

Jonathan Jackson

Great Tool What are the recommended settings for a nexus 6p? (Api 4.2? Will it work with my screen off? Do neighbor cells work?)

Franz J. Schafer

Excellent App! Shows tower locations. Unlike other apps it will give you a fairly accurate tower locations based on the coverage data. You can then adjust tower locations via the online map.

Darien Imai

Great app Long time user. Has been fun watching the community grow

Sakari Peltola

Total badass 5 out of 5

Graham Smith

Great project I like this app although it is imperfect. There is a true feel of crowdsourcing at the heart of this mapping project. My only issues are the interface is cumbersome at times. And even on a modern quad core phone the map is jerky and sluggish to use. In a way that's ok because no commercial gain is at the heart of this. Some will complain it drains the battery or makes the phone warm but they don't understand the work the device is doing using sensors like GPS every few seconds, so that has to be accepted.

Panapakkam Ramamoorthy

When I press Cells in my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the screen stays on GPS initializing and shows just one cell. And in the map, it is nothing like what you show in the application page. I am not sure if the application is properly working on Note 4 or not. I will change my rating once I get some response. Thanks

Mihai Vasiliu

Great data coverage tool It may use a little more interface polish though.

Gintarė Urbonaitė

Unfortunately recording data and cells doesnt work on lenovo k3 note:(

Greg Westley

Nothing 19,000+ data points uploaded 137 distinct cells uploaded.... None of it showing on map (weeks later). Nexus 6 on Sprint.

Mike Hammett

I love CellMapper. It offers the most RF information of any mapping project and the developer takes recommendations and implements them. I couldn't ask for a better mapping project.

Wayne Roberts

Not very good Left it running in the background for a day and it shows a ee mast in my back garden. Nearest one is 1 mile away.. Uninstalled.

Gary Hamilton

Very cool tool Love the app and mapping results following data uploads.

Brayden Bledsoe

Works pretty good so far. This app in my opinion is the best out there at the moment. Not buggy like others but it is slow to load Google maps when viewing locations. I want to say that any tower you view out there won't exactly be on point where it says it is unless the tower has been mapped out all 360 degrees (I believe)

Azam Khatana

Most Accurate To Find Cell Id

paul harmsworth

Can you tell me why ive got a cell tower in my back garden and 1 on my roof

Benjamin Kindle

Fantastic This is a great app. I enjoy seeing how my data affects the map and it's fun to try to find towers. I would donate if there was a link on the site or in the app


Loved it Very good info about coverage areas and all sorts of good stuff

Glenn Stone

Better apps available Not the greatest app in the world

Veix ES

Best! best app to record lte/3g tower data and have it on map

Minh Truong

Best app! Best app measure coverage and tower data.

Gabriel Bortolotto

Doesn't work on BLU Devices I just bought a BLU Life XL and the shop cannot read the signal strength

Nick Roquet

When viewing the map, over a short period of time the app begins to hang and eventually crash.

Minh Truong

Best app! Best app measure coverage and tower data.

Alex Reiter

Does not work The cell towers don't even show up on the map.

Andrew Yip

Rogers Bands 4, 7, 17 Great tool to determine which LTE band my phone is connected to at any given time.

Gábor Angler

Band detection problem App cannot detect LTE band. Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Cyanogenmod 13 (Android 6, rooted) It would deserve definitely 5 stars, if LTE band detection would work for these popular phones. In my country (Hungary) LTE Band 20 support/usage is a key issue/topic. Only your app could help to detect it with the above Samsungs (which have Qualcomm modem), please help. I can support investigating this issue. Thanks in advance!


My Mobile Coverage #1 Sensorly 2nd, Root Metrics 3d but getting worse. Open signal maps & Cellmapper tied 4th, coverage mapper 5th but no longer supporting/updating, and cellumap a distant 6th. But we should use all of them at the same time to create evidence carriers can't ignore. Each collects different data needed to see network problems.

Chris L

Working great The only app that works on S7 with Android 6. Make sure to enable field mode on the cellmapper option in the accessibility settings of the phone

Doug Bullock

Awesome app

Chris L

Not Working anymore What community can I upload this? The update to 5.0 broke it. No towers showing in the map anymore. They only show in the list. The only app that works on S7 with Android 6. Make sure to enable field mode on the cellmapper option in the accessibility settings of the phone

Tyler Yanke

Amazing Was a great app but now it never seems to want to add new data that I've logged onto the map and when I does, its only part of what I've logged. tower placements are all messed up as well

Mark Anton

Does not Work Does not display any tower locatons. ZTE N9521, Lollipop 5.1


Love it, fun to identify towers

Allen Dindial

Upload errors - Fixed. These are killing me. Everything was great until the last update, please fix. Edit: it appears everything has been resolved.

Doug Bullock

Ruined by update This app use to be great until the last update. Constant upload errors and can't sign in to my account anymore

John Public

Newer version is hit and miss The dual sim support makes this useful for me again on Android 5.1, but the new UI in cellmapper 5.0 is super laggy.

Jeff Carpenter

Keeps phone awake This app will not let the Samsung Note 7 screen turn off. The minute you turn the phone screen off with the power button and the always-on screen activates the screen comes back on. Exit this app and the phone screen turns off and stays off.

ra ra

same info as in othr apps maps has some funky dot pixels along highways that make no sense

Adam Felson

ads Flashing ads are an incredible eyesore and there doesn't seem to be a pay adfree version. Uninstalling.

Cell Mapped So good, so far. Need to get into the near field of a local tower, with a clear view, Verizon demands that, rustling leaves, etc., and let it rip. Nice job and easy to get the account activated. ?

Josh Schinagle

Update Love the new update to version 5.0!

Enmanuel Cruz

Awesome update.

Sam Savoy

A real tool This is an excellent tool that not only shows coverage, but cell site coverage propagation based on real data. That said, I would like to reposition towers online but I can't until I have 2k data points. Arbitrary limit that should be removed.

Alex Andrews

A tool is only as good as the user who wields it. This tool is only as good as the community contributions of data. If you don't want to login, and contribute cell data, don't expect it to workout unless you live in a metropolitan area, where there are many nerds. I've been using it and it is great!!! Easily the one of the most functional tower mapping tools. Which is useful in rural areas where in one case I need to know cell bands and actual physical locations of specific types/brands of towers, for the installation of a repeater for specific service in a low-signal area. With a little driving around and online overhead mapping, it was easy to eventually find the towers, what bands they run on, closest to the location in need. Now I know for sure which band of repeater to get, and where to point it. Using the Blu R1 HD to find AT&T 4G-LTE was easy, as the MTK hardware let me isolate LTE only.

John Hopkins

Not bad Can't get map UI to show signals sometimes. Drains battery quickly. Otherwise does the job.

Ads Another great app ruined by ads

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