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15 Apr

Posted by Amelos Interactive in Action | April 15, 2016 | 137 Comments

Apk file size: 24.0 MB

You start as a small Cel, and try to get bigger with eating others who are trying to do the same. How long can you survive? Develop your skills and try to survive as much as you can and try to be the biggest.

Thanks for more than 400.000 downloads on GooglePlay to all of our players!

Some of the main features:
- Try to beat your highest score based on your total mass.
- Bigger is slower. You and others will get slower when getting bigger.
- Eat others who are smaller than you and escape from bigger ones.
- Split to eat others who are away from you and be faster.
- Eject some mass to blow viruses or trick smaller ones. Also became faster.
- Use viruses with right strategy. If you are smaller than viruses you can hide in them.
- Smooth gameplay with mobile controls.
- Grow fast to achieve a faster gameplay on mobile.
- No internet connection is needed, play wherever you are offline or online.

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Whats new

    - Bugs Resolved.

Amelos Interactive part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update April 15, 2016. Google play rating is 81.5672. Current verison is 1.9.3. Actual size 24.0 MB.

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xandre 104

It lags After first use (that was smooth), it became laggy and unplayable

Sethy Gallardo

Im always top 1 i cant even have fun because i always become 3000+ mass so fun You always need to avoid big guys love it

Carter Chapman

EASY Try to make this game harder my score was 3174


Online Hope looking for more update and need to be online

Fahim Ahmed

Fun I find it too easy to be top 1 with over 2000+ points. :(

Mike Montenegro

Its good but.... You guys need to add something for us to create a server and choose one.not only that but make a skin creator then I'll rate 5 and so will everyone try for the good game. ;)

Crobie Flex

Hmmmm Its little bit not fun enough, cause its easy to get the top score, i jist want to ask, this game is online like or this game is offline?

Lauren Jay

So cool Too easy

Anthony McGeorge

Mass Mass loss rate. The mass loss rate is waaaaaaay to fast.

Brian Lo Vasco

No multiplayer Computer ai way to easy and very boring. Without multiplayer no one will return to keep playing this game which results in less ad money.

God OnlyKnows

Nce game I like it but can you add multiplayer,it will be more fun.

DarkenWizMan - DJ

Nice Thanks for fixing the joystick, it's really addictive game

Madison Kelly

I love it but.. This game need multiplayer. Please try and add it

IRachel Fly

Is it a live game? This is a very fun addictive game! But are you playing with other people?

Mihai Mansa

It is okay I really like that I can play it offline but the bots are pretty easy.. First of all.. They go directly into the split things.. And they don't really avoid you if you are bigger.. I had times when they just went into me.. And they weren't only small cells but huge ones..Also.. The map size is way too small.. Like.. Super small.. I was 2000 mass and I could see the margins... Maybe add a way to change the number of players and their difficultly..Allow bots to have skins..

Dakota Puffinbarger

Great game Nice job plz add new modes for teams maybe capture the flag

Scott Edwards

It's ok I guess Hate how the screen changes color and no multiplayer.

Zenus WOO

Lol Lol I was auto eaten I like this game a lot because I get to top ten in 1 minute

logan wayne

I go to the right when I move the joy stick and let go please fix forb 5 stars

james 270302

So many problems There are to many problems e.g.when you are clearly a lot bigger than one person and then they eat you or you can't eat them and another is spawn kills and another why does my score all the time decrease

Michael Sabatino

Thank you so much Thanks for the joystick fix I love this game getting a five star from me

Owen Lester

Really good game but could do with an online mode

Karry Simmerman

Multiplayer It's a great game but gets boring after you've played it for a few days because you play with a computer. I would definately suggest adding multiplayer because it will challenge the players and make them use new strategies.

Jacob Aveyard

Is this game online? Or are they just bots?


Great game but Try to add the flags and cool animations next time otjerwise great game

Peggy Bean

It won't let me move Every time I play the game it won't let me move plz fix this


Great, needs some more I like the game a lot, but it needs multiplayer. Some added elements would be nice too, like cell customization.

Com infinity Salto

Awsome It's amazing but there should be multiplayer I'm always first

Lexington Patrick

My moving is boke plz fix

Wayne Kosimoto

Material design. It needs to follow material design guidelines.

gad ahmed

Multiplayer is the hall pointbof game

Fred Vankleek 2.0

Good But could be better with the teams like on PC version

Balkarn Gaming

Good The game is good but need multiplayer...

Juan HBM

Cel Its a cool game

Homestuck Homosexuals

:/ The joystick is not in the corner any more but I can still only go to the right or up and I end up in the upper right hand corner...

Oscar Jary

WTF?? #worst game ever. It's not even a game it's just like a broken screen. Disappointed from u guys.??


I would like to see a multiplayer so we can interact with friends and also add modes like FFA and teams and online modes then I would defienetly rate more than agar but for now 4 stars mate

ramnish sidhu

NEAR TO PERFECTION Finally got a good osmosis based game i really liked it i wanted a offline game n just got it ... i hope u dev r working on the cons like over spliting due to viruses n more really counting on u guys n plz add different gameplay modes .. btw u should definatly try this game its awsome....

Brad Lee

It's OK I thank you should have more modes like big ffa speedy are instant recombination

Elias Berber

Plz make us grow bigger like agario in agario you can grow to like 100,000 mass this game only like up to 3,000 plz make this update then I would rate 5 stars I love this game

Viraj shah

Liked it It would be better if there would be modes like team mode, etc. Also, is there any way to play with my friends only?

Clash Of Raki

I like cel but now it does not work anymore

Narinder Mangat

Too easy and no modes Its WAY too easy to get to 1st place and the players have very bad AI but if you added modes and everything i just said,i will rate 5 stars but for now its 3

Ahmed Taleb

It's Amizing It's really nice to play and only 1 map so I can find my sister's easily

William Perez

Love it It runs smooth and does not lag a lot like agario great game love it

Lucas Tester

SO FUN BUT NO VURISES The game is going down

Alexis Montalvo

Umm I think Skins should be add ed I will rate 5 star if add

Aden Davis

Multiplayer If you guys can add multiplayer to this,I will give 10 stars if I could

Dean Jarrell

Needs game modes Add game modes and make the map bigger.Also maybe add harder difficulties.

100,000 Subscribers No Videos Challenge!

Well Done On This Game I liked every bit of it except that the bots, wait are they bots? Anyway dont like how the Cels are very stupid and they walk into u or just run into a virus a bit to easy just saying

Branden Rodriguez

You should change the way you steer its kinda hard for me couse I'm right handed

Corey Davis

Fix I'm getting split by a virus every minute. Game is annoying!

Robin Adrover

I love it My cousin has the game its awesome I love it

keiko rey

Nice game! There are people who team tho....

Jonathan Lazo

Need game modes Love the game, but need game modes ?

ThE MiGeT NuKe

Can u add over gamemodes then I will rate it a 5 *

Paris Parish

Can you please improve it It is so lagy and hard to control

Sarah Jane Isip

Best game Guysbi like it so much and its so easy to win and you dont need iternet i play it anywer thanks so much

Nihmal Eshaque

Love this game alot but... This game kicks me sometimes

kirill deshkin

I think this is better than agario . Never lags, controls are easy. Just need multiplayer


Great I like this game!!!

Stheveen Ugarte

Iam in love But can you make gamemodes like Team,FFA,Survival, it would make it a lot better.But the game is good without gamesmodes.


I liked da game but i hate it when it splits

DannaPlaysMC //DannaGamer

Liked it, but.. I liked it but theres so many adds

Brae Brae

my name is ProCell

bad gamer lol Derp

Bad gamw Lags so much that it froze

Arian Wren

Bug When you get to the wall and you split you can break the barrier and get out please fix that bug

Juan Nava

What They turn my cel person into a bot.

Austin Staas

Its great I really recommend it

Crystal Garcia

This is a amazing GAME!!!??

Ro Nau

No multiplayer Nice app. Nevertheless the app looks like it is a multi player, but it really isn't... Please add that.

Jonathan Preston

Needs Changes The game is ok but it needs a few changes. 1 when u split your cell should come straight back to u.2 add settings to the game plz i hate using my leff hand to controll things. If these things r fixed i would give the game a 5 star. Work on it plz

Shaira Colis

HEY! Hey! Amelos Interactive! Am I really playing with other players?? Or its just the system? I hope yes! I mean its easy to be on top tho. Anyway, I like your game! Great job! Like what the others like, please include game modes, multiplayer, something like preparing for a battle or anything that will make the game more exciting :-) Hello players! PHILIPPINES, PINAS, and NEUTROPHIL ARE ONE! It's me :-)

nik nak paddywack

Dear developers, The game could be better if you added game modes such as easy, medium, hard, and pro. Also add a multiplayer mode and a customization option.☺☺☺☺☺ with awesomeness, Nik Nak Paddywack


One thing or two I hate... I hate ads. And I really wished that real people were playing this game but they are robots and I don't really like that but other than that I love this game!!!

Mickael OShane

Online?? You can obviously see that the players are bots, so can you please add online

Bob Bills

Costome skins It would be so cool if u could make it own skin btw love this this game thanks for making this happen.

Bad Evil

Why more difficult? So disturbing with those virus shooters. So bad.

Mark Vanwyhe

Hope the makers reply I would really like the map size to increase and also have a leader board that told your place even though your not in the top 8

Tess Aurellano

To Amelos Interactive I love this game but you need to update this.I need you to update this about new modes and multiplayer mode.

Timothy Martin

'Meh', not a challange Way too easy, playing against the computer and not real people.

Dave Nash

I love game One question, When is the new update

Bill Mitchell

I love this game, but... I would like it more if this game had something like experimental or team. I would also enjoy it more if it had easier bots that split less frequently. Other than these, the game is still awesome!

Hunter Kroenke

Its prity fun beacuse it douse not freeze like the online version but the bots splite a little fast

Bryan Smith

Great Just make it so that the bots can team or add a map

Ally Bally Bee

Plz answer I love the game but it would be cool if we could either chose our colour or have different types of skin

Vision Games

Makers Pkease reply When i click the game is gives ne a colorful broen screen please fix it cuz i love this game <3

Daniel Munoz

I would like them to add search players to play with friends

Danyel Oxford

Pls developers pls reply I can see some potential in this game this game could get popular things I reccomend (1) gamemodes this will make the game more interesting (2) online pls add online the bots are to easy and it gets boring (3) custom skins I will rate 5 stars if u awesome developers add this stuff in an update until these stuff are added I will rate 5 stars and I will record it on my YT channel to get it a little more popular :)

JOJO Blanc

Lying game It's not real people , u get in first place so fast and it's Al playing so boring

KZ Coreses

Its fun but... Why can't you have like coins to collect for skins, levelling up your level, and grow a bit big when you spawn and how come you didn't add the pounds of the cell! Sorry for judging.

Marvin Avelino

No lag because BOTS! Its really obvious I mean like NOBODY is big like 20, 000 and its really easy to get 1st because they're BOTS! Some are real people but the name "COOKIE?", "FEED ME?"I mean you have to do better than that lol

Logiedash davidash

It's so hard!!!!!! Ugh it didn't let me move I was using the pad everything was fine everyone else was moving but I couldn't it made me stay there

Nightlightz 24884

Online We need online mode. These are just bots, if u want to test it out turn on airplane mode and try it out. I wish we had an online mode so I can rekt other players...

devon saville

Good Let you split into lots of the smallest cells instead of just a few big ones

Dalson Caudle

Slow Once you split apart you go very slowly and you don't go fast when you move. You don't even get to go online. You don't even do costom game. I like the game neblous.

Bara Ayyad

SUPER EASY I LOVE IT No one can defeat me even peapole are weak and finnaly my dream come true all day im the 1st in the leader board.But plese make it little harder.

shawn andrei garcia

Pls Can u make diep io plss I will give u 5 star pls


Good It is bots but atleast i get to play offline you can also get out the map

Swagaliocus cat

Love it There NOT robots I tested it out with my cousin and I saw her!!!!!!! And its not boring if u make it boring..?!!!!!!!!!

Santos Najar

Too much adds I hate it when there is 2 much adds every time I lose ( I do lose ) I get an add

Eugene Ng

BOTS Just the problem is the BOTS there are all Bots if you stop that then I will give you 5 stars!!!

martin louie

add skins please!!! i love this game but can you add some 100 skins if you agree please!!!

Keira Weise-Torres

Its ok I don't really know how to play

Elliana Jubran

Too many ads There are too many ads and lags and to top that off all of the ads are about the walking dead. And plus who are we playing with, robots!? I am reporting this game!

Ethan Gill

Good but Not big enough map I was top guy snd there was nowhere to go pls try mavk it biger

nicole Dallas

IDK When I split one of my cells went all the way to the end of the map and super annoying I could not see what was in the right

ja'shan newbern

Sucks All bots pls make so we can at least play local

cool kid cool dude

It the bedt game It has no lag like slither and i am all ways on the top

Raging Blast

It's okay I went outside of the map I don't know if it's possible but I did it

John Ayes

Little glitch I found a glitch when you are a 1000 go to the corner of the map and split as much as you can then half of your body is out then kill the pieces in the map then you'll be able to get out of the map

MautheKidGamer YT

Its awesome When i played this game its really cool i was top 1 on the top 10 board for 1 hour

icon was here ._.

You keep getting smaller You get smaller and people can keep passing you.

sneaker kid

not bad but not online it's a cool game and easy to grow but it's not online cause was playing on airplane mode and with no Wifi and it worked wich means that is not online it'll be better if it actually was online I see the same names over and over and I don't find it funny that they added names like ebola to the game since it's not real people

Baker Kurdi

Wierd Plss fix it becuz when u split 1. U can't see ur self well 2. U have to struggle for the pieces to come back together

Brian Foster

Make more challenging and it's cool more practice

Jordan Torres

Weird Bots are the Worst Players, They Like To Shoot Virus Too!

Hussien Ramadan

I loved it so much It is sooo fun to play. ITS THE BEST OF ALL

Perry Kochevar

Good My high score Is 1645

Easter Bells

Love it, made friends I was helping a little orb named jashua he was in 3rd and I sacrificed myself to help him get in 1st before zabuta did :D

Colin Gamble

Glitches and bots I glitched out of the map until I quit, also it's way too easy to get to top so I'd make it a bit harder than 5 minutes or less to get 1st place.

Viking Steffen

Please Hear Me. Hi im Viking and I whant this game to get an option button there i can change the steering pad so it's on right side because I'm right handed so please make it happen. Please!? I will give five stars if that happends. =] ♡☆♧

Nitrox Gaming

4 things you should add 1. This game is easy. Please make the game online and ai so we can play everywhere and make it more fun. 2. Skins. Skins in this game would be awesome and you can collect coins in the game to buy cool ones. You should also be able to make an account and have veteran skins every few levels. 3. Private servers. You should add private servers so clans can practice splitrunning. 4. NEW GAMEMODES!!!! You should add cool game modes like soccer, survival, etc. Thanks!!!

Kai Lichtverschlinger

Bug It is too easy to get out of the arena or map. All you have to do is be broken up by the, I don't know what they are, people use them to weaken big cels, anyway, break yourself or be broken by one of those near the edge of the map, and you blast right through. Once your out there's no getting back in, so it is a bit annoying, and if only part of you is out of the map... It is over.

Jeremy Frew

Pointless Very slow pace and pretty pointless. I'm pretty sure you're playing against all bots because you can pause the game without being affected, and if you go back and forth between this and the snake game, its the same players always on.

Elena Delach

This game sucks Incredibly slow paced and boring. This game is so unbelievably lame. The idea of the game doesn't make sense and the controls are weird. U dint understand how youre supposed to collect points other than the tiny little dots. is much better

Fadeless Imp

Permissions Why does this app need permission to view the contents on my sd card and the ability to delete things off my sd? It also has permission to view caller information. This app sounds like a spyware. UNINSTALLED!


BIG GLICH well i was playing then it glitches then i get stuck no one can come in plz fix!!!!!!! I will give five stars

Malcolm Robinson

Easy to navigate, always getting to 2000 mass, etc. Very exciting gave you have made. Very easy to control, but one time the control pad went up, left when I didn't touch it, but ignored that. Very easy to get to the biggest cell in-game.

Hoshi Inoue

Huge disappointment I thought it was online. It's bots only. AI only. Where's the online mode?

Arianna Nicole

WHY PEOPLE THINK IM A BOT my name is feed me and team and cookie D:< AND I GOT EATEN BY TEAMS!

Justin Vezina

Encountered a bug I split my cell in the direction of the wall, and I was able to split out of bounds.

Agar Gamer

Plz let us eat viruses and online mode also lets our cells come,back to us instead of it sitting there plz do this lots of love also this game is took easy

Wyatt Enge

Advice Nebulous has made a bluetooth multiplayer u should do this so u and ur sister in the car can play togetter long trips hahahaha love nebulous

Aizen West

Need improvement!?! Definitely! Not a game. Uninstalled instantly because of spyware, ads, Firewall , and laggyness. Lots more stuff to. Actually, delete the game or I will spam the game. NOW!! Oh, and my highest score is 50! What a drag......

Jonathan Moreira

Add cooler things They should make the splits like in agario , self feed add virus like in agairo and whenever you eat one you get 100 mass

Ehhh... It's okay I like the game but I already know these aren't real people they are bots. is way better but its also bots. They should add online and botz but they should also add awesome skins and however many dots you collect should be the coins maybe and the skins could each be like 1000 dotz.

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