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4 Sep
Cats Widget

Posted by EQ Soft in Entertainment | Sept. 4, 2014 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 2.9 MB

Beautiful cats on your screen. Select any your mood. Thanks to the author:

Whats new

    - support for multiple widgets
    - more cats

EQ Soft part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 4, 2014. Google play rating is 75.3097. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download cats-widget.apk 2.9 MB


Victoria Herbel

What??!!! Uhm the app doesn't even show up on my phone... I can't have cute cats⊙0⊙

Justine Schultz Nightingale

Very cute, what more is there to say? I approve 100% of the little ghost kitty chillin' on my homescreen. Does exactly what it says to a t, and really, who doesn't like silly, stupid, adorable cats?

Adlil Khaliq Ismail

What happen with my cat? Firstly, the cat is cute and adorable. Then here come my question, why does the setting option does not give me anything and one more is does the cat animated or just fix as the picture?

R. Williams

Useless, but I love it Whenever I unlock my phone and see the cat's face I suddenly smile, seems magical! Clean Master keeps telling me to uninstall it, but I can't say no to the cats. It'd only get better if the cats moved when you clicked on them.

Christy Ambriz

So cute I giggle each time I see the cat on my screen. I love that this takes up empty space on my tablet and adds a little bit of humor (for me at least). I love the selection of cats and hope new cats will be added.

Cassandra Ward

Yesssssssssssssss You guys have no idea how much I love cats. I think this is absolutely adorable and I'm so happy!! Sure being able to resize it,would be cool or having the option of,letting them roam around, but I'm so content with these stickers ;-;.you,guys made an app that brings a smile to my face:) thank you!


Sad face! It doesn't show up on my phone either

Nick Pierson

It's cool :3 if you don,t see the app..good it's a widget, go to where you can add a wall paper and right next to it sould say widget, it will be one of the top widet there. Welcome cat people :3

David Lee

I love these A totally worthless widget! And I love it! I guess it's some kind of widget since it takes Y up space on my screen.

Eddie Brace

Fun, has a glitch This was a very fun widget, except that my cats will not show up when I turn my phone on. I have to go into 'widgets' and pretend to re-add my cats widget to make them show up again.

Mumbo Cart

Would be 5 stars if... had one 2 options. One option to randomly select a cat and Two to select how frequently it changes. Also would like more cats... ?

Jillian Grace Elizalde

I'm now a crazy cat lady Went crazy and filled an entire pane of my phone's desktop with these cats. Useless, yes, but Cute and hilarious! 4 stars only because sometimes it crashes.

Stephanie Eileen Gregory

My favorite 'useless' widget I had a whole bunch of holes on my home screen and these cats fill them up nicely. It would be nice if I could assign a function/name to each cat and resize them. A 'random cat' setting would be cool too.

Chechan Lee

Nice but.. I would have given this 5 stars if I could resize it, like a full screen cat widget haha!

Samuel Haas

Cats widget Looks like you only get one cat if you have a low powered tablet. With more updated devices you probably get multiple cats. My tablet is 4.4.2 kitkat

Jessica Huang

So good Useless but charming. Love seeing cats on my screen, and used to fill in empty spaces.

Tonia Parker

Cotton Candy Simple and decorative for the home screen I love the cats!!!! Wish I could find more different ones to use. Sky's the limit as far as I'm concerned,, Great Job

Beth Hughes

Awesome But can I make a suggestion? Can you edit it so if you tap on a cat, it will move? Thanks!

Priscilla Burt

Very nice but But it would be nice if I could make them biger sine im using it on my note 8.0 tablet but super cute I love also make them move lol

Megan Fisher

Doesn't do anything I figured the cats would move.. Be active in some way. Instead its just an image. Okay. That's...nice. Also the button for "settings" doesn't do anything. I haven't decided what to do with this yet. I may keep it in hopes of an update for animations. If not I will be deleting it.

Freya Howcutt

Cute! Loved it. Really cool and useless. I'm under a cat attack on my home screen!

Josette Walsh

I like it and use it often. I'm using a wallpaper with a dirt road and when I place the cat in just the right place, it looks he's sitting on it. I commented before how nice if would be to have more options. Ask and you shall receive. Talk about options...lots and lots, and lots of them. Thank you for adding these. They're fantastic! This app has gone from a mere 27 images, to a whopping 60 image choices. There are some great ones for Halloween too.

Swati Gautam

I mean what? I mean what is your problem, I have downloaded this app but the cats are not coming on my screen I cannot open this app also. Such useless thing you guys have made and how come playstore has allowed these people to put such useless app? I am uninstalling this time waste, I repeat " USELESS"

Jaime Reeves

Brilliant! I love this worthless widget, and you will too (if you are easily amused and like cats like I do)! It's great!?

B Roberts

Makes me smile I put a widget on every page and change them at whim. The widget does nothing but put a cat wherever you want it.... and that's enough. I love it.

Alicia Rivera

WONT OPEN I gave it one star because it wont open- and it tells me I gave it five stars! :(

kül Hârise

I couldnt not change the cats setting.. Its just one only cat i already have... What happen to the widget actually.. Trying to unistall and install it backk.. Wont workk..

Christine Bowden

Just reboot your phone! And you will see kitties. Very cute!

Steve Marsh

Icon sized cat Animate them and this could be awesomely amazing fun.

Nikki Powell

Kinda dumb I thought it was kinda dumb. All they are is basically stickers. I figured they would do something like move around or whatever. Plus the settings button doesnt work...

Yusup Maulana

Maybe the cats could be move? If the cats can be move, this widget really cool in my screen..

Kamy Bassist

My bf always complains when I make my background just one of our cats but it's hard to get a cute picture of the two of them together. Now I can make the background whatever I want and have cute little widgets of our kitties! My only complaint it that you don't have any ALL white kitties so the closest I can get to mine is the cupid one.

Shelley Hody

You mean cat image.... Remember back on windows 98 there was a sheep that ran around your screen? Yeah I want him on my phone. This cat is just an image who doesn't even let you go into settings to choose cats at random at certain times of the day. I mean... It might be there but Idk cause settings won't open. And you can choose different cats but... I'm gonna have to uninstall.

Elizabeth Powell

Too cute How about some other pets like puppies, dogs, and lizards.

Ky Ferguson

Best widget na. Wish there was a black cat with green eyes though.

Edward CJ Wadley-Smith

Exactly what it says on the tin Brilliant, brings a smile to my face everytime I see it.

Sky Kincaid

Got it now! To get the cats, go to the widget section of your phone and search for the cat. Drag the cat to the screen. To change the cat, tap on it. Can put multiple cats on the screen.

Emily Mortlock

Awesome For the silly people who can't find 'the app'. Its a widget dummy. Great one

Heather Dye

What!!!!!!! Noooo It wont show anywhere on my sreen i cant find it im like grumpy cat right now?so sad i cant see cute kittens ?

flare wolfy

It doesn't show up ;; No kitties for me. ;; I have a Samsung galaxy s5, and it will download, but the app doesn't show up ANYWHERE please fix!


Make it better please I can't find on phone so u can't use it and tell me how to find it sorry for 1 star because I don't know where it is :(? ??? Tell me where to find it

Rajkumar Saren

I want to give 5 stars...but I cant. It's just a picture, no animation. And when I tap on ''setting'' ,there comes nothing:-(

Lexie White

Won't even show up When I download it, it doesn't show up anywhere on my phone.

Reka Gotz

NO CHRISTMAS CATS? I appreciate the dedication and time put in to this beautiful widget, but the lack of winter holiday cats appalls me. How could one forget such an important time of the year!?! I think Santa deserves an apology.

Mazzy Raaymakers

Best widget ever 11/10 I love it so much. I pair it with the magic fluids live wallpaper and the black cats and they blend in to the background then you can shoot colors for them to appear it looks super cool I highly recommend it. Although it would be great and probably not difficult if there were an option for it to change to a random cat at certain intervals that would just make me so happy

L Scheufler

Love it! Seriously too cute. So many adorable cats to choose from that I now have widget versions of all four of my cats on my phone. I love it, though it is admittedly a bit pointless. ^_^

Chanel Rainbow

Love it It works perfectly! For people who dont know how to access it u have to hold down on your homescreen on an empty slot then press widgets then scroll down/side to find it then hold it then drag it to an empty space.

Serra Jefferys

.... kitties? ;_; Guys, I love/d your app so much!! Little, interchangeable, adorable kitties on my screen! They made me a little happier if I was down, and I loved shoving the cats in peoples' faces (LOOK AT MY CATS. LOOK AT THEM!). I can no longer say, "I think it's time to change my cat!"

Adriana Gonzalez Diaz

Was a cute idea It doesn't show on my phone I looked for it pretty much everywhere but could not find it. Its too bad it was a cite idea

Lisa Koehrsen

Sooooo cute! I absolutely love these cat widgets! They're big enough to see but they don't get in the way of anything on my tablet. My favorite has got to be the "cat clean"!! Just last week someone noticed my pumpkin cat & spooky cat (cat w/sheet over him like a ghost) and they loved them too! They're all so funny & cute! The spirit of the cat has been captured superbly!!!

Jesse Grajeda

Hmm.. It needs improvements, overall, it's ok, it's cute, but I have a problem, it is really small, at least on my screen, and when I try to enter to the settings, it does nothing. Please keep working hard on it!

Taranjeet Singh

It should be a moving cat Like the cat should do some thing than i will surely give i 5 stars

Yulia Fitri

It will great If you can make it automatucally switched to next icon when we touch it.. Or if it can move..

kristine moren

I'm so happy but..... Try to make a cat indicate an app for example the cat banjo if you click it it will open music like that. Hope it for the update. Just suggesting.

Frances Hinkle

Cat. Widjet I was expecting a full page instead I got.a postage stamp!but its cats & I love them !


Can't change size. I love the art and the ideap but it would be awesome to be able to change the size. People with bigger screens cant enjoy the cats.

Michelle Bentley

Soo cute Love it. Here are just ideas if you interested. Cute fluffy cat? Cat stretching? wild cat? Baby cat ? Cat getting ready to pounce? Cat and teddy?Also maybe a colour choice on each could be a nice? Still love it just the way it is xxx

Laela Russell

BEST WIDGET APP EVER MADE If you want a functional, proofessional, reminder or clock widget app then you have come to the WRONG place. But wait... this app put a smile on my face! I literally just arranged a bunch of cats and dogs on my screen. (I suggest you get the dog one, too) The cats have the cutest faces and they remind me of actual cats. The app is amazing, just don't go looking for a physical app. All you have to do is place the widget, and bam, you have a BUNCH of amazing widget cats. I don't know why it is only 3.8 stars.

Shann On

AAAAH :D I totally love it. Takes up the space I do not use into cute lil's cats. I want to squeeze and hug them. +1 for all the cat illustrations, waiting enthusiastically for more!

Jessica Baker

Fixed icons, websites animated I love the icons, I just want them to move like they do on the website. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The settings option doesn't even work, or pull up options. Please help I love them!!

cin block

Concept great I would have gladly given this app 5 stars, however, I can no longer change which cat is showing on my screen. The only cat that shows up is the one with the dish. Hope this problem can be resolved because I really do love the app.

Cosmic Kitten

Just cats on your screen Does what it says, puts cute kitties on your screen. My only problem is that I'm unable to resize it, so they're all stuck as little 1x1 icons. :(

Ramona Gossard

Confusing app Does anyone know how to select different cats? If I could figure that out it would be worth 5 stars.

Blue Gamer Girl Productions

Loved it but I can't tap the settings button! It's so cute but still, it could have features like cat noises when tapped or mini games like flappy cat or jump and collect kitty stuff. Anyways I really love it's the cutest widget on a screen.

Katy Hill

Can't get it I can see the widget but when I try to put it on my screen, it doesn't stay. Really annoying

Kathy Mildenstein

Just fun to see on screen But useless otherwise. Still going to keep my cats though! ?

Diane S.

It doesn't even show up, it can only be uninstalled, and that's what I'll do soon if I can't use it. A few minutes later.... UNINSTALLED!!! Plz don't get app it's extremely usless waste of space and extremely stupid

Maria Herrera

Does it work for LG G3?? I downloaded the app and I can't find it in my phone.. So weird

Mumbo Cart

Would be 5 stars if... had one 2 options. One option to randomly select a cat and Two to select how frequently it changes. Also would like more cats... ?

Ray K

Huge disappointment. Doesn't do anything.. just a dead cat image on your home screen. Sorry to say but it's useless. I thought we could at least interact with it, feed it, or if it barely moves at all. Shame !

Lisa N

Cute but just stickers I consider widgets giving some funnctionality. I thought ? you could feed or play with the cats. No. These are just stickers, with ads.

Hali Narwhal

FanCATstic Lovely, very lovely. But I'm troubled that there's no Christmassy cats. A little dissapointed but I suppose I'll live.

Ana Grkovic

Works well on s7e Quite a nice selection of adorable cats. The only thing that doesnt work is setting. Literally nothing happens when you touch it.

Inon Peled

Sweet, but Settings doesn't open up. Would be better if cat changed periodically at random. Some images are repetitive.

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