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27 Sep
Cats vs Dragons

Posted by Animoca Collective in Adventure | Sept. 27, 2016 | 71 Comments

Apk file size: 49.0 MB

Sharpen your claws and equip your best gear for a dungeon crawl with cute kittens!

Cats vs Dragons melds classic RPG elements and strategy mechanics in an arcade fantasy game about magic, adorable kitties and evil dragons who want to steal a magic crystal and conquer the world.

Aid the hero Lynx on his quest to rescue the cat princess from the clutches of the Dragon King! Guide him through the dragons' tower, fighting evil creatures throughout 240 floors. Use and develop powerful hero skills and help save the nine missing crystal bearers who will aid Lynx in his quest. Gather and spend Cat Food to summon allies. Pick up precious Cat Coins found throughout the tower and spend them to improve your party's abilities, and prepare for the fight against the evil Dragon King.

- Vivid cartoon-like graphics
- Simple and precise controls
- Defeat evil creatures throughout the tower's 240 floors
- 60 levels of increasing difficulty
- Save the 9 crystal bearers
- Summon the crystal bearers and their friends as allies
- Level up and upgrade your abilities
- Acquire Cat Coins to spend on upgrades
- Upgrade your party and improve your defenses against the enemies
- This app supports English,French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Whats new

    Hasten your progress with the newest Cats vs Dragons update:
    - Added offer system for free coins!

Animoca Collective part of our Adventure and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 27, 2016. Google play rating is 83.1367. Current verison is 1.1.1. Actual size 49.0 MB.

Download cats-vs-dragons.apk 49.0 MB


Josh Lake

Perrfect for me. . . I hate myself Level 40 is hard but here is a quick solution. Its a gamble really. the summon ability and the shield combo when the first wave spawns take down as many as you can and leave a couple alive .spawn the shield units and use the guard skill so they dont die run past them and summon your cats hope for the mages and they will attack the base. The enemy wont spawn more units unless the wave dies. spawn shield units and the priest. Low level shields so they don't do dmg to enemy and priest that heals good.

Suprajah Suresh

Great game Very difficult after stage 40.. dunno how to get through though I have lvl 11 lynx..hard to earn coins.

Victoria Oleson

Fun Fun if you like cats, can be monotonous after awhile though. Fast, no noticable glitches. Its a strategy type game

A Google User

Great and fun game A very simple to pick up and play game that is very fun with a good story.

Byron Marks

Too much grinding The grinding/in app purchases required to complete this game make it difficult to stick too. I've been attempting the same level for ages now as you can't replay levels so your gold income is massively hindered and it's easy to get stuck D: If the game had some sort of scoring system, allowing users to replay previous levels to farm gold instead of just losing the same level over and over I would give it 5/5 easily though. It's a lot of fun and highly addictive, when you're not stuck :P

Enmee Man

Great fun but need some improvements I really enjoyed this game but the difficulty increases greatly after lv40. I found it easy up until that point. It is quite unforgiving in terms of upgrading. I've mainly upgraded lynx as that was all I really needed to use, with good timing. Now, that is no longer the case and I am stuck on one level where no matter what strategy I try, I cannot pass so I need to collect coins to upgrade. As you are unable to play old levels, I can only earn 300coins each time I lose on that level. Slow times ahead...

Mairead Smith

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Tamara Daley

Ridiculously hard after a while This game is fun, buts its pretty much impossible to go any further than halfway because of the sudden difficulty. Also, i cant even go back to earlier levels to earnt more coins...

Marluxia Lumaria

VERY ANGRY & THUMBS DOWN I hate it! Because the higher levels makes me so sick! The enemies are So powerful! Lynx killed a lot's of powerful enemies didn't level up so quickly! I need to pay a real money to get more free cat coins, level up the characters and to buy expensive foods and relics. The powerful felines are too useless to summon them, I cannot level up the team at the same time, it so unfair! I have only maximum of 50 tunacans gauge but the most incredible cat is cost 60 tunacans. I'm stuck in Level 28 and now I'm stuck on Level 39, those creepy bears are so powerful and the female enemy are the healers to restore enemies' HP. I could say I'm very sick in losing. >:(

Hannah Amy

Adorable game As a fan of both cute cats and RPGs and Dragons, this game is perfect. Endearing artwork (the characters are adorable), straightforward gameplay and well planned levels and enemies make for a great game. The only con is minor. Sometimes the menus feel a little clunky and slow, in terms of response time. It doesn't effect in-game though. I'm not massively far in to the game yet, but so far so good!

Dipanshu Talwar

Very nice game Its very simple but still very addictive. Initially it was little confusing to understand the game but once you cross 2-3 stages you will enjoy it allot.

Fred Rollins

Good Defense Game. This game is very well done. If you enjoy defense games this is now top of my list for free defense games apps. With all characters and moves upgradeable and a cute story it's a well rounded game with simple controls.

Joshua Tardieu

nice little game It's very similar to battle cats. It kills time :)

Kristof Mercado

Love it ilove the game... I just hope the screen can be expand a bit so Gamers can see what is happening on the upper part of the screen.

Joshua Rinaman

So much fun. I love cats and dragons, why not both? Didn't work on my old phone phone whatsoever, now it plays great and it's so much fun

David Weider

Good Game I like this game because its Cats vs dragons I like how they came up with the name plus my little brother likes he got me to stage 13 In 30 mins

Marley Rohling

Need to able To go down to other stages instead of staying on the one that your on

ian may

Fun Its easy to play, easy to understand, and not to difficult. Very fun also

Janelle Sollenberger

Love it,but how do I get in? Fun to play,currently impossible for me to open. I even tried reinstalling! Anybody else having the same problem? (Or an idea to help get me in?) Oh,and I think the reason that you can't go back is because that part is most likely like a real quest. You don't go back,you keep going forward.

Lucy Ball

Oh my holy god This game has my two obsessions: cats and dragons. I never though such a game exsists. :0

Lulu Black

Fun little game! Its a cute and sweet game! Only wish is that you could pick sides as cats or dragons

Ong Chew Yan

Nice but abit too challenging Consider making easy medium and hard levels? I like the game but its too challenging for me ):

Dawn Aubin

No matter if your a dragon person or a cat person, you'll love this game. I'm a cat and a dragon person,so I don't know who to cheer for. Lol. :-) However, I do wish there was a stronger female feline in the game. Not just a weak and helpless princess. But that's just my opinion. I still love the game, either way. Peace.

Lily Collins

Brilliant!!! Fun and creative,a great game! A challenge but not impossible. Work your way through more than 20 levels! You can upgrade your cats and plan your strategy, be careful you pick the right one or you'll have to start again!

Ashley B

Love it. Awesome game, but just one thing: the game slows down at the victory screen. Other than that, perfect!

I Haz SepticEye DjPon3 KPopp

MEOW!!!! Meow I love this game so much and why can't I be a queen and have the prince get capured instead of a king and the princess get capured?!

Shantayzah Wilson

Its fun Maybe they could add mini prizes so you could get money to buy cats and power ups

Josette Walsh

Fun, but too hard I never play these haves very long when you can't replay earlier levels. I suppose I'd you are a really good player, you can advance easily enough, but I'm only an average player. I like to replay earlier levels to earn enough money to level up my characters, so they are strong enough to beat the later levels. I made it through level 6, barely. But when I lost level 7, I gave up and uninstalled the game. The only thing you really need to do to improve this game, is permit replays of earlier levels.

Donavan Kelly

Great Here's a tip for everyone when Lynx dies and u use a moon stone if u use the 2nd skill ur about to use (the one that has a shield before the moon stone's protection runs out then you won't get defeated

Gabriel Garcia

Great game Dudes it so addiction to me want play every day

S Styles

Cats what more can I say Awesome games, only up to level 5 but I like it

William Cain

Its pretty entertaining I enjoy the idea. Its a nice game to play while just sitting around.

Johnathan Nichols

No replaying levels is dumb Is there a max level for units? You really need to give the player more info on things ...BTW anyone having trouble with this game use the only true method to playing these types of games and that is to super level the most basic unit and spam it instant win every time

Pratik Patel

Superb game :D U can complete full game without in app purchase.

Woofstep Mutt

Fun little game to play With the exception of having to install some apps to get more coins, the game is well paced, has a cute style, and I haven't encountered any bugs.

rouge yasha

How to put it You are looking for silver and just found gold its great game and i expect a sequel. But i wish stages could be played back to make characters stromger

Rommel Faraon

Ugh whyyyyyyyyyy????????? Why cats vs dragons i love both cats and dragons thats why 1star maybe do cats and dragons vs dogs

Bobby Steve Kunka

It's a good game but I don't how u can't see all the platforms.

A Google User

Great and fun game A very simple to pick up and play game that is very fun with a good story.

phillip norman

Would like to play At the moment it is downloaded to my phone but the moment I clivk the app it opens up screen goes black then it just boots itself off don't know why. But I would like to play if there is a fix coming soon?

Christopher Elkins

I wish I could rate it 0 star because I click on the icon it starts to load but then it just crashes if you fix it I will rate it 5 star but till then it will be as low as it can go

treyn rek

Grr This looks cool but it's not running on my phone. Galaxy s4... What's up with that? Everyone I open it, it crashes

Scottie Laney

Doesn't work... Every time I start the app it just shows a black screen for 5 seconds then goes back to home screen...please fix...

lorraine bradford

BEST GAME You unlock so much people if you beat every level in when you were doing level is just like so fun and awesome so you should get it is the best game ever

did anyone see the guy in the corner Marvelle


Shelia Murphy

Cats vs dragons It is a very cool game I love it u should download it go cats

marcus hochegger

It is so cool You get to kill dragen things and you are killing them wall being a cat.

Fernando Shimizu

Doesn't even start... ...on my Nexus 5, too bad, was really looking forward to play this game.

The Shark Cat Bros

Crashes at beginning! The first time I open the app it crashes so then I think "OK I'll try it again" but it crashes again, and again and again and again and so on! Fix this and then I'll rate 5 stars but for now I'm uninstalling it and keeping my rating at 1 star that hated it!

Nikki E

Now that it's fixed... So far it's fantastic! I'm glad I waited and redownloaded after the fix. It was worth it! And as promised I have fixed my star rating to reflect that!

lucky cat150

:3 caits Awesome u should make cats vs dragons 2 where the princess has to save her husband from the same dragon and his minions but with more power ups and minions plz I beg u

Shelia Murphy

Cats vs dragons It is a very cool game I love it u should download it go cats best game ever

napstablook 11

Cats vs dragons It opened best game ever yaaaay

Meagan Treadway

I enjoy this game but The cost for some of the items with cat coins is way too much for how much is actually given. Which it makes it quite difficult from almost the start. A challenge is fun but I can't even level up anything and I'm not about to download random apps and what not for free cat coins. Overall this game is really adorable with their voices and they're just so adorable.

Ronin Ruiz

Doesn't load The game doesn't boot properly on my galaxy note 3. It simply opens and flashes my touch key lights three times and closes itself. I have more than enough ram and internal storage to run this game. I would probably like this game were it to work properly.


SHUTS DOWN I tried open it 3 times after the download finished. And all that happened was that a black screen came up then vanishing and bringed me back to my home screen. I'm sorry but I will delete this game. Hope you get it working in the future and I might be back.

Laurel Long

I love it I really love the game and it is very fun to play through all of the challenges, but I came back to it after not playing for a while and it would not open. It just cancelled. Is anyone else having this problem?

Nick Jimenez

Liked it but.... I still wish someone made a app thats like pokemon, instead it's dragon. I love games like that! No wonder I love pokemon.... This was the thing that caught my eye when I was looking for that dream game....

Kaitlynn Klassen

Doesn't Open Galaxy S5 5.0 - screen goes black, phone buttons flash 3 times, and it crashes to homescreen. Looks interesting, though...

Aaron Bgood

? sad Did not work even no I love this game I've played it I'm trying to redownload it everytime I try it goes back home I'm sad but I really like this game but I just can't play it it's sad sad not happy face it's adorable it's cute it's challenging it's fun all I want is to play but it didn't let me it just goes back home I wish I wouldn't work and lied about fixing the bug please actually fix it I beg you I love this game and I've played it it just didn't work I've been downloaded it I downloaded it bye guys

Rena Rouge

Won't open on Moto X 2014 It's a pity. I really wanted to play it.

Steven Nichpor

Pathetically boring. Absolutely adorable, but mind numbingly boring. Might entertain a kid, but not for anyone over 10.

Kaylee Jurczewsky

Could have been five I've done four different things for the free coins and have received none. I should have like 20,000+ coins. What's the problem here?

Alyssa Bosconovitch

Mew~? I love this game! At first i thought it was a piece of cake but as i go on each level, it wasnt. Haha. The cats were so adorable that i get annoyed whenever they got beaten.

Antonio Mitchell

Best game An average to is like fun with the same thing is true that happened more of a Zimmerman said that I am going out tonight but I'm not sure yet if you don't need anything else to say that you don't have to say.

Elesia Garcia

Love it. My only problem is I had a hard time figuring out how to actually play, needs a bit more of a tutorial. I love that its cats! Fun game!

Leo Alcantara first! It lags while the game is on. And after a while it freezes in the middle of a game. Fix it plz

Pseudo Nym

Great game. I can really only applaud this one so far, the controls are easy to change if you want to lie down, it has auto attacks without making you feel like your not in on the action, and summoning units us your classic "hold them off" scenario. Give it a shot.

Celeste Jackson

It's a really fun game! I really like this game and I've been playing it for a while but I wish that you could replay the levels because the boss fights are my favorite!


I love cats This is just fun I don't know what to say.

Scott Conger

Goes to Amazon AppStore Goes to Amazon AppStore for rating, not Google Play.

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