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5 Sep

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Apk file size: 1.9 MB

The CATA app is the best way to plan your day around Penn State, State College, and the surrounding area. No more freezing outside or watching the bus pull away as you run after it!

See where buses are in real-time, get scheduled and estimated departure times by stop, and provide feedback on CATA's bus service.

Also check out detailed information for each bus, including a real-time count of the number of riders onboard.

Whats new

    Rebuilt from the ground up to provide a sleeker, better looking, and faster experience.
    In addition to viewing bus locations and departure times by stop, you can now see a real-time count of the number of riders on each bus. Also, the "favorites" feature has been re-worked to automatically generated a list of your recently viewed routes.

APPEK part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 5, 2014. Google play rating is 47.3276. Current verison is 3.1.2. Actual size 1.9 MB.

Download cata.apk 1.9 MB


Michael Dupre

Crashes constantly Unfortunately worst app I've downloaded. Crashes multiple times DAILY! Which is really inconvenient for a bus schedule if you can't see it. It's slow, inaccurate, and extremely frustrating. Would be very helpful if it worked properly, but it doesn't so...

Jeffery Wilson

useful but... While i love theoretically being able to track where a bus is in real time, sometimes busses fail to appear on the map for a few minutes making you think theres only one bus on a route when there are actually 2. Thus it'd be great if i could tap my bus stop's icon and get the times that are listed for that stop. That would really help mitigate frustration, increase utility and it cant be that hard to implement...

Andrew Van Doren

Wasted space. This app crashes EVERY time I use it. This app is entirely useless and is just taking up space on my phone. Until this is fixed, it's getting uninstalled.

Nyssanbay Zhakashev

Constantly crushing If it is previously left open, then if you try to open it shows "unfortunately, cata has stopped". It will not stop until you force stop it. Please, solve this problem.

Jennifer Wexler

Much better with the last update but it's inconvenient to figure out which direction the buses go (is. Green and red link). Please find a way to make the direction of the bus more clear.

Andrew Rawcliffe

Crashes Every time I use this app it has to crash, then be closed out and restarted before it works. Please fix.

Kenneth Aycock

Crashes VERY frequently I use the app everyday. When it works, it is helpful. Unfortunately, it crashes about 50% of the time. Try CATA+

Brandon Purnell

Android version works much better than iOS version, but I guess it sucks to suck

Avery Everett

Fix the bug!!! Even when I try to check when the blue loop is running(on the app and the website), it tells me there isn't a single bus running. LIES!!! I'm a college student, I don't have time for this...

Reuben Wu

Fix andriod, thanks. Tried on ios, works smooth as hell, now back to my andriod phone, stops working EACH time I open the app and sometimes even twice.

Adriana Lacy

Loves to crash. CATA + app is a lot better

Tariq Elsaid

Not even slightly accurate On android this thing is terrible. You would think that if you pay 20,000 a year to this place they would provide you with an app that's functionally parallel to their bus services. Quite the opposite though


Fix it! Crashes every time I use it.

Renee Iannelli

Please fix I cant figure out how to view complete route schedules! Please make that possible/easier to do! App has improved a lot since last year though. I LOVE the new feature (which I always hoped would be made!) that shows the SDT and the EDT for each stop!!! Thanks CATA

Angela Garcia Vargas

Crashes every. Single. Time. Seriously. It's great when it works but i have to open it 5 times, wait for it to crash and restart... FIX IT

Simone Smith

Crashes every time I try to open it

Lihang Lin

The application crashes every time I open it

Michael Melnyk

Breaks more often than it works

Clara Capparelli

It stops too often

Tierra Rippy

This app sucks

Clauden Zanolli

Keeps crashing

Jesse McTernan

Works, but can be annoying Works most of the time, but crashes enough to consider it a "feature". Gives real time bus locations, that's cool. Hard to click on specific stops (all crowded together). Slow loading/navigation. I still use it.

David Caudle

Does what it claims Accurate bus locations and extremely helpful during construction season because the buses get way off their posted schedules.

Mark Blonski

Much better performance Additional data feed has made this a much better app than previous versions. Very comparable to other apps offered. Keep it going.

Kimberly Shockley

Still a pretty bad app It only really works half the time. It's irritating when you're tired and want to go home ams it tells you no busses are running at 10pm. Especially when the bus runs to 12:30.

Evan Wagner

The 3.0 update ruined the app. I used this app often with no problems until they released the 3.0 update. Now it won't work on any of my devices. Nexus 5, 7, HTC Inspire. Crashes on start up every time.

Andrew Sail

Nice Layout - Functions Poorly I often have to restart the app because when I click on a particular route I would like to view, nothing happens.

Justin Wood

Wow, you finally did it! I'm glad I kept this installed. It went from a literally unusable crashy ugly mess to a very fast, accurate, and good looking app. Kudos!

Tyler Frederick

Great idea, needs some work The app opens, but selecting any of the routes simply shows a blank screen. Galaxy S5 running 4.4.2. Have not tested on any other devices yet.

Adam W

This is an app that I love and couldn't live without That being said there are many flaws, random shut downs, inaccurate bus locations etc that the app would be better without

mario vega

Eh Worked great before the update now it just does not load any of the routes

Jamie Ringley

Extremely poor app All it does is crash and freeze my phone,.. I haven't had problems with this app until this fall. Something needs fixed.

Ray McDivitt

Very erratic app Sometimes updates are improvements, other times they completely ruin the app. No favorites list for bus routes, can't overlay multiple bus routes, crashes constantly, often times there are "No Buses" when there clearly are. I only remember one version working consistently within the four years I've been here - and I think that was the end of sophomore year!

David Brinker

CATA App Useful when it works, but crashes frequently. This seems to be a problem shared by lots of users.

Azad Abdullahi

Works great most of the time Does a good job of tracking the buses most of the time but has occasionally proven to be inaccurate

Kevin Caputo

Unstable How many app developers will CATA need to hire before it gets a working app?

A Google User

One of the worst apps I've ever used. It won't even open anymore without crashing. They should just go back to the previous version bc this is crap.

Bailey Groves

Works 20% of the time If you want an app that works 1/5 of the time, then this is the app for you!

A Google User

Garbage App just closes as soon as it opens ever since the update

A Google User

useless can't load a bus Page!

Mickey Bell

Crashed immediately every time It wouldn't even open.

Joe LeCouvre

Useful when it was working The app doesn't appear to be working currently on Android, though my roommate's iPhone version is working just fine. When it is actually working, the app can be pretty useful for quickly getting approximate bus stop times and routes. However, the actual bus locations tend to be off by several minutes from what I've noticed. Hopefully the crashing issues will be resolved soon.

Tahzib Safwat

This app no longer works As of this week (12/7/15), this app has stopped working (due to a bad update, I suppose). Moto X

rebecca facenda

Pointless Installed it... And every single time I tried to use it, it crashed. Literally didn't even open once. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same problem. I installing for good. This used to be a really good app but it's useless now.

Leigh Beers

Disappointing The app is useful when it wants to be. But it crashes constantly and is more annoying than useful.

Mia Rose

Useful 10% of the Time This horrendous app either crashes or does not open at all whenever I really need it. And there have been several occasions where I was at a bus stop and the bus that the app said was coming in a minute never showed up but the app said it did. Terrible

Trevor Jerome

Bugs make it unuseable Sometimes it would mix up the pictures of the bus routes. Not a huge deal. But sometimes the app would not open the routes, especially if you went from a WIFI connection to mobile data or vice versa. It used to be okay if you close the app and/or restart the device, but I haven't gotten it to even open the app without crashing for the past week, even after a re-install.

Sarah Sickert

Won't work. Every time I open the app, it crashes immediately. I can't use it to see where the buses are, which makes it extremely inconvenient for me when I want to use the bus.

Edward Hayes

Horribly buggy Wouldn't be a bad app if it actually worked. Download cata+, it's far more reliable.

Camila Paz Gutiérrez

DOESNT WORK ON MOTO X The app does not launch since the last update. PLEASE FIX!

Renee Richey

App won't even open anymore Worked fine until a few weeks ago and the app won't even open at all anymore

Michael Price

Does not work As of Jan 11th, 2016, this app does not work on my android phone and has not worked for at least the last month.

Lazar Buntic

Does not work, all I get is the cata has stopped working message on startup

Luke Schwab

Very poor app This app crashes before you even open it. Needs some serious work

Christopher Tufano

Won't work This app has not worked on my android in months.

Zackory Jennings

Crash Over the 2 years I've gone to Penn State, I think I've been able to use this app once. It just crashes instantly when I try to open it. I feel as though it's never going to get fixed.

Roman Gorelov

Error messages If you like spending time seeing error messages this app is for you.

Kris Klimczak

Crashes on startup This app used to work pretty great on Android. Now it always crashes. Very disappointing

Juliana Rueda

Android It used to worl but ot stopped working since last update on my phone. I have an android operating system. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

Donavon Partsch

This app is broken and no longer works. Cata has taken no initiative to fix this either

Sam M

Not for androids Constantly crashing. Hopefully it will be fixed soon

Laura Lin

Please fix the problem For students like me I really need the app to know how later the bus comes and whatnot. This app keeps crashing. I can't even open it now. So please fix the problem!!

Paul Westphal

Old, buggy app Not compatible with Marshmallow and has not been updated in over a year and a half

Fatimah Alfadel

I tried it for 7 times and it doesn't work. It crashes every time I try to use it

Paul Klufas

Useless App used to work and only crashed when switching between wifi and mobile data, but now it crashes every time it starts and offers no insight as to why.

Lulu rag

Crashes Don't bother downloading if you plan to actually use this app. The only way to prevent crashing is to completely exit the app every single time you use it to check where your bus is.

Stuart Clements

Stops working This app can't stay open long enough to tell you where the bus is going.

Corey Longenecker

It wouldn't open, so I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, restarted my phone and it still won't work. Fix it.

Jordan Person

Galaxy Note 4 The app closes immediately after trying to open it.


Doesn't work This app has been down on the android version for the past 5 weeks or so and it doesn't seem like cata has made any effort to fix it. Half the time the app would just close unexpectedly anyway with an error saying "unfortunately, cata has stopped". At least the transportation services drivers aren't as bad as their technical service.

Maria Magnes

Useful when it works - which is pretty rarely. Once it starts crashing it never allows me to open it again unless I uninstall & reinstall which doesn't last for long.

Samantha Sernekos

Used to work The app doesn't work for Android at all anymore. Crashing upon opening. Not worth it.

Michael Potter

I would not ride CATA if it wasn't the only option in town strictly because of this app. Doesn't work more often than it does. "Stops working" at least once every time I attempt to use it. Would rate it a 0 if I could.

Andrew Repisky

Doesn't Work Crashes constantly, takes multiple attempts to see a single bus route

Asher Jones

For the last week it has been crashing every single time I open it (android). This app is great when it actually works though. Please fix it!

Annie Skold

Crashes I would love to use this if it didn't crash all the time. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling and nothing has worked. It doesn't even open before crashing. Please fix

Alexander Loris

App crashes constantly. That's no app, that's a waste of memory on my phone.

Tharun M

Badly needs a revamp Design needs more directions for user navigation, app crashes 7/10 times. Bus route changeover is not specified. 2 starts for making life less miserable

Ishban Aziz

Crashed on my galaxy s4 The app doesn't even open, crashes instantly

Mackinley Jensen

Bugs man People have already complained about the crashing. Can you fix it please?

Misty Petty

Download CATA+ With how often it crashes, this app is a complete waste of time.

Nate Danger

Crashes constantly The only thing worse than CATA's bus service is their app which wont even open properly

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