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18 Nov
Cat Thing

Posted by DMoore in Entertainment | Nov. 18, 2015 | 62 Comments

Apk file size: 1.2 MB

Cat Thing allows you to hear my interpretation of what a cat sounds like at the press of a button, it's just that easy! Press it as many times as you like and enjoy a soothing cat noise. Simply press the "Press Me!" button.


Whats new

    Cat Thing 1.2 features:
    - Much smaller app/download size.
    - All permissions removed.
    - Refined and faster audio response.

DMoore part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 18, 2015. Google play rating is 90.0922. Current verison is 1.2. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download cat-thing.apk 1.2 MB

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Nathan Wright

By far the best cat thing in the Play Store! Well, I'll admit, this is not my most used app, but when I need a cat thing, there is no other app would trust! Seriously folks, whoever said they can't build a better mouse trap should have been talking about this cat thing. Kids in fifty years will look back and say "grandpa, did you have cat thing when you were little?" and you'll say: "well yes, Little Johnny, yes I did."

A Google User

Love it! An example of how every useful app should be! It's meaningful usage helps me carry on throughout my day when I am sad and lonely! BEST APP EVER! WORTH EVERY NON-EXISTANT $!

Chanda Nand

Seriously, someone give the creator of this app a reward! I was going through a bunch of different apps but this one caught my eye. This app is so amazing, I'm so glad I downloaded it! The graphics are outstanding and clear. Plus, the app doesn't lag! Not only are the graphics fun, but the sound is too. The artistic level in this is just beautiful. This app will change your life. To the few people that complain about this app, they just aren't using it right. This app is literally and truly the best app that I have ever downloaded. I highly recommend this!

A Google User

Very Cool I've been using this app nonstop since I first downloaded it and I must say, it truly is brilliant. The vivid colors and outstanding graphics left me speechless. Also, the sound quality is truly phenomenal. I didn't even know my phone could produce such clear sound. To top it all off, the device performance settings have my battery lasting twice as long as usual and my internet browser is running so much faster. Thank you so much for creating this absolutely amazing app. You are a true genius.


Best app ever I jist putchased my new samsung phone. After Facebook and Messenger, this was the third app i installed and i am sure, i will not need any more apps than that to make a smartphone complete.

Brionna Smith

Retarded It's just a person saying meow what the check this game is dumb I thought it would awesome with all the comments but no its dumb

Lazye Kitten

Simply Marvellous Facebook. Snapchat. Twitter. These apps will peril in the darkness of the shadow cast upon them by Cat Thing. Will be seen as the gold standard for sophistication yet usability for years to come

A Google User

Stunning Rarely have I seen an app that manages to be quite so simple and easy to use, and also fun enough to fill a good many hours. I almost feel guilty getting an app like this for free!

Jesse Collari

Amazing Cat Thing is everything I could have asked for, and so much more. An indispensable and highly recommended part of my Android experience!

A Google User

Amazing! This single app is so amazing it will leave you speechless and wondering how you could ever use use your phone without it. It will change the way you look at life!

A Google User

This app changed my life I had erectile dysfunction issues and now I don't.

A Google User

Brilliant. This application exceeds expectations in every way. There are times when life just doesn't quite go right. Using Cat Thing puts it right back on track. But one does not need to only use Cat Thing when down. Sometimes my day is just going great and using Cat Thing puts it into an incomprehensibly fantastic place.

Beth Merrell

Dumb, dumb, dumb,!!! I just wasted 45 seconds of my life downloading this!!! Uninstall!

Angelique Roberts

I have to admit it is pretty funny , but all it says is “ meow ” on the other had don't all cats do.

A Google User

I was astounded The quality of the audio blew me away, the most expensive sound system in the world wouldn't do it justice. Graphics are simply beautiful!

A Google User

Just stunning Possibly the best App I've ever happened upon. <3 <3 <3

A Google User

Brilliant. This masterpiece will open your eyes to possibilities you never knew existed. I have never been so deeply enlightened. I have finally been inspired to change my life for the better.

A Google User

Amazing One of the best cat related apps on the market, hours and hours of fun

A Google User

Speechless This app saved my life, I was standing on the railway tracks and just before the train hit Cat Thing flew down and swept me out of the way. Amazing.

John Drennan

Great App I've read all the reviews and seen how much this app is changing people's lives. I don't know how I could even put in words how much it has helped me. I've accomplished so much since I started using this, now I'm in the greatest shape I've ever been, this app has done wonders. It has helped me accomplish everything I've ever wanted, beautiful wife, beautiful kids, not to mention my new house, all thanks to CatThing. Thank you for changing my life :)

Sebastian De Marco

A non-sarcastic review All jokes aside, this is the BEST app I have ever hade the extreme pleasure of downloading. It has never crashed and barely uses any battery. The UI is easy to understand and the app opens almost instantly. Even Angry Birds doesn't hold a candle to this holy grail of Android software.

A Google User

Oh wow. Move over, Talking Tom! This is brilliant!

Paris Harris

??? What am I supposed to do? I clicked the button 'Click me', it turned red, and then nothing happened... Is th is a bug or glitch? Pls fix if it is

Melléknév Számnév

Perfect app I hope one day I will code an app like this

A Google User

Brilliant If you are scared of mice, I recommend this app. The soothing tones resonate with my rodent phobias and have made me a better person who gets kept in the garage

Derek Mills

Life changing advice from a cat. I figured it was this, but still had to try it. Very true to life voice. No others can compare.

A Google User

A life changer Awesome graphics, highly addictive gameplay, I just cannot leave this amazing app alone! The only downside is I no longer have a social life because I spend all day gawping at my phone in disbelief at the wonderment that is cat thing.

A Google User

Brilliant! Easy to use. Smooth and fast performance.

A Google User

The way he say meow makes me say wow. You are a genius.

Pippo Dicdican

Very Simple Now I realize that I am not the only stupid person in this planet.

A Google User

Increased my ram Took the holo interface to the next level

A Google User

Meewow No phone is complete without this app. I'd gladly pay for it. Meewow

Orlando Cruz

Cured my hatred of all life Now the world is beautiful once again!


It does NOT deserve one star You click on it then a human voice says "Meaw"!!! Yes that's it. Those rating this more than one star are joking for sure!

A Google User

See the pattern? To all those 5-star ratings. This app is literally nothing more than the posted screen shot, where upon pressing the "Press Me!" button you will hear a dude saying "meew". What is this I don't even

A Google User

Simply Brilliant I have no way of explaining how great this app is.

A Google User

Spectacular I have no words

Cassie Catenacci

Complete bullshit do not download do not waste the 4 seconds of your life like I just did save yoself.

A Google User

iOS Will you please port this to iOS?

Sarah Hoekstra

It's cool Ok that was cool or scared the crap out of me the first time . But kind of boring all it dose is meow.

bunny party

Made my day Meow mew XD

Mark Hildahl

Simple, yet quintessentially complex. Truly a profound experience. I used to view life as a wasteland, desolate and bleak. Myself, a wanderer in this vast metaphoric environment, the social hills are barren and beige. Sparse vegetation offered nothing more than temporary, minimal stimulus. Clarity escaped my conscious mind as I slipped farther into the cold, scripted tides of life, consoled only by the concrete moon, as I withered from within. One day, set before me, an oasis, lush and thriving with beauty. "It must be a mirage?", no, it is CatThing. My purpose for living.

Levente Balázsi

? Simple and funny, but personally I liked the previous look.

April Xéres

A modern masterpiece I use this beautiful piece of art and composition to inspire me daily. I do say it's the cat's balls

Daniel Borsos

Thank you, fellow developer! A few days ago I wrote it didn't run Lollipop. Now it does! My friends don't pick on me no more, my life is much better now! Seriously, thank you!!

Tamás Demeter

Works! Does not work on Nexus 5 :( ---Edit: after update it works fine, brings all expected features and 4.2% better life to the user. Thanks Dave!

Kornél Várkonyi

Fantastic app to help you on hard days. Thank you dear dev, now works on ART too.

stephen marsland

Update works perfectly! Sorted, back to it's best.

Sheldon Eason

Stupendous Words can't do this app justice. I won't say much, as others who have rated it have already said it all, but this app is a must have.

Dénes Urbán

Awesome, but.... LG G3 Beat. Please update to Android 5.x Lollipop!

Clarissa Navarro

REMARKABLE! Never have I ever used an app as great as this before. A must-have for every device. 5 stars for the perfect experience! Good job, creator. Keep it up!

Boti Kovač

I need this shit. I start to be addicted to the miau sound whaah??

Mark Hildahl

Simple, yet quintessentially complex. Truly a profound experience. I used to view life as a wasteland, desolate and bleak. Myself, a wanderer in this vast metaphoric environment, the social hills are barren and beige. Sparse vegetation offered nothing more than temporary, minimal stimulus. Clarity escapes conscious mind as I slipped farther into the brisk, and unsettling tides of life. But cursed, withering away to a tasteless, dry death... One day, set before me, an oasis, lush and thriving with beauty. "It must be a mirage?", no, it is CatThing. My purpose for living.

Tolnai s.

Best app ever! Really addictive. Beautiful graphic, good story and amazing game play. I cannot put down my phone even my family left me because my addiction to this game , but who's care?! It worth it.

Levente Balázsi

? Simple and funny, but I liked the previous look more.

Azeloph Zephyrine Xel

This changed my life This app is so amazing, it literally changed my life, it gave me something to live for! Because of this app I now have my confidence back!

Csaba Hegedus

Incredible ...and i can only say one more thing: Justvidman

John Drennan

Best cat app ever!! Most realistic cat sounds ever. I would almost believe it's real, I don't usually rate apps but this one was so good I had to. Thank you developers. The amazing graphics are a big plus as well. !!!

Bøti Køvač

I need this shit. I start to be addicted to the miau sound whaah??

Aron Karolyi

Great app Hands down the best app on the market.

Jake Swett

Crashes on Nexus 5 ...and I need more cat meows in my life. Meow :3

A Google User

Amazing This game took me about 8 hours to complete and is quite simply fantastic.

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