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25 Mar
Cat Sounds

Posted by Eduard Ereza in Music & Audio | March 25, 2013 | 64 Comments

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Cat Sounds contains 45 different sounds of cats, so you can listen to them at any time, without a data connection!

Want to play with your cat or confuse him? Or maybe you just want to hear some cat sounds? Whatever the reason you have, you will get a nice collection of cat sounds: meowing, hissing, growling, purring, angry cats, little kittens, etc.

Apart from playing them, you can also do the following:
* Define a set of sounds as favorites, so you can access them quickly.
* Define them as notification, phone, alarm or contact ringtones.
* Send them through WhatsApp, e-mail or MMS.
* Add sounds as widgets on the desktop.
* Play random sounds.
* Use the Prank Mode to play with your cat (or maybe your dog, who knows!). The sound will play when you (or your cat) move your phone.

WARNING! Widgets will only work if the application is installed on the internal memory! If you install it on the SD card, you will not be able to add any widget, and the existing ones may show errors or disappear (it's not our fault, Android works this way).

Permissions explanation:
* Modify SD/USB storage contents: to be able to copy it to the SD card or USB storage and write temporary files when sharing sounds
* Total Internet access and view network state: AdMob ads, anonymous statistics and access to the "Most popular" list
* Read and write contacts data: to be able to set ringtones for specific contacts (we don't do anything more with your contacts!)
* Modify system settings: to be able to set ringtones

Versions note:
* Users with Android 2.2 or newer have access to the latest version.
* Users with Android 2.1 or below have access to version (24/08/2012), newer versions are not compatible.

Whats new

    -Fix for tabs not being clickable on Android <4.0
    -Reduced app size by 300KB.
    -In tablet devices, tabs are now correctly displayed on portrait orientation
    -Modified list refreshing, it had issues on some phones.
    -Prank mode now hides the software buttons and closes with just one move.
    -Fixes for several other reported crashes

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Art Poet

Funny... why am I laughing Thought my cat wouldn't fall for this but he went to the window looking for the source lol then he eventually looked over at me and my phone.. he's just too smart.

Andrea Moisa

Cat Sounds This is an awesome app. It's really fun. My dog hates cats and whenever I play one, she barks at me. Thank you, love this app!!

Sarah P.

Very life like Very real sounds of cats. My cat Luna loved the sounds of the different purring sounds. Then I played Angry Cat Sounds and our cat got up and went in the other room sure there were other cats in this apartment! ,when she's the only cat that lives here. Spooky for Luna. I played the purring to comfort her after she came back in the room. Our cat is doing good right now. Samsung Galaxy S III

Sherry Young

Love this My cat doesn't love it but when I play the sounds she sure does come running (shes a jealous lil one). Has options to save as fav or play continuously when you keep finger pressed on that sound. What a great & fun app. Thank you so much to the creators! Great work ♡

Efrain Chavez

Lolollololololololo Love it. My cat got f**king scrared lol and I trolled my best friend lol thanks so much that they created this app lolololololol hahaha take that cat and my best friend haha thanks cat sounds creators. Ohhh my cat got so so so so freaked out. haha

Crissy Simic

DO NOT PLAY TO YOUR CAT! My desexed male is now spraying all over the house. He loves these sounds but now he wees everywhere :-(

Mike Young

Great app The ppl saying the cats are being abused are being stupid. Obviously they've never heard two cats fight or introduced a kitten into a household with an elderly jealous cat. Cats are territorial...they hiss and growl at new cats all the time. Automatically jumping to the conclusion that it's abuse shows you may have some serious psychological issues. Think before you accuse ppl of serious things like abuse.

Westrella Chroma

You are in for a treat if you want angry cat noises because they feature very heavily. The quality of the clips is not too bad. The layout is very simple. There is a big ad bar at the bottom. I think I would have liked more equal distribution of noises, but it seems that there are two main noises - cats fighting and kittens calling - both of which have several clips that aren't very different from each other. Stars for the basic layout, lack of annoying features or graphics, the fair sound quality and the extra features you can use the sounds for. Lack of stars for the grab factor.

Christopher Carlton

Excellent Wonderful App, my cat loves it especially the kittens. Playing the kittens is the only way I can get her to come in off the balcony

Jeremy Nix

Not being abused Nice app, the people saying the cats are being abused are dumb, my cat makes the angry sound when i try and put medicine on her.

Linette Taylor

Love the kitten and purrs I'm not sure about the angry cat noises, and some of the sounds are way too close to being the same. But....I have to Thank you for the purrs. In one .of them I can hear my sweet, late Ickis' voice again. Bless you for that.

Keith Fields

Loved it my dog fell for it which I thought it wouldn't work but it did and I used the mad cat sound on my dog forv bitting me

Jimmie B

Got mean mad cat from hiding 5 stars for this app I because ina minute or two he emerged without a struggle instead.


Great Fun My cats love it. They come running whenever I use it. The widget feature is great too.

yessire! Ross

I love this app This app makes my cat go cracy wen I put the purring my cat comes to me and she tells me to brush her my cat nane is luna she is so funny

Larry Zavala

I love it!!!!!! My cat Fur ball did tricks for me each time I played a Sound, he then went over to the window looking for the source

Ariel Simpson

I wouldnt bother downloading this app It was fun to see how my cat reacted but I honestly think the app is kind of stupid


Horrific! Sounds like someone is beating the cats or torturing them. Chinese people eat cats so this is probably how they got these recordings. I hated it.

william strickland

I love cat sounds but I can't find the cat and how do I get it out of my phone.

Sarah Alcock

Drives My Cats BONKERS!! I wish they didn't have as many aggressive cat noises, but I like to play the kitten noises. My female cat, who had two litters many years ago, goes nuts when she hears the "mews" and even meows along with them. My other cat, a male, is almost as intrigued. They both come running when I start fiddling with the app. It's definitely good for some laughs.

Bruce Potts

App was only made to annoy Almost all the cat sounds on this app are of angry or frightened cats. If you're looking to annoy a person this might do the trick. My two cats perked their ears up then ignored it. The dog responded much more to another cat soundboard that had lots of meowing cats. Not a good all around mix of sounds. The developer should rename the app.

Janice Ramos

Awesome! I miss my cat being with me so thats why i downloaded tnis

Gnadtop sunggyu

Great n funny All my cat running away when I play all..hahhha.. funny

Chelsea Slagter

Great sounds My cat refuses to humor me at the moment, most likely because I haven't filled her food bowl since last night, (morning, just woke up.) But the sounds are excellent, most cats will fall for it.

Robin Willhide

Hilarious My cats go nuts when I played some of these!!!

Arshad Tablet

Helpful. When my cat gets lost, I always use this app. Because whenever my cat hears this, he starts meowing in return!


cool freaks out my dog so fun

Seán Godfrey

Permissions? Invasions. Why do you need access to my contacts, calendar, and stored media to play cat sounds?

Howie Strait

Lol My cat just ploped on her side and ignored the noise.....and when I played the catds fighting


Aw My 2 kittens were sleeping on my lap as I was trying this out, and I accidentally hit one of the buttons, I woke them them up, and they went crazy, I did manage to calm them down

Ericka England

Rich in outselling Sick I'll Robby Pynchon tenuous include kitty trench much inch

Lisa Wojcik

No sound Doesn't work on Samsung

Wiyah Aziz

Love it. My cats always try to find where the sound is from and try to look everywhere. Hahah, its fun ??

Filzah Azizul

Brilliant! This app is amazing. I just adopted new kittens into my home and they were pretty scared and stressed out with the new surroundings but the moment I played one of the kitten sounds, they immediately came out of hiding and started eating. ?

Quency Zyra Casado

"Meow" I tottaly love the sounds,and cats too...

Eric Draven

Funny My cats looked worried and curious was hilarious lmfao

Amanda Clegg

Better of the 2 I downloaded My cat was interested in most of the sounds recorded. I like that they were long enough to catch his attention with a well recorded quality. 15 angry cats is a bit much, so more variety (like more purr-mows) would make it 5 stars.

Janice Kraubner

Some of the sounds are just gross. I had to 'favourite' the ones I liked to avoid hitting the awful sounding ones by accident.

Sharon Bakar

Realistic The sounds are very realistic and intrigued my cats. But I would have liked more happy cat greeting sounds - too many of the sounds are scary for cats. One was so upset that she couldn't find the kittens that she nipped my foot - twice!

Alex Moore

Terrible App All the stupid calls are either angry hissing rabid sounding cats or scary. I want an app that has playful mess

Brandon Brown

My cat actually attacked me and histed at me when I played female cat looking for love he bit me on the sholder and leg when he found me in the Landry basket

Kyla Torres

I have a siamiese named luna She love it when ever i played it she came runing

Aanika Dutra

So funny When I got this app my cat went crazy looking for the other cats then she started biting me

Gemma Willemsen

Ok This app is good, but it doesn't fool my cat. I did the angry cat 4 and I expected her to look scared and puff up, but instead she looked at my tablet and looked annoyed. Too smart!

Amalia Mufti

Thought there would be no response from my cats whenever I played the sounds. But I was wrong! My cat, Chiko, meows all the time and freaks out searching the sound. He even bites my phone and grooms it ??? cuteeee

sylvia trevino

Amazing Omg my cay actually believer thata there was a "femal cat looking for love" and he got scared wehn i played the hissing!!!!!

Juli Silverman

Helps distract my kitty from all sorts of things! Love the app. When my crazy kitty is doing bad things (like knocking everything off the shelves, also opening the cabinets and dumping everything out. This app distracts her and she stops what she is doing & will come over to me. Also if I play it she will come to me (like shaking a bag of treats) she doesn't like thunder storms or fireworks so it is a great distraction for her to stay with me instead of hiding under the couch. Thank you. Juli & Binx :)

Briannah Lucas

My cats little friend Its funny because when I do a kitten sound she always goes looking for the cat or she Meows back! LOL

Hail Canace

Grate! My cat Moo loved this app,it got his attention every time.His favorite was kitten 1 and kittens,its worth the download. (He sometimes meows back)

Jayesh Parab

Gr8 app Nice .. but I wanted some sounds like by hearing to it my cat should do it.. Means Sound for -&gt;"go to sleep" -&gt;"Let's play", -&gt;"Have your food" Plz invent such app! Plz

Samantha Gobert

Fun for cat owners My girlfriend and I have a lot of fun with this app, seeing how my cats react to different sounds. The kitten clips made them come running!

Meghan Knuth

Great App Really sounds like cats. May I suggest you add more cat sounds? Like yowling, chirping, Mewing, and Tom cats "serenading?" (lol)

Filzah Azizul

Brilliant! This app is amazing. I just adopted new kittens into my home and they were pretty scared and stressed out with the new surroundings but the moment I played one of the kitten sounds, they immediately came out of hiding and started eating. ?

Amelia Stefan

Grab your cat's attention :) Keeps the cat confused lol and it's entertaining when you hide your phone & the cat looks for the kitten sound lol What will you do with this fun app? Give it a go ladies & Gents!

Linda Humphries

Actually, very useful I use the meows to entice my cat back to me when she escapes the house. There are a lot of predators where we live, so maybe it's a life saver??

Amalia Mufti

Thought there would be no response from my cats whenever I played the sounds. But I was wrong! My cat, Chiko, meows all the time and freaks out searching the sound. He even bites my phone and grooms it ??? cuteeee

Eleanore Mearns

As a joke. My cousin lost her cat and played the siunds for her neighbor who is 6.

Joe Nafus

Same Ditto, 4,5 and 8 are the same but my cats go nuts, don't know what we're saying but they love it.. Thanks for the cool app.

Tomas Cueto

Spyware Why the hell does this app want my contacts rercords and call history? Obviously spyware, be aware!!

Samantha Harris

Its a good app i set angry cat as my ring tone I use it to mess with my dogs

Amy Weatherman

Good, but deleting it. Works like it's supposed to, but makes my normally sweet cat jealous and he bites me!

Devin K

Funny This is by far the weirdest app I've downloaded but it is worth the space my dogs go nuts when they here some of them the kittens is what made them go nuts but all in all a good app

Mari Rogers

Crazy My cat went crazy over it. He was in my arms one time and I put a cat meowing and I got the claw so this app works bet than the other ones I tryed.

Merily Vo

Hahahaha! GOOD! So i tried it out on my cats (boyfriend and girlfriend)... after 15 minutes of kittens and a female cat sounds.... the male one thought it's time to start making babies! Oh boy! The best app ever! :D

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