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17 Jan
Cat Facts

Posted by Vennco LLC in Entertainment | Jan. 17, 2015 | 89 Comments

Apk file size: 3.6 MB

Automatically send fun cat facts to your friends

Send anonymous cat facts from the CatFacts phone number

Can also send dog facts and sloth facts

Remove ads with any in-app purchase

You control the facts

Start with 5 free anonymous cat facts

Watch the conversation from the app

Send unlimited automated cat facts from your phone number

Get Dog Facts, Sloth Facts, or more anonymous facts from the in-app store



Cat Facts was featured in TechCrunch, The Verge, Engadget, NBC News, and others!

Whats new

    - Dog Facts and Sloth Facts now available in the app's Cat Store
    - Any fact type purchase comes with 10 free facts
    - Cheaper and easier shirt purchase (comes with 10 free facts)
    - Amount/Frequency buttons are beautiful-er
    - Better picker for frequency
    - Purchase screen fits better on older devices
    - Lollipop should work now
    - Fixed 0 facts left bug
    - UI tweaks for older phones
    - In-app purchases more stable
    - Tablet support

Vennco LLC part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Jan. 17, 2015. Google play rating is 66.622. Current verison is 3.0. Actual size 3.6 MB.

Download cat-facts-4.apk 3.6 MB


James Taber

Funny app, but not great The first anonymous text sent is just a subscription confirmation, and not an actual fact. Would be better if fact accompanied first message.

Gomez Casa

Could have been funny... Signed up for 100 cat facts thinking this would be hilarious as a prank. Instead, the very 1st catfact is not even a catfact. Instead, it's a text message with a link to the catfact website TELLING them they are being pranked by a friend and they can unsubscribe if they want to. What's the point of telling them this is a prank? Takes the fun out of it. Waste of time and money. Developer should remove that from the app and just send catfacts.

Simon Blain

You only get 5 facts for free and 1 of them is not even a fact, but a welcome message. Not worth it unless you're willing to spend money

Anoptimus Prime

FINALLY, THE GODS HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS CAT FACTS IS A SIGN! I AM THE CHOSEN ONE! I MUST SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF FELINE KIND ACROSS THE WORLD! But no, really. Stupendous app, hours of fun annoying my friends. Big thanks to the Dev.

Alexander Alberga

Great idea... but doesnt work... I would like catfacts... if when you paid for more facts.. that you actually get them. I made 2 orders of 25 facts never received anything but a confirmation that my card was charged. They havn't replied to my feedback.. so 1 STAR

Megan Hill

Hilarious, but they took my money. I did the 5 free anonymous facts and thought they were hysterical so I bought 50 more. I never received those 50 facts even though Google play clearly shows I paid. I even filled on their feedback form online stating the issue and recieved no response. Stay away. UPDATE: Even though it took a few days, they did fix the issue. Because of this I'm updating my review because I really do love the app.

Jinny Bowen

Repetitive facts I purchased additional messages and it has sent the same fact 3 times with only one different fact in between. I expected to see a variety of facts.

Austin Schrecker

I bought 100 facts and it won't send them to anyone. Only the first one that says thanks for subscribing. Waste of my money

Kenny Parsons

Not to anonymous I sent these cat facts to a bunch of people that would have absolutely no clue it was me with no possible way to figure out it was me but somehow they all did

Seth Greenwald

Only advice is instead of having the unsubscribe link in the first text let it say stop or something so that way a conversation has a chance instead of dying before it even gets started.

Cody Alan

Ripped Off I paid a $1 for 25 more cat facts and it didn't give me any. Please fix this. ???

Jarod Jenkins

I like it but it has stopped working. Doesn't allow me to send more than 101 to a particular contact and won't let me erase and start back over at 0. I've bought some that I can't even use.

Ashley Torgerson

Wasted my money Without even testing it, I went ahead and bought 50 extra facts. The first message told all of My friends they were being pranked and to unsubscribe. I can't believe I wasted money. Even if it was only 1.50. Fantastic idea though. If only the app wasn't changed from what I have seen it could do.

Corbett Stern

Didn't work. Bought a hundred anonymous cat facts, and sent them to 6 different people. Not a single person received any of the texts.

Brent Edds

Only Sent 2 Of 5 It only sent 2 of the 5 free. So it got 2 of the 5 stars.

John Zorgdrager

Complete rip off Even with the paid service contacts don't actually receive a text...paid them money and didn'[t get the service requested. Trying to get a refund from google.

Anthony Manfredi

It's perfect It's clean and works great. It's cool that the app can send from either your phone or an anonymous number (which cost very very little and they give you some to start with) EDIT: sweet they now have sloths and dogs!

Dylan Elias

Expensive Would be much better if you could watch ads for more cat facts because some people can't keep buying cat facts.

Eduardo Camacho

Perfect Customer Service The customer service is like no other

Jared Merritt

Lost all of my in app purchases I really liked this app. A lot. But I had to do a factory restore on my phone and when I re-installed the app, I lost about 80 messages as it set my count back to the 5 free ones that comes with the app. Also, I lost the dog and sloth add ons. I cannot seem to find any way to restore my purchases at this point.

Paul Sandmair

Doesn't work Second message didn't send at the 15 minute mark. Bought 100 facts. Stole my money.

Charles Earhart

Great, but really costs money I would rather pay $5 and have unlimited than this, but great idea

Dustin Lindstrom

Took a while to receive the messages but the company worked with me to resolve these issues. Love the app!

Insane Monkey

Good idea Although I loved the idea of this app I feel as though 5 texts weren't enough. After paying for more I didn't receive them. It was a petty 99 cents though so its not big deal. Edit: also on my LG G2 running official Verizon lollipop I can't install the app, I get error 505. My Galaxy Nexus running a custom lollipop ROM worked though.

shawn addison

Much fun The funniest part is sitting in the room with someone and watching them freak out because they don't know where the text come from lol

Ronny Smith

Haha!!! Works great, awesome app. Funny facts and my friends went nuts trying to figure out who pranked them

Patrick Shannon

I just bought 100 cat facts and it says purchase problem so I don't have the 100 facts and it keeps kicking me out of the app

Matthew Pontrelli

Cat facts hilarious!!! This app is great. I always use this with friends and new friends to mess with them and get to know them better. The facts are so funny. We always go over them and laugh. Love this app

Tilman Heyer

Funny app but after buying one pack it either doesn't let me buy a pack or charges me for it and doesn't give me the facts to send. Probably lost like $5 of store credit to it thanks cat facts

Emily Henderson

First text should not be unsubscribe This app is meant to be a joke or prank. With the unsubscribe link on the first text if they click it it gives away the whole joke. First one should say reply with stop to end messages to ensure the joke continues

Kevin John

My friends know that I sent it to them.... And I never told them

Kari Trankler

I can't send the texts. It won't save the changes

ashley fields

Will the app let you know if the person unsubscribes?

Brian Roney

Scammed Very disappointed. I bought 100 cat facts and I have yet to receive them. It should be an immediate transfer, the payment even went through. I even contacted feedback within the app and no response yet.

Wayne Wu

Not enough facts What's the point of allowing 100 texts to be sent when half of them are gonna be repeats

mykel hartzell

Funny A good laugh

Amanda Leingang

Issues Great concept, however, every time I try to add a contact, it tells me to close other contact first.

Tyler Farley

Great app Awesome app. Love the twitter account too @catfactsapp it's hilarious!

Sepa csgo

Gr8 8 out of 8 Gr8 m8

kyle reilly

Great But it be better if it had a timer and quicker times

McKenzie Holland

Uhm.. Can they block the number? Because if so then its a waste of my money. Do they send from a different number every time? I will change my review rate once I get an answer.

samsamdar dar

Allow greater frequency I want to be able to send a fact every five minutes, not 15 or longer. And also please try and find a way to get rid of the subscribe notification.

Shane M

Worked well at first, but after a while it just stopped sending. Re-adding the contact and reinstalling the app just left me with losing my 100+ purchased facts, and the support won't answer my email.

Bisitik - Bisitik

Can't Retrieve past Purchases I recently factory reset my phone and I cannot get my Sloth facts, it says error already purchased you will not be charged. But it doesn't download it. Other than that it's a fantastic app

Caleb Wessels

Super upset I purchased the sloth pack the other week, now it's gone! I only got to send them to 2 people and now I've lost it, why would I spend $1+ for that

Shadanna Thomas

Dog facts I purchased dog facts for $.99... never recieved them but the purchase went thru. Email the seller never recieved a reply. RIP OFF!!!!!

Claire Reed

Rip off I bought facts 4 days ago and I have yet to receive them or a response to my emails

Audrey Twitchell

Fun app! I sent my Mom and best friend numerous cat facts. Super funny app and well worth the money. Recommend it to any cat, dog or sloth lover :-)

Jacob Pettingill

Great but could use improvements It would be funnier if there was some kind of force response from the "prankee" like a possibility to unsubscribe by sending a certain text.

Charles B

this apps crashed my phone,right after installing/running the app I got a black screen.I have tried rebooting my phone multiple time most apps just wont lunch and I am unable to open my drawer or get to setting to uninstall it. phone is getting very hot just by being on the home screen with no apps open. After using "ok google" and opening an uninstaller I had previously downloaded to remove this apps everything came back to normal, my settings stop crashing and I was able to open by apps drawer!

Chris Nunn

Rip off I spent .99 for dog facts AND 2.00 for cat facts and got nothing! Is it possible to sue or press theft charges? I mean I see it as a credit card fraud if they charge your card but do not supply service. . UPDATE******* DAYS LATER AND STILL THEY HAVE NOT FIXED THE PROBLEM. Not even a response to the numerous emails I have sent

Noah Georgian

DO NOT DOWNLOAD My first review and I had to write one because I bought 100 cat facts and got zero sent an email for feedback and got no response seems like a scam. EDIT: Still no response this is absolutely insane they have not contacted me back in any way shape or for very aggrivated that I wasted money buying 100 cat facts NO NOT BUY

Kim Drotar

I sent my friend 100 catfacts arriving every 15 minutes and there are a lot of duplicates. We are disappointed. Would have liked more variety. Other than that, catfacts is fun and educational!

Zach Spears

Fun It's fun and all, but I'm stuck where I cannot add another contact because I deleted all the active contacts and it keeps telling me to close the last contact opened, when there isn't any to close or open. Please fix.

John McAuley

Shake down I would give this app a 5 star review because it is awesome for trolling people but I bought 100 cat facts for 2 bucks and got the good ol' shake down

Sam Clementi

M-to-the-eow, R-to-the-oar! Fo shizzle my nizzle I used to dribble now in... well...

Elias Gonzalez

Stolen money I too purchased the $2 package and received an email from Google play services regarding my payment confirmation. I have restarted the app multiple times and still have not seen a change.

Martin Szauer

I like the app and it's a great way to have an ice breaker with some people. However, I purchased the sloth and dog facts but only the sloth facts are choosable. Dog facts can not be selected, and when I go to the store I get an error 7:already own this item. Would definitely rate it higher if it would work with all three types of facts.

Kyle Hanis

It's abandoned Downloaded it to mess with some friends. It was working great, so I bought the 100 facts. After the charge showed up on my account, but I still hadn't received the facts in app I restarted it, however no luck. I tried again with 25 facts and it worked, so I got to continue my fun after sending some feedback through the app to get my facts or a refund. After doing some looking, it seems as though the developers have ceased responding to feedback and reviews on the play store. Cool app, but not worth it.

Hayden Schiff

Very excellently made For two bucks, I had a fun day of screwing with a dozen or so of my friends. I'm usually pretty opposed to in-app payments, but given that you only have to pay if you use the anonymous number (which I'm sure costs the developer money to own), I'd say they were entirely reasonable here. And BTW, to those upset that there's an unsubscribe link -- when your friend unsubs, you can just resub them, and it won't even re-send the intro message.

John Amstadt

Pointless I understand the legalese behind the unsubscribe message but it makes this app useless. There's no point buying extra cat facts if I'll never get to use them.

Joe Kearns

Close current contact first! What is this error? How do I get past it? It won't let me set an anonymous.. it says close contact first. I have none on the screen.

TheEnderGamer Girl

Amazing And Funny It made my day, when I started sending them to my friend... "OMG i hate cats, so WHOEVER u think u r, GO AWAY or I will start sending u facts about dogs -.-" Although it would be nice if it had troll cancel messages ;)

Cynthia Downer

Abandoned App? The 5 free facts I got in the beginning worked fine. Purchased $2 cat facts to continue the fun but it's been 2 weeks and I still haven't received them. Restarted and reinstalled the app, and sent 2 emails with no reply. I am more bummed than angry.. hope the devs decide to come back and gove people their facts.. this is a fun prank.

Trea Tracey

It sends cat facts from my number All my friends see the cat facts coming from me now the prank is ruined... thx

Mark Vrablic

The cat facts from your own number work well - really well. So well that I decided to purchase the sloth facts. I payed and have the Google Play receipt yet the app doesn't recognize the purchase. I've sent 2 emails about it. It has been 3 weeks since the first one now. Extremely disappointing.

Ken Quicksall

Could be good The first text gives the whole prank away. The website is listed and now the joke is ruined. I would have probably spent a lot of time and money pranking people all day, but with that first text its over.

Philip Pendleton

Took my money I paid for more Sloth Facts and I never got them. No bueno...

Rodney Otto

Love it... But some feature requests Would like to see more types of animal facts. Also sending the first subscription text shouldn't count as a message

Tim aubrey

I would not download. Tried using free and purchased 100 facts for 2.00. No facts have been sent to my "targets" and when I try to add another contact it says I must close current contact. Only way to stop it is to power off and restart my device. JUNK APP please refund my 2.00

Amber Johnson

Useless Only works if it is sent from your number. The anonymous one says it sends the messages, but I tested that with my bf. Don't waste your money, it's bullshit.

Robert Partridge

Pretty good... Ok, this for the noobs. Catfacts has been around in one form or another for sometime. The first catfact sent was a unsubscribe by texting( insane text string ). And then you could respond by telling them string not recognized, you'll now get a year of catfacts. And they more or less have to state it's a prank. It's OK... It had the desired effect for me. But not as good as originals.

Chris Klopfenstein


Dray Snyder

Bought this app for April fools. Bought 100 cat facts and was changed but have yet to receive them. Looking like a scam.

eric voots

Doesn't work None of the texts actually go out.

Michael McNabb

Unsubscribe in 1st text A valid way to unsubscribe is in the 1st text it sends. I want my money back.

William Bruenn

Does not work Paid 2.00 for facts, and tried to send them out to 3 different people. Then tried to send them to myself and wife, none were received. Please refund my purchase

John Roberts

Took money and gave nothing. I bought the 99 cent pack just to check it out and no messages were sent but it gladly accepted payment this app is ripping people off.

Krazy Taco

Works as described I've been sending daily cat facts for about 3 months now and the app works great. You can have the facts sent from an anonymous number or from your own number; I always send from my own number. In the time I've used it I don't think any duplicate facts have been sent, and messages go out reliably everyday.

Joe Porpeglia

Kyle Venn is a monster This is the worst technological "development" I've seen since Y2K. Honestly this kid must have grown up in a barn with no friends and twelve cats. Don't be fooled by the cute illustrations, cat facts and Kyle Venn are not your friends.


Doesn't work I paid for 100 facts. They don't send. I want a refund asap

Nick Knudson

Fun, but took my money I've bought a few hundred cat facts over the last few months. Most recently I bought 100 about a week ago or so, and used 50 of them roughly. I opened the app today and my history is cleared, and my purchased cat facts are gone. It shows I have 0 facts to send.

Shannon Doherty

So-so Does a decent job but is very glitchy. Twice now I've had it stop sending the person facts even though I know they didn't unsubscribe. Very frustrating considering I've paid for facts.

Gary Hossler

Who actually spends money on this? Thought it would be a cool free app. Nope. I could send 1 friend "5" free cat facts every 15 minutes. Then the app became useless unless I wanted to spend money. First fact was telling them how to disable the prank. You guys really sh!t the bed here.

Christopher Thomas

Don't make in app purchases I purchased dog facts but after using once it states I only have cat facts. When going into purchase more and clicking on dog facts it says there is an error and that I already own that purchase. Yet it still shows I have only cat facts. This app is very broken

Sandra Toney

None of them sent I've sent to 3 different people and none have been received yet. I'm extremely disappointed in this app. Seems like a scam.

Coriann DeShazo

Stolen money I purchased the $2 cat facts package and received a confirmation email from Google play services saying that my purchase was successful. Yet, nothing changed on the ap and no matter how many times I restarted it (as instructed by the app) or how much feedback I send (also as instructed by the app) I have seen no action

Daniel Zwissler

Doesn't work I bought 100 likes because I thought it was hilarious and it was only a dollar more than 25 but the messages don't even send. It tells me it's sending them but the people I am sending them to are not receiving them.

Jennifer Jackson

Crooks I bought 100 cat facts and never got them. Give me my money back

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