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24 Aug
Castle Crafter

Posted by BlackHammer in Action | Aug. 24, 2016 | 109 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

It's a live pocket game that you can battle with real people that you can always carry on with you. Control your pixel hero character in a pixel designed pelasant world environments.

Castle Crafter game will be your best friend in your spare time. Fight against real people as a team or single in well designed castles. Try to defend your castle or conquer enemies' castle with using your weapons like, sword, pickaxe, bow and arrow. Moreover, you can dig tunnels, open secret gates, build bridges and ladders, construct shelters and make shields by using crafted stones, rocks and dirts from real world. You can also bring your insidious plans with scuba diving under water.

Share your tactics with your team friends during the game by using voice chat. The game is optimized for high performance for your best game play experience.

There are 4 game modes in the game:

First game mode is Flag Capture. Players choose a team to themselves. Defenders or Attackers. Regarding to the selected team, players prevent and stop enemies to intrude their castles and fight against attackers to keep their flags in safe. Otherwise attack to the castle and try to capture the flag. Moreover they can use common weapons like Catapult, ballista and fire arrows during the game. If blue team can take the red flag and bring it near blue flag before the time runs out, blue team wins.

Second mode is Team Deathmatch. Player choose a team first at the beginning first. Reds or Blues. The most enemy killer team wins at the en of the time.

Third game mode is Deatchmatch. In this game mode, every player fight for himself only. The most enemy killer player wins the game.

Fourth mode is World Exploration. Players explore battlefields and castles offline. Players are free to play and make strategies in the world as long as they desired. There is no winning or losing in this game mode. There is no any internet connection required in this mode.

In this war game, you are going to struggle to survive against real players for hours without any restraint. You will be witness to the battle and survival techniques in the time of Steve's ancestors with a different game mechanics and graphics from other common Minecraft games.

Why are you wating for? Download and play.


- 4 different game modes: Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch, Deatchmatch, Offline World Explore.
- Completely free
- Play with real people
- Voice chat
- 5 different weapons
- 6 differen environment and castle
- Simple and Plain interface
- HD graphics and high performance

Whats new

    - IPv6 Networks are Now Supported
    - 2 New Maps Added
    - Walkie Talkie Sound Problem Fixed
    - Size Reduced To 21MB
    - Secondary Fire Button Added
    - Dragons Added
    - Horses Added
    - New Maps Added
    - New Weapons Added
    - Auto Jump Added
    - Friendly Fire Disabled
    - Bugs Fixed
    - Performance Optimization Done
    - Character Collision Added
    - Miscellaneous Updates and Changes

BlackHammer part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 24, 2016. Google play rating is 80.7749. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download castle-crafter.apk 28.0 MB


Sharome Stafford

Where is the contoreller

Bradford Kahley

Plz fix when i look around it exits out i like it

Lance Halma

Great game but... It could really use something like a shop were you could get different weapons and there should also be a mode were you can craft your own castles and be able to battle in them and different armors would be great. I'm not trying to be bossy I'm just telling you that this would make the game so much better. Great game though good job

Jeremy Hohl

Nice But u have to update the game I will be a awesom game when u update and fix some points

Astrid Reyes

Awesome I like it so much is super fun

Abdul Rafay

FIX IT! What the hell? My game crashes whenever i aim with my bow, PLZ FIX IT!!

Ricardo Meza

Theres big letters on the screen it bothers me

Jesse Jamison

Where How du u get the.flag

the sonic twins 109453

This game is amazing Download now its like a war game

Ahmed Ali

Epic Fun and fun the best plz update it plz

Jamiejohn Brain

This game is really cool But please make the controls better.


Best game This is the best game I have ever played. My brother and I can play at the same time and it's the best. Everyone needs to download.

Jack Bulloch

Love it It is awsomy get it

Florence&samuel Low

Wow I love the game

Aryn Mare

Fun But kontrols are sometimes difficult

Moy Twin

Kingh Love this game

ashley Dudley

Amazing!!! I loved it!!!

Raees Khhan

Ye ahhhhhhhhhnhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh

robert moore

update the physics of the game is difficult to work with, the dying is delayed, it often laggs, and I can only play one mode.

Joel Alvarez

Castle Crafter The title if u want them to get the game call it something else but awesome game

Damechanic 1980

Needs more weapons in the castle I liked the game very cool multiplayer game

elvhiz garcia

Beautiful The Games is good but when sword fight its laggy

Solivio Nathanirl

Awesome game This is a awesome game, but can you update it like you can buy from shops and upgrade your armor or items

Marco Kruger

Glitch When I download the game from play store it keeps freezing on 97%

michael kobel

Awesome but it is awesome but I don't like the skin.

joe stover

Ads? Adaware? Commercials? Good idea. The menu screen where the game ends is a little obscure. Only choice is the main menu. U play 1 map and then everyone gets kicked off, and gets sent back to the main menu.. after being forced to watch timed adverts. Weird. All these advertisements are sick. Talk about begging for money. Uninstall...

Reja nazar nurdin

Its a cool This is a great game but please extend the time i mean its not fun if we only play lesd than 10 minutes and also please make the game not attacker and deffender again but make it every team have it own castle

Rosaria Tomo

Amazing One of the best game I have ever played but to bad you can't talk but you can always use your hands and head.

Dexter Roslin

I like it and cool It lag and please do another update that all online player are in one team and were going defense and attack and we can spawn troops like orespawn in minecraft please reply i like it so much thank you so much so i give you five stars

Lauren Wasemann

Deceiving Title I like this game. It's fun and a great way to pass time. But when I first saw this game, I thought the name 'Castle Crafter' meant that you get to build medieval things. But I didn't realise it was a war game. Maybe consider changing the name. Over all, a pretty fun game.

Cristopher Ocon

Its OK Can you add some things can you add two castuos and can you add more weapons and that's it wait and add air planes and I'll rate five stars pls add that

Fathimath Azim

Love it. I just don't know how many times I have played this.its so cool.and rode the dragon many times and could you add some more weapons.I wish there is a update many times I tried to stop playing I can't.I feel so good.thanks

maya baca

The Update After they updated the game it had in a way stopped working . I ask to please do fix that . Before this update though it was great . The horses and dragons are cool to the update though and so are the castles .

Andrew MacDonald

Good After awhile in game my screen will go crazy it will get fuzzy the buttons will multiply by 3 the joystick will get bigger so the hit box for it is half the screen and please fix and will rate five stars

steven otakilevuka

Cool Nice game but its sort of really hard to aim to the bad guys so yeah plz fix it

Louis Weir

Awesome I love that you can go around without worry of being attacked by the other side

Jeremiah Martell

Love it awesome It's easy to get the dragon, fun shooting while riding horses, love online, but can't you remove time for offline?......anyway, I thought you could make an ONLINE STORYMODE! Like you either choose to BE THE DRAGON (without a rider and better camera angle) or be the knight. You can do offline or online storymode and fight playere/cpu being the dragon, follow a storymode with other players and stuff. Please add some time. Otherwise love it!!! Or another mode "knight and dragon" for 2 ppl. A player tries to kill dragon player on a horse. Dragon has no rider. Btw my name is DragonRider on there.

Lilibeth Molejon

Cool One time i had this game there was no animals and now theres a dragon and a horse cool

Peter Khomiak

Awsome/bad It's awsome because I always kill poeple bc 2 shots with bow dead and the bad is that you have to mine a special rock to use the cannon ball

Willow Lelond

Awsome Best game ever I could play 8t for hours I 2ould never uninstall this game it is so awsome amazing the best cool it's even Cooler then bow ties wait no bow ties are very cool let's say it's the second coolest thing the game not bow ties definitely b9w ties are the most coolest thing in 5he world oh no I got off topic again sorry s9 sorry about that I'll stop now allonsy wait no that means let's go uh what am I saying okay I'll stop for reall

Evolve Queen

Cool game You can ride dragons and horses. And kill

Sarah Lambert

The best game ever get it is awesome ignore the haters because they are wrong! Wrong! Wrong! So get it .one more thing plz let it for you to text thank you ?

Adam Lewis

Good but... I love the gameplay but its got more adverts than any other game I've ever played. Also its the most rage game EVER

Amalia Hazlan

Please fix some problems) Sometimes, I'm playing and I'm just about to kill somebody. Suddenly, my screen turns black. Can u guys please please remove the black thing. But I still like the game.?

Adam Rosiles

Cool just 2 things.......... 1 Since there's heroes death match add heroes team death match and 2 there's some hackers but I don't remember names of the hackers so you should add admin

Dimitri Bourne

Its awesome But pls add more minutes and making servers private and public an ad about 20 min or 15 that would be so much better

Thomas Huffcutt

Not working There's a weird but that won't let me use it. Fix it, and it'll be 5 stars.

Katie Warstone

Castle crafter I love the way that it's like a quest but I do think that it should not be on a timer of ten minutes

Chesed Powell

Love it LOve this miedeval game. One thing tho extend time I get mad when the time is over cuz it's so fun and ad a friend list thing so you can add friends and invite the and add a chat list where you can talk to your team and when the game is over add where when the games is over you don't have to QUIT it just start the map again and I'll rate five stars love the game tho just add that stuff I think everyone can agree on me with that stuff

Ahmad Areesh

If there are more lvl It will be more fun if you have given laders to go in the castle

Dads Deananeas

Totally cool Nobody can beat me in this game if you see the name Clay Moorington that's me

Alex Witherell

Great time killer The title says most of it,but needs a option so you can stay on the map.

monica erickson

Hated it !! It won't even let me play !! I waited for hours !! Is there supposed to be a play button when it plays the music ? Cause it only shows me the knight on his steed. If you fix the bug I will rate more stars ***** but till then I will still be wishing I could rate it up to 0 }=(

Terrarian 2.0

I'd rather spend 9.99 on Mc pocket ed OK lemme tell you something. 1 EXTEND TIME 2. REMOVE ADDS 3. ADD SHEILDS AND CREATIVE MODE AND FREEPLAY MODE. 4 UPDATE OFTEN. 3-5 stars

John Byers

Make a create your own map feature and then make it so you can play on the map you made with other people thanks

julien doumit

Liked it but ... I think the chat records dont work i never heared somone chating.

Toy Bonnie

Wow The dragon is op when I saw my first horse I'm like can I ride this and I was shifting arrows like mad and then if you have blocks and look down jump and add blocks underneath u so u get drwgon

Jonah Swensen

Greatest pvp online game ever!! I love this game keep it up! Some things I would ad are classes such as, Knight, mage, cleric, and Archer, maybe a miner! Just so we can balance the multi weapon choices.. Add a castle for the attacker! We sometimes get spawnkilled! Just started this game and played for over 3 hours! If there was a 10000 star I would put my vote there! #ADDMYIDEAS

Sebastian Sulewski

And I have been working on it The best time to get to see you tomorrow

Eshrar Latif

Great game but it seems to lag a bit. Please fix it and I will rate it ★ ★ ★ ★ ★!

Matthew Trimble

This is a great game I like the horse I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove horses??????by the way I'm a girl that's just my dad's name??

Tyriq Ratcliff

Hmmmm Add more things to ride more weapons and maybe a attacker base also make it so u can have private games

Valerie Vasquez

Awesome! It's cool but I want a update that you can teleport then it will be better. Please

Cooper Brazendale

HELP! I just downloaded this game and when ever I click on this game it goes to the main screen with that guy on a horse and the castle in the background and then the music stops and that's it‚ it doesn't even say (click to continue) or (play game) it looks as if its frozen but I don't know if that's normal or not? Someone please help me out!

Matilda Dyson

Cool Fantastic get to have your own gorgantuas castle defend your castle protect your castle really fantastic mind you there is a lot of adverts cancel them and make sure they don't get your castle I'm Tilly Dyson although my mum and dad call me Matilda have fun on this game and DONT uninstall it keep it I play on it everyday you should 2 do not listen to the first one in the reviews only listen to the people who put 5 stars and read all of this plz

calvin dabu

Want two more stars then do this So I would like you guys to put bots on offline mode and also reduce ads got me killed soooooooooooo many times so yeah

Ice Dasher

New Update!!! Good Quality of Graphics! The new update is awesome with horses and dragons. I like the new homepage... - add chating - day and night - coins - add more time. But before, I thought the game was about crafting

Neon Ninja

Great but need a little bit more to make it s master peice If u can could u add sheilds and have a chat bar and have it that u can have private games and mabey if u want customized armour

Zaid Safian

Great gane It is an excellent game with great mechanics. I would however suggest that you add longer game time 30 min perhaps. And a castle for both teams with a large no man's land in between. Also make the mining time a little quicker because it is frustrating to mine 2 rocks than be killed and lose them.

Zachary O.

#LEFTY problems Please make lefty mode because I'm a lefty and its really hard! 5*****if you make lefty mode!

farid ali

Great but It would be better if there was ores and have a shop and use the iteams that make other weapons

Water Flame Arcenas

Damn this game is awesome! I highly recommend you to install this the graphics are cool the mechanics are flawless but the server is a bit laggy.

André Marco S. Franco Franco

Killing A lot of killing and I always dreamed about the game and I disided to download it so also I like hero's death match because I shoot 6 arrows I jump so high and also instant mine

Patricio Tejada

Wow Needs to be longer games and connection fixing , ways for people to fix a wall thats down , the bow isnt that good and you cant clim out of water so good needs alot of work

Vicky Lino

castle crafter so amazing I want to play everyday its so beautifull sun night Im gonna play this and afternoon happy and loved and 5000 thousand year thank you very much because why its lovely online now done.............................

maia goderidze

COOL this game is super cool and its not borin its aubaut fun

Marcus Mullaney

Too many adds This game is fun but it has WAY too many adds. Whenever I die I have to wait 15 seconds for the add to be over, plus the spawn time.


Good but... After awhile in game my screen will go crazy it will get fuzzy the buttons will multiply by 3 the joystick will get bigger so the hit box for it is half the screen and please fix and will rate five stars

Gabriel Getizo

Its fine Gameplay is good... but the controls sucks needs more.... improvements.... Keep improving controls... or control options cause i hate joysticks.....

Harry Wilson

What a great game! The only problem is that I can't get to the dragon.

Graham Tong

Awesome I like the way you made this game ps can u please add an update that when you win a game you get coins to upgrade your weapons.

Matteo Stevanato

Without bugs it would be the best lightweight android game PROS: It's insanely funny, it's easy to play. The fact that there are no rules gives space to one's creativity, the fact that there is absolutely no progression forces you to play just for fun and not for being the best or levelling up. It's the best game to play with your friends when you are bored. CONS: The ads are way too annoying. I can accept watching them while I wait to respawn. I CANNOT STAND YOU TELLING ME I'M TIRED and stopping me from playing . Then there are the bugs, but I'm short of space.

Charie Rufino

What else do you want from meee I have very strong internet then it stops stops stops and stops worst game everrrr

Prisciellda Arcega

I loved it Guys play this game with wifi connection you have weapons enemys and castles

MasterMind Killer556

Loving it When i download it i smashed every persons face in heros deathmatch

Rosalie Jadera

it is awsome It is my first chance it was so cool i am not ganna delete thes game ever

Anthony Martinez

Best game ever So fun and but glitches

Cool It is really like u are in a wonderful medievel time

June Williams

I like to battle others


Hard to control Hard to control and it's lagging

Wow I love it a wonderful game

Boooo Boooo it is so boring

maui valiao

Castle clan This game is the best

Jeevan Karmacharya

Omg Nice andaddictive for time pass and challenging put new weapon

Ghady Ghady

COoOL game Amaizing game bro guys play it it's soooo coool

I really love it but something need to change

Minecraftbros 4ever

Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Games awesome

Isaiah Sam

It is not bad The graphics are great

Omg It looks awesome.

Jeremy Fleming

Yesssss Aweeesooooooooooooooooooooooooommme!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely keep playing this game!!!!!!

tyesha blahhh

Good Can u add communicate with each other ? If possible please

Ric Denter

Asowme u can ride a dragon and it's so cool!

Benjamine Rifaela

Thanks for updating after a long time.

Nancy Wallace

Amazing Love the game but plz add a game mode where mobs come and you have to build and defend and call it that but just don't copy mobs from minecraft

Alonso Huerta

Good game It's a good game just too much ads and it sometimes cause mine to freeze or a lag happens but overall it's a good game.

Donna Martin

ENCREDIBLE! AND UPDATE i really love thus game but there should be an update were u get cooler weopons


Best player at this game I'm da best at the iPhone 6 Great time at game I'm the greatest in Castle crafter

Morgan Pratt

Castle crafter is a bad evil game!!

Rich Lam

It is good you need to play it It good to play

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