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17 Nov
Casino Card Game

Posted by Paris Pinkney in Card | Nov. 17, 2015 | 73 Comments

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Casino is a fun to play, exciting, quick paced fishing card game where you play against the computer to build, stack and capture mates. Capture the cards from the center by matching or building. Earn points by having the most cards, the most spades, and for every Ace, the 10 of Diamonds, and the 2 of Spades. The first hand deals 6 cards and every hand thereafter deals only 4.

*When stacking or building cards, always start from the middle. If stacking or building from hand, click the middle card first, then click the card from your hand.

Whats new

    Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Paris Pinkney part of our Card and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 17, 2015. Google play rating is 76.8502. Current verison is Actual size 3.8 MB.

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Cathy Earing

Good game It's a great game I always loved. I enjoy this game except once in awhile it freezes up . The only thing is to restart the cell and start over. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn't for this

Nunya Damnbusiness

Needs Improvement The AI typically has exactly what it needs to win. Need to adjust card speed(maybe drag and drop). Add an options menu in-game and allow continue game

Amber Lukas

Complete crap!! I can't ever stack cards only combine one of mine with one on the table. Also the computer seems to have every card they need to make match sometimes 2 or 3 of them. This game is bullshit!

Kathleen Maloney

Lots of fun Reminds me of playing forty years ago. The instructions are not adequate to tell us what to do so I muddled through a few games and figured it out. We don't get to see the cards being played by the computer because the speed is so frenzied and that makes it rough.

khalema brown

Could be better... First off the computer moves way too fast and sometimes plays out of term. Then I sometimes have a problem with stacking or building. Also if I've played all of my hand and I get a phone call or text, when I return to the game, it won't let me finish playing. I have to start all over. And I've been playing this game for years. The scoring is definitely correct. 10d=3, 2s=2, As=1, most spades=1 so I'm confused by what everyone is saying about the point system

Brenda Stamper

Love It Most folks don't know about this game. My father taught me it when I was a kid. He is with Jesus now. So, when I saw and played the game, I was very happy. You did a very good job. Thanks

Erica Cage

Need help This game is accurate with the points and the way the game is played but computer gets 10 of D way more than I and always seem to have the exact number I'm building or able to add to my build too often oh yeah and you build or stack by tapping on the card that is already out and then tapping on the card in your hand

Laura Taylor

Awesome game My grandfather taught me to play it before he passed. It's awesome. :) Thank you

Yolanda Shembe

It's OK I like the game. My gran taught it to me when I was only a kid. What I dislike is that the computer takes advantage. There's certain moves I can't make that the computer does. It irritates me a lot. Would be cool if there was an option to play someone else.

John Pilla

Stats Would like to see individual stats number games won vs lost. Then I can compare how I am doing against computer myself. Not against the world. Lacking in this card game.

tom o'd

App always has the card it needs App always seems to have the card it needs, in real life that doesn't happen.

Robert Smith

Needs to be more challenging no way should I bet the computer 6 or more times in a row

Linda Kendall

Computer goes to fast can't see play.

Katie Meredith

Okay I love playing this game with my Mawmaw but the computer seems to be able to do things I cant like build using cards from hand.. the only way I can build is if its with a card on the table... this is aggrivating!!!

tyler ringwald

Winning Can't believe there's an app for this

Talon Coners

No How about one you could beat

Antionette Bell

The computer cheats too much fix please !!!!!

Hector Jimenez

Garbage Computer has everything . always wins no matter what. I'm an experienced casino player and this game is a rip off. Can't never win

Denise Gregory Wyatt

Way to fast The app/computer moves WAY to fast. I can't determine what card the app used sometimes because it happened so fast. Needs to move a little bit slower speed. LOVE the fact that I can play casino as a game though! wish there was a way to tell if the app was building vs. stacking.

Sameerah Armstrong

Don't like that the game cheats

Clay Kennedy

Awsome game Awsome game

Charles Sullivan

Glitches Game freezes and cards fade together to where u can c the cards.......

Shannon Gerton

Needs landscape rotation and option to purchase ad-free. I enjoy this game a lot and don't know that many folks that know how to play (until I grab a deck of cards, anyway). I haven't had the best luck finding an app that meets my needs. This app is pretty close. It doesn't have a landscape rotated layout available nor can you buy out of the ads. I think the computer plays a fair game. Unlike some other reviews, I'd like to see game-play slowed down a little. I like seeing what's played and really can't always get that here.

Stephen Lemon

Like it but would really like... play against someone else besides the computer. Can you add an online element to the game?

Kenneth Griffin

Love it Completely addicted!!!

Justin Knisley

Great game! Glad someone made this an app. Points are wrong though. 10D is not 3 pts... others are off too. Plz fix Com building and not picking up. Also I'm not sure u can build multiple things or play a card to pile while having something else stacked/build. Never played that way before.

Michelle West

Sucked Very stupid version... let's make a number on the board that you don't have in your hand....poorly thought out app

Richard Inman

Fun, but inaccurate Fun and fast paced. The computer does cheat. It also allows you to cheat, by allowing you to build in more than one stack. Also, the points are wrong (Should be most cards- 3, 10D- 2, most spades, each ace, and 2S- 1.) Also does not give points for sweep.

cassandra cameau

Hated it The computer cheats. Its so difficult to stack when playing from an android phone, almost impossible. Wish they made a better version of this game to play in the app store

Jeffrey Faudi

awesome but I rarely meet or know anyone who's heard of this game its the ultimate 2 player game. my discrepancy is if your building say a 3 on the table you play a 3 and say your building ( you are holding a 6 ). in real life I have a three I can take your 3s a 3 is a 3 stacked or built ?????????

John Langer

Love this game, but can't build from your hand on an android phone. Comp can build, but players can only pile what's on the board already. Ie - holding a 9 and 2, board shows a 7. Players can't place the 2 on the 7 and capture the pile in the next turn. Error message will state that you need a 7 to capture. Will never win without the ability to build.

brad wheeler

Good but scoring is off The scoring varies slightly than the way I was taught to play but other than that it's great!

Kenneth bell

very fun

Ta'Ana Phillips

Love it Good game but computer cheats a lot

hector garcia

loved it

China lee

Cheats The computer don't give u the points you earned or it will play the move you trying to play by not letting you place your card down to stack but then it will turn around and you that exact stack and card count you tried to. The computer can build the same number not you. Please fix... This game is still cheating it won't let you stack most of the time if it's something the computer need and it don't let u see what the computer played PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

paige cross

Computer programmed to win This game is horrible. The computer always has what it needs to take the point cards. It always has the most cards from the deck and the most spades. They should have a 'easy' 'medium' and 'difficult' option. The computer can stack and build but it won't let you do it for more than one card...this needs to be fixed. I love the card game Casino but HATE this app. Going to undownload and check back another time to c if it's fixed. I feel like I'm playing someone who has mastered the game and is counting cards

Jonathan Loveland

To those who think it's rigged. I haven't lost yet. Learn how to play.

Sean & Sierra Killeen

Settings There should be more settings to adjust speed and change computer setting between easy, med, & hard. I'm also not a fan of the vulgar image when told whether I lost or won - looks like a penis.

Luke Armstrong

Poorly made I love the game, been playing it for years but they made it impossible for anyone to enjoy it. The computer always has what it needs to win. Very poorly made.

Rashelle Fisher

For Children If you are an adult with normal sized fingers, or God forbid, long nails, then this game isn't for you. Points are missed if you are not exactly precise in where you touch the screen even if it's an obvious move. Also, the computer (your opponent) sees your cards but you can't see theirs. Unfair.

Robert Herald

I'd give 5 if multiplayer was an option. That's only thing missing. Better graphics soon be nice.

Mike Quinn

A cheating game I play Casino for money and the things the game do is not allowed then its like the computer knows what's in your hand out of ten games I will win 3 crazy

Daryl Lewis

Game cheats You are suppose to play first after deal, the computer cheats when it has the good cards, and plays them. It always has the 10 of diamonds 90%of the time

Clay Johnson

Love the game but how do you log in to see how u compare to other players?? Need help?

Eric Avery

Awesome to a certain extent In all my real life casino games have I met luckier opponent than the computer in this app... Now everything besides the fact that the computer has a tremendous advantage somehow is good like a normal game of casino . If you like to change rules, you can't here.

Jairo Gutierrez

how do you stack without putting card down separately dont let me click on cards i wanna combine...i gotta put it down separate and risk it being taken before i can click n combine

Mark Kemp

Casino is on point I play this game all the time with my uncle and this version did not disappoint!

Codu Curtis

Loved it!!! Just got out county and this is the closet to real as I have seen. I would love to see an online multiplayer option for the game,also maybe some achievements for specific card builds and stacks. And for all those people who say that the computer cheats are the ones who just ain't good strategist it all comes down to probability and you should have somewhat of an idea of what the computer has in their hand as well especially once the cards start to dwindle down.

Joseph Hawkins

OK other than the ads

Kelly jackson

finally! love this game, and it is exactly how I learned how to play. in the U.S. mostly the only ppl who know how to play learned in prison, so needless to say not many know how to play. I have no issues with the computer cheating or beating it.

Angelo Gonzales

Stress reliever The game "casino" should have a Pro version. The rules to this game are not for every player. The enhancement changes the time of gameplay.

Mike Tombo

Functional but that's it The app is functional and the game has correct rules. However, the scoring system is wrong (most cards is 3 points, big casino is 2, little casino is 1); and the computer is programmed to have the right cards all too often, making it almost impossible to win.

Mikkel Schwartz

Can't even remember the last time I was able to beat the computer. Some how it always has the right cards. Dosen't let you stack face cards either.

Gabriel Carey

Computer has the advantage You can't stack cards out of your hand but the computer can. Also the rules aren't what I'm used to. You should be able to change the rules or select the variants you want to play with. I will continue my search for a decent cassino mobile game.

statia hurd

Cheats like hell!!!!! It would be better if you could play against real people instead of the computer(always have the point cards)! Anytime i have anything good, the computer has the same just about or builds on my cards...everytime. i know how to play casino so i know its the app...i never lose playing against real people

Barbara Romeo

GREAT GAME I love this game, I can't find anyone that knows how to play... So I'm enjoying this app. But once in awhile it freezes up.

Tara Knipp

Love the game hate the update Update makes it lag each time the computer takes a turn. Please fix!!!

bernard burrus

Some what ok I have been playing casino for thirty years it cheats sometimes but I enjoy playing I would have given five stars

Megan Novak

Doesn't open most of the time. Its fun when u can play


It's really fun to play but the computer has all the right cards I've never won one game because the computer has all the right cards.

Monique Dukes

Keeps force closing Keep closing everytime Im winning.its getting aggravating because its really a fun game

Saunie Holloway

Awful Just awful. Sound off still plays sound. Uninstalled

Jesse Alvarez

No sweeps? The way I learned the game was that if you cleared the board by picking up all the cards on it(called a "sweep"), you earned an extra point in addition to the regular points you get. Feels weird playing it without that. Also the way I play is that on the first deal, four cards are turned face up and four dealt to each player rather than 6 to each player. Different strategies can be used in that style, would like to see a separate game mode with a four face up option

Cole Imhuelsen

Needs improvement Online option would be amazing. The controls (card selecting) need major improvement. EG...There was an A and 2 on the board and I had an A,2,3 in my hand. I wanted to stack the 2's (A+A)+(2) I could only get the one ace on the 2 to make 3! So I lost out on my other A. Please make the options user friendly so the right selection can be made. Thx. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Felicia Harris

Don't know Whatever

Shaquilla King

cheats you never win

Kelly jackson

finally! Why has it stopped calling cards? It's no longer notifying it being the last hand.please fix. love this game, and it is exactly how I learned how to play. in the U.S. mostly the only ppl who know how to play learned in prison, so needless to say not many know how to play. I have no issues with the computer cheating or beating it.

Nickolas Webb

Wtf? I love Casino, but I don't think the odds are ALWAYS in your opponent's favor like with this game. Don't give me that crap about algorithms when the game has ALL the money cards nearly every hand. Chance doesn't allow for that kind of "luck".

Josue Gonzalez

The real deal holy field Better than in jail i say

Elwood Street

Just when it get gd & im winning it will stop & startover,,,,stop cheatn,,,it sucks

Shane James

Casino Have to be quick in the mind

Kye Hamilton

The you win face Can yall change the winning celebration face it gives me nightmares in all the game is AWESOME!!!

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