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26 Nov
CASHFLOW - The Investing Game

Posted by Torn Screen Entertainment, Inc. in Finance | Nov. 26, 2014 | 85 Comments

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Craft your financial strategy to get out of the Rat Race using real estate, business, the stock market and master CASHFLOW – The Investing Game!

Based on the original board game by Robert Kiyosaki proclaimed as “Monopoly® on Steroids” by USA Today, hone your financial strategy and claw your way out of the Rat Race to build your CASHFLOW Empire and claim dominion over the realm (realm being your living room)!

Begin CASHFLOW in the Rat Race working in a variety of professions while you implement your investment strategy to become the next business or real estate mogul. Avoid the pitfalls of bad deals, friends asking for handouts, lawsuits, and getting laid off from your job.

Fine-tune your investment strategies now. Your ability to impress the world with your financial prowess will be coming soon. Multiplayer functionality will be enabled with the next update.

Torn Screen Entertainment, Inc. part of our Finance and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 26, 2014. Google play rating is 81.1775. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Alin Friedman

Loved the concept. A bit to easy, more depth would have been appreciated. It all totals down to a great game.

Nicey M

This game made me Realize that I need to do a lot more. I need to be aggressive enough so I could get out of the RAT RACE! Thanks Robert for sharing your brilliance.

Ken J

Fun game Good way to learn basic concepts of finance and investing. Like a one up on monopoly. Not super realistic, but I have fun playing it

Arthur Yusim

It sucks! No settings , no options & what is more important- not possible to save! After 30 minutes playing with my son, I received phone call, but when I switched back to the game, it started from the beginning. Want my money back!

Matthew Peterson

The lessons the game teaches are great, but the game play is repetitive and frustratingly random. You'll want to make good financial decisions and wind up buying a big screen TV, getting laid off four times, and having three kids. So just like real life I guess.

Jun Kai Chan

Truly educational. Learning personal finance in a fun and easy way. Just font are too small. Getting out from rat race is much more fun than being tycoon

Brian Coons

Disappointed The knock off games are free and more in depth. Can't save, can't zoom. I have never played the board game, but this makes no sense. Why do I lose all my properties when i go on the fast track? Why do I magically make tons of money when I exit the rat race? Why do I land on downsized spot 4 + times every game? Why doesn't 1st player get to take advantage of shared opportunities? Why no market values on properties? Not worth a free download in its current state.

Chase Goodwin

Love it!!! I love this game so much. I have yet to lose a single round. It is a bit of a battery drain and it would be nice to be able to zoom. But I couldn't care less honestly. This game is such a great thing.

Clifford Erasmus

2 stars 1. When I start it it always begin with audio, it doesn't allow me to change the options for it to stay silent forever. 2. Since I have a Galaxy s3, I find it hard to see everything, I have to really stick my eyes to the screen, it doesn't allow zooming. 3. And 3 it doesn't save after I'm done. All of these makes it hard for me to re- play it again since it is so frustrating, since I put money on it I do my best to still make some use of it on attempting to play it.

T Bartlett

Needs tweeking The concept and game itself is a great learning tool. The app design needs tweaking. 1. Cannot save progress, (must have). 2. Die don't need to roll off screen. ( it's an app not real table) 3. Need to fast forward bot turns. 4. If you have multiple properties of the same type, name then a, b, c. So when selling you can associate the cashflow amount. These are just some user design issues I noticed. Hopefully an update will fix.

Sazi Wald

Wow didn't think it would be so awesome I didn't think I was learning anything till I put it down. This game is amazing! What a great way to practice investing so you can in real life!

Samuel Dennis

Well done, strange behavior When you move to the fast track, you do not retain the cashflow you have built, but suddenly have about 100x that. This appears to be intentional, but means everything is easily affordable and there is no challenge. Haven't played the board game so don't know if this is an error but it appears quite illogical. Otherwise well put together and educational.

Chris Grubb

Great game, Bad app The game is great, but the app needs some work. You are not able to zoom in so you can barely read the cards. It would also be nice if I could play someone on another phone rather than just playing by myself or passing my phone around, but you can't do that.

M Joubert

Lack of updates 1* for not having ability to save. Difficult to check boxes due to lack of interface scaling. Feels a bit thin for the money. Has the dev abandoned it? Months and no save...

Victor Figueroa

I love the game but I'm having a small issue. When I play on my vs985 running lollipop and switch between apps. (Messages, WhatsApp, etc.) I come back to it. I get a blank screen and only the dice show on screen causing me to have to start all over. Its hard playing a full game in one sitting. I would love to pass my time playing this but this issue has me a little disappointed.

Bronson Kane

The only game I play The rich don't work hard for money! Playing this game along with listening to his audio books is something that I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in improving their financial situation

Max Roth

Application will crash minutes after running Using samsung S3, app will run for a few turn and will freeze, too bad.. , I had big expectations, love the original game

Tim Kilpert

What a frustrating game It keeps making me buy a $17,000 boat, or other things that I would never buy. You should be able to pass on them. Every time I donate to charity, it punishes me taking a full set of expenses and loosing 2 turns. If I sell my stocks at $20 then on the next turn it will offer $40 for them. If I hold the stock, it cuts them in half. And then it keep popping out children. You should have the option to pass on them too, just like in real life. Just don't give up and it's great fun!

Aloysius Yeo

Unfriendly programs The program is made with everything so small. Its almost impossible to read the words. The board is so inflexible. its impossible to read bots cards. You don't learn anything playing this at all comparing to the pc version. Please improve.

Lylac Eyrie

Boring The PC version with mouse characters is a lot better and more fun. This version you only see a token flying around the board, no animations, no tips, super tiny text. No excitement when you beat the game.

Antony den Dulk

Great for wherever you are Always having this game with me has increased how often I play. For the first time I find myself actually seeing and trying different strategies - a question I never understood in the Web version. I have noticed 1 bug and a possible second. When a bot has a stock and you get an opportunity with the same stock, the bot is able to buy when it should only be able to sell.

LD Freeman

For TRUE rich dad fans ONLY; stop negative reviews! If you're a rich dad fan you'll love this. I've read all the books & played both the physical &online game. So I was happy to see a mobile game for only $3; if you're a fan then you know the physical use 2b $200! I like it b/c I can play the game more & show others about it. With that being said, as much as I love everything rich dad has taught us, I'm withholding a star because of UX issues. To echo others: text is small, no save, fast track is boring, no online play with others, & crashes if sceen sleeps.

Michael Theofanis

Great game Need improvements though. Make the font size adjustable, it's hard to read even on a galaxy note. Some cute animations would be nice.

Steve Derocher

Great game! But please update! Online play, saving games, and a lot more could be done to this game to make it worth the price! Also, a flaw in the original game is that it gets kind of boring on the "fast track." It's much more interesting to me to try to escape the rat race.

Chris Wood

Great! After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and playing this I have a better understanding of cash flow and I feel more confident in being able to manage my finances.

Joshua Sanborn

Causes phone glitches In the last two days I've had the app freeze my phone when it never has before today. It also caused a glitch where my phone shows an empty battery after five minutes of playing the game, when I had over 60% when I started the game. Great game, but deleting it due to phone glitches. Samsung galaxy note 3.

Trevor Bowman

Needs network multiplayer Great educational game. Many concepts are not realistic especially the ease in obtaining loans. The online version allows for multiplayer on multiple devices this is a must for mobile devices.

Tin Lucky

Highly recommended game Very educating game. It's usually played with a board, but now I can play cashflow anywhere! And lesser crashes now, thanks!

Terence Tang

Good game concept ! it's good for people who wants to learn financial education however there are still room for improvements... 1 suggestion is after out of rat race the incremental of income is not realistic..too easy to achieve financial freedom.. can developer try to program base on current situation? e.g : loan approval base on debt servicing ratio of 56%.. a more difficult approval rate will definitely be more realistic as this is what we are facing now...

Rupert Tandingan

Enlightening. This app does the rich dad poor dad book a heap of justice. It's given me the courage to start investing and the concepts have been made simple that it's frightening how much I didn't know. I played the safe strategy (what I've done all my life) and it works but it takes ages. I've been trying the riskier strategies and it's mind blowing what the rewards are and how quick they come. The game itself may seem unrealistic and may have a few software aesthetic issues, but the concepts are real. Thanks R.K.!!

Kru Campbell-Clarke

Mind blowing knowledge builder This game is such a beneficial use of time. My knowledge is sky - rocketing. The text moves very quickly for AI turns and can be quite a lot to take in for 'complete' newbies but it is very satisfying to be able to follow everything that is going on in the screen if you just push through the initial confusion and inevitable defeats. This has to be one of the best practical game out there

Gibson Cheung

Text is too small to read, crash winning app. Game is fun and educational as usual but the text is too small. I havent been able to finish one game as it keep crashing.

Rick Keys

Okay Pros: -The app itself as a teaching tool I think is quite good. Difficult the first few times but easier as you figure it out. Cons: -Once you exit the rat-race, the game is a little pointless as it removes any challenge and you simply roll the dice until you win. -Cannot save your progress, some games can go on long. -The app is very sore on battery. -Once you have the hang of it, it becomes very easy. Which is perhaps the point, but it removes some re-playability from the game.

Brian P

2 stars because it's cashflow Deserves 1 star because it keeps crashing. Cashflow is the greatest game ever but the PC version is sooooo much better. This one has bad graphics, no commentary and random crashes. Please port the PC version!

Randy Hilarski

Thank you for making a mobile version Robert and team! One of my favorite games of all time now on Android.

Nishan Burhan

Dissatisfied My expectations were quite high but alot of work needs to be done..Can't save the game,text are too small, you can't make your own decisions,no settings options..Pls improve the game...

eddie O'Mara

Annoying The game is great and much appreciated. BUT, IT HANGS A LOT! Just when its getting interesting plus, why can't we save?! Thats my 2 cents for the 2 stars. Will give 5 stars once the issues are resolved.

Brian Miranda

Looks like a good game. The game looks fun and interesting, the only problem is I can't play it because everything is too small... And I'm using my GALAXY NOTE 3!!! I can't imagine what others feel like with other phones when I'm struggling with one of the biggest phones out. Other than that the game looks and runs very nicely. Sadly I'll just pass on the game until is gets a zoom function or something along those lines... Shame.

Bones Rodriguez

Here's the problem... The REAL game is great, but it is unplayable on a small screen. Works well on a tablet, but you can't see the numbers on a small screen. There WAS another version of "Cashflow Mobile" somewhere that was great, but it's gone. Please tweak this to be played on a phone!

Павел Володин

Extremely small interface on galaxy s3. Nothing can be read without glasses

Владислав Карпенков

Good But need a save game and multiplayer with people over Internet.

Ivan Klyubanov

Can't find how to sell stocks. Font is too small. Then I input the name, the keybord are flowing.

Уткин Алексей

Weri fast akkamulator finish. Please optimizeishen soft. Game very fast finish accumulator. Optimization work proccer. But work 1yadro. I see you man ?

Елена Бугай

well... some kind of tutorial or just game rules wouldn't hurt, you know... tried to play, but have no idea, what's going there...

Denis Kasyanov

Did not have a chance to try. I did not understand what to do on first screen. Maybe app is not supported on Lollipop and/or Nvidia Shield Tablet. Game does not freeze but there is nothing but background on first screen. Very disappointing, had to refund.

Илья Нарыжный

Just a little bit easy after several games

Diana Pinandita

Tooooo easy Hope it's harder than the pc game but it doesn't.. in rat race,need more variation on small and big deals. What about fast track? it'so booooring... it's not worth to be paid version. This game version only worth for free trial...

Glenn Ricalde

need more options love the game concept buy it would be better if we can look in to the bots or other player's financial statements and also the previous chat logs. it also nice if it can connect online and wirelessly

andre kimbell

It's great When are you going to make cashflow 202? Also the updated 101?

Santiago Salvador

This was made for TV or console, not mobile Can't zoom, everything is too small. Even on tablet, this needs to be played on a board or actually be developed for touchscreen. Paid for it, but looks like it was free when it got all these reviews.

Kevin Holloway

Can't play. Graphics are too small. I would love to play. It looks good but graphics are so small I can't read anything in the game. Looked .sd though graphics are for full size pc. Paid for nothing. Rip off. And l sort of like pc version.

Kjalvalr Malakh

I like it, but There's no Option to save a Game, so it has to be won or lost in one Sitting, or else abandoned. Also, if it crashes, you start over.

Ben Gransden

Intermittent crashes losing game progress. Very small text, cannot even read on phone. Very hard to select which loan you want to pay off, as the lines are way too small on a mobile device. For the quality of the app, this should be free. It is not up to the standard I would expect for $3.

Michael Penny

Thank You GREAT game!! I love this concept. I deleted all my candy crush games lol a great way for parents to teach their children about investing. Wish you could save the game.

Mark Gonzales

SCREEN TOO SMALL Great game but there is no zoom capability. You better buy yourself a magnifying glass.

Tom Saleeba

It is a bit easy as others have mentioned but I've still enjoyed the 3 games I've played so far. The text is very small (and I have a 5.5" LG G3) so I feel like it's better suited to tablet sized displays. The rat race section seems more fun/challenging because I swear all I do is land on opportunities that aren't mine in the fast lane.

Ali Bubba

Good idea, bad game The game does not take in to account interest payments on houses and complexes, giving incentivve to rack up huge amounts of debt. It also does not encourage paying off school or house debts! A game about investing disregarding debt is a living contradiction. The random square forcing you to pay all your expenses, skip 2 turns and get no income is 10X more severe than any other "pay 200-50$" expense square, It is random and unwarrented. Additionally, the stocks have a min, and a max value, very unrealistic.

Jeanie Haupt

I enjoy it I haven't played the board game so I can't make a comparison. This tends to relax me. I enjoy the rat race portion more than the second part. As an additional challenge, I take out loans in order to keep myself in the rat race, knowing I can pay them off when I choose. The other day I got up to over $40k in cash flow and had about 3 million in the bank with a $300k loan. Occasionally it gets a white screen when I switch tasks on phone & is hard to see on small screens. Play on a tablet if u can.

Stuart Summers

Pointless when you can't save! Rich Dad said better to know a little about a lot of things than a lot about one main thing. Well Robert perhaps surrounding yourself by people who can make an app where you can save your progress!!!!! Pointless talking about whats good & bad about the game until they add the ability to save. What a waste of money.

Javier Vargas

Spanish Where is the Spanish language?

Jamie O

Disappointed not to see online multiplayer. Be much better if multiplayer connects through Wi Fi, Bluetooth or online. Would give it 5 stars otherwise. I've been playing the board game for years now and having it on my phone is much easier.

Michael Viegas

Not user friendly I love the game but the lettering is so smalk it is very hard to read on the phone. As soon as i turn off the screen for some reason the game crashes and i can't resume the game.

Indy Salt

Not for mobile Font size is not suitable for mobile and also it does not save game so it restarts each time you stop playing. Very difficult to finish a game.

Stephen Frost

Great To Be In App Form Just Loses Data Though Really love that I can play this on my own when I want, unfortunately if I play for a few minutes then wish to come back to it later all the data is gone and a complete restart is required, very poor!

Ransingin Steven

Need more learn and challenge

Jefrell Rags

Four star for me Ive been waiting thos app on my android phone and thank you for making it happen. I like it though needs some improvement I just want to share mine.. Letters are so small it might be good if We can enlarge the choosen cards. Name cannot be saved everytime i launch the app always required to input names. Looking forward for updates and 102 too..


Excellent game but... I love this game. I have played it before as a board game and was glad to see an app for it. There are few things which can make it better. First, board and text looks very small on phone. Can improve visuals so that its less strenuous on eyes. Second, there has to be a pause option when someone accidentally hits home button or gets a call. Game has to be restarted all the time. Third, please include few videos of Robert T. Kiyosaki about the concepts explained. Imagine someone who has never read the book.

Alexis Mercado

Way too simple The game was to simple and straightforward. Its also very limited as a game. There are only two levels and you always have to start from the first. You should have the choice to chose difficulty and level options. Had I known what the game consisted of I would not have purchased it. I can only imagine how the people that buy the actual board game must feel like since it costs upward of $60. Don't waste your money on this app. However, his books are great!

Andrew Valdez

You've Accomplished the rat race concept I love the concept! Very fun. I want to be able to see the bots financial statements. I also want the ability to customize personal salary and add custom personal expenses! This would be a good board game for kids to understand money. If you want to sell to adults make it customizable and more difficult. Everyone situation is different.

mohamad rizuan ismail

Not challenging Its a good game but less challenging..maybe can be done like a real life..add up in the column expenses such as car etc..add a level like beginner, ama, entreprenuer, investor, etc..the bot isnt challenging enough..and most important is can u make it more interactive by letting us create our own profession where we can put our salary, expenses etc..thanks

Dwayne Burgess

Great mobile game- but overheats phone &battery drain I have the pc version of the game and while that is a better spreadsheet education this game is great for a mobile. Only issue for me is 3 games drain my battery completely and it runs very hot. No other app creates heat. If u can find a solution i would give 5stars.

Douglas Zeppenfeld

Absolutely not worth a purchase Cash flow is a really well designed boardgame that honestly does give you insight into the world of real estate and investing. However, the fun and learning is from doing the calculations and writing in the profit margin on your finance sheet. This app does all of that for you so you do not gain any insight at all. From an app design point of view this makes sense but it saps the fun out of the game. Now it is just roll the dice until you find a good deal. I win every game with no effort. A bad buy

Christopher Colt

Lazy design This game has no options, no settings, and not optimized for cell phones, only tablets. From a board game perspective, this fails. There is no skill or strategy involved. You can't influence your opponents. Acquiring more income is 90% luck. The board layout is boring and poorly designed. If you play real board games, avoid this game, as it is a sham.

Dennis Kosisky

absolutely introduced financial literacy This game showed me everything that I was doing wrong in life and introduced me to the language of financial literacy. This one single game if brought to the masses could change our country's future in just 1 generation. We are not taught this information in grade or high school. This needs to be in everyone's mind constantly.

Sun-Hee Goldsberry

Not educational The only educational examples the game provided is to watch your cash flow of your balance sheet. This offers no investment education, despite the subtitle of the game. The runs on dice roll and you just manage your budget. I have more fun managing my real life cash flow in spreadsheets. Uninstalling.

Joseph Skipper

Cashflow I really enjoy the game, and feel like I'm learning from it. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't give you the option to decline purchases. When you play and land on things like purchasing a boat, you don't have the option to decline and end up spending $18000. Lmao. Other than that, I highly recommend it. I also have the board game version.

Said Al Maawali

Disappointing Obviously the other three reviews were made by friends of the developers. The game graphics are nice, I give you that. However, here is why I give a genuine three stars : - You can't SAVE your game. stupid. - If you play the game in your mobile phone, you will not be able to read the text. Another stupid feature. - The game functionality eventually becomes boring. There is no ability to make decisions yourself, you can't decide to sell investments on your own.

Charles Chiang

It's fun, but I really like the way this game teaches how you can make a passive income in life. The only issue I have is why are only bots are allowed to buy more shares when the opportunity comes up again?

Erik Yates

Glitchy and Simplistic Print too small to read; no rules or strategies given - just buy stuff and wait for your dream to come to you; also does not allow Droid user to close app mid-late without crashing.

Craig Mullins

Good game. But programming sucks. Game play restarts after phone switches to different app. I lose my data on every startup and have to start a new game, thus no point in playing this app if I can never finish it. I'm am running on lollipop though.

Michael Lee

Fantastic Investment Simulation Game [Galaxy S4] A fantastic tool to learn how to make investment choices. This is one the best game to have on your mobile. It is a simplified Investment Simulation game, much like the classic Monopoly(TM) however instead of investing for exagerated rental income, it requires you to make proper investment decisions, regardless of your starting occupation (income level). Having played both Cashflow 101 and 202 for PC, I highly recommend this great game to be on your decive. (PS: Keeping the number of Computer players to 2 or less should be enough for an entertaining game.)

Laura Hendrix

Good Game, Bad App When I minimize it, it frequently freezes eith a white screen showing only the die or dice. It's also really hard to click on the loans to pay them. It crashes all the time now. I can rarely get through a game. You'd think they could afford a better app programmer.

Joseph Wyant

Buggy In theory, the game is great. Execution is another story. Several times, an offer was made to sell property, which the app wouldn't allow me to offer to sell stocks....which the app wouldn't allow me to do. Also, there were instances when I wanted to pay down credit liabilities, but I couldn't do it unless I paid off the entire debt...not realistic. Also, by the end I think I had six kids the game had thrown my way. That is an area in life I have some control over.

Aquielleoz Jon Godinez

Excellent but... Aside from me just wanting to have the option to upgrade to 202, the game does have issues on my lg g3 stylus. I can't minimize the game or close my cover on it, since it just gives me a black screen or a glitchy one when it comes back on. Really bad for when I have to pause the game with my friends for a bit and then come back to it later. Please fix.

David Jiranek

It's a great game! But two big problems of the App are: 1) Cannot save and continue playing next time. 2) The App is crashing very often. Both points mean, that you can never finish a game to the end. Would be great to fix these problems!!

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