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12 Apr
Carphone Warehouse Bill Angel

Posted by Best Buy Europe Ltd in Communication | April 12, 2013 | 57 Comments

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Take control of your tariff with Bill Angel from Carphone Warehouse - a handy app which could help you save money on your mobile phone bills.

Enter your monthly allowances and simply track your calls, texts and data usage; you even get alerts when you reach your limit. That’s all you need to stay on top of your smartphone activities.

Download the Bill Angel app from Carphone Warehouse and start tracking now.

Whats new

    Bug fixes, including the contract renewal date issue.

Best Buy Europe Ltd part of our Communication and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 12, 2013. Google play rating is 74.3521. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 479.0 KB.

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Ann Wright

Inaccurate I did quite like this app until I realised it's very inaccurate. It was saying I had texts left when in fact I had exceeded my limit and was being charged. Not happy. Nice idea, badly executed.

Annabelle Monro

Terrible DON'T GET IT! It is very unreliable and made me exceed my mobile data when it said I had tons left. On top of that I had just started my monthly contract and I was talking on the phone for about half an hour and I went and checked on Bill Angel to see how many more minutes I had - it said that I hadn't used any! I certainly do not recommend it.

Joe de Souza

Good app, few changes needed Good overall, no problems with inaccuracy. However could do with a predicted usage indicator, or something similar

mark driver

IPhone 4s RUBBISH. You can't get minutes allowance to show on Iphones. Which is very important informationneeded. Pathetic

Frank Matthews

Robbing lying scabs I did think this app was useful, now It's as much use as a chocolate teapot. Totally innacurate as this app told me I had not exeeded my limit but in hindsight I was lining the robbers pockets, I run up a £66 bill on a £10 contract phone all because of this apps rather fatal misjudgment, dont be a mug and dowload this or your story may be similar to mine.

Ziva Chikaka

Terrible Liked it before but very bad now. Exceeded with 95 minutes yet it's showing 238 minutes and costed me badly. Very disappointed

Chris May

Unfailingly accurate When installed correctly, it provides a useful and accurate indication of usage against plan. However, you don't set the plan limits or plan renewal date correctly, it will give inaccurate information. Its up to the person installing it to get it right. And only a moron wouldn't bother to use the network freephone number to check their actual usage - at least for the first month or so until you were sure it was giving reliable info, and especially when you were close to the limit.

Iman Darr

Excellent This is a really good app becuz u can keep track of what u have used e.g texts, data and by using this u no instantly also it comes up very quivkly so u can see u wud defo recemmend this app to everyone who doesnt no how much text, dats and minutes there using GET THIS APP

Jordan Cooper

Incredibly unreliable This app may seem handy to anybody who has had no negative dealings thus far, but I warn you it is only a matter of time. The app has a common tendency to display incorrect data, going so far as to show 45 minutes remaining at the end of the month, despite having used up and exceeded my allowance five days into the month. £36.82 this app has cost me. To anybody reading this review, I urge you to use your networks inbuilt automated service number (eg. 5888 for talkmobile users) to find out your correct allowance. Good day.

Gemma Willcock

Was really good.. but When I first got the app, it was great. Really helpful and stopped me going over the limits with alerts. But after the last couple of updates, it kept freezing and would say 'stopped working' constantly. And it wouldn't give accurate information, yesterday it told me I had exceeded my data after 2 days of my contract month restarting when in fact I had barely used any... something has gone wrong. There are definately better apps out there. Don't waste your time with this faulty thing.

Rachel Tucker

Rubbish Downloaded fine but didn't inform me when I went over my data allowances. Cost me £33. Very annoyed.

Chris Farrugia

Poor Your app is rubbish..said I went over by 9 minutes and I check with my network and says I got 66 minutes left...make it more accurate please.


Alice Useless. I thought this was a good app...until I got my phone bill. The data usage recorded by the app was completely incorrect leading to the warning notifications not being triggered, so I had gone over my data usage considerably, costing me a lot. I do not recommend.

Kieron Stewart

Used to be good, but not now. I spent 3hrs talking recently & it said I'd used 1 minute. Can't trust it now. Please fix it!


It's great! The reason why people claim it is so inaccurate is that they have not downloaded it on their contract renewal date, meaning they have already used some texts/calls/data and the software doesnt pick them up. It would be great if you could manipulate the app to,avoid this

Lucas Gorman

Money saver Alerts me when I get past a certain amount of my tariff, helps me save money. Needs to be improved on collecting data, I went over by £23 when the app said I had more data left

Connor Catterall

Worthless At first I thought this app was brilliant as I never went over until one month I got my bank statement telling me I went over £163 not happy dont download not worth it!


C Dont like the contract renewal date stuff what happens if your on pay as you go No need for the contract renewal date stuff if your on pay as you go!

Craig Pullar

Really good! I think the idea is really good would just like to see it link to an actual account rather than user inputted parameters!

Oliver Warner

Amazing - A must have! Excellent app. A widget would make it even better though. Please may we have one. :-)

Maddie Hambrook

Really helps This app monitors my texts and with out it I would be paying bills for going over my budget. Definately download it!

Harjinder Singh

Either the app is inaccurate or talkmobile are liars Talkmobile & carphone warehouse = 1 company. The app says i've got 400 texts left, talkmobile say i've exceeded my limit by 110 texts. Dont know who is lying but i've been charged regardless for exceeding my texts

Emily Morley

I thought this app was great until this month when it decided it didn't want to alert me anymore to how far along my limit was. Still a very handy app, but don't rely on the alerts!

Mark Newstead

Easy and useful Great app! Quite easy to use and helps keep track of your bill

Alan Lucas

woefully inaccurate used to be excellent but since upgrading my motog to lollipop the data usage count is 7 times reality. I've used 50mb (checked account) but app says I've used 350mb, OK for phone calls and texts though.

John Caulfield

Blue angel Does not work

Sebastian Harrison

Morons everywhere? Great, so long as you set it up correctly

Emily Charlton

Good but only works for two months for me and stops keeping track

Roz Zumar

Used to be good This app used to be good but the latest version records very wrongly, randomly has gaps for several days, attributes activity to the wrong days and is completely unreliable. Don't bother. Most phones have this facility built in.

Erin Smith

Good app for helping not over spend. This app gets a lot of bad press. A man at Carphone warehouse recommended it to me and it has helped me keep control of my contract spending and allowances. Extremely easy to use= essential app.

james am

Shan This is useful app and it s saw u everuthing that u use

Josh Wall

Utter rubbish Completely inaccurate on mobile data usage.

H Eyeworth

Battery devil I've had it installed for a long time without actively using it. I often wondered why my battery kept going down like a lead balloon. I then switched the app off and wow my battery has sprung back to life. Will now uninstall.

Jane Shaw

Not satisfied Doesn't record usage accurately therefore not at all useful

Andrew Capron

OK but ... Top end of allowances don't stretch far enough. I have 10GB data. This app Max is 5000MB.

Rushanara Begum

Misleading app I followed the data info for this app and it went over 570 mg whilst showing that it was only 70 over. As a result I was charged £50 so you can tell I was not happy

Shyam Shah

Decent but it drains too much battery life. Also its often inaccurate

Rachel Draper

Err...? This app is currently telling me I've only used 10 minutes of call time all month when I've just been on the phone for 1hr....not sure why it's not working, but it's clearly not!!

Matt Gomersall

Great app Great app just needs more features

Konks Gulliver

Stupidly unaccurate It said i had loads of megs left but in fact i went over by like £80 and i spent about 20 minutes on the phone and it says i only used 1 minute...

Alun Jones

Can't be trusted Wildly inaccurate to the point of being useless under Lollypop. Carphone Warehouse not interested in fixing it either. Use your phones built in Android features instead.

Ian McKellar

Stopped working. Used to be great but recently has started added random amounts onto my data usage. I had turned my mobile data off yet it still said i had used 200mb. Going to uninstall app as its useless now.

Jamie Sanderson

Worked ok until my phone updated to the newest version of Android. It now says I used over 130gb of data last month when it was actually around 7gb. Used this app for 3 and a half years but I'm now uninstalling it

Euan McGeechan

No Alerts Yesterday, I checked my data allowance and it was at 500mb/1gb. Today I checked and it had told me I was 200mb over my limit. A bad amount when you are with Vodafone. My alerts for 70, 80, 90 and 100% had failed to go off. Quite frustrated. UPDATE: I have just checked the official My Vodafone app which confirmed my suspicions and in fact I have only used 92mb is 1gb. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT A HEART ATTACK FOR NO REASON

John Hood

So inaccurate Used to be fairly accurate, but recently the call and data usage info are wildly out. I have the right plan info on the app, so there is no excuse for the inaccuracy apart from the app being poorly written. It cannot be that difficult to write something that closely reflects actual usage. Will be uninstalling it after finishing this review.

Andrew Saunders

No use for data monitoring For some reason it thinks I have used hundreds more megabytes of data than my phone and network says - e.g. I have 1 Gb of data but when I used 3 Mb (I.e. 0.3 %) it sent me 60% and 80% used warnings with space of a minute. Deleting app as simply doesn't do the job.

Kris Stevens

I get repeated messages saying bill angel has stopped, use more data sending reports than using the internet.

Ceri Saunders

again it has failed to alert me on my call usage which has cost me greatly!!!! even giving the app 1 star is over generous! !!!!

Becki Smith

Stopped working I have uninstalled and then installed app again but doesn't make a difference. Doesn't log any calls and logs incorrect data usage. Doesn't send reminders any more either when nearing end of allowance. Very disappointed to have had large bills due to this app not working. Please fix. Used to work well.

Ketan Shah

Rubbish Always says I have data left, then charges me for overuse. 3 months in a row now. I think the app has been designed like this deliberately, so we end up's pockets.

Frank Matthews

Rotten lying scabs I did think this app was useful, now It's as much use as a chocolate teapot. Totally innacurate as this app told me I had not exeeded my limit but in hindsight I was lining the robbers pockets, I run up a £66 bill on a £10 contract phone all because of this apps rather fatal misjudgment, dont be a mug and dowload this or your story may be similar to mine. Rotten lying scabs only want your hard earned cash.

Jessica Ratcliffe

Awful I thought it was brilliant, it worked fine on my old phone but on this one? It's terrible. It's trying to tell me that I've exceeded my 2000mb data allowance when I haven't used anywhere near that. Would not recommend

Kathryn Mackenzie

No longer any good I used to use this and it was accurate, but now it says I've used much more data than I actually have so am uninstalling it.

Luke Korley

Liars and thieves Completely inaccurate. Ended up having to pay £60 in charges thanks to this app constantly saying there were still a ton of minutes left. Dont get it, it's a scam.

Tallulahs Mummy

Inaccurate data usage This app use to be fantastic now it shows magnificently wrong data usage!!! Even when mobile data is switched off it still adds it

Dave G1OCN

Not helpful. Select mobile data and a message pops up saying that mobile data isn't working! Then asked for feedback. Time after time this comes up but I still get a bill and and data use is is deducted. No updates to fix it. Is there a fix?

Nathan Tudgay

Useless This app is inaccurate and says that I've got everything all on there when I have it. Wouldn't bother getting it and would not reccomend to anyone

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