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13 Jul

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You are a detective and your goal is to find Carmen: a dangerous fugitive from Interpol. Find clues of her henchmen and travel the world to capture all of them!

• Learn about flags, currencies, capitals and important places of 50 countries!
• Uncover clues about 6 attributes of 17 suspects!
• Arrest the suspects and increase your detective rank!
• Over 80 missions!

Can you arrest Carmen?

Tribute to the game Carmen Sandiego, that made success in the 80/90s.

Whats new

    • Fixes for bugs reported by users!

TestLabs part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 13, 2014. Google play rating is 84.4696. Current verison is 2.2.1. Actual size 3.6 MB.

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Natalia Hernández Alarcón

Love the game! It's almost like the 80's game, but I miss the graphics while travelling though the world. Also you could speed up the fax texting, and would be nice if you could add the suspect faces. And, I remember that if you flew to the incorrect country, people would tell you that they hadn't seen anything suspicious, and you would have to travel back to where you came, losing only time but not the game. Cheers!

Victoria Erdos

Finally Been looking for this game for years. Ohh how I missed you Carmen. One day I will catch you! The only things I would complain about are the type writer seems to cut off the last line of the mission and also I too remember that in the original game when you went to the wrong country it would tell you that no one had seen anything.

Catherine Goser

WHERE in the World is Carmen? A fun app! I would use this app to help young and old alike to make conclusions based on inferences and statements, to discover technological resources available to my questions, mapping, geography, and resources besides technology to answer my questions. Then there is time management needed to solve the case. It is reminiscent of the program that enthralled my daughter years ago. For a free app, this is great. Just don't count on it being like the expensive program we parents purchased that is no longer able to run on Windows/Microsoft hardware.

Kirsten Adam

Yay for Carmen Been waiting for a Carmen Sandiego game for a while!! This has promise but still has a ways to go. Think landscape orientation would be better, graphics kinda suck and its a bit too easy. However a good start for sure and hopefully the rest'll come with updates! Has the real feel of the classic game which is great and a buck for the extra packs is awesome.... A little discount for all would be nice as well!

Jenna Gohn

Just a few tweaks and it's there. Pretty close to the original game, so that's awesome. But would like to see a few updates : 1) Additional graphics are definitely needed (like the airplane flying and the footsteps walking to each location) 2) Clues are a little weak, should vary them up a bit... Not just the colors of a country's flag or their currency. 3) Not every informant should give clues about suspect 4) You shouldn't lose the game just because you go to the wrong country... There's a deadline for that reason, yeah?

Maria Paz

No progress Why can't I catch the culprit even if I have all the clues? The clues given are also vague sometimes. And does the "suspect" part supposed to help me identify the criminal easier/better? How come even if I refer to it, the clues don't go together and the interpol says I don't have the warrant? This app has some issues.. Ads are disturbing too. Pls.fix this. I really like this game, brings back childhood memories but with this kind of setup, i might just delete it as it wastes my time. :( thanks, though! :)

April Clark

Needs work Definitely enjoy playing; reminds me of my childhood; would be nice if the graphics were updated. Miss the little airplane flying around the globe, though. Would be nice to have option to turn sound on/off. Also the ability to enter a user name so multiple users can play without messing up my rank. If country packs are going to be $1 each there definitely should NOT be ads.

Ebony Allum

Thrilled to find this game. It's almost as good as the original game. The clues could be a bit more varied, as in more than just the colour of the flag, maybe add in more geographical features: mountains, rivers etc. Also, travel times are set at 3 hours, which is unrealistic for an around the world trip. And I agree with other reviews: you shouldn't lose the game for choosing the wrong country. Still, I loved this game when I was younger and I love being able to play it again.

Justin Tong

Good. Should have a way to speed up text for the typewriter parts. And maybe a way to review old text without costing time, and maybe a way to take notes in game

Mario Oliverio

Great Not sure what people are talking about. Clues are painfully easy. Going to the correct country is sometimes a bit more challenging but issuing the correct warrant is very elementary. All you have to do is READ. Great app. Really takes me back.

Gary Horton

Love Carmen! But this isn't even close to as good as the old PC game. No flight animation from one spot to another, no pics of the nations' flags, and if you choose wrong the suspect automatically gets away instead of just losing time. And the creativity of the stolen objects is gone. At least it's still kinda there with the henchmen's names.

Rosanna MacDougall

Lame I played this in the 90s and I loved it. I'm disappointed that they haven't updated it at all and somehow weirdly made it more complicated to play. It's a pass.

Alicia E

Need to fix I love listenin to music while I play games but there's no way to turn the sound off. Please fix


Enjoyable, But Basic Has all the appeal of the original games from the early 90s, but could perhaps use some of the more in-depth functionality of the later versions. Works well as an app, had no bugs or issues. Losing the game for going to the wrong country once kinda defeats the purpose of having the deadline though.

Jennifer Keenan

Just like when I was a kid I am so happy to have found this!!! It's like going back in time, I love the nostalgic feel. Exactly what I was looking for. I would love to see more Carmen games on here (where in europe, south america, etc).

Jodie Vandermaal

Flash Back In Time Exactly like the classic original, love it. Takes me back to my childhood.

Kartik Godawat

Difficulty level high One should be familiar with countries flags and cuisines etc to sometimes play the game. Initial tutorial could be better

Stefanny Tamara

I've been searching for Carmen San diego for years ! finally found it ! anyway could get better

Nathan Eldridge

Old times Remindes me of the original game a lot. A graphic and a few more other upgrades i would buy it fow a few quid

J Mala

I miss the original..plz! upgrade I prefer the real character like avatar description not some 1980 video game, we live in a modern world upgrade Carmen San Diego that detective game was so addictive you could apply ur own detective name... maybe create your character that will be a plus... upgrade..I miss my iPhone games are so much modern and realistic scenery.

Dennis Lancien

Blast from the past I really enjoy playing this game. Not for the challenge, but for the nostalgia.

julie johnson

Can't arrest suspects...nevermind Can't arrest suspects once I have issued a warrent. Then I will give 5 stars....takes me back to my childhood! Never mind I figured it out. You have to figure out which country the suspect fled to if you get it wrong they get away. There should be a breif instruction as how to capture the suspects. Thanx!

Dawn Workman

Ok I was so excited to finally find my favorite childhood game but you just cant catch the crim !

Colin Azzam

Love the Game but Hate the Ads I missed this game and was very happy to see it here. But, after spending six dollars on other countries, I still get ads. That's ridiculous. I seriously can't believe I paid six dollars to still see ads in the game. When we can actually enjoy the game without ads I might rate it higher.

roman queen

Old classic love it Reminded me of my childhood,love playing it, wish app had some scenery music and you can see suspect picture etc very very basic, old school. But entertaining still

Laurie Ramirez

What In the world Its a pretty good game but its not gunshoe its gumshoe like really that needs to be fixed not cool.

Annie Noethlich

Love this game! I loved this game and all of the Carmen games as a kid. I hope more Carmen games are released!

Meagan Zampieri

Takes me back To 5 1/2" floppies and a dark multipurpose room in elementary school. It also make me feel very very much smarter than I used to feel. I am more than pleased with the way the app functions.

Nicole Jones

The old game used to account if you went to a wrong destination and yoy had to backtrack instead of just ending the case.

Christy G

Awesome! I love this game!!! I loved playing Carmen San Diego when I was little, and I'm so glad I found this! Definite throw back to my childhood :)

Cassandra Arnold

Love the game but Need to speed up the typing sequence and the overall graphics.

Amma Wayfarer

I have several times run into the crook before I was ever told their hair color or some other info I needed on the warrant, meaning it was impossible to catch them. The clues are quite bland to anyone coming here looking for something akin to Carmen Sandiego, and there's little point in playing for the geographical education since you have to buy most of the countries.

Daniel Brjozovsky

Fun but needs improving. I used to love playing this on the old commodore 64 when I was a kid but it would be good if you can make mistakes. Soon as you pick the wrong country you fail. Can this be fixed? Otherwise great game

james bates

Its OK but when I find suspect I can never catch says fled or if I do catch says don't have a warent even tho I d I have one

Emily O

Fun I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It's hard for me to read things because all [c]s look like [o]s.

Deborah Silvers

Oh the memories! Loved this as a kid, now I've got it on my phone!

Amir Rix

Great memories Too easy these days with internet access from the smartphone though...

Gregory Ronan

Just like the original for NES It's great game. Simple and fun.

B-Block Hash

Coming for you Carmen All thought it's easier from when I was a kid, I love it. I wish the cases were a little more difficult since I have the net on my phone, but all in all I love the game

Marius Mulia

Nice game! Is this available on ios? I know my bro would love to play this, but he's using iPhone. He said he cnt find this game on the app store :(

Indranil Mukhopadhyay

Good Job Like all others have already mentioned, the original game had graphics display for travelling to countries and the time used to pass based on the distance. If we reached a wrong country people used to say not seen anything or amnesia etc. Also the faces of the criminals missing. I would also like to add one more point that we cannot mute the sound at all. That facility sold have been provided. Otherwise would have surely been a5 star

Adi Darda

Nostalgic fun I played this game alot many years ago and its awesome to have it on my phone but its missing some components like maps, backtracking, other minor details that keep me from giving a 5 stars.

Nikki Gardiner

Pleasantly surprised! Didn't know what to expect but it sneakily grips you for a relatively simple game, recommend giving it a go, if you like sleuth games

Wendy Aridela

A bit tedious. You only get 50+ countries if you buy all the extra country packs which would cost 6 dollars. There are some spelling mistakes - dolars for dollars for example. Fun up to a point but it just goes on and on.

Rachel Harris

How to make arrests? How do you make arrests? I have all of the information but it still won't allow me to arrest the suspect. I'm a little confused and annoyed.

A. Hodder

Love the original this one needs changes I've got the same complaint that most everyone else seems to have. The same kind of clues get monotonous and you should only lose time by travelling to the wrong country, not lose the whole game. These two changes would make the game awesome!!

Priya Kapadia

Nostalgia I have been looking for this game since a long time. Used to be my favourite pastime in the late 90s :-)

Sally Henderson

Not quite as good as the original PC game but getting close. I had several Carmen Games and was disappointed there were no upgrades as upgrades of windows became availabe. I would like to see more variety in the clues. Non US citizens do not have a knowledge of American sport or regional foods, clues relevant to the history of the country or its landmarks would be more interesting and of educational value. The original games had good educational value as you needed to research facts to progress.

Toma Avianda

Good clone I wish it has more variety of hints and better traveling options to go back to a previous country and lose time when we make mistakes, just like in my all time favorite game. And also a way to make the typewriter to type faster would be nice.


Great Similar to the original Where in the world is Carmen San Diego..I remember playing it in Primary School as a kid in the 80's. Wish someone would make a modern version with better graphics but not change the original style!

Mikey Hewitt

Think you'll only enjoy this if you used to play the original all the time. Half the enjoyment is nostalgic. Once you strip that away, you'll quickly realise there's many features not included and it's a lot easier than the original. I applaud the effort though.

Andrew H

So happy One of my all time fav games! I played it so much on the commodore 64. 5 stars if the game was 100% free and not an extra 10$ to get everything

Ashley Thimot

How you acquire the warrant For those wondering why they can't apprehend the suspect is because they need a warrant. You get a warrant but documenting all of the clues. Then you hit search for warrant at bottom. If you have all of the particular clues for a criminal you will get their warrant and lock them up.

Hope Hurst

Awsm Challenging Fun Game! One of my favourite Educational games I played, along with Number Munchers and Oregon Trail.. I wish the graphics were more updated, but at the same time I like the classic setup of the game, like old times. so cool it's now available on my phone.

Mary Salvani

As a child, I loved playing Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I am glad this game brings back fond memories for me. I like playing it while I am on route to school and work via public transit.

Marianna Brito

Great that it's out there, but... As everybody else, I was very excited to find the game. However beyond the fact that a very important map is missing, it doesn't follow the deadline at all. It can suddenly decide to chase after the suspect after two countries, when you haven't had the time or enough clues to issue a warrant yet. Unfortunately, that a major issue and a really annoying one.

Jason Salmon

It's okay.. But the text crawl doesn't show the bottom line. Would be 5 star otherwise

Obet Yance

Need updates Love this game so much. You just need to improve the graphics, make the controls and menu better and hope you add more new challenges. :)

qra ph

Nice but too short time on later levels On higher ranks (ie. Sr det.) you run out of time a lot even if you only do one search per country and do everything right (only one try for warrant). All searches take 1hr so no way to go faster unless you dont search anymore and just guess next country

Brian deBoer

Just like ol' times Miss this game. My only complaint is the format on my tablet and phone seems to cut off the text when it types something up

Brycelyn Bennett

Please improve. This game brought back memories. I still have my aunts old school black and white mac computer, just for this game. I do like this version, however: 1. Why give a deadline if you do not have until that time? 2. There needs to be a better variety of clues, besides flag colours. 3. In the original if we flew to the wrong country, the people would say that they hadn't seen anyone with that discription and you would fly back and try again. Which is better than this version of just losing the case! Please fix!

Warrick Rencken

AVILE Hunch man You might be on the right track, you should change the destinations to cities instead of countries, that's how it was. In the original pc game, it's more involving if you have to know which city in in the country you have clues for

Koushik Brahma

Carmen You have to find a bunch of thugs. As you progress the job becomes more and more difficult and finally you have to apprehend Carmen Sandiego, the 'choron ki rani'. If you can, you are in the Hall of Fame. Brilliant game. Love playing it. Superb... Only con is the word 'sex', could have been 'Gender', instead.

Cameron Beveridge

Fairly enjoyable. Needs expansion. I had to buy some country packs because it was getting repetitive quickly. I think they should go with the times and have points you can exchange for gameplay enhancements. Make it so as you rank up, you can buy more suspects, locations, etc. Exploit us with a badge/award point system so that people start spending their rent money to fuel their addiction to chasing Carmen. Step three: Profit

Jessica Smith

Fled This is crap. I am given a deadline which actually means nothing because the suspect always flees the day after I start looking. Oh and I slept for about 12 hours, and wasted the little time I was given.

Richelle Spence

Unplayable Bugs in the software stop ur play after 30 secs and doesn't save ur progression. After 30secs of play, pop-up ads flash, close the ad to return to play, the game begins again from the start. I understand there are in-app purchases please allow people to trial the game for a descent period prior to payment.

Kiyah Taylor

Doesn't give you until the deadline I follow the clues and get a warrant and all that but when I get to the correct city, it keeps saying the suspect fled. Also it doesn't even get close to the deadline. It gives me a Tuesday 2am deadline and it will end the search on a Saturday or Sunday. It doesn't give you a chance to play. Im deleting this game.

Chris Jenkins

Update it! Awful font; slow, unskippable anims; obscure, outdated and/or US-centred clues.... Could be loads better if updated to use modern tech

Caralynne Viljoen

Very repetitive The case is always a stolen national treasure, the clues don't vary much and the higher your rank the more repetitive it gets. The fax takes forever and you can't speed it up. Still a fun way to learn geopolitical facts, despite the limited clues.

Lauren English

Meh. I was hoping this would be more like "Where in Time is Carmen San Diego? V3.5" Or even a more modern version of "Where in the World?" Still a fun game. But for 2014, it is seriously dated. Not very impressed.

chris reid

Carmen It feels like the old game. Kind of lame that the stolen treasure is almost always identified as a "ancient artifact." Could do with a few more animations. Would be nice if criminals were uniquely animated.

Kirby Lovering

Why? I can only visit intial city, as soon as I try to go somewhere else to track suspect the game starts all over again!! I love this game. So please fix.

Carl Donald

Nostalgia, but... Brings back a lot of memories and is still good fun, but shocking how impatient I've grown. A way to skip past all the animations would be great. Also I completed a mission at 10AM Saturday - not sure why I didn't fail being after the 2AM deadline.

Sedin Magic15

Brings Back The Old Days This game brings back my elementary school days. I loved this game when I was a kid and I've been wishing I could play it again and now I can! My only complaint would be that I don't think it's necessary to have pop up ads in between every case. That's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I actually would have given it 4.5 stars if it was possible.

Jessica Frost

Like being a kid again Loved this game as a kid. Still fun now I'm a bigger kid. Do miss the graphics when you travel though. Sound sometimes stops but it has no impact on play. I love how close to the original it is.

It's mostly faithful to the old computer game. However, it's rather simplistic and the sound has a habit of cutting out after any ad pops up.

joel carter

Not as good as original Still a lot left to do to make this game any better than 3 stars. Not enough time to finish cases no matter what you do once you get ranked high enough.

Bec Ryder-Anderson

Vintage 80's But whatever happened to the rest of the game? When you made an error you did have the slim chance of still catching the suspect! - Now you let them escape, but don't learn how you went wrong...bring em back and lll give more stars!


Thank you!! This is the closest I can get to my carmen sandiego games. Would be good to have different levels so some can be more challenging.

Jack Phillips

Blast from the past Whether re discovering the game as a retrospective and much loved reminder of simpler times, or encountering it for the first time, Carmen is a highly recommended educational aide and also a heap of fun. Travel the world and chase down the criminals, even learn a bit on the way. 4/5 stars. Great game :)

Zsarina Turu

Good but needs more... So nostalgic & gameplay is easy. Just graphics could be better, info on the countries was lacking & I miss Carmen's taunts. Can be improved by adding menu options that lead to Wikipedia links on each country & maybe a match the flag mini-game. When done I will up my rating.

Stephanie Mohr

Great game but gets too hard Play this game alot but unfortunately once you hit senior detective you can barely move forward at all. My fiancé and I tried about ten times now with nothing.

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