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14 Sep
Cards and Castles

Posted by Red Team Games in Strategy | Sept. 14, 2016 | 273 Comments

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Cards and Castles is a Tactical Card Collection Game, combining the best parts of tactical games and CCGs into one awesome combo! Collect cards and to destroy your enemy's castle using multi faction deck building, fully controllable units, area spells, buffs, enchantments, buildings, and more! Choose from five factions for a unique combination of cards and abilities to use in battle. Collect cards to create more strategies and combos to dominate your opponents and destroy their base!

PLEASE NOTE! Cards and Castles is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

• Duel players from around the world in real time, turn based, or tournament competitive play
• Destroy your opponent's castle to increase your rank and receive new rewards
• Tournament mode to create unique decks to battle opponents in the arena
• Compete for the top of the leader board and legendary prizes
• Collect hundreds of cards including the rare foils
• Unique strategy gameplay blended with collectible cards for endless variety and deep tactical play
• Multiple factions with their own card sets, abilities, heroes: Vikings, Crusaders, Warlocks, Pirates, and Ninjas
• Frequent content updates for cards, maps, play modes, expansions

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Whats new

    Monster Island is here!! Many new cards and significant upgrades to gameplay and balance have been launched.
    - New replay system!
    - New cards and abilities!
    - Improved tournament rewards and quest rewards!

Red Team Games part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 80.7929. Current verison is 3.2.08. Actual size 75.0 MB.

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Kevin Chapman

Didn't fix it Your new update that was supposed to fix it didn't fix it. Okay so now it just freezes it in instead of kicking me out.

brad hatfield

Very fun I had already posted a review but I want to update it. Great game worth getting first non pay to win that has good balance, but I ran into a in app purchase problem and developers did nothing to help also the update really muked things up as well.

arif danbo

The new update make my game broke There is a bug where when you open the game its just fine but if you opened Scenario or something else it just gone completely white...I hope you can fix this instanly...I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab by the way


Best strategy card building game Probably one of e only few app where pay to win is not required. Strategy can easily win ppl legendary cards. Highly recommended

Chad Mopp

Flippin Awesome I would love to give this game a 5 star rating but I kept getting disconnected from the fights but other than that the game is awesome love the art style for the card

Dorian Bucur

Bringing strategy to mobile First off, this is a great game in a genre that is severly lacking on mobile. There's tons of content and game modes and obviously lots of work has gone into this. It borrows from other great games like Hearthstone and Hero Academy to bring a great mix that is easy to learn and deep to master. If you're like me and hate most of the 'strategy' games that are currently on mobile, give this one a try. Now on to the problems. The animations are lackluster, and while obviously not relevant compared to the great gameplay, a less than stellar presentation can make a bad first impact. To be honest, I got a feeling of 'cheap ripoff' when I first played this, only to be disproved later on. The interface needs some work as several things are not clear at all. Examples: See maximum life of a unit without double tapping; see the maximum gold gained this turn; see the duration of effects and the number of cards in the enemy's hands; units with 3 life have their life red even if it's their maximum. The lack of campaigns in offline is also very bad. I haven't played enough to talk about balance issues but I get the feeling there are some.

ShannonZ Weir

Sore lozers Love the game but soo easy to play cheep tactics and seems to be what everybody dose takes the fun out of the game. Please update so that thay can't just take out my castle without killing my guys! Also fix network nothing worse then being in a live match and u can't take your turn because game is trying to connect every 2nd turn!

Jacob Honrade

The Game This is a very cool game. Lots of playtime and cards to collect but sometimes the game crashes and it does that for 2 times. And also the game does not respond quickly if you tap something it needs a few seconds to load. Otherwise a very cool card and strategy game. Pls. fix. I will give 5 stars

lewis lew

Impressive This game is pretty fun ive been playing it for a long while since i download this game which does't really happen for me. Great game but their is lag that i come across pleasr fix it and also a few glitches, where the Ai doesnt play their turn, just maybe add a few achievements and make them viewable. Also make obtaining resources easier, we should get a more in practice mode

Bryan Orial

Better than CLASH OF CLANS Coc is boring this is more fun and unlimitrd play and attack just like yu gi oh best android game ever!!!!

Mohd Azizi Nasaruddin

Idk why This game is simple yet have it own depth in the gameplay. The graphics are crap, but it remind me of my childhood art class. This is one of the best tcg. I recommend this to all who saw and read my review because its more than meet the eyes. Loved it!


Comment on the TOC The introduce of "Tournament of Champion" doesn't make the gameplay more tactical variety, most likely forcing us to get these new stronger version cards. 〈Sincerely, The Loyal Player〉

Timothy Kakorin

Not worth your money just hack game Everyone hacks the game and cheats so the 100$+ I have spent on the game is a waste. Once you get to doing ranked and drafts everyone hacks and cheats. So no point in playing anymore. I have seen tons of ppl use more then 4 of a card, use spells for no gold cost even though they cost 1 to 7 gold. I have seen me make moves kill their ppl then I end turn and their people are all back alive somehow. Wtf screw loses who have to hack and cheat to win. You are so fake and weak. Not real men/women.

Eric Craft

Nothing new... I played this game a lot a while back and loved it but got really bored playing the exact same map and using the exact same openers every freaking time... Well nothing is new except for some different looking cards... yay... Also the computer is still stupid beyond belief even on "extreme" setting...

Justine De Guzman

Report and trading To report the players that didn't respond on the ranked match.. (first attack) ... And some trading cards to friends .. And some trading stuffs/cards.. If you make it like that . I will give you 5.. :)

Alan Perez

Super fun! Game has a lot of option, so there is always something to test out. Also the pics of the cards care hilarious!

Nathan Tardo

great game my only dislike is I can't play offline. not enough games can be played offline.

Gavin Otto

The game was fun at first but the online game play got boring really fast and the game had me angry and unsatisfied more often then entertained... I don't recommend it.


Great game. Combines my two favorite genres ccg & turn based strategy. Just started playing and love it. Will purchase as much as I can afford to support this game and keep the updates and new content flowing .

Paul Vilaga

Great game It would be a lot better if scenarios can be played off line.

Cesar Diaz

Great game Please make a way to get free bit points I really need it.

Stephen Dooley

Very good game but... I love the game but what I don't like is when it doesn't warn you when you are spending your points because when I spent my bit points on a draft match for 15 bit points instead of warning me it spent them anyway :( plus its a bit glitchy like when a opponent is one square away and it hurts you or when the openent hurts you when you are dead by magic so that is why I rated it a 4 star 5 if you fix

Jason Geslani

Could you make the artwork cooler? It would be awesome

Jacob Fabre

I love it I would like an update with new cards tho

Randy Anggadinata

Good game, lots of connection issues. Cards that are played suddenly becomes unplayed or changed to some other cards.

Allen Opperman

Incredibly enjoyable This game just maybe my favorite mobile game ever.

Jhoanna Rivera

Great game I really like the game but please make the game offline

Paul lo

Nice game I like d game play. It is compatible with my android. Awesome , nope that it will be compatible to 4.0.4 in d future

Brian Mcfarren

Very good Cards and castles is one of the best games I ever played

Kenny G

Like it a lot. It's virtual 3-d chess

Nicholas Kiser

BEST GAME EVER One of the best game I've ever played

Lamar Nicholes

You betcha Engaging and the developers have more planned.

Paul Aporongao

Love this game Awooo this is one of the game ive been waiting for

John Rhoden

Hero clixish Choose your characters and upgrades and use your strategy.

Tyler Wallace

? it because It is gust like yu GI oh

Joey Payne

Great work Simple to learn. Fun to play. Amazing.

Zac Taylor

love it! I won the epic way

Kenneth Holt

Why? I loved the game until the last update, now when I try and play the screen is white, the units and castles are invisible, and is impossible to play. I spoke with the devs through e-mail and it seemed like they were working on it but even with all of the new updates nothing has changed.

Alex Santana

I really like this game but uninstalled after the update all the things i put on the playing field are invisable ..i bought the new scenario but the screen is mostly white and it shows only the words not the boxes that are supposed to be around them idk what to do i uninstalled and installed again then logged in to my account and the scenario page and playing field still sends invisable people and buildings the new build has the same problem

Minkyu Ko

The new update Everything was amazing until the new update.. the terrible music and it keeps lagging and having trouble opening.. whats happenend?

Auzi Toys

Like it but... Great game. I like it but getting connection error almost everytime on live match even on high speed internet connection. Keep losing live match because of this. Hope bitmass will fix this soon

Evghenii Cvasa

Last update Changes after update ruined this game. Cards, music, animation everything made this game worse. Plz bring the game we all loved back.

Raymond Pryimak

The game is great, but..... Since the latest update, the app has froze on me many times, and it's especially bad when I'm in the middle of a live ranked game, I've lost many times due to that, as well as a sync error that makes my hand disappear and thus causes me to lose the game. This game is really good and I hope to see these errors fixed soon

Lance Vicary

Screen display . build 725. start game display is ok, but not when you select any one the menus ie... Scenario. That screen and all the rest turns white and not the usual colorful display as b4 the update. When doing any scenarios or battles, the battle screen turns white with only the enemy castle and enemy troop display, don't see my castle. Also theres no board display. there r cards at bottom of the screen but they r not colorful. All was ok and playable b4 the update. I have plenty of space on my samsung galaxy tab 4.

Mazen Alalwan

I have a problem The last I downloaded it every thing was fine.. But now it's keep lag..many bugs.. I can't see the cards when I play it its kind of invisible...too slow.. Please fix this soon!... I deleted hearth stone for this game!

Hritik Kala

This game is a must download I love this game its awesome addictive and fun.all the bugs have been fixed and you have to download this game.thankx 4 fixing it Bit Mass.this is the best game ever.

yoy cool

B4 was vv NC but now Invisible cards can only see the field and also disconnect and cannot connect back when in the middle of pvp

Tob Fu

Lost all my progress, uninstalled.. Game was fun but I won't collect all these legendaries I had for another time. RIP

joseph knight

Super fun and engaging! But is too focused on in game purchases. Seriously you even have to pay to unlock levels and there is a cap on the in game currency you can earn outside of pvp... Also PvP is there point of focus since spending money is the most reliable way of obtaining decent cards to which you can compete with... But the basis of a fantastic game is there under all their greed...

Topaz Emerald

Awesome Pure awesomeness. Just wondering, what is the security like for my account? Will I ever lose it or have difficulty logging back in? And where do I contact.

Viktor R. Bermudez

It's a good game But it should let you play offline

Maitai Dahlan

Bug is fixed

Philip Korompis

Have installed new version, but asking again? I love this game, yesterday i been asked to install new version, i did. Today trying to play it, but it asked me again to update??? When i go to Google store... It has no update just "open" selection.... Trying to play the game its still said update 1st??? What happen to this version.? And before the update i got a fable card, now its lost!!!!!! Arrghhhh

Андрей Передерий

Vikings... Vikings is over power

Александр Кукалев

Hey! What about new mode? Add bigger map with more healthy castle.

schapyrk _

To fine and pretty

Aliaksandr Drebenchuk

плохо восстанавливает соединение 28.10 4 days can't change card packages. Game still has bad re-connection and some times new bugs. Please not so many news. Just more fixing - create regression test package. 06.11 new updates - new bugs. For example 'loading' window every 4 sec! How I can play?! Please stop create new features until good test coverage. Before RC need to create branch and subversion builds. 14.11 played music when it mute. Yea! Great sleep for my wife. 19.12 new cards only by real money... Goodbye - game was delete.

Mark Lion

Awesome game, but lagging a lot

Alex Santana

I really like this game but uninstalled after the update all the things i put on the playing field are invisable ..i bought the new scenario but the screen is mostly white and it shows only the words not the boxes that are supposed to be around them idk what to do i uninstalled and installed again then logged in to my account and the scenario page and playing field still sends invisable people and buildings the new build has the same problem

Aj Armer

Awesome fun! Nice mix of card games and strategy. It's like MtG or yugioh except you control the monsters on the field after you summon then in a simple strategy game. Good implementation of those dreaded IAPs combined with a fun game makes this an easy recommendation.

Ivan Leš

Love the game but don't play it any more I've probably had this game almost right from the start when it got out. Went through all scenarios (back then) and started PVP. But then I was lacking time to play for a while and after several game updates, the complete mechanics of the game has changed, card trading system is upgraded, there are too many variables on strategy that makes it a bit too much for a casual player to come, play and win/buy cards. Great game, but became too much. Can't force myself to uninstall it.

Shealah Dressler

Cant even start When i open it,it shows bit mass then a black screen and im exited out after that plz help ive un and reinstalled it

Michael Olson

Great concept! Love the concept and tactics of this game. If u like strategy, u will enjoy it very much. If u also like trading card games, u will fall in love with this game. Also runs great, no crashing.

Mike Tate

Used to be good Once upon a time, I wrote a glowing review of how the developers were doing customer service right. The game was pretty good but the devs were quick, responsive, and awesome. Now they have completely stopped fixing bugs, ignored balance altogether, and are going against the wishes of all but the Whales in an effort to turn this once charming and unique game into a Hearthstone clone. Shame on them.

Isaac Thompson

Love it, but... I absolutely love this game, it's fun, simple, and addictive. I only have one tiny problem with it... It needs new cards lol. New cards would be awesome!!!

Ezra Dozier

Can't even loud up Its like stuck on the main load screen I've never even seen the actual game

Zach Whitfield

Awesome game Devs are awesome, always pushing out new free content. Only thing- on my phone, if I try to fix, my app crashes.

Faris Stonecypher

Best game ever!!!! This is fun. No glitches. Nothing is wrong with the game. Whoever thinks there is a problem your wrong.

brad hatfield

How long? Update. Besides that I'd wait to get this game. right now everybody is just spamming the Pirates and warlock deck. It's stupid and frustrating losing idiots that have no skill and just go on the fourms and copy and past the first deck they see. Development has taken a turn for the worst sadly.

Chris Most

Best strategy card game outside of mtg This game has it all and is completely free i have an awesome time and am competetive and have not spent a cent. You have the option to purchase card packs with cash that will yield more rare cards but i can tell you ive pulled great cards from packs i earn by winning not purchasing so dont worry you can have fun and leave you credit card safely in your pocket

Evilwhisper R

great game needs work Ok the game is great but some features are missing I would like to be able to check enemy units and my own units attack power and enhancements health is not enough please add this to your next update and rating will change

Raymond Pryimak

Starting to get sick of the game freezing in Ranked matches Since the latest update, the app has froze on me many times, and it's especially bad when I'm in the middle of a live ranked game, I've lost many times due to that, as well as a sync error that makes my hand disappear and thus causes me to lose the game. This game is really good and I hope to see these errors fixed soon

David Johnston

It wont work Evey time I want it to work it shows bit mass then a black screen the it exits me out of the game if possible please fix it

John Stewart

Love this game and play it daily. It's pretty addictive, but....since the last update, some things have changed. It used to be that I could be in the middle of a match, receive a text, jump of the game and respond, then come back and continue with no issues. Not so much now, if you jump of the app to do something else, expect it to lock up and not respond. a huge pain, because if you start a match, don't expect to do anything else with your phone or you'll crash the app, and lose. Some balance issues also.


Basically a copy if mojang scrolls but on mobile. Has draft boosters and custom decks would be nice if it a larger community though.. A lot more fun than hearthstone but not as fun as mtg

Bebe We'd wed

SO ADDICTING but too much bullies playing this made me undownload many games, but i think it would be better if we play friendly, with our same rank because i always get paired up with the stronger ones, example i am bronze 3 and got paired up to a silver 11. Out of 21 games (i counted it) i only won 2 games since i get paired up with skilled higher ranking players.

christopher martin

Looks like a awesome game but...........?………….........… Looks like a great game but loading screen takes like 30min plz fix I can't get into game plzplz fix cuz the consept looks great+graphics and all that junk fix and 5stars

Hasan Homsi

Amazing but... It should have some levels that are offline?

Darin Stewart

GREAT It's a great game but put more cards for the decks

mason cashion

AWESOME Better than card wars

Kevin Chapman

Looding axe problem When i try to play on my cellphone the axe starts to spin but then it stops and starts to go the opposite direction and then kicks me out of the game. My tablet works just fine but not my cellphone.

Naughty Gideon

Glitchy at best Even if it loads for you it's glitchy and gets boring quickly

Lee Adrian

Come on.... stop crashing already! I do like the game but it keeps crashing. would give it 5 star if they can fix this major issue.

Hill Jac

Get the game Did you get the game did you did you!

Zachary Keigley

Great! I got board and I saw this game so I downloaded it and it is outstanding! You can put countless hours into this game and it never gets boaring.

Shlomo Mendelawi

Keeps crashing Updated the app now every time i open it, it crashes

Tara Williams

This is the best game I ever played I love the that you got so many cards and when you a friend that has it both of you can play together it like card war but free you should get this game.

Christian McPherson

Yeauhh The best game I ever played

France Luya

So much Hype!!!! So cool and Hype!!!!!

Manuel V.

Great game but... Very instable interface, freezes often during gameplay. Fix this soon please.

Zachary Holt

Good game I really like it I think it is fun and strategic.

Chester Valiente

Force closed Happened on the first and second time. Will keep counting then uninstall.

Da Bananna Face

Great Game!! I love the game but to make it even better please add a trading system

Willie Co

Was fun Latest update broke the game. Too bad. :-(

Liam Zetterberg

AMAZING This game is a combo of my two favorite strategy games. But I wish more cards could be made. Other than that this is a great game.

Tommy Rohmann

What happened? Undo button gone, so miss clicks end the game...keep losing a ton. And I can't move after I attack :/

Mir Khan

wtf - undo button gone I quit the game coz I can't play this game now, the blocks are so tiny that u are certain to miss click ... One miss click game over ... Plz bring back the undo button so I may play the game again! :(

Ahmad Gora

Undo I love eveything about this game and had previously rated it 5 stars but getting rid of the undo button is completely unnecessary. Will change back to five stars once the undo button is back.

Shaikhal Fitri

Meh Being 'Not paid to win' is one thing but removing the undo button?Rly?

Andrew777doom Gamer

I actually love the game but The fact that you removed the Undo button makes game so much worse because if you have an accident then you cannot undo it and you will lose so easily.

Joshua Coupar-Evans

Can't even make account, can anyone help?

Herbie French

Alsome Alsome

Peter Rogers

Great game, but... Great game, love the art, yada yada, LAG! ... Surprisingly it only slows battles, but every other time I enter the main menu, instant freeze/crash. Probably a difficult fix, but its not a huge problem, cuz I'm still playing :) ... Oh yeah, and this game won't open past the spinning circle on my tablet.

satvik gupta

Can't rate as 0 stars There is some bug due to which one cannot connect to the web and it is disappointing as I can connect to the web normally.

x Me and Narwhal x

One of the Best This game is absolutely terrific. There can be some minor bugs that I can list :You can also duel a friend and spam "end turn" to level up alot.There is also a bug where instead of a win, its aloss Some people start to complain about the Tournament prices. I'd say its fair because its the only way to get the final prize. I still don't know how to get silver points though.

Marcos Lozano

I absolutely love this game but I wish there was a function to trade cards with other players

Remy Thibodeau

glitch around every corner really bugy the screen keeps going all pixilated and freezes a lot please fix other wise great game

Gabriel Bellware

Don't download I can't even create a profile. It says connexion error every time. No matter how I try.

jordan magsalin

new player always can't connect I can't try the game

The Goldy

This game is like a maze Once in never out

Kevin Williams

You can't chat with the person you are battling

Jaqup Dotter

Ok.. It's too hard to earn CP and get booster packs. And silver points cost money there is no way to earn them. At a certain point it really takes the fun out of it if you're not willing to pay to win

Li H

Pretty fun, and I haven't been asked to buy anything yet = 5*, at least so far

Josh Temple

Incredible potential. Almost no content. Very well made gameplay with two severe issues. First is the almost non existent content. Theres no single player mode (expect a very short "campaign" that's literary just a few battles.) Hope you enjoy unbalanced pvp and nothing else. Leading to the second problem. Most cards are well balanced, but there's that one "egyptian god card" that ruins a good match... for both sides... Example: having a 2x attack card makes it stupid easy to ONE SHOT your opponent. Huge disappointment with god cards.

Nate Brons

False category I downloaded this game because it was a "offline" game. A soon as I got off WiFi a message popped up saying "Connection lost. Please reconnect to the Internet." Very disappointing. Uninstalling it. :/

Anthony Gibbs

Good game Its a great strategy game for fun

Devon Cromwell

Love it! Would be five stars, but I am not a huge fan of the Newgrounds art style.

Landin Barnes

Best ever This game is amazing. If you like card games and tactical games you will fall in love

Sora Wolf

Needs Balancing Very good game :) I love it. It just needs more balancing like practice needs to be harder and a level 11 vikings shouldn't loose so easy to a level 7 ninja ._.

Ben Orsted

Awesome Great way to pass the time and even better when you play with friends, keep coming out with new packs!

Jacob Casella

Save up 50 bucks and buy the legends bundle You can do very well with common cards but to reach the top you'll need some legendary cards. Spend the 50 bucks and you'll get 2 legends at least and be and can create the one you really need. Lol the legends do really give u an advantage.

Jason Betsargon

I keep coming back Lol i had this game 2 years ago and then reinstalled a year ago and find myself reinstalling it again. Clearly there is something about this game that I like and the changes through the years r pretty cool but some problems. Game crashes when u r looking for something to craft (tested this like 20 times) and u guys r still greedy on the packs but that probably won't change. Make tournaments and other ways to win sp

Diamond Rust

Amazing! 3d version of Hearthstone

Ryan Liu

Really Interesting Game This game is fun and different than Hearthstone. Instead of just playing a card down, you have to play a card and then move it to your opponent to attack him. Plus, unlike Hearthstone, you can get rare cards pretty easily and actually be able to beat other players. Try this game out!

Michael Cooper

Neat little game It kind of like MTG... with a twist - you get to move the cards/characters. One big downside... it is a MAJOR battery drain (hence the 3 stars). I can have my charger hooked up and it STILL drains - pretty quickly too. Orange Tiger (reading the reviews), if you don't know what a Wight is... then you probably shouldn't be playing this type of game ROFL xD

zach herron

Good game I like the mechanics. Summoning units is like hearthstone along with card crafting and quests. The combat is new to me and the five lanes plus building card is pretty good but the best part for me is the control you don't just build units and watch them go down the lanes you move them where you want. The downside for this game for me is the few bugs I have encountered in less then 2 hours of play. Mostly the game will just freeze and I'll have to restart it but other then that I recommend this to anybody

Brandon Goodman

Improving I've played cards and castles for a long time now. At first, the cards changed drastically every month. It seemed every time they changed a group of cards, I would have to rebuild a deck from scratch, attempting to recreate one that was actually competitive without knowing just what the new card effects were capable of. However, over time, they were able to iron out a gameplay system and card set that was concrete and enjoyable. It is worth your time. I look forward to playing this game more so now.

Kyle Babcock

Keep up the good work I love this game and I hope you keep updating it! I only wish there was a bigger deck size

Kris Martinez

Way better than before New content is awesome! One bit of advice: the warlock faction Zombie card should have Bleed 1 and should change a card it kills into a zombie. Thats what zombies do, ya know? Nerf the cards health and/or damage appropriately to accommodate its ability to "infect" transform enemy cards into Zombie cards. I hope my suggestion makes its way in to an update!

Jonathan Frantz

Title music is so unbearably awful I mute my phone when I open this game. It is just so so bad. The rest of the music is fine. Please change it back to how it was. I miss the silence.

shadow eevee720

Good but I like the game i would rate it 5 stars but when i updated the game it took my legendary the legendary was make ever unit on the feild one health i loved that legendary so plz can u give it back my name in the game is shadoweevee7 also it was a pirate card

cherylynn page

Woeten/Undo Please rebalance woeten its stealth is nothing against deflect it keeps all debuffs and all other legend dragons can one hit it the only thing good is that it costs 4 gold and please bring back undo button atleast bring it to two or three retrys because its easy to misplace a unit on a small screen

Alekzander Calderon

Cant play game When ever i enter game it says unfortunately the games name has stoped and it repeats all the time it looks like a grate game so plz fix this for 6 stars

Nicolas Brocklehurst

Awesome game... It is a knock off of hearthstone except with turn-based strategy. Loving it. Can't wait for enhanced graphics and card effects.

Frantisek Konstantinovic

Too many changes It is impossible to play when you are changing game rules, card features and interface so often.

Roemon Christian

Cool You add a upgrade where you can add more card slots I'm a deck


Awesome game I love this game but since the last update i cant connect to google and play on my account

enderbro25 gaming

Love it omg so fun Really addicting and fun

DragoKiller284 Wilson

Great It's very addictive

Wil Cook

This is an amazing game. Especially when you are able to play with friends to show who is boss!

TC Chong

Removed the Undo This was a great game easily 4stars then they made it great and it was 5stars. Now between removing the Undo button (which is really needed on mobile devices) and the forum mods being rude to its users I think this game is dying. I hope not because it's basic concepts are awesome but when you can lose matches not because of lack of skill but because the interface sucks it makes it very frustrating to play, especially ranked and in tournaments. I'm giving it 2stars because it is fun but not great anymore

Mir Khan

What happened to undo button ??? Why u guys keep messing up with the basic elements of game??? Is the game dying, have u guys lost all ur creativity? Instead of making game user friendly you keep annoying us... I quit the game coz I can't play this game now, the blocks are so tiny that u are certain to miss click ... One miss click game over ... Plz bring back the undo button so I may play the game again! :(

Andy Tran

Fun until it crashes Pros: simple to comprehend; decent deckbuilding strategy; ability to obtain cards through sharding. Cons: sometimes it freezes during combat which means you have to surrender and suffer a loss to continue playing, which sucks during rank or tourney games; coins can only be spent on tourney or generic booster pack.

Miguel De Leon

When you open the app for the first time, It works properly, but when I wanted to play again, My internet is fast but I cant press a single button.Please help thanks

sebastian mihutoiu

Very fun 5 stars to support the game and dev but please support us too. Add 2 extra cards or so to a booster pack, 5 seems a little small. Great game though, really hope it continues to grow and get support.

Thomas Mai

It's a nice, interesting game! It doesn't work offline. That's a big issue. This kind of games should stand offline and have the online 1vs1 part as an extra, not as a main game. It's just a killing time APP

Nellven Pang

Add in your game Make a multipalyer game that have 2 player in each side so 2 player can defen and attack together pls


Amazing This is my first time playing these type of games. I was interested when I saw it on winter gamefest, I played it for hours it is (in my opinion) one of the best games on Google play

Elias Hibberson

Excellent! Loved it so much I made a board and played with my family.

Harold Jeff Espineda

Please allow offline mode I really love the strategy concept of this game. One downside though is that it always require internet connection. There are times when I just want to play campaign with computer opponent but it keeps restarting because my mobile data signal is weak...

Ukaze Junior

Creative enough! Great idea by combining card and strategy game! Goodjob!

Thomas Bayer

Seems good... ...but does it need to be updated every day?

Nathan Quine

Every time I try to play it wont let me

Remy Thibodeau

glitchy and irritating it randomly freezes during a battle and I think that card burn is dumb because if I can't send any more soldiers in a war because I already did or are about to my base isn't going to suddenly start falling apart whether his is a fantasy card game or not this is a extremely irritating feature and would otherwise be an amazing game!>:(

Kevin Mattinson

Great game, but after last update the title screen freezes and the game crashes when battle ends. Please fix these glitches.

The Goldy

This game is like a maze Once in never out

Leon Lenk


Shaun Betteridge

Loveeeeeee this

Henry McCartan

A Mixture of Hearthstone and Chess The inspiration drawn from Blizzards Hearthstone is obvious with a lot of concepts directly lifted. Fans will fit right in here. The execution for mobile is much better here, runs great and doesn't eat your entire device memory. Fantastic strategy but with some pay to win elements (directly purchasing powerful cards with $£)

Robin French

Good game ruined by abysmal matchmaking The game itself is a lot of fun, but after playing a while I find I'm only put against opponents with extremely good cards, while I'm stuck with the basic ones. Hardly being able to win any matches means I can't earn the points to buy more boosters, which only contain a measly 5 cards anyway. The upshot is that this is a pay to win game, you have to spend money to be able to keep up. Extremely disappointing and a waste of time. Don't bother.

raven six

Cant even start new game It says connection error when i press the start nwe account button

Jackson Paris

Awesomesaucome One of the best card games ever I love and it is all ways being updated

Jeremy Brewster

Will change if resolved I had the same problem raven six stated and my connection is solid. Even tried logging in with my Google play account as it had already prompted me to choose on launch but to no avail. Consistently says it cannot connect.

Paul Pogonyshev

After the last update nearly unusable on an old phone. Would hang after 1-3 games.

Komodoe Freeman

Love this game Best game on play store

Jeff Runge

Great game but... ... You guys took out fun features. Like card crafting, for legendary, let it back because I've found twelve black market packs and never get legendary cards. And make tournament prizes better, two cards for a perfect streak? Also battle mode, one win gets me 21 points but losses are 40? No balance that too

Arvin Josol

Fun game at the lower levels when playing as f2p. Really strong cards not easily available to the f2p player once you climb the ranks but that's understandable. Free card packs every couple hours and quest card packs that scale with your badge level seems ok. Bad feels when people with better cards gatekeep you from a higher badge level (especially since the quality of quest packs and free packs scale with your rank). Async mode of play is really great. Overall, very fun game.

oong lee

After many update. Warlock has many area effect card that can deal 8 damage for no reason and Legendary fire dragon that can "Surprise! deal 5 damage in half of map and Boom! 7 damage to castle(Because it's can transform a unit in front of your castle)." but Viking chain lightning can't do any damage anymore if first target die? Uninstalled. Goodbye. This game isn't fun anymore.

Dewie Dewie

Used to be fun.... I got a new Phone and downloaded this app only to realise that you need level 3 to unlock campaign?!!! It's hard to get because new players with starting cards against high level players it takes so long to get level 3 also so many old features were taken away.... Why!?!?


Greed Cards are more expensive to craft now but you get way lower amount of card points for disenchanting.

renan macapagal

Please Fix Great game but the next time i played it was stuck on the loading screen Please FIX it For 5 Stars

arya stark

Seems unbalanced. And i wonser wgo thought about 5 sdng after deck is finished but tehre is still units ine the arena

Milan Jovanovic

Best card game ever! If you know Hearthstone this is so much better than that. Absolutely best game ever! Card effects are interesting and cool. Likemit a lot!!


Pay to win Last few updates 100% committed to making you pay to do anything productive. Uninstalled, way to tank a good thing in a matter of weeks.

Mikey Teen

Used to be great, now utter trash Devs have become very greedy and it's basically turned into a pay2win game. Each update makes the game Worse with the latest getting rid of crafting cards. Good cards are now extremely hard to get and you mostly only get basics and Commons from card packs, the rares always seem to be the ones you already have. The Devs are also ignoring my emails since I can't log back into my account where I actually had good stuff. Legendaries are also overpowered vs players without them

Joe Million

The Lag is real There's a million updates, and every single one of them has lag. Love the game but offten find my self with a huge advantage only a turn away from victory, when the game crashes. I cant use my cards,I cant move my units, its just frozen, I log out and back in to find my units distroyed and my castle on its way and a turn clock speeding down to zero. not fun when so much effort is put in to make a decent deck. Ive switched networks a number of times and still lag. Its the game. Stop ignoring this issue!!

Syl M

Please let me change a deck's secondary type!!! Or at least let me add one to a preexisting mono deck. I shouldn't have to make a completely new one to do it! I swear I used to be to do it. Just remove all cards of X theme type from deck when switching or something. It's my biggest complaint. Waiting eagerly the removal of shards. Hoping crafting becomes more fair. 10 commons for 1 common is too high. Hope more ways to get card points is added, believe it's just tournament currently? Think there used to be more. Could you tell me what campaigns are used for? In the past it sounds like they awarded legendaries. Do they give anything anymore? Checked the blog & can't find the info. Oh, would like to gift silver points or unopened boosters to my friends. Add a separate purchase of it to the Google Play Store or something? Lastly, why can't I trade?! This is a card game! Add a badge level check and/or monthly limitations (only x trades allowed a month) if bots are concerned. Why doesn't friend wins count for anything? Even just slaughter quest. It's so useless currently. Get absolutely nothing for playing with my friends! WTF. Make a daily benefit limitations if bots are a concern. Only x wins with friends awards stuff. Improve match making by pairing folks with legendaries among themselves. Big turn off for new players, or even casuals, to get totally creamed by someone dropping legendary after legendary. Can't imagine the lack of challenge is fun for them either. This could be done by adding hidden deck value, weighted card values or something. If a separate option to fight a non legend deck with an enemy legend deck, non legend should win more points or silver points guaranteed. Oh yeah, where's my new tag? Before when I got new cards they'd be labeled new under my cards.

Nanda Afiff

Enjoyable game.. But Everything so EXPENSIVE...!! Every Victory war you got 5 silver point and epic bundel 3600 silver points...??? Dragon bundle 1800 SP...?? Black market booster 720 SP...?? Are you kidDing..?? Very unbalanced..!! And where is going the shards...?? Damn it

Ron Towery

Used to be great Was a fun simple game. Developers update seemingly weekly, change the rules and game play on a whim. And latest change has made game unstable. Such a waste of a good idea.

matt r

Meh. Cool idea, but company greed means a game like this...well the learning curve will continually become more extreme with each new release. I can't keep up with the constant changes and power-creep. Wish developers would see why games like chess can stand the test of time. Kudos to being on Steam, tho! Smart move.

Liel Choi

Perfect! Just what I've been wanting! Except for some crush... might be better if you fix it plz. I really like this game though~

Ian The Watermelon Gamer

Pretty good Bit of a time killer. Though it does need the use of wi-fi or data to work

mana auearunyawat

good attemp to not be p2w

Seth Bragdon

Used to be Amazing.. Age of Dragons is still way too overpowered, like Dramoth and everything Warlock. Stop nerfing Vikings, we need our one hitters to keep up with Warlock/Crusader decks that focus on your castle and kill you in 5-7 turns. Don't be stupid and create a knockoff Hearthstone. Those retard decks are literally enough to make someone quit, every other match is fine. I have a cheap W/C deck as well, but I never use it, because it's hardly even fair and not fun to use. Focus should target stealth.

Kenneth Atencio

Some room for improvement 3.0 - Language Support - This is a must fix. I have a black market booster I found after a match. It requires 3.5k CP but quests give card packs. Huge drawback

Steven Dennis

Good game Great game but a few drawbacks. 1.) It's always bothered me that the red player gets an extra card at the beginning. On the first turn blue gets 3 cards and draws 1 for a total of 4 cards. Red gets 4 cards and draws 2, 1 of then being an extra coin for a total of 6 cards on the first draw. Seriously why? I get the extra coin, but that one card makes a big difference. 2.) If there are no more CP how am I supposed to buy cards/ packs? With that GENEROUS 5sp I get after a quest I guess I can save 500

Vincent Bolliger

Very good job I like how the game feels. How the classes are very different. No problems here

MasterSR Stevenson-Rutter

Audio...... dafuq happened I open the game and become death the audio files are messed up

Deividas Rulys

The game works perfectly now

Mohammed Alghamdi

Best game ever Awesome game I like this game so much!!!

Chris Minniear

Recent updates not good Totally changed the balance of the game. Too much luck, too little strategy, some people have crazy over powered cards that you are doomed if you are stuck playing against them which you probably will be.

Mary Haas

Why all the changes For real this game used to be amazing now it gets worse and worse every upgrade. Why don't the makers of this game listen to their fans... This game sucks now

Chris Essick

Update New update killed the magic, felt 3 wasnt doing game justice its a solid solid mobile game. Just dont expect a ton of communication from devs.

Nathaniel Blakley

Great game! Awesome game, but the quests shouldn't be on a timer!!!!

Ryan Major

Too much wait time for sore losers Loved this game but sick of sore losers or just plain losers who run down the clock.


Seriously, wtf with the crusaders!

Sebastian Phipps

Awesome This app gets updates all the time that only make it better.


Bugs... Not cool Great game.. Several of the patches have messed with my phones, i spend money on this game for it to freeze immediately after. Please fix :(

Naegi Hope Gaming

Not PlayToWin There were bad updates but I think noobs who say it is pay to win are wrong. I have three out of 5 hero cards. I got the eye and Brynjolf from the scenarios which are not that expensive and I got Jonviev from pack. So It isn't hard to get the cards

Kyle Sams

Good Game but.. Its def. a fun game , but its also def. a major major major pay 2 win.... buuuut sadly thats the meta of all multiplayer games this day and age , so what can ya do, you like it or you dont.... also up until the last patch it was a total duplicate of Hearthstone, the blizzard made Warcraft card game . .. but they changed everything a few days ago so now its sorta unique in its own way.... anyway if you like card games i suggest you try it but only if your rich or under 14 , cause you need $ to enjoy

Mahmudul Hassan Hasib

Nice game definitely. A very nice game, well made, has nice-cute graphics, vast array of cards. Problems? You get matched up against people have way more powerful cards (not always but way too often). Deck building and card searching system needs work as there's only symbols to recognize things but very very few writings so it's EXTREMELY ANNOYING & TIME CONSUMING. Card packs costs too much and needs more way to obtain free cards and silver coins like free spin every 4 or 6 hours. Other than that it's fun. I'd say try it.

Ronald Hurlocker

Lost its touch The community has always failed to be productive and cohesive. Unfortunately, what was once a game with a lot of potential has become nothing more than a disappointed developer constantly hoping the money flows long enough for him to prove he wasn't wrong about ignoring the community that pays him.

Lyndon Ng

Nice and simple I've been playing this game for months now

Peter Stanley

Every time I make a move it syncs and kicks me from the game, updated, reinstalled and got nowhere, worked fine to start with until I paid for card packs and now totally useless, will be refunding the money spent on this game

Yvez Valdez

Amazing I really love card games. This one hits a lot! ? Good Job Dev's ?

Mikey Teen

Unable to get on Keeps crashing

iesky nathaniel

BAD GAME ,!!!!!!!!!! Super slow loading

x Me and Narwhal x

One of the Best *Edited* Wow, the comments are filled with mistakes :/ First of all, crusaders aren't OP, it takes a proper tactic to beat them. Second, the daily packs still give epics and legends. Also, you can get packs such as black market or others from the tourney. Lastly, wait for the monster update :3

yoy cool

Cant play You were not able to enter the que ....... im a old player but now i cant play it


Ok Just like hearthstone except simpler and more cartoonish.

James Burns

What happened? I have been playing this game for a very long time,since towers were around, and now when I open it I get a message that says I must download the new version. Funny thing though, when I open the play store I already have the newest version. Please fix whatever this problem is as I really do love this game and have worked long and hard to get where I am in it.

Luch Lavoie

Played since towers and while a lot has changed its still a good game

yongBoon oh

Unable to start battle After pressing the battle, it freezes and shows connection error! Unable to battle at all!! Please fix

Ethan Malonzo

best card game ever!!!! this my good card game ever

John McHugh

Great game fallen to greed This is a fun and different take on CCG's. However recent and planned changes have really soured my experience. Game points earned by playing used no longer have any use, can only buy packs with cash. They removed the packs that gave epic or legendary cards. Also removing the campaign,now pvp only, which is very slow, and you can no longer earn cards by completing it. Giving 3 very common cards every 8hrs does not make up for this, especially since they repeat the same few

Kris Martinez

Game Insanely UNBALANCED If I could give this game negative stars I would. Should be called Crusaders and Castles, don't bother using anything other than Crusaders, they are overpowered to the max: high damage, high health, they heal themselves and castle, have shielding, their cards draws extra cards, and can be made immune to any spell that could slow them down. Drop their health or attack if this much heal and damage! Also Ice Drakes should move 4 like Aeroth Windrider. And Aeroth needs Evade.

Rage Vanover

This game used to be Perfect Way to turn it into a pay-to-win with these recent updates. Thanks, but uninstalled.

360 SilverFist/ LQ

I say this is a good game! I have many troop ideas for this game. Either way, this is a good game..challenging and fun! Keep up the good work!

Sebastian Bagger

Doesn't work. Does not start on my phone anymore, android samsung.

Tymmal Ord

Yeah its good easy and doesnt take long to do things and its easy to win

dakota barkley

Got to badge lvl 3 and campaign says you can't play, wtf?

Raleigh Browder

Love it Best card strategy game out there - much better than hearthstone.

Zayhef Al

Cooool This game is so cool I don't go to sleep I just play play play

Jaylen Tyler

Awesome This game is awesome i love how the chartcers look it is a good thing to do when u have time and don't have anything else to do it awesome this how it made me fell ??

Joseph Alcorn

Cards and Castles This game is interesting and the different factions you mix together for a army of destruction love it XD


Must try

Mitchell Krever

Best TCG of all time! Although the game is becoming more pay-to-win, there are bugs and not a big player base this TCG rivals games like hearthstone and magic. Unique art style, tons of depth, and its unique chess-like battle system has made this my favorite TCG of all time and I've played all of them. I know you want money, but PLEASE don't ruin this gem.

Kyle Sams

Good Game but.. Its def. a fun game , but its also def. a major major major pay 2 win.... buuuut sadly thats the meta of all multiplayer games this day and age , so what can ya do, you like it or you dont.... also up until the last patch it was a total duplicate of Hearthstone, the blizzard made Warcraft card game . .. but they changed everything a few days ago so now its sorta unique in its own way.... anyway if you like card games i suggest you try it but only if your rich or under 14 , cause you need $ to enjoy

Santat Angsupan

Great game, just a few things will make this game great again. First, its too hard for f2p player to gain epic and legendary cards. Second, can you make a different map for fun? Third, can you debuff those crusaders? Something like give them ability to draw at the end of each turn on a tanking unit so they will be at risk of deck-out? Lastly, can you make option to mute notifications? It rang in my classroom!!!

Kenneth Atencio

Recent changes The cards that are marked with C will be removed right? If so then make it so the cards when removed will give Card points. Most of my legendaries are marked with C and I was hoping that players who will have most of their cards removed obtain certain rewards.

Chandler De Leon

I'm stuck at the tutorial at the part where you heal your lumberjack. After the person spawns two archers, the enemy doesn't end his turn.

Bam White

Awsome Game I love it great graphics and also I love how the game allows you to use spells I,i rate a five star love you cards and castles

Jevaun Whyte

Big Issue The game is nice and addictive but they forgot to mention that if you delete a card pack, you lose all the cards in that pack. They could at least warn you that could happen if you do so. I now can now only play with the few cards that were not in any pack.

Seth Hungerford

Too many card balances this was a wonderful game, one of my favorites. then the developer kept rebalancing the cards, continuously changing them until I had no idea what my cards actually DID. and now the developer is removing about half of the older cards, titled 'legacy' cards. including 4 of my 7 legendaries. many of my cards are being removed from the game, and so are some of my friend's cards. they need to stop getting rid of cards, and stop changing card abilities.

Shadow K

Ruined in updates I used to play back when you were able to undo a move if you accidently placed something in the wrong spot now of you do it your screwed. They nerfed so many cards it's not even funny and over all almost completely ruined the entire game!!!

Ian Coughlin

How do I sue? Cards I paid money and coins for are gone. Removed completely, changed and I received NO compensation or warning cards I paid to collect would f'ing disappear.

Andres Hinojos

Lag The game is always sync even though i have a 25mb internet. And it always disconnects in the middle of the fight, what waste of time

The immortal Ender

Suprising an interesting twist on the standard ftp card game formula. nothing to have an aneurysm over, but fairly enjoyable

Ziibbii -

Didn't play before update But in its current version it's pretty good

Jon W

Bug Fail Can't get past the load screen. It was working fine last night but now it says "Tap here to begin", I tap, it says loading for about 10 seconds, then the "tap here" message returns and doesn't recognize taps anymore. Updated...still failing.

Raleigh Browder

Love it Best card strategy game out there - much better than hearthstone, but last big update was bad. I liked the game play much better before you limited the amount of turns until you die. Also why did you have take out so many good old cards? C'mon guys you could have done better.

Jeffrey Houser

Used to be great. I spent real money on this game to get certain cards and now I don't own half of them anymore and the ones I do own are garbage now. Thanks

Kai Low

It's great just a few suggestions Could you guys make it so you can sell your cards as soon as you open a pack. Thanks! Oh also there are more legendaries in the Viking, warlock and crusaders so please add a few legendaries to the ninja and pirate favtions

David Chivell

Great game I love this game i play it all the time. The tournaments are great fun and gets you playing with different cards you dont have but it takes awhile to match as not many people play it because it costs. Needs free daily tickets or something

DJ Demitrio 2016

I use to have this game then i Uninstall by mistake and i install it but all my stuff is gone :( why me this is my favorite game other than chess and minecraft also terraria :(

Deni Susanto

poor your apps is stuck at loading screen


GREAT But if it didn't take that long loading then it would be EPIC

Omni Storm

Fun Love this kind of game its very good its just annoy how its always disconnecting

RJ Murray

100% Worth Downloading I spent a long time looking for a fun, grid based card game and I have finally found it. Easy to learn, fun to play, hard to master. The only reason it's not 5* is the UI, but it's not even that bad or anything. Definitely download and try it out.

Ian Smith

Fail on the end turn button 5 stars once you get a second prompt that says are you sure you want to end your turn. You have it in such a spot it can easily get popped trying to grab a card.. I lost a 8 win streak because of a bad placement of that button... Make a second prompt to end turn

Skylar Randall

Great game, entertains me for hours at a time. Only a few glitches.

Joseph Ngo

One thing We need to be able to pick 3 fractions

cody Striewski

Forgot password How can I recover my password?

Zeus TheColdBloodedKiller

Awesome Good graphics and some gltiches and keep up the good work !!!

Thomas Mulugeta

Awesomest game ever I love this game it deservers 100 stars keep up the good work

sam champlin

Really fun Love the mechanics and game play its a pretty good time killer

Ken Truong

Love this game! "Like Hearthstone meets Hero Academy, with fun Castle Crashers animations!" Such a fun Strategy game! Updates are constantly being pushed out, changes are communicated through their 'News' button within the app, and the game is only getting better! There are few improvements here and there and the devs are open to suggestion (as from my emails I've sent them). I look forward to seeing this game become popular!

Travis rogers

Great, but.... I like the game. My problem is with my cards getting liquidated for nothing TWICE. The first major change took deck size down to 2/30 losing me half my cards, with an almost fair reimbursement. This time i come back to find my cards gone and one legendary in CP left. All the cards i had (pretty much everything) gone because of a rename/redo. I cant sell any of them i still have. Having numerous legendaries, a ton of epics and rares turn into nothing sucks. Im pretty sure i already had the CP from before.

Jeff Runge

Great game but... Everytime you make a deck, prepare for key featuring cards to be changed. I had three decks the past three updates changed tons of cards, so now I'm down to one deck without extreme changes.

Eric Humphries

It's a good game but... The game play itself is good. The contacting system isn't good due to trying to contact them for days without a response. Just trying to find out what happened to my cards that I spent money on.

M&A Pictures

Great! Good game. Couple of suggestions. Can you battle with your friends? Can you add an option to trade cards with your friends... You can also make card fusing and add common-rare cards super rare and super epic...


I love it I just can't recommend this game enough I never played these type of games until I was interested in Cards and Castles. So just try it out

Derek Sagez

Hmmm. Great game, nice updates. Devs pay pretty good attention. Minor bugs but they work them out. Also keep game pretty balanced.

avery McFadden

PROBLEM! Tried logging in to my account and all my cards and my rank have been reset! Please help.

Ryan Henstock

Perfect An incredible game. No pay to win, no irritating ads, just awesome battle strategy fun with nice background music that is ironically peaceful :) . Hearthstone had better watch it's back :).

Jayden Sprauve

Awesome but I want offline This would be an even more awesome game if you didn't need to use Wi-Fi to play it.

Bradley Bailey

Never playing again When I payed 63.29 for the silver coins I got nothing I want double because what happened

Pawel Dziemian

Where is my collection? Guys don't buy booster's for real money!!!

lord deathstar

Why This game is always updating before monster island update this game is very good

Vaughn Authement

ComBo Good Strat-With Cards , Yes

Matt McCarl

Fun Lots of fun, solid game.


New update changes everything! Lazy use of old cards by just re-assigning them to different sets instead of actually making new ones. The game is so different and so many mechanics changed. Here's an idea pitch, since the game is called Cards and Castles, why not have the different castles make slight differences in the game. (e.g. Cathedral has +2 health, Pirate ship has +1 gold on first turn, Ice Castle freezes units that attack it for one turn, etc)

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