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17 Sep
Can Your Pet : Returns

Posted by scaryama in Simulation | Sept. 17, 2016 | 215 Comments

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※ Warning ※
This game is twist ending game

I dedicate this game to a lot of chicks in the world.
you must play this game If you love chick
Because this game, make you love more and more to chick
First it will be the experience raising chickens.
And cute chick will see a growing life.
If you missed this game probably you will regret.
Please brag to your friends.
Ratings are not absolute lie.
Because they truly was an experience!

It's that simple. Spoiler banned!

● Decorate and feed your pet.
● Clean and train your pet.
● Can Your Pet?
● Just try it!
● Add New Ending

Take care of your own little chick. you can find it fun.
There will be great messages at the end of the game.
"piou, piou"

> GGJ:Create a game in 48 hours (January 2010)
> Top 3 of Kongregate Weekly Games (February 2010)
> Played by 'PewDiePie' (September 2012)
> Released of mobile version (September 2014)
> Halloween update (October 2015)

★Thank you for translate
English - Youna Kim
Spanish - Nyan Dog
Chinese - Ennue
French - Julien Theodet (HardSonicStorm)

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Fan page :

Whats new

    ver 2.50
    - Level 20 Upgrade Bonus
    - Tutorial remake
    - Back button
    - Gem Shop
    - Coupon
    ver 2.40
    **Ultimate Performance Patch***
    - Add Upgrade gage
    - leaderboard (ball, escape)
    - French Support
    - Russian support
    - Escape!
    - Super Upgrade
    - Hidden Ending

scaryama part of our Simulation and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 84.1994. Current verison is 2.57.4. Actual size 19.0 MB.

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Cybo Dash

Its an improvement. I knew what was going to happen, i actually like that thay added in some new stuff.

Gabrielle Blackett

BAD This game looks cute but its not it teaches little kids bad stuff

Olivia Kingston

Sad I thought I was goin to be good,then it tell u how many animals get killed each year.DON'T LET LITTLE KIDS HAVE THE GAME!!!!

Alyssa Roach

OMG When I first played it I thought It was going to be like can your pet do tricks not actually canning your pet R.I.P Fluffy

caison parnell

I never knew I didn't see that happen it made me so sad :(

Rachael Huddleston

Great. Starting over! I had everything in the last version. Now, I have to start from scratch.

Sullivan Lison

loved it greater then the first but still along the same lines

Joe Smith

Love it! Its really fun and entertaining. Although kinda sad it told and showed me info i did not know.

Yasmine Hull

Awesome game It is VERY surprising at the end and i never expected five nights at freddies!!!

Vicky Berberick

IT MADE ME DELETE THE REAL ONE It made me delete the real one for this less violent one . this is poooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

Slippry Fox

Cried when slipps Jr. Was killed I'm not kidding, I loved that pet... R.I.P Slipps Jr. ? but still I'm going to make my friend play it ?

Caleb Rodriguez

Lol This no s an epic trick XD

Animal Jam productions

My sisters named the chick my name ?

Lola Ryan

Good but key works only once I love it but the key only works once! I cannot use it again and I need it! Fix or tell me something!

Chrystilia Turner

Love it Love it just not the killing part but it's still good ?

random trickxus

Wow it makes you think

Jaylen Bowles

Game 4 peeps who hate birds

Lorraine Lambert

Not nice Killing animals is not nice

Josalynn Dunn

Saddest game I love and hate this game

Maddie Melson

Love it Really fun

constance lawrence

Amazingly sadistic I feel like I have an obligation to explain that, but.....I wont.

Alyssa Kown

I ? it! Woo-hoo! ? it! I have sooo many cans!

Vynxter Girl

Great game. Nice ending, I also got it twice. Can't wait to try out Can Your Lemon? next.

Tea Lozada

Omfg yes Once you get to the other ending it gets soooooo good

Alexandria Fielding

Awesome game Not sure what I just played but it's great :)

Jasmine Sandoval

Cute?? and sad?? The baby chicken was so cute!I named it Chica after Chica the chicken in Five Nights At Freddys.The ending was really sad though.I miss chica so much!Although it did have a sad ending it was a great game.

Paige Odell

Lol This game is so funny. I love it so much that they need TO MAKE MORE. Hope u do.

Dan Colburn

Can your pet I love it because you take care of the animals at first then you kill them

Citlaly Estrada

Best game? Yes, I know that the game is violent, but its a good way to let out anger, but one problem after you play, it sends some dark images to your gallery, its so sad to see those pics, but other wise its so fun to play ?

Cassidy Fairbrother

Chicken! I love this game. It's cute and violent. A perfect combination for me. it does get repetitive so, 4 stars

Gabriela Torres It's cool but violent but I love the little outfits but it's evil I don't know it's cool but violent.

Junior Jimenez

Watch about it I'm NEVER gonna press the but bike thing, it will kill your CHICK!!!

Logan Conner

Love it Don't care about the violence because I love violence and I love this game like I love books

Riley Beard

Interesting I like the point of view it gives you on animal cruelty. It's also really fun!

Caiden Risner

OK 1 chicken I liked got freedom it was so cute then it wondered not THE SLAUGHTER FACTORY!!!!!!!! : (

Emily Smith

Awesome It is really fun to play and is so cute, but like I didn't know that the thing that looked like a bike was actually the thing that was going to kill the little cute chicken

Kyla Mitsos

Wow The beginning is sad I wish my chick didn't die but fish got a swim brids got to eat but the end was cute were you save them

Kimi salter

Cute and sadistic Very cute and easy game with a little sadistic twist. Love it! <3

THE_BEST_6565 Sister Chohead

No shiny Don't press the bike it will kill your pet

Ciara Camper-Robinette

It's ok It's fun to dress them up,and play with the chick but ,you kill them later. It's so sad :(

Kaerod Rodriguez

Sad yet cool When I found out it was the same as 1 first game I was sad but it got better

Elithea Jones

Awesome sauce I hate that you have to kill the chick but the game is fun now that you DONT have to kill the chick in this game

melissa ausbrooks

I loved it but ... I love it but in the game if you hit the bike your chick or chicken dies and it is sad I almost started to cry like sadness

Cat Man

Awesome It was like I had a guy named catman and he died because chose that bicycle option

A Google User

CRRUEL!!! Its cruel but its a nice game! I would never hurt a pet! EVER!! :3

Felicia Garcia

Best game ever It is an awesome game and has a deep message I would recomened. I love this game it has a message not a lot of people realize. This creature has a life just like us. And we kill the creature so that we may have food on our plates

Taylor Morgan

it's AWESOME??? I love it so much it's a perfect match to me on a bad day

Morena Freda

Scary I love scary things and here's the thing what about the others and it was sad to know that you had to free only one there should be a three where the one who got freedom save everyone else I love it the game is swsome

Benjie Baldoria

I saw in the you tube that fluttershy from mlp played can your pet then she named it Shelly,then she said it is a cute game but she pressed the bicycle then she got sad then she said that she only get to play with her chick pet in 3 minutes! Then Shelly the chick was canned! Then flutershy couldn't stop CRYING!!! Then she said that's all you just CAN your PET she is so MAD!!! She is still SAD!!!:-( :-( :-( and so VIOLENT!!!!!!!

Jesi Karels

It's funny Nothing goes wrong when u play but I can't seam to get the other endings?

Maria Yubeta

I HATE IT this game makes kids think its a kid friendly but at the end they are traumatized WHY JUST WHY I hope your happy and you can sleep at night when kids are scared to death I really liked your game I really did but now I hate it

Lonnie Johnson

Omg lol Thus game is cruel I saw this on kids react and its reply funny but my duck was so cute then here the bicycle comes to murder and also when I got this its boring

Andrea Verdugo

Is game is cruel don't play it. If i could give it a one star i would

Freddy Fazbear Plays

NO I HATE IT Add more but DELETE THAT BUT BIKE for more stars! OK??

Justin Le

Ok The game is like the game where you tap a cookie to get money but it is still fun

Ronald Mcgee

Cool,cute,and sad I seen can your pet 1 it messed up but I like this one better

Chris Knecht

It is worth 5 stars It is awesome that is all I can say. No other words can say how good it is.

Chen Geraldine

Loved it It was cruel but funny (no offence 2 animal lovers)

Sean Lisle

Chicken canning awesomeness 5 stars. Simple yet addictive. Good work

Anyer Reyna

Boring It got boring fast I don't really like it but it's not horrible

Alfie O

Hilarious I love how there is more gameplay in factory mode unlike the last one maybe if make another sequel add a mode when you can actually grow your pet through the years of its life and the older it is the more meat you get for killing it

Grant Sanderson

I feel so Cruel! I feel so Cruel canning all these adorable chickens, but I can't... stop!..

Katrina Beier

Amazing!!! I love this game so much but I hate that one part... you know what I'm talking about.?

Rebecca Simon

Love it! This game is great :3 addicted!!!

Allyssa Freeman

OMG My friend showed this to me and I'm like it's so mean but it's cool.??

CrazyCupcake Pony

I love it but I let my sister have a shot but she cried at the end I love it it is cruel again I love playing it so thanks for making this game

Alfonso Mejia

EXTREME So cool and has lots of cool booster s that is waiting for you. Let me tell you a secret, get the 2nd booster multiple times, and then you can get the upgraded versions of the boosters

Kyle Thomas

Hmmm can your pet read below then you will find out why it's only 3 stars... Can your pet: I do like the part where my chiken gets sawed but after the first time, my chiken just gets squished. Please change it. That's why I'm rating 3 stars

Mia Muro

Funny I thought it ment like can your pet do this that and other stuff.i told my BFF to play it and at the end she freaked out

Crista Sumner

So cool I am getting very excited for the secret ending!!! I just need 999 cans of chicken!

Erin Hoult

:3 I love it SOOOOOO much, it's so funny! I just wish it could last a bit longer... :(

Nikitta Green

No nightmare like fnaf world Cute little chicken Yes please


Sad but....good It was sad but I saw you can get a upgrade and it is now fun

Katlyn Page

Wow Mean but fun I like the new update 2

Wraith Massey

SAD Really sad I mean you have to can your pet chick in and I is gust a baby

Indira Williams

BEST GAME EVER I love the idea of what you get to do with your chicken,the only thing is that I don't like that in the end your chicken dies

Kelsey Jenkins

OMG I have seen Daz play this! His reaction made me cry laughing

Nijelle Duke

LOVES IT It is so good to play I just go the app from ldshadowlady

Junior Rodriguez

CAN Your Pet I LOVE DOGS and cats

balloon boy fazbear

Used it on a friend He was so nice, well I guess he did not know how to ride a bike.

Shark Gaming 17

Cool! Well it seems I got a good ending first try and it's a cool game

Cade Hale

It's funny to see everyone to get mad when they get caned

Ranya Rasul

Can your pet It's like being in your own farm

Samantha Casarez

Awesome sad for the chicks though but still great to see people's reactions.

Michele owens

So good when u get da right endings Its' really good when u get the right ending amazing!

kelby bannert

Good game, has a bug however This game is interesting in how it is, and is cute to boot. However, there is a bug where the app will crash without giving a app not responding. It has no trigger event that causes it. Anyway you could look into this would be appreciated

Youtube Addict

So fricken fun. I know that is it sad to can a chicken but it was soooo funny and I get the humour.

Michelle Shuman

Awesome Please make more shirts and dresses

Sammie Z jacksepticfan

Awesome, cute, funny and sad at the same time and I love the song at the end

Scott Ewart

Its cute and If u figer out there is a key that u can get that our chicken can escape!

Mason Davidson

Sad but fun It's sad my little sister cried.

Madison Burns

Can your pet I love chicken but I am so sad

FNIA Marionette five nights in anime

So cute but dark I like cute things that go mlp smile gd ^-^

Jonah Cooke

XD I made a silly bird then I killed it.

Annamarie Mansfield

Cool My friend amia thinks its pretty sad and cool.

Amber Dean

Cool I was sooooo sad...

Mia Sandoval

It was good They killed honey bun:(

sean smith

So different from what Markiplier played May be different but ok

Nicole Kasztan

Can your pet? What happened to Shelly and Chica? !?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Leona Rippingale

Love it! Best game ever i think the chick is adorbal but why dus it go in a can:-(

Cody1184 Davis

Love ut Its a cool game with funny crap, thats my thing

Phamtom Hive

Omg That's terrible can ur pet that is horrid I started crying wen I saw my mom serve chicken I was like oh my god and I started to sob I don't know why but oh my god

James Martin

I hated it:( Its so sad i enjoyed it till the end it should be named kill your pet

Lillymaker27 Lilly

So surprising I love the game for it's unknown things

mercy cruz

Uuuohhh its a cute chiky Its so cute but i uavent fnish it yet

brandie sallee

So awesome over 300 t cans

Anna Finholm

Sad and scary That's sad and scary :(

Scott Russell

Heartbreaking game Bewere you chicky is going to DIE?????

Layton McKay

I love it you slaughter chickens????

Dominic Flores

Alot 100 out of 100

CrayCray Girl

Meany You are not letting me exit updating it and I can not even update it and I want to play!

Alyssa Jackson Jackson

Sure it's for teens but it doesn't seem all that bad I rate 5 stars!

Pirine Alexander

WARNING!! Can your pet ? Maen really a chicken then in a can daed

Lucy Hansen-Clarke

Love it!! Its sad and astonashing that you chick dies [funny too he he]

Nikolas Jardine

I loved it I had 1000k then my game crashed LOL

Anya Lefevbre

Lol Not really sure k

nitahana AJ

Bit scary but cute This is a bit scary for kids but its kinda cute at the same time I named my chick chica from fnaf but I love mangle well this game sould rlly be not that scary but cute its a chick oh come on lol

John Roman

Awesome,not dat bad! I saw someone playing this on you tube it was tarrible and then I got it it was way better than that! Way less violent but not for LITTLE kids (I'm a kid on my dads tab) (still got a phone!):-)

Amy Hillman

Good No for kids at that are 9 years old but is very fun and cutt by the little pet but don't click the bike it will kill your pet but no blood but VERY FUN I mean it☺?

Jennifer Pretsell

Super creepy I love this game but I was really sad and freaked out when I accidentally killed my pet the first time I did it. It really tricked me how it is CAN your pet as in put your pet into a can. Really awesome

Alli Matteson

Sad It is kinda cool but in the beggining when the chicken...and all the ROASTEDchicken wings I was sad I names my chicken "Chicky Chick

Kynesis R-H

Its so yucky Its so nice but sad and yuck a wast of your pet its so sad to make it die its like you won't let it live your just making it look like you killed it on purpose so you could eat it im so sad and I made my own pet so that is the end of my pets life and it ends her life again and your making your new pet eat that pet something like your total doing it what the purpose of this to show that you don't like pets or to show that you like meet cas if it is im on your track im going to get some meet in my life

Tessa Mitchell

Even better than the first one I won't tell anyone if they had not played yet but let's just say that you get to go freeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Vika Shymko

Sad It is sad to look at cute animals die but I love the masege that eating cute animals in real life is even sader then in a game

edmanuel reyes

I like the game but uh... Well I'm 8 years old so this game might not be the best game for kids like me but I kinda feel bad for the baby chick after it dies horribly with the saw but at the same time I feel like I did the right thing sometimes you just got to let them go I mean it's a game but I have emotions ........ Ugh I can't take it why can't they had made the game so the baby chick can live Whhhy why I wish I can keep it as a pet not kill it and put it in a can but I mean I will always remember it from in the can ,..

Emma Marks

Not a good game to sad The first time I have seen it before I played the game I thought it would be fun but I was Wong it was sad very sad I do not recommend playing this game at all

Emma Labram

Little weird? You get to feed them and then underneath there's a bicycle . You click on the bicycle and the floor disappeared and the chick falls through the floor and the chick lands in this can. So weird.

Harley Smyth

Cute and sad Ok for one at the beginning of the game your chicken is so cute ,But at the end if u press the bike it's not a bike so your chiken is soon dead.......... so yeah pretty much!

yasmeen carson

Messer up but fun This game is so evil but I like it because its sending a message to people that eating animals is wrong

lulu lizzy

Whoever made this is a jerk All I have to say to that person is you jerk jerk you are a jerk jerk jerk you're a jerk I hate you and I was growing close to my pet I need to know after my cat

Brisngr Dragon

Ya....a friend told me about this I guess I wasn't expecting that. Or anything I mean I guess it was cute but what? Why!?

Angel Ruele

Sad Its sad but So cool when you give the little Bird Freedom??????????

Lavelle Williams

Fried Chicken ? My favorite game of the whole year it's so amazing killing chickens???

Queen Wild Firefly

Awesome!!! I love to torture things!!!! Is soooo adorable kill little chickens! And he is ugly too this is favor.

The Miles Tails Prower

Kills chicks Next time I better look at a review on this type of game

Roxanne Reiley

Lol Haha! Nice PUN creators. I thought it was just a bike

Brandon Omony

Best pet game ever!! This game is soooooo cool!Yes I also like the part when it got cut into chicken nuggets. Keep making awesome games!☺??

Mia Longworth

Can your pet I saw it on a kids react to games show/episode/ep on YT/YouTube and wanted it INSTANTLY

Jorpy epic face

Sad... Its fun, I fooled my friends into thinking it was an innocent game, but the fact that we kill babies just to have buffets, thats sad..

Kniley Aspra

Loves I love you ms cuteie I will always remember you in love you sooooo much

gemma bradley

Easy I've completed every think and I've got over 1000 cans

Family Account

Teen? Does this game have to be teen im 8 and this does not look bad why cant i play anyways i have also seen someone else play it and it doesnt seem like a teen game but can u plz make it foe everyone btw I LOVE IT its also adorable

bong punzalan

GOOD DAY Did you know that i like this game and when saturday last night at bookworm i finished level all the levels at the first

Richie Busfield

So fun!!! Me and my friend got up to 749B we had to kill a lot of chickens but it was all worth it?

Hunter Marino

It was horrible Didn't like it nobody go vegitain because of this game

Jasmin Calderon

Omg? I named my pet kimchi. I was letting her ride bike but I was wrong ??????

Stephanieandherobrine Candy

Scary I got so scared cus when I killed the pet it sounds scary

Alayna Wollenberg

It is a little weird. But on YouTube I wounded why flutter shy freaked out it is a really great app

Destiny Bleil

Hate it At the end the bike is achule a thing were it kills Chicky (my baby chickens name)

cute kitten girl

The game This game is perfect its fun and it died yay

Anthony Laporte

I love it!!!! Its awesome and dilicious yummy

Isabella Staffa

This game is so fuuuy I like this game it is funny they die this ?

Shawn Littleton

Full js!smxjkodksnd cn jxmdne. nciem. SM dndns

Helen sky Ashley Ashley

BEST HACK EVER If you do certain things you basicly get a hack

Lambert Mateusz Gutierrez

Coolest can your game

Llamacorn Lover

AWESOME, but also.... Here is my review to you, I think there should be 2 modes, the original one and the one that isn't so depressing, for the people who hate seeing their pets die, as well as how much I loved this, I still feel for the people who felt sad about their pet dying

Megan Hodgkinson

THIS IS SO SAD MY POOR CHICKEN it's so funny but also sad ...

Chrystal Marrs

I loved it so much cause i got freedom???

Jeremy Cunningham

Do you know you need 999 cans to earn a key to escape?

Adebisi Andrew Shabson

Nice I love this game because it has blood and im 18 years old

Cookie Gaming

I cant Its very unusall i like it kind of im now quiet sad...

Kai James Mcshane

I love this game

TheOrangeMustache Gabe K.

Hi This game is awesome! Everything about this game is awesome! #downloadcanyourpet

Peyton England

Murderer Why

Marly Mckimm

Awesome It's awesome

Alex Varley

FREDDYFASBEARFNAF has any of you discovered the secret ending Yet?

Kayla Locklear

It is the BEST game and saddest game I love that you can have your own pet. People feel stupid after the ending, they also feel ashamed. Lol.. it is so funny watching people on YouTube that get the same feeling. ???? They are like this ??? what do I do?! What did I do?!

Logan Gillaspie

My poor chicken The chicken gets fried and chopped to bits!

Esperanza Serrano

Sad Why would someone make a game like this it's sad and so not fun : (

Addison Quiles

OMG THE CHICK DIED AT END NO Ahhhhhhh now I now why it's called can you pet OMG

Talia Xeris

Hateit My pet died the poor thing why though

Z Hatch

It was cool It was cute and cool. The first ending suprised me. It's a good game.

Richelle Belle Gelilio

Weird yet funny So as the title says i mean it but it was also cute add more feature please. Thanks

Taylor Pooler

Why kill it! ??????? I understand why its called can your pet now its so sad! I hate the bike I would kill that bike and break it! Like no other ????????.

Root Dude

Its so Its so rude but I can't stop playing it besides whoever eat chicken and plays this game but still eats chicken that's what the world is doing to all the chickens u eat u should know that

Javonne Washington

CUSSING In the end of the game where you open up the chicken I mean not open up the chicken I might cut it open I mean I'm kind of hoping I mean turn into little chicken legs and turn in and put in the can and then it's just too gruesome and then at the end of that it says to add cuss words that's what I meant to say

JPandChristina Christian

chicken old music loved it

Jessica Dunn

This game is twisted In a fun way

Era Darksky

At first I was like NO NO NO NO NO! But then I just started laughing my head off with the funny reactions I realized I would get from my friends. This is such a horrible game, but I love it so much!

marcus the Minecraft player

Its good.... But when ever I get fever time my game glitches and goes slow it doesn't work fix and then 5 stars

Cristal Kitten

Why!!?!?!?it's so cute This game is awsome then I thought my chick was gonna ride a bike but it was a not a bike but great game


Hehe... I love this game! I thought this game was like what can your chicken do but when I pressed the bicycle i freaked! This is horrible but I love it! 5 stars?

Kitten Gamer

SO SAD WARNING:If you are reading this DO NOT GET THIS!! It's so sad it's called "CanYourPet" for a reason. SPOILER ALERT:You literally CAN your pet as in kill them and put them in a can. DO NOT CLICK THE BIKE IT TURNS INTO SPIKES!!!

Archie O'keeffe

Liked it There is not much to do but I still like it

Toy Chica 257

I loved it It was so fun! Even my dad likes it

sally bellwinkel

LOVE IT It is awesome I love it u have to get it:)


Good but Its a really fun game not going to lie and its not even that bad (people need to stop getting so butthurt) but ones you reach h it gets extremly laggy and is unplayable so if you guys could fix it that would be great thanks


lol I watched markiplier play it or.... someone else but am pretty sure it was XD lol but that's not how I knew it.... my friend made me play it was my first time I think u know what happens. ....... lol

Jessa Shu

Too many ads That is all :/ otherwise it's okay but wow the English is cringy :\

Salex Burger

So cute All I have to say it's less sadder than the other one but all and its a great game

William Reyell

Amazing Best clicker game plus I get the pun!

upside down Crystal dragon

LOL At first I was like awwwww :3.then I press the bike .....WHAT?!?! ?

Sylvia Quinones

Rate 5 This has a good ending not a cruel ending only

Patricia Jackson

Fun It was so fun

Super Bonnie

Nice I like the death part

Johanka Zárubová

It's so good and addictive

great game recomend it

Keira Rott

I like it but... After a while it gets boring but I still play it

Symone Cambella

Not all animals belong on factories. In fact...none of them do! This game isn't right.


I love it soooo much

Hannah Bruffy

I love this game

DONT PLAY THIS ITS GROS I KNOW THIS GAME dont play it can ur pet means u put u chick in a can u killed it

Love it He dies and its really funny!!!!!

Amber Garber

Fun This game is Sooooo Fun

Hudson Sutcliffe

R.I.P I miss my lil chicken

JMM Vaughan

Better It's way better hope Markiplier plays it

Nola Redinger Hernandez

Funny and quite Love it or uninstall it

ruth murillo

SO FUNNY I loved it. So funny just donloud it. I promise you,ll end up LAUGHING

Kira Hughes

YESHH The chicken is free~ Like you and me~ But who will it be~ To see the chicken free~.

Brooke Belle

Greiving But I'm like it's ... ok.

Zsalee Arnold

It's Awesome I love it you can take care of your little chick and everything and it's just so cute

Carolyn Dail

Best game I love that u can escape and upgrade

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