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18 Jul
Can Your Lemon : Clicker

Posted by scaryama in Simulation | July 18, 2016 | 167 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

Thanks to the support towards the world of 'Can your pet'
So has released a lemon version
Has maintained comic wit reduce violence

● Decorate and feed your Lemon.
● Clean and train your Lemon.
● Can Your Lemon?
● Just try it!
● Add New Ending

Site :
Pan page :

Whats new

    ver 1.17
    - Bug Fix
    - Tutorial remake
    - Back button
    - Gem Shop
    - Coupon
    ver 1.10
    **Ultimate Performance Patch***
    - Add Upgrade gage
    - leaderboard (ball, escape)
    - French Support
    - Russian support
    - Escape!
    - Super Upgrade
    - Hidden Ending

scaryama part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 18, 2016. Google play rating is 84.7732. Current verison is 1.17.7. Actual size 18.0 MB.

Download can-your-lemon.apk 18.0 MB


John Castillo

Wont open I bought something and it stoped cooperating with me it keeps saying can you lemon has stoped please fix

bunnipop panda

Loved it Sooooo cute and real difference than the first. Gave the option of canned or break free so game so far. Fun ,cute,and very basic

Chloe Taylor

Cool Its really fun I don't know why but I like to kill lemons.

Memona Arshad

Cool It was kinda sad...i raised a lemon named felix...then he got canned. Then I was raising the billionth or something(wasnt counting and billionth is an exaggeration) and it broke free...but it found the lemon factory...but overall its a cool game! ?

Brendan Warner

Freaking lemons ヽ(^。^)ノ Awesome lemons. When life gives you lemons make lemon grenades. Or make a pet

Lucyann Dixon

Ok, I don't know what to say. This game is by the same company as another game I reviewed called can your pet. Btw, do NOT get that app. This game is kinda crap. It's not funny or fun. Its really boring. Plus, killing a lemon?!?!?! I hate this company - scaryama. Yes, your apps are scary. Ama right? :/

Yianna Yianna

So fun and super I'm saying lemons are sour but this woman is super cute and I love it so much it's so fun to play

Cyan Gonzalez

I have no idea what you're all going on about This game is super fun, and In the begging it warns you of gore and Violence so If You saw that Warning and continued to click, it's your fault not the game developers fault,because they actually made a pretty fun Game.

Matt Booder

Can your lemon NOOOO!! CRYSTAL DIED I LOVED HER...but I wanna play can your pet buy it is not on this yet... I ...I .I WANT CRYSTAL BACK ?

Haley Butler

I can't click the box!!! Even though this game is super heartbreaking, I love it!! I only have one problem, though:When it's 'Fever Time' (I think it's called), I try to click the box but all it does is ask me to share it.... HELP!

Bethany Bird

Wow This is fun the last one I had was called coco got a lot called Stephano like 4 or 5

Isabella Pla

Love it<3 I put 5stars Cuz.... its fun,easy and way better than Can or pet I recommend this game

Monkey Lover11

Love this The lemons are cute but it is kinda sad when u juice them but I still love this game

rosedavisvevo #

Wow If you get more than 2000 you can pull the key and get away I'm at 23,000 in counting

Steve Mirkovic

WUT DA FUGE Wow.I have 2,085 Lemons So good I scared my friends they were crying soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard.

Tim Gibson

Omg Its so cool tell your friends please please please say you love it as much as I do.

hayley marie

Adorably Amazing It is absolutely the most adorable game I have ever played!

Ammar Hakimi

Wtf ??? I enjoy the can your pet but now this...T-T

Vz CHaOz

5 Stars Don't know why but this game is very entertaining for me. Its probably the fact I can make the lemon from Adventure Time!

rainbow dash

Meh... Well, killing lemons is not realalistic. The first game is better. It teaches reality to 9 year old kids like me.

Elena Schmeling

Can you lemon You kill you lemon you made it cute than death i hate death to cute things

PJ Barkman

I love it! The game has good graphics and once you create your lemon and you get bored of it, you can just juice it.

Mackenzi Johnson

Better This one is better than the other one. It's not as violent. Love it!!

Kyra Knopp

Love it so much Now you can kill other lemons So fun it more fun than the first one

Kayla Harper

RIO They killed my rio I had no idea that they kill lemons

Steve Alma Palazzolo

Loved it! This game was awesome and this time my favorite lemon made it to freedom! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! But it was still sad that all the other lemons died. Oh well. Better luck next time lemons!?

Jusiah Wiggins

Awesome I wish we can play out side

jay searing

So fun Fun.. sad too

Lily Phelps

LOL!!! It was really fun and just a silly game in general, it was super cute and funny!

Joseph Flippin

Fun It was fun when it got squashed

Rossy Mares

I love it but...... The end °0°

James Sharit

Love it But at the end he's the one who whactins

Megan Gehring

NOOO!!!!!!!! Tobuskiss DIED!!! But I still love the game! Best friends ............... forever............. tobuskiss

Welles Harrington

So fun and cute I can't explain it its so cute

Kyleigh Nielsen

Kinda better than can your pet Well your caning you lemon insted of caning your pet and you dint feel so guilty and sad


Cool Can ur pets is better but this is still cool

Kyireliea Diesx

Game worked great until last update, now loads up, up side down.

Theresa Qiu

Pretty fun! But.......seriously its the same thing as can ur pet but less bloody ..........but its still sad though but that what makes it .......attractive?

Limbu Yuwan

Cute graphics It was soo fun but I would rate 5 stars if you could do more things after your pet got crushed.

luis the ghost ghost face

Gut wrenching Its sad killing my pet lemons but it also gives you a visual on the real world. Love it!!

Claudia Schafer

Love it Its just like can your pet just with a lemon!

Tahisha Dorismond

Awesome I love it i love factory mode im gonna download can your PET yayyyy

Snowy Eevee

Give me my money back I bought an in app purchase and then the game wouldn't start up anymore

Makayla Sammons

Love it But can your pet is better cauz the pet have a mouth can't wait for can your drill

josue medrano

I recommend this game is cool

Chris Jennings

Really?? All you do is adopt a lemon clean, decorate, and feed it, play a stupid soccer game and then you kill him. Not worthy of this tablet.

Jayden Tapley

Addicting Playing twenty four seven last night with brother on our pads

Emerson Carr

Awesom Always loved these games. so much fun

yvette Siegel

Can your lemon Awwwwwwwsssooommmeeee factory mode

Peppermint Snowflake

Love it! Although I-I killed Lemon Squeeze and Lemony Fresh! They're my favorite lemons! I AM A MURDERER!

Darius Kairys

The best game ever but kill him lemon!

Rinoa Mariel Sadey

Its a super funny game Its the only game that i installed in my phone that make me laugh.

Justin Ferrari

:O I previously played "Can Your Pet?" and it was funny but "Can Your Lemon?" was kind of weird. I do like it though because great game and I rate it 4☆

Tiffany Bansasine

Loved it More better then Can Your Pet !

Little Puggy

Love it It' cool and easy, like make it rain of something. I love it

jessica pena

Loved it This is kinda better than Can Your Chick in so many ways.


It is so much fun

sean snavely

Nice It's a cute game

Grace Johnson

I like this one But don't get can your pet. It let me play once and then wouldn't let MW can then anymore.

Morena Freda

I love it I love it love lemons than this is the game for you

Samantha Lewis

Loved it will recommend to a friend of mine

Melissa Rowe

PUN!!! its a pun

Jada Murphy


Felicity Lingerfelt

So cool! The secret emding was AWESOME!!!

Tyler Beatty

It so ading

Monkey Bisnuess

Fun Loved it

Eno Factor

Can't get past Level 69. I got the bipod for my lemon when suddenly a bicycle popped out and got a heads hot Volvo plz fix


I LOVE IT I love his series keep the good work and I support all what you guys do...others hate but that's their opinion and I support you guys ALOT but my opinion is that THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?

Jazalyn Sandoval

POOR LEMON Poor lemons its so sad.... and mean you should think of lemons feelings now all lemons around the world hate you oh PS have a talk with grandpa lemon PPS i hate you too you make me cry thoose lemons deserve to survive + what the heck rude

Brunnette Blossom

LOVE IT Love it but its less sad than can uour pet cause its well a lemon and not a baby chicken

ruth jacino

Beat the game Sorry my game frezze but stilled loved it

Barbara Kloulechad

C. U. T. E CUTE! So cute,less creepy,so awesome,less scary YAY


Cool It's so cool

firebouncer 2

Awsome I liked it when it died then came back from another ending and fever time

Khloe Nguyen

Can u make can your self Make a new game

Kiera Moulton

Can your lemon It's the same as can your pet but a lemon.


I love it This game is very fun to play when you are bored.i love it

Fayth Pooh

thisisagoodgame thisisagoodgame.I have a youtube channel called fayth pooh.SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!

Wolf SilverStike

SSOOOO FUN I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME (like when I name the lemon after my enemy): )

Opal Lampost

SOOOOOOOO AWESOME AND FUN Its so fun and its just like can your pet its so cool please get this game :)

Julie Marks

It's so cute THE lemon is so adorable


So fun! This time it's not a chicken??????

maria ruiz

Band me It band me2 times I had bought everything it though I was anhacker butbi like the game

Emmy M

Awesome and sad Only awesomw

Ben F

Its awesome Its also addiction ?

Sonja Velkovska

Cute It's amazing and adorable but, not when the lemon gets turned into lemonade

Scott Ewart

What's the point really

Yan Yanti

Can your pet I love it is so fun

Abigail Pettigrew

I love it Its the best

Breanna Minter

Epic! But......... It's really good except I want either good looking noses or mouths for the lemons' outfit thing

Clarissa Corral

It not good I dont like this game because all that you do is just hurt your little lemon and a nother reson why because all that you do is just put your lemon in a can i mean por little lemon getting hurt and one more thing all that you do is kill your lemon.??

Lizzy Gaming

It seems nice! I haven't played it yet,I might sin and record and post it on My YouTube channel

Gareth Sage

It's weird and funny like how you just took y he been and photos hoped the chick It's fun

Dominic Flores

Alot 200 out of 200

Ethan Ethan

Loved it It is brutal but cool

Ava Urbanik

So cute I named my lemon Lemon Grab because it is from Adventure Time and he is a lemon. This game is so cute and cool to use especially with the new ending!?❤

Dayna Kiser

Oh my God Why is this a thing omg lol WTF WTF lol it is the best game ever!! XD

Niall Stankus

AMAZING It's cute and fun


SO funny This game is ridiculous I almost cried and peed my pants....

Katie Kostner

Lemonade, anyone? I won't spoil, but the bike thing should change. Please make it do the funny bike scene every time you press it, not just the first XD otherwise this is a really funny game!

Little_Miss_ Mustache

When life gives you a lemon, KILL IT! Now I want lemonade!

Kelly Novak

I Love this game but just don't tap on the bike you won't like it

Utley Family

Omg I did not know it was going to kill Lil Joe the lomon D: but it's funny xD play it

Ruby McMahon

Love U ! Pls make more can pets and pls make can your baby?

ninja watermelon

Too bad for young! Do not: I repeat, do not give this to your young

Yolo Alielis

:] Usually lemon must be squished (like that pic) and/blend by a blender, use a blender for the ending! XD

e,o,b schmidt

Disappointed I Loved the game and now I had no idea that the escape would restart! I was SO far I spent hours.

Renata Hawtrey

WHAT THE HECK!!! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE SWEET & SALTY?!? I probably ate him for breakfast...

Kelly Whalley

Sad Its sad i killed my lemon and turned it into lemonade

Asia Rose

Love it! So stupid and fun!! Great game/app!

Delilah Matlock Matlock

check out another game! if you guys think this is funny go and play can your pet it is sad and funny!

Ethan J

I love it! This game is really addicting!

Miguel Andres Divinagracia

Wew i like it and people who play can pet they hate it more

Ricky Vacha

Lee Linton I am 7yrs and I loooooooove this game all the way to infinity.

Rovey Yumang

Boo It was bad until I finally freed one pet still terrible and sad

Alexia Bachtel

Lemonade I named my lemon lemonade and it made lemonade when I kill--i mean went bike riding with it lol

emcop ksmith

Killing I like the bike thing it gives me mony

Dia Saballegue

awesome great game for kids... love it

Vicki Rhodes

Speechless! Its awsome

Rozlyn Williford

I think it's a great way to pass the time and it is awesome:)lol

lou fav

Asome It was fun

Lee Linton

My 7yr. old loves this game! Easy to use.

Alondra Lopez

So weird but cute lemons

Jayda Clark

SAD Such a bad game for kids

squirrel king

Lol The bike

Mkpro king

Heh U will DIE!!!!

Owen Todd

your pet is a limin

Tracy Jones

lemon gives life lemons are life

Dawn Rhodes

It is so sad

Taylor Pooler

So cute! I love it except when you kill it that's sad but still so CUTE! ??☺

Jade Gottlieb

Not as bad as can your pet You should get this instead of can your pet if you don't like bloodyness. Its funny, and it doesn't make sense cause the lemon walks and plays. But if you love the lemon you made... DONT PRESS THE BIKE!!! :`( IF YOU DO YOU WILL WISH YOU DIDENT.

Toviyah Blauser

Lol!! So stupid but amazing. Didn't know the bike would kill it tho... LMAO! Who wants lemonade??

Root Dude

This game This game is really awesome and funny press the bike and something halarios would happen I dare you to press the bike. Please make another game to go with this one and the last one.

Glacius Gladiater88

Perfect I'm One Of Those People Who Don't Feel Sad For A Dying Person. Can Your Pet And Can Your Lemon Are PeRfEct... (•^•) b

Phoenix Kilbourne

How can you even have a pet lemon Really short cuter than can your pet

Jada Holliday

I really like it I can't get myself to can a chicken...but a lemon now

Kat Love

That was ok but you see it gust laying there in fort go you and you look so sad just thinking about it I mean why WHYYYYYY!

Butterfli52 Lawrence

Weird This game needs Mini games or s something

Jack Eden

Emotional Warning the following game plays with your emotion

Jane Mcfeeters

The lemon song Yellow hard lemons bleeding on the chainsaw!

Soul Pancake 184

Why kill it? I like the game but it has to kill it!?!

Autumn Frazer

Add more You should add more stuff

Mackenzie Schutt

It had no concept It was very boring and did not make any sence such a time waster but we got a few laughs

Harper Santos

Lemon liciuos It's adorable and I love how the lemons make those CUTE little faces when they fall out of the sky


Lemony I named my lemon lemonman and its the same as can your pet but its a lemon fun game but I think there's lemonade in the cans makes it more lemony

korbynn Butler

Sorry but I don't like It's funish but not as good as can your pet it's wierd

Cool but... The game ? is really cool but it has the same chicken song as can your pet so why not a ummm....oh a lemon song squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze your lemon squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze squeeze your lemon la la la la la la la la my peeps

Wolf Frostheart

Funny, but... I wish that it was a bit more different from Can Your pet, but other than that it has a pretty cool consept.

goofy puppy

I love it I thought it was going to be sad but its really really funny

XxRageTigerxX 360

(°∀°)b This is is just revenge because the lemon squirt juice in are eyes lel XD

Amanda Heath

Hi Do you want to get married

Lily Mcknugget

Loved it :) a few moments where it would glitch though

Moalisza Moaat

OH NO The game is cute but I have to kill my lemon

Noe Moreno

OMG I love it so I can troll my friends ???

Izzy's World

To many adds


<3 I love it <3 It's so cute and my kind of game <3

Zoe Givens

It's g8888

kerry bennett

Can your lememon is awsome

Mandy Donges

Love it It is great

Denny Adisetya

Awsome Awsome game lovenit

G. C.

Like this

Gamer Girl

Loved it

sarah knights

Ok Really...................good

Crystal Dunphy

I absolutely love it It's so adorable and cute

Kristin Macky

awesome But to many moba ads

Purplewolf AJ Galaz

Way better than can ur pet Ur caning ur lemon and its not very cute so idc about killing the lemon!!! :-)

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