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29 Feb
Camera Translator

Posted by AugmReal in Tools | Feb. 29, 2016 | 122 Comments

Apk file size: 7.7 MB

Scan and translate word by camera, support many languages!

Word snap and translation, Camera Translator is your handy dictionary. Extract word text from the camera of mobile phone and provide online translation. Simply aim the camera lens at the word, the translated result will instantly show on screen. Network is needed for translation.

Currently Supported Languages for translation:
Arabic, Finnish, Italian, Slovak, Bulgarian, French, Japanese, Slovenian, Catalan, German, Korean, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Latvian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional, Haitian Creole, Lithuanian, Thai, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian, Turkish, Danish, Hindi, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Hmong Daw, Portuguese, Vietnamese,
English, Hungarian, Romanian, Estonian, Indonesian, Russian.

Default setting: Translate from English to your local language. You can set any language pair combination in settings. For example, Translate from French to English, or from Spanish to Russian, from English to Hindi, etc..

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) data for English is included, other language data can be downloaded after you change the 'Translate From' setting item.

Supported languages for OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Fast and simple camera translator, and free!

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AugmReal part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Feb. 29, 2016. Google play rating is 62.023. Current verison is 1.8. Actual size 7.7 MB.

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Thomas Byrne

Awful So awful it's almost funny how awful it is. Other reviews tell me that the paid version is of equally craptastic value. It may actually be more efficient for you to go learn several different languages instead of trying to translate something with this application. Shame though, I found this because someone showed me the one they have on Apple. Looked pretty awesome. This one is garbage though.

Chad Craighead

What IS this crap? I tried to translate Japanese print and I got a random jumble of English letters that don't make a word in any known language. I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

Elle Kresnik

Horrible Japanese to English Tried it out on a few simple japanese words to see if it's good and idk what came up. Nose wings and some other stupid stuff . made 0 sense.

Dawn Joseph

Does not work offline Needs the internet so completely useless when travelling!! Bought the full version. Used Portuguese to English and it worked well.

Elias Dayeh

Doesn't or paid version I bought the paid version and it doesn't work. I open it and it won't let me click on the image to try and translate.

Dale Welch

Didn't work Tried to translate Arabic to English. Didn't even start to work. Refused to change from Chinese, or read new characters.

Sjani van As

Arabic to English does not work at all.

Reya Leuty

Arabic to English didn't work at all.

Steve Yates

Pile of crap Used google translate to test it. Couldnt even recognise the simplest of words like 'hello'. Understand this word...uninstalling!!

Danielle Bugayong

did not work AT ALL

Matinia Thomassen

Tagalog (philippines) It would be wonderful if you can add this language please. Thank you very much.

Shibehunter ZunKai

Still okay , but it fails Fails 9/10times i used it . Cant recognize words easily and sometimes junk

Mareli Strydom

GREAT for a laugh I can srsly appreciate the amount of coding that must go into this, but this app is so so bad I spent 15 minutes laughing at its suggestions and being no closer to understanding the Japanese video I was watching.


This app sucks Tried Korean to English and it's all nonsense. Uninstalling now

Dan Powell

....What? 5 jars rod wear road, yep this is exactly what I needed from translating Japanese to English, works a treat if you wanted to read utter jibberish.

Star Gr

Does not always work. And needs internet connection to work

Alex D

Useless Waste of time. Completely useless app

Xibo Wu

Useless Translations are messed up and make zero sense. 2/10

Negin Eskandari

Very awful It shows me some unknown characters and none one words were translated correctly!

Mathew Spencer

I went to google translate And i typed in hello for it to translate into vietnamese and it came up hi when i put it over the translated word

Pufulet Skufy

Stupid I have never seen in my whole live an app like this

Ali H

Arabic doesn't work

Emily Travnicek

French to English does not work.

Regan Repman

Limited You could only use one word! What use is that?


Danish to English doesn't work

Kambiz Zamani

Hi, please , dont have persian format, tanks

Brajesh Malhotra

Fakee not working Not working for german to English.

Richard Mcallister

Failed hopelessly .. Japanese to English ..downloaded Japanese data?? ..then tried to read one word ..failed hopelessly ..

Cal D

App does not translate This app does a horrible job of translating japanese to english. The words do not make sense. Please fix.

A Google User

Camera Translators I like it for my galaxy tab GT-P1000 Version 2.2.7

Prajwal Sherke

Useless for me. It hasn't the option of English to Hindi translation.

João Vitor de Souza Simão

Good concept Too bad it just doesn't work right

Bryan Narciso

Translated meat quiz to something footwear!

david branson

Sucks Can't even read the characters

Steven Scott

Didn't translate but funny Tried Korean to English and pointed the camera at a pack of cigarettes it said " arsenal vs pick up strap on dildo". Useless app but made be chuckle hehe

Hope Palmer

Japanese to English is a joke made me laugh some of the things that came up n my Japanese/kanji is quite good but this was absolutely terrible

Samantha Weck

Just stop I needed to translate japanese to english and all I got was misspelled jibberish

Ross Cavinder

Worst App of All Time!!! This is undoubtedly the worst app of all time. When you highlight over a word, it just scrawls some useless text which means nothing. It's not a translated word or anything. If you read this review, do not get this app...

Aubrey Moral

Worst app ever! I tested this app to prove that it really translates. I wrote "bonjour" on a paper. I know that bonjour is the French word for "hello". But it just translated it to a jumble of letters that doesn't make sense. Try improving this app's features and I'll rate this 5 stars.

Sayudh Chakraborty

Hate hate hate hate What is this!!A app

Komen Cents

Doesn't work Tried a few languages. Arabic doesn't even have any affect. I might as well pull out the camera app. Good concept but you sold me a dream.

Dave P

Worked 20% of the time Only worked 20% of the time we tried to use it in Korea. Most of the time it wouldn't focus on the characters and if it did it would only get a few of them right. We bought a bottle of sake and it has 3 characters on it it has given me five different translation on those three characters.

Michele Simeoni

Uninstalling Horrible. Didn't translate one word. Tried English to Spanish and vice versa, no dice. Uninstalling.

javier vasquez

This crappie this don't work at all, the reason I'll gave 1 start bc I wanted to comment otherwise I give this add 0 start

Maria Pruuden

What Literally a jumble of uselles letters and marks, would give 0 if were possible

Brian Duenas

Not even real Doesn't translate anything + difficult to focus

San97 s

Its a useless app. Didn't even do its work.

Valerie Lim

At least it said some words I've tried 3 apps so far, at least this app has lots of languages and it says words(albeit completely wrong..)..but it still a long way to go to be functional. Keep trying to improve, app creators. It's hard work but worth jt! Cheers

Michelle Harrison

SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS! IT REALLY REEEEALY SUCKS! When you try to translate ANY WORD it comes up with a bunch of letters that spell nothing. Very difficult to single out just one word and hold your phone steady on that word. Target area is a joke. I could go on and on but pretty much everything about this app SUCKS! I was extremely disappointed.? ? ?

Alex Corlew

Just no. It doesn't stay focused long enough to ttanslate correctly

Smrtcircleline12 2nd channel

Bad app I didnt like this app because I wanted to translate a chinese newspaper to English but it gaved me this weird english text "hfhehd" NOT Recommened

Charlie Madge

Camera Don't know what other rewire are talking about it seem to work on note 4 so far so good

Emad-ud-deen Leiman

Good idea but still needs work. I tried it with Turkish to English and it did translate some words. All it needs is a larger vocabulary for the translation.

Bob Koke

Hi It's actually pretty good. The reason that it's saying gibberish is because u have to be scanning it a long time until it gets the word. You can't wobble your hand and you have to mach up the words to the ones you see on your screen.

Chris Antoniades

Terrible!!!!! I keep trying to translate Greek to English and it comes with this code writing which spells nothing and doesn't do it's job correctly. Not worth it at all!!!

Shubhral Agrawal

Worst ever app Don't even know how it has 3+ rating. Gives bizzare results.. I downloaded it 5 mins ago to translate German into English and it showed me some Russian language. Complete bull$#it

Joseph Alex

Total Crap This thing sucks! Don't ever download it! Doesn't translate any language, showing some bunch of words that can't be read!


Works if u install the correct pack It works sometimes . you need to manu select the language at seetings icon. It will download the language pack you need. Pls check properly before giving it a bad rating. It is a life saver with menu in japan.

Mahadev Mhaskar

Nice but... Limited languages ... No English to Hindi or any INDIAN language option. Yes there is Hindi to .... option.

Zach Galipeau

It works sorta I think have m half the people who use this don't realize they have to select what language to translate before they use it. But even then it only gets a couple words.


Doesn't work Won't lock in on a word and thin keeps changing what it thinks is the translation

Sonia McCool

I can't seem to get it to work it won't take a picture right

Johnny Gutierrez

doesn't work at all this app is crap. you can have it back. translation, this thing is wack. translating, is everything it lacks. cant even communicate with my friends from Iraq. just kidding and that isnt a fact, and I'm as serious as a heart attack... y'all need to get this thing on track!

A Google User

Horrible Point it anywhere and it thinks it's seeing things. Point it at the ceiling and it says "W" or some other nonsense. I'm trying to translate Japanese for my trip in japan, but when I point it at something written on the clothes washer it says "Ham" "Gibli" and other nonsense I guarantee the washer does not have written on it. It translates kanji into long strings of random letters such as "SSISISISSSLSLLIIIBIBI" and I can't fathom how anyone released this as a finished product it how anyone gave it 5 stars.

Yasy Gharby

I dont know how to take a picture of the words could someone help

Tim Street

Kinda works Just for fun I used it to translate the different languages in a user manual. It is very picky about where you focus it and isn't completely accurate but isn't terrible

Rissa Caelix

Uhhhh. I tried to translate some Japanese text and I got a bunch of random nonsense every time.

brandon shepherd

Got a 16 mp camrea doesn't work

Hartono Wijaya

This app is suck Doesn't work anything

Rajiv Sisodiya

I do not reccommend this appkication only 6 mb lost you data..fake camera

Iselin Lystad

Doesn't work Tried translating thai and it couldn't find a single word after trying for way too long.

Greg Ryan

Dont work Tried to translate German into English because I know German and could verify whether it was correct or not and all it did was make a bunch of symbols and no legible words

Stefan Michael

What a waste! Needed to translate some closed captioning on a movie where the captioning was in Spanish. Didn't work nor did it work when tested with regular print Spanish from a pamphlet I had lying around. Just turned out to be a waste of my time and bandwidth. On limited Wi-Fi and program just cost me for useless crap!

Mat Waugh

Doesn't work Nothing happens most of the time and when it does translate something it is mainly just symbols

Furqan Badruddin

Very bad Are you mad robot? I can't understand translare Chinese to English "very bad"

Maher Chebib

Does not work Tried to get a translation from Arabic. I am still waiting. There is no way to know that it has caputred the text. Are we supposed to wait for ever? A feed back informing that the text has been captured would be great. Also I am assuming that only the words inside the small window will be translated. That means at most 2 words, and you can't use it for road signs or the menu or a note. The app is a good idea but not this one yet.

Kellyane Rochon

Can't select gallery. Makes it worthless. However it was showing random letters.

Kyle Bradner

Bad Translated a Japanese word on the play station store to "anal power."

Sinjar Tube

Fantastic I was looking for an app like that because the others wasn't contain Arabic language but this one it's perfect deserve more than 5 Stars

Abhishek Sinha

Very worst app Dnt download ths at all!!

Raad Butres

Good but not easy to use

Ahmad Bahrami

Too bad not all the language

dravid bansal

No hindi language in this

Dave Barker

Please explain new permissions Watch out! The latest update now demands access to Calendar, location, identity, device & app history, microphone & wifi connection info. Maybe I could accept microphone if it did verbal translation (but I don't think it does) and wifi for Internet, but calendar, location and identity? WTF. Uninstalled!!

trever tucker

Didn't work at all

Eric C

Does not work

Mark Snider

TOTAL CRAP Does not translate anything. don't waste your time.

bilal yousaf joyia

Make it avaliable for Urdu language also


? No iceland language

Marawan Mahmoud

It is Bullsh°t


Gooooood Awesome

Fredrik Vidh

Network unreachable... Fix it. App is not working at all, it cant reach some Network and because of that its impossible to translate. Please correct this error and i will give this app a second chance.

Nitin Thakur

Not working How to take photo and how it translate is not clear. Found no any button for taking photo from camera. Also if it show translation of any word then it found wrong.

Junaid Alam

Waste of time Don't work. English to Hindi not available. At most 10 optional languages available

Nicholas S

Does not work Tried Arabic and japanese. It wasn't even close if it worked at all.

Christo Kellerman

Rubish Doesn't work. Don't waste your time with this.

Steve Grey

No good Tried to translate Greek text to English but it just kept coming up with question marks.. get it sorted people!

Mystical Temptress

Doesn't work Honestly would not read any of the words right. It gave me a garbled mess.

Salma Ayman

Soooo bad Didn't work and very difficult to use it

Arabic to English. Does not work Does not work. Only network unreachable message is shown

Paul Lambert

Can't connect to network error Though I was connected to my home Wi-Fi, I got a can't connect to network error and it couldn't download data file. No idea what is wrong.

Stuart Trusty

Doesn't do anything Almost kind of shows almost correct translation, but doesn't translate. Doesn't really do anything except try to get you an upgrade.

Fatemeh Abbasazad

What was it? It doesn't have all the languages?

javier tan

i love it the translation its not so good but it helps

Korra D

Not to good. Just translates to gibberish.

Divakar Singh

Waste app Does not work

Biswajit Khilar

Not working .tried lot Hey , its not converting

Eddula Anitha

Whenever I put the word on the text box, the translated word does not come up only symbols

raseena imtiaz

Loved it Helping me in translating my difficult subject French

Darryl Barry

Garbage Absolute waste of time

Georgina Oates

Absolutely terrible Doesn't work, no instructions, no idea if It has captured text

Baxter Linney

Couldn't read anything It could understand what it was trying to translate. It just spit out a bunch of random symbols

Chad Cameron

No so good I typed in "car" into Google translate translated it to thai and then pointed the camera translator at my computer and it said "Wilkins crap".

Yogesh Peter Kotak

Can't reach network Useless. Fix it. Why do Google allow non functioning rubbish like this? Should be removed.

Aly Essam

Doesn't download languages When you choose a language other then english , the app attempts to download the data for the language , and always displays "no internet connection" error , even when you are connected to the internet .

Edward Borden

Crash to desktop Doesnt appear to work on nougat. Removed reboot, reinstall no love. Removed..

Johny Gior

DOES NOT WORK!! Get cancer!!! Network unreachable and I did nothing with this app! The downloads u have are the dcks u gonna eat btch!!

Patrick McAuliffe

Didnt work ever All it does is give an error message about the network.

Useless Yup. Pretty much useless. Save ur time. Do not download this app


This would have to be the worst app ever what a load of absolute rubbish

Jose Ramirez

I downloaded to✅ how accuracy or even if it's possible..if taken more than to translate I'm going to uninstall it...

Alexander Shukletsov

Doesn't work It always show status "translating from English to English" and that's all. Couldn't translate a word.

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