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1 Jun
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Posted by Activision Publishing, Inc. in Entertainment | June 1, 2015 | 79 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

The Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare App gives fans the amazing tools they need to create and manage their clan, produce in game player and clan emblems, and participate in Clan Wars on the go from their tablet or mobile device.
The new Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare App takes the Clan experience to a whole new level.

Clan Wars
Clan Wars give you and your friends the opportunity to join up and compete against other clans of similar size and skill for control of positions on the in-app Clan War map.
The winning clan in each 8-clan war receives exclusive in-game loot. This loot is used to customize your operator in Advanced Warfare Multiplayer and is only available in Clan Wars. Clan War loot is a signal to your opponent in any match that you and your clan are a cut above.

The War Room
The War Room is where you and your Clanmates manage your overall clan experience. You can see active and upcoming Clan Wars, your Clan War history, and your clan’s top contributors.
Emblem Editor
In Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare, your emblem is a unique representation of your multiplayer Operator or your Clan. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare app has a full emblem editor that can be used to create a custom clan emblem or player emblem that is synced to the emblem editor in-game.
Additional Features
Clan chat, Clan Profile, Player Profiles, and more

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Whats new

    Various bug fixes and optimizations.

Activision Publishing, Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 1, 2015. Google play rating is 79.6622. Current verison is 1.0.608. Actual size 35.0 MB.

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Jason Brown

Chat notifications still broken There's no chat notifications in the notification bar still after months of being broken and multiple updates fix this issue!!

Prakhar Singh

Not able to play Installed the app, logged in with steam account and viola - "NO MULTIPLAYED DATA FOUND". dumb app

Esteban Sanchez

NO DATA FOUND Everytime i try to log in with sony is says no multiplayer data found, i would give it a higher rating if it worked.

TX Gunpoint

Lots of bugs No multiplayer data found now... whatever was updated just made this app useless. Clan wars tommorow, hope it gets fixed in 24hrs.

Guardian Raptor

The App for Call of duty Ghost was way better This app is alright it's cool and all and I like how you can control your clan and emblems but with a game that has such a heavy emphasis on customization this app is completely lacking it in the last app for Call of Duty:Ghost you could customize your loadouts,outfits and even kill streaks in this app YOU CAN'T DO ANY OF THAT which really got me disappointed but all in all the app is decent

Jace Kaehr

It needs updated more often because When you Change something like your operator in game it takes weeks to change in the app please fix this and it will be worth the five stars.

Douglas Medley

Alright The app is decent but it definitely went downhill from the Ghosts app for sure. You should be able to do more inside the app. Change your classes and all that from the app. Basically all you can do now is look at the clan and your operator details. I definitely wish it was the same concept as the other ones for sure.

Savior Drake

It keeps showing me how my character looked ages ago please fix cuz i look diffrent now :) and y does it show only one part of ur body armour the rest is just ordinary please fix

Dan Robinette

Crappy Don't work some of the time kicks you off signs you out won't let me get back on after reinstalling wtf

Shino S

seriously disappointed dont understand why this app takes up MORE than half a gigabyte of android memory? it hardly even works and is just as laggy and buggy as AW. Why is activision putting beta software up for sale? also WARNING dont change your emblem with this app if youre on ps3 cuz it will permanently change it to a ps4 emblem and you cannot fix it or change it back to your ps3 emblems! AW is slow and laggy and buggy and hacked.

mac33x 420G

What's the deal with the chat? The alerts never work, honestly think the whole chat is broken =/

joshua beard

No multiplayer data Find yhis kinda funny considering i use to use this for clan wars and now it dnt work

Brandy Page

ALWAYS ERRORS Loading errors, clan wars maps screw up. Always an error and bugs.... please fix these issues!

clinton perry

Works fine Does everything its supposed to, no problem, a little slow loading but meh w.e

Jermaine Bryant

Response please So I submitted a support ticket because ever since I put in the black ops 3 beta code I woke up the next day for clan war's and I was no longer the owner in my clan it has not been fixed and my bank emptied. I need this fixed please my clan has no owner and I cannot add or do anything regarding my clan.

Charles Golla

One thing missing The one thing I see that is missing is a way to get to the clan chat page from the clan war page. Instead of having to go to the home page the the clan chat. An icon at the bottom to bounce between chat page and war page. That would make giving your other groups orders a lot easier in the little time you have between matches

Daniel Rosas

Cool app, but doesn't show picture of your character , its all stretched out , fix it please

tim c

4 stars 4 now I'm giving 4 stars 4 now because I can't see the gear the I put on my guy when I'm using the app but I'm still happy because I GOT SPEAK EASY

Tim Yoakum

Bummed out Really wanted this to be a nice app but it's lacking in useability. My bank is still useless! Raids are a joke. If every developer just keeps forgetting about the games that are previously released to focus on upcoming money-makers, I'm gonna stop buying games. Please do a real update!

Matt Dalton

Needs to be more content I would rate one more star if you could create classes and customize your character, also operator needs to be 3-d not just a picture! Other than that , decent app

Gage Steele

Its nice for clans I love this app because it helps you manage clans. I wish they would make It where you can save ur emblems to your phone so I can make it my background. But all and all a good app

Owain Kyprianou

Won 2 clan wars in bronze but not moved up? Why havnt moved up after winning 2 clan wars and why dont I have raids yet

Chris Rojas

Need more from this app. Can't create classes , change character appearance etc....

Nathaniel Mitchell

Great Able to access data for me and my clan easily

timothy clark

Garbage and broken It says sorry but you do not have any multiplayer data to try again later. I have been playing ghost for about 2 weeks now online I'm sure I have data.

Clint running

Clint Always never worked right even after the updates

Christopher Tandoc

Fix Operators Our custom characters need to be 3D, not pictures

Eric Rodriguez

Does it let you play like on x box on shoting and exo suits

king harro

Ok but I would like. A psn network connection

Scott Williams

Works for clan wars Only giving it 3 stars however because I know what can be done. In Elite you could change your weapon classes on the app without being even near your xbox and check the completion of challenges. I rarely use this for anything other than clan wars. I have had no bugs since install and have had the app for 2 months now. -Samsung S5

Hayden Tierney

Its pretty good I just wish it was updated more often like your character it takes weeks to change and there's no chat or really anything to special like that :(

Christopher Morris

It's ok Could use a few improvements


Not showing the correct Prestige When I look at my profile on the app it's not showing the correct prestige I see when I play online.

Harvey Clarke

Waste of my time Every time a made a acount and signed in it said invalid

Dennis Malig

Call of duty:advanced warfare I am really starting to love it!

Rylee Bendall

$HIT Wtf on ps4 , xbox1 , ps3 and xbox 360 its still bad

Nerds Logic

No support = 1 star Due to the fact that have made it impossible to contact support outside of social media you get 1 star. Outside of that the app is great. Still.... 1 star

Joshua Corbett

Dont know why everyone is complaining , works perfectly fine for me !!

Shawn Singleton

No multilayer data found? Says there is no multilayer data found, but I've been playing since it came out. Fix this.

Kendrick Romo

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Is awesome and all but I can't play the game on my phone Because I entered my password right but it keeps saying incorrect I mean WHAT THE F#CK

Robbie Bradley

So? So I have an app allowing me to view a picture of my character, the stats of my last game and edit an emblem. No weapons interaction at all. I give it two stars only because of the wording under 1 star of "hated it." It's just a game. I find the app useless.

Juss Hi

Still have issues no nothing lol Ive been added bak but I cant see my clan in profile on app y ??? In my clan I am gamerclassified lt commander use to say JaRockZ231 I think I have re appyed and accepted but my clan does not come up in phone app help anyone ???? Lol like wonder if they see this lol in end gotta start over build new clan should give me some xtra something smh....

Michael Altamore

I'm dissapointed Its pretty lagy and you can't create your own class I'd give it 5 stars if those were fixed I mean the console game is ok but still this should be better

Daniel Stedford

Create a class Advanced warfare is a sick game, but why can't you customise your guns on the app like in the COD GHOSTS app. If you could customise your guns it would be a 5 for me

sameer Singh

Help anyone I wanted to try the game but it gave it error saying no MP data found when I tried to play with steam

Cody Hauth

Lag, Restart, and Performance Lag is pretty bad and constantly kicks you out of clan raids back to the apps main menu (depending on the device). The app works best on tablets or high end phones. Could be much smoother and better and would be great if you could access clan wars through the web also. Overall it accomplishes it purpose and works.

Jordan Andrews

Kendrick Romo The same thing happened to me but I tried to sign up with PSN and it said pass incorrect so until this is fixed I'm not playing and even if I wanted to .... I couldnt

Jared Weitzell

OK, but it could use a few changes First off, on most mobile devices, including mine, the picture of your operator is all stretched out and cut off at the feet and head. Second, it would be nice if you could view your loot. Just fix those 2 things (at least the first) and I'll be happy

Shaun Paisley

Bad app I was full raked prestige on call of duty ghost and I am the founder of my clan yet it has not given me the badges for them also won't let me do clan wars. Poor app full stop poor game full stop always crashing and saying no games found now clan.wars is on and we can't play coz it keeps kicking us plus saying call of duty advanced warfare service is.not available joke pure joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Laming

Activision Inc plz fix Its OK but... I can never go into the app it keeps saying "no user found " even though I signed into everything it tells you to do so I'm giving a 3 star

Richie K

Error dw150000. Also on the console it says I'm not in a clan and all my clan invites i had have vanished.. wtf man

david hall

Does not work So I keep winning matches with 4 members on my team Andre and it continues to just show 2 wins and will not unlock the next raid objectives even though we've already completed the previous objective this app totally sucks

Cory Walker

It won't let me sign in! It keeps saying my username or password is wrong but it's the right information... please help me!

Dimensional Wolf

The game looks amazing but... The game looks really good but whenever I try to log in it says "username or password incorrect.Please try again" please fix this.

Gudmundur Bragason

Ok i give this app 4 stars not five bec there are few things that the app needs so able to look at ur able to create is too hard to get into clans so u can send invates to a clan and ask to be invated in it.

Shantelle Mulleano

Hate it If u want to play this game don't. U at least have to have an account with a console or whatever. So if u don't have one u can't play it. I was excited to play codaw (call of duty advanced warfare) but then they took the fun away, don't play if u don't have a console?

Antonio Rosalez

I believe ppl are hacking my account thru this app my phone and my system is acting real stupid clear cache and things start working better and its only when there's a clan invite in my message box. Can I block clan invites. Not changing clans at any point any how.... Plz take request into consideration and make a setting to block all messaging to app. Please and thank you...

chance Reed

Say i have no mp xp Stupid wont let me past the long in screen says i dont have mulitplayer xp which i do and wont let me look at my clan

Aekae Shells

This sucks!! Whats the point to this, and if there is a point to it then its a useless one! Once again just as the others said this needs to be fully interactive. Gun customization, mini clan store with clan perks and unlocks, also mini games to allow point build up and exp. This app could and should be a way lot better than this.......?!

Tommy Oliver

Clan raids How come you can't enroll clan members into raids it sucks I can't enroll members into the raids because they don't have the app that needs to be fixed

Taylor Wells

Performance and Design Phone: Samsung Galaxy Light. Platform: Xbox 360. My phone is fairly new and works great. The app runs slowly overall. Very difficult to view target locations and retrieve data during clan wars when time is essential. Too many stats about the current war displayed on the target locations, simplify it. Also, I no longer get clan chat notifications in phone service bar. There was never an audible tone either so that needs to be added. Player emblems are no longer visible. Why bother make a creative one now?

C. F.

Will not open app since latest update. I try to open the app and it's sayd the app has stopped. The screen goes black then that message pops up. The only button option I'd to press okay to close out of the message. Please help fix this. It was a wonderful app before it updated but now will not work.

Trollcast Micheal

Mw3 It doesn't show any record of me being a prestige is Mw3 or anything else I liked the ability to make and customize a clan but other then that it's just another app trying to get you to spend money on dlc because for some reason cod AW gold edition only comes with havoc

Justin B

Slow, no notifications This app is so slow, laggy, and crashes or freezes easily. Add to the fact it no longer gives notifications for clan chat or even a reminder to set the roster...these devs suck as bad as Microsoft's Xbox One devs.

Elite Panda

Logs me out Some times it will log me out without even knowing, it didn't tell me there was clan wars and now my clan is in bronze division. :(

Amber Vickers

Thanks Devs Thanks Devs for fixing the issues we were having. The reason I'm giving this app 4 stars is because of the fact that the emblem creator shows ALL emblem pieces unlocked. Therefore I end up making an emblem that I don't have all the pieces for, so it doesn't upload to my in-game character.

Zane Boult

Damit I want cod elite back cause on cod aw app it doesnt show my bo2/mw3 prestige or elite founder in career history and to me thats bad rep.

Jose Aguilera

Works good but.. Great app.. But the lagg is super slow.. Will give 5 stars if the app worked a bit faster.. Our clan is rank 544 on clan raids lol.. Beast mode..

Elijah Rooney

Worst video game add on app. This is the highest rated game in the industry but the app is the worst out of all game apps. Add class loadouts editing, add character editing, who gives that all you can do is edit your emblem. Big woop!

Norman Wilson

Password problem When I tried to create a account it wouldn't let me even though the password and confirm password matched

Benjamin Reade

Fix it!!!! The app is very helpful but only giving 1 star until they fix push notifications!!!! Making clan communication a pain when not able to see when new messages are posted!!!! FIX IT!!!!

Dharmik Debbarma

I've been trying every possible way out to get access to the game but nothing is working

Logan Toler

Would be nice to have I put my email in there and says it doesn't exist

jackattack102 attacker

It ant good Y do this game not work this app is crap it wont even sign me in craters just fix this crap their is so many problems

Jeremy Khan

Can't sign in Simply cant sign in with my xbox account and kicks me to the title screen.

William Webb

Elite founder So when we goin to see anything to do with elite founder as there is abit on career history ?

Ronald Brothers

Call of Duty How do you describe what I didn't get to play... keeps rejecting my address and password. Same as call of duty hero's, it just says game has stopped working...all seem to me a waste of time...

Wilberth Padilla

Good but lately It does not count our points in clan wars

Carol Little

Fix it! It's not working anymore! It keeps saying that it can't verify that I accepted the terms of service. I have been using the app for quite some time now. What has changed? I can't get in at all! Has clan wars started? I am usually notified of it but I cannot get into the app to find out!

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