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2 May
Calculator Pro

Posted by Apalon Apps in Tools | May 2, 2016 | 91 Comments

Apk file size: 15.0 MB

Calculator Pro is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. You can enjoy using a standard calculator for basic operations or extend it into a scientific one for more complex calculations. Just tilt your Android device into the landscape mode!

Whether you’re a diligent student, an accountant, a banking manager, a housewife in charge of the family finances or even a maths genius, this calc will save both your effort and time and let you calculate anything you need!

  • Two сalc modes are available: do basic calculations in the Portrait Mode or tilt your smartphone or tablet and go advanced in the Landscape Mode

  • Degrees and Radians calculations

  • Memory buttons to help you out with complex calculations

  • Choose the skin that suits you (additional calc skins available through in-app purchase)

  • Accidentally input the wrong number? Just swipe with your finger to edit it!

  • Copy and paste results and expressions directly into the current calculation

  • History Bar: see your full calculation history directly on the calc screen

  • Feel free to use it as an office calculator for all kinds of financial and statistical computations

  • Use Calculator Pro for college studies, accounting, algebra and geometry lessons, engineering calculations and much more

  • Work with decimal fractions, algebraic formulas, solve equations or just master your math skills
  • Now you can do any calculations on the go seamlessly!

    Whats new

      - New method of displaying calculation results
      - An ability to switch to scientific mode in case portrait orientation is locked on the device
      - Performance and stability improvements

    Apalon Apps part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 2, 2016. Google play rating is 81.8377. Current verison is 2.1. Actual size 15.0 MB.

    Download calculator-pro-3.apk 15.0 MB


    Scott Lukes

    Ok but not ads free Wish it did not have adds besides that it's very good but the Adds Stink not what I wanted. Where is the 99 cent add free version then became I can't find it. Lowering my rating thanks to this company's robo reply.

    Kyler LeMieux

    Why do you complain This calculator is great for simple math and most of the comments complain about the adds but there so small and insignificant that they don't even get in the way 5 stars good job

    Manuel Gatt

    Great calc It has all the good features although i would like to see a backspace button on it. The rest works perfectly. Well done ;)

    Travis Mccoy

    Just not convenient Not that I hated it, but just the ad pop-ups every second were annoying. I like the advanced mode and the cool little features all together... But when the ad pops up it pushes the calculator down and you end up pressing the wrong key or number. Then you have to delete... Too much work. Deleting it after a couple hours

    Lide Popovska

    The best I love the calculator. It's sleek and simple to use

    Barry Anderson

    Calculator excellent, especially the ease of shifting between basic and scientific modes. However, the ads are distracting. It should be possible to pay for an ad free version.

    Maya Voss

    Annoying ads Annoying ads keep shifting the buttons and I make mistakes as I'm trying to do calculations.

    Rhonda Reid

    Add/Subtract Unlike other calculating apps, this one will allow you to keep adding or subtracting with an ongoing balance without having to hit the equal key each and every time.

    corey wood

    Lose the ads! I would love this app, if the pop-up ads were gone. I would happily pay for that, fyi.

    Brayton Barrett

    Great until as of late Going to find a new calc. App. Even though this is (was) a great calculator for over a year, with it being basic enough but versatile for everything I need, I'm not about to be bombarded by ads for every quick calculation. All about supporting free apps, but this one pushes too hard these days. Highly recommended for anyone that doesn't mind advertisements!

    Carlos Sosa

    Rethink review It was really good until ads started to pop up. Planning to uninstall it soon if ads continue

    Chad Walkins

    School Really helped my school work even the real advanced things other calculators didn't help with.

    Chris Hill

    Best calculator app This is the best calculator app I've used,I recommend because of it's easy to read interface.

    Jonathan Correa

    Needs something It needs to be able to put another to the power of another for example, 5 to the power of 3

    Thomas Wierbonics Sr

    False advertising The pictures in your displays include items that have to be purchased, whereas it says the app is free. I also agree it needs a percent key.

    Alaedin Khatib

    Material design please Can we please have a few material design themes for the calculator please. Especially for us who paid for it. ;-)

    Shirley Williams

    Great app I love that it is capable of doing everything & all-in-one and user-friendly ♥♥♥

    Naushirwan Pudumjee

    Simple is for simple it is. But Pro is pro for pro it is. My choice would be Pro

    Jong Reyes

    Annoying movement of the keys I don't mind about the ads but what bothers me is the movement of the keys when displaying/removing the ads.

    T K Kelley

    Calculator Hand ✋ held really good nice way the buttons are arranged I can see them

    Mohamed Abdullah

    Perfect Very nice looking, ease of use and a dependable gadget.

    Babita Agrawal

    Useful but This app is useful but there ad are disturbed me

    Jaylen Smith

    Like it It's so easy and it's not hard especially the update

    Ron Brown

    Great calculator Is there a paid ad free version

    RIT Patel

    Calc Some time I love maths. . Thanks to...

    Ida Stroud

    much better than the other one bigger numbers in is like its bigger than the other one.

    مرتضی صحبت زاده

    Thanks That's best calculator I've seen

    Ashutosh Mishra

    Ads Ads are annoyingly intrusive and fuck you if you tell me to buy or upgrade shit

    John Stevens Jr

    Nice app love it's easy to work .

    Wyam Liew

    Great App Simple to use

    Pikyen Tere

    Simple Just needed a simple one with big keys without all the complicated functions.

    Muhammad Sajjad

    % option You should put % option with simple mode calculator.


    Matemáticas I like it does what it says caculate. .

    Chloe Hopkins

    Better than the average calculator It was so great to have because I'm starting algebra in school

    samrat shekhar

    No history U cant see history in this calculator.

    Gideon Emmanuel

    Nothing comes close !!! I definitely mean it

    Bogdan Ceaca

    Calculator Very good calculator app!

    Kenneth Roundtree

    Calculator pro Very good app.

    TJ Cannon

    Calcutor I think it's the best one for free!

    Nichole Solga

    This was a big help when my daughter (she's in the 8th grade BTW) Needed a little help with some math homework. Math was never my strong suit. Was very thankful when I found this app! :)

    João Rezende

    It doesn't lack essential functions and it's accurate, but it's so damn slow. Takes a long while to load, and then you have to dismiss a pop-up ad before you start using it. It's a real shame, because otherwise it would be a straight upgrade from Android's default calculator. It's also ugly, and needs to learn the difference between it's and its.

    Android App

    Great but some request why we can only do only radical of 3 3√x not unlimited like y√x this

    Eddie Young

    Good looking and pleasant to use Word to those complaining about ads. Pay 50p for the full version and the ads disappear - simple. Don't pay this small fee and you will see ads - your choice.

    Papa Kareno

    Good design but missing core features Now I've used it for a while and I'm very frustrated about the delete function, it could ve easily gotten its own button. Very easy to accidently delete numbers .. Plus no history to show previous calculations. Moving on to other app

    Keegan Byrd

    Cool app Its good for cheating on home cheating on homework

    Patrick Lwimbuli

    I really like this calculator. Its arrangement is so good, it easen my work

    Shah Faisal Khan

    UI and Skins Kindly make it free. Its awesome calcu.. but plzz make minimal UI and themes for free.

    Victor Rivera

    Great calculator This app let me to do fast calculations when I do carry on my pocket calculator which I will not need anymore.


    I loved this app really because it gave me various options to choose from in math.


    Good and bad! Calculator layout is very nice but the ads moving the calculator is completely distracting and annoying. Have to uninstall. Really hope you can fix this.

    Vladimir Tonkonogov

    Nice name (pro) - lousy functionality There is no percentage key. Common, this is something I use the most in real life. Apparently if you use a PRO calculator you don't need to know percentages. Ads on a calc look silly. It's not a game I'm invested in, you know.

    Jah Felix

    Good for children and adults It has all that is needed for schoolers thank you for this calculator.??

    jeffrey wahlfors

    Fuzzy Math-(President Bush) From the "Forrest Gump" of arithmetic it works good for me!

    Florence Odizor

    Great It is very nice easy to use and sleek it is the best calculator ever

    Cody Robinson

    Calculator Pro Well designed application, does what its suppose too. Many cool features when phone is turned onto it's side. This App wasn't a mind blower, by any means. but I've found it to be the easiest of the free calculator apps available.

    Hamisi Mapinda

    Calculator Perfect you move with your phone and you use your calculator.

    zuhaib butt

    Zuhaib There is a bug(s) in your application going to tell you 1. Open the calc write 2+2+ and press equal sign what will be the result it would be 4 but showing to the user 6

    Suzy Ryden

    Inappropriate ads No thank you , I do not want to 'chat to hot girls'. Horrible ads, completely inappropriate for my child. It's a calculator app! How are these ads in any way suitable?? Disgusted and uninstalling.

    Stevie J Wright

    No updates? Nice app, got the ad-free version but dissapointed with no updates for well over a year. Are the developers still supporting it?

    Shawn Corney

    Ads cames After restoring my phone, the ads return and the option to repurchase is gone...

    Damien Engelbrecht

    It was made to be irritating. When the add pops up on the screen the calculator buttons move so you often hit the wrong key. While it is like the apple calculator it misses the point by having the adds move the buttons. Seriously this is simple code and there is no way I'd give money for premium unless the free version was tight. Which it is not due to the moving keys when adds display. When the moving keys are not messing up your day it seems to function as it should.

    gondros2013 nWo4Life

    Eh! 13.51MB for calculater app. Should be less than 5MB or 200 - 500 KB. Good app doodes

    Kenneth Ross OLIVER

    Teddy Bear Great app. Works in all situations.

    Jim Fogarty

    Very usable tool I like it allot..!

    Yahya Dodin

    15MB for a calculator app? And it even displays ads? Uninstalled immediately after first run.

    Nora Hyer

    Perfect for me It's easy to use.

    Emily Harsin

    Love this program and use it all the time

    Eniyavan Elavarasan

    Replacement to my default Much better n accurate than my phone's default calci

    Laura Street

    Not ad free as it should be


    Calculator Pro I love this app very accurate you guys keep up the wonderful work ok

    Allan Braham

    Calculator Easy to use

    Pat Romeo

    Calculator Userfriendly, very easy.

    Krishnendu Laha

    Why calling pro? Full of ads I have an question. If I purchase the ad free version through in app payment then can I get ad free version across all my devices with the same Google account? Please reply developer

    Terry Whyte

    ? Apps ok apart that I find that when you close the app it doesn't save your content. App only saves content in memory. Advertising constant bit of a pain really. Price to pay for a free app....!

    R Pol

    Did not pass my expectations? Nice design, love the design, clean. Stock calculator is great but I need history. Thought it could be this one. No history is available, that's a no-no for me?. Ads where not an issue cause I intended to pay for it. Yes, kind a big for a calculator.

    Diane Vos-Kirby

    Never learned math thru wearing short skirts...and used a calculator..who knew back in 72 that we'd have them in our phones!

    Lisa Hayes

    Cool Displays I like the new skins & when I need the newer/scientific ways of doing math, it'll be there.

    Toni Butler

    Calculator Pro I just opened it and so far I like what I see. Haven't used it yet, but good for now.

    David Hoyt

    I like it I use this almost daily. For what I do it works really well.

    BJ Lincoln

    Love that it has settings now, the previous one didn't.

    Prabhu Sundaram

    Does what it promises! Very useful and nice like a charm.

    Renee Rubbelke

    Calculater Way better than the one that came on my phone

    Doug Wickline

    Calculated pro No more fingers and toes

    Reggie Trieb

    Calculator This one works!

    Christy Love calculater pro. So easy to use

    David Tolley

    Very nice app well done

    Tracie Weinman

    I love it. It is interesting.

    Joseph Lovasko

    Easy to use!

    Annette Shelly

    A.shelly Love how big it is

    tedong ajan

    i luv this application..

    Butch Moore

    It's great

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