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16 Mar

Posted by Xlythe (Calculator) in Tools | March 16, 2016 | 147 Comments

Apk file size: 5.9 MB

Calculator is a simple 4 function calculator, with a panel that has more advanced functions when you need them. It includes history, real time graphing, base conversion, and more. It also comes with a lockscreen widget, a floating calculator, and a wear app so you can use whichever is most convenient.

The goal is a simple and uncluttered calculator.

Because Calculator is a full replacement for your stock calculator, we recommend you disable the one that came with your phone. If you long press your original calculator, and drag it to App Info, you can Disable it where you'd normally find Uninstall.

And, while this release has a few extra bells and whistles, Calculator is still an open source project. You can check it out at

Whats new

    -Bugfixes with the widget
    -Disallow leading operations (+,*,/)
    -Bugfixes with wear app on Moto360
    -Bugfixes with copy/paste in display

Xlythe (Calculator) part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 16, 2016. Google play rating is 89.4444. Current verison is 5.1.1. Actual size 5.9 MB.

Download calculator-cyanogenmod.apk 5.9 MB


Robert Blank

No memory register Why can't I find a simple calculator app that includes the M+ and M- buttons for storing or modifying a temporary storage register by the amount of the current calculation result like you find on any physical real-world calculator?

Ken Pades

On lollipop the widget isn't completely white anymore(it's now a mix of black and white). Please fix this, it's the reason I really liked this app before.

Jasper Cook

Awesome Calculator Looks and works like the stock calculator, but has a lot more functionality. The lack of an exp key bugs me, though. Edit: I'm dumb. The natural number e does both functions.

X Geber

Since I updated my OS to android 5, the widget went from having everything in white to a mix of black and white, this is unfortunate since most of my backgrounds are mostly black and make it so that I can't read most of the widget. If there's a setting to change the colors of the widget I couldn't find it.

Mayur Rajwani

Its Best but it lacks It is One of the best calculator available in market. But it lacks in plotting graphs. It plots the graphs but not exactly as you desire. Fir eg in Drawing circle sharp edges are displayed and somewhere the arc of a circle is Missing. Another thing which is missed, is that doesn't convert binary to octal notations. Overall App is must have. And just need minor upgrades.


Simple, clean, elegant. What else needs to be said? It does the job perfectly. Floating widget and desktop widget too are simple but highly effective. Theming support rocks too! Love it!

Mathieu Lavoie-Lamer

Seems nice but........ Seems nice but for now.... All I got is the grid without numbers on it... ? I'm on gummy ROM KitKat 4.4.4 with CM 11 on GS3 sgh-i747. If it could get fixed I'd be soooo happy ?

Chinachote Kantakuldussadee

I like it There is many unique feature in this app but there is some issues about a graph,it is displaying wrong when I entered equation like X=Y². There would be better if u -modify text interacting system -more graphing operations like ±,abs -have tool like a pointer to indicate actual X,Y in graph

Abhiraj Kulaar

Bugs!!! The best calculator out there . Graphing is broken , it can't even graph a parabola on my device. (Always disfigured and incomplete). Also an option to add custom constants and composite functions would be quite convenient for me (High School)

Atticus Hornsby

Physical Keyboard Great calculator, but I'm unable to use it for my needs. Is there any way to get a floating calculator app to work with a physical keyboard? Aircalc doesn't work with a physical keyboard, either. I'm using an Asus Transformer TF101 by the way. I'll definitely give this 5 stars and buy a theme if the dev can get this working with a physical keyboard.

Ruben Kan

VERY NICE I use this mainly for the floating calculator. After enabling floating calc, you can place the widget on your desktop. There will be a floating button you can drag around the screen. Pressing it will open a small transparent calculator. Pressing again will turn it back into a button. I hope a future update will allow it to remember the last position. Other features of the calc are also huge pluses, but I can't comment on those functions yet. ?for minimal permissions

Bryan Tran

Lots of function but not very customizable Lots of function but you need to pay to make it look like stock android, that's plain ridiculous. Also would like to see a more colorful icon than black. Really bland.

Richard Chasse

It's nice The only issue I have is in the screenshots for the app it shows the calculator on the lock screen, yet I see no option for this in the app itself

Yuval Ginor

Amazing app This app is amazing. My only regret, and the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5, is that the app widget is missing a clear-all button (C). Otherwise perfect. Thank you.

Connor Raftery

The update killed the widget. Fix? Lollipop turned the widget into a black mess. Unresponsive, ugly and unreadable. Pitty, because it was great a day ago.

Kyle Caravalho

Great! Sooooo much better than the normal calculator! (I would recommend disabling the normal calculator so that this is the only one) I love the theme support and the good features! Keep up the good work! :)

William Jackson

Perfect calculator I have this on my phone running CM11 and just got it on my nexus 7 (2013). Android should just incorporate this as its stock calculator app.

Dan Feeny

Best one yet This is a great calculator app. I wasn't 100% sure of having to swipe between pages to build up equations but I'm completely sold that it's the best interface I've seen on a calculator yet. It's replace my long time (purchased) standby RealCalc. And it's aesthetically pleasing too. I (metaphorically) drop it a quarter star because the icon doesn't follow UI guidelines and is oversized compared to the other icons on my home screens. But honestly... that shouldn't stop you from using this app at all.

Classy CS

The best calculator so far Easy to use and loaded with great features. The most complete package out there!

ADR Gaming

Best calculator app ever made. Google should be providing this as the stock calculator. They look so similar yet, this one just rips apart the stock calc. Nice job!

Ben Dodge

Elegant and functional. This is the best calculator app ever, in my opinion. I used to use Google's stock calculator app because it looked great and was really simple. However, it wasn't quite functional enough for me. This calculator app is still simple and elegant, but is also very functional.


Good Its a great calculator compared to stock. Please add more to do with graphing. Like a list option to plot points if i dont have an equation. A way to make a scatter plot and find the line of best fit. And the ability to graph more than 1 line at a time would be great! Small things like that, that are on the ti calculators.

Abhinav Ankur

Cube root doesnt work correctly. The cube root function, the one we get on long pressing the square root button,doesnt work correctly and gives wrong asnwers. For exampke if cube root of 8 is calculated it results in 1024 which obviosuly is wrong. Please look into it and rectify this minor issue.

Parth Manaktala

Its good It is a very useful app... But the graph of some function are wrong... For example the crircle is not complete and parabola cure is not there... Instead a st line at some point

refefan sami

It's very good It has all things I need in calculator


Weird after latest update Ever since the latest update, the icon no longer appears and it shows the package name instead of the app name. I'm using next launcher. Any help?

Gil Halevi

Simple yet powerful Can you make it so there's an option so every time you come back to the app the number is not still there otherwise phenomenal app by far the best

Randi Bogar

Nice little widget. Have to click twice to open but has a slide close option like fb messenger .. No complaints so far

Anthony Nicolas

Really good! Although... I think that it would be better if you could include fractions as well. Would really help a lot! Thanks!

Rafael Martins

Best calculator I use it in my calculus classes and to check my graphics on the exercises. I hope in the future you add the complex numbers in graphic. Thank you guys so much for this software.

Abolfazl saman

Very nice This is work currectly on my htc desire 816 dual sim running kitkat 4.4.2 ... very thanks & good luck

Curtis Gabrielson

Best calc The best calc. Got used to it on older phones with cyanogen. Was surprised to find out this is a cyanogen app and I had to install it on my note 4.

RTM may

best calculator app ever! i searched for days the cm calculator after getting back to stock rom and couldn't install the calculator again, but now with this app it fits any rom. tnx!!

Jason Nicholson

Why is the advertised theme not included? The description and screen caps show a lollipop icon and theme, but YOU HAVE TO PAY EXTRA. I'm OK with paying, but don't bait and switch! Don't show me something and then after I download, expect me to pay for something you already advertised with your free app!

amine Boucherit

best calculator app on play store just needs octal please add the octal conversion why its not included in the first place?!

Bob Binkle

Seamless App Very diverse in calculating functions. Very speedy too. Good job devs ypu guys made me cry... tears of joy! I must be dreaming, somebody pinch me! No, but really keep up the good job and the less bloat, the longer it's going to stay afloat.

Josh Partlow

Nexus 5 Good calendar. One concern though... Is the pop-up widget normal after every use? Ways to turn this feature off?

Noah Buie

I love it I think this app is good, especially the graphing feature. A suggestion would be to make the graphing feature easier, like put a page to enter the data for the graph, and then have a page only for the graph, from the data you entered. Just a thought! ;) keep up the good work!

elena naseva

great app This is a very interesting application that everyone can use, for me I really like because it is very useful and I will recommend to all my friends :)

kima khiangte

Love it!!! This small calculator has many features which the other calculator doesn't have. I just figure out how to use those graph and matrices. Wow!!

Abdalla Elmedny

No material design The logo of this app fooled me into thinking it has material design, don't judge a book by its cover I guess.. Oh and by the way, your widget is dead :/

Akash Nathyal

If you are not satisfied with your default smartphone calculator, then this is what you need...... Best calcultor..... Very easy and and simple to use..... And it have all the modern features which you need.....

Tanner Morris

SGS5 Love the calc, love the auto graph, love love love it. A few suggestions: it can be accomplished with fractional exponents, but adding nth roots would be wonderful. Same with base n logarithms. You can create basic "programs" on a TI84 (basically a formula, and you execute it and plug in the numbers and done), I would love to see similar functionality here. Finally, an option to combine the basic and advanced panels would be neat (cf RealCalc)!

Memo Prince

Basic, Not As Great As Before Now is just prettier, but has lost a lot of functionality. The part I miss most is the floating transparent calculator. Please, a the very least offer a paid version to bring this back.

mark breedwell

Wtf You guys HAVE to be mentally diffecient to think that this update was any good. It takes over a second to clear anything because the designers wanted to have a nice little effect that looks like crap. Instead of dividing/multiplying a total sum, the calculator just plugs it into the previous equation, which is just beyond stupid. And you decided to make everything an idiodic scheme. Wow.

Six Zero

Just quit working. Note 5, worked for about a week as a system widget then just quit. No updated software so no reason for it to stop. Old version was stable and always worked and was always there on my older M8. Lame.

Michael Nelson

Wear This app also installs on your Android Wear watch and its just the best thing ever. If you need a calculator on your wrist, this is it.

Prashant Dev

Full history is not visible Before the update i was able to see full history of a single calculation. Now nothing visible after single line of calculation

Chris Castro

UPDATE SUCKS!!! CAN'T EVEN USE IT the only reason I kept the app was the flexibillity of the widget. I could have my bank app or bill tracker up and be able to see through the calculator and make my deductions as necessary, now with the update the widget just feels goofy and looks clunky on my screen. Original app was much better.......:Update to my review on the update. I have since deleted this app. HORRIBLE! !!went from one of my favorite to my most hated. first off all the above mentioned stuff and now the widget constantly crashes

Amy Wong

Awesome! This is the best calculator I have ever used! I didn't know its also a graphing calculator!

Remote Synergy

I like it for what it is Though the design is a bit controversial, I do like how it looks for me. A clean flat look resembling much of Android lollipop gives me the good feelings. There's a bug, say I type in 3+4- just like that leaving the minus sign hanging, the app crashes. Please fix this and I'll give this a 5

the sim

New version works poorly with Multi-Window I finally upgraded to the 5.0x series, and I find it works very poorly with Samsung Multi-Window mode on my Galaxy Note 4. The panel and font sizings are bad - result panel is too big and the numbers on the number pad are tiny and nearly unreadable and it does not respond to touches, unless the app is taking up more than 3/4 of the screen. Please revisit this and I can restore full ratings. Thanks.

Connor de la Cruz

Looks great, is functional, and is free Most calculators on the Play Store either look terrible/outdated, are very basic in functionality, have ads/in-app purchases, or a combination of the three. This one looks great with a solid implementation of Material design, can do more than the stock calculator that it's based off of, and as of right now is completely free (and apparently open source). Hopefully this doesn't get buried under the less polished apps based on the stock calculator.

Turulcky A.D.

Old one man ? This app was THE best "Calculator ever" as I wrote on my previous review about it but this updated version with the material design.... OK it looks pretty but that's about it. C'mon it's a calculator it need to be productive. The problem is that they too away most of the useful features and that's why everyone is giving it bad reviews now. I'm really disappointed. I hope they change it.

James Walker

As with most, I prefer the old. I love the new material theme, but sadly the easy-to-use way of switching modes is gone, any and all customisation options are gone, matrices are gone, and overall its just clunky.

Patrice Lumarque

New version sucks Not to dog pile on this app, but I'm not liking it after having experienced the old one. It WAS WAY BETTER!! The old one had a simple interface and color scheme and most important transparency ?! Who I wonder asked for this much of a radical change? I was perfectly happy with the old ver and needed NO UPGRADE that was actually a down grade ??

Thomas Kaldahl

AWESOME This is the best calculator and fixes all problems with existing calculators. Advanced calculators have dirty interfaces, and sleek calculators lack function. Gj at combining the best of both! Would love to see features like implicit graphs, inequality graphs, and maybe even 3d graphing

Kewal Vora

Old version was way better! Old version was simple. There was transparency in the widget. Bigger buttons and easy swipe feature. This one has stupid cursor positioning. There was no need to make it so fancy. It's just a calculator!

Julien B

Does what it promises... ...and does it right. Awesomely right. Beautiful stock material design, light app, and lots of features. I'd rather have a port of the CyanogenMod calculator though since you can do a LOT with it, but that's not enough to drop to four stars. Keep up the great work!

Andrew Diamond

Bad One of the things I liked about the old version were the big buttons and simple interface. It's a calculator, not an art project. I've since removed and reverted to my stock Samsung built in calc, which is lousy with small buttons, also.

David Girard

New update needs to be fixed The old widget worked much better. Transparent widget made it possible to have information in background and be able to see it while calculating. Also, the old version allowed you to "swipe" the calculator out of view then return to your calculation. On the new version, the cursor gets moved to the front of your input and throws off your order of operations. Please return these two features! I loved your app because it was so useful and wasn't sloppy like the others!

Eric Arroyo

Not as good as the original (holo) Hurray! They uploaded the old version under the name (holo)! Not a big fan of this new version, but at least I can keep the old one.

salim tarazi

Old one was way better The new version replaces functionality with looks. Some buttons are missing, like cubed root; the graphing system is a lot more complicated and you can't use your previous calculations like you can with the "answer" button on scientific calculators anymore.

Kristian Clardie

No more floating calculator? I like that it keeps with the same theme as the stock calculator, but what set it apart was the floating bubble with the transparent overlay. This new update is exactly the same as the stock calculator, so there's no reason to have it.

Alex Axenty

Was perfect, now rubbish, one good thing Never saw a worst update on an app I had installed, BEST part of this app is that the old one is avaible, add functions from old one to this

Allen Awesomeness

Hated by past users, but loved from Material design enthusiasts Never used this app before the update but I have to say that the current app is definitely targeted more for aesthetics than functionality, which is good for people like me. Not so good for past users.

Nathan D

Graphing It seems like the old graphing system was better. The numbers get really odd when zoomed in. Negative goes on the right and positive goes on the left...? Doesn't make sense. Also, the Android wear app is laggy and it doesn't have any trig functions (sin, cos, tan)!

Vineet Kansotia

Awesome Just what I needed ? But it is certainly missing some features like Permutations and Combinations, quadratic equation and many more...

jeffrey zimmerman

New update sucks The old interface was easy better, now it looks cool but had zero functionality

Aarón Soto

The old one I hate the new app, it's hard to use. I like design but I want the old one!

Corey Lau

Think u made it TOO simple. Lost controls on sig figs also no more custom themes and other options.

Peter Westgate

Where is the PERCENTAGE key? (%) You have lots of scientific functions but one of the most essential basic functions is missing!

Caleb Olson

New Interface I really quite like the new interface. It matches the new Android calc while still providing extra functionality.

Емилиян Николов

liked the old version better The old version was simpler to use and could work with matrixes. This version is more colerful whitch makes the buttons less visible, has less capabilities and is less user friendly to me... I liked the older version whitch looked like the default calculor.This one is a big step back to me.

Aimaan Kasam

Design nice but needs more functions Functions as a scientific calculator are very less. Please introduce more functions and operations

Shai P

It's good as a handy calc Been using for long time and often. It's good as a handy simple calc (my moto doesn't have one) though could do with a way to go back to previous calculations. The advanced functions are just ok, not that advanced, but I don't need more than what they have. They totally changed & prettified the interface & I'm not sure if it was an improvement.

Clay Anderson

No no no no What happened?! No more dark theme? No more keypress vibrations? No more customization? No thanks. I'll come back when you figure yourself out, calculator.

Gabriel Costa

Beautiful and has all the functions one might need. However, the interface becomes a bit confusing when you use the mathematical functions part.

Глеб Наймытенко

Bad update The reason I installed this app was a matrix calculator and a simple dark interface. Now this calculator is same to thousands other calculator apps in store, so, guys, why should I have to install and use it? Sorry for bad English.

Tanmay Vij

Nice interface They should rename it to lollipop calculator since this update. But unfortunately they reduced the available features.

Zachary Perry

This is a very attractive calculator and has always been top notch, but now it definitely could use some tweaks. A dedicated clear button or customizable long press time would be nice. When a clear is initiated, anything you punch in during the animation is ignored. I'd like it to still be typing behind the animation so it doesn't slow me down. The hit box on the buttons could stand to be much bigger, even if it only animates at the current size.

Justin Hartig

Not as good as Calculator (holo) uploaded by the same dev This calculator doesnt have the ability to copy or modify an equation so until it does Ill be sticking with the holo version.

Alejandro Ramon

Very useful calc app, almost perfect I use this app as my daily calculator for homework and other tasks (I'm an engineering student). Great UI, fast, simple, and feels good to use. Deceptively versatile based on its seemingly simple UI. However, one improvement I would suggest is the ability to recall previous equations instead of previous answers. Many times I find myself retyping a long equation when I need to make small changes to it. Think "question focused" instead of "answer focused"

Devin Glass

Simple app, Amazing features I love this calculator. Some may think "how can one calculator be superior to the rest?", as I once did. However, I quickly realized just how when I went in search of a calculator that is enhanced for Android Wear. This calculator is the perfect answer for my needs, with a full-featured Wear app. It is clean, simple, uncluttered and similar to the stock/AOSP calculator app. The difference is in the expanded features, which are tucked nicely behind a few simple gestures. The floating calculator is genius!!!

Jordan Dossou

Great. Can u add a cube root button? I use it a lot to do my geometry homework and I need different roots

Nick TwoThousand

Love it It has the same interface as the 5.1 calculator but with the features from the older calculators which were removed :) best of all it has no ads

fredi dennis

Ur new update sucks... Makes my phone stuck on home screen after using cool widget which makes it unique from the others when I drag the icon to 'X' icon and hv to restart the whole phone... The previous version would hv been a full 5 stars

Ritesh Kudalkar

More functions needed!! Please add inverse trignometric, hyperbolic trigonometric (sinh, cosh, tanh, etc), natural log and all other kind of logarithmic function! Even Matrix solving would make this calculator the best calculator app!

Ziv Shah

DOESNT HAVE EXACT VALUE When I do pie it doesn't show me the full answer which should b fixed

Zack Dark

Powerful and simple The matrix calculations, 2D function graphs and base change to binary and hexadecimal are a huge plus EDIT: The new version no longer supports matrix calculations

Brett Kelly

Excellent Not sure why the stock app doesn't do some of the basic things, but glad this app exists, it works great.

Drew Sullivan

Widget not working Widget stopped working months ago. Tried to redownload/reinstall to no avail. Widget was the only reason I had this app.

Dev Aggarwal

EPIC Just the most epic thing on this planet. The developer is a genius.

Atyia Bush

Awesome It literally did my homework .

Joe Aja

Best calculator!! The best 3rd party calculator i've tried. Calculation history, percentage, digit grouping, and many more (y)

ajiRy 9

Smart calculator!! Thank's, this calculator so helpfull!!

Evie Henderson

Homework helper Homework will never be the same again!

Walter Francis

Works great, although I'm only using the Wear component for quick calculations on my LG G Watch. Thanks!


Awesome I like how it clears the numbers

Danny Stuckey

Best NonGoogle Google Best replacement for those of us who like Google but can't get it ?

Fatih Balsoy

Better than Stock Calculator

Yuriy Bichenok

It has history.

Happy Monkey

Loved it It's the best every I love it so much

Kumudith Gamage

Love the graphical display Best and the most simple calculator app ive used with lollipop theme.

Azura Zelda

Best Best calc, better than official one

Nathan Fox

Good Good graphics, correct answers, and very modern

Rotem Albukrek

Its work very good on lg g watch urbane

Ramlal Malu

It is so amazing

sattyam Arya

NiceOne Its very usefull app awesome


I love this app The best calculator.

khelan shekhada

Great one

sadekha begum

Best calculator This is superb

Hector Garcia

Better than stock Google calc Just like the Google calc except it has a history, of your calculated results, you can recall.

Tyler Norton

Feature rich with a sleek UI I was looking for a good replacement for the stock calculator that had more options to it, and I found it here. With no ads, an impressive host of features including graphing all efficiently compacted into an elegantly simple interface, I'd recommend this application to anyone as an upgrade to the stock calculator.

Tal Raveh

Stranger wouldn't understand Featured ; Intuitive ; Stable ; Anything you need :-) worth being paid for ?

Lakith Karunaratne

Best Calculator app ever Only downside is doesn't have material design. Otherwise it's very functional.

Elvin Luff

I don't get why other calculators are trying to reinvent the wheel - taking the stock app and hiding away so much functionality is ingenious. That and it's mainly open source is a definite plus. One question... What does the Pro in-app purchase give?

Gawain Brewer

Superb Everything you could need in a calculator, it's fully functional and easy to use, has a very useful widget. My personal favourite is it's floating mode which allows you to very quickly access a small version of the calculator on any screen. It's incredibly useful.

Alex Tița

Excelent Can you please add a "clear all" button when you look in the history?

Garrett Goss

Recommended over the stock version because of included calculator widget.

Sean Вупи ыуат

Lots of functions while keeping that material look Lots of useful stuff like the graphing. By far one of the best calculator apps

Himanshu Him Surya

No cube under opertaion Needs to have cube under operation and a simpler UI, much simpler otherwise very good.

Jesse Maher-Watson

Top notch This app is exceptional at reminding me that 2+2 does not equal 3 but 4

Adam Braunstein

Clean calculator. Very simple. Solution previews. No ads. Highly recommended.

seema gupta

Decimals are not coming in big calculations

Harshit Garg

So much better than the stock calculator app yet no bloat This app gives you material design plus features that should have been in the stock calculator. Lightweight. Kudos

Sebastian Lau

Awesome This is and will always be an awesome calculator app. It may not support calculus but is suitable for most common operations.

A Google User

Simple, beautiful and the best.

Guru prasadh

Micromax fire 3 It's good and simple

Todd Ainsworth

Clean and simple Great looking app. I wanted to see totals while working a problem. It works great

Dylan Hays

Almost perfect This calculator has a beautiful UI, and great functionality.I have just ONE issue with this calculator, however. Swiping to dismiss previous calculations in the calculation history is pretty unresponsive. Consistently takes me 5 or 6 tries for each calculation I want to dismiss. Other than that, this calculator is amazing.

Charles Haines

Why did they make it worse? It has less functionality than before. The layout of the right panel is really annoying and the over styling is terrible now. It was better and simpler before. Stop touching things that don't need it. I had this app because it was better looking and feeling than the built in one. Neither of those statements are true now. Getting rid of this.

Tadej Rezar

Warning! This calculator is very nice and all, but, be aware, it doesn't understand the priorities when multiplying and adding, so you need to use brackets all the time. I have wasted my nerves on my calculations because of this!

Ian Sosa

Rounding problem I used to love it however it has a major problem with rounding.


Complicate to use Calculators should be user-friendly but this one is really annoying ,i rate it one for its graphics.

Lakith Karunaratne

Best Calculator app ever Only downside is doesn't have material design. Otherwise it's very functional. Edit: they got material design

Ramesh Kumar

I hate this update This update is very bad...older version is superb.I give 5 stars for older version

Ilias Azagagh

Very Nice app but... The app is rounding off my numbers without reason. I don't know how to turn this off!

Leonard Leonard

When switching from an app with keyboard open, this app becomes really ugly. Please close keyboard in the beginning. It is showstopper for me.

Bader Makki

Latest update ruined it After updating the app, input lag became insane. Please fix

Tyler Makaro

Unit converter The problem with the stock calculator is the missing unit converter. This app still lacks one.

Elio Gereige

No more "Y" key Please bring back the Y and Z keys so it's easier to use Graphic mode. Thanks!

Ray Luo

Hands down! It may not be most feature rich, but it is powerful enough, it even comes with a function plotter. And it works on watch too!

Piyush Soni

Just perfect but still needs many other functions like inverse trignometry and others... Plz add them too

Prince Williams

Stock + subtle useful features This is a great class an light weight calculator app. Takes the stock Android Calc and adds a few functional extra features. I've removed the stock app for this.

Kamesh Feels

Slow processing This calculator is good but slow. Please fix it. Otherwise it is best.

Simon Mclernon

Best calculator app So slick, scientific via a swipe and best of all no ads.

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