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14 Oct

Posted by andanapps in Productivity | Oct. 14, 2016 | 138 Comments

Apk file size: 1.5 MB

andanCalc PRO. Simple desk calculator or Scientific/Algebraic/Fraction. Two calculators in one. Ideal for everyday, office, school, technical and scientific studies. It works like fx 82, fx 260 calculators.

Choose what you prefer for each moment

Simple calculator with the same functionality as a classical desk calculator
- Square root
- Memory
- k feature
- Percent Calculation: add, subtract, mark-up/mark-down, % of increase, % against.


- Square/cube/xth root
- k feature
- Parenthesis
- Exponents
- Pi
- Percent Calculations: add, subtract, % against, % of increase,
- Log, In, Inverse Log, Exponential

- Fraction<>Decimal, Decimal<>Fraction
- Improper Fraction<>Mixed Number
- Simplification

- Sin, Cos, Tan, & Inverse
- Hyperbolic Functions
- Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD

- Mean, Sum, Sum of squares, # Elements
- Standard Deviation (sample or population)

Additional Math Functions
- DMS<>DD Conversions
- Polar<>Rectangular Conversions
- nPr, cPr, x!
- Random Number Generator
- Scientific Notation

NOTE: Read the help for additional information

- Back key
- Portrait or landscape layout
- Copy to clipboard feature
- Dark or clear background available
- Icon widget
- MultiWindow for Samsung devices (where available)

Whats new

    - Android 7.0 compatible
    - New configurable font
    - New configurable button background
    - No more annoying-rate-reminder after rate
    - New name
    - Minor bugs fixed

andanapps part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 14, 2016. Google play rating is 83.1664. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 1.5 MB.

Download calculator-21.apk 1.5 MB


Sanjeev Kumar

A little bit confusing A little confusing when we use memory. And if I open calculator and press +,- or few other button twice it show an alphabet "k" I don't know what it means. Please fix if its a bug. Plus please make it easy to use when we are using memory + and memory - . waiting for improvement in next update .


Very Useful Plus Percentage Key I love this calculator because the one that came with my new Samsung Galaxy S4 didn't have a percentage key. I had a small one like this one I used at my desk in my office and it performed great every time I had to use it. I highly recommend this one because it is easy to use and has all the features most people will end up using most of the time! !

Joshua Benolken

Great I've been working with this calculator layout my whole life. And I have one on my desk still, I know its kind of difficult at first but it does everything you need from home work, budgeting to ringing up a customer or doing payroll.

Skip Reed

Calculator failed PEMDAS test. 7+7÷7+7×7-7 should result in 50 in all cases whether parentheses are used or not. This tool gave 56 which means it was not doing multiplication and division before addition and subtraction behind the scenes. I'm not a math expert but I learned that principle 50 years ago and am disappointed that a calculator with all this power available to it failed such a simple test. The built in calculators on my Galaxy Note 2 & Edge do the job just fine. Now I have more room for working apps. Sorry. Try again.

Steve Armishaw

DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!! I've been using it a while and now realise it is INCORRECT!!! It cannot add percentages. UTTERLY USELESS. God knows what else it gets wrong.!!!! Uninstalling IMMEDIATELY

jay kit

It's free n a superb calculator! I hv tried super plus calculator, bcos of its color skin attract me. After installed n tried it's usage, found it is quite heavy n not smooth to press d figure buttons! Bcos I stil prefer a smooth, fast touch screen calculator with a percentage usage. Then I searched n found tis calculator, wow it's free n it really does wat it say, as a classic casio! N it's smooth, fast n easy touch calculator! Five stars for it, n hope in future even hv millions installer, it will still b a ligth weigth calculator, thx


Excellent Gratefull it is free, but there shoud be a demarcating line beneath the adverts or introduce a different background to this advert area or calculator display area to avoid confusion or display clash. Do this and I will share with over 1000 friends of mine on Fcbk and Whatsapp. Thanks..!!

MFP 2241

PEMDAS test failed? About the failed PEMDAS test... what is that mean? Are we getting wrong calculations with this? How serious is this calculator failed such a test? My own particular 2+2 test throw a successful 4. Which one test should I trust?... anyway, I'm giving 5 since I like the layout and so far, it seems to do what I need accurately enough. Plus percentage

Sam s

Calculations are wrong. Nice layout but incorrect To help you out. Example. 100 dollars plus 13 percent is 113 dollars. Your calculator says 114.94. I don't know how this can be off so bad. I must uninstall. Thanks for the update I don't know why Casio does that. It's plus percentage and not times percentage in retail etc. Because of your quick comment I rated it up to a 4 star. If u had option to adjust that issue I would use it and give it a 5 no problem

Daniel Feiglin

It's OK, but the use of an apostrophe instead of a comma as as the thousands separator is a pain (US English)

Blanca Parra

Thankful My phone comes with its calculator.. But doesn't have percent or other features that are used regularly... Thanks to your app I'm able to use all this features that I needed...

Stuart Davies

It's a frickin calculator what else do you want! I don't appreciate the advertising on it telling me that I have viruses on my system. That is junk.

Joel Jacobs

Simple I like the fact that you stick to the original adding machine UI. But seriously? ? This is a smartphone! ! You need to add tape functions with editability! !

Alan lozoya

Love this The only phone I've EVER bought that doesnt have a calculator but then i found this app

Darin Williams

Calculator What I loved most about this calculator is that it calculates percentages Wheras most bundled smartphone app calculators do not.

Kat Gensler-Nic

Simple calculator Did exactly what I wanted to do-simple calculator functions-and does not take up too much memory.

Ector Alfaro

Too advanced for me, but its OK ? Worth trying, thanks devs. ?Re: Thanks for the reply a little harder, to use than windows calc next time I'll read the (help)manual

Kim Jacobson

Just what I needed This app is MUCH BETTER than the calculator I was using before. For some reason the other one wouldn't let me figure out reverse sales tax, which is easy to do. This calculator does everything I need, plus it's easy on the eyes (the other one ~ NOT!) I'm very happy with your app. Thanks.

Rhonda Thomas

It's pretty good. Does what it's supposed to . it looks nice so I have no complaints. I love the percentage button.

Carol James

It's a calculator. It adds, subtracts, mutiplies, divides and figures percentages. Wish it had an option to change the look of it yet it's fine.

jersey jean

Classic Casio format If you could easily use and enjoy a decade or older Casio -- then you must download this. I also like the clutter free display -- you only see the numerals you enter. I don't mind ads an often click on the still ones as they peak my interest but the flashes always lose me, coz you annoy me, then you're just junk!

gerardo ortiz

Helped my daughter check her math homework. I recommend this app to everyone who has school age kids.

Ann Mallett

It's a good calculator. Albeit, I haven't tried to use anything but basic functions. The percentage didn't seem to calculate though.

Simon Yuen

Try 100 +13%..or any percent and you'd get a wrong answer!!! On my phone anyway. Failed answered my time to get it :(

asocksjr asockjr

Love it now I can do my home work without having to whate for my mom to get home form work because my big sister won't help me I mean she will help me she's just a little mean ?⌚?????????⚽?


Calclator I liked it very much. However it claimed to be a FREE APP AND ITS NOT!

Nancy Morrissey

This is a great app love it. Tried another one but not very good

Joseph Muscetta

Great app. What's not to like about this calc. I'm a carpenter, it Saves me a ton of time.

Joseph Borjeson

Very handy! The percentage key is a plus since several of the other calc apps don't have one. It's average but o.k.

Janie Long

Love this calculator☆☆☆☆☆.The one that came on my phone is useless. This one operates just like the one that sits on my desk!!

Earl Roberts

Doesn't work for percentages when subtracting Also it does not have a clear entry so the memory gets cleared when the display is cleared. I am asked to rate even after rating.

Dave Pitts

Great calculator! The "help page," has examples of how to enter different calculations.

Maurice Greenwood

Does the job perfectly for me I needed square root & this works just like a classic calc

Walter Repass

BETTER THAN AVERAGE I like this calculator better than the factory installed one. That one didn't have a percentage button.

Randy Bassett

Doesn't save Memory I would prefer commas , below every three numbers instead of apostrophes ' above. OK, I could live with that. But when I clear the register, (AC), it clears EVERYTHING, including the memory. What good is that? No memory then! Deleting.

kajisubba madenkhewa

Very good application It's use very esy and working properly thank you

Oleg Papusha

Simple and efficient. Has memory option which didn't come with calculator that was factory installed on my phone

David England

Works well Works just like a regular calculator. That made it easy to use right away.

Tracey Powers

Calculator works well for simple math. I just use it to re-ckeck numbers when reconciling checkbook.

gyan kandel

AWESOME APP EVER!!!!! It is so so so awesome that I can cheat in my homeworks thanks to the creator u r the best!!

william mallim

Its ok Annoying ads as usual . calculates well both scientific and Ordinary everyday summation

Mike McCabe

Best Yet! Used all the time.

Enrico Messana

Very good for every day and scientific use

james nelson

Easy to use and that's what a calculator should be thanks

Art Hagen

Great app easy to see and use, best one I have seen

Cathy Riske

Easy to use There are times that I need to use a scientific calculator and other times a basic one is good. It is to switch between the two.

Abdikarin Mogdisho

Great love it By the way am not know hhh

Douglas Campos

Easy to use. Accurate!

Richard Valenzuela

Very helpful thanks

Austin Socci

Pop ups are annoying

George Graham

Love it but the pop ups can be annoying sometimes

Grace Mas

Very good

Spikey Mcgoo

Really useful and easy to use

Matthew Maute

It's a Although the pop-up can get annoying.

krishna subedi

I like it Lets see in future

steven whittler

Get rid of ads

Jenne Collins

excellent!!! Please remove the message that pops up EVERY TIME I USE THIS APP - which is often. The same info can be accessed from the settings within the app so perhaps a facility to set preferences at start??? Otherwise - Excellent, just like a real Casio - unlike most calculator apps the % works just like it should.

Michael Levine

Excellent calculator The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star review is bec it's so annoying! Every time you open the app, you have to tell it if you want to review it, Then another dumb question, then if you want a scientific / algebra style or reg. If it didn't do that EVERY SINGLE TIME! I would change the review.

Gilleein Mastroianni

It don't work I try to hit the pie key and it won't show it gives a random answer when I didn't even put the equation in yet

Joanne Archibald

Ms Joan I have only just started using it on simple problem. Not sure if It will hv the features that I will need to solve other statistic mathematical problems. From the looks of it, its doesnt have all the features needed for mathematics. therefore, I hv no say at thus present moment. Ask me tht a year time!

Maryan Aden

Oh my gosh I love this app is the best app ever you are so smart you can answer everything in class you don't even have to think for a minute. Without this app I would be a the dumbest person at Kipp Academy Nashville I hope for the people that they had a chance to see this app can try to use their advantage and time to get smart and probably may be helpful for them I know it is helpful for me know.??????????????? be smart choose the correct path and make the right decision.???.be smart

Jeri Gorsline

Uh I have had this app less than 24 hours and you want my opinion on how good it is? Ask me in 9 months after I've used it.

Andrea Markelz

Works with samsung multiwindows Easy to do in class derivations on tablet showing both algebra and calc w/o leaving derivation window

Jack Stratton

Everyone needs a calculator After using for a while, everything was fine until I used the percentage function. Oddball answers. Deleted.

Jim G

Worth the nominal fee 2nd best calculator I've ever used. My HP 11c just can't be beat.

Dennis Blowers

Too new to rate Other than different special chars seem usable. Time will tell

Siddique Alem

Calculator It is really a very good calculator with a large screen and it serves all my purpose.

Kathleen Amato

Calculater I only use basic functions. They all work great

Maya Amanuel

Wonderful I always use this app when I need help with math! It helps me so much! Get the app!

Tony Hemminger

Nice app just don't like the constant nagging to rate it after already doing so 3x

Tom Haddox

Best simple tool I have used Functional to the exact degree that I am, not for electromechanical engineers

Brian Tunell

CalcuAd Good calculator, still has ads even after buying it!

Barry Schwach

Not bad.... Does all the basic arithmetic functions with a single memory storage, but nothing more. Amortization would be very helpful but you won't find that here.


Incorrect percent calculations 100+14%=114 and not 116. Cannot trust calcs.

Robert Ryan

OK, but needs work This app calculates fine, but responds very slowly, perhaps because of the ads.

Sudhakar D

Very useful Now I can operate all types of calculations.

Vashist Swammy

In my opinion this is the best tool for teachers, students and professionals.

wendy duarte

Math Very good very helpful when im tired of dealing with math

Dawn Schroeder

Love this works just like a handheld calculator, THANK YOU

paul whitaker

Display App doesn't display what has been entered, parentheses and brackets are there, but you can't see what you have typed.

syed imran quadri

Nice Awsome calculator. . For daily use every body need

Dave Hudson

Paid for app to avoid adds. Did not have adds for months, now adds are popping up

kenneth davie

Very nice very happy So well thoughtfully detailed

Barbi_ann Reid

It's kool Its good i can finally do my homework

W McGhee

Needs C button Wish it had a clear button, not just all clear/ AC in standard mode

Patrick Thompson

Great calculator Does everything well. No issues

Judith Chesney

Calculater andanCalc pro This is the best calculater I have ever used. It does every thing I need help with.

Gary Smith

Gary Smith Easy to use and on the eyes. Laid out logically. Basic use for me is as a simple calulator. Every time I open the app it ask me to rate it..,,...,

Donna Thorpe

Cslculator So far it's working great for my needs

Jack Swanger

Excellent Piece of Equipment! If it weren't for the fact that it's on my phone & my tablets, I'd recommend this calculator in any form!

John Vu

Love it Everything I could ever need in a calculator!

Mehra Ahsan

The format is horrible and it's very difficult to use. Its aesthetics are also hideous.

April Christianson

April christianson This is a great app works great there are no problems with the app. I am considering buying the pay app.


Good Application Very good and useful calculator guys download and enjoy


I can really use thIs for my work you and please watch jackcepticeye/ coreyxkenshin and pewdypie on youtube. Because I rated this.

Jonita Adams

Awesome App I love this calculator! !! Quite easy to use, hasn't given me any issues. I have the S6 Edge, just what I needed

Mariano Icaza

Great app I use it all the time at work, great easy app to use.

Frederick Sidoti

Very good Easy to use. Gives the ability to perform multiple calculations.

Russell Bruner

Great It's great, it works for everything I need it for

Ed Wms.


Maria Rodriguez

Great Its a great app it doesnt freeze or come off by itself

JimA Anders

Calculator Very nice calculator. Its more convenient than dragging out my pocket calculator.

Aimee Huard

Works great, please stop making me rate it again for every minor change

Don Pearson

Andancalc Nice balance of functions. Would like an "adding machine tape" screen.

wendy duarte

Math Very good very helpful when im tired of dealing with math or if my brain is tired this is where i come to; calculator

Robert Ryan

OK, but needs work This app calculates incorrectly at times, and responds very slowly, perhaps because of the ads.

John Worsley

Excellent full functions calculator Does everything you would want a calculator to do!

Geri H

Easy and fast Great calculater very easy to see numbers as well as ease of use.

Steve Rodgers

Why is there no way to uninstall this app? Makes me suspicious. Other than that - it works pretty good.

Terrie Humphrey

I love this app. It is totally the very best one to be had. I know , I have literally checked all of the calculator apps out! Very good job guys !

Cow Man

Great calculator Easy to use, easy to switch veteran standard and scientific modes. It allows me to only carry my phone for my work, instead of carrying a calculator and a phone. Works great.

Sarah H

Percentage calculations are incorrect which is poor form for app but otherwise has been good

Cathi Bewley

I own a Kyocera Hydro Icon smartphone. I like this calculator much, much better than the native calculator app the handset came with. I really miss my BlackBerry.

Jenny Mahaffey

Simple but great Use it all the time it's fast, simple, but works great!

Mostafizur Rahman

Note 3 Awesome apps, thank you very much.

George Bowles

Efficient Very user friendly, no lost time trying to figure out how to use it. All the functions I need. The one problem is that the function (÷, -, etc.) Never displays so you don't know if it took or you missed it.

Fred Futch

Memory & Lots of Functions The calculator is a big step up from the generic, four function one indigenous to my Galaxy S5. In addition to memory, it provides a host of math and science functions. Try it from Google Play. After several months of use, l'm finding the flashing banner ads are especially annoying, I'm evaluating alternatives.

Robert Ryan

OK, but needs work This app calculates incorrectly at times, and responds very slowly, perhaps because of the ads!

Christopher Aldinger

Chris Basic, not bad or I would not use your program. The only bad thing is I keep getting ask to send reviews. :^)

Maryan Aden

Oh my gosh I love this app is the best app ever you are so smart you can answer everything in class you don't even have to think for a minute. Without this app I would be a the dumbest person at Kipp Academy Nashville I hope for the people that they had a chance to see this app can try to use their advantage and time to get smart and probably may be helpful for them I know it is helpful for me know.??????????????? be smart choose the correct path and make the right decision.???.be smart

peter mayne

I have had the app since last year and it is excellent. Just one problem I paid for the pro version to stop the adds but I still get them.

uduot Umoh

Useful The calculator is very nice But I tried using it to solve algebraic expression only to discover that it doesn't support, so try and work on the mode, so that one can easily use it to solve other maths expression.

Steven Manning

I add alot on it. I need it I get payed every day.

Jose Cintron

Railroad Engineer I wondered how I ever got along without it!

John Cherian

John Cherian I did purchase the pro version of this calculater app and paid for it. Why then I am being asked to purchae it every time I open it ?

Marc Hoffman

Wrong calc Since when does 100-10%=900

Lindy Bird

It calculates What more do you need from a calculator? I like that the buttons are nice and big and grouped in colors functionally.

Papa Tom

The scientific version is the same as my pocket calculator except this is easier to find than my pocket calculator. Great job duplicating an existing unit. Serves more than I need in my retirement, but I've used my pocket calculator for all my engineering career since it first became available! Sweet!

odunayo adeyemo

Dimply the best so far I enjoy using the calculator, very simple , accurate and easy ,

Berenice Nunez

Title Description: It's surprisingly very handy and helps me a lot with learning trigonometry cx


Flawless Great calculator phone. I use it alot

Billy Holland

It does it well.

Richard Gibbs

Does everything one wants

Jack Osgoode

Owner able Great calculator nothing wrong

Abdulghaffar Asi

Abdulghaffar Very good to use this calculator

Ken Bowles

Good It works.

Hayder Abdelbagie

Useful Very useful

ma patel

Good &very Good

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