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5 Jan
Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Posted by Activision Publishing, Inc. in Arcade | Jan. 5, 2015 | 91 Comments

Apk file size: 447.0 MB

Activision Publishing, Inc. and Cabela’s®, the World’s Foremost Outfitter® , is now bringing the #1 hunting video game franchise to your mobile device. Cabela’s® Big Game Hunter® lets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals on the planet for FREE. Do you have what it takes to become a hunting legend?
Download it for free today and have tons of authentic hunting fun with the tap of your finger!
Multi-tiered, objective-based missions offer a wide range of hunting experiences, from the heart-pounding survival mode and the thrilling dangerous hunts to the skill-testing timed challenges.
Track down a wide selection of wildlife across a variety of environments, including the vast American Northwest and the frozen North. 
Hunt over 20 different animals, including grizzly bears, mountain lions, white-tailed deer & more! The animals are lifelike and native to each environment.
Mix and match your loadout with rifles, bows, pistols, shotguns, & clothing.
Unlock abilities that will slow down time, increase accuracy and an X-ray mode to help take that perfect shot.
Leaderboards and the trophy room show off proof of your hunting achievements.
Stay tuned for future game updates with new environments, firearms, animals and gear!
Supported Devices:
• Acer Iconia Tab A700
• Galaxy Ace 3
• Google Galaxy Nexus
• Google Nexus 10
• Google Nexus 4
• Google Nexus 7
• Google Nexus 7 2nd gen
• HTC One mini
• HTC ONE S; HTC Ville
• HTC Sensation 4g
• LG Nitro / LG Optimus 4G Lte
• LG Optimus 2X / LG Star
• Motorola Atrix
• Motorola RZR MAXX
• Samsung Galaxy Note II Lte
• Samsung Galaxy Note Lte
• Samsung Galaxy S4 Lte
• Samsung Galaxy S3 Lte
• Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
• Samsung Galaxy SII HD Lte
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
• Sony Xperia S / Arc HD
• Sony Xperia ZL L35a
• Toshiba Excite X10

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Whats new

    - Miscellaneous Android optimizations

Activision Publishing, Inc. part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 5, 2015. Google play rating is 77.8005. Current verison is 1.2.1. Actual size 447.0 MB.

Download cabelas-big-game-hunter.apk 447.0 MB


SpeakEZ kris

WORST game I've ever played I could invent a sci-fi game and it would be more realistic. U cant hitrabbits with a shotgun if there more then ten feet away and the sway is so ridiculously high that I find it hard to shoot animals WHEN MY BARREL IS ON THERE HEAD. Not to mention the zoom omg the zoom a real rifle doesn't even have a scope this small you want to know why? Because it's called iron sites. I've played A LOT of games including others cabela games, but with this one it costs 1.50$ to be able to have a steady scope. 0/10

Samuel Western

Cash Grab? This game has a very high cost to play for free. Guns are super expensive, most things cost gold, which you have to pay for and so on. Blah... Also, when you go to buy energy in game, it says the cost is cash but it charges gold. Weak. I would like this a lot more but there are some serious issues.

Cσℓє Łσηgσ

Horrible.. Looks like a knockoff With such big names being Cabela and Activision.. You think you'd at least be able to walk around and explore. But instead you just stand and aim at pre placed targets. You're game for the PS1 15 years ago was amazing.. Its easily emulated and playable at 100% FPS, but instead you create this instead of porting something better..

jenna salvatore

Fun and addictive Great game awesome graphics and menus. Sucks you have to spend real money on weapons that will work in upper levels. You have a starter pack which is well worth it. How about a class 2 and class 3 packs? Give a class 2 bow and a hat with some boost for $5 and a class 3 pack with a class 3 crossbow, pants, and boost for $5 I would buy in a heartbeat.

Keith Pendleton

As much as I hate to admit it I'm sorry but this game is by far most the worst game I've ever played the graphics are at best second rate the worst I've ever seen. I mean for a game that takes up almost 500mb just to play you would think the graphics would be next-gen. But no, and sadly this game will be deleted and never played again!

Evan Deweese

Fun but... This game has grate potential if they would make the backgrounds lighter in color right now its so dark you can't see the reticle at all on most hunts. Also the energy it takes to go on the hunts when you go to buy it shows your buying with cash but really uses gold honestly they should take the energy bar out and make it to where you can play as much as you want. Another thing that needs to be addressed is the store the guns are way to expensive. Its a fun game but plz fix it I'm getting bored with it!

Brandyn Burleson

Awesome u should get it all u people that said there are a lot of glitches are wrong it is awesome Awesome

Brian Odell

Sleeperking Game is fun for short time but then your done unless you want to spend real money to purchase gold to upgrade your equipment.

Connor Zabko

Its OK except..... I can't get passed the level with the wild boar and when you hunt the gun doesn't stop wiggling and moving around. They should really improve that!!!

Kaitlyn Jones

I loved this game... I loved it but then one day I tried to play it and everything resseted please fix this.

Kyle Jans

Fun and all, store doesnt work on my s5 active tho.

Edward Solis

Cool It is cool because I am a Hunter and I it makes me feel like I am actually hunting

Ann Gogue-malicki

Cabela's big game hunter Amazing and im only 12 so this is extremely fun for those of you who dislike stop hatin

Purple Girl

Ok but... I an't never beat the rabbits one/the boar. It makes me rage and a most thew my new phone. So maybe this round may cause rage to some people. Please make it Easy. Thank you.

Lisa Samperi

Why The stinking game won't even load and I am not Impatient but I waited 10 mins

Rob Wilbourne

I can't believe a quality company like cabelas lets its name be associated with a piece of junk like this

Linda Faulkenberry

Hey I known the company and I work their so if u need me to tell them something just rate 4 stars and tomorrow I will check

Kiya Birner

Awesome Some of you can't tell the difference from one game to another

D. S.

I F ING HATE THIS GAME When I play it never let's me in the shop

Jessie Ledford

Takes way too long to load and pauses constantly!!! Fix these issues & i will change my rating

Phoebe Chen

Good game Very good game but not very good

Trisha Stewart

Cool Man this game is REALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Nathaniel Pye

Cabela's big game hunter Great hunting game.You can go to Africa the Rockies and the Northern Canada...great choice of weapons!

Edward Waugh

Very nice Lots of things to do

Brad Witucki

Eh "Shoot a fox and 10 quails".....10 don't even always come out majority of the time and there is no way to make them

dewayne fonteneau

It will rip you off still your gold over charge for every thing. Just bad if they fixed it it could be good I'm going to delete

James Williams

Real money You have to spend a real $100.00 to get the level 3 weapons you can never make the gold to get them so no upper hunts should make gold as winnings

Josh Skarvan

Not happy Every time I went to go shoot remove it kept opening up the boost menu

Lily Briggs

Great Awesome love the lung shot slow motion

Dave Impson

Something to pass the time with Graphics and mechanics are really good but it's the same thing over and over. Low score simply because it gets boring really quick

Andrew Accola

Awesome There are no glitches it's fun hunting! Cabela's is the best!

Jeremy Greene

Really cool game but...... The only thing is the gold can take a while to earn and most of the weapons you have to buy with gold so.....but its a really cool game you should get it

Andrew Miller

They cheat u. To refill ur energy it says it cost bucks from your stash then takes it from ur gold.

Carroll Harris

Cabela's big game hunter Really cool

Maestro Ingeniero

Good Ok but needs cheaper guns.

Cole Carpenter

There needs to be a way transfer bucks to gold or the other way around

Casey Sacerty

Meh You really can't get the can get perfect with the quails and target range then use that same weapon and no matter how perfect your aim is you still can't get the rabbits

Dawn Darr

I got a tablet with the same game and I beat the rabbit hunt so hahaha who didn't I love this game I be almost every level

G Bergeron

Awesome Its an awesome game because it let's you go to Africa and it gives you choices to pick your gun and clothes

Peyton Chenault

Doesn't entirely work When I play missions where I have to kill multiple animals within a time limit sometimes not all the animals show up and its not like I just don't shoot them because only one of the two appear

Anastasia Beaverhausen

"requires Internet connection" I'm connected to the internet, but still i Get this error message all the time. Add that to the impossible to earn and difficult to afford gold, this app gets one star.

PnP Guy

Used to love this game Now it won't connect to the net so no daily bonus and tried from 4 devices!!

David Long

DON'T PAY FOR ANYTHING, YOU'LL LOSE YOUR MONEY I paid for gold through pay pal. I received instant notification the payment went through. I waited about 12 hrs to see if there was a delay. I STILL DON'T HAVE THE GOLD I PAID FOR!!!

Mr West

Only because it won't connect to the internet Good game, weapons are hard to get tho, but really the worst part is it won't connect to the internet so when I go to the shooting range is says "Resets in: Needs internet connection" and I have one connected sooooo that's the only problems I've had...

Linda Faulkenberry

Hey I known the company and I work their so if u need me to tell them something just rate 4 stars and tomorrow I will check


Hated it I keep using 50 gold for twenty seconds to bring out the birds. I tapped every single bush no birds came out. I needed one more bird to kill so I could kill twenty birds. None came out.

scott stevens

Decent gameplay The gameplay is decen but energy doesnt replenish unless you are playing. You exit with 3 you come back to play it 20-30 mins later and energy is still at 3

Dane Alterio

Too Expensive You literally have to buy gold to play the second map because they want a class 2 weapon and its 500 hundred gold and the energy refills show that it cost cash but if cost gold last time I will ever download another Activision game

Abby O'Reilly

I actually like it but The Dodge sequence doesn't really work but I like the grafects and how when you aim your breathing moves it slightly

Bama Nation

It's great I love the game its good graphics are amazing I have no problem I refuse to give it 5 stars because I made a purchase an it took my money but didn't give the item I'd really like to get the item or my money back

Brad Ramsey

Disappointed! Loved the games for the early PS consoles where I could hop a 4 Wheeler, jeep or snowmobile and explore while searching for game animals. They have taken all the fun out of the game. Also...apparently my energy doesn't restore itself when I am offline. I closed the app with 3 energy (needed 8 for the turkey hunt)...3 hours later, I went back in to find that I had 3 energy. If they think I am spending a dime on this game, they are sadly mistaken! Want to kill some game? Kill this one!!! Put it out of its misery please.

Cableman F250

Good Game Good game, good graphics, but when i hunt, my sights/scope dosnt move around, only thing that sucks in this game.

Jesus Stout

Horrible You would think that it being a cabela's game it would be more realistic! You can't a rabbit that's 15 feet away with there double barrel shotgun. It's just another spend your money and get no where game don't waste your time even installing it. All it is is great graphics.

Renegade Bob

$$$$ A very large, poor quality app that cost way too much money to play. But then it does have the cabelas name on it so I guess its to be expected

Michael Garrison

Cabels This game cheats u out of gold makes u speed real money 2 get gold then you it freezes up when u buy something so then u lose your gold big cheat would be fun other wise

Nery Jimenez

Cabela's and Activision are thieves Everything in this game costs gold, at a very expensive price. Certain levels require certain "class" of weapons at a very steep price. So if you don't purchase the weapon required, you cannot continue forward into the game. There's multiple glitches in the game, it's says "there's no Internet connection" when I'm clearly connected. And this is the 2nd I have not received my purchase with no answer from them. I've sent multiple emails to the developer with no response.

MasterZen TheBoss

Energy Replenish Problem! Energy does not replenish overtime. Played to exhaustion yesterday and when i played today, the energy is not even replenished. Kindly fix. Thnx!

Shawn Mitchell

I have purchased the big bucks pack for twenty dollars twice and yet I still have no funds in my account. Fix this soon will give 5 stars

Robert Weichert

Extremely disappointed!!!! Tried buying gold and cash pack. Never recieved the funds in the game. I even tried to email Activision, nothing. They didn't even bother to respond. Too bad, I liked the game, but not gonna play if they are going to steal my money. Extremely disappointed.

Lincoln McLennan

Meh Game is good at the start then becomes a cash grab. They don't even give you enough animals to meet your goals.

Kevin Mulley

It's good in the beginning but then won't let you kill anything or give you enough animals to meet your goals.

Devon Harris

I wouldn't even give this game one star This game doesn't deserve a star, first off you have to pretty much pay to play this game after awhile and when you do pay you don't even get what you pay for... and if you clear you cache it will reset everything. Let's not forget about the horrible game play that is nothing close to actually hunting.

Jonathon Hill

Best hunting game I have EVER played on a mobile device, awesome graphics, great sound and over all an amazing game, i give it five stars!

B Ambrose

Doesn't always work When you buy gold bars they don't download and alway getting error message not contected to.internet

Michael Martin

Super glitches!!! I have deleted and downloaded again! Game will not allow me to collect bonuses with WiFi or data! If the game is not open my energy does not replenish! Game is way to expensive and ultimately a disaster! I recommend DH reloaded it's 100xs better!!!

Benjamin Colley

Could be better.... Freezes up while leading levels and energy only refills when the game is active. A better rating when these bugs are fixed.

Brandon Adams

Prices I understand that you would like to make money off coins and gold, but having it so it takes 3 weeks of playing every day to get a class 2 weapon is just too much. I've had this game for months but rarely play it anymore because I can't do anything new until I get $9000 minimum. Fix this.

Ryan Reiley

I loved it I love the game and also shut up speak ez you ain't know nothing

Alex Hicks

If you want a hunting game get deer hunter 2014 it has better graphics than this also better guns

Demetria Jackson

This game sucks for example when you play sable the Blackwood when you pause it because you had to do something and come back te animal is out of the last position or was in Hormonal graphics also

Breanna Alston

Facebook sync? Why does this app not allow me to sync with my Facebook? Its very irritating as I can only play from my tablet. Please help me with gnus matter. Other than that its an awesome game, just wish it paid out more gold between levels...

Jesse Brown

Over night i only got like 3 energy but when your in the game it only takes 45 seconds. If the energy replenished more when you werent playing itd be a decent game

Tom Theabo

Junk game Yea your energy increases with level but it doesn't refill while the game is closed. These missions are impossible and cost too much energy. I got this thinking it was better than the other one but this sucks big time.

Zach Mathias

Love the game play. I love the gameplay, it's fun, decently accurate, and definitely kills time. But the items are insanely expensive. I've used the same 3 weapons all game, managed to get to the 2nd tier/map and now I need a class 2 weapon, which I'll literally never be able to afford. I loved it but now I'm uninstalling due to them wanting me to pay actual cash. If I wanted to do that then I'd just buy the game for a system. Duh.

Aaron B

Great at first Keeps locking up around lvl 40 and I have to uninstall then reinstall and it starts me back at the beginning again. Keep it I won't reinstall it again. Done that to many times now and won't start all over again.

Jake Retzloff

Garbage! Game mech sucks! Everything is way too exspensive, which forces you into making in game purchases or stop playing. With the Cabela's name on it I expected it to be way better. What a let down!

Robert Seymour

I would give it a five star because it is a great game but it keeps closing the app on me so please fix it because I like it

Brandin Erickson

FIX YOUR GAME 1 Says it costs cash for energy then charges gold. 2 Energy never replenishes. 3 Does not let me go to exit menu. 4 I agree with everyone else to shaky no matter how well I am actually aiming and to hard to see the reticle because of the darkness

Cristina Coupons

Errors frequent Will say things to buy and show money, then say you need gold. Can buy more time, but then says you failed the hunt. I expect more from this game, as I lost 100 gold in buying extra time, and lost 100 more to get prizes from the target range because it says internet required, and I'm always connected to the internet.

Alex Perry

Cabelas Big Game Hunter "Free" but you can't earn enough gold or cash to advance without forking over some cash. 2 dimensional play. Agree with annoying "sway" and the block and dodge controls are poor

Joe H

Amazing game play Its a great game... But after you get higher up the money to energy cost is a lil over the top. What i mean is a beginners challenge pays as much as the higher lvl challenges the only thing is that the higher ones cost 15energy as for the beginners ones cost 6 energy

matthew rahn

Prices I love the game but the prices are a bit on the high side. I think it would be more fun if at least the rifles were a bit cheaper. You need to fix the prices. I'm getting bored trying to get a class 3 rifle.


Caleb's big game hunter I've played this before. One of my favorites. Everytime I purchase a phone this download is a must because being a north american hunting club member, I can only go after real game from October to the beginning of the year. This helps the waiting.

Albert surprenant

Good graphics Good graphics, could be better, but I bought bucks (2000 for 1.99). Ya took my money but never gave me the bucks.. I emailed them and never received any response. Kinda lousy treatment for Activision products

Randy Readinger

Cabela's Big Game Hunter Expensive to play. Activision customer service nonexistent for this app. Half a dozen emails for an in app purchase refund have gone unansewred.

Nicolas Forand

Game with time limit..stressful when I play a game.. it's to have some fun.. not being stressed out by a time limit.. So I uninstalled the game. Very bad idea to put a time limit in a hunting game

D. Geo

Don't recommend First Its a wallet sucker. Second its put together poorly. You barely get Started and you have to start paying, Its a pos. Don't waste your time.

Isabelle Neadow

Horrible Don't get me wrong I'm a hunter at heart, but this game. I hate how the scope moves when you breath. It just ruins the game. Plus its just plain bad.

Brianna Edwall

Horrible Its way to fake, its just..... not right. Dont waste your time guys.

chris butz

Aiming sucks... It's not steady. If I was like that on my hunts I wouldn't hit anything. Uninstalled

Mily Pina

It's stupid nothing like ps2 You can't kill 20 birds if none come out when you have the right weapon sucks!!!!!!

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