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30 Mar
ButtonBass Dubstep Cube

Posted by ButtonBeats in Music | March 30, 2015 | 102 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

This is the ButtonBass Dubstep Cube. Tap multiple cubes on beat or use the sync button to make them synchronize. I recently added the option to swipe multiple cubes to start beats. You should be able to start beats by just tapping the cube without the need to swipe. Please email me if the app is not working as you expect and I will see what I can do to fix this. [email protected] This cube has some of the most pumping dubstep beats. was launched in august of 2007 by me, Jason. I had a set of music samples I wanted to mix up and I didn't have any software available so I made a program to mix them up. My friend came over and was playing the program for over an hour. So I thought It would be cool to upload it to the internet. So I bought the domain name and uploaded a few different programs I made. A short time later I made the piano. I put the song Jingle Bells up to play on the piano. Then people began to submit many songs for the piano. After about a year I got my friend Everett involved in producing the site and getting the name out there. From there we had a friend Ariel that made music. Ariel, Everett and I spent many afternoons recording sound samples,editing the samples, designing ui, making beats, ordering beats, designing t shirts, stickers, programming and barbecuing. Within the last year we brought Stephan on board. He has skinned the whole site with a new look this summer and has other good ideas in the works right now. Between the four of us, we have the website generating over two million views a month. The site is popular all over the world and continues to grow. Thanks for being part of ButtonBeats.

Whats new

    Fixed recorder

ButtonBeats part of our Music and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 30, 2015. Google play rating is 83.5604. Current verison is Record. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download buttonbass-dubstep-cube.apk 21.0 MB


Paul Burke

Dubstep is my bæ and making it is my bæ. THIS APP IS AWESOME!!! If you love dubstep you'll love this. Love the sounds but I can't finish any songs I make if only they could make an app with all three cubes beside each other; house cube, dubstep cube + edm cube 2, all together (oh! And if they do this they owe me big time!☺)

Musashi Miamoto

Love it! A buddy showed me it and I've been hooked since. So when's the trap cube coming?

Skylar Questhen

This will make your dreams come true Reccomended for tablets because of the hard-to-reach cubes further back doe. :/

Jorge Perez

I just started and love it I'm looking to drop the bass but can't figure it out how to

Maria Fernandez

BEST APP!!! This is a very good app,love it its fun and cool love it good work ??

Mary No Other

Best application!! This app can really help someone to pursue their dreams!! Only flaw is the recorder records from the speaker and not within the app itself. Either way this is still the best app on the market! I would recommend this app to beginners looking to make their dreams come true!

Patrick Julius Batalla

Pretty Cool This App is really cool!! I love this App and this is the Best App for me!

William Pichette

Amazing Everything you need to make an am electro song

A Google User

Cool I like this app its sick but can you add like drop the bass

Johnny Cossin

Just started Very fun to make your own music thing.

Connie Abitz

My dream come true DJ P1XEL and DJ Shoe swag

DarkFlame Barski

awesome But how do I get to the folder

Sidney Sandercock

Amazballs It class if your in to this stuff

Aidan C

AWSOME It's so cool and get the other ones too ther all free

Kyron Spears

Jump right into it and made one of the coolest collaborations haha. I make Dubstep irl and loved this app nice job.

Barbara Patrick

DA BUS Awsome

Bryan Carbajal

It is a good dubstep cube I loved the app So amazing! It was great so many dubstep buttons really enjoyed I can actually enjoy this app. :D

Yvonne Tizon

Loved it!

AquaPlayz - Minecraft

It is so good

Doctor Saab

Very very very nice this app for music i'm to

Johnny Rodriguez

Download it Download it its really cool I wish I could hive it 100,000 stars great game ✊✊✊???

The Golden Springtrap

Its very good..but It should have a recorder that SAVES the recording to your music. But I love the rest! Its awesome!

Matthew Garrison

Its awsome It works its fun epic

Yudhajeet Roy

Awesome app Guys u need to download it...

Chandler Rooklidge

DOWNLOAD NOW! I wish you could put 90 stars

Aiden Henderson

If there was 6 stars I would do it

Crystal M

Very satisfied! I love love This. It keeps me entertained a lot. I wish to star it 100 or more Haha

James Tristram

This made me get naked

Branko Petrevski

Fantastic!! It's great!

Philip Hulu

Sound lover !!! Just can't stop playing it. Love this app. You guy's did a great jop. Please keep these amazing apps coming.

Vignesh Raammohan

Nice app but .. The sounds are difficult to syncopate. App would be awesome if the sounds start the moment you touch the cube... And the sync button's use is out of sync.. I kindly request creator to rectify the above anomalies...

Frankie Ross

Always loved it, even as a Chrome app! Thank you dev for putting one of my favorite Chrome apps on the mobile PlayStore, I hope you add more apps from the site into mobile format on the Store! :)

Timothy Smith

I love this i can make my own dubstep and i love there a way to save on my phone

Crystal Smilth

Really loved it Theres many diffrent ways to make dubstep

Daniel Gross

Only on android Why is this only for android other than that this is great

Ayden Maginnis

This is a really good app for anyone that likes dubstep >:D

TheSCPGuy 107

10 out of 10 would play again The title says it all

Ann Jones

Sounds of awesomeness I didn't just like It LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVED it. this is totally a great app

Sullie Fontanez

This is the best app i ever downloaded this app is too awesome you can show it off to your friends?

Brandon Lee

Love it I told my friends I have a dubstuep thing I went to this app and I did it:-)

Joshua Foster

Dubstep is love, dubstep is life I love dubstep more than I love myself, so yeah. DON'T TOUCH MY DUBSTEP

Elijah Torres

Love it was not hard at all

tyler frew

LOVE IT It's awesome but a suggestion is to make it only record the song

Garrett Askew

Omg Freaking awsome

Nate Beckhan

Hey man Im a beat master i love this app so much the beat is awesome


Awesome!!! This app is the best dub step app I ever had

R. Strzelecki

Dubstep Base Cube Very user friendly, great simple flowing interface, and addictive with seductive beat stored entity!!!! Amazing!!!

elena milosevski

I love this!! I heard about this in orchestra and I loved it!! I went home and looked to see if it was a app and it is! Thank you for making this!! And in another review I heard your computer got stolen. Sorry to hear that! But I recommend this app to everyone! Im going to be telling my fellow buttonbass fans about this!

Perryn Engelhardt

AWESOME This is the best Dj dubstep game I've gotten and I've had at least 40 Dj games I recommend this to my uncle and any body who loves music I wish all games were this awesome I love it


Where did the other one go? There was another cube that I had. It was all 70's looking, and it was pretty awesome. I can't remember the name, but it was my favorite cube. Please help me find it!!


One little thing you need to fix When i was recording i found out it was recording what was outside my tablet (note i was wearing headphones) so if you can fix this and make it record the music i would be glad and share to all my friends

Spygro Tanki

need help ok so how do i get to my button bass music where it stores it love the game but i want my music ya now let me know asap

NateSarah Goers

Amazing work Ok. Where do I start? I have been using buttonbass even back when it was buttonbeats. i have every single cube. i have used every cube and love almost every one. (trap cube 1 is the only meh one) I go online to use the cubes there. I LOVE BUTTONBASS.

Frozz X Gaming

Cool I was told about it at school last week and got it today.blows my mind. Hope to see more to come.

James McMann

Yeah, Uhm I have a problem... I can't get enough!!! By far the best thing I have ever downloaded. If you do not have this, you are wrong.

Elijah Goldstein

Freaking cool! I dig what you can do. maybe if we could incorporate drum machine pads it would be the Ultimate App

CyanTiger 99

Were does it go I can't find the ones I recorded its a great app but I'm having trouble finding it please help

Richard Hall

Awesome!!! This is by far the best one yet from buttonbass. I love it. I am always on it remixing and jamming out. My friends love it too. Thank you so much for making such an awesome app.

NS Byers

Great except for one thing... I really liked the sound except I wish that the sounds automatically synced instead of having to restart the entire thing. Other than this minor problem, it was a great app.

Imani Jawando

Awesome...U Must Download Now but one thing: I'm a little disappointed that i can't properly save the songs without logging into SoundCloud...even then, it still doesn't show up in my files :( ....<-please fix this. Also,consider making each sound (when u tap on it) sync automatically so that the song wouldn't sound so choppy (or sloppy rather).

Colt Stevens

The record is messed up When i recorded all it is recording is not the cube but whats happening around the phone. Pls reply

Brandon Kiser

Cool Sounds cool and is fun to use

Yonya Yonya

EPIC SOUND plz PLZ downlod this app if you love budstep PLZ also rate this app five stars PLZ

sara msf

It's awesome but the recorder should record the music itself. And I can't save it.

Conner Kessler

Can I use this to create a theme song to a channel im starting? This app is awesome!


Dupstep If you are knew you more have a hard time but is it is simple press 1 cube then boom music

Gregy Tapara

It's OK Mix a track for fun, crappy output sound but cool to just mess with

Mathew Young

BRUH This game idea is good.I would lIke you to make more like this one.

Aiden Gallegos

Cool but put this a little easy This game is cool well not game but music i dont know how to use it like come on im only 9!


Absolutely,.... Entertaining! Excellent.. Thjs cubes one of a kind.

Codey Jaikob

AWSOME I loved it I used 4 of the same notes but loved it Good they should make more

Jack Palance

Not as good ad I thought It started out good. The beats were good but nothing else changes keys to sync. The singing is good but again she keeps singing in the same key. Doesn't fit anything but the beat. She should change her key to fit the music. Overall fun for a minute then uninstall.

kenneth rogers

Fing good man im 60, Just do it, when you doing more, let me no 10stars,

Amber Bazzoni

Please add save button, if you do I will rate 5 stars.

David Dumitriu

Holy fu(ahem) I love this app. That is all

Dayvon Wright

Awesome I can't access my recordings please help!?

Mateusz Majewski

Amazing Really cool how you can save your music really easy to use and very fun

Bryant Franco

Epic!!! Best app I've ever had! Now I can finally create some of my own dupstep with a touch or two of my finger! ^-^

Joshua Castillo

Awesome. It's completely awesome I just wish it had an auto sync feature like other cubes have.

Vicky Jangid

Background play Awsm app jst missing one feature in all of buttonbass apps ...background playing. I would give it five star when you guyz will update these versions to background playables.?

Kasa Jonugh

This app is epic If u need to make some decent beats every other app is terrible but ALL OF the apps made by these people are phononamal i will all ways love these apps and I can all ways trust these people to make fantastic apps please keep making brilliant apps

Eagle Gamer28

Brilliantly Exalent? This is amazing and truely outstanding well done and please keep up the exalent work in creating your brilliant apps 5 star's from me you made it to my number one spot of great music creating app keep on going?????

banter182lol studios

Swag dubstep for my YouTube channel and my friends The for subbing to me and I wish buttonbeats good luck I wanna be famous like yall

MC EagleTM

Brilliantly Exalent This is amazing and truely outstanding well done and please keep up the exalent work in creating your brilliant apps 5 star's from me you made it to my number one spot of great music creating app keep on going.

Froilan Meridor

Great But Please fix the sync button. it keeps on restarting the rhythm. sync should be automatic without restarting from the first note.

ron bell

My passion in new electronic music I absolutely love this app I am still figuring my way around it I wish there was a way to adjust the sound in the background and Forefront or maybe I'm just missing it I've only been on this for a while an hour or so in the past couple days thank you so much

A Google User

I dont give a damn Clearly you guys dont respond to someone whose having trouble

Doug Sullivan

Tweaks needed There are only 2 tweaks I'd like to see. 1) There seems to be a delay from when I tap the screen to the sound starting or stopping. Can this delay be fixed? 2) When opening, closing & switching the cubes at the bottom there is a sound for the opening, closing & switching which goes over the currently created beat. Is there anyway you can eliminate this sound?? Other than that this is an awesome app! 5 stars if these tweaks can be made!

Brandon Samuels

It's a very great app. To fix the problem where the recording comes from the speaker, try using headphones and that might fix the problem

Adam Taylor

I have always loved this little gem. I ran into this app when it was fresh and new on the Web, before apps were even a big thing. I loved it then, and I love it now! This took a great deal of effort to make, and I appreciate the quality and time it took to do so! Download, and enjoy!

Wolfgang Cornè Vrieslaar

Awesome but 1 problem This is so disturbing every time I use it this app decides to exits by it's self every 60 seconds or less almost like touch and go but anyway it's an awesome app but for me I had to uninstall just because of that one problem

Trey Foster

Tell me how to upload music A few things: 1. Why is the folder hidden in my phone? 2. I'm pretty sure Soundclouds recorder stops working when you exit the app. 3. Why can't your recorder just ask you to share/upload when your done?

Lucas Jaksic

AMAZING APP ! I love this app it's wondeful and imwobdering something ...Right now im working on some animations and ...can i use the music that i created with this oy animation pls ?With credits of course ;)

Vicky Jangid

Background play Awsm app jst missing one feature in all of buttonbass apps ...background playing. I would give it five star when you guyz will update these versions to background playables.?

Salaah Uddin

Dupstep cube This the best game I ever played in my whole life if you are into music play this great game it can make you laugh and happy and if your just getting use to music play this game it will help you get better at music ?

Le'Nae Johnson

Beats Aye me & my lil cuz made sick beats and raps get this game and check it out


Freaking amazing Well button beats I was just strolling on the internet and my interest for a dubstep maker was at it's peak and what do I find BUTTON BASS god it as so awesome I have so many other people downloading it because of a class project thanks so much!!

Andrea Martinez

This was the third one i download Well this is awsome i had edm and dubstep. I was think as i open them i down loaded all they would be uniquely different then boom it was like christmas and my birthday together when i opened this one. Awesome really really awesome

A. K. Sarin

Very nice app. I like it very much and would like to have some better ones. You deserve not less than five stars (*****).Thanks a lot.

Storm Walkers Ansari

It's a awesome app But recording system is bullshit

Felix Cardoso JR

Love this This is really awesome. When ever I get bored I play this game

Connor Bilham

This is amazing I'm my music lessons at school we use the button base In lessons at it was amazing so I looked up button base on the play store and here it is

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