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5 Feb
Burning Blade - Legend

Posted by Burning Blade in Action | Feb. 5, 2015 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 106.0 MB

Demons bring their shadow on the world of Burning Blade. Get ready to unique battles and awesome items to complete your quest.
Using the Unity3D engine to create an animation-level 3D game to please you, Burning Blade brings you the experience of a computer game on your mobile.
*****Game Description:
Humans are almost destroyed, and we called you as heroes to try to save it. Heavens divinity and demon of the deep world are waving across gates to bring chaos and destruction.
Join us into this 3D game in order to eradicate this treat. Come and fight huge dragons, filthy demons, Ice Ghosts and more using your skills and combos or just by the power of your sword.
*****Game Features:
※Multiplayer real-time game experience
※Full 3D rendering animation with a 1080P Game HD quality of production.
※100% realistic medieval dark heroes remembering you the Hack’n’slash from Diablo.
※4 different characters to play: The warrior, the magic girl, the Bowmen or the Assassin, chooses your game style and fight for your destiny.
※Multiplayer PVP on same screen, using QTE combos on full screen mobile.
※Many time events such as Goddess War, Fel-Drake Dragon attack or 3vs3 PVP arena.
※But mostly , hundreds and hundreds of possibility to create your own Hero with multiple items and Wings
A full customer service always ready to help you, listen to you and bring real your suggestions.
You are not only the player; you are also part of the game development.
Review our game, join us on Facebook and participate with the community to improve and bring your own ideas.
We will continue to work hard to bring you the experience YOU want.
Visit and like our official Facebook fan page at

Whats new

    1. Add of the fashion system
    2. New event demon soul arena
    3. In pvp,if you lost in the 5 first battle you will not lost points
    4. You can now invite friends from cross-server
    5. New function in your friend list : you can ask for a duel , both players need to be in the city.
    6. Add function daily promotion!
    7. Optimize the enhance system
    8. Add sort button for rune bag
    9. Remove trial tower mall and trial badge, player can sell trial badge to get gold.
    10. New Price

Burning Blade part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Feb. 5, 2015. Google play rating is 82.6637. Current verison is Actual size 106.0 MB.

Download burning-blade-legend.apk 106.0 MB


Sean Beauchesne

Loved it. Till patch 1.5. server S2 - Victory "I only wish there were more characters. And maybe more customizable features for player create." Was my old review for 5 stars. Patch 1.5 robbed us of everything. Teebik are losers who think they can change what is already bought... WITH REAL MONEY!

Michael Nicholson

You got to get this app! Burning Blade is the best roll playing game I've found at the Google play store. Very addicting!!! So, if you have some time to kill or waist, which ever you prefer to call it. Trust that Burning Blade will be a fun way to do it.

Quintilus Quinones

Shame on Google play Almost from the start, TB had issues with BB being in the play store. "Some legality" they said ban the game from Google play store. Many individuals (including myself) immediately contacted Google for refunds due to this "issue". Months later, azzes were kissed, contracts were signed, hands were shook, and the mmorpg community had BB available in the play store with updates once more. And now, with the newest patch release, TB should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for fraudulent activiti!

FreeTheMind AME

Outs slowly back on track

Michael Walker

BB Patch 1.5 ruined the game. I'm a long time player of the game and currently #1 on S2. I have changed my 5 star rating to 1 star. The devs don't listen to its fan base. The amount of time and money I spent on this game was taken all away from me on this last patch. All of my stats were cut in half, and they down graded all of my runes and gems by one level. The VIP 10 and 11 wings were also changed. You pay real money to have am item then you should be allowed that item no strings attached. Stay away!!!

Cameron Holm

Games New patch I have been playing game and putting money into game and when patch come out lost a lot bb said they would compensate but it was a bunch of useless junk still missing the stuff I lost there thefts

Antonio Viera

Started fine...but I keep getting network errors repeatedly. Even on Wi-Fi. Which is silly to me. I'll be doing boss battles, boom have to start the whole level over and go through it again. Or in more difficult places it happens (i.e. Misty Abyss). It's some kind of issue, but it's annoying to pieces.

Josh Andrews

Xalace server 6-sphinx friend code vtn2 This is a very addicting game. Very enjoyable. However i had a gold box i had in my invitory n i saved up gems and bought a gold key and well when.. i want to use it i accedently sold it. I dont want a gem refund just my gold box. Or you can give me a dark gold legendary wonderer necklace in replace of it. I sent in a ticket to email but no reply.

maui Narra


William Tinsley

Good thing I stopped when I did. Stopped playing this game a long time ago after I got to vip 7 when the new servers came out then they had issues with it from Google play. Got all my money back too before I stopped playing. I seen this coming and no one believed me.

John Norals

HarvenBessemer Server 4 Cerberus. WTH! What happened to my gems? They were all reduced. I was at 2.33 mil br now I'm at 1.76 mil. WTH BB?!?! The recharge diamonds purchases are a joke. Give out less so you can get more money. Whoever bright idea was this 1.5 bullshit should be fired. You are going to lose so many players now including me.

Aaron D

Great way to steal my money, patch is bs This latest patch is nothing short of utter bs! Bad enough they nerfed runes, but I have literally had my money stolen. I spent money to purchase diamonds in order to buy and upgrade gems. Now I'm missing lvl6 and MANY lvl 3 and 4 gems. And im not the only one. Great way to steal from your long term customer base. I am officially done with this game unless i am either reimbursed my money, gems, or compensated in a sufficient manner! I will revise review if that happens. Beware of this dev! S3 - Rhea

Mark Davis

Teebik nothin but thief's in all thier games they develop DO NOT PLAY THEM!!!!! The new patch just screwed everyone out of money thier time and everything els now I don't even play the garbage anymore because of it if your new to the game turn back NOW!!!! This game is only to steal your money do NOT put your credit card info on any TEEBIK games even your Google wallet like we all did. If you do and you lose money and try to get ahold of teebik to see what happened they will tell you it's not thier problem. IDK HOW TEEBIK IS GETING AWAY WITH THIS but it's illegal in U.S.A

kathleen key

Was a great game until patch 1.5 I've had a blast playing and made friends in game. But with the recent patch i want to quit!! Items that were paid for were lost or changed. Everything was scaled back. We were told we had a big compensation coming and it was a joke! Very unhappy with this game. I do not recommend it right now!

steven k

Sound files Sound files are taken from league of legends "Dear player, thanks for contacting us. If the sound in the game bothers you, you can close the sound in the game." it doesn't bother me, more like you guys need to make your own sound files rather than taking it from others, you wont make a fan base if you're not honest At the moment you're not being honest because he haven't told me whether or not this is true or false, and if you have used the same files, did u get permission?

Banda Andrews

Horrible since the latest update! Lots of fun, if you don't mind a lot of lag, numerous bugs, and all sorts of other ways that the game works incorrectly. Don't spend money in the game cuz they charge the US/ Europe version way more than the other versions! The burning blade Facebook page is supposed to be a place to get help, but lately when you have a problem they basically just tell you is your own fault that you didn't get your rewards and do nothing to fix it.

johnny tomszak

Good Can u guys fix chat for me it always closes when I try and type its really annoying I'd like to communicate with people thanks my phone is moto g

Chardonnay Gant

Decent but starting to go down hill There is a bit of lag but for most part pretty good. Also some delay on in app purchasing but still good for me. That is until the recent update. For those who already have it, there are several issues. I can say some of the new things are pretty cool. Updated issue, as of 6/11/15 now for some odd i get a white screen and not allowed in game. Was just playing this morning and now nothing? WTF?

J. Pickle

stopped working brand new Samsung tablet. cache is clear. Uninstalled then reinstalled. After spending cash, the game no longer loads. I get a white page before returning to my phones home screen. too bad, the game is fun too,. :(

Tuan Dao

Recent patch was nothing but headaches Game was buggy after the last patch. Still not completely stable. Players' items that they worked months for disappeared randomly. I lost 2 rings. 1 lev 60 epic and a FULLY GEMMED dark gold ring. I was comparing them, then poof, both were gone. Submitted a bug report the same day it happened and have not heard back from customer service since.....Terrible.

Catalin Hariton

A game that offers you a bit of everything you wish to find on a game. U can get strong and be one of the top players if youre dedicated to this game and i also want to congrats the Support team, best support team for me untill now, they are really solving every issue and they do it fast. So if you think you can prove your worth come join s8. Warning : addictive game :D i play for more than 200days and i still didnt got boored of it!

Tyler Watson

Rip off The game changed, update they call it, and all the real money you spent they lowered the cost and cut everyone's game play down with it. They did not compensate, or make the real money value that has already been spent back. Don't install this game!

Terry Saulmon

Burning blade Game would be better than having to wait more than a week to get diamonds I paid for

Eli Dunn

Great game but where's the customer support. If you are interested in playing this game remember, don't pay real money for anything. Teebik has a history of taking people's money and "not being able to locate your purchase in the system." Meaning we took your money but you're not getting what you purchased. They have a no refund policy as well. So if you buy something and not get it, you'll be told basically "better luck next time".

Ricki Haggard

PATCH AND CUSTOMER SERVICE KILLED THIS GAME I USED TO LOVE THIS GAME...I MEAN LOVE....BUT you cannot go taking my stuff from me after all the hard work and money and i put into it and not be called a thief by me......and your answer of "we dont do refunds" is unacceptable. if i could sue you, i would...... i paid my hard earned money to have certain things in this game only to have them taken from me completely. you have done nothing to make it up, your compensation is a joke in comparison to what i lost and i am insulted that you would think otherwise. i know many other paying players that feel like you slapped them in the face as well. ... changing everything is ok, but leave what people paid for alone when you do it. there is no reason why anyone's stat's should have changed. especially not to that degree..... your response to most is "contact us so we can help you further"...but YOU DON'T i wont be...this is what i am doing, letting everyone know to watch out for your company...I WILL NEVER PUT ANOTHER DIME INTO A TEEBIK GAME EVER AGAIN.

Jean Yager

Great game until recent patch I loved this game. I met some great players that I am now friends with. However, your new patch makes everyone want to quit. I understand that you scaled everyone back, I lost 250k with this new patch. I also lost all of my primary gems, which i worked so hard for, a lot of time and stamina wasted. Plus all the glitches with things disappearing. Also my character shows up all white now, with no definition. I hope you compensate us paying customers a lot after this one, or I will find a new game to love.

Douglas Jordan

Great game It's a great game but I recently switched over from iPhone to android and I can't use my old characters not to mention I spent real money on that account so I lost that ... if I could have my stuff back would have been a 5 star

Troy Pollard

New Patch This game just went from being a semi enjoyable game to why do I still have this on my phone. Months of work upgrading and achieving lost with 1 patch. Horrible job guys.

Chirag Mehta

1.5 Patch Update Ruined Everything No point mailing anything... or asking for support... they have made game worst after 1.5 update... removed power of gems and ruin... made diamonds costly than ever... everyone is leaving... s1 there first server has only 15 Active players... they will put a useless comment on my review.. don't bother installing this... developers hate players in this game.... UPDATE: see the pathetic reply from dev team... copy paste on my review... also the bbcs email is useless... even the bbvip also...

Maya Dragan

I love it! Burning blade one of the best mmorpg games on android and iOS very addictive and very fun , good balanced, real money spending is worthy indeed unlike other games, and if u choose to not recharge real money, you still have lovely rewards, fair enough all, hehe,many thanks to the developers for this game :) ZimBelle, s8-HolyCity

Anne Levingston

This WAS a Great MMORPG This WAS a nice game until the recent patch. Instead of adding new content, the gamer developers just made some existing parts of the game ridiculously more difficult. Also, the in-game currency options were drastically changed. What used to cost $19.99 now costs $99.99, so now you have to spend a LOT more money, if you want to have a shot at advancing through the game at a decent pace. Teebik, Inc. looks awfully greedy to me these days and they are going to lose a lot of players.

Grog Antonia

Please, for the love of all things sane and just...TRUTH!!! HERE!!! READ!!! Teebik is not doing right by it's customers. Most recent patch screwed 100's of people out of money and all of their time to build up their characters. Players have had items vanish from their inventory...never to return. BR stats dropped a lot....20k-over one million. Teebik said they wanted to hear everyone's problems and suggestions.....they were flooded with notifications of missing items, complaints and suggestions on how to make things right from players....for over a week since new "patch"....not one valid comp....tiny b.s. comp with little value...feels like being spit on, really. As an entire community of gamers from ALL servers, we are coming together to get the TRUTH out there!!!! Teebik sends these generic responses to Google Play Reviews....but they do nothing, or offer a comp that would take only minutes to get for free playing game. Teebik has removed most of the negative comments that have been made on FB. Here, on Google Play Store (which game has been removed from twice in the past for other Google terms violations, btw), Teebik cannot just delete what they don't want other people------potential $$$$ makers, for them-----to know or hear about.

o jav

Play this game!!!! But never Pay To be clear, Game developers of Burning Blade is not Teebik, Teebik is just another party doing some kind of service for them. So we cant blaim Teebik for all the bad changes and the stealing of players which happend in patch 1.5 HOWEVER!!!!!! Since Teebik is the voice of the Burning Blade community, i do blaim them for keeping its loyal players in the dark, for holding back information and kinda betraying its players. I would say, play this game, dont spend money and just have some fun. Pre patch 1.5 i would have give 5 stars For gameplay i would still give 4 stars, but -1 due to the greed of Game developers and -1 for the horrible custemor support from Teebik (Sorry D.)

Ryan C

Would rate 0 if possible. Avoid this game like the plague, it is run by stupid theives that don't care about the players at all. They stole our items, stole our money, stole our TIME. I hope Teebik games rots. Update: Don't be fooled by their responses on here, they ignore emails and do nothing!

David Crise

Patch 1.5 is bs, i lost 115000 br not to mention all the time and money on the game, done playing this game , a lot of great players , but game isn't fun anymore.

Bryan Valle

Lost 300-400 Thousand BR and now im at around 9,000 Def and Damage. Hey, FIREGOD here Glory s1, i have a complaint about this game, its been a while since i've played here and im planning on getting back on it. Thing is, i log in and everything changed. My Battle Rating went down very low. Along with my Defense and my Damage! I lost 300-400Thousand BR and also my damage and defense were over 13,000 close to 14,000. I paid a lot of money for this game! Just to get weaker? Nope. I paid a lot to get stronger. I just got a lot weaker now. What happen? I want my stuff back.

Shaun Cunningham

Absolutely mint Love this game all ready no crashes or lags takes few mins to get ya head round but all in all its a great free game and the file size of the app is small for a game like this so its a added bonus for my moto g because i have no sd slot so keep up the good work happy gamer here

Shaun Staton

New patch blows Everyone lost a lot of hard work, the patches were good in theory, but when it negatively influences a players account to that degree it makes the game garbage, very unsatisfied with the latest content, things need to go back to how they were before.

Mathieu Gaucher

Cant share thingy is buggy Cant share bring a popup to like in google play but cant get to there say error idk why but i cant invite friend yet it say i can claim a daily gift but i already claim it cant open chest because yon need to buy key for the apropriate chest so dont buy with real money the wrong one wow the game overall look good but yet i dont want to play more seem like pay to play with a part of solo free to play

Joseph Plato

Great game. Good graphics and gameplay. Wish diamonds were more easily accessible, but otherwise excellent. Friendly players online as well. That is until teebik decided it was a good idea to update and reformulate the whole game and changed it. I recommend not to even try this game anymore. This game got ruined.

Linda cox

Wings. I have all the necessary feathers to get my beholder and fantasy wings. But it will not let me use them to get my other wings. It only takes 16 of them. I have over 20x feathers for both to be created. Why was this feature taken away ? I have cleared the cache from the game. And it still did not let me make them. I even tried uninstalling and redownloading the game. And i Still can not make them.

J. Pickle

stopped working brand new Samsung tablet. cache is clear. Uninstalled then reinstalled. After spending cash, the game no longer loads. I get a white page before returning to my phones home screen. too bad, the game is fun too,. :(update. tried game again after a couple months. still will not open. if your devs can't read playstore reviews, and think I'm trying another contact us @... your crazy. fix your game!!

Lightning Farron

Need Class Advancements I love to strive for more than Awesome Avatars or Glowing weapons in an MMO. I love striving for class advancements getting a new set of moves, of awesome flashy skills. Getting A Chance in Fighting Style. And Could use Better Graphics.

Linnea Martin

Irritated Since the patch I can't access or use any of my gems! Now my dark gold armor is disappearing! I've emailed about the issue, was told they were working on it....over 2 weeks ago!

Nellafa Vanscyth

not bad good game but make all outfits perminent, not temporary and make perminent ones allot more cheaper than they are and give out more diamonds -.-* please change that and add a larger variety. also make 2 player coop for missions _-_ and put in the ability to turn the camera manually in the game so players can see better as they go. also when my character is out of reach of attack i still get hit like wtf -~- fix that

Joseph Calem

Burning blade team... The heck guys, I bought lol 3 gems last night before the update.. And i had lots of lvl 3 gems before that.. Now their all level 2 and I've lost 500k. I also lost a lot of diamonds as the prices for gems have significantly decreased, lol.

Rick Tilley

They don't listen to customer constantly change things an rip u off with items u bought. very buggy....teebik as a company is horrible will never again support any teebik games.

david coull

Was a great game This game was awesome, then they stopped caring. Want a decent game? Party forsaken world mobile. The devs there are on top if thing ands updates/maintenance are done regularly with compensation whenever server is down.

Alexandra Buisse

I would love to play but i cant even open the game I downloaded and deleted this game like 4 times now and everytime i go to open to play it goes black then back to my home screen sucks cuz i really wanted to play

Joel Ishler

Decent rpg game... Doesn't have the whistles and bells that many other more famous titles like this one has. The special attack buttons don't always work, which makes me downgrade my stars to three. The moving from one dimension to another through portals seems to only happen in one level, but I found that a very cool idea, wish there was more of that...

Toya Lilyo

More Things to do and See I find there is very little items in the item mall, I would also suggest more worlds, Weapons, Wings and costumes if you can. The player base in this game is very low so I feel alone. More things means more players. Please take this advise into account.

Antoinette Ellison

They moved on BB use to love us at Android, but you see they moved on to iOS and have left us high and dry. All the servers are dead, we didn't get the updates promised to fix the original problem so people started dropping like flies to better more consumer friendly games. It's a fun game, but not much so by yourself. So don't bother downloading it. Waste of time money and space at this moment.


Don't waste your time. Patch 1.5 really bent people over. A lot of their progress and time was lost on the game, not to mention, a lot of money was lost on stats. 1.5 was the dumbest thing they could have done to their customers. I'm 100% officially done with this game. Requested a refund. Now we wait in line behind the others asking for a refund.

Scott Martin

Would give a 0 if I patch ruined many players br with nerf to runes and gems. They took away tower store where we could buy upgrades with in game currency. Raised prices on everything including high end gear that was already hard to get...avoid this game and even further...avoid teebik games in general.

Jeremy Davis

Play this game Everybody that played this game has quit and gone to "Rise of Darkness". Don't waste your time here. It was great while it lasted but the company killed the game. They decided to only keep updating for ios and said screw to Android users. 12 servers with one player each.

Matt Bowman

This sucks it could be better Everytime i play i get 2 minutes in and it stops and takes me back to my homescreen if you fix this i will rate it better but for now only 2 stars. Its almost like the game is crashing...

Helbert Arkhurst

Unacceptable!!! This new update is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. Surely you must have a quality control team. Or is it a way to unashamedly steal your customers money. You must refund all the money you have stolen from your customers with this update if you have any decency!

Scott Taylor

Loads of fun Until they started to steal our cash by having us pay for things in item mall then took them away later. Dont waste your time these people are just looking to steal your money and your time. 1year put in just to have designer's steal from me... never a tb game ever again on my devices

Tc Sisson

Failed on every aspect of customer satisfaction So many lies from Teebik. Do not trust game developer. They state fixes, adjustments, and aid. All blatant lies to sweep the issues under the rug. Until a true fix is implemented I suggest finding a better game. This one is crumbling fast.

Michelle Chea

...Just Starting Off By the time I reach about the third quest, the game keeps saying "Network Error" when I'm about to battle the boss. I keep having to replay the same area until that checkpoint. This is how much I feel about this:???

Wyatt Phipps

Latest patch broke the game Everyone's items have been nerfed, gems and runes have been reduced in effectiveness, as well as many people have had gems deleted. Any action that would give you gems now fails(combining gem shards, using gem bags, equipping new gear). I've had two weapons (level 50 epic and 60 epic) disappear with all the gems and drills, as well as not getting items I was supposed to such as feathers. No response from support about compensation of lost items or for unplayable time.

Mangle the pirate Fox

Wow amazing I can't stop playing! Just wow this game is a must you level up so fast (played for 30 minutes already level 22!).any time to kill play this.....its addictive can't. Stop.PLAYING! I'm a warlock and I love the special moves and amour weapons everything is great good job....just amazing

Douglas Vue

Your patch robbed us! Fix the patch and return our BR's and gems back! AntiCupid Glory S1. I spent alot of money and I want my money back or fix my account and do not ask me for proof because my money spent on my account is good enough! Fix it or I will contact google for my full refund and they will come after you.

Todd Kent

New update sucks I lost over 200k battle rating, sum of my gems. And the reward exchanges suck. Doesnt make any sense what you changed. I havent talked to 1 person who likes the new update. Lot of people talking bout quitting!

Rick Franks

Terrible game With the new patch everything is driven towards making money. This last patch is terrible and I will no longer be playing. Do yourself a favor and save your time and money. Plus the big compensation they promised us was completely worthless and now s2 is dead.

Jovanny Garcia

They robbed me After investing all this time and money into this game, they pretty much took back everything i paid for. This update caused alot of ppl to quit, i spent alot of money and they just took it all, it wasn't a donation , i want my money back!!!! Long time veteran players are quitting, might have to do the same

Tiffany Kubica

Burning Blade This game used to be good. But then the devs decided to change the game. I put real money into it and they freaking took it back. Well in which case. I want my money back. I paid for it and you took it away. I will get my money back. I am So done with BB.

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