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17 May
Burn Out Drag Racing

Posted by Antithesis Design in Racing | May 17, 2014 | 73 Comments

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Find the right balance of accelerator and clutch to beat the pack in quarter mile drag racing. Get the best time in heads up drag racing action to move on in the tournament. Don't damage your ride. Repairs are expensive and time consuming. Race dragsters, funny cars, hot rods, gassers, jet cars, semis, and motorcycles at the drag strip.

Start the season and hit the brackets, smoke the competition to win prizes, get points and pick up sponsors.

Gather more points than the other drivers to the win the season championship cash prize.

Build up your bank roll in multiple levels of drag racing dragsters with increasing speed. Get to the top fuel class to start laying down sub 4 second passes!

Let the drag racing begin. How fast can you get your e.t.? Find the right combination of drag race components to make insanely fast passes. Time the tree pro tree or standard tree to get a hole shot on faster competition or just get massive horsepower.

Jump into the cockpit of your drag racer and put together a winning drag racing season running your car in quarter mile racing.

Tons of different customizations allow you to build a drag racer that looks great and screams across the asphalt.

Race you drag car down the drag strip to beat the competitors in heads up bracket racing

Use a combination of gas and trim to keeps your dragster ahead without destroying your ride.

This is one of the most challenging drag racing games you will find. Build your team of drivers, dragsters and sponsors. Try this drag racing free download and experience the horsepower.

---------------- How to play------------------
- First do a burnout to heat up your tire. Hot tires stick better.
- Get your engine rpms ready and drop the clutch when (HINT: or slightly before) the green light is lit.
- Try to get a reaction time of .500. That's perfect drag racing.

- Push the accelerator down to rev the engine
- Tap and hold the right side of the screen to control throttle
- Bottom of screen = full throttle
- Top of screen = less throttle
- No touch = no throttle

- Engage clutch to put power to the wheels
- Tap and anywhere on left side of screen
- Clutch is reset anytime the throttle is released

Burn out
- A good burn out should lay down good rubber and also make your competitor wait for you in staging.
- Tires that sit longer cool more and loose more acceleration up in smoke.

The Tree
- Normal tree gets yellows before green.
- In pro mode all three yellows flash together once before green. Hey, you're a pro!
- There is a half second delay between the lights.
- Try to time the tree to get the best jump.
- If you wait for the light to light up green before starting you will have a poor reaction time
- Leave too soon and get a foul and end your day early

Driver Skill
- Don't destroy your vehicle.
- Drivers that are reckless drag racing with their dragster will not have a tough time being competitive.
- If you overheat your engine you will cause damage to your parts.
- Check the garage often to repair damage and upgrade part performance
- Damaged parts produce less power

Whats new

    Head to Head Racing over WiFi
    Thousands of Engine build combinations
    Improved garage interface
    Engine dyno
    Customizable paint colors and schemes
    Improved competitiveness

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Spencer Chedotal

I have an android tablet its a hisense 8 inch screen the opponents car is always white and my car ends up with a white box around it wit just wheels please can yal fix this other than that it's a great game

chad dailey

I would give this game no stars if I could it making me mad cause every time get going and I'm winning the clutch blows

Doug Souza

Needs more work. Love the graphics. The 80's funny cars are right on the $$ but like the others, I'll be on a great pass and the clutch or engine will blow repeatedly almost every run. I just did the 9 race season and blew something up EVERY RUN in the 1st round!! That part of this game REALLY SUCKS!! DON'T BOTHER DOWNLOADING!! It sucks!! Maybe if they fixed it so nothing blows. I mean, TIRES?!! Really?!! Don't waste your time!!!

Gerald Taylor

Awesome game team name g-money Some of the other comment told u not to download this game because there is always stuff blowing up but mine might have blown up 2 times and I have raced a lot so I would recommend getting this game but that's up to u. I'm ranked 2 with the classic cars and 3 with the jet cars

Scott Sanders

Wth Great game was getting good runs and moving up,but now the clutch blows up every run..haven't done any mods lately or changes to the way I was driving..starring to be no fun...

daniel davey

Good for 20 mins...then no good Got it, played for awhile, won easy money built up a fast car, raced somemore. Then just as you get enough to start buying cool cars.....clutch blows EVERY RACE! raced 2 seasons trying to change how I drove....didnt matter. Have now uninstalled it ??????

Jason Nazworth

Fun game. Needs improvement. Thanks for a great game. Love the 1980s funny car paint schemes and the open flames. I've only noticed three areas which need fixed. 1) a.I. cars have glitched paint scheme. 2) jet cars glitch past starting line almost every time resulting in a DQ. 3) when purchasing parts in the garage, I have to swipe my finger from Florida to California for it to register that I'm swiping. The sensitivity needs calibrating. ...also if able to, please revamp the menus and button configuration. Thanks!

H hughes

Fun app but!! Its a fun app but the jet cars dont seam fast and blow up to quick my funny cars and bikes beat them plz make them faster and I give 5 stars a jet car should run in the 2/1 sec range and fully upgraded sould be a easy half sec

Tony Montana

Great Updates! I really think leaving comments Thanks AD Once u grasp the controls for clutch and throttle slider/buttons its really fun n def ADDICTING! My first impression was WTF? But once I got the controls and upgrading parts down I was winning. It is a little hard to make $ at first but dont freak out jus keep goin till u get ur sponsors $ to unlock the really fast car.Jet Cars are AWESOME as well as the rest Top Fuel cars. Try it out, it has its few glitches. AD,yall are a few tweeks and new features away from having THE BEST REALISTIC Top Fuel game!

Patrick S. Kester

Burn out drag racing Great game, keep the updates coming, no problems at all so far, works perfectly, only thing, please beef up the graphics, make it more realistic.

Charles Garcia

Cool Cool best game ever just a little glitches but you should donlad it

sebastian ortiz

Great mechanics but I absolutely love the mechanics of the game the graphics are good but the glitch out allot, sometimes the car has motors for wheels other times the body is a different car than I'm using and othe times my car is just a white block with wheels and many other image glitches, would love to see this fixed, I absoloustely love this game was hooked from day one

Se E

Great game It's come a long way from the original. I like the fact that you can build any engine combination you want. As for the people that can't get down the track without blowing an engine well that's because they don't know what their doing has nothing to do with the game this game is actually pretty realistic. It's not for people that just wanna press the gas and say "yay I won" there's technique involved and having a good understanding of fundamental track drag racing will go go a long way

Wendy Lattimore

Just lame When ever you buy a fast car everyone has the car and you never win

Ed H

Tips for beginners!! Take the first cash you get and use it to buy the nitrous kit and wheelie bar for your car. Set the bar to 2 inches or else you will break the bar off and you will have to buy a new one. Also the supercharger. That will give you a leg up on your competition. Don't use the nitrous unless losing by more than 2 car lengths and only use enough to get ahead. As soon as you can, buy the motorcycle on the last pages that looks like a nitro bike. It is well worth it!!

Cole Dickens

Needs debugging Very fun game. I've dumped way too much time in it. Several bugs though: graphics, sound, ET glitches, etc...

Myrna Rottluff

Good but every time i pull in a competition my block blows up but when i pull in practice it doesn't blow up

Nicolas Van Scheyndel

Good game. The graphics need 2 b fixed because they sometimes glitch. If ur clutch is blowing, or ur block, keep an eye on engine temp. Make sure is is in the green or white, or u will get engine damage. Same with real life

Narei Mooncatt

Good, but room for improvement Tips for beginners, go into the pit screen and upgrade the different part levels (not to be confused with upgrading the parts themselves in the garage) and your temp gauge will not rise as fast. Practice runs also don't damage your car, so use that to grind for money if needed. For the dev: occasionally has sound and graphics glitches. Also, the practice and race runs are not consistent with each other. The times are nowhere near comparable and makes practice almost worthless.

Thad Alverson

Fun game Only thing I can see wrong so far is I keep having to buy a wheelie bar don't like that part and my engine keeps blowing up so no more fun for me thinking about deleting it unless fixed

daniel laws

great game great game. still a few glitches that need fixing. but an overall fun game. only disapointing thing is you can only play vs. mode on wifi when you should be able to play it with an internet connection. fix this and the other minor glitches and you will have a five star game.

Ryan Salonek

I can't change the language and its getting me mad but the game is really good besides that

Richard McGee

Language Hi. When I enter the the language is Spanish and I played this game for a long time, I'm lvl 130 and I got almost got all of the vehicles. Everytime I enter burnout drag racing it just says Spanish name like what the heck can you pls change it. Thx, bye!

Josh Daly

Everyone who has had trouble with this game I had the same problems at first my block would blow or the clutch then I figured out if you don't Rev your engine before the light starts it won't get your temp up and nothing will blow since I figured this out I have won almost every race and when you when it's quite a bit and when you win the season you get a bonus so if having problems try this.

col Hutch

Not F....N Happy Plz fix freezing game half way thru bike drags bike ends up with square wheels no control with accelerator and sounds need attention as well apart from that its OK if your a able to continue game but it won't let you and you still asking ppl for money for extras you should fix it properly first before you try making a buck I T wannabes gamers not fuckn happy fix it.

Danielle Sampson

Good The next up grade needs to be trucks like 2014 ones and 1980 or 4whellers

Chris Tober

Ok game Love this game but yea once u start winning and building up clutch goes every race which is disappointing but other then that good GAME overall

Zulhelmi Firdaus

Fix. interesting game .. but why not add 'turbo' .. like 'mud bogging' ..? And fix .

Cody Acton

Clutch probs Wth almost everytime i go on a tournament race my clutch blows up and cost me godly amounts of money plz fix

Ryan Texada

Had this for a long time and now The clutch blowing glitch passed with a small clutch upgrade but now if your rt is under 0.4 its a foul

Kevin Arnone

Love it the best game ever...... Developers please on the next up date add more customisations for the cars and truck and customisable cars like bikes muscle cars and trucks things like that ???? O and make the Chevelle customisable too

ron pol

What a waste. Uninstalled. Bad play. Horrible button layout and usage. Cheesy graphics.

Russ Bates

Wheelie bar How do you stop the bar falling off? It's driving me mad.

Dan Shedal

Love hate relationship Clutch keeps blowing out. Graphics still scramble.

Robert Smith

Drag fan Great game been waiting for a game like this

Johnson Carrier

Awesome But you should make this one 3D intead of tractor pull

James Orns

Like it but needs work Like this game, but i hate when after the burnout you go out of the cort

Dillon Lindley

This game sucks All these games suck the only good one is the tractor pull one cause its the only one you can win

Kirk Langstraat

Was fun It was fun but now every time I race something blows up or breaks

Jason Ammermann

Pretty good Not as bad as everyone says I haven had any trouble with things blowing up my only complaint is all the cars are about the same speed when fully upgraded and there arent class specific races

Michelle Smith

NEW FAVORITE!!! What an awesome game! The more you play... The more you are aware of the details that make you a winner! If you build your Car with a BAD COMBINATION it will break. I love it. Repairs are WAY CHEAPER than real life! WARNING: IT is very easy to "overbuild". Bigger is not always better! ? I will give it 5* as soon as I can find someone online to compete with! Complaints: When you cross the stripe with broken equipment, it makes you lose even if you won! & crowd cheers when you break something!

Jerry Webb

Hella bug please fix This game sucks because when u install nos and a blower in every race some thing breaks so please fix that bug

Laine Lovelace-Chandler

Love it I fully tried all cars but the ones u have to buy a lot of people complain about the clutch blowing on jet cars I've fully customized mine and the tip is use the nos it won't blow up ur clutch so that's the tip thx

Charles Garcia

Love the game but I love the game but it needs an update it has not had an update in forever it is getting old pls update and me and the opponet keep showing up as a white box and sometimes i do my burn out the when i am going back i keep going back and the go to the starting line and one last thing let us paint all the cars not just the costimiziable

max bird

Tires Fully upgraded my car. Every part avaliable for it. And I blow the tires off every race -_-

james johnson

Addictive Hate it but love it my wife tells me to stop playing it haha o well

Steven Butler

Burn Out Drag Racing Like Game Love Drag Racing would like to see better cars

Justin Watson

More cars and better quality Like the game. But needs more cars like street/strip..83-88 Monte Carlo SS, 85-92 Camaro IROC-Z & 91-92 Z28. 86-93 Mustang GT,LX 5.0, SALEEN, 1957 Chevy Bellair , 1970 Chevelle SS, 2010 & up Camaro, Trans Am’s the list could go on & on Just some 70’s & 80’s cars. Also the cars could be lowered down instead of looking like a 50’s 60’s Gasser there could be some of those too.

Justin Muraszewski

Needs work I love this game but I'm tired of having to buy my wheelie bar over and over. I'll buy it and after a few races it will remove its self from the car. Fix this to get 5 stars.

Brodey Miller

Best game ever This game is realistic but it has a lag if you play it for a long time you keep driving backwards

dust fazewave

Too difficult I kept on blowing my block and I didn't have the money to fix it please make it easier ffs

John Songer

WHAT THE HECK!!!!! No tutorials and no idea how to shift or launch without melting tires off even after proper turnout

Joseph Bianco

Burnout drag racing review by the old man! Excellently developed. Lots of cars,trucks,motorcycles to choose from..Lots of improvement options for your dragsters,excellent rewards system. Easy controls and the best part of all this you can WIN WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY MORE MONEY AND YOU DONT HAVE TO EAT ALL YOUR MEMORY .LOW MBs sound effects suck but the rest makes up for it.

Robert Rios

COULD BE MUCH BETTER Ok so first off Sometimes my nitrous button doesn't appear! ! (I always check that the nos is 100% before any race) especially when needed most ! Next the Graphics can be better such as the background and the crowd. And last is can you guys modify the Sound of The Engine when it is REVVED, sounds like a broken rod in the engine

Justin Barnes

Was 5 star until recent update. I used to be able to get several runs out of a set of dickies tires. But now I can't even make it a full pass without a blow out. Temp gauge is still not even full when it happens. Also having to buy parts you already had sucks.

Dave Overfield

Its fun But there needs to be bugs fixed and a good update horribly. I played it for two days and had everything maxed out and none of the ai cars can even remotely keep up. If the developers could add more tracks, better competion and fix the bugs i would not be able to stop playing this game. Also why is any reaction time under a 0.4 a red light? That makes no sense. A 0.00 is a perfect light.

daniel davey

Good for 20 mins...then no good Got it, played for awhile, won easy money built up a fast car, raced somemore. Then just as you get enough to start buying cool cars.....clutch blows EVERY RACE! raced 2 seasons trying to change how I drove....didnt matter. Have now uninstalled it ??????

paul miller

HELP I'm rating as 3 stars until someone can explain to me how to keep from blowing out your clutch. By alternating from high throttle to low throttle I can but then I lose every race. If this issue can be resolved then I will rate 5 stars. If not then I will lower my rating to 1 star. Clutch is blowing out as soon as I begin the race

rhonda Johnson

Brakes to easy Every time i play i do 1 race and my car is deastroyed.then i have to spend at least 22,000 to repair. then it's always lagging then it destroyes my car as well macking me start over again. will rate 5 if it gets improved.

Jamie Pomana

Keeps blowing clutches I have tried every combo of gas to clutch, nothing works. I won the first 20 or so runs no issue. Now it just blows. Not in practice though, just in race. Would absolutely love this game except for the never finishing a race now

Duy Le

Awesome game. Team Name: Duk1e Idk wat ppl are complaining about. I sometimes run the whole season without damaging anything. This includes clutch, tires,pistons, and head. You just have toselect your upgrades one by one then dyno to see which parts give you more power. You must Mix and match up for max power. For example don't buy all gold parts bc many times it won't give you the most power.Also, don't rev up until about a second or two before your tree lights up. That'll help your engine from heating up too much. Btw, mybest et: 0.752

Michelle Smith

NEW FAVORITE!!! What an awesome game! The more you play... The more you are aware of the details that make you a winner! If you build your Car with a BAD COMBINATION it will break. I love it. Repairs are WAY CHEAPER than real life! WARNING: IT is very easy to "overbuild". Bigger is not always better! ? I will give it 5* as soon as I can find someone online to compete with! Complaints: When you cross the stripe with broken equipment, it makes you lose even if you won! & crowd cheers when you break something!

Drew Pidj

Wtf Keeps glitching out, has weird white cars, white screen, car floats behind the map. Only sometimes did it decide to work nice... lucky i gave it 2 stars

Carson Heath

Clutch issues If I race at all then the clutch or block blows. I tried running low. When I prebiousily had this it was so much easier please help. (Was also addicting)

Nicolas Van Scheyndel

Good game. The graphics need 2 b fixed because they sometimes glitch. If ur clutch is blowing, or ur block, keep an eye on engine temp. Make sure is is in the green or white, or u will get engine damage. Same with real life

Tyler Littlefield

I liked it but Every time I go down the track I blow up my cloch and I always go under pit and fix it but it still blows up

Mike L

UNINSTALLED, AGAIN! Now I remember why I uninstalled this game last time around. Ever since I've installed this game, I've received nothing but pop up ads practically all the time. I can be using any other app I have on my phone, and I'll be interrupted by a pop up ad. Never had this problem until I downloaded this game. UNINSTALLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caleb Hess

Its a great game until you max out your drag car Once you max out your car or bike you get half way down the track your motor blows up.

Allie Bradley

Burn out drag racing One of the ways to see how the big boys run. Rrraaaaoommm.

Carlos Soto

"DOOR SLAMERS 2" is better then this I think that "DOOR SLAMERS 2" better then this you could coustum your car by it ready for you and you get to switch clutch to 1,2,3 and you could up graded your car by engine to chasie to body to tune and there are so many ways to race in this game and its easy to make the money and when your car blows up it dont take away money and you got off line play and online play and and if your car goes slow you still will win $10,000 and you could put the time your cars run and you could play with friends online!!

Louis Anchelowitz

Phone keeps force closeing! Why does it keep force closeing when I try to sell my cars I uninstalled it then reinstalled it and I still have the same problem I feel like uninstalling it for good

Harley Eggert

Wtf How the hell do you get it to go. A how to would be awesome. I do burn on and it just sits there moving slow and reving

Isaiah Henderson

It's a cool game if they atop the game from freezing all the time it can freeze right when u open the app or in the middle of a event when ever it wants so I'm deleting it till they make a new update for it because it just freezes to much

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