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13 Sep

Posted by GameABC Studio in Arcade | Sept. 13, 2016 | 120 Comments

Apk file size: 19.0 MB

Buildcraft is an infinite-world block sandbox game. Buildcraft with its truly multi-player feature, you can create world as you like.

2 games included.

► Walk around, dig and build in an infinite voxel world, and craft stuff from raw materials to help you along the way;
► Simplistic Modding API that supports many kinds of additions and modifications to the game;
► Multiplayer support for tens of players, via servers or local WIFI;
► Voxel based lighting with gameplay consequences (light caves and buildings with torches);
► Almost infinite world and a beautiful map generator.

Whats new

    1. New map:plain , valley
    2. Brand new UI
    3. Faster and robust

GameABC Studio part of our Arcade and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 67.982. Current verison is 3.5. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download buildcraft.apk 19.0 MB


Sarah Louise

Keeps saying Build craft has stopped and wrong pass I don't know why it says build craft has stopped, I haven't done anything to it except on it. And wrong pass ?? If u fix this I'll give you a 5 star

mega laglush

Lover game I just love this game tho I hate were ppl say oh this is a rip off of minecraft you guys keep working your best and ignore the haters

Estegamo Lopez

Needs animals and mobs I love it but they should add like mobs to make it more interesting but overall loves it

Mudfire Do

Loved until this I can't open up Buildcraft anymore. I loved this game, but after waiting 3 months without response, I'm starting to lose hope. Please fix!!!

Destani Hamilton

Hate it!!! I don't even want to rate this piece of crap !! ? OH my god it won't even let me get on but no it said " unfortunately BUILD CRAFT has stopped " and then it takes me to my home screen !!!!! If this was a person I would KILL HIM!!??.....??? IM SORRY, Not

Kari K

Well.... When I got it I could not put any blocks on the ground and it comes out blue so if you get it good luck

Jessee Westbrook

Dont work It don't work it just shows a white screan why make junk Dont download ever it wastes time

Marianne DiIorio

Love it! I love the new addition of the Nether stuff, I also love the fact that there are severs! This game is a great game and is the best one I ever played!

Kaitlyn Smith

Good luck building Needs animals! Needs more cool stuff. But, it does have portals. All you need is flint and stone and this block that is black that starts with an o. I do think this game is good for first time gamers

Brae Brae

Its ok and good epic OH WHAT THE HECK I LOVE IT

Areli Ornelas

It won't work I don't like the game because it says itca

Dawn Deason

Wtf Why would you make people have to deal with some stupid photos I'm bout to play it but I heard it wont open


I like this game just needs more stuff to make more stuff the big thing is theres no animals please fix!??

Elsa Winter

Has protentical I can't play it because it won't open BUT the pictures look amazing and they make me wish I could play myself

Annica Harris

Wat da heck I don't even know how to rate it because I never got a chance to even play it. It just goes back to where all my apps are.


Why 1*? Lets compare your game and Minecraft P.E, evrything is the same but all you did was change the name of the game added some extra things and made it worse, game developers like you have no creation, game developers just like you need to stop ripping off Minecraft

Robbie James

I. Love. It. Its. Really. Good. Only. Fing. . No. Mobs

Jaiden Earles

It's Great Apport from getting lava off my building I like it and it's fun to play.

tris era

I like your game dont listen to them i give you five stars

Jasmin Gomez

Save Its better than mind craft and saves your progress

J Calkins

Disgusting. Fork Minetest, call it Buildcraft then make 2 versions. And use comic sans. This is the lowest level of scum on this planet and I hope you feel shameful for your actions.

Stevie Brandon

It is a waste of data This app won't even start up the first ten times you try to get it to. As soon as I got it to run, it put , well basically 331 spam photos in my gallery. In my opinion this app sucks. It isn't a very good idea for anyone to download it unless you have alot of data to throw in the trash. If my device was in anyway a component for these problems, then I'm sorry but it wasn't worth crap.

MLP Sapphire

WORST GAME EVER ALL UR GAMES SUCK The games keep exiting

Lijaz Salim

Oh big time waste The most bored game no trees,no animals,no mobs,only water and dirt

Kaleb Wygal

KEEPS EXITING Every time I start it it closes please fix or tell me whats wrong?

Emil Flook

As soon as I go into the game it's kicks me out fix that bug and i will rate it 5 stars

Sierra Miller

Umm I CANT EVEN OPEN THIS THING!!!!! HELP ME GOD!!!!! Plz help! Everytime I try to open this it just crewmen goes to my home page!!! UGH!!!!!!!!! >_< >-<

Ba Dao

I gess it's all right I need blocks I don't need monsters

Tyra Alford


Tamima Rohman

Samsung Galaxy S3 Love it I made a hole world

awesomegamer5000 or codyisawesome3

Logs me out I try to play on sp and it closes every time please fix this so I can give it 5stars

Gaming With Dog

It's minecraft 4 free!! Can't argue!! Peace out dudes

Connor Greuel

It end It exits out o stars if I could please fix and I'll give more

Amber Thwing-Mullins

Terrible Every time I turn it on it says sorry bulidcraft is not working


I hate this game when if the games updated software the data will be loose

Azariah Gates

Hate it Each time I get on it takes me off this game sucks

Jon Esta

Love it I don't want mobs cause it great without them cause they will scare me! So I love it! And don't listen to those meanies!!!

Chris Thorpe

NO INTERNET When i press the button that says internet game it loads a little and then brings me back to the home page. Fix this plz ?

Louise Thomas

Easy All u have to do is download,open,then go to the home screen.

Arianna Palmer

Looked awesome is awsome Every thing is just amazing don't listen to other people

Jeffery Spurgeon

Please help I downloaded it and it loaded and went to the home screen and it wont work

Kaitlyn Smith

Good luck building I want animals please! I love this game. But needs animals. Clothes button does not work

Tasha Johnson

Uhh Why is this game different I liked 1.0 in creative when I tap on the chest plate the game crashes. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!÷÷÷÷!!!!!!!!!!!!÷÷÷!!!!!!!÷÷!!!!!!÷!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timothy Storemski

Timothy loved this game so much

Thoren Quintanilla

Really good It can be fixed but it is alright. ?

Rylee Uebinger

Every time I try to load it a puzzles and dragons ad pops up and crashes the game!

Evelyn Sanchez

Its awesome Its so awesome that I can play it all day

Dalyah Mccallister

Hate it Small little world plus no animals! Just place blocks boaring):'

Devin Bogdaniwcz

It a lot better than the first build craft

Aditi Rajesh

Always a ad will pop up

Stacy Ziglear

Too many ads The title tells it all

Anthony Bauer

World's It has small world's and it gliches some times

Laja Khadka

Help I did not even play this game and it just sends me to home screen when I click on the app

Jo Car

Why!! I built many houses then one day there gone even the waterfall

Jaslynn Montes

There are ads all the time.?

Yen Huynh Bach

Love it !!! ? ? This game is so like minecraft. But so cool at the same time

Kiki Page

Stupid When I went on online all I see is gray

Erica McFarland

I love this game its awesome

ria pramitha

Because its look like real minecraft

leanne evans

Love it so!fun I get to play with my brother yhhhhhhhhy

Erica Taylor

How cares adouta Minecraft

Elijah Warmoth

I couldn't see

Melissa H

Sooo cool Well this is weard and i love it?

Katrina Habershon

Love it Love it its amaze you can do so much stuff

karmjeet kaler

I love this game

Kandice Jackson

I love it I love it i wish I made this game

Jake Brown

Looks good Looks awesome

Jerry Waggoner

awsome kinda like minecraft in a way i built a flippin castle

Honesty Tisdale

Ome It was the first time in the morning to see the game

Katiana Graves

Sooooo bad I'soooooo slow and hard to control

A'mya page-wallace

My minecraft power This game gives me lot's of world's.but there always a add at the place were you get your that's a problem.but I love this game.but you can't play multiplayer.

Will Carder

Interesting.... I can't get in to my inventory because of an ad please fix!!

Demolition exe

BETTER than Minecraft! It even has Mese and Nyan Cat!

Zyroos Jabique Domingo

Love it I think someone is in my world I digged straight down then I found some stairs down then I was scared then I just goed up again and deleted my world

Lil Trot

Lillie ? it It was really fun and I made new friends

Munyah Morris

Nian cat!!! Nian cat fav tb show on Minecraft!!!

chica lover

Terrible Can't see too glitchy Worse than minecraft

Tyler Moreno

Great but add cake Love to play it but no cake

Atide Orravan

Wow I like it so good it is the games ?????

Asha Smith

I can't go to the inventory because of a stupid ad in the way. So I pretty much can't do anything

Gianina Pello

Not so bad I kind of like it, but the things i hate about this it pretend that it was night so its pretty dark

Lev Shulga

Yas Las Gamsk hoi bta numbeo wkas Suas: Gyqs ha tass naa ygas nyih huhsn beggs 1.Account in diplasying Your Welcome on building fast or maze will i Hi Kim hujhhhhhhhhhh 2.☺?????? Us you. 3.×€=€= The following user says thank 4.building fans Hook up

Jadyn Garland

Good The adds are rather annoying and it shuts down on me sometimes but it's good otherwise

Czarina Untalan

I love It This Is Like A Minecraft

Cytpmreal1 ,

What have you done!!! You have ruined build craft why can't I go to the servers I knew I miss the build craft I knew

Addyson Hedge

Hmm... Every time I write a message not anybody heard me

Timaty Ruban

It good Hope it works for me and my little sister?

A Google User

Good game but.. This game is awesome but I think it needs more options. This is what I think it needs..... ● Options to what your world includes ●Character customization ● Better graphics It would also be really cool if on the bookshelf you clicked it and there were books and you could write a short story inside of one them. Please fix and I will give you five stars if not I will unistall. Thank you.

Martha Ambro

Its all right I guess I open it, and it goes straight back to google play but I think this would be pretty great so I rated this OK because I can't even play it but still I think this will be great.

blueharet tavarez

It works It works for me and my little brother ?

Tonja Lamar

So great I love it so much I can play with my sis but I am a kid so

Lana Rodriguez

wtf I hated when the world not working.

Isfar Jarif

Freaks a lot When I try to play it it was not opening it just freakssssssssss!!????????

Jadyn Garland

Good The adds are rather annoying and it shuts down on me sometimes but it's good otherwise but I would love animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XxSuper SamurottxX

Truly... You have made it not work at all!

Dawn Crawford

The game is awesome even in survival Just what I wanted

A Google User

This game is stupid,it won't even work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vested crusaders lab

Interesting.... I can't get in to my inventory because of an ad please fix!! But very cool game!

Mardis Kids

Stupid adds in the way The game is fun and you can build awesome houses but there's so many adds like when I want to get some thing out of the inventory it's in the way please fix it also sometimes it doesn't even let me get out of the inventory please fix if not I'm deleting it because it's a waste to play if you can get out of the inventory.

Alorrianna Schissel

well.....good I like this App a lot but I cant read the words when you get in the create a world. Good job with this game??.

r5 lover

Awesome it had me at first sight and I am a total gamer to!!!

Rocio Hernaneez

Please more players There are almost no players please put more players in the game ill rate you 5 stars . I like it but if you do me a favor I'll love it and if I could ill rate you 10000000000000000000000000000000000 stars

Adenine Cavanaugh

**** Adds I cannot get to some of my stuff or the inventory because of ADDS. Please fix

Ayesha Egina

Cool!! ? Good game my brother liked it

Kelsey Thomas

Keeps logging me out Everyone I try to go in my world logs me out

Mary Grace Casaverde

Open it When i press the game i see the minecraft clouds when i open it again i see blue screen

Greenie McBeanie

Amazing game but, Please fix it, I love the game, but every time I go on to a world, it loads a little bit, and logs me out of the world! READ THIS MESSAGE AND PLEASE REPORT BACK!!!!!

Freddy Fraz bear

Adds There is TO MUCH ADDS I can't even see my inventory!!

Sophie Bovberg

Love it I love it, it's just like Minecraft. I like how there are two different kinds of beds. But the reason I'm not giving it a five is because the fence posts don't connect and they just look like sticks out of the ground, if you can fix it I'll give a five. But for all of the Minecraft lovers out there download this game.

Galaxy J1

But its just black screen and everyone dosent talk to me Its just bored to play with this glitches?

Mine craft survival master This game is really cool??

Rose Christian

Ok It is a good game but when I shut it off then go back on it brings me to the middle of the ocean

Addisen Noll

Hate and love So I love Minecraft but there are Zombies in this game and I hate that Zombies are it this game

Kiley Arrowood

I love it This game has been the best experience I've ever had of minecraft

five nights at Freddy's defeat golden Freddy

Love this there's a new block and I love Minecraft and I rated it 5 stars and I'm a kid I'm 6

Elijah Taylor

Hated it I hater I don't work

Its so good Its no have people eggs

Daniela Mojica

Love it Love it so much

Philip Williamsk1

Download The person who said it was bad was wrong. It's awesome

Lil Trot

Lillie ? it It was really fun and I made new friends

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