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10 Oct
Bubble Shooter Classic

Posted by Bubble Gaming in Casual | Oct. 10, 2016 | 119 Comments

Apk file size: 4.3 MB

Play this classic bubble shooter game with over 1000 levels that can entertain you for days.
Stuck in traffic? Bored? Just open the game and have fun.

How to play:
1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in that direction.
2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.
3. Clear the current level to unlock the next one.
4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.

Have fun !

Whats new

    Updated game

Bubble Gaming part of our Casual and have average installs from 10000000 to 50000000. Last Update Oct. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 75.3584. Current verison is 1.8. Actual size 4.3 MB.

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Carol Keen

disliked this game very cant swap out shooter colors and very seldom will the shooter go where it's aimed...just not fun like many other bubble games

Jenny Guerard

The game is ok but don't like not being able to swap out the balls. Also advertising pops up while in the middle of a game

Vaibhavi Malvadkar

Ok...typezz U really stuck on some levels .... ! Bt.. its nice tp.. afrerall....:)

Chris Jackson

Addicting, fun, and annoying. I would give it another star were it not for the irritating full-page ads that pop up when you first load the game. A very challenging, yet rewarding time-waster.

Marissa James

Terrible There was way to many ads!! First of all, the levels, way to easy!! I could get some of them with 2 bubbles!! Really upsetting!! Second, the picture looks so great in the pictures, but when you actually play it, all the bubbles, actually everything, looks grainy!! When you try to shoot them off the sides to hit a different bubble, they don't go the way you want them to, and it's not realistic!! This game is so annoying, do not get it!! There is no point in it the picture is bad levels are way to easy!

Shaloy Fauber

awesome until So this game is great. Don't get me wrong. However, it keeps starting me back at level 79 when I start it, regardless of how far beyond it I advance. Not cool. Otherwise it's a good game, great way to pass some time.

Jan Heric

Piece of crap game. You will reach certain levels that are unbeatable. Since collors of the balls are generated at random you may never get lucky. Stuck at lvl 113. #Uninstall

Thomas Langley

Love this game. Hours upon hours I have played this elegantly simple game. Currently on level 372. So I know 125 can be beaten. Wait till 300 took me 4 days to get passed it lol. So much fun for killing time.

Pat Chaparo

Bubble shooter classic Shoot all the bubbles down. Next level is harder. Great game it releaves my stress.

Joey Sapoanro

It's good just tired of the pop up distractions. Also after you don't click and down load or buy anything from the apps that pop up, the game goes in a slow mode to make it so you can't advance any further. Very bad!!!!! I'm removing this game asap. Bad scam!!!!!

Brian DeFriend

No good on LG G3 after update to Android 5.0 This was a fun and addictive game until the update. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still looked funky. Very bummed.

Sara Dhillon

Had there's no options Can't turn down the annoying music if I'm listening to something else on my phone. Aside from that I love this game...but the no options part is very annoying

Cheryl Hauser

Pretty basic as far as bubble shooting games go. Accuracy is questionable but tolerable until you get to a difficult level, then just frustrating. Uninstalling.

Rob Gamble

LG REALM The pop up adds is ridiculous. Soon as u try your first shot it takes u to play store get rid of it and it would only make it to 4 star make accuracy better and it would b 5 star. -->This is new, dropped one star cuz the ball goes where it wants a lot not where u say to shoot

Adele Ross

Good for killing time Relatively easy to play. Only thing is the ad that pops up in the beginning, but other than that, great.

Linda Arrowsmith

Bubble shooter classic Cool game to use up some spare moments trying to beat the bubbles

muhammad haris

Great game Its an addictive and attractive game.Some say not able to swap is bad but I think its good and is challanging.

anjali koli

Happy game This is fuck sarojni me kapde pehene me jati madam disco VIP mein coplementry shorts bhi dedo isko

Ro Hollingsworth

Love this app. It's fun & frustrating but I really enjoy it!

John Motherway

Bubble shooter classic Good point and shoot game! You know when you have few minutes you want fill

Jane Privett

Passes time Easy game to pass time but I am getting frustrated on one level, been on now for 4 days... adverts are annoying

Frank Callow

All about luck not skill This has good level design but by making the shooter bubbles totally random, later levels become all about luck not skill which is ultimately frustrating. If you have the patience to play the same level 100+ unwinnable times waiting for the highly improbable winning combination (and then don't mess it up) then this game is for you. I ditched it after 125 levels.

Namrata Dongre

Awesum game 4 my small bro It is the best tym pass 4 me n also 4 my small bro......but only the adds disturb in betwn it is too irritating ......but the whole is @\/\/€$o|\/|€ it....speechless.....

Julie Cox

Amazing Endless hours of fun, bit frustrating when the balls don't go where you aim them

donna marshall

Its okay nothing worth talking about Will see if it gets better, graphics suck, pointer sticks a times?

Sarah Trawick

I love that there is no limit to the number of bubbles, you don't need any in game money or help from friends.

Christine McMaster

Bubble shooter Found this game very interesting.keeps you on your toes and alert . give it 5 stars .

Shyann Rodriguez

I love the game But these advertisements are making me hate it. There's also a glitch where if I rotate my phone while on the you won screen, it makes me play the level over again.

Leno Fernandez

Bubble shooter classic It's nice to start off, i like the game not to difficulty.

Clarissia Marquez

VERY ADDICTIVE Three in a row,starts easy then gets harder and harder and just when u want to give up it throws u a easy one,are lets you pass the hard level

Romy Barnes

Impossible levels Been stuck on level 88 for over two weeks now. What is the point if only colours appear that can't match

Richard Sumtheeng

Lacks color blind mode ? I love the game but im colorblind. Had to install another game and delete this one.

Justin Sears

Very addictive but when you get to like level 122 it want let you go any father

Timothy Bradford

So casual Badly made, annoying, butt ugly and dated. Still wasted about 20 hours on it.

Sunya Pratyutpana

Game is nice Too many annoying ads disrupting the game. Makes u miss strokes.

Chirag Modi

Its too good but i stop on 821 level .if any one knows how clear this level then tell me.

William Corbett

Works fine It does exactly what it says it'll do that's all you can ask for. Thanks

Maria Canedo

What is going on with all the pop up adds?! So annoying. And not to mention the levels nobody can pass. Getting ready to uninstall.

Mellisa Wada

Good tillbu get so high and it doesn't et you pass im assuming it doesnt b have any more levels

Natmar Stone

Bubble shooter deluxe It is an awesome game ,no glitches or bugs. But there are a lot of pop up adds .Some of the adds will stay at the top and you can't see . Other's just pop up in the middle of the game. Besides that its an awesome game.??? ?

barbara garth

Deleting this game. Does not allow you to change colours, also some sections you just cannot pass as wrong colours come out and you will never pass and for that reason I'm deleting this game.

Darrel Francum

Greatest Waste Of Time EVER!! Only one use for this "game", send it to someone you really want to annoy!!

Patricia LaRue

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly The game itself is good. No crashes, no freezing up. It's challenging enough to keep you engaged. And it's fun. But there are way too many ads. Intrusive ads. Ads that invade your game, your phone's resources & your attention. Without warning, the ads cover the entire screen, forcing you to unintentionally tap on them. This takes you to Google Play, usually, where they hope to get you to download something else. I don't mind ads that behave themselves. Sit in the corner & wait for my CHOICE!

Caitlin McAuley

Long-time fan! This game is a classic and incredibly addictive! Although the resolution is low so it doesn't look as good on the newest phones, that doesn't detract from the hours of entertainment!

Ty-Reiqur Burnett

Simple It's to simple people want a challenge. I wish o could give it no stars. After only playing it for 10minutes I beat30 levels. So ya this game is a waste of phone tablet computer what ever you play on it's a waste of space on it I give it ???? thumbs down.

Sandrine Joumon

I'm pissed off... I've already completed like 5levels n it was pretty hard and it was not even saved... so i have to start all over again!

Garry B

I like this game. I know most people don't like it cuz you can't switch colors. Tell me if I'm wrong, gaming is all about challenges. :)

Sylvia Jolly

Original It's fun. Challenging because your forced to use the color that's next. But it tends to freeze up and when you tap the ball shoots where it wants . Also HATE the way an add pops up and next thing you know you've gone to browser to view add. Very aggravating!!!!!!

Sarah Morgan

Love,love,love this game!!!Totally easy yet so addictive?

Bonnie Tappan

Pain, deleting game also won't give you a fair chance to get thru some sections aiming really off game sucks

cheryl younghusband

Bubble shooter You can't change the colour which makes it harder but that's ok, I like a challenge. You get colours to shoot which arn't on the board, that's not good cos as the board moves down you can run out of time before you get them all off

Phillip Troutman

A fun pastime!Xx This is a fun and challenging game. Not to easy, and not to hard. It will be able to hold your interest for hours upon hours!Xx

delli babu

Nice game All age people are able to play this time pass for tention like temple run while playing....we can play this with peaceful mind with out any tenction....

Mary Johnson

I use a ALCATEL onetouch idol phone. I enjoy playing this game! The phone screen is a little small for the game, but still is big enough to become a challenge. It is great for killing time!

Zandra King

Too easy then stupid Most levels in 10 seconds, then 4 days on one level because the game purposely doesn't give you the color you need. Feels like I am at the will and whim of a tyrannical king.

Alissa Anderson

Level 408 A lot of these reviews complain about the fact that you can't change the color and claim it makes some levels impossible but I say you are all quitters!!! I'm level 408 and still going. Only thing I can complain about is there is some repeat patterns but with 400+ levels how many patterns can you come up with that aren't a little bit alike? Love this game for passing time and it doesn't use a lot of battery!

Elizabeth Shetters

Bubble Shooter It is fun but seems to stick at times when you try to shoot resulting in a loss or wrong color balls being shot ,and the adds pop up as you shoot and take you to a different screen ,please fix this .

Mary Edmonds

What is this crap How is this game even in the store? The balls are squares with a circle in the middle, this is so weird and stupid. Not smooth at all

Marshalla Cowan

Game ALWAYS get interrupted Love playing the game but ALWAYS gets interrupted and to me its annoying! !!!!?Also you finish a level and then u think your on the next level and its the same one over and over and u pass that level like 5 times!!????

B Grizz

Hate it, can't stop playing I hate this stupid freaking game, it has sucked up countless hours of my life. More addictive than cocaine. Nice job :)


Stuck at 45 I don't know if this is a troll game or something... Because I'm pretty sure level 45 is impossible or just extremely difficult to pass. Wtf it was so easy, and then, boom. Impossible level comes in.

Colin Scrivens

Nice simple time filler Basic bubble game. Fairly easy. To those complaining about no colour swap, try harder. Or get a game that just says "You win" every time you launch!

Mychael Holliday

This game is perfect for killing time. Its really fun and I like that you can't change the color of the ball so it makes it a little more challenging. Earned 5 stars ?????

Javier Monroy

Bubble Shooter Classic Love it, used to play it as a kid as an arcade game while my family waited for our food to be served. Love the fact that i don't have to put a Quarter into the slot when ever i fail to pass the level. Now at the 120's level. Great game to kill time. Battery lasts forever with this game! And there is no way to cheat the system by swapping out Bubbles, you have to try to beat the levels as they are handed to you. Almost like life itself lol

Fallen Angle

There's a pattern... It makes you think, you can only win some levels if you know the pattern. You might see a open shot but it's not the right answer. This game makes you really think about where you put the bubble at. So don't be upset if you get frustrated with the game you just have to put more thought into it. And this is coming from a nerd so...

Phoebe Alicia

Great but tricky I love this game, very easy to use but the levels don't seem to increase in difficulty gradually, some high levels are really easy yet the one before could have been really hard.

Arianna Goonada

ALL YOU HATERS ARE GONNA HATE,HATE,HATE! Sure the ads pop up uninspectantly,but I hav so much fun in this game.SO ALLL YOU HATERS KEEP ON HATING!!!How would you feel if you made a app or game and most comments are rude,negative and MEAN!!!!!!!!SO YOU SHOULD STOP COMPLAINING NO APP IS PERFECT!!!!JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky Painter

Love it level 813 Stuck on level 813, I'll get it in the end! Great for passing some time, shame you can't change colours but it's very satisfying when you finally beat a really hard level.

Jessica Lackner

It's simple. It's fun. It can be challenging. Only thing that agitates me is when the bubble cannot through small spaces. Could use better levels.

A Google User

Good, could be great Love game. Been playing another that took weeks to accomplish one game. Yours is achievable. Developers: please fix pop up at each exit re:.Rate. Selecting "already did" does nothing. Very annoying to have to keep doing, when I've rated. Full page add NOT necessary in MIDDLE of game! At least change to between games! People, the balls don't have to change colors. The point of the game is to knock them all out, using what given. It's possible. Thank you

adrian french

Sneaky ad screens As a bubble burster it works fine. Trouble is as you start to play, in the middle of play, an ad screen pops up. It is difficult to avoid hitting this so games are often interrupted by Google play etc. Still i guess it is free.

Adrian Montero

Too basic.....not 1000 levels more like the same 1st 50 levels times 20. Very cheesy.

Nasir Salleh

Bubble shooter explotion Its really good i lk playing it i got up to a really big level its a fun game to play i like it its interesting.

Charles Randall

Horrible amount of pop up adds that pop up while you are playing messing up your game. I would not reccomend this game simply due to the amount of adds. The game itself is great and I would give five stars but with the adds it doesnt deserve one star.

Kelsey Farnsworth

Good, until it's not I loved this at first. But now I'm stuck on 14. It doesn't give me anything I can use. I've been stuck on it for a week. It keeps glitching and switching the colors of the balls every so often after I shoot them...or is that supposed to happen as part of the challenge? The levels go back and forth, easy hard easy hard. ..but like I said, I'm stuck now. I quit.

Dennis Bristol

The Dawg Dunno what level I be on but I have been stuck on it fer about 6 moons. Doing me nut in I'll tell thee. Just found it to be level 799. Sort me life out innit. Grrrrrr

Traci Smith

Bubble Shooter Classic Interesting game level up difficulties are pretty good overall pretty good game

Chris Vesely

Legit game Good accurate account of the old school version. Helps keep me occupied whenever I'm waiting or just downright bored. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the annoying pop up adds. If I accidentally click on one of the adds when it just pops up on me it starts loading online or in the play store and completely throws me off.

Timothy Weers

Addictive Throughs out wrong direction the ball when trying to align it. Sometimes ball changes color without knowing it when releasing it. Copycat game sounding like angry birds.

Steve Dare

Out of date by far Graphics are poor, ads intrusive at best, obstructive is common.

Darryl Clow

Entertaining. The level of difficulty lets my 4-year old grandchildren play, yet can be difficult enough to cgallenge me.

Krissy Matica

Thats much better, thanxx Game was good, then had a recent update an ever since adds pop up right in the middle of a game, so annoying, will be deleting now and takin back my 5 star rating. Thank you for correcting the problem, Im giving you the 5 star rating back.

leon casino

Tapping out! Man I love the game but i think im finally tapped out at level 987. Especially w/ the ads popping up in the middle of the gets annoying!

Matthew Gofstein

The best time waster Love love love this game. Moves quickly, doesn't take up a ton of space, no complaints about ads.

Gujjar Me completed this game 1000++level

Anton Piatek

Great fun The early levels are really easy, but they soon get quite complex, some quite fiendish. There must be hundreds of levels.

It's ok

Pam Coburn

Bubble Shooter Classic I L♡ve the game - keeps my brain active. But VERY disappointed when YOU inserted auto updates without my permission & invasive 15-30 second ads interrupt in the middle of your shots & other aps. Must close or ads interrupt whatever you're doing! That's a deal breaker!

Mallory Mcnulty

Ads are ridiculous This game is really fun, it's a great game... The ads completely ruin it. I don't mind ads between games, but they'll randomly pop up in the middle of the game. And if I don't completely exit out of the app ads from this game will pop up while I'm on other apps. That's not OK, uninstalling. Hey rid of the ridiculous ads and I'll install it again

Anastasia Polda

Ads Ads pop up in the middle of games, in the middle of shots, when the app is just running in the background and I'm doing other things. They have tiny close boxes that often result in my going to the ad page accidentally. Seriously, an ad popped up while I was writing this. Get any of the other bubble shooters first.

James Mapes

I have played this game for years and it's always been a great game. Now all of a sudden adds have completely taken over the game where I don't even want to play it anymore. Ads pop up every few minutes in the middle of game play now. It's bad enough I'm thinking about Un installing the game, great update you guys did.

Lauren Tomlin

Ads Ads pop up when I'm not even playing it, two ads at a time, a video and a pop up right after! I'll be on Facebook or email or calculator, etc, doesn't matter, the same ads pop up as they do during this game and it never happened before downloading it. The game itself is fun.

David Miller

Get rid of adverts Great game destroyed by pop up ads. Let me pay $1-5 to never see ads again. But you must also remove ads delivery system when I pay you.

Lila Knowler

Bounce balls Try to play game but have pop ups take over the screen 3 very 3- 5 moves and can't play freezes or pop ups if I can't play the game won't have on phone it's a fun game but not wit that many pop ups

ra carter

Never again Has anybody past level 778. I will never again install this game again. Ads keep popping up. With a 15 sac timer. Even when I don't play the game.

David Cameron

Too many ads With the most recent update the game has so many ads it makes it impossible to play. It interrups several times per level, and if you have it running in the background, it interrupts other apps too.

gerri sosa

Bubble Shooter I loved the game until all the pop ups took over...way to any pop ups. ...Now I'm thinking of uninstalling it.

Loudzma Agnus

so many ads that pops up the game is goid but the ads are so akwYs pops up in the middle of the game so need t dekete the game...

Richard Allen

Classic bubble shooter To many adds use to like it but know you can't play it for adds problem going to delete it

Muhammad Adil

Annoying It was really a good game and I had enjoyed it alot but from last update its so irritated me due to unexpected adds so I am thinking to delete it now. U gays please update and clear all adds otherwise I am going to uninstall and also taking marked rating stars back..


Not keen Can't turn the noises off. Very slow.

Colm K

Terrible Very slow and jumpy. Ads are too intrusive. Uninstalled after 5 minutes.

Sheena Chamberlin

Adds Adds are popping up in front of everything constantly. Uninstalling.

John Keylock

Hopeless Pop up adverts make a good game unplayable. Fix it!!!

Michelle White

Very poor update New update is terrible!!!! Can't even finish a round without an ad popping up!!! Fix it please!!!!!!

William Dickerson

Loved it! It's great to try some similarity of other match games.

magen wise

Was great till ads To many ads now

Damir Dizdarevic

This is bad. Not recommend

Eric Smith

I love this game I like it real easy and I love it awesome

Bubble shooter classic Very good

Boateng Kusi

Fun It's cool to play i enjoy every bit of it

Wessel Kruger

Adverts!!?? had it installed for almost a year but your last update and adverts with anyoing sound playing automatically killed your app.. uninstalling it!!!

Heather McCollor

I'd buy it If I could get rid of those annoying damn ads!

malik malik

Game good but Challenger not paly

Leesa Patillo

Fun but there are way too many advertisements and the game keeps closing got bugs that need to be fixed overall I uninstalled it

Daniel Rogers

Bubble Shooter Classic Totally Classic!

Nicholas Charney

Can't switch with backup ball Game is missing half its functionality

Lovely game Great game. Love to play.

situ mishra

Enable login option... So that we could resume our game after reinstall....

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