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25 Jul
Bouncing Balls - Bubble Buster

Posted by in Puzzle | July 25, 2016 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 27.0 MB

The highly popular bubble shooter game is finally on the Android market! The original, painfully addictive Bouncing Balls match-3 game in full mobile version.

* Specially built Colorblind Mode (everyone should enjoy playing bubbles)
* A special bubble buster version, especially adapted for your Android phones and tablets
* A friendly match-3 bubble game that suits all ages, from young to old!

How to play-

Tap where you want to direct the ball.

Create groups of three or more balls to make them disappear.

Clear each level before time runs out!

Whats new

    * Added new features
    * Fixed bugs part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 72.8174. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 27.0 MB.

Download bouncing-balls-bubble-buster.apk 27.0 MB


Jim Phoel

What happened? The new interface stinks & you have to wait 3 HOURS to play after losing twice??? You screwed up what was fine.

Mark Helfand

Very enjoyable game I enjoyed the simplicity of the game. That's what keeps you playing for higher scores. The best is the support. Fantastic.

philippa butcher

Loaves it! It is a lovely game to play and very enjoyable. Before I was just playing on computer buts saw it on play store so I got it! Now when my mum calls me down for dinner I am still connected to it and hardly ever put it down!

Shirley-Anne Devlin

Bouncing balls Great till i downloaded the upgrade now either wont load at all, or crashes my tablet when i click on icon. Really annoying cos its a good game. Or was!

Roger Maloney

D lynch My partner cant put this down only when it locks up the tablet not sure if game locks tablet or if it just the tablet ever way it's time to finish keeps asking me to fix no way my turn next.i no she be playing 247 if she could

Tiffany Jenkins

I don't like the aiming (I prefer a dashed line so you can see where it's going - the shooter seems a little too bulky), can't swap to the next color, and at the end it gives you colors not on the board. I used to have an old LG phone that had a bubble popping game and this is the closest I've found to it so far. Few changes and it would be perfect.

Angelique Avila

Bugs Since new update this game sucks balls hang in air not connected to anything game ends when no where near done I'm unistalling this game

Kathy Talley

Needs work Fun at first then about the 3rd round it will not give you the color you need to finish the level. You failed now you have to start all over again. Then it's just repetitive.

jim stephens

Was better. Now won't install on lollipop The latest upgrade dies after the initial round logo. I have sent several dumps. Samsung galaxy tab 4 7 inch.

Gemma White

Four stars because its annoying when they Give u a color that isn't already there

Shelley Simpson

Delay After the recent upgrade, there is now a delay when you release a ball. Not as enjoyable any more. Used to love the game. Now, not so much.

Audrey Lawrence

Keep shutting down my tablet It was fine at first my partner and i enjoyed playing. I did an update ever since i can't get it to load, it keep shutting down my tablet so had to uninstall it.

Choua Sali

Don't update! The balls don't shoot as well, they bounce off the wall and disappear. What a disappointment! Sometimes you shoot the balls don't move and the app fails.

Cathy Lennon

Bouncing Balls Great fun! Really enjoy playing! :-)

John Shipley

U got it I really love it

K.C. Ellis

Lousy action.worst bubble game I've seen.

Maggie Mae

Very addictive

Michelle Meves

Bouncing Balls I didn't care very much about the game but I'm sure lots of people would like it. Its a good shooting game.

Keith Coffman

Not too good Took forever to download and wasn't worth it. I'm color blind and they're is not any option to help with this. MOST games of this type dealing with colors has the option to add shapes or designs to the color. This game doesn't have any options. Big disappointment!

Willis Fraley

Makes u start all over every time u play It's a good game but to start all over is boring and the colors are way off when ur about to win the level. Sad

Cindy Kellogg

Bouncy Balls I downloaded it because it looked like fun. I will never know because 3 days later i uninstalled it. Every time i tried to play i got the stupid msg that the game has stopped. Im done with it. I'd give it a 0 if i could! Boooo

Lorna Huntley

Cool My grandma loves it and beats my high score every time its so cool she gets some time off

Kamal Wadhwaniya

Addictive One of the most additive games. Would have wished if you could restart the game from the level you have already completed.

Heather Bartolotta

Addicting It's great...but can't get past level 5 and starting over each time gets boring because I've already mastered the other 4 levels and there is no challenge in those...of not for that I would give it a 5

Shirley Jones

Troubles whiff bubbles Can't give up on it ; keeps me at home away from all the troubles

Christopher Miller

AWESOME To those of you that can't download I'm sorry your missing out really fun really challenging 5 stars

trupti Jain

Why dont u'll put levels Y we hav to start it all over gets boring to start with 1st level again plz work on it...but d game is Awsm....

Patrick O'Donnell

Good Would give it 5 stars if I didn't have to go all the way back to level one each time. The app works fine on HTC.

Sigurður Torfi

Fun Í Just comment becouse always answere..... works in Iceland ;-)

Bernadette Miles

Okay game The level start over if you put it on pause , so I will give it a 1

Oreo Benavidez

It's ok but hard to shot on the 3rd try it's nothing major when I finish 1 and 2 rounds the 3 I never finish

Peter Gross

OTA Udate All repaired now. It was a Google mess up not Bouncing Balls. All working great again.

Eunice Messervey

Bouncing balls. Fun game. Sometimes the balls will get stuck but all in all its fun.

Azhar Manzoor

Amazing Very nice game and depends on the person as much play as he fast l like a lot no bug no problem

Dan Mor

Bouncing balls, bubble buster I love this game, my gosh it's so fun, THANK u SOOO much, I'm 30, BUT ITS SO COOL, ALOT BETTER THAN OTHER BALL BUSTING GAMES IVE PLAYED, JUST TRY IT KIDS, ADULTS, DAN, p.s. I have no problems with this games function at all, to people who do, it's your phone, THIS GAME IS GREAT!!!!

Jessica Bloswick

Older was better I hate the new update. Smaller screen, balls look weird, shooting isn't the same (feels "off")

jim stephens

Horrible play. It stops arbitrarily in the middle of various levels. Not even close to the last game and boring. No need to fix the install problem it is gone off all my devices now. Crap. Crap. Crap. What were you thinking. Emailed and have not gotten a reply, would like to see if there are plans to fix the mess. By the way, one of the videos appears to still be of the original Yepi game, which was the good one. Miss it. I'm guarding devices to not update to this.

Fin Min

Update sucks U ruined my fav game with this update

Brenda Schroeder

Hate this new version Constantly freezes. The balls keep moving down but nothing is shooting. I've lost the game but nothing shoots. This game sucks!!!

Di Colley

Bouncing Balls Thanks for the lovely game. Love it. One problem though. Why, if I get to Level 5 and I fail, how do I save the levels that I have passed. It always go back to Level 1!! Please help me.

Cynthia Muller

The newest update sucks!! The game was amazing until the newest update. It became slow, lousy shooting and my S Pen doesn't work on it anymore (I have a Samsung note pro). Please fix it

Shelley Simpson

Inconsistent end of game After the last update, the game ends before the balls even reach the bottom. Other times it ends after the balls touch the bottom. It's inconsistent. The delay with shooting balls was fixed, but now this issue. Definitely not as enjoyable as it once was. UPDATE: Uninstalling the game. The updates ruined it.

Sheila Culbertson

Bouncing Balls Great job love this game keeps u wanting to play for a long time

Jonathan Crawford

Last update Last update ruined this game why change something that's not broke


Update ruined it. Same as all the other reviews, the latest update had completely destroyed this game. It freezes and is clunky. You either tested this on devices that nobody actually owns, or you're telling porkies about how many you tested it on. It's strange how many people this has happened for. I'm deleting it and I won't be downloading any more content from you unless you release a fix.

8134557017 I'mSharonkKing

Why don't you ever change out colors when they win the game the next game they play is with different colors or is that too expensive

Jeff Groom

Clithc. Game turned its side while playing. And it caused the phone to freeze . I had to take the battery out and reboot .

Brian Johnson

CACTUS THIS GAME BLOWS, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME !!! Unlike other bubble games when you get near the end, it dont give you what you need, then it ends an you have to start all over, instead of startin @ the level you just ended. Complete PIG PUKE !!!!

Samuel Desravines

Love it! It's really a great game!

Demetrio Salinas

It's ok The balls don't squeeze through, between the other balls.

glyn hughes

Xperia Z Ultra The games OK but you can't change the colour of the ball you are going to shoot

Reichardt Patricia

Not happy Keeps freezing up on game one. Very disappointed after update

Jeff S

Kinda tired of playing only 5 levels been to 6, 3 times

Richard Dantin

Play all the time Awesome

Peter Gross

After OTA Udate and your update. Graphics are not as crisp. Start up is frustrating with so many buttons just to get started. Ads are rather intrusive causing slow downs. Does seem more accurate and some of the new features are very nice. Shut down is too slow. Change is sometimes tough but I'm sure I'll get used to it and love it again and give you back 5 stars. Samsung Note 3 Lollipop.

Ender FL

Disappointed in update Latest update is disappointing in so many ways! The ball needs to load faster into the shooter. I find myself waiting on it now, but didn't before. To show us what the next ball is, put it in queue behind the first ball rather than make us look somewhere else. The pointer is distracting and I'd like to see an option in settings to turn it off if I want to. I used to be able to pause the game, and now I don't think I can. at every level instead of at the end of every game is QUITE annoying!

Lee Grissett

Screen moves faster, more ads, pointer harder to aim Better UI now but no portrait only landscape

angela williams

Bouncy balls Removing bc I hate having ads every lever. Use to be favorite game

Sam Carpenter

The newest update has to many pop ups that interupt the play time. Makes it reset after each pop up. Dont like even playing any more.

Jerama Walton

Unable to buy stars I've tried to purchase additional stars and the game freezes and won't move forward with the purchase. I'm able to click out of it and start over, which is fine but if I want to continue at my current luck.

Robin Mosher

What happened to the game? This used to be my favorite , but now it is so slow to respond just so sluggish. The row of balls used to shift downwards now they just sit there. Bring the old version back please!

Betty S. Parrish

The new version of Bouncing Balls SUCKS!

Dalene Hall

New update are making my program run slower and a smaller shooting space.

vicky brochu

It's alright. Wish the progression was a little slower and the colour blind feature could be in the settings. I always end up pressing it and it's annoying.

Chris Smith

Ruined by update Used to play this everyday, but the latest update has ruined it. Graphics aren't as sharp, animations aren't as smooth, the actual game window seems smaller. Very disappointed.

Karen Addison

Hate the update Favorite game is now so frustrating! I could have saved myself many imes but the automatic "save yourself for 1 star" pops up and ruins my play. I refuse to buy stars, that cheating as far as I'm concerned. Graphics are weird and numbers pop up on balls at random and I find that to be very annoying. No way to gt the numbers off either. Why did ou ruin this game??

Shimon Shomron

Since the latest update I runs much more smoother and the aiming is accurate like laser! Great work guys with this update! In addition the "next ball" hint makes a lot of sense to plan your next step.

Jane Aires

Spoilt by the update Used to be great but since the update is sluggish and dull. Loved it before but hate it now. Sadly will uninstall

Elaine Frasca

It appears to be automatically programed to NOT let you win unless you buy more bubbles.

Igor maslo

In my opinion, this is a best bubble shooter I have playing and I love the new added features. Less Ads and more fun! I really like this new version

chuck huish

Why did you have to change the game? The game was great the way it was. When I lost, I would start right over because I just knew I could do it better. I would spend a few hours playing, and not even realize it before. Now with the in game purchase, and the speeding up of the decent, I am just pist when I loose, and am discouraged to continue trying. I attempted to use the 1 star I started with, only to learn there was not a way to earn it back. I either had to buy more, or wait 4 hours, which by the way never decreased in amount of time. Still had to wait 4 hours 15 minutes after using the star. I wish the app had not auto updated, or that I could uninstall update. I had previously played this game almost daily (clicking on adds to make sure you were making money ) . I will be looking for another game to replace this one.

Stuart Brook

Broken Failure to Initialize. old version worked quite well. PeeCee version best. Upgraded to oblivion. .. Got to uninstall Deserves 0 stars for this one!

Guy Zaidenband

Oh! finally this game looks better, And has "next ball", so you can plan a bit... use to be random... but that's a nice change BB2015 ha :)

Andy Ellis

Awful upgrade Awful upgrade. According to your replies you say it's smoother. Well sadly I'll be uninstalling. In my opinion its gone backwards.

Ruth Powers

Bouncing ball The update ruined this gane! Will not continue playing

greg trimble

Used to love it, now its gone

Gabrielle Garland

Another game ruined by updates,will uninstall after years of it being a great little game!! Gave it another few goes and still don't like the update .Time to choose another game to kill time !

Haviv Rubin

Great Challenging Game! I like the "extra life" feature addition. Run smoothly on my old LG G2. I'll recommend my friends!

Shawn Escobar

I think it is a whole lot accurate than the old one.

adenike ayanlaja

Best It is the game of life just like London

Carole Miller

Bouncing ball Lots of fun

Louisa Kaye

crashing I will be in a game then all of a sudden it won't let me shoot

Lisa Rose Johnston

Slow I like the old version better. This one releases the balls too slowly & it's just not as stimulating as it used to be. Can you please make it like the old version before this one?

Leondra Davis

It is somewhat addictive?

Maeta Quiambao

Liked it but no pause for game. Needs pause for game in case you have interruptions, fast with smart phones. Slow with tablets and graphics are hazy in tablets. Ads are ok, I use the time and sound to do my leg raising and sit up exercise.

Rama Kedia

Aaaaaagh what a bad game Too many ads,too slow ,too stupid for a human get this game out of this world

arnold harner Sr

Complete piece of s*** Keeps giving you call Bubbles that you don't even have to shoot at Plus it locked up my phone complete junk

Mike Doran

Not Genuine The point in the 4th round when the game obviously withholds the color needed to successfully defeat the round makes it a BS app.

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