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13 Jul
Booking Revolution (Wrestling)

Posted by MDickie in Sports | July 13, 2016 | 208 Comments

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"More genuine 'OH MY GOD!' moments than any other wrestling game."
- Meekin On Movies ★★★★★

Wrestling Revolution may be the reigning champion of in-ring action, but now "Booking Revolution" takes you behind the scenes where the REAL power is! Assume control of a given promotion and set about making it your own by changing the gimmicks of the wrestlers. Then deploy your talent in supercards of your own creation - complete with sophisticated ratings that measure the entertainment you're providing. As a fully playable wrestling management sim, it's also your responsibility to put the right person over in the right way at the right time for maximum impact! But with a locker room full of egos and rival promotions fighting to beat you in the ratings, your dream job could turn into a nightmare.

Upgrade to "Pro" to start at a promotion of your choice with full privileges - such as hiring new talent. This also grants you access to the editor, where you can save your changes to all 350 characters across all 9 promotions to create your own universe. You can then enjoy acting out your own dream matches with no pressure in "Exhibition" mode with immortals who are always at full health.

The following guide assumes that you are familiar with the basic controls from Wrestling Revolution:

The key ingredients to a "good" match are as follows:
- The "Popularity" of the wrestlers involved determines how much the fans will care about their actions. It affects their overall enthusiasm for the match, as well as how much they will "pop" for key moments (such as a near fall). In some instances, it is "Strength" that determines how entertaining an attack is, etc.
- The purple vial indicates whether there is a Face-Heel "chemistry" between a good guy and a bad guy. Without this, the match may lack meaning (although especially popular or talented wrestlers can overcome it). Wrestlers who are friends in real life may also have automatic chemistry.
- The green scales indicate whether the match is evenly "balanced" or not. Fans will quickly lose interest if one person dominates and they are not convinced that anybody could win at any moment. It is important to keep an eye on the health meters and make sure there is some back-and-forth.
- The clock grows increasingly solid, indicating that the match is running is too long. The fans have a limited attention span depending on the scale of the match. It is not impossible to make gains after boredom has set it, but it's certainly harder. Note that the last minute of a match ceases to be boring! Long-sighted bookers can use this for exciting time limit draws.
- The skull & crossbones indicates that the match is relying too much on extreme violence. Fans can become desensitized to this after a while and it will lose its impact. The damage is not permanent though, and faith can be restored if you lay off the weapons.
- A flame around the rating indicates that there is an established rivalry that the fans are getting a kick out of seeing. This enhances their enthusiasm for the match - as well as providing pre-match "hype" (a better starting score). You can use promos to create rivalries if they do not happen naturally.
- The overall score for a show is the average of all the matches on the card - with the "main event" being twice as significant as all the others. It is slightly more generous than the rating for a single match, as it is not expected that every match on the card will be a classic. A 5-star show may be one full of 4-star matches!

I regret that there is more to this game than I could ever explain here! I hope you enjoy figuring some things out for yourself.

* Please note that Wrestling Revolution depicts a fictitious universe and is not affiliated with any real wrestling promotions.

Whats new

    - New "Superman Punch" as a big/running/flying attack.
    - New square-jawed face and superhero mask from "Super City".
    - Warrior facepaint as a kind of headwear.
    - Hoods and headwear from the "School Days" game.
    - Superhero cape as a kind of shirt.
    - New waistband and utility belt.
    - Fixed bug where move list scrolling affects character selection slots.

MDickie part of our Sports and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update July 13, 2016. Google play rating is 82.9209. Current verison is 1.820. Actual size 49.0 MB.

Download booking-revolution-wrestling.apk 49.0 MB


Cpt Ace Welt

Yes Its just so funny to see Ricardo rodrices beating the tar out of Alberto del reo. That will never happen in real life :-(

Christhopher Smith

The next update When will a update happen and how about a money in the bank match,hell in cell, if a wrestler/manager is hurt he or she shouldn't come to the ring with there partners.. More entrances a big screen or something like that for payper views.. thanks great game

James Williams

Its a great game. However, in the next update, if you could add trading, I'd be ecstatic. Some contracts are ridiculous and that'd be a nice way to relieve them without paying it out. Instead of paying %13,000 of guaranteed money, I would rather trade for a cheaper talent and make more money. Please add it. Thanks!

kush dutt

Best game for wrestling...... Five star I love that game..... but need in 3D Like wrestling revolution & please remove blackout its harm my eyes

Anthony Juday

Could be better Every time the match is done a ad trays to come up and you can't see what it says they tell me to fire someone but when I get to the office ad pops up and freezes for a min the kicks u out of office and if fix the ad [email protected] would be 5*

Libni Lopez

Awesome. The first time I tried this I thought it was boring since you have to play every match on the card, but it turned out to be be pretty fun and is currently my favorite game to play on my tablet.

Ladariusglenn Glenn

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karan hira bhai

Superb game It is only a word which I can tell for this game . Honestly this game is very nice . Just a single problem is there in these game that is that the Faces of the wrestlers . And the pin which is given to challenger . In that the problem is we should select the pin what we need this is a nice thing about this game that we are able to select the pins . similar words THIS GAME IS WONDEEERful , out standing ,mind blowing game

Dustin Nuttall

Needs Just Bit More You be removed the "simulate" button in game and now I'm lowering my rate. It needs to have more to it to make it perfected and more fun. Add in stats with milestones and a Hall of Fame. Along with that, we should be able to create our own belts as well for the wrestling faction we choose. Also, the annoying thing is that I want to be able to release someone whenever I want to help save money and to get others. Why waste money to keep a wrestler that shows up drunk every week. I'd rather release them.

Allen Rodriguez

Everything is Awesome except for the Rating System I like this game, but it takes forever just to get to three stars. In the ones for the pc, I was able to 4 and 5 star matches with the right people. Here, I can't do it even with the greatest of gimmicks.

twin dubbs

Awesome game I think its cool to have fake knock offs of real wrestlers.

Deborah Boyce

Awesome game I loved it My favorite character is Rory Awesome because he is Randy Orton and he is so cool. All American wrestling challenged my roster.Thank you for making this game.

Rob Anselmo

Game keeps blacking out I love the game but it keeps blacking out so i have to restart it. Will change rating to 5 stars once problem is fixed.

Jack Patterson

Awesome game!! Awesome game but I wish there was certain things we could do; Change the name of the championships, be able to suspend superstars and ban moves and also be able to challege other companies and not just them challenge you. If these were added that would be cool but overall it is awesome!!

martin kelly

Wow Sluggish. Slow. Stupid. Wrestling controls are about as frustrating as a needle in your eye. In ring action is choppy and slow. AI wrestlers are dumb. Jus walk away and look away and stand there or clomb out of tge ring, and back in, over and over like the computer has difficulty controlling the wrestlers too. Uninstalled..

Athazio Hess

Love it! Greatest wrestling game ever! Need it for console, the concepts are great an the story between wrestlers an behind the scenes are amazing. However, one more belt option would be cool, maybe a little larger crowds would be awesome to, the one thing I don't like is the constant an dramatic changes in ticket price. Overall I feel its the BEST game for mobile/tablet hands down!!!

Medley Allen

What a game!! Best game ive played on phone/tablet. A few things here and there that could be added but easily 5/5 stars

Athar Shamsi

Great game but has many problems I enjoy playing the game but however the worst thing is those video advertisements that come up at the worst time! There's a bug, that sometimes I couldn't read the text, the one which appears while wrestlers are talking... Still one of the best games on android...

Aaron Lusanko

TASKS NOT WORKING RIGHT! I was for a task supposed to Hire Kit Wright from Maple Leaf Grappling before a certain date, which I did. In one match Kit Wright died in the match. Next week, it says I'm supposed too sign Kit Wright by a certain date, in which I already did, and the character died. How am I supposed to hire a dead character? NOW THE TASK IS IMPOSSIBLE. CHANGE THIS ON THE NEXT UPDATE. EXTREMELY ANNOYED!

Eugene Thompson

Its ok just need to fix the license part I hate when they say I need a license matt dickie if you can stop that the game is alsome

Matthew Wilkinson

Great game Very good. The only thing I would like to see different is the ability to decide how many matches main events have. I would like to do a royal rumble type thing

Ste Wood

Good game but needs a simulate matches option, a better menu system, and easier wrestler customization (Finding specific moves/matching costume parts/changing colours is a chore). Lots of potential!

Jeff Brock

good, could be great Gameplay is fun, lots of characters, with a couple tweak this would rock. for example, i ran a 10 man battle royal, at the 10 minute mark it was rated 5 stars and down to the last 2 contestants, those 2 took another 18 to finish... ...the five star rating during that time dwindled down to 1.5... seems there was no clear effort by the ai to eliminate each other. match speed adjustment, i've cranked it up, makes no difference, runs same speed. it would be nice to be able to name your tag teams too. nice game, tweak it and i'll review again.

Alan O Brien

3 way tag team matches Could you please make triple threat tag team matches when it updates next

Ritu Khatri

Evert cut scene it blacks out I have to close it then to again start it its a waste of time pls see if you can improve this

Tyson Parlee

Blackout I only rated 4/5 because during every cut scene it blacks out . If there is a way I can get it to stop I'd proudly change my rating to 5/5 . Besides the blackouts ( that get really annoying and make me tempted to uninstall ) its a amazing game . please help me fix the blackouts

Vincent Charles

Playing every match, makes it boring. I thought I was getting a wrestling manager sim where I can just be a manager. You have to play every match no simulation option. The game is pretty much perfect but for the fact of no simulation.

Lennon Aledia

Great, but star system is bad Great game, and very addicting. But the rating/star system could be a LOT better. I am having one of the best matches ever, 4 and a half stars, and then my opponent throws me out of the ring. I am down for 20 seconds and suddenly the stars are at 3 and a half. Please fix.

Erik Burnam

Disappointed Great game, I loved it. But in between cards the advertisements pop up and freeze up my device. Have to uninstall it :'(

Harsh Mujumdar

SMMMMOKING Best game I've ever played.Don't know about other people but I will never get bored with this game.

The Random Box

Awesome game It's awesome but the only thing it needs is a chairs match, elimination chamber, steel cage and ladders match. But I really recommend this game because it is so fun and I'm soo happy that it's not a very heavy game and it's free!

Manuel Rangel

Add more -add table commenters and more moves and you should let us book matches for future weeks/ ppvs and add Money in the bank match and that would be worth the professional license and the 5 stars

Brian Harvey

Sim Why is there no option to sim matches? That would be great. Takes forever to get through one show

Cynithia Dujuane

The first time, but I don't want you to the next couple weeks ago, and I will not only to be the most part of the day of school And I will try to make a great time, and a few days, but I don't

Paul Choccy T

Not What I Wanted I want a pure management/booking game. This makes you play each match even with simming its not my thing. Good work though.

Ashley Gerken

Some what It keeps on blacking out after each match so I can't see what they say.. Would be five but...

Armelia Teachey

Problem Please change your ref tap speed cause its annoying and take forever to get to 3

Marie Gelin

And1DJ6 I like the game but I don't get why the don't put the superstars real name and theme songs I also don't get why the don't put Superman Punch Curb Stomp Suicide Dive Cesaro's Swing Bullhamer Sister Abigail and more I hope they updated it then I will rate 5 stars can you make it like wrestling revolution 3d make new superstars update superstars and new moves thank you

Zeshan Khan

I would give it 5 star if you get the ability to creat the wrestler moves and add signature move, moves you do before you do the finisher move

Marie Gelin

And1DJ6 I like the game but I don't get why the don't put the superstars real name and theme songs I also don't get why the don't put Superman Punch Curb Stomp Suicide Dive Cesaro's Swing Bullhamer Sister Abigail and more I hope they updated it then I will rate 5 stars can you make it like wrestling revolution 3d make new superstars like big e prince devitt kevin owens sami zayn hideo itami and jimmy and jey uso and prime time players update superstars and new moves thank you

louris lou

Cool I like this game) Ur awesome!

Bill Kidwell

Could You Take the Deaths out of the game? I've Had 3 wrestlers die and I just started playing yesterday. Deaths in the ring are rare in real life. So could you take them out or make them extremely rare?

Austin Bidwell

Plz I miss em and it Well when a character dies make it to where if you restart career it make them be back and same wrestling place and not then put on the menu where it says dead and then make it to where u can put them where u want also make it to where you can choose where to fight and what it looks like in the audience u know where we are and it looks like and that type of deal but its great and I think u should make more games

Caption Closed

Best wrestling game of all time.. Finally a wrestling game. Not a fighting game . Edited ; can I get a refund if this is free now?

Rachel Shive

SO ADDICTING I have been serching for a game all day and I finally fond it the best restling game ever ?

Logan Wasson

Love this game I love this game and how you can do pretty much whatever you want. I was thinking though. You guys have been making a lot of different genres of games, so I was wondering if you could do like a professional sports game. Like MLB, NFL, NBA, and all the others. That's all. Great game though.

Armando diaz

Could have been better. Why didn't or can't MDickie put a divas championship belt. Can MDickie update this game by adding more championships.

David Wagg

Good Fun in all aspects of the game. However cant get matches above 2 star rating and it really has an impact on the how much you can enjoy it as you always loose money. If that was fixed it would get a 5 star from me.

John Marvin Arzadon

Take the deaths away.I have 6 wrestlers died but overall this game is awsome and needs to be updated

Josefa Olivares

Awesome Game in the World Mat, could you add more titles like intercontinental title, you know stuff like that. You know how the next event gets to pick the places. Well, I want to pick the places. Even better, I want places around the world, Brazil, UK, Sweden and more!

Michael Angelo Macaraeg

Good..but It's pretty game I have ever play but something not good why its not updating and put some new moves I rate it when it happen

Hazaiah Lim

How to advance in the schedule? I don't know how to advance in the schedule

Armoni Ogletree

MP3 themes The game is awesome but it won't let me pick MP3 theme without it saying "Unfortunately, Booking Revolution has stopped" then when I click Ok it keeps taking me back to my Google Play Music.

Erik Contreras

Make A Legend Roaster For all the wrestlers that died put them in a Legend's Roaster so we can get them back into the roaster we choose

Jake McCutchen

Impossible This game destroys your fingers. it feels like it attacks anytime it wants. Good concept horrible game

Tyler Nottingham

In the new update please let me see my matches that I booked in the past weeks and also make some new matches like elimination chamber and money in the bank.

dhruv bhagat

Poor Game No proper controls to play can't hit the opposition player poor game

Matthew Vega

Best app ever. It's pritty fun to play. I like the way you could build your own wrestler and you have a voritie of tracks. I like that you could pick music from your mp3 player.

Jude Danisa

Good You have to earn things for your status and limited points to add . Why can't you just do everything at once

Wanda Earl

I'm sorry 5 stars is enough

Aryan Rungta

A good game...but please keep updating it and throwing in a bunch of good stuff. We all cannot just try the 3d version. Many of us rely on the 2 d version. Plus the rating start droping fast after 6 minutes have passed in the match which is too early..example: i had four starts going in the 5th minute but after the sixth minute the ratings started dropping rapidly...i ended up finishing the match in the seventh minute and got two and a half stars


Why is this game not working on smg tab 3 All black graphics and soumd

Victor Sadberry

Needs upgrade Needs upgrade for current superstars and attires and real logos

pat silipa

dis is awsme Bro u no how awsme dis game is?

Ahmed Khurram

Good After wrestling revolution must install this on

Daniel Ross

My name is Daniel and This game is incredible

Floyd Williams,Jr.

O Don't take the deaths out of it


Awesome This game is the best you can use any body you want its like local but you can have title matches

shawn howard

its ok really fun but gets boring

johny test

Good Game Good game matdickie pls create a game named Vacation Day :D if u want to create don't OK

Scorpion Death

Awesome Hey let's us change the name of the company and let us give our wrestles whatever mp3 song

Mazen Mohamed

Its good but Make it online another thing i likt with out 3d i mean if u think that

chrissy dykes

Spanish Its in Spanish and Japanese words.

running man vader

The coolest wrestling game ever!! It's great and cool

Lem Jun He

It's so realistic All the character are so realistic love it Gamerz859 x

Like beating people up And booking people to fight

Gio De La Isla

I was trying to get a guy who's contact was 0 dollars for 22 weeks and he said it will be 39,000 to buy him out of his contact

Kalyan Rai

Fantastic! This game is simple yet addictive! Loved it so much so, I bought the Game and it's not a lot for hours of Vince McMahon wannabes!

AtlantianJae Videos

Wonderful... Period Best game I own. Honestly how you could say that it isn't nice is beyond me... You do know that you can tqke part in the compotitions and control other people than just yourself

Silvestri Lufc

I hate it! I don't make enough money to even keep the starting amount and why do I have to manage Federation online? Oh and why can I only sign like half of wrestling school just because Im not putting money in your pay to play game! And, finally, why can't I add shows to empty weeks?

Nischal Chaudhary

I hope you ares enjoyning yhis game my phone is slow i did not inst this game because not comfortable

takayah hale

Take it back You people need to fix it when I win it says the other person wins I had to star over because of u people so fix I like this game now I hate it and you who made it make sure your games are fixed before you post thanks bye

SormTrooper J02H

Stupid Developers This game was fun but now we have to pay to do anything fun and we're left with the trash's trash. Good bye.?

Josh Wheeler

Amazing but Add things like proper promos and more shows a week. Different names for ppvs. More wrestlers and belts. Add things like rivalries and hiring script writers. Be able to find brand new talent. Be able to book what ever show you want without paying !!!!

Aisha Dorzon

I used to like it Why did you change up the rosters that now we can only use federation online this sucks it WAS a good game now its HORRIBLE!!!

Cynthia Martin

Cool its cool its cool I love it its so cool

broken saver

It's good but Do slammys for all of them and do replays do something like raw make two roster s in one for each

Jennifer Morris

Update has made game unplayable. Moves in slow motion now. Anyway to get a refund? Game was fun before, but after 4 days of glitch assuming no fix is coming.

Yadiel Galindo

I get it He can't put WWE or TNA Characters because of licensing stuff but he puts Parodys of them. So, great job!

vlogs and reviews

Love this game also Can you plz make an update where u can join matches online multiplayer

Muadh Samsudeen

NICE GAME Nice game but less moves. In the next update try to get more moves otherwise it'll be boring.

Jaylon Jefferson

Alright Game Can u please set it to when we can go to strong style wrestling and other instead of just federation online

Javeon Neals

Booking Revolution (Wrestling) I'm the best at this game and no body can beat me.????

Amairee Broussard

Good game Hey guys lets email mdickie 4 a basketball game I've done it but I think we have a shot r some more scroll down 2 developers n email him if ur lucky (like me) he'll reply

David Marshall

Needs a couple additions Great game, addicting as any game worth playing is. We need to be able to see who has wrestled in a match on the roster screen on each show. The ratings of each wrestler should be shown when we are signing them or negotiating a new contract. Also need to have our rosters show wins and losses and who has heat and rivalries with each other.


I HATE IT SO MUCH it don't let me Open The All The Rosters (expect Hollywood)

Paul Scofield

Very cool If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can fully customize this baby. Well worth the $5 and looking forward to more updates.

Aaron Lusanko

?New Update? The update before= 5 stars. Since the new update= 3 stars. Now adds show up at the beginning of each match, tsk tsk. I didn't mind having an add after each show, but now having an add at the start of each match is redundant and annoying, please change this and will rate higher.


Link Game Please make a link game that links all MDickie sim games. I usually create a story about a guy who becomes either: A Musician, A Wrestler or A Teacher. Or my guy could go to prison >). Mat Dickie please read. Or somebody else make it. Please read!

Electric Voltage

No more options Used to be able to have all the federations now just federation online...

Jonalyn castillo

I loved it i love all mdickies games But when i play after a while its stops and closes the app and going back to homescreen please fix

Dhruv Joshi

What I say best game and in training mode play number 10 please

Refat Saed

Grat It's like wwe and other wrestling things.

Catrina L

I loved it have you ever tried the new game MMA nice game that Dixie is an awesome game creator he's like the king of wrestling I bet you watch does WWE

Thomad Ementon

Alright I would advise you to get this.Not the best game but it's good.?

Prashanta Halder

Nice This game is different we can fix matches but it should be in hd

A Google User

Fighting I think these games are very excellenta. and this booking revolution is amazing

Gerald Taylor

Liked it It was good but please fix the freeze PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lewis Benson

Dosent Work When I try to play this game the screen doesnt have anthing no rosters and no character plz fix this

Elijah White

Dum ask glitching Dum so damp Dom I wanted to keep it but it kept doing wrong when I freaking play it sound starts sorta good then?????????goes me I am mad cause this other than this its great

Addyson Barczi

You people who hate this game shut up This is awesome

Keith Sprouse

Love it It's a cool and smooth running game time killer too

Micheal Joardan

Huh Can they put more people and put real wwe and make a booking 2 and make when u fight outside

Siam Khandaker

Cool but not so Its a cool game but graphic is so boring and training is so irretateing

Samuel Whelan

Only federation online to choose. You can only pick federation online to work for which I annoying SO PLEASE FIX IT.

Leticia Sauce

Hey is this a glitch or a joke because very time I start playing. I get one roster to play. Wtf man. Could you please improve it!!!

James Robinson

James I love it but make a basketball one

hayden lowery

Great This game is amazing it has such a wide variety of characters across 9 wrestling brands including a Hollywood brand which includes and is not limited to the incredible hulk Bruce Lee and even RoboCop this game also has barbed wire ropes explosives knifes and many more weapons plus there are stipulations like loser leaves, hair vs hair and many others

Silvestri Lufc

I hate it! I don't make enough money to even keep the starting amount and why do I have to manage Federation online? Oh and why can I only sign like half of wrestling school just because Im not putting money in your pay to play game! And, finally, why can't I add shows to empty weeks? And finally, why is there always about 10 more faces than heels? If im going to run a good storyline than i'll want a fairly equal split.

oskar czubik

It becomes better with time I am disappointed that you can only run Federation Online but after a while of playing as them I earned money to buy wrestlers such as Dragon Ryan (Daniel Bryan) and even the Rock from Holywood (Block Buster) I created my own WWE and it was fun. Its really fun.People complain that its hard but it's supposed to be hard . I certainly enjoy it try it for yourself :-)

Alex X

Why Is Federation Online the only choice to choose from ? You can now only pick "Federation Online" and only Federation Online Why was the option to pick other reason rosters removed? I'm uninstalling and rating 1 star. Now it's basically Impossible to move up In this game. Because we all know Federation Online Is the very least unpopular brand.

Mohammad Samee Jamshid

Why this update This was the best free wrestling game at one time but now after update it is worst. Why can I only pick Federation Online now? I managed to sign Goldberg(Gold Boulder) and with that I made Federation Online the most popular brand so then it was no problem but after that my hired wrestlers starting appearing in other brands at the same time(For example Whack Ax was contracted by me, he appeared on the SSW roster too). I tried to fix this by uninstalling. Before update if you uninstalled and installed your data would NOT be lost, but now it is. Please bring back the option to choose other brands because now I cannot make Federation Online popular again.

Martin Rodgers

Cannot restore license Bought a license, broke my phone and had to buy a new one, Now can't restore license using same email.... Halp

Lasonta Robichaw

could get a few more improvements you could make stables & trade wrestlers as well or reconstruct contracts but overall a good game

Frederick Choute

Great game I really love the game and it's like the best idea of booking matches and being in charge of a wrestling company

Jerek Jones

It's ok It's ok but the other wrestling games are better please don't make a prequel or sequel to this

Andrew Paul

Good app Make a game where hospital games like your way Mdickie make Airport games

Caroline Tendongho

Right Direction It's a good game but there's just some stuff they need to fix and the rating system is broken.

Rupa Shah

Loved it Too good but not the best

Amirul Shafiq Abdul Razak

You can only press 'Federation Online' only This game was the best and now it become bullshit,stupid and horrible because you can only press Federation online ONLY!!! I prefer this game will be banned! I use to like Run the show at Strong Style Wrestling and now the only option was The Stupid 'Federation Online'

Aadi Dhoundiyal

Best game I ever played in my life I love this game this game is very good this is a very Good

Stephan White

Huge fan of these Games been playing them for at least 10+ years great stuff

Clarence Mendonsa

I have removed 1 star provided we can type the name of the places where we want to host our shows. For eg: not only in cities of USA but also in cities of India, Germany, etc.

Christina Marciano

This Game is pretty cool I like this game but why can we only pick Federation Online? It is annoying since I have to hire talents for the Superstars I want


What happened!! This game use to be awesome but got a new bigger phone reinstalled it and can only play Federation Online!?!? Lame I'm done.

Nae 7717


James Marvin Taylor IV

Love it Just wish it had more storyline functions and some similar feats hard times/school days has like pocketing money, kissing/making out, almost wish you could actually shoot someone but I think that's going a bit far, some extra taunts or moves, but that's just from me playing this for a while. Noticed sometimes there's a lag but I just restart it and wrestlers will stand idle. It's kinda funny actually, but it's something I notice from time to time.

juber sheikh

M d dickie i m your big fan I m playing your all game from 1 6 month nice bro create more games

Michael Hoffman

ROSTER UPDATE NEEDED. Roster isn't nearly as great as the 3D version.. I find this one so much more accessible and fun. Can we please get a massive roster update so it's the same as the 3D version? Or at least add in Calvin Steam and Justin Sane to wrestling school? Keep adding talents to the rosters? PLEASE?!


I Have Played This Before I've played this before, and it is good, but I was creating my guy, and it crashed. If it stops with the crashing, it will get a 4 or 5.

Nemi Conti

I Liked It But The Rosters I Only Got The Federation Online I Want SSW AAMW MPG And UKW



Here, Snark!

Wtf mang Keeps crashing since update.. Crashing at random times ruined game good job 4 stars for ruining

Just Swagger

FUN BUT It is fun but the game crashes in the middle of an ad and it takes me out of the game please change that!!!

mokbul hossan

Money in the bank,Elimination chamber and FUCKING PRO LICENSE. I like this game so much but I would rate it 5 stars if there would be money in the bank match.And also when we start our career we can only choose one brand.It would be good if we would be able to choose which brand we like.And because of this fucking professional license I can't do anything.ADD MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH and Elimination chamber match.Please fix it MDICKIE.I hate MDICKIE.

Starlita Coss

Warning It's fun but keep stoping fix it!!!? for that I will give you 3 stars

Ekaakshar Dar

Best game It would be 5 star if profetional licence was not so important and money in the bank lader match was there in it

paula dunne

So fun Hi there are so many games but I love this one the best

Yohann Manuel Pdd

The roster is still disappear! What's wrong with this game? I used to love it, now I'm starting to hate it.

Shawn Cavins

Loved it You get to make your own person and fight with stars and be the Best star in WWE HISTORY!!!!!!!!!??

Landen Cuffie

People They make me think of real Reslers.

Mufutau Funsho Ishola

What the hell?!? I can't find the roster list so pls fix NNNNOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

DragonMan Gaming

Finnaly I can be a referee i love this :)


CRASHES TO MUCH The app crashes eveytime I do a match!

Huzaifa Jawed

wwe lt is very gooooooooood game but it always hangs and suddenly stopped working.

Juan Alvarez

Great game but some Minor details It's a great game but there are way to many ads. If You finish booking one week you can't read the newspaper because it turns black

Shubham Singh

Matched Please update new wrestlers

namita gupta

Old version New version is not good i love old version

Abdi Yusuf

Love it but Love it but when you go to edit your roster the characters name dissapper please fix it better than wwe 2k

Hami Hamu

Download this game Because that was amazing

PS4 aricelioassis Gaming

Fix Everytime I finish a week I had no problems on my 3rd week it keeps crashing and I can't get to my 4th week!

Rajinder Kumar

Exellent game I love this this game the strongest man is big question

Ethan Dominguez-Walker

Wwe It is a great game

vinay vijay

Unable to play Exhibition Mode in the latest version I used to play exhibition mode in an older version of this game. I updated to the latest version. Now I'm unable to play exhibition mode even when I have Internet connection. The game shows 'Sponsored' , but doesn't allow me to play Exhibition Mode. Please fix this... Also add some features from Wrestling Revolution 3D (like selecting which wrestlers will interfere during a match, Formation of Factions, etc...). Still it's the BEST wrestling game I've ever played..

tee the coyote ,

Thank u mdickie Love all your games your the best game craters I love hard time school days thank u keep it up

Terris Watkins

Booking revolution It's OK, but I think about two things including this,wrestling revolution, and wrestling revolution 3D. 1 like wrestling revolution, It should have exhibition unlocked for booking revolution and wrestling revolution 3d. 2 all 3 games for career, training, and exhibition should be wireless connection without internet connection. do adjustments now Do it now DO IT NOW!

Betty Ashford

One of the best games ever wrestling in the way Love ots graphics and the dude that say its boring tha thats your opinon hater


V good game... Plzzzz add more titles like womens championship... hardcore championship.... and some matches like money in the bank, ladder match, TLC etc....

Argel Fernandez

Problems in new update: "Insult Moves Script" players always saying "Undefined" instead of their finishers... and sometimes in "Relationship" when you picking manager,partner,friend etc. List of roster are lost and you need to close the game and open again to choose relationship, pls. Fix it A.S.A.P thank you....

kenneth san pedro

Good job mdckie I wish there is bob marley and there are like in entrance to see here like in wwe pls do it T_T

Julio Vazquez

Great I wish you could name teams. Also id like to see that you add a mode where we can make our own show and hire wrestlers,referee's also managers. And if we decide to be managers then the owner can give us there show to own in a few years of being a manager or we can buy it. Of course in the years of the game not in real life. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAN.

Anthony Sorto

Best game ever Been a fan of this game for 2 year but Ive been waiting for more scripts please Matt add more scripts on the next update and more moves and one more champion to the show like a women's champion . OH !! and Ive also told alot of my friends to download this game in my school im going to the 9th grade?.

Good game Can you plz make a soccer game of md dickie with lots of star that lock like these game and with messi and ronaldo do no put ronalda or messa put real soccer player names plz matt make a new soccer game plz it will be cool and thx for the games you have made thx to you matt good keep the good work. Ohh matt and can you make fifa 15 2d plz 2d like these game do a a good game like put the liga bbva and of mexico and pirmir liga thx if you do it u im going to tell friend so they can downlod it

vijay manogaran

The best pro wrestling management simulation game Mat Dickie is the best. I purchased this game 3 years ago and I am still playing it. The best part is the auto bots are so intelligently programed which makes the matches look very realistic and competitive.


it wont read what im doing on the thing i tell it to do get out of a headlock it won't move it won't attack no its too slow

Tony Mario

Liked so much I liked it so much this game is so addicting. The reason why I gave it only 4 stars is because I will enjoy the game better if there were to be better upgrades like a 10 if not at least 8 mean money in the bank ladder match. If you make one I will rate you 5 stars. And love it instead of liking it.

Xelles5525 gaming

Awesome game but some things Mdikie every thing is perfect but i beg you to update it and pls pls add corner moves and corner grapple it would be perfect pls Mdikie pls i request you add these and i will give it 5 stars

Best game ever, for free! This game is a game where you book matches and play them, like WWE 2K16 Universe mode, but even better, you buy talent from other companies and takeover a small wrestling company, and then the fun starts, I won't explain anymore. Go on the game and find out what its like!


Tnx for the rosters!!! But please add money in the bank matches,all other moves from wr3d,customize my ring and my company name and many more. I will give 5 stars if you add my suggestions

jon snow

I just bought it.. I just bought the game uninstalled it. Then installed it again and now I dont own the game anymore? Seriously Mat? Thanks for taking my money anyway screw this

Michael Akpetsi

5 STARS BABY!!! Like I soon as I saw super city I was like FINALLY seriously 5 Stars and if you make another Game how about a showcase? In it Love your games best ever

Pigman the king of pigs

It's alright It needs some bug fixes and the vip needs to be worth it like adding exclusive characters or dubble money or exclusive suits and cloths also add some more stages/areas because after the ones there it can get boring and have as another vip exclusive have easter egg back grounds and viewers/spectators just a little help but after all that it's a good game


ITS TRASH Referee Counts Slow And I Can't Even Kick Out

jenn mcm

The game great But you should ne able to use money on other things to like you should ad upgrades to the ring and like a jumbotron and other stuff that would make a ring better

Mind blowing game When i start this game i think its not good game . After playing i forget about my imaginatio about that this game is bad but this is a very good game it blow your mind

T-Money Baby

Great It was hard at first but it gets easy after awhile. I'm #1 in the ratings every week

Stephen Bremer

Amazing!! Fantastic game, so much fun. This game is what licenced wrestling games don't have the balls to do! Will keep you entertained for hours, well worth £2.99 but also fun playing the free version

Eumar Herbert

I love the game? You make cool game's I love your game's.????But there is a lag pls fiks it ?

master cupcake

Ok but needs improvement It has way to many ad's nobody likes ads

The Women's Division There is not a women's title and Why do women fight men it's weird I suggest you put at least 30 female Wrestlers in one company also boyfriend and girlfriend should be a relationship cause it would be fun and it's allowed "school days " why not this game ? Also you make the women muscular like men and there names are dumb like " geek chic " and " Miss Viola " to me it's retarted why not NORMAL ! names like " Jane lee" or "Mia Jones " and there are not a lot of feamale custumes take some of the clothes from " pop scence " or " super city "and put it in this game please !!! Last thing there are hardly female scripts please add some more like " boyfriend stealer or " the most popular female " that would be great please add this please that all the graphics are Good everything is good except these lil issues but I know you will fix them thanks ?

krishiv killampalli

Good.. but a problem sometimes The problem is u can book for federation online not others.

Sikander Haroon

only one company it so boring in federation online only i wish i could go in another place.....please can you make bookin g revolution3D it would be fun then......

Ethan Hawkins

Boring really boring So hard just to fight seriously dude save it for xbox

Apoorv Sharan

Please, remove the feature"slackers like you dont belong to this company

Jcoolmoney 665

A bit boring but interesting It gets boring when u start booking more matches and matches and matches but like I said it gets interesting

Kaiden Knowles

The only thing it needs is some new moves like red arrow,curb stomp,and coup de grace ?

Mark Ryan Donaire

Good game but... Boring, not so very good graphics.

Shan Ibrahim

It a good game but we only play for 1 one team not for all of them

Left Side Network

General manager mode!!!! Best wrestling game ever !! Needs small improvements in graphics , Storyline depth and in AI but TOTALLY worth downloading.

RapBoyG 8303

More things to do You should put more things to do like the wwe draft or ppv names and show names

Saquan Nix

It's good but... If it stops logging me out then I would put 5 stars

RiOt GhOsT

Crashes I like this game but sometimes when matches start the game crashes

Isa Aljowder

Not very nice Its graphic bad and its very bad game

Jerek Jones

It's ok It's ok but the other wrestling games are not better

Sans and pupyrus

So awesome I did not play this one but I did play hardtime,schoolday and super.keep the apps coming mat.


Good It good but remove the ads please. They make the screen black

jsmoove ballislife

Please fix this What is the point of having wrestling revolution if u play instead of watch on booking revolution u use to be able to watch can u please switch it back

The UpdateEntertainment

After playing it awhile Im booking at strong style wrestling.but when i start a new career,its only flashing Federation Online.what the heck is this?! Fix it and i give you 5 stars bck

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