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18 Mar
Body Mass Index - Weight loss

Posted by EZHIL in Health & Fitness | March 18, 2016 | 105 Comments

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BMI lets you to focus on your fitness level and dieting routines. BMI lets you know about your body fitness factors such as correct weight, correct height, calorie requirements, diet routines, weight loss or weight gain progress etc...


- create your basic profile with height, weight, age etc..
- add your picture to your profile

- BMI, Body fat percentage, Ideal body weight demonstrates your current fitness level.
- These indicators influences an individual to fine tune their health and prevent obesity at young age.

- 5 day diet chart helps you to plan your healthy diet to improve your fitness and health.

- Lets you know, how well you are progressing with your weight loss or weight gain.

- Every person has a different caloric needs based on their lifestyle.
- Lets you know about your minimum calorie needs based on your fitness parameters and your activity

P.S. There are many new features such as data sync, exercise tracker are planned for the future releases. Thanks for Supporting us and as always we need your continuous encouragement in future.

Whats new

    Version 3.0.27
    * Run time Permissions for Android M
    * Material Design
    * Add and manage profile
    * Whole new look
    * Performance tuned
    * Critical Fixes

EZHIL part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update March 18, 2016. Google play rating is 80.0. Current verison is 3.0.27. Actual size 2.7 MB.

Download body-mass-index-weight-loss.apk 2.7 MB


Claudia Anggi CP

Ridiculous The ads pop up every time I want to enter number or everything. It's totally annoying. Totally annoying.

Jennifer Anderson

Ads are rediculous everything is in kg I wasn't even able to put in information because how many ads popped up and I had to exit them just to see the screen. When I put my weight in lbs it shows how much I need to lose in kg. I don't know kg.

Anastasios Kladouchos

Ads keep poppin up endlessly...come one you can't be serious!


Thanks Very handy calculator

B Presi

Great app Despite the ads popping up its a great app. Great for someone trying to lose weight. Gives you your ideal weight so you have a target to work towards.

David William

Too many Ads and poor programing. Don't bother, I used it with for four minutes and saw 11 ads. Not including the banners on each screen. Every one needs money, but this is ridiculous. Also the app doesn't store your information so you have to re-enter stats on everything it does. If that were not enough, some functions such as Ideal body weight are only in metric measurements.

Alissa Humes

Too many ads & questionable accuracy An ad pops up every couple of seconds across my entire screen. Also on body fat it used my hip as one of the only calculations for body fat, giving me an almost 26%. My body build is mostly slender with a very muscular lower body and I ran cross country and sprints the past 3 years. Chest : 34, waist : 24, hips: 38. 5'6" and 125 PDS. I run A LOT, my arms are twigs, and I have abs. I'm not 26% body fat. Not accurate I think I can safely say

Blaknite Ludlam

ADs Had the app open for less then 2 minutes and counted 15 ads popping open. It is not worth the constant annoyance

chris bergdahl

Very poor Ads pop up every few seconds and the accuracy appears to be questionable...terrible app

Michelle Smith

So many ads! I don't mind ads normally. I get it, you need tip make money. But ever single click takes you to a full screen ad! It takes away from how useful this app could be.

shameem ahamed

Awesome This app will show your vmi and it has many features which can help you to gain or loose weight.


Nice! Good as a BMI Calculator but too many ads. Ads always pops up every 5 seconds.

Ankisha Mishra

helpful app some improvements are needed such as calories intake should be linked with "daily calorie needs".

Crystal Campbell

Way off I'm not sure where you got your info from but I took this app to my doctor and me being 98kg is not obese and for my height I shouldn't be at my leanest 59. Whatever

Terri Singer

Effing pop-ups Seriously there doesn't need to be a pop-up every 5 seconds


Too much ad Good app. But too many pop up . Every 5 second an ads come.

Jessica Mckinney

To many ads Ads pop up every time you try to do anything on it!!! Pain in the butt. I uninstalled it after 2 minutes.

Yuuki Yamada

Seriously the ads The app itself is okay, but the ads pop up everytime we click on something

Natalie Powell

Its ok Its not horrible its not great it has cool features but it glitches and has an ad every time you press a button:/

Michael McClimans

Even 4 free too many ads It's understood that free apps pay for themselves with ads but this is ridiculous. Full page pop-ups every you change the page.

Laprell Boston

Ads ads and more freakin ads Like wtf....i would be okay with 1 or 2 but really what a waste. SKIP THIS APP!!!! Uninstalled!!!!

Matthew Allen

Very basic. Does not keep information stored. Have to keep inputting data. Also flooded with ads.

Adithya Potu

It also must give a perfect diet for vegetarian s


U-I-A Useful $ Informative App But .98% Frustrated with Annoying Adds

raheem kk

Good to have Nice if more functionality like getting body fat from photo etc. :-)

dr javed Iqbal

Very nice to use for lay man also.

princy gupta

BMI.. Coooooooolllll appp surely try it loved it

Ana Alcaraz

Doesn't make sense I just said it.?

Christopher Erhurun

Just what I needed to monitor my weight. Kudos

Sangaraju Harika

Good, useful for the people who r obese

Dana Laws

Has a lot of advertisements but it's fine

Vivek Verma

Ads with every click App works good but ads come with every click, making it hard to use.

Islam Samy

Alot of advertising every click you will find advertise

Nukireddi Srinivas

Good app Customize our weight calculation , and improves our health diet

Lynette Holcomb Hayter

Way too many pop-up ads! All the constant pop-up ads caused the app to freeze up my phone! Only way I could fix it was to pull out my battery & put it back in.

jaya nigam

It's ok Plz try to add vegetarian dite plan and its calloris count too.

Michelle Wyrzucka

Too many ads Would give a five but too many ads

Hans Dejong

Terrible Terrible to get adds every 5 to 10 seconds. It's simply to much. Oh. And on this app showing adds for foods is a bit of a poor choice. Pitty. It had potential.... Moving on

Verona Larkin

Awful Can't view anything, can't set up profile as ads are popping up so quick they are making me dizzy. Awful. Just awful. Shame, might have been a good product if I had time to explore it or even pay to block the ads but ads didn't give me time to figure it out.

Aida Lawrence

It has great potential The app itself is good, but the ads are what ruin it. There's an advertisement every 5 or 10 seconds. Minimize the ads, please!

Zaheer Taj

This app contains things more than expected. Nice work

Karesha James

I love the fact that this app provides you with help as far as weekly meals.? and they are easy to make and taste delicious I'm already starting to feel the difference and been on it for a week??


Too many ads Every 5 seconds an ad will pop up.

Kev Rodgers

To many ads. Deleted Much better out there

Stacy Jennings

Too many ads It doesn't even have a conversion chart or an option to change the result units. Obviously if I put it in lbs and ft and in that's the way I would like my results

Ralf Botchen

App seems OK, but the modal full screen ads are pretty annoying. Uninstalled.

Pam P

I hate it!! With So many ads, this apps becomes useless. Installed it 3 mins ago. Uninstalling right now!

Kathrina Rose Abarcar

Annoying ads Ads keep poping up. Why not keep it either at the top or bottom of the screen. I do understand that the need for ads to keep the app free but pop ups every 5-10 seconds, really?

Kikay Gpast

Its kinda nice app. Its just,a lot of ads pops out of the screen. Anyways, i hope u improve this app more for better use. Im hoping that this app would help me in my body weight loss project:D

abdulhadi mohammad

Very useful app Its working with complete accuracy

Malar Vizhi

more info than we need

Afeef Ahmed

Nice app Nice app but adds terrible

Dr. Marvin Marshall, Jr.

Hated it...that covers it Main issue...I convert all measurements to imperil. However, see no way to convert ideal weight calculation to imperil. Who wants an ad popping up every time you enter, calculate or access the app? Is Maxx a plant or just illiterate?

zayid mohamed

Woooow It is helpful to evaluate daily your body mass index with your exercise

Kristeen Lloyd

Not for the athlete Does not use enough measurements to calculate actual BMI and % body fat.

Nate F

Good for one time calculations but that's it No way to track over time that I could find. Also needs a universal setting for metric or imperial measurements. Got annoying for this 'Merican to use.

Maxx Ngugi

Good app Has a variety of tasks n works well. Good work.

hassan laure

Very good

Julie Shelton

Too many advertisements Couldn't log for an ad popping up every few seconds.... Uninstalling.


Omg! You can not do anything on here because every time you hit a button an ad pops up! Screw this app!

Sonia Gonzalez

No ads please To much ads, its the only reason i don't like it.

Ganesh Rao Balaji Vishwanath

UH! WHY ADDS don't like it much but it works not bad!

Rene Lawell

Cant save any data I enter data and cant save it. Its not a great app. But could be.

Denise Trotter

Good tracker This is a good tracker for keeping track of weight and getting out of your meeting could use some improvement though

Mrudul Kandoth

Very Useful app Keep it up

Neelima Singh

All in one app. Integrated with all the nice features it's superb. Loved it :)

Haseeb Sohail

Haseeb Loving

Kate Bryant

Informative Wide rang of information

Violet Hall

The app is cool cause it calculates weight , waist size BMI, exercise. the only thing that makes this app unpleasant is the all the ads that are popping up on it every few seconds . so annoying.

Dianna Brand

Too many adds Adds pop up every few seconds, it's horrible. Have deleted due to this.

Shayla Hamilton

Well it's a good thing the app is free. It would be a good app if you had fewer ads they pop up literally every 2 seconds.

Mel G

The app may be good but the constant adds popping up every couple of seconds means I won't use it. Am deleting app after only a few minutes due to constant adds. Very disappointing as I think it may be a very useful app if it was able to be used.

Claudette Herron

Ads pop up constantly This app is good, except for the ads. The ads pop up constantly. Yuck!

Kyleigh Kendall Charles

It sucks. Won't give me a correct answer in imperical.

Herbie Smith

Ads Ads Ads Neat app and could be a great app if it weren't for all the Ads. Every time you change screens there's another ad

Moch Mukminin

Iklannya parah... lgs ane uninstall aja...

abdulhadi mohammad

Very useful app Its working with complete accuracy

Thomas Truly Earnest

Simple yet informative

Fauriski Febrian

yesss good but not the best overall

Fabián E. Vargas Delgado

Too much ads, it's disgusting!

annell roley

Need american units option

Brandy Williams

Too many adds popped up every 1-2 seconds

Toria Laloan Vic

Many adds Please no adds

yasmeen m

Excellent Just downloaded and find it very useful, just remove the ads.

Jessica Bishop

Metric I couldn't figure out how to get it to show me my results in the US units I could only get my results in the metric as many times as I made sure that when I put in my height and weight it was in the US system.

Vuyo Ngwenya

Very good I recommend it

Lesley Patterson

Too many adverts popping up. Really annoying! The app itself would be very useful if that wasn't happening every few seconds.

Mr D Bunce

David Very useful app to find out your ideal body weight and bmi just need to take out the ads


Good but......! I am using this app since 2 years.Input method is easy and good but I'm not fat by any view.But body fat shows me fat which is wrong.

Dani Don

health at hand it is a must need app for all fitness lovers

Angela West

Dolla Its a really nice app. helps alot

mohdyob Roezlan

Best We enter data, easy got result

yu yu

Juz calculator It cannot record current weight and goal weight of user. If I have to enter the data everytime to know how much I progress, this app is useless.

Vikay Torres

Great calculator But not able to log goals for later reference. I would purchase if a daily journal / diary was made available and no ads.

Didem Pamuk

Very unnecessary. Only calculates bmi and gives a typical diet list regardless of my needs. Cannot be personalised.

Paul Tucka

Brilliant app Thanks for this amazing app which you must have put a lot of time and effort in making. People like you make the Internet fantastic. This is a must for everybody. 10 out of 10 and thanks

rohan tulaskar

Good app It's a good app but require to remove full page ads and may be UI can be better. Diet plans can be added

Nile Moseley

Adds adds adds..... Not impressed at all.


Dolla Its a really nice app. helps alot

Good At least I get the idea about my body vitals

Andrea Horn

Excellent Does exactly what it is supposed to do and extremely easy.

Rajiv Patel

Owwww Realised need to work on myself already working

Christian Arias

Excellent Friendly and helpful

Cressida Shousky

Easy to use Big fonts and simple formats.

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