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8 Apr
Boardroom Tycoon

Posted by CPA Australia Ltd in Casual | April 8, 2015 | 113 Comments

Apk file size: 49.0 MB


Are you ready to build a business empire and become a Boardroom Tycoon?

You decide who’s hired and who’s fired.


Take control of your company and work your way to the top by building your company assets, doing deals and targeting other companies in corporate takeovers.

Operate in up to five sectors including Finance, Resources, Travel, Media and Fashion & Beauty. Buy assets ranging from diamond mines to investment houses in your bid to increase your revenue and drive your share price through the roof.

Track your progress on the leader board as you compete against players from around the world.

Hire staff from Legal, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing and I.T. to suit your game style – attacker/defender, lender/loan shark and many others.

-Level up and add skill points to boost your company’s performance
-Unlock power ups, assets and high-powered staff members
-Earn achievements as you progress

Maintain the balance between reducing expenses while retaining the ability to generate revenue.

Work alone, or create a business network with your friends, to take over market leaders and share in the spoils.

It’s time to get down to business – game on!

Support (including help tp access lost games): [email protected]
More Info and Game Rules:

Note: A network connection is required to play. There are known issues with HTC devices, users with an HTC device may experience difficulty in playing.

More Info and Game Rules:

Whats new

    New in game formulas, bug fixes & new sector added
    Impacts of new formulas:
    • Attackers no longer lose share holdings in takeovers
    • Reduced share price fluctuation due to takeover wins/losses
    • More accurate company reports - staff skills are taken into account. The takeover list will continue to show high level estimations
    • Increased takeovers benefits
    • Reduced share buyback cost
    New features:
    • Property sector added
    • Close pop ups by pressing on the screen outside of the pop up

CPA Australia Ltd part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 8, 2015. Google play rating is 67.0112. Current verison is 1.8. Actual size 49.0 MB.

Download boardroom-tycoon.apk 49.0 MB


Josh Dobrowolski

I really like it I really like this game it's not a game to play for hours on end. But it is a game for busy people who have a few minutes to use all there man hours I would five star it but there are a few thing I would change and add like a lot more space for people if you can afford it you should be able to get it I am lvl 134 and my it deals cost 1.k man hours I have 8.k but that's a lot and there should be a way to choose if you want to get more money or xp for a deal like choose the amount anyway like the game thanks

Lim Yue Min

Help I kinda Loss my account But I only remember My name not my Pin number please help!!

Aldo Treurnich

Hooked!!! Like it alot, lags annoying but not the end, still playing religiously. Would like to see function of buying and selling shares...

Leland Benton

Poorly optimized. Games takes about 2 minutes to start up, along with 15 second between each button press. The annoying videos don't help.

Kevin Leverett

Good game Wish you could get a bigger office than one that only holds 600 staff members.

Roberto Soares Silva

I like this game very much! Works wonderfully in my galaxy S 3.

Zac Eichenauer

Buggy still I have been playing this game for a couple of weeks and really love it, but I just started to have an issue this morning. I don't knowif you guys are doing an update but I can't get passed the "loading" screen. Please fix as soon as you can. Thanks khaotic gnome workx

Delamar Berry

Fun game would give it a 5 if it didn't lag so much

Mike Laux

Good simulation From the leader board it is obvious some are cheating

William Lari

Needs limitations!!! I keep getting attacked by the same player now countless number of times...for weeks. There needs to "takeover" restrictions. I hate seeing this player constantly take me over.

Ciprian Negrila

New bug Expanding the energy assets portfolio generates an 'oops' message/page.

Simona Muwazi

Good game Great if you don't have time to spend all day glued to your screen. Lags a bit, but not too annoying. Been playing for months now, still like it. Recent ingame formula improvements made it a lot better.

Malik Lawrence

Good game The only thing I hate is the takeover system. It's seriously flawed.

Rhys Hayden

Game veteran I've been playing this game a few months now. It's very basic and doesn't require much time and attention. The controls feel slow and clunky and it's not an original idea. But I like it mainly because it's not another annoying pay to play that swamp mobile gaming.

Graham Busby

Done it before Seems to be a re-themed rehash of games like the ones from storm8 and other devs, i guess originality wasnt a criteria for the awards

Alex McHale

Amazig game Ill give u 5 stars for this game if u fix what u have messed up in the new update as i cannot log in also if you if u add a way you could link your account to fb that would be good

Eric Dottavio

Brilliant I haven't stopped playing this game and I've even added another account to build. Simple and addictive.

jatin madaan

It must a option for changing company name or logo after 10 or 15 th level of the game with charge of small amount of money. So that we can reassign our company properly without any mistake. And other most imp thing is that you have to remove skill option from it , it is useless or game looks more excited without that option. And other players share price is grown with less speed than us, which encourage the player who plays the game.

robert mcdonald

Bit laggy but I still enjoy it

Lee Osbourn

Great game... extremely slowww.

Robin Kleindienst

LAG! I was looking forward to playing this game but it is just too laggy. Sad face panda :(

Muhammad Furqan

Excellent Game Enjoyed playing

Doug Polancih

There is a bug with the payment increments If two payments are coming through at the same time (usually an organised takeover and a deal) the game ignores one of the payments. I have done a deal and watched my money counter jump down because an organised takeover payment came through at the same time.

Cameron Sholly

Way too slow!!! Game needs an overhaul. Takes seconds to do a nanos worth and forever to buy/sell assets without said time delay. Would be a 4 star game otherwise.

Jared Good

Good game but too slow I love the game and the concept but it takes WAY too much time to do things. It should not take a couple seconds to register a button tap. I am playing on a galaxy s5 so its not because I have an old phone. Fix the lag and its 5 stars all the way.

Jean-Paul Miller

Great Game...update affecting gameplay Update seems to have leveled the playing field a bit. Takeovers now are not as powerful for share price advancement. The update dropped everyone's shares by roughly 20%... Also, occasionally getting loading and reloading loops. Takeover colors are not accurately showing rival strength, but once checking stats by accessing info, shows accurate color (a red is a orange, green is red, etc). Some market bonuses are working opposite than they should be (takeover profit reduces return instead of increasing, etc)

Mandi Smith

Update I was ranked 3006 before the update and 3200 after. My share dropped $40 with an update. Please explain.....

tom davis

Can be better Big lag when you touch the icons & some times the screen freezes & when in take over screen the comments do not seem to be correct as I have never suceeded with a green & I have lost more than I have won it will be a much better game when you fix these things. Had to uninstall as it would not load so going to try once more

shashank narayana

Cool game Nothing too fancy. But that is the charm here. The beauty of this game is in its simplicity. Quiet a few things to learn as well

Kev Anderson

Update effecting gameplay The new update effects takeover if I try to take over a company thats green it says I have a very high chance but I fail more than I win please fix asap

David Commons

CPA &Alex Malley embarrassed? Bugged update..should be removed from google. The update rolled my deals done back about a month amd after buying all the new sector i log back in and they have all disapeared .oh yeah but the cash for em is gone..funny that ..CPA

The Swarley

Update ruined it My company went from 360 share price to 200. Most my high level assets disappeared. Not playing till my company is fixed.

Alitha Thompson

Fun but has trouble loading Great game and I love the power struggle and different ideas. However. It freezes often and many days won't even load. It randomly restarts and that can be very frustrating. Love to play but have to uninstall due to loading issues

Michael Fritz Adi Pradana

Has the potential I hate the glitch, it's HARD to scroll over the screen. A good game. I like it before I learn how hard it is even to scroll the screen. 1 star until you guys fix these glitches.

Bercy Winkler

Hmmm.. I uninstalled this game exactly a year ago and reinstall it few weeks ago. Alomst nothing changed since last i played. Most games change totaly in a year but this one just stagnated.

safi siddiqui

Immersive and entirely mesmerising! This game is a must play. But why is it so slow? This game will go perfect if the developers resolve that issue in the next update

Kwee Lam Lee

Update unstable? Did update yesterday and allows me new license. Only choice given to me is Property Sector. Today happened to be Energy Market Plunge. Wait a minute, where do i get energy license? Close app and relaunch after 5 minutes, now it is Resources market downturn.

Ivan Chaykin

interface is very slow, uncomfortable scroll

Рамиль Хамитов

thank you for the game with no in game purchases

Андрей Митроченко

Very nice! Your app holds my interest for a week already. That is really surprising as for me. So I liked it. But I still think it could be faster and less resourceful.

Bogdan Krasnytskyi

Slowwww... Good, interesting but "loading..."

Symon Saz

Good project But still a lot of work to do. Runs too slow, lag between button press and action is about 1 second, it shouldn't be at all. (Galaxy Note 3, one of the most powerful smartphone today)

Brodie Gaetz

Doesn't work Every time I try to make a new game for it, it says I time out and reloads. When it doesn't do it, it freezes. Is anyone else getting this, or is it only Samsung Galaxy Core LTE?

Jeremy Harris

Clunky interface It's a fun game but the interface is really clunky. The touch response is very slow and doesn't always register. It can get annoying. It definitely has potential to be a better game. It's essentially a game to advertise a book.

William Lari

Poor business concept This game fails to actually use the concept of having staff. In order to increase the share price, most people I see have 0 staff to maximize their profit. So then what's the point of having any staff at all? Broken concept.

Dean Phillips

Decent game I wasn't sure about this game when I first started playing it but once I learned the ropes I and understood what I was meant to be doing I have been enjoying the game. I would rate 5 star if there was a Dailly bonus of some kind other than that great game ☺

chris baxter

Cant get a company name Anything i tupe as a name the app says the name has been banned for profanity. Ive been trying all day to get a name and still nothing ive already deleted it

adrian creech

Almost perfect Just wanna see more ways to spend my money just buying businesses and stuff gets repeated over and over

James Clark

Clunky! The interface is slow and the game will go to the loading screen quite often and usually when youre developing an enjoyable rhythm. If thede bugs were fixed I would give it 4 stars.

Daniel Wibbels

Would be a lot more fun if the app wasn't so laggy. Button presses take way to long to register, menu changes are the same way.

Adam Ingram

Great but Great game can play for hours, just can be really really laggy and slow loading times

Londale Cheeks

Good but.. I like the concept the freedom kind of feel. But... I'm not sure how I'm supposed to hire people it won't let me change the amount or just hire 1 it's on 0 sooo. Help I guess?

Kirsty Smith

Great game It was really good until just now the game wont load just stays on page where it says loading and I do not want to uninstall and install again as iam really far in the game and would lose everything. Get it fixed!!

Marcus Barchers

Pretty awesome! I'm finding it really enjoyable! Can't complain at the moment.

Michael Neivandt

Good but laggy Thanks for a truely free game where skill is the only aspect. Ive been playing this game for months. I enjoy the game but please do something about the lag.

Malik Lawrence

Good concept, terrible execution. The amount of time it takes you to do a simple task such as buying a new asset is terrible. I have 2.3 trillion dollars because I don't feel like spending hours to upgrade one asset class.

Phoenix O'keefe

Good game but. .. It is VERY laggy. It is too slow when accomplishments pop up amoung other things and I end up clicking on things I don't want to, esentially screwing up my game. 1 star until it is fixed

Melody Walls

Good game. Looks like l'm really something to nosy people.

Josue Matamoros

It doesn't work

Barry webster

Addictive Love the game. Maybe you should be able to buy big boys toys, mansions etc. And you don't need to spend real money

Matthew Wetherbee

needs inprovement Constant updates and reloads it's hitting 50% plane in 50% reloads and updates needs to be fixed that's why he gets 3 instead of 5

Rhysalius M

Lags too much This would be a fun game if it did not take forever for button clicks to register. To the point that i do not even want to build my assets up cuz it takes too long. Rather frustrating

Anthony Headrick

Can't play It may be a decent game but I can't play. Every time I go past the opening letter it times out

Jeandre Sylvester

Nice but lags I love this game, but it lags to much to be played!

Cole Hilstrom

3/10 Super game, great idea, tons of fun! IF you don't mind waiting 7 seconds every time you click on anything. Lots of potential but wouldn't recommend to anyone. Too slow for anyone's taste. It's a hastle to play even on a day off.

Mike Buckley

Ok but SERIOUSLY needs fine tuning and updating Hasn't been updated since April 15'. Every time you click it has to reload the page. It doesn't respond very well to your touch and freezes constantly. I love the game and want to play but it's not easy the way the game is currently set up

syukri azahani

Game loading too slow Please fix it. Otherwise, it is a good business game at all..

Kevin Torres

Its not bad but.. Well it seems like i could get into it. I like games like this but its so laggy and slow to load somewhat unplayable.. GS4

Dmob Sc

Tycoon WOULD love if the Lag was Shortened by 0.4seconds. Pretty Nice Game, Its a Fun Game the Man in the Videos is Truthful #13322 18/01

Noah Enslow

Session timed out... This is my entire extent of play on the game. Every time it reloads before I can even hit a button it has already timed out. Please fix

Dank Dreamz

Broken crap filled with ads. Broken game that lags an unacceptable amount of time between clicks. It will seem like your click didn't register but it did and it just takes 20 seconds to respond. The concept was interesting but not worth the hassle. ALSO IT IS JUST AN ADVERTISEMENT.

Kat Peralta

Its a Good game but with glitches I happen to like the game and it's a good app to have when bored. It gives you something to do. However, it lags and is very slow when you press any button and sometimes it force closes and opens up again. It's even more show on a Tablet. If you guys could fix a few things on the app for mobile and tablet it would be great and it would be 5 stars.

priti jain

Simple Awesome. Love this app. There are still a few glitches like: The back buttons exits the app without a warning. Too many 'Reloads'. Sometimes stuck on loading screen, have to force stop it. Yet the concept shadows these weakness! So best of luck guys.

Andy Mcculloch

Just stops working App stopped working, tried download again, gets to 91% then ... nothing ... tried a few times ... whats going on? Edit: eventually loaded but asks for my pin ... only know company name vietanimo ... how do i retrieve?

Adam Drescher

Couldn't play I can't really judge this game because it goes too slow. Very unplayable. Fix this and I'll try again.

Gareth Markham

Was a good game but kept getting takenover by the same company, but when you attack them back you fail even when you are on a much stronger position than them

Gilbert Tan

It's OK.....typical farmville type of game No brainer game, you build your business and prosper. Similar to farmville concept except this is in boardroom style. Gameplay wise is fun and challenging at the beginning. After you built up, it's routine tasks everyday. There are only penalties and no reward. In real world, there are economic recession which affect the business but there are incentives to help the business as well. There should be PEST factors incorporated to make the game more challenging.

Damien Moss

Love the game concept hate the lag So frustrating when you're trying to use the game and it decides to reload the page then because you've tapped the screen to many times you end up opening a Web browser page that links you to Naked CEO's webpage. Good game but sort out the LAG!!!!!!!!

Kit CJ Nichols

Unable to note pin number Had to reinstall after phone reset can't link account. KIBV was doing great was in top 1600. Would give 5 if could keep playing account any chance to contact me regarding this?

Fergie Faulds

Hmmmm Idk what to think I would rate what I have seen so far as a five but that might be because all I have seen so far is the loading screen. I might change my mind if this improves if it improves and the game is bad i will have 1 star get all my friends to do 1 star as well because this company is only messing me about. I will also delete if it continues to be bad game. I am editing this comment exactly 1 month later my friends and I all had same problem we keep 1 star I would like an apology

Andy Morris

Could be loads better The game itself isn't too bad except for the serious lag in pressing or mostly, repressing the buttons. The take over things seems to be more pot-luck than anything else which is annoying. Also the failures on the deals are infuriating when you get to the higher man-hour deals. At least the game doesn't want you to buy stuff for it - so that's good and refreshing nowadays! But the lag....good grief it can be annoying, please speed up the game.

Andrew Yoseph

Gameplay flaws. U REALLY DESPERATE TO SELL THE BOOKS DUDE I played it for a weeks and got addicted. But sorry I uninstall it because this game have a lot of flaws. For example, some dude always takeover me for every 5 minutes and it always a same guy. You should give a protection for the one who get attacked or else I think it's not fair if someone always harvesting on your account. Anyway nice concept but you did not think about some minor mistake

Ashley Betts

Great concept made poorly Game is incredibly slow, freezes on popups often. Because of the laggy interface is easy to misclick on things when the lists don't scroll properly or new screens don't load after trying to open them. And the constant advertising of the 'naked CEO' book.. We get it, after seeing it thousands of times (literally after every completed deal) I feel like its just a waste of space. It is a good game and concept, but its incredibly poor design makes it unplayable


Good Game I love it but its almost unplayable on a quadcore with fast internet. Too laggy. Got rid of game then reinstalled months later. Needs an update to reduce lag. Game is all about running a successful company but yet this company isnt successful in the marketing/ game department.

Greg Allen

Lend money Great game, but it has got stuck saying I have money lent to people when I don't. Means I need to keep more cash just to be able to lend anything. Please fix it....again locked out of lending because the game doesn't refresh the amounts people borrow from me. Also locked out of organised takeovers. Fix this problem please

Stephen Blitz

Server is terrible Game is fun but the server is terrible. Causes the game to crash every 20 seconds.

Yaroslav Birchenko

Dumb and clunky and laggy Not worth any more of my time. Totally stupid and useless. In game advice detached from rl.

Glenn Jones

One of the worst performing apps I've ever seen! This is terrible, looks like it could be a good game but runs like an absolute potato. Avoid unless this gets resolved


Good game, but... It is anoying how it takes 10 seconds to do anything when you click. And it's not like it my phone cause I'm playing this on a Galaxy Note 4.

Thumper DW

Flawed I like the game so far but I have no idea why it reloads every minute or two, you just get into it and it reloads making you redo what you had just done... I don't get it?????

Jay Lively

Fun, but loading issues kills it Can't play a 1 minute session without the game reloading on me multiple times. Massive performance issues, which sucks, because the game really is a good idle game.

Elliot Grocutt

Why the hell would it tell me that I'm have a high chance of a successful takeover and then make me loses everyone when I win I get 500k when I lose I lose 6-7 million its ballshit

Corwyn Shaugnessy

Boooooring I played for a while and unlocked everything despite the lag. Can't even bring myself to play anymore. I'd rather just stare at the wall.

Zach King

Turned bad over night Once you been playing it for a wile and really start to get some assets the game just keeps restarting, an don't delete your profile because even with it connected to the play store you can't access it again. Over all 2/10

Jörg Kühn

interesting game, painfully sluggish UI I like the concept so far, but the waiting times are quite annoying (come on, a loading circle that just stops until you tap the screen? Then again it registers the last tap and might cause something stupid? That spells broken UI for me... Fix it, please.

Brandon BP

Really good game, but... It's very fun. I really like playing. But the incessant crashes and reload screens are a game killer. Everything is so laggy and slow.

Edward Burton

Add stock market feature. This is an awesome business game, you should add a stock market so that you can buy shares of other companies

Jon Metz

Love this game a bunch, but the laggy UI is troublesome when I only have a couple minutes to play. Really hope this app gets an optimization upgrade in the next update.

Faris Shuaib

Too much delay I wont mind pkaying if the delay pronblem is solved

doesnt matter

Can't switch phones and keep account I recently got a new phone. When trying to put my account onto the new phone, it just gave error message. I spent so much time kn this stupid game, just to have to start All over.

R.J. Jefferson

Constant crashes This game is constantly crashing. Every time you click on anything it takes anywhere between three and five seconds for the next page to appear. I think it's way overdue for an update.

Denis Tang

This is pretty good. Why I like this game is because this game allows me to to a CEO even when I cannot become a CEO in real life. Keep up the good work whoever started this game.. Looking forward to seeing another game similar to this present game but better than this present game.. Boardroom Tycoon 2. More things added. Last but not least I would surely ask my friends to download this game.

Anuj Mathur

Great Game It's more of 4.5 stars because the game is absolutely addicting and I honestly log in multiple times a day to do deals, takeovers, and buy assets. But minus 0.5 stars because it lags and exits the game if you accidently hit the back button. But overall I definitely recommend downloading.

Wolf Ferrous

Needs Refinement! I really enjoy playing this game but there are a few issues that really need addressed. The game has a very noticeable lag when pressing anything. I would also like a way to change your company's name please!

William Clark

Cool game. Except it takes anywhere between 10-30 seconds to load any selection you make. This is not an Internet issue, I get between 25mb/s to 30mb/s. This issue is a faulty game engine. Will rate 5 stars if lag is fixed.

Shawn Amyotte

Those awards must have been bought. There's no way a game this slow could be nominated for an award. Doesn't work. All of the comments say it's slow but I think it's broken. Avoid app. Last updated April 8, 2015. The devs have abandoned it.

Andries Schoeman

Slow When you open the game it takes a while to startup. Excellent game. Love the idea of the business like scene. I see that the developers have no responses to the comments so i cant see that anything is going change so why bother leaving a comment.

D Don

Great Game but can be Greater! Great game, always something to do. Very addictive. Also very annoying! I hate having to wait after I click on an action. Whther it's a deal or take over or asset you have to wait like a video buffering! Please make it fast! Your last update was in April last year! This app needs a serious update. Hopefully with a lag fix :D

Brandon Scharr

Same as everyone else 7 second delay Great game love the idea the delay is ridiculous. You click on something and it takes multiple seconds for it to respond. With a nice phone (turbo 2) I expected no delay but this app must be poorly coded.

Sean Mahoney

Scrap it Fun game if it was playable. This is easily the laggiest game on the play market making completely unplayable and frustrating. Its been like this for a long time too, which means the creators clearly have no intention of fixing it.

Richard Newson

Terrible conversion to android This app is a really good game on ios. However the android version is so annoyingly slow. Worst conversion ever.

Thomas Price

Would give 5 stars if you would fix it Have to repeatedly clean the junk and over heat of the phone

Patrick Donovan

Cool game but so buggy Enjoy playing it but after doing a couple of tasks it says server updated and has to reload, or it times out (for some reason while playing) and has to reload. That's a shame.

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