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25 Sep

Posted by Berserker in Tools | Sept. 25, 2012 | 46 Comments

Apk file size: 1.3 MB

*** Root required ***

This application will allow to use your device as a remote mouse and keyboard for your PC/PS3.
Since low level apis are used, there is no way by now to ensure 100% compatibility with all devices (because of different bluetooth implementations of some vendors): if the log says "invalid or inactive bluetooth device" your only option is to try a different ROM like Cyanogenmod (if available).

Look at the video tutorials for more info:

Quick tutorial:
- Open the application and click on the start button (top/left button ">")
- Check for errors in the log window
- IMPORTANT: if you got the error "invalid or inactive bluetooth device", your device is not supported and your only option is to try a different ROM like Cyanogenmod (I cannot fix that because the problem is at "kernel" level).
- Pair your device with an host of your choice*
- Once paired, click on the lens button (secondo top/left) to refresh the available bluetooth devices
- Click on a device of your choice to establish a connection
- Once connected a green screen should appear
- Single press to simulate the left mouse button (the background should change in blue)
- Double press to simulate the right mouse button (the background should change in red)
- Hit "menu" to show/hide/change the keyboard

*Tested hosts:
- PS3: works
- Linux: works (tested on Ubuntu 10.10)
- Windows 7: not working yet
- MAC: ? (not tested)
- Vizio Internet TV: works

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This is an ad-supported application (it won't start if you disabled ad on your device): please consider buying "BlueputDroidPro" (which doesn't require enabled ad) if you need an ad-free/donation version.

Please respect my work and don't waste your time with unnecessary comments or bad rating for adchecker.

Whats new

    New interface look
    Sixaxis layout fixed
    Performances improved

Berserker part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 25, 2012. Google play rating is 59.5566. Current verison is 1.5.0. Actual size 1.3 MB.

Download blueputdroid.apk 1.3 MB


M. James Newman

Works great d2vzw vrbmf1 with root Would not work on any custom 4.2.2 roms I tried. Cm10.1.2 fail. SlimBean 7 fail. Resorted to stock root invisiblek rom and it worked like a charm. 4 stars only because there is no ps button to quit an app. But its awesome. I no longer have to worry about my kids losing my remote. Easy to connect. ***Does anyone know if the paid version contains more features?***

Jason Roy

Wouldn't work. Tried several different Roms, and the last one was cyanogenmod (which I'm currently using) as is suggested by the app many times. Still get the error where it is not compatible with my devices Bluetooth stack. Hope there is an update that takes care of this. Really want this to work.

Michael Rosile

Not working /w Galaxy Nexus + CM 10.2 RC1 I'm using a Galaxy Nexus from Sprint (toroplus) along with CyanogenMod 10.2 RC1 and I still get the error message about an incompatible Bluetooth stack.

Daniel Lesperance

Cool beans-ps3 works on galaxy s2 This is a great app-worked on my first shot. Hoping for greater control over my ps3...power control and correct function in Netflix/YouTube...would happily pay for those upgrades.

Michael Kaftan

When will this support 4.2+ I am using CM 10.1.3 and its saying I need to use CM due to a Bluetooth stack error. After a bit of research I found that someone said it will work on any ROM that's not 4.2 or higher... When is this going to work on the newer versions of android/CM?

Calvin Goetz

Cm10 fail Tells me it doesn't work and that I should try a different Cyanogen mod. I also just noticed that it hasn't been updated since September. Might work for you, but I'm uninstalling

Daniel Chang

Great idea but Currently it doesn't work with either my nexus 5 (hammerhead) or galaxy nexus (toro), both of which are running cyanogenmod (cm10.2 on the gnex, cm11 latest nightlies on nexus 5). All i get is the bluetooth stack error on both devices.

Joe Cobb jr

Well it worked on the XMB main screen But I can't get it to work with hulu , or any games yet. It really doesn't deserve four stars but every review i've seen here has been made by an idiot so this is me feeling bad.

bradley hall

Wouldn't work Running note 3 rooted hyperdrive 4.4.2 stock kernel tried again on Darth star 4.4.2 with adjustable kernel still wouldn't work.

A Google User

Very nice for ps3 I liked the app, however it seems that it does not work with Swype, unless I type one character at a time (click the character on the keyboard and select it on the Swype list). Also missed the ps button.

Jeff Everett

HTC One + CM10.2 Doesn't work on HTC One with CM10.2 nightlies due to an unsupported Bluetooth stack. As this possibility is mentioned in the description, I can't fault the developer (and the One has a weird BT stack anyway).

A Google User

Good concept, unstable implementation I like the concept. Ever since I saw Sony Ericcson handsets being able to act as "clickers" for slide presentations etc., I figured other phones should be able to do it, and with BlueputDroid (and an appropriately configured su executable and compatible bluetooth stack) they can. The concern I have about this app is its stability. It doesn't seem to gracefully handle bluetooth not being switched on 10-20 seconds before you start the app, and if you'd been using the app then stopped it, then went to restart it again, often you need to go into system app settings and purge the app's settings and cache before it will restart again.. Sometimes you need to powercycle the phone. Similar behaviour is noted with SSHDroid, another application from this author. A lot of technical work has gone into the implementation from the perspective of the BT stack manipulation - that said, it would be nice to see it function without having to force quit/flush cache all the time - that would see me consider purchasing the Pro version. Does anyone know if the Pro version supports all the keys in Hackers Keyboard? I see "Key not supported" a lot in the free version, even on stock keyboard sometimes.

Craig Brown

Love it but needs cm11 Works brilliantly on my z tablet with stock Rom and my z phone stock Rom and cm10 but support is broken on cm11 I dont know if its a different Bluetooth stack or not but I still love it, ps please add support for cm11

A Google User

Jellybean 4.2 Nexus 7 Was working on Nexus 7 Before latest update to 4.2. Now says invalid Bluetooth Stack. Will there be an update to work on 4.2 w/o rom mod?

A Google User

Doesn't work at all for me Sorry but this app fails. All I get is a blank screen and then a FC if I try to do anything. If I wait nothing happens.

Henry Gaughan

Not Supported Why isn't the Nexus 4 supported. That really sucks. I was really looking forward to using this tool on my ps3.

JonNy Begood

Will not work on CM10 says something about a wrong Bluetooth stack and to use a Cm rom, which I am on!! Kernel level? So basically no custom rom support? Just put that in the description

Daalzebul Del'Armgo

works just tends to lag or puts in a letter multiple times when i have only pressed it once. also does not work with swype style entry or word prodiction on.

A Google User

Works perfectly for me HTC One X. Stock rom, rooted. Connected to Ubuntu 12.04 via cheap BT dongle.

A Google User

Perfect Works great on droid bionic. Use it for the PS3 without issues. Could you maybe add a "PS" button and the option to auto tap keys? A solid 5 star app.

Quinton Reeves

Works Required to set keyboard type manually under Mac OSX 10.6.8, but works great afterwards. Also works under Windows 7 with the default Bluetooth stack (this differs depending on OEM and device).

Michael Brown

Incompatible I'm not giving it one star because it worked amazingly on my galaxy victory but I upgraded to an lg volt from virgin mobile but this device's Bluetooth stack is incompatible with my phone which really sucks, if there's an update to fix this I will be very pleased but for now, 2 stars

Tim Schipper

If only it did what it says on the can Lol, wrong BT-stack, install Cyanogenmod (if available). And that while running CM10.2 NIGHTLY.. so those errormessages are worthless. A shame, the idea behind the app is sound.

Manny Jimenez

Not working I rooted my phone but its not working there is no control :( update and if it works ill give it five stars

Christine Haughton

I love this device I use it on my Note to control my Playbook and PS3, my only issue is that I cannot scroll especially when using a browser.

Drew Whitehurst

Works Well as an Android to Android remote! Using it between my LG Optimus Elite and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. Works great.

Jun Whang

works great to control nexus 7 with damaged digitizer Installed on rooted galaxy note 2, paired with a nexus 7 with damaged digitizer, and it worked like charm. Now I can do anything on my nexus 7 thanks to this app.

A Google User

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FINALLY someone made a REAL bluetooth HID input device app for Android. I can't tell you how much better it is not to need to download and install extra crap to make those "other" apps work. Couldn't get it working with Windows 7, but as advertised, PS3, Linux, and if I remember right osx also worked. I was also able to use my phone as an input for my tablet AND vice versa, so it looks like Windows 7 is the odd man out (probably implemented incorrectly). Thanks awesome dev!

Michael Gardner

Needs An Update Worked on my old Droid X. Doesn't work on CM11. Would love to be able to use it search Netflix...


It works but, Can you add some L/R/Trigger, Analog Stick, and home buttons? Your app is almost perfect!

Neal Bainz

Not accessible when in game I managed to connect to my ps3 with no problems and yes I was able to control the ps3's homescreen with this app, keyboard was also accessible but when I put a game disc in, and play a game, and open the homescreen while in game to send a my friend's messages, it wont work. I noticed its only useable when ur on home screen and not when playing a game. The only reason I would want an app like this is to control the keyboard while in game, this would make it easier for us to type & reply while playing online

A Google User

no ad blocker and full uk keyboard not supported So I downloaded and installed this app as I had something similar on my iphone. I tried sending a message over PSN only to find that I cant enter some of the basic special characters including but not limited to : ? # $ @ : Standard A-Z characters are fine but anything more than this and it fails miserably. Also, the free version doesnt run with an ad blocker enabled. So you have to run it with ads or buy the Pro version. I would be fine with buying Pro IF it worked properly. Hence my rating of 3 stars. I knocked off 1 star for lack of functionality and the other for not allowing the use of an ad blocker. If the first issue is fixed then I will happily upgrade my rating.

john stemp

Perfect !! Works on both Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab2 7 . Could do with LEFT/RIGHT Mouse buttons. Saved me £30 on bt keyboard and mouse.. 5* to the dev IF ITS FREE DON'T COMPLAINT. TIME AND EFFORT HAS BEEN PUT INTO THIS FOR YOU..!!

Cam McBride

Good idea Your suggested ROM doesn't work tho. Looks like only stock ROMs

Tasneem Ahmad

Nope I have a galaxy S4 running liquid smooth which is a cyanogemod based ROM... Not working

Snarkle MyPuffins

Don't let the rating fool you. This is an incredible app. It does everything I wanted it to and more except for one little thing. There is no "PS" button. I still nearly rated it 5 stars because of the features and ease of use, but the lack of a "PS" button just eats at me. Oh yeah, I use a galaxy tab 3, stock rom, rooted. Nothing special and this worked fast and easily with very little set up. No lag. No problems. Don't pay attention to the idiots who either didn't root their device or can't read directions.

A Google User

impressed! note: take off one star for ps3 users, as I would've liked to see a more complete set of buttons for ps3 controller mode &/or a dedicated ps3 keyboard mode (with r1, l1, start & select) to make this app independently control the ps3 browser. this would earn it 5 stars & make it the pro version a must-have for ps3 owners... App seems to not be compatible with Swype, too, which is really unfortunate. looking forward to future updates. keep up the good work!

April Overall

Awesome app but really? One of the besy 3rd party ps3 app I've seen or tried this one is definatly the most helpful and probably app that would be used. I get that you need to root for this but honestly just about every ROM I've seen available for dl the kernel is normally a stock version anyways and cyogenmod is all from stock builds so don't get why you ask not to waste your time but come on why would you say try different rom don't waste our time put your Rom build w kernel version for good measure nice app tho. No offense man.

Jason Sickler

Garbage Has never worked on any top of the line Android devices or custom rooms for them. Pretty sure this is used to steal your identity.

Пользователь Google

Great idea. But does not work with LG p500

Abcab Cbade

Piece of shit Doesn't work and need to restore the hosts file.

Dmitriy Mitko

not work on custom kernel (CM) I'm using NExus 7 with liquiodsmooth rom (like CM) and got WARNING. Can you write, which module needed? Or enable force mode. Thank you

alessandro pelayo

Why did you you stop the updates This was great but when my old phone exploded I got this one and it does not seem to support this phone


lol wouldn't let me run it because of my ad blocker but i still bypassed your crap anyway. LOL.

timothy whatodo

Truly Disappointed My phone its root and its a Tmobile galaxy s2 with Cyanogenmod 12.1...but it doesn't work. It says try a different ROM like CyanogenMod which I have... I really should have rated it 1 stars but maybe it doesn't work for lollipop?

Scott Campbell

Mostly working Mostly working with my Raspberry Pi and a Bluetooth adapter. Some keys don't work (;), and others don't map correctly (-). I have a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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