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26 Mar
BlueBook Of Gun Values

Posted by BluebookInc Developer in Sports | March 26, 2015 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

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Access the world-renowned Blue Book of Gun Values from your mobile device. Access model information, manufacturer history, specs, and variations on almost 250,000 gun models. Note that Values are included with a paid subscription only, however the app is free to download
The Blue Book of Gun Values app contains:

· Search capability to locate specific models quickly

· Current Blue Book values; updated MONTHLY along with historical pricing. (A paid online subscription is required only to access pricing information)

· Detailed and technical information for most models

· Our Photo Percentage Grading System to accurately assess the condition of your gun

· Manufacturer history and production information for thousands of trademarks

Whats new

    .More bug fixes coming- Navigation improvements, search enhancement, and overall stability.

BluebookInc Developer part of our Sports and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 26, 2015. Google play rating is 46.4984. Current verison is 2.0.2. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download bluebook-of-gun-values.apk 12.0 MB


Drew Siegel

UPDATE....I paid but I could not access the price list They took my money but I did not receive access to the information I purchased. This is an update....I emailed the app developer about the problem. They are VERY responsive. Great customer service. I did find that the app automatically capitalized the first letter of my email address and until I figured this out, I could not sign in. If you are having issues signing in, try capitalizing the first letter of your email.

Davy Bass

Logo says honesty and integrity??? This apps logo says honesty and integrity but you have to download the app and then set up an account, then find your gun, THE it charges a ridiculous amount to see a value. Scrap this crap and call ANY gun shop or ask Mr. Google!!

Aaron Bryant

Sucks Have to pay to use... and bombarded with junk email now

Tye Kown

Awesome I live by it on daily basis

Kim Bray

This is a waste.

Robert McIntire

Worked until last update They finally updated it so that you could log in, I bought a subscription and it worked fine until the last update. Now I can still log in, but it no longer shows my subscription at all

greg wingate

Don't waste your time. Very deceiving, claims to be free until you try and use it. They ask $29.95 for the entire book or 2.99 for one value. May as well just buy the book and skip this. It would be nice if they would give you a couple of free trials to see how it works, I could see where this would be handy at a gunshow, but again I want to try before I buy. Seemed hard to navigate, but who knows, they don't allow you to try it out.

Gregory Sarver

Stole Money I paid for the subscription, logged out, restarted phone, waited a couple hours and logged in. Took my money and said I don't have a subscription. Liars and thieves.


Issue fixed In this version some bugs is fixed.I can now purchase a model and access the price thanks.

James Bowling

Love bluebook, hate the app. App is almost non functional, it's way easier to just use the browser. Would love to see a functioning app soon.

Gb Baker

SUCKS!!!! Almost impossible to navigate.

Gary Gannon

Unable to login. Glad this was a free download! I was unable to enter my email to login... Deleted 10 minutes after installing. Cheaper then dirt app better and still free!

Jeter Allred

What happened This app used to be great it sux now. Wtf have had suscription for 2 years used often now its crap gonna call them

Eric Jones

Galaxy S4 Numerous log in fails. Will not show you price without logging in. You can not stay logged in when browsing. The BB of Gun Values is a great research tool. This app is not and a complete embarrassment to the book. Save your time and effort. They have major issues to overcome before it will be ready for the public.

Denise Fisher

wth All I wanted was to order the new 35th edition on guns.....,tried everything to get to that page!!!! All it gives me is lists of guns,worthless "NEW" site....

Christopher McGraw

BBoGV Works really well. Makes it much easier to find current values when buying or selling guns.

Jeremy Wells

Useless As soon as you need to use this app it starts asking you to login. It also wants you to subscribe. Yet another scam in the firearms community charging for information which is readily available for free.

Brad Rhod

Cant log in dont know y i need to thx for wasting my time

Cliff Broussard

I can not log in. Message keeps saying log in failed

James Bauer

Worthless Won't accept my email and wants money.

Rick I

Blue book of gun values Highlights only more popular brands

Zach Perkins

This app functions like some beta version from 2002 What a POS. Get with the program and at the very least mimic the mobile version found at website. Navigation is horrible, drop down menu commits user to other interface, search results and other aspects make for a really poor app.

Scott Page

Can not log in says I have no sescription

john kelley

U have to purchase another app to get values

Tim Thurman

Cant register. Says use a valid email. Well I have 4 and there all valid. But your app wont recognize them. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Rick Breister

After registering you try to look at a gun and says your not registered to see pricing! Fk you app!

Chris Shaw

Its only free if you dont want to see prices Have to register and purchase


Awful. Springfield Armory has only produced the 1911, ever, right.

David Cash

Must pay to use.

Jack Cullin

Piece of JUNK site After registering the site is unable of recognize me and give me access. So right of the bat it scores a miss.

Scott Rumple

Junk...Don't waist your time!

Robert Ingram

Crap! Don't waste your memory space.

Al Bruch

This is crap Enough said

Luis Levy

No access There are no prices I could see as to what the value of a firearm was

Ray Holcomb

Not Free at all !!! The only thing free in this app is the download. U must pay to see any gun values. Gave it a 1 star cause it wouldn't let give no stars another rip-off.

Donny Wislick

So far it's terrible I was going to get a year subscription but the app has so many problems I would rather just use my Web browser, but if I'm going to use the browser then why would I pay$30 when I can find an accurate value FOR FREE after searching the web? I was willing to pay for the convenience of not having to search the Web for an hour. The problem with the app is that it is so unbelievably slow (LG G3) almost like a 3 sec. delay and tons of studdering when scrolling and then the main search bar doesn't even work. Wtf?

Bill Davis

suck you in with FREE App only to find values cost. that makes it a bullshit NOT Free app. stuff you time waster no load not free app

Eric Jones

Galaxy S4 first time now S6 Ok in all fairness I tried this again with a new phone. This app does not like the Galaxy system. It will only load a spinning ring. If I was looking up the info on a spinning ring I would still be S.O.L. I can't for the life of me figure out why after all this time and poor reviews you can't get it right. If it will only work on certain systems you should state that. I tried this on my tablet also and same problem (also a Galaxy). While the book is great, the app isn't. Don't waste your time.

Gold Cloud

Not very useful It is better off to buy the book or a PDF version to be saved to the phone. Too much trouble to navigate through this app. This is more of an advertisement than app.

Jonathon Lancenese

Paid sub I'm not paying a subscription for this. Simple prices I can look up in any store site that sells guns. App was also very slow and hard to use, not worth money.

Ray Farrar

Very Poor The Blue Book of Gun Values has been used as the gold standard for firearms valuation. I speak of the paper edition, this app doesn't even meet the tin standard! Use the internet web site or keep using the book to prevent frustation.

joshua brinker

Terrible app. It won't let me use the firearm manufacturer search bar. It also wants me to pay more money to use this glitch filled app when I can go to there website and access gun values with ease.

james Last

Stupid They should give up. It's full of bugs and very expensive. If they were smart, they would have completed the app first and made it a free membership to the first couple thousand downloads to get it off the ground.

Scott Del Col

Not free at all gotta pay for every gun value. Very buggy just a bad app all around.

Dave Trachte

App doesn't work Won't function at all after installing...

Robson Vidal

Horrible paid app! Only a handful of manufacturers listed and charges you an insane amount of $29 per year to use the app. Are you kidding me? I would give two stars if it was really free, just because it's about guns!

Danny Harrington

Useless!!!! Go out and by a book. Every time you look up as gun, it prompts you to pay a fee.

Eric Mathis

Total Crap Not paying for something that I can find on the Web for free. I'll compare it to, "I have some used lottery tickets for sale."

James Lefever

Absolutely horrible do not waste your time

Marc Middleton

Waste of money Tried to purchase a set of firearm data and it took my money and gave me no data

Billy Webb

Purchase per gun Not free and it seems that you have to purchase the cost of each gun or spend money for a monthly contract

Seth Vogel

Waste of time and money Very glad I only paid for a single gun not the whole 1 year subscription.

Mike Kessler

Have to pay to get the value of your gun. When you can Google it or Bing it for free. Waste of time downloading it.

Phillip Burress

Junk Read the other reviews. installed and tried to create new account and purchase subscription. app kept telling me to fill out all fields, all were filled in. don't waste your time with this app. they should make sure an app world before they put it out there and waste peoples time.

Jason Temple

Back to being buggy! I Not very useful right now. I end up using the website most of the time. C'mon guys, I go to gunshows and need a quick app!


What a scam Please cancel my subscription since I can't find a way to contact you.

Sam Donato

Searches and searches...then searches The fact is you can get real time values by looking at what guns are going for on line. This should be fairly simple, but they have not yet done so. This app should not have to look up databases of valies, but rather be installed with the app and updated periodically.

Dustin Brock

Cannot log in after purchase I purchased the app and cannot log in.

Richard Pierce II

Useless The search function is terrible. Tried the app for about three minutes before uninstalling it.

Marvin Figueroa

Not working When i type in a manufacturers name, nothing happens. No search results populate. App or website.

Eric Patterson

Slow and to expensive If i wanted to pay through the nose every time I would not have wanted the app. I'll just go by the book. Slow is beyond what this app is. Typed in the search 3 minutes later it's still seeing there.

Nathan Baldwin

Worthless! Less than 1 star.

Andrew Freaney

Wish it worked Website works great. But the app not so much I thought it would be nice to to lug the book around. I can't search for manufacturers it just says loading forever if I try searching for Tue make and model it takes soo much longer and when I tap one it loads and I don't get details about that model so it makes it harder to specify the exact model of many of the same models.

Weebo wobbo

Paid for the sub. Wish I could use it I bought the monthly subscription and I still can't use the app. So yeah 1 star

Calico Jack

Maybe useful for someone. Overpriced

David Meyer

Not free Have to subscribe

Aaron Miller

Garbage Worthless search feature, only to find a hefty fee for usage.

Nicholas Weibel

Helpful if you can find the right gun After searching for different guns for the last week, I've noticed that many models/variations aren't listed. If they are they're buried under 100's of misc. Results. Really needs search improvement before it is even slightly useful. Especially with having to pay to use it

Patric Uhinck

Junk Not user friendly takes to long to load. Removed it from phone

jerry stone

Won't let me access info I paid for TWICE!!!!


Does not work

Richard H

Blue book of gun value is just a lie not free Big lie it is not free false advertizing

Chris Backley

Worthless App is free but gives no info... All hun info costs money, only free info is background of manufacturer and what years a model was made/imported

James Kanel

Horrible Website is terrible, app is worse. Inconsistent and difficult to navigate.

Adam H

This app is Crap Dont waist your time with this one.

aaron Jimenez

What the hell is going on here? No idea how this app works. Apparently you have to buy each model? No idea. Deleted in less than 5 minutes

Levi M

Rip off They want $2.95 per model...uninstalling

Dean Libby

Doesn't work,took my money and won't work

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