Download Bloxorz Block Puzzle apk 10.0 free for Android smartphone

3 Sep
Bloxorz Block Puzzle

Posted by Albino Blacksheep in Puzzle | Sept. 3, 2015 | 125 Comments

Apk file size: 5.7 MB

Put the two-story block into the square hole by rolling it around for hours. There are 33 levels in this block puzzle game.
Originally published as a Web game at

You control a two-story block cube as one piece that can be split in later levels. The levels are grids, and each grid contains one square hole. Getting your block into the hole is your goal. The grids also contain many dangerous edges, so don't let your block fall off the edges of the grid.

Made by Roboman.

This is the only OFFICIAL licensed Android copy of the game.

Whats new

    Version 9:
    More sensitive swipe controls
    Game loads much faster
    Performance improvements
    Faster block movements
    Version 8:
    Fix crashes and bugs
    Performance optimization
    Saves game progress
    Passcode support
    Fixed toggle sound button
    Fix level skipping bug

Albino Blacksheep part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 3, 2015. Google play rating is 72.2151. Current verison is 10.0. Actual size 5.7 MB.

Download bloxorz-block-puzzle.apk 5.7 MB


Aschbel Lamarre

You really need to fix this I love 2 play this game on my computer then I found it on my phone so I had 2 get it when I got it it worked perfectly fine but then it would move by itself and fall over which was very aggravating then it kept on force stopping when I got 2 about stage 17 fix these problems then u get 5 stars from me and everyone else take my word for it

Don Nichols

(PLEASE READ) Unhappy Players Made A Mistake Those of you having problems getting the block to stop - here's what your REAL problem is: You're not removing your finger soon enough. Once the block starts to make a single move, it doesn't stop until the block rotates. When holding the buttons, timing is everything, so be careful. Or instead, just use taps. You're not being timed anyway, so take as long as you need.

zack aqui

To much lag. Game is very unresponsive and graphics are choppy at best. Love this game on the computer, but no movement in the app is smooth of quick. Fix this and you will get 5 stars from me.

Rawell Perez

It has someproblems, like when you are playing and then puf! It keeps moving by itself. Then it froze my celphone, when i tried to star the game again it just keeps on force closing.

Bethany Brooks

Good app Good app. Keeps the mind ticking. Gameplay is a bit laggy and slow sometimes- this may just be that my phone has too many apps- otherwise good. Also love this game on the web- can be found on MINICLIP and COOL MATH. Recommended to any one with time to kill and a brain for puzzles. Excellent.

Minh Đức Hoàng

Great game, but... It has a litle bit of lag. Fix it, plzzzz.

Ally Heavner

Ok For a while it stoped at stage 2 now it doesnt but it is so slow fix it.

Eden Barnett

Good but...... I find this app good but its really annoying I can't pass certain levels and I know that's good for you but I like the levels to be slightly more achievable. Idk.......... Maybe I'm just not clever enough for a game like this .........

Brandi Fitzgerald

I love this game but i hate playstore I sat and played it and then I get on playstore and it tells me it didn't install it I JUST PLAYED I MEAN COME ON

carter brandon

Love it. One of my favourite games but plays a bit slow on Asus Memo Pad HD7

Youssef Henna

Wont open Just downloaded the app and it does not even launch, maybe it is not compatible with my nexus 6 yet, but please fix love this game

Shelby Baker

Force close issue for Nexus 5 Lollypop I loved this game when I found it online, so I found it on the app store, however after installing it I can't open it, it opens for a second then immediately force closes. I'd appreciate if you could fix this. Thanks :)

ana ana

won't work with android 5.0 i cannot start the app, i recieve the message that it stopped working..

sasha siatua

THE ADDS Are so annoying,I like the game but its the ads....can you fix it please????

Seann Dailey

Loved the computer game - App doesn't work! It won't open on my HTC One M8 :(

connor stoyle

Just like the original :] My only quarrel with this app is that I sometimes experience the same problem as others, where the block will act as if I'm holding down on an arrow when I let go and it will just fly right off the stage. On the basis that this 'might' just be a problem with my phone screen and not the programme and the fact that I think this deserves more than 3.9 stars, I'll give it 5.

Courtney Renée

It won't even open on my phone. I click it and I just get the force close or report box. Not even "Wait" comes up, so this is a definit uninstall.

amairani Gonzalez

I love this game even thought am 21 I still play it. Well I'll been playing it since I was in middle school.

robbie pralicz

Awesome game This game is perfect for boredom its SOOO fun

Samantha Rogers

The arrow buttons "stick" LOVED this game on the computer and was thrilled to see that it was an app! Made it to level 29, but can't make it because EVERY time I play the block falls off by itself! It is NOT because I don't move my finger quick enough. I have tried going super slow and just tapping. Would have received 5 stars if this wasn't an issue!

Georgia Heath

? I love the game on the computer but this app keeps crashing and I want to b able 2 play it on my tablet. Plz fix this for a better rating

Mollie Evans

Super It is a game that you play on and off It is really fun and I can now play in my tablet and on my laptop???

Alexis Gill

Horse lover This game is the best for friendsandfamilymembers.☺????♎♋

Renee Brown

Extremely disliked It's not the game itself, I remember it being great. But I can't go one level without it freezing on me and I have to force close it. And not to mention it's rather laggy. I don't recommend it.

kassidy don

Awesome Awesome game just like on ma laptop on friv the games cool on ma samsung if u wanna download go ahaed

john shuber

Bs Literally just downloaded it and when I go to open it it instantly says it stopped working

kelli victory

Love it!!! I love this game I use to play it on the computer when i was younger but now its back and i dont have to go to a kids learning website just to play the i am so happy because not only is is free but it is portable and it runs just fine and doesnt seem to buffer at all!

Richard Duah

Start App don't work on new Android update

Jodi Allan

this game is so fun! gets harder each level but you still always get through eventually, I'd definatly recommend this game

Cole Dill

Sucks Bad Can't touch buttons on first try takes 4-5 tries don't download it is a waste of time and storage fix this and I will re-download

Tahlia kelly

SUPER...... It has super slow movement which makes you press the same button twice because the first time it wont move then it falls off the edge and some times if u take too long cos youre thinking about where to go it starts to move by itself, resetting the game... SUPER ANNOYING!!!!

Nuvia Resendez

I love this computer game I download the app and it won't even open plz fix it !!!!!

Brandon Rodriguez

Great game I like how you have to use strategy,in order to beat this game,I like this game on computer as well.

Abdul Rahim

Good game Doesnt work on my phone works on my tablet though

Peter Butter

I'll give you credit for hard work its semi fun on computer I downloaded this for when I'm bored but it just crashes I'm on 5.2 android lollipop update btw I just put everything in my title lol woops if I put the update wrong please correct me but Ik its above update 5.0

Karlesha Stokes

I Love This Game Every Since Middle School.

Casey Cook

F*** this game I cant i cant go up or sideways

Nadia Pitt

Really fun I love the challenges ??


Level 34? What's up with level 34? After completing level 33 the next level has a whole set of tiles but you can't move on them.

aleš španič

LAG! to much lag to enjoy the game...lower quality doesn't help. fix it and i'll give 5 stars

Brianna Brianna

Hate it ??? If I could pick no stars I would but no I have to pick one this game really sucks I tried to play and it would say it does not work ??????

Stephen Jacobes

It's great game, but... It's a great game, but graphics are a bit choppy and laggy. Just fix that up and I don't think it will be a problem.

Rabz S

Doesn't not work I loved playing this game online and had to download it when I saw it. BUT since I have downloaded it, it has NOT opened once. Please fix

Khalid Amin

(Plz read) I really like this game and I play it on the laptop all the time but this game is not working on my phone. Doesn't even start

Saurabh Singh

Gets installed but wouldn't open I loved this game on web and tried installing this on my nexus4 running stock android 5.1 It got installed but wouldn't start. I rebooted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled it, but just won't start. Gives an error 'unfortunately bloxorz had stopped'.

Kolbert Cooke

Won't even open I have a Galaxy s6 and the app won't even open. It just says Bloxorz has unexpectedly closed or it just closes seconds after I open the game. Please freaking fix this. I love the pc version.

jonathon estrada

For now 1☆ It won't launch on my Galaxy Note 3. at all it gets 1 ad then says unresponsive

Grace Nyberg

Love the game Its very fun and its a good brain to test your brain out and its fun for kids. I really recommend this game to anybody that want to teache there mind and also have a little fun. Love the game it's Great

Matty Wootton

Not loading ? Everytime I try and play this game it says unfortunately blockerz has stopped working. Sort it out ?

The Prankster

Cool math games I found this on cool math games. I wanted to see if it was on here and yes!!! Love it

Zoe Sims

Great Just One Problem The app is great it's a copy of bloxsaw on the computer just it keeps glitching I can parley get to finish one level but other than that i give it a 4 p.s I wish I could give a 5 but there was a problem sorry.

Connor Delaney

Galaxy S5 So badly made. I downloaded this because I like it on the computer but whenever I try to run it, it says that the app stopped.

rick wheeler

I love this game, however, I too have had the same issue with the block not being responsive and the rolling off the side. Also, the problem that starts on level 9 is that you cannot switch which piece you are controlling. When you press the space bar, the brackets move but return to the first piece. I have also had the issue of the piece off to the side that moves with the piece I am controlling, then causes it to fall off or does not leave the screen when switching levels. please fix for 5 stars.

Saphire Rose

Glitch... When I get to the levels where the brick is in half, it glitches...ill be moving the brick half...and then it'll suddenly fall off for no reason...and then a half of a brick shows up on the board when it starts over....and when i get it to go on the button again...i start moving it...and then the other that had appeared at the beginning moves as well...and if it moves off the does the one im controlling...then it starts over. i very much didn't like this version...

Rado V.

I lost my saved game after the upgrade. I don't have any control buttons on my screen with no options to bring them also. So I'm very disappointed now.

KenaKam Bachia

Glitches ? The glitches are ruining the game but I still play it on my computer and I love it but the glitches are like ??? but I still like it it's a good game try it ???

young masta

Glitch and How to fix it.Please.its easy fix Okay so I love this game, you actually think strategically but however once you reach the toggle (when the bricks separate in half) and you're on a touch screen phone there is no space button we can use while the game is pulled up.I read and talked to many people and this same problem is making people give bad ratings unhappy with the glitch leads to deletion of the app.IDEA TO FIX.Allow ether to be able to tap the half brick to choose piece to move OR allow a optional control pad with space bar on screen

millie jace

Not worth it It was fun until I get to level 9 when the block separates two halves I'm only able to move one of them can't switch to the other one don't know how to get them to come back together to win the game and there's a lot of glitches fix these issues please and I'll redownload it

Olivia Amendola

Doesn't work Every time I go into the game there are too many ads that don't have x's so I can never play the game. This annoys me so I am uninstalling the game.

Michelle Houle

It doesn't even work I used to play this on my computer and I loved it but in this I can swipe any direction and all it does is fall off the edge or do nothing at all

Daniel Gregori

Good on PC but... This was a great game of my childhood but this just butchers it it is so unresponsive I couldn't pass the first level.

Nur Afifah

Just download it but nothing came out.All I can see is a blank screen.Please fix this.

Matthew Hoover

Ugh When I launched the game, it just showed an ad or two and didn't even show a title screen or anything. I probably waited at last 2 minutes for something and all I got were ads.

joe o

please fix it I love it had to take it off my tablet to fix internet how I went to redo it put it back on all I get is a blank screen

A Kh

Awful Graphics are just too horrible. Too pixelated on my phone and its very laggy in - game pls fix!!

Thomas Gilbertson

Split-block glitch... Every time I split the block, there is some sort of glitch... it's different between levels...

Amanda Delgado

It didn't even load up When I opened it it was black and then I saw one or two ads then I waited a little bit and I got tired of waiting so I uninstalled it please fix!

Daniel Bonilla

I Loved it If I could not find a place for you and your family are doing great. lol

Jessica Smits

Whenever I opened the game, a video for an ad would play, but it would never close. I have tried reinstalling but it still doesn't work.

Palle Ramesh

Could have given it 0 stars.. The game itself doesn't start. It just displays a black page with audio..that's it...not at all satisfied..

Mariano Perez

This game so boring bruh. & it's slow. But I did enjoy playing it back in 6th grade on a computer

Jose Gomez

Eh and for people who don't know how to move it u swipe to left right up down

Silverio Espinoza

Silverio Why did you have to destroy the game now its just a bunch of never ending adds

Drew Hennessy

Impossible to control You tell it to go one way, and it goes another. It's unplayable

Austin Minnier

Doesn't load Blank screen with audio, game doesn't load but I still get all your ads with no issue. *rolls eyes*

Kate Anstiss

Not working Just downloaded it and it doesn't work - just comes up with a blank black screen

Burnie Stanley

Disappointed I loved this game when I was young I could sit and play it for hours on the computer. The game responds to slow and the block does not follow swipes very well. Really wish it was better :(

john allen

It doesn't work It lags so bad that you can't even swipe to make the block move in the right direction. You could swipe right to lay the block down and it will lag half way in the animation and just go its own way. Plus the adds are right over the menu so you can't even hit that to try and reset the stage. This game should have just stayed at Applebee's where it somewhat worked.

Charles Bergwardt

A bit of a problem The seperate button in stage 8 works but when ur one block away from the other like a space is empty and it forms the full but a single block remains a bit of a glitch there

Melinda Khodai

I think the game shouldve been left on the computer and turned into an app even though i absolutely love the game, the app isnt all that great.. the block always falls off when u swipe ur finger

Jac Jac

No arrows The arrows do not show up on the screen. Tried to unistall twice but that didn't help.

Prince Royce Royce

Can't see it ! It's a pitch black screen I hear sound but I can't play

Josh Toulmin

Terrible terrible terrible Terrible port of what was an amazing game from my childhood. How can you ruin a game from an educational site? Make it touch screen related.

Don Xudan

Nice This game is gud ...mind increasing game ...lov it ..very much...#Nepal#xudan timilsena#

jhon corner

I love this game But its not starting in my samsung galexy tab 3. I play this game on miniclip in my laptop when I think it should be on play store when I saw the game on store I quickly put it on download but it ashamed me bcz it not startingwhen I open this game the screen is tottaly black I waited for 3 min but no responce

Damien Amos

This game sucks!!!!!!! On the computer the game rules but on the phone its like a lagging marathon I swipe once it gos twice I go one way it gos the other come on get it together

Ryan S

Level 31 I love this game so much I beat 31 in 27 sec

Olivia Zamora

Do not get this app This app is very slow and freezes alot. This game sucks its better on computers!!!

Kyle Riner

I would give it zero It is not a good game to be played on your free time till they update the controls

Arman Gabdyzhamalov

Pls add controls It's impossible to play by touching screen as sometimes it stuck without move. It is easier if we have a controls ⬅⬆➡⬇somewhere on the screen. Pls fix bloxs from Level 9!!! It doesn't work.

LeFrenchie ball1849

It is a mobile version Lags, low resolution, not responsive but a good game from my childhood. Though please improve this game later on Black sheep, hopefully you'll keep on fixing this lovely game.

Jacob Moseley

ok it's a good game, but the block won't move to the right place

Chloe Broadbent

It doesnt even work I get onto the app and then my screen goes black and it just plays music and I cant even play the game like wtf im not impressed

Dan Cox

Unacceptable port of a great PC game This port is simply awful - buggy, chunky, terrible controls, and even the graphics looked bad. It is a great game and the web based PC version is a fun puzzle game - but the android port is simply unusable and zero fun. Sad :(

Christian Sanford

The swipe controls are to weird to be able to move the block. Needs some sort of button option and maybe make it not so blurry. Love this on the computer but the mobile version is mediocre

Alyssa Fawley

ADD BUTTONS!!!! it is down rite IMPOSSIBLE to complete by swiping, i swipe up and it registers as if i was swiping left!!!! the idea to move the game to mobile was good but make it easier to move the block. im not going to compare this to anything but look at Minecraft, the PC version you Carroll with the keyboard but for the pe version you have buttons for movement and makes things 100% easier to control and make the game 1000% more fun and enjoyable.

cody brown

Wasn't even able to play a game Sent me into multiple ad pages and Google play apps and when I tried to turn the sound off it froze my device.

Reuben Selman

Nearly Unplayable. Very slow, unresponsive and some game breaking glitches as well. For example, when it gets onto the half brick levels, half of the brick just stays there

Eric Marchetti

Slow The game isn't reacting to my commands....and is very glitchy

valente rosas

This was one of my favorite games back when i was a kid too bad it goes slow when it divides won't work properly need to ficks


Tablet Still needs work. Lots of glitches when you split the boxes there's three boxes

Elliot Orr

Broken When I opened up the game, the screen goes black, but the music still plays

Lannie Tamara

Fix for 5 Stars please fix. I like the game but it doesn't even work on here i mean it works on a computer but not on the phone WTF.

Megan Salter

Glitching all the time It was always glitching on me and when i tried to move it it stayed there and then i pressed it again anc it fell of the side so after 3days im still on level 1 cus of the glitches.dont install this game really...plz plz

Beaky Collazo

Control Does Not Respond Exactly what the title says. Try swiping all sorts of directions just for no response. When the block actually moves it rolls of the stage at the beginning. Unistalled.

Megan Sefton

I'd give it less if I could. The gamr doesn't even load past a black screen and background music, then it just continually plays ads. Don't get the game.

Hugh Jundies

ADDDDDS The first time I booted up the app, there was an add. Then, after every move I made, it would lag out and give me another add. It sucks cause I used to love this game, but this ruined it for me.?

roman c

absolutely loved it on web terrible, laggy animation. also, HATE the ads. please add option to pay to completely remove ads. that is, if you can make it run smoothly like EVERY OTHER GAME ON MOBILE IS.

Krystian Bialous

Good game concept but game is laggy and is hard to control, very slow, ads on main menu are annoying!

michael hutchison

Loved this Used to play this back in 2007 an always loved it, now the stage tht has you turn into two blocks doesn't let you switch between blocks because there are no buttons and it glitches out and either adds a third cube or leaves only one, please fix this i love this game and have been loving it since i was 7

Mark Lewis

Completely broken controls I LOVED this game back in the day. I even made sure I found the original version here. But all it is is a poor port of the flash version that doesn't even work properly. Swipe right, it might go down or not move at all, swipe left and it might go up or left or not move. Makes it impossible to play. Guess I'll have to find a knock off that's actually playable.


Bugs and advertising only I am playing this game on Samsung N900 #1. after the block splits I can not switch between the cubes. Don't have a space bar on my mobile screen. #2if the block is split and you fall one of the cube, the other cube stays on screen and even you can play with 3 cubes in next try but can not switch the cube. #3 the sound turns on every time I launch the game. 4# an ad always stays on the screen even when I play. This is irritating.

Brianna Churchville

Problems The brick is very unresponsive. The game is not working properly. I love this game on the computer. Maybe instead of swiping the screen, you could put arrows instead for better control and maneuvering. I would give it 5 stars if you fixed the errors.

Phuong Huynh

Lag & Hard to Control First of 3 downloaded. Pick this one first because the file size seem to be the slowest. The feel is pretty much like the web game but super leg and the only way to control the 'rolling' is the touch screen......downsize? It seem like it won't roll in the direction I thought I swipe my finger!!!!

Spicy Fox

Not for touch screen phones For this game, you have to use the space bar to switch between the blocks. Well, how am I supposed to do that if the touch screen keyboard isn't implemented for the game?! Why the hell would you make a game app that doesn't work with touch screen phones when most phones these days are touch screen only?!?!? What a freaking waist!

LpsAlex TV

DON'T GET IT! HHHAAATTTEE IIITTT!!! So LAGGY! I'd rather play this on Cool Math! When you swipe it doesn't move AT THE! If it does move it will go off of the edge causing you to get a new phone because you were so mad at the game that you broke it.

lukey B

Waste of space on phone/tablet This app is a poor copy of the computer game and is really not worth the storage or time. I would not get this app as it is VERY BAD!

The Awesome Crafting People

I couldn't Even play the game because there were WAY too many ads. It was blurry and I'm not impressed. I love this online but this totally just ruined it.

Sean Fleming

Glitchy at level 9 It's glitchy at level 9. When you split the blocks, it doesn't want to switch to the other block. I loved the online version, but the mobile version doesn't work.

Lance Matthews

It is actually a great game. I'm giving it 2 stars for now because the swipe control is unresponsive and inaccurate. Sometimes when one swipes downwards the block moves sideways and falls off. I liked the arrow controls before the recent update. If arrow controls were to be used again, I would suggest using a contrasting colour such as transparent blue instead of transparent white which was too similar to the tiles. If that were to happen I'd give an infinite number of stars if I could.

Jack Lad

Swipe is terrible Would be enjoyable if i can just move it easily. The challenge of the game is all mental not "swipy" physical. Too much effort

Michael Pollard

Lags badly The game is good but it lags alot and the controls arent that great either so please improve and i will rate 4-5 star depending on how good yall fix it

Mekenna E.

Blurry and hard to control Waste of 5 minutes. ? Love this game on the computer but this was not a good transition to mobile devices. Please fix.

Muhammad Rizwan

Works perfectly fine. Graphics should be improve but moves are perfectly fine. Those who are complaining for moves should slide in + (plus) way. Left or right 0 degree and up or down 90 degree.

Sergio Ramirez

This game sucks on smart phones. The game is very slow on smart phones. Also, controls are too confusing. It's much more easier to play this game on in computer than a smart phone.

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