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13 Sep

Posted by Brainium Studios in Casino | Sept. 13, 2016 | 195 Comments

Apk file size: 40.0 MB

Blackjack by Brainium captures what makes blackjack such an exhilarating game, while making the experience easy, beautiful, and intuitive for your Android phone or tablet. Best of all, there are NO in-app purchases for getting chips in our casino game!

Tap the chips to adjust your bet, and watch the gorgeous, crisp, and beautifully animated cards fly on the table.

If you're unsure of your strategy, ask the dealer for a hint at any time.

Helpful bubbles assist you to quickly add up your cards, or decide whether you should take a hit on a soft value.

Take advantage of advanced blackjack 21 strategies, like splitting multiple times and doubling down, to win big!

Practice your card counting skills by tracking the deck transition animation.

We love our players so we made sure that you don't spend any money in our blackjack twentyone game to get more chips. Blackjack 21 free by Brainium is completely free to play and all the chips and money used in the game are fictitious.

Give Blackjack by Brainium a try and we promise you will have a fantastic experience. With the new skills you pick up you’ll feel more confident for your next trip to Vegas!

A note regarding the odds of winning Blackjack free:

Like all casino games, the odds of winning are slightly in favor of the casino. In our game, we use a cryptographically strong randomizer to shuffle the decks to make the game as authentic as possible. The game of blackjack is not meant to be ‘won’ but is instead a game of both strategy and chance, resulting in both wins and losses. The unfavorable hands are meant to make the following winning streaks that much sweeter :)

Blackjack 21 Rules:

Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Blackjack is a card game where players compete against the dealer. The object of the game is to reach 21 or to reach a score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21.

In Blackjack free by Brainium, the dealer must draw to 16 and stand on soft 17. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, and insurance pays 2 to 1.

Blackjack 21 Highlights & Features:

- Gorgeous, beautifully animated cards
- Touch and interact with all of your chips
- Split hands or double down to win big
- Buy insurance to dodge a dealer blackjack
- Surrender to get out of a tough situation
- Detailed statistics to track your performance
- Multiple casino table backdrops to choose from
- Unlimited dealer hints
- Unlimited free chips! Just spin the wheel :)
- New deck animation helps you practice your card counting skills
- Our Blackjack free games look amazing on tablets and phones of all sizes

If you enjoy our black jack App, check out our other card games, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell, on Google Play or AppBrain.

We hope you enjoy Blackjack free by Brainium, and contact our five star support if you have any questions :)

Whats new

    New in this update:
    - Bug fixes

Brainium Studios part of our Casino and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 84.5352. Current verison is 1.0.5. Actual size 40.0 MB.

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ruth forster

Great wee game Great way to pass some time!! Fun and easy. A lot of people complaining about losing lots. But those guys are all millionaires from real life casino winnings so no worries :p

Raul Velez

Great game for entertaiment Easy and simple to follow thru, also addictive, as well. Props to the crew who invented and created the game. By the way, for those who say that these game suk is because u r the 1 that suk. Of course, u r going to lose, its part of the game even on real life, just know how to play ur money n cards. A real Vegas player would say the same as my previous senten., and if they don't its cause they are probably a one time Vegas visitor. N for those who say it fuks with ur phone, just stop watching porn.

Joe G

Glitches Hits on it's own. Gives me a second cardwhen I haven't asked for one. Like a lot! Also crashes and freezes quite often. Other than that it's great.

Martin Ball

Win most card hands that are dealt. Majority of cards that are dealt to me to my benefit. Which means I win most hands. So if you want to send any updates that make the game a little more challenging by all means do so. Right now it's challenging enough.

Steven Le

Design to get you to look at ads Lol you will loose 95% of the time so you could spin for more chips so you can get flooded with ads

Steve Melton

This game is rigged in favor of the computer. No way computer can get so many wins. You get nineteen it gets twenty. You get more fourteen and fifteens then any thing

christian Cameron

Havent won a single game! I started off with about 900 dollars. I didnt win anything ever! I would start with twelve alot, i hit and i bust. The dealer aleays gets a black jack every other turn. This game is crap.

Branden Gross

Nice single player blackjack game You have to watch an ad when you run out of chips, but as far as I can tell it isn't rigged at all. It seems like a lot of people leaving reviews don't know how to play blackjack. It's a fun game and worth a try.

chris moore

The best! This is the absolute best blackjack game on here! It's simple and fun, not fully of silliness.


Cheater Think its cute to have the a.i. counting cards eh? I nearly threw my device and if the devs face was present i would have. Only reason this gets one star is because chips are free. Short of that this games sucks worse than the devs who made it. PEACE

Chris Case

Ghetto Game is too fake. I bet small and hit 20 and 21 bet over a thousand and dealer seems to hit 21 everytime or i bust. And im very familiar with real casino blackjack. I know its just a game for fun but i like to keep up on my blackjack skill when i dont play in a casino.

Berlin Saint Clair

This app should be called 'Losing at Blackjack' Cheats like a mofo! I mean seriously?? Seems like no matter how much I have played this game if you bet with the $25 amount or above chips; chances are you WILL lose! And I have been playing this game off and on for almost a year. Shame because I like the layout (why I gave it 2 stars)

valentinas kurapka

Too bad It's designed to maximize ad views by having the app win a disproportionate amount vs known odds. To get more chips you must spin the wheel and before you can spin the wheel ads show up on your screen. The more ad views Branium can generate the more money they make from advertisers

Roylin Price

Blackjack Great way to waste some time! Lots of fun, just don't expect to break the bank!

Steven Castro

Yahhh Like real life but with a magic mothafuckin money wheel. Addiction lol

Zachary H.

Ok Nice set up and good game... ...but about 1/3 of the time. I have to draw a card thats a 10 that makes me bust or I have a hand thats too low and gets beat by the dealer.

Vincent Larson

Awesome! I love it! I always play the card game with my homies but when they aren't around, it's good to still be able to play it. It provides the perfect amount of winning and losing to keep the game fun. Keep it up!

Cristina Lam

C . Lam Addictive but Computer always seems to win by 1 - it is rigged. Still tryingthe impossible-beat thecomputer!

Gilbert Guajaca

Blackjack I have a lot of fun during times that I have time to kill. Like now. I get tired of being asked if I want to play another game. If I did I'd download it. And you ask every time I have to get chips. Its irritating enough to be at that part of the game. I'm happy now cause I have a few bucks. So let me get back to playing. Have a nice day.

Odell Houston

Rigged I'm the tupe of person to always try a game despite the reviews..but I will say every negative comment is spot on. This game is so rigged to favor computer it's sad. I get 19 or 20 and dealer gets 21 every time no matter what. I win more at a casino than i do on this. So far I've played 468 hands and got blackjack 12 times?!

Ja Gi

Mixed review The graphics are great. However 2 points: 1) The odds of winning are so unreasonably in favor of the computer, it results in viewing so many adds and a quick desire to stop playing, 2) when the dealer/computer gets certain hands, the game shows that I lost before any cards are visible.

Chris Poznick

Good overall but a few quirks Good simple layout, no ads, and realistic play. I dont like: How the dealers cards are dealt rapidly, how the status of a won/lost hand will sometimes display before the remaining cards are ever dealt when shuffling mid-hand, and I don't like how the dealer sloppily throws your winnings on top of your original bet- it's a bit annoying when you have chips of diff values on the table and you have to sort through them to reestablish your original bet. Just a few minor frustrations but overall a good game

Calulalia Land

Dont bother It looks good but it lags like hell and messes up your phone so yeah id steer clear of this one

Danny K

Great game My only complaint is I wish the chips would reset even after winning. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally hit deal before pulling some of the chips back then loose it all. I have an anxious to thumb =p but everything else is great. It's fast and fun in the in between moments. Ads are very little. So far I only see them when I have to free spin. Couldn't ask for better.

Mr Sherbert

Crashes often Crashes around 1 in 10 times and locks phone up. Not a major problem as game is easy to play and user friendly. Despite crashes I'd recommend it.

Cathy Bennington

Quirky but still pretty good Smooth play, quick and easy to use. Sometimes the hand has been played before the cards are dealt out, which is weird. Other times I am dealt two cards when I touch Hit which causes me to break. Would be nice to have an option to play with more than one deck.

Marquis Mcadams

Who ever say that it suck u suck cause yall just can't be the computer cause I keep beating it

Linda Olson

Great play style... But opened an ad IN THE MIDDLE OF A CALL. The game was not running in the background. The call didn't cut out, the video played out of nowhere and just played the ad audio over my phone call through the earpiece. Uninstalling.

Brian Boisvert

Great game but seems rigged Simple layout. Smooth animations. The hints are helpful if you're a new blackjack player and are trying to learn the ropes. Only problem is that when I bet high or double down, the computer almost always wins. The game seems rigged.

Max Rabinowitz

Just 2 problems This is really is a great game. There's just 2 things they need to fix. . First, they need to make it able to do landscape mode. Second the dealer goes way too fast after the player's final choice. It's like a blur and I have to pay keen attention to what the final outcome was because the cards are wiped away almost as fast. Pros though, much more realistic odds than some other BJ apps I downloaded. Love that it's among the truly free games because I'm not an actual gambler. Cards are large & clear.

Christina Conner

Eh it's okay It's not bad the most awesome part is that it is easy, fun and free to get more free chips when you run out but the thing I find to SUCK is that I think the computer cheats a lot the probability of the outcomes seems highly unlikely. Highly. For example I decided to go all in after receiving my free chips and all ten times I was dealt awful cards and the computer gets 21 or high numbers it just seems very rigged.

Rene Reyes

It's blackjack It's just a game. Why do people take it so seriously. Of course there's ads.... but in an annoyingly type of way. If you want a game without ads, design and create one yourself. Great way to kill time.

Michele Burks

Black Jack I really love this game. It has me yelling at the computerized dealer.

Mike Kozel

This seems to work I was a pro player in vegas for two years, and having played thousands of hands, am positive this system can be used for serious training. I win 43.4%, just like I did, and win every session. Unlucky, but tenacious. I am up 80 grand from seven, and will continue. If I could change anything, the stats are meaningless except for casino comps. If you could allow session play with the ability to start new stats per session it would be a great help. Storing each play period would be super. Love this game!

Robert Ferreira

Bet Problems Every time you win it maintains your bet and adds your winnings rather than keeping the bet only, so you tend to bust alot. Game play is a bit too fast as well.

Jon Gillam

Dogsh*t Yea. Just read these other reviews to see if I was losing my mind about the fake odds in this ...glad everyone sees it . Rigged

Villa Rindik

Just an easy bit of fun Ok, this is a change to my original review after playing for a few weeks ... seriously, you need to reprogram the game, why does the game get Blackjack 10 times in a session when l am lucky to get 1 ~ and it seems like the program (which l am sure was not programmed like that !!) is counting cards - it just should not win that much ! ... please, it needs to be more even, or l will delete it - keep us interested - we (the App users) need to win a bit more often !

Galin Koch

Blakjakd2 This app is yes you feel as though your a pro, battling for the real deal ! Could use some background sound possibly.

Fran Plausky

Blackjack This is the best game of blackjack I've played in a few years. The hints and free coins are a bonus too!

Carrie Joefield

Perfect Came back from Vegas determined to understand this game and this app is perfect. No glitches just plain fun. Great practice for the real thing

Arthur Nugumanov

Blackjack Very well Very niceeee

Schradel Funz

Great and easy to understand. Title says everything. But I rate 4 stars as it doesn't run smoothly either on an S3 or a 2 GB RAM Tab.

Brigitte Walden

Never-ending I like playing this game alot, expecially since I really don't loss real $$$

James Lill

Rigged It's a free game so I get the idea behind having poor odds. However, why not just make a paid app with normal odds? The creators of this app should have some dignity

Chance Fryar

No adds!! Unless you suck and run out of money. But then you get more for looking at an add for about half a second

Kevin Osborn

It's ok Dealer wins almost all big bets. I have played games where I make it all the up to 300k but not for long. With 10 hands, back to advertising and free spins. Odds I have noticed average win is about 38% to 41%. Could be improved by upping odds to 45% then it would be about right and let the little guy enjoy a few big hand wins. Free is free though. Fair game overall.

Dustin Wheeler

Dont know why everyone is crying about losing This game is very similar to all black jacks ive played at casino's. Ive one over 20g in a week. You have to be careful as in real life the game is desinged to win money for the house (60 to 66 percent favor the house) but if you know how to black jack you'll certainly have ur moments. This game does not pay to ur stack every hand if you win and if you want to take ur money from the middle u have to push the x... or let it ride in the middle for big wins and losses

Tyreese Davis

Not well balanced Just had the dealer get three Blackjacks in a row. On two of them the cards were still shuffling. This is right after getting two in a row two hands prior. Also maybe I'm missing something dealer is getting black jack or twenty every like three or four hands, so while those is fun with odds worse than a casino it wouldn't be for long. Also the stats page it's a jumbled mess

Kendrick Bledsoe

Lacking one thing The only lame side to this game is you can't play with multiple people but otherwise its a great time passer and really addictive

Michael Brown

I decided to write this review because I just exceeded the $1M mark. This is a very addictive game and I really like the UI. I don't mind viewing an ad for half a second in order to receive more chips, but the option to buy an ad free version would be nice. Other nice to have options would be being able to adjust the number of decks that are used (currently only one deck is used) and being able to choose tables with different min/max betting limits. With no min/max betting limits, you can greatly increase your odds of winning by using the martingale betting system (which is largely how I got past the $1M mark).. I haven't had any issues with the app crashing or causing my phone to freak out. I do occasionally double tap the "Hit" button, but I blame that on myself and/or my phone's screen sensitivity.

Akbar Ali

Great game. $$$ I am revising my score downwards, due to intrusive noisy adverts that lock you in for 5 noisy not safe for work or sleeping spouse/child seconds. I don't mind nonintrusive ads, but these are a menace. $$$ Doesn't seem to be rigged at all as some people claim. Obviously if you play recklessly you will appear to consistently lose but that is the nature of Blackjack and not just this app.

Sal Serafino

Pretty good app What others are saying about 5-card 21 is true, but I get those too so I don't think it's as rigged as people say. I have had a few lockups on the ads when getting free chips. A pain, but it doesn't hang when playing, so it's ok. One thing should be changed: When the deck gets shuffled mid-hand, the game announces the outcome before the rest of the cards are dealt. It should deal the cards first to be more realistic. Otherwise, a great app!

Bri Naves

Love it It's fun, simple, & easy to play. The best thing is that it allow you to spin for more money if you run out instead of waiting a day or a certain amount of hours to gain more money. I love it & I'm addicted. Great job!

Greg Vyska

Fun for a little while This Is a very well designed, simple app and it's great if you're looking to to quickly play a couple hands during some downtime. One of the best features that you get free, no-strings-attached chips on demand when you lose all of yours. But now, I find myself less enjoying this app and more shouting expletives at it while I'm riding the train. Maybe I'm a little jaded, but it feels like the player is at much more of a disadvantage here than your typical game of blackjack. Overall it's worth a download.

Tyler Vanlue

Definitely not statistically accurate Every 2-5 turns the dealer gets 21. The majority of hands you will be dealt are 16. I swear to god, almost every time. Anything above 11 busts when hit. Could be a fun game if chance were accurately calculated.

Shane Shuford

Great I have been playing this game for over a year, I play atleast twice a day. It helps me relax, something about the numbers I don't know why.. please add a six/eight deck option, and the option to hide the card count/total, I would like to total my cards myself. I love this game, and I've tried several apps, none of them can compeate with this one, it's almost perfect, these two options would make this the ultimate blackjack solution.

Tee S

Fun and addicting Great game, good win/loss ratio, easy to get more chips (and you only see ads when you get greedy and lose all of your chips)..thanks!

Austin Brady

Best blackjack app This is the best one I've played. Ads aren't a nuisance. The only thing I dislike is how much space it takes up on my phone.

Patrick Bolino

Smooth dealemo Good play, fast play and fair odds. Hope the Dev keeps the paradigm of the game without constant changes that kill the pleasure of the game.

Ryan Popp

This game flat out cheats. Your lucky to win one out of five even when the count is in your favor. Don't waste your time. There are plenty of other free versions that are more realistic.

Bryce Rich

Probably the Worst It's not random, so only play this very casually. If you get into it, you'll figure out the algorithms pretty easily until you get a couple million $, then it deals you a 15 or 16 on literally every hand or beats you by 1 no matter where you stand. Dealer can get 20 many times in a row. I'm deleting it

David Duarte

Fun, quick and realistic This game is super fun. I love it because it's interface is very simple and it goes very fast.

Charles Gibson

It's black jack. Ads are easy to deal with. It's your basic black jack game. No crappie fillers. Perfect for pinching a loaf.


Excellent garbage-free blackjack Wonderful blackjack app with no micro-transactions or annoying ads, the only time ads show up is if you want more chips which is very fair. The graphics are beautiful and minimalist. A very refreshing gem of a game.

Kirk Watson

Great game but...... Game skews towards the dealer. Quite amazing the number of blackjacks the deal in a row! And 21's. Random deal. Not so confident. But overall a great game with simple, uncomplicated look.

Richard Morey

Fun Great game, smooth, fast, fun, not a ton of annoying ads. This is a great game to play to relax and/or kill time.

Jeremiah Bopko

Simple, clean, and honest play. Great blackjack game Simple, clean interface which works well. Game play feels natural. It's nice to play singles deck 21 and be able to see when the deck is shuffled. The statistics view is also a great feature even though the stats are pretty basic. The only other suggestion I'd make is to allow review of the full history of hands played. Currently, you can only go back to the previous hand. Overall, a game that I'm glad I found. I removed other blackjack games from my devices.

terrance langford

Triple T. Definitely a good time passer as well as a thinking game like chess. Why? Because you have to out-think this cheating-azz computer. Which is fun and frustrating at the same time. Best part chips for days!

Angel Serrano

Great game! This game is excellent in every aspect. It is easy to understand, the graphics are great and the amount of ads are reasonable. The developers should definitely add a more deck option though. Keep making great games!!!

Bada Bing

Good to waste time I've played a bit of blackjack in Vegas and this game is pretty accurate, but it is a rng with built-in winning & losing streaks. As such on a redeal, the computer always knows the cards before they're delt. It marked my hand as a loss before the last card was delt to the dealer. Hmmm. A little frustrating, but I've spent hours "enjoying" the frustration. The advice is accurate based on the numbers, and I do like the graphics & sound.

James Harmsworth

House wins way to much Dealer seems to most times pull 20 when I've sat. Not as real to life as i would have liked.

Vicki Frost

Blackjack This game is pretty brilliant. It pays very well even though you don't get daily bonuses which I think would be beneficial it seems like the hands you do get when you're playing are pretty equitable


Not balanced at all I hate to complain because the game is free, but it favors the dealer on almost every hand. You're lucky to win MAYBE one 1 out of 5. If the dealer doesn't beat you by 1, you bust. I can't even count how many times I was beat by 1 or busted with 22. How the heck do I always end up getting a 7 every time I have 15??? Good thing is I found this game very easy to uninstall.

Amy Dix

Dealer Pretty good game for how simple it is. The only thing that I don't like is that the dealer can stand on a soft seventeen, not how it works for real. So it ends up taking away several opportunities for you to win. Besides that, good game.

Maile Anderson

Home away from the tables It's nice to sit at home and play quietly. I learned more here when to hit, when to stand, and so forth. No, I'm no pro but I'm better than 2 weeks ago ? thanks for your teachings.

Zach Rutledge

Another great Brainium game. I've got a few Brainium games through Amazon's app store and they're all well animated, fun and reliable apps. So it's no surprise that they hit another home run with their simple but addictive blackjack app. It's really fun to play, even if I'm not such a great card player myself. The spinning wheel that determines how much money you can play with during each 'round' is clever, although the ads between rounds have gotten incredibly annoying. It's impossible to play this while listening to music because video ads kill audio playback. I'd be willing to pay 99¢ to go ad free.

Gordon MacKenzie

Rigged The app looks great. If only the cards were random, like in an actual game of blackjack. Unfortunately, it's like the dealer stacked the deck against you. Strictly playing the odds, you should win a little more than 40% of your hands. I played about 30 hands, and won about 5. Nowhere near 40%.

Justin Cox

Clean app, poor algorithms Not sure how many cards this is supposed to be playing with but I counted 6 aces dealt between the time the cards were shuffled. That doesn't seem like a proper amount


Was good at first Seems like the longer ive had this the more i lose..first couple of weeks it was addicting and win lose ratio seemed realistic..but now it just seems like the game wins way to much....idk know what the deal is...its good to help u learn the game and i guess it would be good if u dont wanna feel like u r good at the game so u wont go to casino and lose all your

Bruno Oliveira

Predictable The game has great graphics, but it is TOO predictable. In 90% of the time when i choose HIT, the game gives me a 10. Almost feels like the other cards arent there.

James Ogden

Nice, simple, fun Graphics are clean, simple have a great time killer. I recommend this app.

Russell Maxey

Not realistic The ads only pop-up when you run out of chips. So the game is designed for you to ultimately lose. The dealer wins by 21 so many times. It's very unrealistic.

Taylor Lowery

Doesn't seam realistic 1) I would love to know what other people think but I've played A LOT of BJ and to me this seams obviously rigged for you to loose. I'm not just being a sore looser it just seams like the dealer just always has the perfect hand to win 5 or 6 times in a row sometimes.. 2) I don't like how when you win it leaves the chips on the table and pops up the "deal" button to try and trick you into betting all your winnings from the previous hand. It should clear the chips off the table like every other bj game. 3of5

Ray Bauza

This is a great game. Can't stop playing it!

corey rallison

I like how you don't have to install Any app's to get more chips I wish the computer did get 21 every time but it's good

Myron Alexander

I like it It has some realistic features. 1 deck shoe predictability and so on. And the ability to get cash without having to continually buying something is great compared to other apps.

Morgan M

Too many 10's in the deck 4 pushes in a row and then the dealer wins by 1. Over and over. How many cards is this playing with? It's still fun though.

Nicholas Martinez

Fun Fun but play it casually, seems to be more face cards and 10s than a real deck but its simple and fun still

Jerry Jones

Fantastic game The only thing that would make this PERFECT would be the ability to change the number of decks the dealer is choosing from.

Daymen Threlkeld

It cheats horribly. 98% of the time if i get an 18 19 or 20 the house will always win. Complete bs. How is it possible?

Andy Robinson

Great game but ... being dealt a ten on a split ace should not be scored as a blackjack ... it's really only a winning twenty-one and should be paid even money.

Freddie Lindsey

Blackjack by brainium Best card game because they don't leave you twiddling your thumbs for hours waiting unit you can have more chips. I like it !

Justin Camp

Rigged I decided to run a spreadsheet for this game. Out of 100 hands the computer gets average blackjack every 1/7 times. Then it gets average 20 1/5. Blackjack is a great game when its not played on apps with incorrect draws.


Best Blackjack game on the app store! I didn't even know how to play Blackjack until I downloaded this app. I am hooked. The other developers got nothing on this!

Aaron Boedeker

One problem The X button would be better placed on the right side of the screen. My thumb is only so long.

Bob L

Can't win anymore They made so you can't win anymore. You always get crappy hands like 12 and bust while the dealer gets blackjack 5 times in a row or pulls 7 card 21s. This is so you always need chips and have to see all the ads. Bummer, ready to uninstall.

Jeff D

Great practice for Vegas Solid, stable blackjack game for boning up on basic strategy before my next Vegas trip. If you don't know what "basic strategy" means, you're likely one of those complaining that the dealer wins too often. That's blackjack. That's what will happen when you're gambling real money.

Matty P

Back to the best It's once again the best blackjack game! Thanks for the quick fix and reply, not many developers are so quick to fix a problem. It's good to know your listening. Highly recommended this game and any app these guys have for that reason! Great job!

Chad Wollenberg

Quick and easy fun/practice User friendly, fun game to get your practice and skills down. Seems to be random and fair dealing, and free coins when you lose all of yours. Totally free, great to hone your blackjack skills or just entertain. Can start/stop whenever, so good app for quick breaks

Noel Hauldridge

I love it it's practice 2 for me your not gonna 99% of the time real or faked but it'll help you win 1% and that's wen it's your time.

Phoenix Phillips

Really fun app Have had this app for a long time and really enjoy it. Unlike other play casino that charge you for more chips when you run out, this one gives more for free :D Thanks!

Austin Porter

Very fair I've played Blackjack and "free" virtual casinos before, but this game feels very fair. It seems the devs used an RNG system to deal cards, as it should be, rather than a system built to screw you out of money. Also, no microtransactions that I can find. It's a good place to practice strategy and have some quick fun. Would be nice if an option to have multiple decks was implemented though.

Janet M

4/12 Update: Bug fixed. All good. ☺ 4/12 Update is bunk. Ads every hand?!? Ill wait to play until they fix it. Addicting! And frustrating... lol! Like the fast pace.

Sharon Rose Toineeta

Galaxy s4 Hello dope b.j game in da palm of my hand's...other then just catching a game out in the bars...only place to play around here! Though it's free, it's way better then others I've downloaded that are not free...I can fly through a whole Lotta chip's to when I play wrecklessly!! Ad's are not a bothersome what so ever...they only pop up in the next screen where ya spin the wheel to re~load up on more free chips when you've reached zero...but of course quit when the spin wheel pops up! Picture's perfect 4 b.j..

Timea Gitzelmann

Addictive It is very addictive but just a game of luck. There is no strategy or big thinking behind it, you just need to decide when to stop or when to keep dealing.

Dj Will

Black Jack Not realistic, possibility for a dealer to come back and win is 1 out of 10, when you have 20 and dealer has 7 and get 21 to win is not realistic.

Jason Shaffer

fun game...but crashing when I open it this week. way fun game...but this week it has started crashing when I go to open it every time. any ideas?

Terry Laurencelle

Great Game Learning good lessons playing this App...getting ready for the real thing on a cruise this summer with an on board casino. One month later, still loving this game....learning!

Kevin Handlin

Thanks for the fix Thanks for fixing the "ad bug". It's back to being a great app. I definitely recommend!


A simple way to pass time And best of all it costs nothing a great way to gamble. Still get peeved when I loose

Glenn Schwartz

More decks....right rules please Want to choose how many decks to play with. Also if split aces and get a 10 you DON'T have blackjack! Yet you get paid for it. Otherwise love it.

Bruce Farmer

AWESOME BLACKJACK EXPERIENCE! Still 5 stars, however it froze up while playing earlier this morning. By the way it's still not working and that was going on 5 hours ago. Hopefully your technical support can get it operating correctly

silly chops

Seems to favor the dealer way more than it should. Even using basic strategy the house gets some really lucky hands

Samuel Jones

Unrealistic If dealer has a face card and you stand at 18,19 or 20 the dealer will flip another face card or 10 95% of the time. If dealer has a face card and you hit and bust, dealer will flip a low card with their face card

A Google User

Crap uninstalled. Game gets black jack b4 new deck shuffled. Was ok, every 3rd deal, spin for free chips?

Will Dutra

22s 16 straight hands where the draw card equals 22. Please fix this because it is not right. Your dealer should be dealing poker with all the straights and four of a kind. Terrible game.

Jared Buchanan

I love how you can play without losing any actual money. I'm glad I don't play this in real life or I would lose A LOT of time and money

James Harmsworth

House wins way to much Dealer seems to most times pull 20 when I've sat. Not as real to life as i would have liked.

Ryan Whitney

Not realistic The game is programmed to make you lose. With odds you will never find in a casino. The only way to win is to predict when the dealer will get a losing hand and bet big. Which can be done with some accuracy since the game is pathetically programmed. My advice, if you do play then bet 5 until you see a pattern then strategically bet 500 when the dealer is "due a loss" which is only about 2 in every 10 hands. Don't let this game change your strategy in an actual casino or you will never win.

Glenn Stumpff

First review was too hasty. It's a good way to pass time but it's completely rigged. If a real casino dealer dealt cards this way, he/she'd get arrested...or shot. (Even when I win, I can tell it's not right.) But with only one guy playing against the dealer, it would have to be "rigged." It needs more than one player. (And they need to say witty things once in a while.) And there needs to be a way to cash out and force a Free Chips exercise.

Michael Knapp

Finally I have been trying to find a blackjack game that I can play totally for fun an unlimited play, without having to pay real money for

wesley U

Very nice to have a blackjack game that works. Only thing missing is a option to surrender a bad hand

Daryl Smith

This Blackjack game is BEST IN CLASS. It would be nice to have options, like vary the.number of decks, players, rules, max bet, etc. Still, very well done.

Shawn Kinney

Learning experience I see them play all the time at the casino. I'm teaching myself how to play

Bob Yunger

Awesome game! Not only is this game fun & free; the people who run this company actually care about the quality of their products as well as the happiness of their customers. Keep up the great work gang, you are deeply appreciated!

Travis Riley

Its good. Could use more people at the table and real money modes

Jim Becker

Addictive I vary my betting strategy to see what works. A great way to practice for the real casino with real money.

Alan Roy Bryan

Nice features Easy to use. Like the stats feature a lot. Optional left/right hand users. Hints as to how to play. My only wish is that you could take off the bubbles that show the added card values. I would like to read just the cards so it's more like the casino.

Terry Rice

Much like casino. Fun to play .. too many adds though

Christopher Wilson

Was "YAY!", now more "meh..." I still like this game as a distraction, but the house wins a little too often, because it deals itself a disproportionate number of winning hands compared to a two deck game of real cards. Yeah, yeah, I know, it's a free game with no in-app purchases, but they get paid through ads, and you only see the ads when you have to spin for free chips, so they have an incentive to cheat, which makes it much less fun.

Gerald vick

Really? An add before every play? Okay downloading the patch now, will give it a shot.

Rick Fathi

It gives you the results before the hand is completely dealt

jose martinez

Riiged for advertisements you will never build up a good stash

Kelsey Godish

Annoying ads After the fix to the update from today, it's back to being the best blackjack game available! Ads are only after wheel spin now. Yay!

Cody Tyler

Ok for practice but not properly randomized. The computer has a huge advantage, getting blackjack constantly. Blackjacks don't pay 3 to 2 if you bet an odd amount, the computer rounds down. The dealer always gets his cards first when those cards are supposed to go to the player.


It's alright. Fun This is fun but I don't believe this app is programmed with double, 5, or 8 deck. It shuffles but I still don't think it's right since the hits I know I'm supposed to make aren't adding up correctly with wins or losses. Still fun

Craig Kelly

Blackjack The Best 21 (Blackjack) Card game app! Just like the Casino's. Great fun! This is my update.....after playing for awhile this game shows a pattern of to many ads. I guess the developers only make money if you download another game from their site. I'm uninstalling. Sorry. Update, they keep sending you back to the wheel to spin for more chips. That way you have to read advertisements for other app's. Shameful !

Anthony Phoenix

Blackjack This app is great for when I want to to be distracted, and it plays well enough for me right now!

Patrick Bolino

Smooth deal, close to Vegas action and play. Good play, fast play and fair odds. Hope the Dev keeps the paradigm of the game without constant changes that kill the pleasure of the game.

Sxzar szxarS

Seriously, this is one bullshit app. If you foist video onto users , chewing up data usage, at least try and get some quality with your coding. I'm really over video ads that bomb the app, seize up other running apps or repeat again and again without means of finishing or Really Crap Effort!

Glenn Stumpff

Too much of a fake-out. It started out as an okay way to pass time, except for flaky ads, but it gets real boring real fast only winning when it's my turn to win and being able to predict with almost absolute certainty what the dealer's going to get based on what I got. I understand that with only one person playing against the dealer that it couldn't ever be a real Blackjack game but that just means the programming needs a major overhaul. Uninstalling.

Mary Buyer

Good Game Very simple and easy to play. A few games can quickly be played in spare moments. I am playing this for brain exercise and in case I ever want to play blackjack in a casino. It would be even better if you would move the hint button to the right for one-handed play. Also, if I could turn off the automatic scoring, it would be a little more brain exercise to have to add it myself.

Bada Bing

Good to waste time I've played a bit of blackjack in Vegas and this game is pretty accurate, but it is a rng with built-in winning & losing streaks. As such on a redeal, the computer always knows the cards before they're delt. It marked my hand as a loss before the last card was delt to the dealer. Hmmm. A little frustrating, but I've spent hours "enjoying" the frustration. The advice is accurate based on the numbers, and I do like the graphics & sound.

Joanna Garrett

Simple and to the point! I just wanted to play black jack. Did not want any other blingy thingies that detract from the game. I love it. Addicted within 3min of playing. Can play one handed which is nice. NO IN GAME ADDS! AWESOME! The only adds so far is if you loose all your money and have to "re-buy" the is a short video add. I'm cool with that. Kudos to the app maker on this one.

Markcus Miller

Pretty cool Very simple app,and it teaches u how to play blackjack. I be getting in the dealers tail too. At the real casino i can do some damage. Thanks

Jonathan Stolarski

By far the best blackjack simulator Terrible addiction. Free counseling should be provided. At least it's not real money. For all you beginners out there, this is the closest thing to a casino blackjack experience as you will get. It's almost spot on. You have to know when the table is turning and it turns quick. Bet small amounts until you're confident then go larger. Double down at the right moment or split cards wisely to make larger gains. I've gotten up to 100k in the first three days but since have lost it all again.

matt j

Rigged against player The is totally designed to screw you. A ridiculous majority of the time when I was dealt 12-14 I would hit and bust with a 10 or 9. When I ended up with 18-20 I still managed to lose more often than not. This game totally blows.

Andrew Smith

Definitely Rigged. You won't find a fair game here in any way, shape or form. Even after update.

Tyrunt Little

Crappy Hands, dealer wins 98% of the time Started off as to just pass time, but it gets old really fast when the player hardly ever wins, dealer constantly gets blackjack or 20. Maybe adding some A.I. players to help break up the dealer from winning. Also, I've never played a blackjack game where the dealer gets dealt first. It is player, dealer, player, dealer, it's NEVER dealer, dealer, player, player when dealing.

chance bachorcik

Could be better It's fun and is completely free with is nice but the card are random generated instead of actually shuffled so it pretty much in possible to be a high roller I'd say to the Dev's make it so the player wins more and have more chips in the free chip wheel like I don't want be betting 10$ every time I wanna bet thousand like if it's free why not make it a high roller game

Ted Evers

Really lucky dealer Never seen a game where the dealer hits so many Blackjacks/21 and deals so may 17's and then wins the pot by dealing a face card or by beating by one point. If it wasn't for the free chips I would uninstall. Maybe that's the reason for the free chips.

robert blalock

Dealer draws out to 21 more than in real life It seems to me that I when a hand and lose a hand more often than not. But it is fun to play while you're passing the time of day with nothing else to do.

Trenton Canfield

Rigged The computer gets 6 black Jacks in a row constantly pull 21 while you get low cards terrible game do not download!!!!!

Steven Salas

Really fun game Wish they had it more of a real life deal so you could practice counting the cards.

Christopher Mitchell

Awesome Time Passer GS5. Nice graphics, and free chips if you run out. There isn't anything to complain about.

Glen Gertz

Realistic Casino Blackjack I found this to be a good game in the sense that if understand how to play blackjack it has realistic odds and you can never run out of credits

Jai Osiris

This game is a joke Great example of why playing with actual cards is better than an algorithm on an app

Bada Bing

Good to waste time I've played a bit of blackjack in Vegas and this game is pretty accurate, but it is a rng with built-in winning & losing streaks. As such on a redeal, the computer always knows the cards before they're delt. It marked my hand as a loss before the last card was delt to the dealer. Hmmm. A little frustrating, but I've spent hours "enjoying" the frustration. The advice is accurate based on the numbers, and I do like the graphics & sound.

Jay Enterkin

Very good Blackjack game Not as sophisticated and complete as some Blackjack trainers, but easy to use and friendly. No annoying pop-up ads or other nuisance ware.

Morgan M

How many 10's are in the deck? 4 pushes in a row and then the dealer wins by 1. Over and over. How many cards is this playing with? I have learned to hold on a 12 and higher. It's still fun though.

Ann Boudrot

Fun app Love to keep in practice and this app helps a lot. It also helps kill time without being tied up for hours.

Barry Schrack

Blackjack Hitting on 14 almost always busts,too many 15&16(almost always loses), dealer is dealt face cards and aces too often to be random.

Michael Monnin

Good 21 Game Would like shuffling and deck options. I known I am ungrateful.

So much fun This game had lots of good reviews and so I decided to download and try it and Found out This game is fun and addicting. MUST DOWNLOAD

Jeremy S

Love it Fun game and easy to use, but it bothers me the dealer gets blackjack twice as much as I do. The percentages should be close to equal.

Katherine Scholl

Don't necessarily take the hint. Quite often bad advice. Otherwise fun waste of time.

Raymond Owens

Fun Very enjoyable.. Only had it a day, but keeping my interest.. Think the dealer cheats though.. Pulls a blackjack too conveniently.

Sandy Shell

Loose way too much Almost Predictable when get losing hand. House wins are way too lopsided. Frustrating too get a spin with descent starting amount. Then lose it in the fist two draws. Do not play it as much.

Dave Treweek

Pretty cool. A decent tool for practice. Would like popup basic strategy tables though.

Mdona Calldoor

It bullshit, if. You need 7 or less 95 percent of the time u don't get it on the other hand the dealer dose

Ramiro Rodriguez

Nice game Would be 5 but the dealer hits blackjack 5 times to my one.

Just for fun Bet $1 when you're not hot. Go all in when you are. 5 wins in a row and you will have a lot of money.

Justin Manning

Rigged, just like Nevada! The dealer wins most of the time, if you bet low you win more then when you bet high.

Ricky Williams

Hate it It make sure u lose

Ralph Brown Jr

Lost $1,000,000 credits in 5 mins!!!! Lost my credits. I lost my credits. Why did I lose all my credits?? I believe I was too greedy.

BnlackJack Only started playing a short time ago, but it has flown by. It`s been hrs., since then.! ! Loads of fun, while the time flies.

Wesley Stivers

Blackjack 21 Love this game!

barbara foster

Foz Feels to much like cheating by the app.

Nikki Covington

Relaxing A lot of ads when you run out of $..practice when you go to the casino. Also passes time


Awesome and Simple! It's a great way to learn the game and not bet REAL money! Multiplayer would be amazing, but as of now, it is an amazing way to learn the classic game!

Elizabeth Duhon

Five stars fir my favorite app The perfect Black Jack game. You can check yourself on each hand.

Jim May

Great game, but the adverts are really irritating

William Davis

Fast , simple, ads are unobtrusive..One of my favorite apps.

Douglas Odham

Black jack Fun to play, easy to use, you should try it if you like to gamble but can't afford to.

James Van Liere

Great game! Awesome version of the classic blackjack. There is very little room for improvement! I really enjoy playing.

Sean Killoran

Awesome Great graphics good way to learn strategy

Connie Hills

Fun Way to Pass Time... I really enjoy this game.

Smasher Maniac

Too many ads I liked play this game on my old device but now they're ads

Santiago Amaguana

Rigged When ever I bet a lot of my money I always loose

Joel Crouse

Blackjack Lots of fun. No issues.

Richard Springer

Fun when you are on brake, win streaks and lose streaks are very clear

Ricky Izquierdo

Simple distraction As soon as the unskipable ads come on I turn the app off.

Joe Knese

Joe Knese Having a ball .when I go to a casinos I will have a hand up

Prince Woody Deluxe Ambassador of the people

James Jones

Easy to use Easy to use. Minimal adds. Great way to kill time

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