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11 Aug

Posted by Blake Hamilton in Tools | Aug. 11, 2013 | 48 Comments

Apk file size: 3.9 MB

[Requires ROOT to Capture]

bitShark is a powerful and feature rich packet capture and analysis application for Android

It's like Wireshark for Android!

Please try the Free Trial Version of bitShark before purchasing to test compatibility with your devices

- Realtime view/inspection of incoming packets
- Network packet capture to PCAP file format from any interface (Wifi or Cellular)
- Detailed inspection of a wide range of IP networking protocols
- Supports tcpdump style capture filter syntax
- Ability to open and analyze offline PCAP files
- Built-in file browser for choosing PCAP files to open from anywhere on your device
- Detailed statistical analysis of PCAP files
- Powerful filtering architecture allows user to build complex filtered views of offline data
- Ability to export PCAP stats to PDF
- Ability to export individual packets to separate PCAP file
- Ability to reassemble and save web images from TCP streams
(works with popular apps and mobile sites like Facebook and Instagram!)

Supported Protocols:
IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, HTTP, Web Images, HTML, DNS, mDNS, ICMP, ARP, Ethernet, PPP, SNAP, SLL, 802.3, 802.2, SIP, SDP, VLAN (802.1q), L2TP

Trial Version available for free here:

NOTE: This application requires ROOT permission to capture live packets.
Root is not required for offline viewing and analysis.

Known Issues:

If you're having trouble capturing packets (crash after a few seconds of capturing) please try unchecking "Enable Live Indexing" in the Settings menu. A fix for this problem is in the works.

Using this application on Android 4.2 with full device encryption enabled or forcing the app to be moved to external storage may cause instability.


If you're having capture or installation issues please try doing a "Force Reinstall" through the new bitShark Installer activity which can be accessed through the Settings activity. Then force close the app and see if that fixes your problem.

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Whats new

    Version 0.9
    - Created Installer Activity to help troubleshoot installation and capture issues
    - Bug fixes opening PCAP files with wrong permissions
    - Updated to support Android 4.3

Blake Hamilton part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Aug. 11, 2013. Google play rating is 69.7959. Current verison is Actual size 3.9 MB.

Download bitshark.apk 3.9 MB


Regan Russell

No Lollipop Support? I'm assuming it's an issue with the updated Lollipop root permission problems a lot of root apps have, but either way, I'm on 5.0.1 Lollipop (CM12 nightlies, OnePlus One) and I can't get the app working proper. The installation works fine (and so does a force reinstall), but when capturing, the capture starts, doesn't seem to actually capture anything in the packet list, and then after a few seconds a selection view comes up at the top of the screen (ie the Android dialogue that shows up when you've selected a view or something), but there is nothing actually "selected" because there's nothing in the list of packets. Then the capture ends and if you try to open the .PCAP file it says it was unable to open the capture file (I assume it means open for writing because if you use a file browser to look for the .PCAP there's nothing there.)

Beau Barker

Unable to download Tried on both 3/4 G and WiFi. Restarted device. No effect. Download freezes at 92% and will not complete. Lame. Was also charged and not able to refund. What a scam!!

Rob Jobin

Great for troubleshooting Since not all of us have a wifi card that can capture frames in promiscuous mode, this is a lifesaver for network troubleshooting with android.

Jack Hanington

Updated my rating. I used to think this app did not work on kit Kat but I've since bought a new phone and the app works great.

Eli Grey

Stop complaining that I don't have root I'm only using this app as a viewer for tPacketCapture. I don't need an annoying error page that take 3 taps to get out of every single time I start this app. I would understand if you only showed this error page on the first launch, but not every launch.

Trenton Skoog

Awesome As a network engineer its handy to be able to troubleshoot on the go, this app is so versatile and full featured, used it once on my Tablet to identify traffic to set a QoS policy on the go. Bought full version immediately. Thanks!

Qasim Musa

Does not work on android 4.4 Do not install! Will destroy your hardware. Keeps restarting device. Would give 0 stars

Steven Douglas

Kool Its very good but i downloaded the trial first nd it worked great. So i bought it now it doesnt capture anything, even after force reinstall. Samsung S5. Would be great to be fixed been acouple months now.

Muh Taufiq OPQ

Cannot get SU. Capturing disable :( Please tell me what problem? I using samsung s3 mini gt-i8190 rooted. Thanks

John Quin

Use the try before you buy people! "....Capture binary failed...." :'( Hopefully others are having more luck

Alexander Barber

Rarely works. It is able to install binaries fine, and I have reinstalled repeatedly. I have actually had it successfully start capturing about twice. Probably 95% of attempts to start capturing fail. If I attempt to capture too many times, the capture device selection window goes black and the start button does nothing, requiring a force stop to get it "working" again. Oddly enough the free version worked fine for me when I tested it.

Raul Vializ

Demo good but paid bad So the demo works on 4.4.4 kitkat but now I can't do anything with the paid version it stops capturing

Sam Forbis

Was great until dev disappeared If you're going to get people to pay for something, at least make an effort to keep it updated! It was a great app until it didn't work with newer versions of Android. Not updated in nearly two years. Yeah... Will change rating when it actually works.

Jason Johnson

Failed to capture Installing bitShark capture binary failed.... Same error it fails to load some capture file. I even set R/W manually. Still broken and zero support. I would like to rate 5 but its not even working right. Please fix or do not charge.

Eric Marshott

Can't change capture save location No matter what setting. It always keeps the same storage/emulated location. This location does not exist with my ROM

Todd Gless

Waste of money! No Dev support Spend your money on the app "wicap" instead. Far better with FAR better support. This app is dead and the POS developer should just take this app down so more people don't have to deal with this garbage

Stoic Nietzschean

Doesn't work for Kit Kat Not compatible, keeps failing to start capture Will revise my review once resolved

Chieh-Min Wang

Cant work on kitkat Fix the bug then five stars back.

Victor Inceu

Not working Hi, I've actually updated to Android 4.3 re-rooted the device and the app is working fine now. Prior to this it appear to have suffered of lack of permissions to write the "pcap" file, although I had super user privileges granted. Anyway all good now, thank you for your followup.

Evan Sims

Not working Capture service stops right after it starts. Refunded.

Mike Standing

Working great No problems at all now the new installer is in!

Anthony Pallone

HTC one ViperOne5.8 lunar kernel Ok people , for me I had to install a stock kernel that was unsecure first, then install the custom kernel to get r/w access. On HTC you must also be SOFF I believe. After all this it does work properly except for capturing mobile data packets. It can't decode those, only WiFi packets. To the guy that said it doesn't work on 4.4, it does, I am running 4.4.2

Gregory Roberts

Useful app Nice app, was able to troubleshoot a SIP issue, would be nice to optionally view more detail at high level screen, for example application layer summary info.

Darrell Damstedt

Worked awesome...Once Worked awesome...Once. Phone: Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Attempted to contact the developer and never heard back from them.

Art Norton

Trial worked but Pro doesn't I installed the trial which worked great on my S5, but when I installed the paid version nothing will work. Capture always goes down after being up for 10 seconds or so and nothing gets captured on any interface. Permissions are wide open but can't write file to dir. I'd like a refund.

Karl Herr

Sweet app Helps a lot with troubleshooting things over WiFi

Link Aylomen

Stopped working. This worked perfectly on the S4, unfortunately doesn't capture anything on the S5, as I think the Dev no longer updates this imma give it 1 star to warn others not to buy.

Lucas Mok

??? Unknown packet type All the packets I recieve are unknown. Not even wireshark knows what the packets are. Fix or I will refund.

Marlon Clark

I gambled and lost. Please test the app on a Galaxy Note 2 N7100.

Duy Nguyen Khanh

Not work on LG G3 rooted Always says fail to capture ....

Adam Sylar

Neat! The best so far..

Cai-Thomas Gommesen

Best ! This is the best pcap app for Android . Bar none.

michael wachowski

Super Off to good start, fun app to use.

Antony Collins

Problem saving packets/data/reports

Leonardo Marques

Does not work It fails to capture anything

Erwin Kersten

Great packet capturing application bitShark is a great packet capturing app with a nice and intuitive user interface. Works perfectly on my rooted Nexus 7 and Galaxy S2. The filtering options are very usefull and fast.

niobe trinity

BitShark best packet capture app I've had Shark for Root since 2010 but haven't used since. BitShark worth the purchase. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Anrea Sveshnikov

I can not understand The developer, please explain why not nstalling bitShark capture binary . Root I have. Reinstalled, does not help. The program writes: " Please ensure that your /system partition is mounted RW, root access is enabled and hit Force Reinstall from the Menu". In a letter by e'mail you did not answer.

Hayk Eminyan

Cool) This program can catch cookies and crack them?)

Rafe Magnuson

Doesn't work on Android five! The install works fine but when you try to start a capture it just dots there for a moment then quits to the pap reader which obviously doesn't have anything because it never got attached to the wlan to get any info.

Steven Porteous

Needs updated hence the 1 star does not work on lollipop shame as its a good app

Android Orangutan

Okay it's better than the free version Will use this till something better comes along.

Jesse Jones

Didn't work I'm running Cyanogen 12.1 (5.1.1) and the app does absolutely nothing. Too bad the refund period expired before I figured this out. Complete waste of money.

Konstantinos Asimakis

Used to be great Now it doesn't work for any device that I tried. Needs an update. Last one was in 2013.

Andrea Florio

Doesn't work on kirkat Doesn't work with Android kitkat 4.4

Rob Andrews

Doesn't work on 5.1 lollipop

Ben B

Didn't work. Wasted money I wasn able to get it to work even after rooting my tablet.

Alex Lucard

Does not work Keep getting bitshark has stopped

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