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31 Aug
Bitcoin Wallet - Airbitz

Posted by Airbitz in Finance | Aug. 31, 2016 | 107 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

Powerful and easy to use bitcoin wallet allowing users to easily control their own bitcoin private keys with the familiarity and ease of mobile banking.

Take control of your funds! With Airbitz, only YOU have access to your funds or transaction info. Neither Airbitz or any 3rd party can access your money or data. You get the financial privacy and autonomy bitcoin was designed for with the ease of use even grandma could handle.

With a focus on delivering an amazing user experience, the Airbitz wallet provides the following great functionality:

• Zero-knowledge & zero-access to user funds, keys, or transaction data by Airbitz or 3rd parties
• Integrated purchase of discounted gift cards (20% off Starbucks!)
• Integrated bitcoin buy / sell from a linked bank account
• Simple account creation using just a login & password (no printing of PDFs, writing down pass phrases, or adding encryption settings)
• Hierarchical Deterministic wallets with changing addresses per transaction
• Search transactions by payee, category, or notes
• Spending limits (require password or PIN to spend above limits you set)
• Decentralized server architecture. Wallets work even if Airbitz servers are down.
• Open-source code. Available at

********* Privacy Notice *********
The Airbitz application requests access to the device contact list, location, and personal information. This information is used on the device to provide an improved user experience in the following ways:

1. Autocomplete contacts from the user's address book after a transaction
2. Autocomplete contacts from the user's address book to send Email or SMS payment requests
3. Autocomplete business listings names after a transaction
4. Geolocate user's device to find nearby businesses

No personal info or contact list info ever leaves the device without first being encrypted by the user's credentials (username/password). Neither Airbitz nor any 3rd party can access the information requested by the application.

Whats new

    v 2.2.0
    We've just broken new ground by implementing the world's first frictionless password recovery which lets users recover forgotten passwords with just 2 questions and an email. Never worry about forgetting your password again
    In addition:
    • Bitrefill plugin integration which lets users buy mobile top ups from over 600 carriers in 143 countries
    • Background notifications of incoming funds if app is recently backgrounded
    • Pub address fallback for failed BIP70 transactions

Airbitz part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 31, 2016. Google play rating is 85.8673. Current verison is 2.2.0. Actual size 13.0 MB.

Download bitcoin-wallet.apk 13.0 MB


HBIC Wahlers

It's a go! After a weeks worth of research, I've decided Airbitz will be my first wallet. USA home based not Tim buk tu. A little creeped out with all the access this app calls for. Ah, wth. I'll come back with a 5 if all goes well.

Prathamesh Bhosale

Easy to use Android Bitcoin wallet Easy to use ,Decentralized ,Noob friendly,and Good looking

Chris Guida

This is quite possibly the best bitcoin app I've ever seen.

Scott Fehrman

Only one downside so far So far I really like it! The only thing I wish you could do is send Bitcoin using all wallets as the source. Instead now you must send your balances from all wallets to a single wallet to then send the lump sum to another address Also wish you could disable the sounds, an option should be added to settings.

Kalon Gerber

Could be more international I've been hearing a lot about this wallet lately. While I still think my favorite is Mycelium, this one some things very nicely and I could see recommending it to certain people but it's missing some important things for this locale. More currency rates; pulling feeds from bitcoinaverage's api gives any currency a normal person could want. Having thb here would make a big difference and I'm sure more options would help adoption on other countries as well.

Adam Anderson

Awesome Directory I was able to find a lovely cafe in my city and pay in bitcoin. The wallet appears to be fully-featured with great security features too. (I have yet to use it.)

Astrid Campos

Good for merchants Like the merchant features. Would like to see a push sms when customer pays

Bruce Wagner

The Best Bitcoin Wallet By Far The two most important aspects are (1) Security and (2) Easy User Experience. Airbitz nails both of these. Use it. Just use it. Period.

Darren Hopkinson

Excellent wallet Haven't used the merchant directory much but the Bitcoin wallet is really nice. Full of useful features and easy to use, this is the best wallet I've used.

Casey Verreras

Excellent security and easy to use This is a great wallet and directory in one. Keep up the great work AirBitz

Isaiah Mahmood

Great easy app Just what I was looking for.

Morpheus Titania

Great app Easy to find merchants to patronize and spend bitcoins at

Joel C

Location only works half the time Great app with many great features, but it's inability to find my location often happens. Google maps can find out where I am, but Airbitz can almost never find my location.

Mark Lange

Great wallet. Business directory bug? Great user experience. Only problem is I get local businesses from California if I switch default distance from automatic to miles in options. Switching back to automatic and restarting app seems to fix it.

Viktoras Peteraitis

2FA Your 2FA is a joke It is NOT a true 2FA. 2FA should be some EXTRA, additional data, received by a INDEPENDENT device or independent communications channel. If somebody somehow gets to know my short 4 digit PIN, afterwards steels my smartphone - there is NOTHING to stop him to spend all my bitcoins right away. In general there are several categories to identify person as account owner: 1. What I know (login ID, password, passphrase) 2, What I have (hardware keygen, SMS by telephone, Yubikey OTP etc, google authentificator) 3, What I am (fingerprint scan, eye iris scan, ear shape scan, voice spectrum, cardio-micro currents) 4, Where I am (limits by IP, geo-coordinates, location country, device MAC address) True 2FA needs at least TWO different parameters from the above list

Mashuri Clark

The best mobile wallet to date I've been using bitcoin since 2011 and have tinkered with pretty much every piece of software that has come out for it. For years I had stuck with Blockchain as my mobile wallet because it worked on Android and IOS and could be restored even when a backup of the wallet was unavailable. On top of that, all my data was encrypted client-side so, unlike Circle and Coinbase to name a couple, Blockchain never had my private keys. I diligently used 2-factor authentication along with complex passwords to keep it secure and never had any issues. My friends and family, however, had all kinds of issues with Blockchain. It was just too complicated for them and a couple ended up forgetting their passwords resulting in lost bitcoins. Airbitz is the first wallet I came across that has all the online redundancy and security of Blockchain but with a much more polished and user-friendly interface. It's now the only mobile wallet I use and recommend to others. Bear in mind I do NOT use this, or any other mobile wallet, for storing the bulk of my bitcoins. This is only for my "spending money" and I recommend getting a Trezor (search Amazon) for securing your "savings account".

Derek dance4gold Wee

More Currency & Functions Great app!.. Pls also consider adding the following functions: 1) currency such as Singapore Dollar (SGD) for created wallets. 2) a function to be able to delete unwanted wallet(s) instead of just Archive. 3) Simple & Bigger display of function buttons and wallet address for the benefit of Older Folks. keep up the good works...

Cheryl Hulseapple

Love the directory and customer service. Will try wallet again. The directory is the best, customer service is immediate and responsive, but setup for the wallet is a bit complicated. I am trying it again because of its security features such as address change at every transaction.

Ivor Thomas

Quickly becoming my favorite Bitcoin wallet Great privacy focused team, HD no-reuse addresses, merchant directory that seems up-to-date and accurate, and now Bluetooth (haven't tried it yet) and scalable miner fees. Very active development happening here!

Ty George

Easy to Use and Great Directory Feature Directory Feature alone is worth the download

Scott Morgan

BLE nice and easy pmt send/receive. All transactions meta QB compatible, Via download able CSV file!

Lee Fleming

Now my favorite wallet.

Damian Cutillo

It really is a great feeling to actually use Bitcoin Everything suddenly clicks and makes sense when you can actually use Bitcoin in a fluid way like this app allows. When we add multi sig wallets and a way to purchase coin in app it will round this app off very nicely IMO. BTW The directory is on fire, it's so fast now with the latest update.

Galts Girl

Intuitive and efficient. Easy to use wallet and directory. Looking forward to a fast expanding list of participating merchants!

Mariela Dominguez

It's so easy! The other wallet I tried was too hard to use but this one is so simple to understand :D

Jake Potts

Finally A Bitcoin Wallet I Can Trust Knowing that Airbitz uses industry best practices to ensure no one has access to my private keys has given me confidence in storing my Bitcoin in their wallet. Sending and receiving Bitcoin is super simple. I can do it with a text message right from the app. The Bitcoin directory in the app is fantastic as well. It allows me to connect with the growing Bitcoin economy here in San Diego.

Robert Konsdorf

Nice work AirBitz team! Please consider adding Bitshares BitAssets such as bitUSD. I would love to have a combined mobile wallet experience for both.

Lucas Betschart

One of the best open source Bitcoin wallets.

Adam Nybäck

Opened twice Thanks for fixing one of the back button issues. Still feels like a webapp designed by an iOS designer. Please take a look at some of the basic Android design guidelines.

Gabe Higgins

Thoughtful app, sleek design, easy to use I really like this wallet, Airbitz is actually offering something different then all other wallet apps.

uDare Adventures

Airbitz is taking usability and design to a new level :)

Amin Harhara

Keeps crashin baby. I love the idea but cant give it higher than a 3 due to crashing and having to login frequently.

Cristian Stover

Directory is good The wallet is ok

Ramon Pla

Literally the killer app for Bitcoin The use interface and experience have been well thought-out. Transitioning between business directory and wallet is virtually seamless. It's your own PayPal in a pocket, wherever you go.

Jason Townsend

Good but... I like what I've seen but come on guys, at least three of the 5 star reviews are from your founders/developers. Can we please have a testnet version to play with?

Allan Wright

Best bitcoin wallet This app was indispensable as just a directory, and now the wallet is just as game changing

Vincent DePalma

Killer app Great business directory for Bitcoin, can't wait for the wallet app!!

Drew McKeown

Best directory out there Before I found these guys I used coinmap which sent me to a restaurant that has no idea what I was talking about when I said bitcoin. These guys are committed to open source which I love.

Joel C

Great app, wish it had Tor integration

Lanz W

More internation I hope there will be an update soon that will allow for more currencies.

Bryan Wirthlin

Just got, but seems ok Take my review with a grain of salt. I just got it, have no bit coins, and have never actually used it. That being said, the app doesn't support landscape view on my Google Nexus 7 tablet. I am a bit frustrated by this. So far, my only complaint. Really excited to be involved in the world of Alt Currencies.

Victor T

Decentralized mobile wallet Designed with the same ethos as bitcoin.

Brian Dillingham

cool app. easy to use. I also like the fact that they do not store private keys in a third-party server, This means that this app is more secure than other apps. BitCoin is the future of money. get into it.

Ruggero Scorcioni

The only bitcoin app I use.

D. Morton

Awesome VERY useful. We'll all need this soon!

Ty George

Still love this app ... sorry for the bad review (fixed) ...apparently my logs were misleading me lol... This is still best wallet on the market

Tim Frey

Really makes using Bitcoin easy, fun and profitable! I'm able to use the same wallet account on my iPhone and my android tablet with no problems. I also use the integrated Fold feature to buy Starbucks gift cards for 20% off and discounts on Target gift cards. Simplest, best featured app for Bitcoin yet and a great app to get started using Bitcoin.

Davi Barker

Saved my butt! I had two bitcoin wallets on my last phone, and when I lost that phone I thought I lost my bitcoin. But AirBitz loads across multiple devices, so I didn't lose that value.

Muhammad Zohaib

Adress How I find my bitcoin adress ????????????

M3n0 8r0wN

STOLE COINS Stole $480 worth of bitcoin from me and when I refer my friend same thing happened to him $120.....STAY AWAY OR YOU WILL GET ROBED BLIND.

philip yu

Liked the old version just updated tho and its not working right

Damian Cutillo

It really is a great feeling to actually use Bitcoin Everything suddenly clicks and makes sense when you can actually use Bitcoin in a fluid way like this app allows. When we add multi sig wallets and a way to purchase coin in app it will round this app off very nicely IMO. BTW The directory is on fire, it's so fast now with the latest update.

Larry Lyda

Not sure what to do with this I have no clue what im doing. Please help.

Fernando Hui

Simply the Best!


Great customer service Easy to use with awesome customer service. It really is a great app for anyone who's into bitcoin.

DarthCipix HODL

Great! One of the best wallets

Mike & Koren

Great customer service! I had a problem with the wallet not syncing correctly. The Airbitz team was on it! They helped me figure out the problem and got it working. If you have an issue contact them. They will help!

Gabe Higgins

A must have Bitcoin app! I really like this bitcoin wallet, Airbitz is actually offering something different then all other wallet apps. It's level of security and privacy is top notch while still being very easy to use.

Tyson Wall

My new wallet No longer using any hosted online wallets since installing this app. Love it. Specially the no touch 2fa.

Aaron Hardin

Great wallet With the exception of importing an existing wallet onto the app, everything is intuitive and easy to use in one convenient place.

Kevin Tsang

Easy, Fast, Secure A mobile wallet I can use with confidence.

Gigi Audriana

Slow and takes forever to refresh I don't like how it takes forever to show my transactions. I downloaded another wallet and it everything was much quicker

Lucas Betschart

The best open source Bitcoin wallet.

Guy Rikard

Nice Just realized how sad and depressing that i look


Great for Beginners or Experienced Users Lots of customizable options and frequent improvements and updates. It makes using bitcoin easy, fun. A great recommendation for people who are skittish or hesitant about getting into cryptocurrency.

Shadab Khan

Address changed automatically I dont know why my wallet address changed automatically. Edit: Thanks to the developer for explanation.

Ben Morris

Great Bitcoin Wallet Easy to use. Merchant directory

Ryan Milbourne

Great wallet! Has functionality that's hard to beat. And they contribute to open source software!

Raymond Chan

Great app, but are anyone experiencing the latest ver 1.5.2? new version keep crashing and slow responds????

Christopher Groshong

Best bitcoin wallet to date Most feature rich wallet on the market. Merchant mode to one touch 2FA. Perfect for the small biz or the Executive.

Noah Johnson

Beautiful and functional If you haven't tried this wallet recently, you'll be amazed at the improvements. It looks great, following Google's material design principles. Very intuitive and easy to use. Really happy about their commitment to privacy and to the decentralized principles that define Bitcoin.

Joseph Page

Great app! Way to go AirBitz

Joel C

A couple things.. Missing some business directories and other directories are no longer active (Such as BTC ATMs). Not enough exchange rates, it would be nice if BitcoinAverage was on there. Also wish it had Tor integration like Mycelium does, if all these things were changed it would be perfect.

Skywalker Services

Still crashes on start On my two latest tablets Acer and Asus

Bert Green

Great Support helped me fix the slowness problem now it works beautifully. Excellent app.

Prathamesh Bhosale

Easy to use Android Bitcoin wallet Easy to use ,Decentralized ,Noob friendly,and Good looking

Seth Pornthep Sachthep

Easy to use. Wonderful app for bitcoin wallet and its easy to use.

Kel Diggs

Great wallet Great bitcoin wallet. Easy to navigate. The features work outstanding for me!

Stephen Harris

Awesome support Their awesome support was quick to get a bug that I reported fixed. As far the app goes, this is definitely one of the best full featured bitcoin wallets out there!

Margaret J. Ward

Love it Looking at some of the comments I must say these people don't understand. Its attachments he security feature locked you all out if the password is entered wrong u get locked out. I am using this app without errors once you set it up right you won't have and issue.○○

Sultana Hashem

*** This app makes it extremely easy to buy bitcoin. Prior to using this app I had no idea how to acquire bitcoin or sell them. Really glad I found it.***

Prathamesh Bhosale

Easy to use Android Bitcoin wallet Easy to use ,Decentralized ,Noob friendly,and Good looking

Stephen Harris

Awesome support Their awesome support was quick to get a bug that I reported fixed. As far as the app goes, this is definitely one of the best full featured bitcoin wallets out there!

Eric Martindale

Full-featured Bitcoin Wallet This is one of the best Bitcoin wallets on the market. Not only does it manage keys properly, but it also contains a directory of nearby merchants that accept bitcoin as payment.

Haris Pervaiz

Excellent App Easy to use. Keys arent stored in a 3rd party server. Bitcoins are future money. Very very secured app

ryan esg

why address change id like to use this on multiply bitcoin

Roger Smith

This crazy app wants my bank acct username & password So not happening!


Awesome Bitcoin wallet Its one of the most safest and well designed bitcoin wallet with tonns of features. And some come at a pretty handy sometimes like the directory search of ATMs, Restaurants etc.

Rachel White

Very simple and smart app amazing effect,and easy to use..

Erik Aronesty

Best bitcoin wallet, except you can't send small payments by email.

William Landreth

May it will be great... Does not work for anything but as a wallet. Nothing. The discounts are you spend bitcoin to get gift cards any "discount" is obviously sort of nebulous as the exchange can make them some, and the cards say "8 % discount" when you finally get to see them, but it is very buggy and not functional.

Ruggero Scorcioni

Awesome app.

Erin Orland

Clear interface Easiest to understand Bitcoin app I have tried.

John Kawecki

Ok but Ok But says I have insufficient memory when I do.cancels update why?

Brian Kocherhans

An annoying message about App native libraries comes up on Android N that I did not see on marshmallow. **Edit** Thank you for the quick response. I've sent a screenshot of the error so hopefully this can get fixed before Android N launches officially. Thank you for your app it's been great so far!

Peter Samuelson

Gift card malfunctions, no support? I bought a $10 gift card. No bar code. Bought a $30 target card. No card. Sent an email to support then more than a week later... No response. Help!!!


CANT SEND BITCOINS. HELPPP! I've constantly tried to send £0.06 of my bitcoins to another wallet but it keeps coming up with 'insufficient funds' its really annoying now.will there be a fix? Would also be nice to display how much ill have left whilst transacting.

David Hongisto

Gift card issues resolved? Got refunded for a failed starbucks card purchase. Btc wallet has never failed. Will give 5 stars after I buy my next gift card.

usa kira

Donate plzzz Ill be your friend.3FputuzUe8GwL5wTdbaaAT7zAM1amSZE19

Dynosaur Rokks

Airbitz Nice people to deal with

Toni Diklić

Great This is my first btc wallet and its working perfectly. Very easy to use.

Andrew Harmon

Amazing customer service "Lg v10 app updated and no longer opens. Running marshmallow." issue was addressed very quickly, and with ease of communication. I'm glad the issue was resolved.

Master Prince Sinha

Airbitz wallet Gorgeous system for financial services it.Bitcoin Trader's special

Mark Fiore

Crap wallet ... Slow and full of ads .. I switched to bread wallet much faster and pretty too


Very high transaction fees Not happy about it costing $1 to send $5 of bitcoin. Because of this I will be moving to another wallet.

Peter Samuelson

Wallet works Good wallet. Will be testing gift cards.

akinleye abeeb

Excellent This is a very amazing wallet

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