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7 Jul
Bitcoin Tapper

Posted by echolian in Finance | July 7, 2015 | 48 Comments

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Want Free Bitcoins? Bitcoin Tapper is an app that allows you to earn Free Bitcoins through various websites and faucets.

Just enter your Bitcoin address and start collecting Bitcoins!

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Twitter: @BitcoinTapper

What are Bitcoins? You can read about them at or

Bitcoins rapidly go up and down in price. They've gone as high as $1200+ per Bitcoin. They could also be worth nothing the next day...

However, if you want to get in on the action, this app will help you do that. All for free.

Make sure you get a Bitcoin address. There are several ways to do so. First you need a wallet. The easiest way to obtain a wallet is to visit a site like - You can get started by going here

Whats new

    - The Bitcoin button is coming back! The new feature will be experimental and has no minimums.

echolian part of our Finance and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 7, 2015. Google play rating is 57.3291. Current verison is 3. Actual size 720.0 KB.

Download bitcoin-tapper.apk 720.0 KB


Bhavya Madan

How much did u earn from referral programs.. This app is misusing.... Each website has a ref. No. Which helps Developer earn more... Uninstalling

Chris H

Probably not what it seems. Ads for other places and no direct tapping for bitcoins. Uninstalling

Dan Alderson

Crash Have to force stop every time. Galaxy s5

arun tej

I earned a few bitcoins and now they aren't transfer to my wallet This app doesn't work as it says. I have been using this app for a very long time since the first release and earned some. They promised to deliver the coins to my wallet account but they didn't. I mailed them and did every dayi could but of no use.

Dustin Lodge

They still owe me money Don't support this app they steal your money

luis mejia

Wow so now all the bitcoin I earned is gone...

Greek Dandy


Wilbur Pereira

Give us back our bitcoins Give us back our bitcoins that we had before you cheats screwed up your funds. It's our hard earned bitcoins we are demanding. You just cannot update your app with this crap. Enable the unconditional payouts.

Ryan Joseph

Kinda messed up I got all the way to .0116 (the payout limit is .012) and it's gone. Emailed support, no reply. App is totally useless now.

Yashkir Ramsamy

I want my coins I've had this app for 2 years and I've only made 0.008btc, now I can't even withdraw my coins...please pay back everyone who lost theirs Anyone wanna donate to help pay 1KCN9zKDVfiRdKCXhbHMNxHVGgAtBac4xF

Stephen Quinn

Cheats What the use of a Bitcoin Tapper that you can't tap anymore and get coins. Give me my coins that I have earned you cheats.

Chris Murray

You should pay out all the users that tapped before the feature was removed

Arunscape Woosaree

Could use bigger payouts It's nice how you get free coin, but at this rate I'll never reach the payout threshold. I don't mind ads too much, so maybe you could turn them up to solve that...

James Gosnell

Crap payments. I was in love. Making on random like 0.0003-0.001 btc per click on a nice free app, then it dropped to like 0.000001 btc per click

Casey Verreras

This app is trash. Uninstall Gives you 0.000001 btc every 24hrs. So in a few years I might have enough to withdraw the bitcoin from it. Uninstall.

Chris McCartin

No more free BTC Like many other people, I was racking up the BTC and then started getting .000001 per day once I got close to the threshold. Now they say no more free BTC. What's the point of this app now? Waste of time!

Alex Scott

Terrible program You get random amounts untill you get enough to be close to pay out then you only get like 0.00001. Bullshit program

Richard Jurica

Just like Mikey Fischer stated. Random amounts of coins. Then I got about .003500 and ever since it adds .000001 a day. That means another ten thousand clicks and I can cash out...Unfortunately, that's 30 years.

Jonathan Meuller

Meh Don't get suckerd into paying for premium, it doesn't work and dev can't seem to figure it out. I printed qr codes of my addresses and just scan every 24 hours. I'm also in the and there is a huge lack of support...

Mikey Fischer

A complete waste It's a completely misleading program. It requires you to accumulate ". 012 bc" before you can cash out. But to do this, you tap once per day a button to gain random amounts of coins, but once you reach about ". 0.003" the rate drops so low that it will literally take you years to withdraw. It's a bs program.

manda b

Meh To make it worth anything the dev need to make it capable of being tapped more than once a day...make it capable of being tapped more than once a day! I understand the concept of it being more profitable based on how much they are receiving in ad revenue but its a waste of time and phone memory if I can make more clicking on free faucets for 10 minutes. reach the minimum payout will require so much time you'll have gone thru multiple phones! Donate to my wallet instead 1EHTNGpqKfxU6v2t23L79yMSS8zKbJv8Ty

Kyle Moore

Takes too long Expect to click every day for a year to earn about >$10 worth of bitcoin. I don't know if it even pays out yet cause I've been doing it daily for months and I'm only 70% of the way to the minimum payout

Andrew M

Cool app! I clicked for a few months. I requested payout and 8 days later they paid me.. would be better I we could tap at least 3 times a day.. Overall they paid, lol. Try it out!! Please donate. 1NCVvvY8HdBTQbUqPB77asas3TFwDKEDS8

Brian Barbee

very disappointed, never again BEWARE!! after debating issue i have to speak out. I mined for weeks and was half way to pay out. wanting to switch addresses it dropped my data. it's all gone. now it will not link up and won't recognize new wallet either. not pleased at all. ONLY WRITTEN TO WARN OTHERS.

Wilfried Kopp

Trash Unless you are willing to click daily on this app to make a ridiculous amount in 30 years. .. forget it.

Christopher Sparrowgrove

Backup bitcoins I have used this multiple timples and came close to cash out a few times but the app does not save your tapps. So delete data or reset phone and it's over! Uninstalling stupid app.

Chad Stevens

Low payout Does not payout very much any more. It will take several months if not a year to accumulate enough to cash out. It paid out a good bit when I first downloaded it though. Might be engineered to be deceptive.

James Bassdrop

Seemed promising at first... I was initially getting higher amounts per tap, but it's been dwindling... today's tap was worth one ten-millionth of a bitcoin (0.000001 bitcoins) ... at today's exchange rates (over $700 per coin), I'd need 100 taps/days to get 7 cents.. uninstalling this garbage!

Yang Long Mao

What is this crap? Payout is way too high for the tiny fraction of bitcoin received. It will take ages to reach 0.012 BTC.

Patrick McCollums

Worthless! The app seems to break and not recognize your bitcoin address once you start to get close to the payout! Waste of time!

Jason Bell

So-far so-good My addy was deactivated (due to disuse, I imagine), and I got a very swift response to my email request to be re-activated. I haven't reached the minimum payout yet, but the quick support response leads me to believe Bitcoin Tapper is legit :-)

Tony DiCicco

Will take too long. I like the idea of the app and it has has been working for me, but the minimum balance you have to obtain to cash out is too high. Please lower the minimum balance to cash out. It could take well over 3 year of tapping every 24hours to achieve the minimum payout balance of .012 btc.

Sean Cornwell

Never reach payout amount I appreciate the idea but this app really needs a lower minimum for payout or bigger rewards. There is no way you will ever reach payout.

Austin Herry

Meh I had to go to the site to learn more about the app, there are a lot of things that the developer should be more up front about. My first click got me 0.000005 BTC, and the minimum payout is 0.012, which would take just over 6 1/2 years to achieve. I decided that was ridiculous so I went to find their website. It turns out the amount of BTC you receive is based on how BTC much income the app is pulling in and will fluctuate. The second time I received 0.00005. Getting there.

Casey Walker

Won't payout I have been waiting for 5 days now. No payout what so ever. This is a scam/joke. Waist of time.

Alex Sirkin

Good! Where new TOP faucet? - Many Bitcoins every day! Add plz!

Dmitriy Geels

Garbage You have to tap each day during 600 days to get minimal payment.

Вадим Репях

Fraud You need to tap 1200 times to get minimal payout. You can tap once per day. That's ~3 years 3 months to get the money.

Keith Davis

Has nice faucets Has the top 3 fastest bitcoin faucets in existance. Between just the 3 I can make 75k - 100k satoshi daily.

Mubasher Ahmad

I have a problem. How to save address in this bitcoin tapper...

Akanni Sharpay

Cant save my bitcoin address How do I save my bitcoin address

Maxamus James

King James " Take off

Anupama Wadhwa

Plz brind that button back


Joke? I s this a joke

Irvin Tan

Can't save bitcoin address

Stephanie Dew

Just a front - fake app This only has links to faucets and not all of them work.


Can't save address It won't save my address, will continue to try for a couple of days, then will delete if not fixed.

musha vai

Fake app

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