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27 May
Bio Inc. - Biomedical Game

Posted by DryGin Studios in Simulation | May 27, 2016 | 211 Comments

Apk file size: 66.0 MB

Bio Inc is a biomedical strategy simulator in which you determine the ultimate fate of a victim by developing the most lethal illness possible.

New expansion pack now available for free! Download now!

Create your own plague by upgrading diseases, boosting risk factors and slowing down your victim’s recovery before a team of highly motivated doctors find a cure and save him.

Hours and Hours of Awesome Gameplay:

- 18 stages with different gameplays
- 100+ realistic biomedical conditions
- Spread diseases across all human systems
- Real-Time human body degradation
- Awesome graphics!
- Four difficulty settings
- Thousands of ways to play the game

You can watch the trailer here:

Stay tuned, frequent updates will keep Bio Inc. fun and fresh for years to come!

If you ever beat the “Impossible Stage”, let us know and we will add you to our Hall of Fame! ;-)

Whats new

    Fixed an issue where the app would crash after displaying an add.
    -Fixed issue where BioCoins rewards would not save to disk.
    -Various minor enhancements

DryGin Studios part of our Simulation and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update May 27, 2016. Google play rating is 84.4226. Current verison is 2.610. Actual size 66.0 MB.

Download bio-inc-biomedical-plague.apk 66.0 MB


Gregory Lang

Grammar? For what appears to be a relatively well funded, thought out and made game there are a surprising number of grammatical errors. Some errors look like they are actually sentences that have been poorly translated from another language.

John Khian Faurillo

Nice Game... It's a nice game, no problems at all... to all people here who have problems in launching the app here's a help, try closing it in the task manager then re-launch it..thats how i managed to play this!!

Robert Hixonr

Good strategy game but. Ever since I tried the epidemic game I've liked these medical strategy games. This one is well out together and pretty robust. The downsides are a couple thougj. 1. I am playing in the galaxy s6 and this game will freeze often. I will have to reset it and then it will work again. 2. The integration if soooo much advertising is over the tip. I mean you are literally inundated with video clip options to get extras as well as advertising on the games main page. Good grief, i rather just lay out right.

Barbara Woods

I know it's a game As a health care professional I could not enjoy this game. Thanks guys

Honesty Javorina

Won't even open I had this game on my old phone and I really loved it. My old phone was a droid 4, a really old model and the game ran well. I just moved to the galaxy s6 edge and downloaded the app and after the title screen it turns black, but I can still hear music. I would have thought on a better, newer phone it would play right, but I can't play at all. I'd love to change my rating, if I can ever play it.

Mike Shepard

Great, but needs polish Great game but could use some more UI polish and a few extra options as well as more challenges. An option to Auto collect the bio-points would be great!

Anfah Goh

Enjoyable title Nice game to kill some time, have 4 difficulty levels too. The visual is nice. Have room for improvements, probably could add something like how much the accumulated risk factor affect the body

Brian Pylants Android account

Good game got ruined. This game was a 5/5 game until the lethal update. I had purchased the game, and the new change makes it downright unplayable. Conditions you've unlocked can now be cured, making it nearly impossible to finish a game without paying real money for a bonus... That only lasts for one round. Then you need to re-buy it again. Unless you want to spend $15 to unlock infinite uses of the bonuses... In the game you might have already bought. There's also no way to earn these bonuses in-game by playing.

John White

Doesn't even work When I try to skip the trailer it just freezes and I have to close the app fix it I will give it 5 star's

Shannon M

Ads are out of control I get that they have to make their money somewhere, either through ads or paid unlocks... But throwing 2-3 ads at me in the middle of each game, asking me to watch an ad to do a flu epidemic, and putting me through a 15 sec UNSKIPPABLE ad as punishment for winning the round makes me less inclined to give you money, not more. Totally runs the fun of the actual game.

Jason Slattery

Frustrating This game is, in theory, an excellent game however it is too slow on giving viruses etc. And way too fast on recovery. If you spend too much time on creating illness, recovery is too hard to overcome. If you spend too much time fighting recovery then you can't build up enough illness. If you try and do both, the game still does not give the player enough time to do either.

Michael Bouder

Sad I would of given this app\game a 5 star however since the update the game well not even start. I've tried different things to get it to start and it just doesn't seem to load at all on my phone. I haven't checked my tablet yet. But for now I'm going to give it a 1 star until it is fixed. Sad though... I paid for the full game to give support to the game makers and this is what happens.... shame

Noman Khawar

The game is wonderful. Except it freezes often and can be a little slow. If you fix that I'd definitely give it a 5 star

Dean Holbeach

Brilliant game, would give it 5 stars if I could see the names and descriptions of the locked diseases. Plus it drains your battery like nothing normal lol. Still, very entertaining. I like giving the character my name, pretending its me, and feeling safe in the knowledge that if my heart fails me, lungs fail and nervous system fails, il still live a long healthy life simply because my kidneys still work!!!

Ian Paternoster

Brilliant game. Great game really worth playing. Try putting your enemies name in patient's box. A another way of relieving stress.

surfeasy tester

Last update fail Since the last update inside the app, I cannot play. Just get a black screen at start up. Android 5.1

Richard Tailleur

I love this. Being a CNA I do feel kinda bad for trying to kill the guy, but then again I can also think of SOOO many ways to configure everything.

Eddy Etue

Plague Inc is Better This game is ok but Plague Inc is way better. You can tell with this one they put most pf their budget into the trailer and intro video. Plague Inc's budget was actually put *into the game itself*. Still, this one is a decent quick time waster.

Shawn Frost

Like it. I feel wanted to put my annoying friends names and laughed. Well it can create awareness how much we need to care for our health and how much dangerous the symptoms can lead you. By the way, nice interactivity for this games. Hope for more interesting upgrade!


Spectacular If you had fun with plague, then you'll love this game. I would love to see someone make a game that would take both and mash em together.

Patrick O'Connor-Davis

Loved it once but alas The lure of excessive microtransactions caused this dev to abandon a product which I had enjoyed thoroughly and purchased to support, and replace it with a buggy, slow and unenjoyable shell of itself. The latest reviews show what happens when you stuff with your consumers guys. Revert this awful change or lose the confidence of your fanbase.

Keshia Birkett

Good little Game It's a good game and although each stage is more challenging it can get monotonous.

Miranda Wright

Wtf is wrong with it? After the title screen it turns black and I can hear music. It’s f****d!!! My friend reccomended it to me and I got it on my iPod which has scince stopped working on me as it has gone out of date. I am on a Samsung galaxy tab 3. Please fix it and I will chqnge my rating to 5 stars.


Needs fixing! Apparently an overly obese individual who smokes and shit with totally collapsed lungs, heart and nervous system, along with nearly totally collapsed muscles and kidneys, and ontop of that has an immune system which attacks the body and is shitty as hell, worst doctors available and given poison instead of medicin and has spent 5 weeks without any healthcare and with many incurable diceases can survive because apparently even the worst doctors are wizards and can restore everything to perfect condition.

Muhammad Mutab

Yolo: better make it count, and it's not how drake puts it Really opens your eyes about staying healthy and avoiding things detrimental to your health. Try entering your own name, and then try and kill yourself. As you play, think about it: aren't we doing all of this stuff to ourselves already? The drinking, smoking, unprotected sex, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, alcoholism, drug abuse, bad eating habits etc. This game will show you how you how we destroy ourselves. All the things that made 'yolo' famous is destructive. Play the game and judge for yourself.

Anime 4Life

Bio vs Pandemic/Plague I love this game because it's so in depth. Unlike plague or pandemic it focuses on one person allowing to be more in depth with diseases and such. I would recommend this game based on preferences. If you want something more broad go with pandemic or plague but if you want something smaller and more in depth go with bio inc. Warning bio inc is not a quick game. Recommend for long car rides or in free time. Not at work or while doing anything that requires focus. Hope you found this helpful

pyke stout

"Realistic" How can this be "realistic" if after 1 week John Smith magically cures lung cancer. Or better yet ASTHMA!!!! I don't know what kind of inhalers he has but they must be pretty good. Some diseases should not be able to be cured. Also why am I wasting points on both levels of the fear of the doctor if he gets an "annual " check up literally 4 days after I spend the 24 points. If he's terrified of the doctor, wouldn't he cancel appointments??? Fix these really obvious issues.

Shou Kyoto

This game made me love anatomy even more! Very very fun! It's in depths with Diseases. Diseases are explained in a very good way that Everybody exactly can understand it, unlike Wikipedia's explanations which is full of… medical words. This is excellent for people who love Anatomy and Biology. Five star, take this five star, DryGin. This is AWESOME

Paul Dube

Used to be awesome This game has gone money hungry. The ad portion takes a good chunk of real estate. Pop ups when navigating between menues. "Options" to watch ads during events such as flu outbreak. If u decline the ad the outbreak doesn't happen. (This was free previously with no ads) also 14.99 for unlimited coins is a bit steep. Would have been better to offer an upgrade option and leave the previous free version alone. Making money is great, but don't force a change on people. Grats on ruining your game!

Richard Watson

Fun but has issues This game is fun and challenging. The different patient types really help to add variety. However the game regularly freezes, needing to be restarted, and the ads are overly intrusive.

Ben Fox

Update has turned game into money grab The game was fun originally but this new update has turned it into every other money desperate app...Any normal game you play will be essentially impossible without boosters because diseases can now be healed. Only your most expensive diseases will be healed and they will often heal moments after getting them. Of course you can buy more coins for more boosters with real money and its obvious that bio inc has been made much more difficult only in a desperate attempt to get people to spend money on boosters.

Janus vd merwe

Amazing broken game I'm playing on an LG g2 it's an amazing game but it dies every 5min really love the game just wish I could play a full round without restarting the game

Mae Diaz

Okay game This game's okay. I feel like the symptoms are not enough and the recovery is not on point. When a person's system is crashing I'm pretty sure it's gonna be hard to save that person and yet the recovery for this game such spikes up immediately.

Kristina Waring

Addicting! And awesome! This game is great to pass the time and easy to get addicted to

Christopher Zeigler

Love these games!!! I put this next to my Plague Inc. After update I have to relearn it and I'm not a fan of the coins idea you should follow Plague Inc. and let us earn and unlock the booster's!!!

William Vaux

Great Idea, but unoriginal This is a great idea for a game. The graphics are great, it requires intelligence, and it's fun. But it'd idea is not original; it's in many other games. Also, it seems a little psychopathic. .....

Petar Savic

Great game but Last update doesn't work i when i save and back after few hours and i start from begining

Sharon Lee

What happened to the game??? I used to love this game so much and now it's filled with ads and prompts to make you pay. It used to be free to fast forward! So much ads and...I'm quite upset with the update

anass El Hamdaoui

Amazing Amazing game. But it would be cool if the overweight person actually looks overweight when you are killing him.

Reid Glazner

Awesome! I always name the victim Adolf Hitler so I feel less guilty after killing him.

Bel Mermal

Somewhat unrealistic It would take a miracle to cure someone who has lung cancer eith concomitant h1n1, pneumonia, immunodeficiency, aneurysm etc judt bcoz the recovery bar turned 100%. But the game itself is good to play.

Cody Deloney

Fun 2 kill who u hate It reminds me of plague inc. but better. By the way, i killed Justin Bieber. YAY

Skye Grey

Excellent Work I found myself turned dark and evil while playing the "No, no, you're not going to visit the hospital until the annual checkup" *evil grin*

Amanda Nicholl

Won't even load Looks like fun but I can't even get to play it :-( took me five attempts to even download it despite having space. Just comes up as a black screen and does nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled but didn't help. Tried force stop but that didn't help either.

Eric Taylor

Awesome Really, really love this game.. Simple but can still be punishing and strategic as hell, once I have the few dollars definately unlocking like I did with that other world epidemic game

Megan Chavez-Heesh

Game is good idea but It freezes everytime I either start it or in middle of game then I always have to start from beginning too many freezes

Victoria Pearson

It's good but I really enjoy playing it when it works but get a lot of freezing and won't load sometimes have Samsung s6 have tryed closing app and deleting and restaling

Homie Domie

Cannot open the app Every time I played the app all there was was a black screen, I tried opening it multiple times and tried reinstalling the app which did nothing. Please fix this as the game looks really cool and I want to try it out. The phone I'm using is Acer Liquid Z4.

TrustJacket UTB

Problems I know someone who plays this game and it looks really fun so i tried to download it on my phone. However, when i click on the game, the music continues to play and the screen goes black and nothing changes. I really would like to play this game for myself but the continuous black screen prevents me from doing so...

Kiley Rosnes

All freezing and no play makes an unhappy camper This is a very fun, great way to occupy time game. I spent the $3 or whatever it was to get the full version, which was worth it to me to bypass the ads. The only downside is that it crashes SO MUCH. 3-4 times, maybe even more within one go of the game. Its very very frustrating to exit out and relaunch, especially because it gets rid of my progress but keeps the time / recovery the same as it was when it crashed. If this issue was fixed it would be a 5 star game for sure.

Sean Cameron

Love this game but rarely loads I have a Samsung galaxy s6 edge and most times I try to play this game it gets stuck on a black screen before I even get to the title screen. Even sometimes after I have completed a game it gets stuck on a loading screen and nothing happens. Love this game but I wish it wasn't so glitchy. Will rate 5 stars after problem is fixed

Christopher Schlamp

I would make it higher but I always try too play and its always just a black screen.

A Google User

Very nice game! A nice break from plague inc. It's still along the same lines but imo much more work went into the atmosphere and sound effects. The sounds are really well done, bravo devs. If you like plague at all, you'll love this.

Tone Shifter

Nice job making an app that crashes my tablet :(. It was good before but my screen freezes before I can even start.

Cord Parker

Supported devices are hard to come by as I have tried this on several devices and there are hiccups, for one Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7", 4X 1.2Ghz CPU and 1.5Gb ram crashing at times but stable, Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE (4X 1.2Ghz CPU, 1Gb ram); finish one zone and then became unplayable because it kept crashing. And last but not least because this was the biggest issue of them all, Kyocera ZTE/N800 (stock 1194Mhz dual core, 778Mb ram) with overclock mod can't play it without freezing after 3Min of game play 778Mb ram w/ 256M(max) set for foreground and CPU set @ 1944Mhz as a last ditch effort to keep from having issues, but failed. it's a wonderful game but it just seems to be the demand in general that is the issue

Bryan Lejano

Game won't save The game 's stuck in the loading screen after finishing a level after the 30seconds AD. Therefore the money you win doesn't save for the future increments for power up. Will give one star for now. I'll give 5 when fixed.

Julie Lyon

Amazballs I usually never rate anything, but this is a really really good game... It is very addicting. I give it 5 stars

Justin Lynch

Force closes between 3 and 5 seconds into every game Terrible. I'm sure this game would be fun if I could even play it but a note 4 is far from a unique phone, ever app should run properly on it.

Tori Griffin

Keeps crashing I love this game it's super fun and addictive, it keeps crashing tho and I have to force close. When I force close it doesn't save the same place it crashed so I always lose part of my game.

achraf princeten

Not bad I really enjoy this game its so much fun but there is problem of force close when i play sometime is stopped plz fix it

Maribeth Gonzalez

Amazing! One thing I have to say is great graphics! Not only is this game very well made and pretty addictive but is very entertaining! ?

Matthew Simms

AWESOME This is like the game plagues Inc but your only killing one person.It's better I recommend trying it

Beau Martin

Absolutely ADDICTIVE I have been a fan since Plague Inc. and I have been eagerly anticipating the launch of a sequel, and the wait was totally worth it! This game is absolutely amazing and brilliantly addictive! A++

jeff lockard

They owe me coins for the money I spent I would give this 4/5 stars, some minor lagging alot of advertising but it's expected. But instead I give it a 0, I purchased coins and never received them, I sent an email, no response. Hopefully this light a fire under somebody to refund me my money or give me what I pd for, plus extra for the crap I gotta go through to get your attention.

Jaymes Loderaon

PrettyCool It's almost like a biology lesson for the human body. The descriptions of the diseases and effects they have on the body are almost spot on, and the way it's represented in the systems failure or success menu is very nice. Love the fact you can make the person dehydrated or a smoker, which affects their health as well. Overall a good game, but only 4 stars as I wish there were more diseases and ailments.

XRock 13

Best game ever! This game is sick! Literally! It's sick! You infect a guy with a disease and worsen it as you go, but make sure you kill him before he's healed!

Eric Rodriguez

Fun game If you like pandemic or plague inc. then you will like this game. of you hate the transmission gimmic in the previously mentioned game, then you will love this game. Only problem is the save game then load function doesnt work for me, but oddly enough closing the app and loading does. Also no fast forward button unless you pay... bummer... still worth a try though

Matthew Shanahan

Good Diseases should evolve better with risk factors in place and it should give bio points faster.

Bex Forgan

Best game ever I love this game its a great concept and has been achieved really brilliantly. Yay for disease and death.

Mason Connor

Love it!!!!!! I love the game and it teaches me about symptoms and sicknesses the only way I gave it 4 stars was because I wished the sicknesses were right out of the box and I didn't have to get risk factors and other sicknesses.

James Templin

Great! This game is done really well. The attention to detail on how advancing one system could effect the subject and other systems along with the risk factors and your subject starting off with baseline ailments to help steer you towards the right strategy.

Backpacker Namito

Great game except the vid ads Good game for simulation genre. Like Plague Inc. It would be great if you can remove the video advertisements that appear each time we finish every round. Its kinda annoying

Reynold Hughes

Decent A cool game that took the concept of Plague Inc right down to the name. I'm not quite sure how the systems work, or what the different difficulties do; still, trying to find the most lethal combo for a patient is fun. My biggest complaint isn't the ads (it only costs $2 to remove them) but how unrealistic the recovery system is. It works in Plague Inc since the scientists find a cure and rush it around the world. In Bio Inc, even if the last system has 1% left, they still make a full recovery. Pretty lame.

Patrick Schaunaman

Twisted Fun Gives a very interesting perspective on illness. Educational yet still very fun. Provides a twisted point of view not found in traditional gaming that totally works. Can't put down my phone now lol.

Amy Patterson

Fun, but buggy Game seems like it would be fun. I love the concept and it's actually interesting. Problem is, after finishing a game, the app gets stuck on a loading screen and I have to force close it. Also can't load saved game, stays stuck on loading screen. Fix that and it would be great. Galaxy S6 edge

Dorothy Ann

ONLY LOSERS COMPLAIN! Seriously, this game rocks! Don't listen to the haters complaining about the game mechanics. Yes, there could be some improvements, but the game is honestly F2P as long as you know what the hell you're doing. Enjoy! Oh, & about the excessive adds; it's free, so shut up. Ya bunch of sissies..

Justin Brown

Love it Being a bio major in school, this game is right up my alley. Lots of combinations, cool diseases, and just overall time-consuming fun. I would definitely recommend this game to pretty well anyone.

James Weststeijn

Really good game Good game blah blah blah, it needs a disease in game that makes bio point come faster, and the fear of doctors should be stronger and the days should be longer or have more boi points come inbetween. Great game but needs less difficulty/rewards for keeping the person unhealthy for longer.

Randi Warner

Fun but confusing Kind of confusing. Wish you could get more than just +1, +2, & +3. The days move so fast, and the disease points are VERY few and far between. Needs to be more user friendly

Stu Schmidt Jr

Truly fun This game is fantastic. Reminds me of Plague, Inc and I love that game. Fun, addictive, challenging and also teaches you some things about diseases as a whole. The only complaint I have is that sometimes when switching to the muscular system to collect the bio points, the disease cell is a maroon color and is very difficult to see in order to collect it. Otherwise, I'm still in the process of unlocking things and hope that there are scenarios and whatnot after the game is completed. Great job.

Ryan Wilson

Waste of time. Who could really bounce back 100% after this? High cholesterol, hypertension, angina, heart attack, flu, bronchitis, lung cancer, kidney failure stage 2, rickets, muscular dystrophy, while having a nervous breakdown. All while having every risk factor, and recovery option that should slow it down.

joshua minnies

Disappointing Many of the lower level symptoms can be life threatening themselves. The recovery rate is not proportionate to the severity of the patients diseases. Bio points spawn way too slowly and become quite monotonous to acquire over time. More points are impossible to get without spending gold. Overall, the game starts out interesting in that you learn about different disease. After the next view levels, everything however is monotonous and frustrating.

Brandon Brownlee, Sr.

Just another money waster After two games on easy it's obvious that all this game is interested in is obtaining money. You'd prolly have more fun watching paint dry. Secondly, I'm almost certain had I actually paid to remove the ads and speed up the game it would have been like watching paint dry faster....

rachel almendarez

So fun Love the attention to detail and great way to pass the time. Great game good download


The game is great but stuck at loading screen Too bad i would give 5 star for this amazing game killing people from the inside...however either i lose or win on any stages, i keep getting stuck at loading screen..i have to restart and start the game again to continue...too bad...

Kane Templar

Good but flawed Unending loading screens, advert ilness booster doesn't always work, too many adds, too much focus on pay to win. It's a shame as it is a good, clever game but the execution I feel does not work. I look forward to seeing this game after a few more updates but for now it's getting uninstalled

John McGarry

Amazing game, hours of fun. I just fine that the add in can be a little confusing before starting game

Demi Lee Iwaszczyn

Buggy Absolutely love this game but nothing saves. It freezes after a level and doesn't save stars or coins. Would love to play after you've properly fixed these bugs! Adding. It also runs in the background and drains your battery!

Sian Lucas

Too many ads! Waaaay to many adverts which ruins the game! Adverts come up mid game and force it to close but the game still plays so I end up loosing points. And it force closes when setting up the game which makes me loose my bonuses but takes the points anyway!! Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Actually I would. I'd recommend they NOT play it!

Jeremy White

Annoyed... Every time I start up the game I play for around 30 seconds to a minute and it stalls out on me. I can still hear the music but nothing happens. I eventually get the message to force close it or wait but again nothing happens of I wait. Seems fun enough otherwise, will change rating of I could actually play the game. Running it on the one plus one so it should have no problems.

nicole rockers

Very well made, and Addictive. This is a game that is unique, very well made, and a absolute joy to play. Plus, you can name your victim a person you hate. Love this game.

steve mason

Meh Plague Inc is a better version of this type of game...the overall setup and design behind the bio points is too convoluted.... It's much more simplified in Plague Inc. But its still a decent time passer

Irfan Rafiz

Impossible stage won. Yes,the person suicides and on lethal mode.Forgot to send I will win and try to send if I win again.Anyway its addictive though the best

Breanna Lane

Freezing and no words Its ok but the words keep turning black and you cannot read anything and the it freezes and says sorry but bio inc Isn't responding and kicks me off and does the same thing over again please fix or I will uninstal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Brincefield

Never Stops On my Nexus 9, this was running 99% of the time over 1 day. Despite the fact that I have not ran the app for weeks. I have to many things I actually need to run in the background, this game certainly doesn't. So it is gone.

Taylor Carter

1 solely due to ads and load screen freeze Couldn't get past the final screen for any level thus far without freezing, can't load in at current game due to same error. Very frustrating and inconvenient.

Lim Kok Meng Lim

GREAT GAME!!! Its fantastic,much better than plague inc envolve,its much intense than that game,2nd best game,behind of clash of clans,in my opinion.

Viron Valisno

Goog game A good time-killer if you're looking for one and has a lot in common with Plague Inc. Try it if you like

Steve Martin

BIO INC Assume Even though the idea of the game might be Morbid ?hahaha. This is really a great mind thinking game. It also really helps you understand how in a more realistic setting, the body reacts to how you treat your health. I hope you guys in the development Dept. Come up with a part II. I would be one of the first ones to download. Keep up the good work. ? great game......

Jericho the Red

Startup issues and ADS EVERYWHERE. I really enjoy the game, the game is flawless! . . . When it decides to boot up. You see it has a habit of getting stuck on the startup screen, all other input is ignored, and in the end. I have to do a hard reset. And then there are the ads. . . I understand that Ad revenue is prolly what keeps you afloat considering this is a free to play game. BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY. I do not need an ad for EXITING A SCREEN. Perhaps make the ads appear solely at end game. Then it would be reasonable. The only reason I even gave the game three stars, is because it's a good game other than those flaws. I really enjoyed it, but the issues are crippling!

Eric Baker

Meh since the update Update made the game more frustrating. It now feels unbalanced and seems to have the pay to win model as you now can use coins to purchase upgrades. Without these, even the lower levels are no longer enjoyable. Had nearly cleared all levels prior update but now can barely complete half the levels without having to buy upgrades. Shame though. Bought the game and now I feel cheated.

Kyle Bey

Game crashes Decent game, unfortunately cannot play anything but the first level because mine also crashes after the ad, completed level 1 earned the coins, game says loading.... and never finishes. Left open for an hour, same thing. 1 due to broken game and many many ads. Reduce the ads mid game.....

Christie Ring

Huge flaws good game Ironically only on the level that I have spent my coins does the game for shutdown and and I lose where I was at and I lost all my coins. Also any time that I start doing well the game just shuts down after I use my coins as well. They need to change that fly because I have spent money to get the coins and then I never get them back after the game force shuts down. Also I go and try to slow down the recovery rate and I'm spending my Pointe to slow down the recovery yet it still goes at the same pace.

Nick Ashton

love it love this kind of game but very hard. and costs alot of stars to win levels = money out of your pocket would give 5 stars if it didnt cost so much money to be able to level up


Fun game, but lots of ads I actually prefer orchestrating world epidemics.. But I guess killing someone is OK too. However, if we have to watch so many ads, at least give us some incentives for watching it, like the flu contagion!

Mick Ewing

Good game. Good game for passing time. I bought it on the promise of receiving 500 free bio coins. I did not receive the coins. My partner bought it on the same day and got the coins. As time goes by I find the game removes my bio coins without me even playing the game. Terrible.

Lara Yu

Super Biometric Game I opened this Game and iplay it.. and im feeling happy because i learned so many things about biometric

Nick Granet

Updates... The game is a 5 star, but since the last update, some minor glitches were fixed, but now the game keeps locking up on me, or disallowing me to hit certain buttons, unless I hit the back button till the beginning and start over. Also, the last game I played, I had the doctors stop working, and instead of stopping for a month, it just went slower and ultimately losing because of it. I love the game and would happily give it a 5 star if these issues can be assessed.

T Arshp

About as Realistic as Operation "100+ realistic biomedical conditions" Issue is, apparently the victim lives in a world where they can cure a stroke and heart attack at the same time. Clearly another micro transaction game were realism is over shadowed by the idea of a quick money grab. Other people call it "educational" which is sadly a joke. This game could have been so much better, but once again the mobile market for games disappoints in a pitiful attempt to nickel and dime customers for publisher profit on a subpar title.

Jeff Hilton

Grindy, but Fun This game is quite entertaining. It flips the plague/pandemic paradigm on its head, allowing the player the sadistic pleasure of personalizing each victim's death. It does a pretty fair job of exploring the concept, too. The only downsides are (1) Even with a fast-forward option, there's no such thing as a quick game, and (2) the boosts only last the duration of one round, and are pretty much entirely necessary to win the lethal difficulty. This makes the game a bit of a grindfest for the completionist.

Adib Safwan

Familiar yet still enjoyed it though If you're really good at Plague.Inc then this game should be a piece of cake for you but if you expect the gameplay to be the same as Plague.Inc then you were freaking wrong. This makes me a little for concerned about my health right now =,=

Rachel Yoder

Doesn't work I opened the app and nothing showed up except the settings, scores button, and the ads. If this changes I'll up my rating

Marcin Czop

Great day starter at poopster I think there should be gender choice included for your victim...erm patient and perhaps few more tips here and there as the experience evolves.

Allannah Jade Canalija

it worked in the beginning but when i tried using it again about 5 minutes after i closed it it gets stuck in the logo area. Pls fix and I will change my rating. thanks

Britt Priddy Jr

Last two updates, fails on Nexus 7 Worked great until update on 03/17/2016 on Nexus 7. Please fix. Tried to uninstall and install again and just hangs on splash screen and just stays there. Gave it 10 minutes and nothing. Bummer!!!! Would 5 star game if it worked after the last 2 updates. Developer does not respond via email or social media, zero customer service.

Jeman Gaddi

Awesome.... I love it for me its interesting and challenging, i love the grapichs and game-play.

Michael Wallhead

Not impressed I paid for the full game and never received the coins I was promised. Also I had 75 coins then when I opened the game again I had 1? Very poor quality and not impressed at all. Would be 5 star when that is fixed because besides that it's an absolute awesome game and I really enjoy it

Brandon Waddell

Ok game Thought disease might be more synergistic but it doesn't seem to be that way. Also grinding to get coins, which you need to buy the boosters or the hardest levels are impossible, sucks because the good boosters are so expensive. Also the number of bio points given out during a round is horrendous, how can you win when you get only 1 point every 5 or 10 days? They go visit the doctor before you've even made em sick

Mike Graddy

Won't Run All of a Sudden Constantly updating piece of garbage that refuses to launch ... nice work! Not. Uninstall.


Would like the equivalent of the money I've spent I've purchased unlimited bio-coins so it would only stand to reason I'd get the cheats now because that whats offered with the cheats.

Raheem Sims

To much fun It's like plague but 10x better it's seems more realistic and that make it fun

April Liles

Won't open I love this game but it will no longer open past the loading screen. Please fix it.

Mr Impotent

Little updates/add-ons to the game but added ways to earn more money Slowing the game is definitely not cool for those who purchased x2 speed and then introduce x3 speed meaning x2 speed buyers have to re-purchase speed up AGAIN

Chandra Hodge

Buttons freeze up. Not receiving coins from daily spin. Coin count decreases even though I'm not playing.

Jourdy Price-Draper

Small issue It doesn't reward you your stars for completing killing your victims. No matter which level I play on I'm still not rewarded my stars. Please fix great game but I hate not been rewarded for what I'm playing

Денката Станчев

What's wrong!? Yesterday I had 145 bio coins, than I spin the wheel and earn 100... Than i close the game. Today i spin the wheel again and earn 50 bio coins.. and my total bio coins are still 145 ?!?!

Judy Kettleborough

Broken Getting to the first screen takes 25 min then when I press the "Play Game" button nothing happens.

Ra mos

Losing I dont like to lose in these types of games. Make a winner version

Adam Celichowski

Awesome!!! Very addicting and fun to play! You can remove all adds for only a few dollars and it is even better... Very glad I downloaded runs very smooth.

The Gaming Bunny

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so freaking cool, addictive, educational-jk, awesome,killer...

MaNyK_ 54

Realy nice game. Better than plague inc.

Dark Zodiac

Amazing Its not as good as Plague Inc. but a very good game though

Screaming Panda

Bio coins This is a wonderful game and I really enjoy it, but I paid money for biocoins, and they didn't come through. The app took my money and it was a real rip off. If I could get my coins, then I would gladly give a higher rating. Please fix!!!

Miguel Alvarado

Fun I liked it and I just like to tell my friends stuff like I have killed you and You died of stress and diabetes.

Mel Earl

Good game Good game altho more free bio points be better as download games and play for free bio dont always work

Ruby Gonzalez

Love it It helps me calm down after a stressful day

Torsten Büchner

A great Game Its a great game with different ways and different handicaps. I love it!

Vianeiris Lopez

Don't receive bio coins I honestly am obsessed with this game. I love playing it. It's a really fun game. However, I did the download games for bio coins and didn't receive any coins. Instead I lost coins. I had 244 coins and it went down to 133. Was very upset. Will fix my rating when issue is resolved.

Paul Cole

Good game and fun. Addicting and fun. It has a fair number of ads, but otherwise fun.

Matthew Mantilla

Ads crash my game Too many ads pop up before my game loads, making me waste any coins I use and preventing the game from loading.

Elizabeth Collier

I would rate zero if I could. I always have to report it every time I play, because it keeps freezing.

Lost Fire

I'm not evil Hey don't get me wrong but it was fun killing and taking control over the people in this game...

Don Murphy

Awesome game... BUT it freezes constantly and makes you restart a new game this is a detrimental issue that must be fixed!

Tamara Kirby

Over heats phone Over heats phone quickly and freezes only been playing 30 minutes shame.

Matt Kelly

I enjoy it! It helps me relieve stress. It is also educational in many aspects.

Danny Stoner

Addicting as heck Im addicted to this game! The only thing that stinks is sometimes if you lose it glitches and wont let you hit the start button but other than that everything works fine

Adian O'Dell

Missing coins Great game but my winnings are never there for my daily spin afterwards. Where do they go?

Adam Nystrom

Fun Great time killer. Lol get it killer? The name of the game is to kill the guy. Lol good stuff right here

Parish Jones

Educational This is one simulation game that is mind blowing and by far inform you of the vary disease & virus that co_exist in today's world. I will like to thank the Developers for taking there time & efforts in bringing this game to life.

LoVeMeNoT 82

Great Game!!! Take your time getting bio points, choosing your sicknesses to race against the doctor, its time blowing fun, very addicting, so far no problems, no lag, no shut down, absolutely worth the download!

Elizabeth Davidson

Odd recovery Guy had AIDS, lung cancer, gastrointestinal failure, kidney failure and atherosclerosis and somehow made a full recovery and lived a long life. Unlikely? Impossible.

AlexandChelsea Lasecki

Fantastic but wildly inconsistent Great game, great ideas, great concepts... However, it is just frustrating to the point of why bother using bio coins or a sound strategy when each game you play, even tho you replay the exact same game, it varies so much. It's like the game or comuter know your going to whoop its butt so it decides that even tho you spent 300 coins you are going to lose. So to go from a for sure win to a 90% chance of losing just because to are playing the game right is unacceptable.

Mark Cathersides

Could get 5 stars A good game held back by small problems. I would give this 5/5 if they gave a bit more information on the effect of diseases/risk factors/recovery, reduced the cost of unlocking stages (only by a slight amount, unlocking a new department and then needing one more star for the first stage of it was a bit of a kick to the teeth) and increasing the fast forward so it's at least noticeable is all it would take. It's fun and I did the impossible stage on lethal.

Franco Goodwin

Fun but constant ads impede on game play I sometimes get flickering on the screen and accidentally click ads when expecting to go to the bio page. The ads are much too frequent. Ads should only occur before or after the game is done, when they happen when I'm trying to add affects, it distracts and annoys me. I would have paid if I wasn't so irritated with the pop-ups before even finishing more than two levels. Uninstalled for intrusive ads over uninterrupted game play.

Ray J.

If you like Plague, Inc, You'll Love This! For the past couple of years, I've enjoyed Plague, Inc. While introducing my girl to the game, this one was recommended, so I decided to try it. Man, this is fun! It has the same tactics, problems, etc as Plague, Inc, but instead of focusing on wiping out the entire planet, you focus on eliminating a single person. My only downside is that symptoms, lifestyles and countermeasures are universal and not unique based on the specific scenario.

Kevin Arora

Love it!!!! This game is actually better than one of the other greatest biomedical killer: Plague Inc. I love it because you feel that villanous feel in you while you try to kill the person. I have a suggestion. Make one where you have a generous feeling, one where you save a person.

Megan LeClair

It's great. Stops me from going to jail lololol jokes jokes. But helps burn off some anger. It's great.

Iyanu Adeboye Oyetunde

So awesome This game is awesome and educative, you can add a tab where you can design viruses or bacteria

Seth Koester

Pretty good I really like this game, very addicting. But i cant play it very much since it either freezes at the title screen or right after i finish a game, VERY ANNOYING!!!!!! fix please

Arturo Orozco

Doesn't Work For Me Used to work fine and i loved the game yet when i try to open it im stuck at the Intro for the game and cant get passed it

quinn green

Not terrible Could be an ok game if not for the incredible amount of ads and regular crashing. Gameplay is repetitive and really pales in comparison to similar games like plague inc but has some really good concepts that have potential.

Barbara Ramsey

Game is awesome but Game always freezes on me wether it's after watching a ad or when I try to go for another round ?

Ben Bottomley

Great game A difficult game but very good. The normal version is free but if you pay the £1.45 for the full version it is just an overall amazing game. Even educational value is there if you're interested in that kind of thing. 10/10 would recommend!!

Phillip Fischer

Support non existant Bought some coins to get rid of the ads. Transaction processed by google, recieved the reciepts but coins weren't loaded in the game. Emailed the developer for support two days ago but havn't had ANY reaction from them at all. UDATE: 5 days after my rating and no response from the developers in any way!

Sean Norgard

my purchures i bought the cheats and it did not give me it i woulde rate 5 stars untill i get it back or a refund >:(

Trista Goode

I love it but... Every time I play it force closes and doesn't save my work.

Byron Parker

Like it but I've been playing for aome time and it still gives me a tutorial every time i play no matter what...maybe that's a setting give me a second

Anders Floor

Load screen freeze Game locks up after showing ad when loading game / update - still does. Uninstalled.

Logan Hunter

Disgusting That's all I have to say, think and feel. This doesn't even deserve to be. Really? It's fun to push a person to their biological limits? Wow... sick.

Mary Wesvin-tod

Addictive! This game is pretty mean but in hooked. There's some ads but you never get pressured to buy stuff. Took me awhile to get into it but worth it.

Mishka Isa

I am addicted to this game. Perfect revenge relief, pretend killing people you hate or to kill Kim K. Lol

tristan rice

Way too many ads This game isnt to bad but also not great, ads the whole time you play make it frustrating at the least, I recommend plague its a better version of this.

Marie Graves

Amazing This game is just like the Plague game except better. You get the chance to kill people without it being illegal. Only downside is there's not an easier way to get Bio Coins.

Dustin Van Handel

Inaccurate I enjoyed this game until the ER cured John Smith's stage 2 muscular distrophy. There is no known cure, especially in a man over 60 with osteoporosis and conplete kidney failure. The game is enjoyable, but please don't sugarcoat serious diseases, John should be dead.

Joshua Sims

Too many ads. The game itself is relatively fun, but the repeated interruption by ads makes it annoying to play.

Benjamin Harpine

Supurb game Great replay value. Always something new. Some ads but not overly annoying. Easy to get Bio points free both from a once a day prize wheel and by completion of tapjoy offers. I'm addicted

Maria Jones

This game is going to turn to a sadistic person lol ! Nice concept and Informative

Armando Miranda

Best game ive played so far Only for people who enjoy a learning challenge and have patience. Otherwise you will get bored

Carlitos jr

Loading... The game is great and challenging, but it won't load a saved game

Isaiah Lovell

Amazing!!!! Just as addictive as plague just by me it would be awesome with more diseases

Abbiey Gaskin

Really fun! This is a really cool game, but whenever I turn off my phone and it is on, my phone won't turn all the way off and go to my lock screen. Please fix!

Michael Wirth

Annoying videos and lots of advertising The animation are annoying. All the time you have to click away plenty of advertising and in the end the game doesn't start because of all the the buttons don't work anymore

melody metherel

I like the game I don't know much about this game so far but it seems cool, worth the download idk how much money I'd spend on it though.


Great game Really good game. But too many ads

Tim Stovall

This game is by far one of the most diabolical, one of the most heinous primers for the up-and-coming sociopath who is looking for guidance and insight into how one can cause great suffering upon another human being. God Bless America

Brock yates

Great, Challenging, Intriguing, Educational, 99% medically accurate It is as easy as you want it to be or as challenging as you can handle. Best thing is either way you can still progress in the game even if u only play it on the easiest setting. Another great thing is you are not tempted to purchase or buy stupid stuff to progress quicker. I hate the games that as soon as you are into it you hit a wall and unless you want to progress at a snails pace you have to make in app putchases. This game you dont! Recommend it to any age person wanting to kill some time

Michael Jade Tibor

Deadly condition cured by a placebo? This game is great. I'll give you that. But, come one! John was having multiple organ failure and was at the brink of death. But a placebo cured him in an instant? it would've been better if you'd make it realistic or at least as close to reality as you can. Other than that, the game is great!

Bryan Hockmuth

Super fun. 'Needs' a couple additions. My partner and I discovered this game at work (we're EMTs), and it's really addicting. I then shared it with my GF (who's an RN), and decided it could use some additions: Nosocomial infections, hemophilia, leukaemia, ascending aorta aneurysm, a separate tab for traumas (ground level falls, car accident, skateboard fails, etc)

Silverman J

Know this My information is MINE. If I want others to know my google+, email account, or other information, I will give it to them, not you. Screw you, your game, and anyone dumb enough to agree to all your crappy concessions. It froze 3 times before I could even sign in anyway.

Deana Canada

This game is different from anything else I've played. It's interesting and really fun. It's educational, but like accidentally. I don't feel like I'm playing to learn. I just do. I want to earn the coins and stars to see what damage I can wreak next. It's free. The ads aren't intrusive and can even help your game. I've encountered no bugs. Sound fx are great. Try this one!

Coldog T

Well it's ok This is OK. I've played better games simular recently. I don't mind adverts u can click off without having to watch em after all they need to fund it somehow, gets a bit boring after an hour.

Matthew Smith

Decided to throw down some money so it'd be ad-free Now the app won't even work. I'll hit play, then start game, then it just remains on a blank screen while the music plays in the background. Great. Just great.

Hector D. Rodriguez

Rage quit level: Expert I've finally beat the first level after on and offing it for a year now, over all fun but it's not a game four you you freak out at system failure stuff. I'd recommend a long test run.

Maciek Wawiorko

Not terrible Plays similar to Plague Inc., except worse. Too many ads, too many permissions required. Gameplay is slow and clunky. Extremely expensive paid content. Loading times are slow as well. Played 2 games and uninstalled.


Similar to plague inc and nice challenge Similar to plague inc very much like it it has a bunch of cool difficulties Like plague inc. You can add bonus upgrades to your disease you gotta kill the person/world before you get cured. There's new people to unlock like new disease to unlock. Great time killer Your welcome for the stars :P.

Jake Rose

Nice idea but... Ads can go to hell especially when they get in the way causing you to lose. The booster effects that you can get through bio coins actually help you lose...seems the patients start recovering earlier than you expect.

Lili chka

It's okay Its a fun game and everything. But they dont give you much DNA points that help you buy diseases. It's not fair. If you do not buy DNA points with real money, its impossible to win harder or even meduim levels. It gives a bad impression about the game and does not excite to play further. And the point is, that if you do buy DNA points, the levels become too easy to win. AND THERE ISNT MUCH LEVELS in this game

Taylor Maynes

Fun but disfunctional I love this game, downloaded when I first came out but quit because getting land to spread out takes way too long and the market system sucks. Love the new contolnet stuff. Also, game keeps crashing recently since I downloaded new patch ?

Kevin Schoen

Great game overall This game has a great concept and is very different then any other bio/disease game out there. Lots of upgrade options and descriptions of real diseases, plus.. it involves real life occurrences such as STD contractions.

Keith Koh

Boom heart failing now Absolutely stunning. You can make someone have lung cancer, a heart attack, kidney failure and obesity all at once!!!

Maria Kazmaly

Really like the game Same idea as Plague Inc but more personal. My main reason for 4/5 stars is inaccuracy. I know that this a game but it wouldactually be so much more fascinationg to play it when different dusease combinations would have different symptoms. But so far still really good :)

rachel kristine Divina

I like the game because I learned a lot but... It's so hard to play. I level up the disease but how come it continuesly recover, unrealistic for me.

andrei daniel

Great app, but... I recently started playing this app and I can't play it. It only shows the loading screen. I have played this game before and it's addictive. Please fix and i will rate 5...

Love it I've only had this for a couple of days but already I'm addicted! It's a really challenging game; I started at the easiest of the easiest and I almost lost. Its a brilliant time killer! Better than 'Plague' and 'Infection' by far!

Brenden Blanchard

Well made game, and support to match. Excellent game, very fun and addicting. Upon having a data loss issue, I contacted support, who quickly responded and compensated me for time lost. Good to see such care for supporters and fans. 10/10 For the game and the crew who made it.

Jeff Sieveking

Error issue After a recent update i can no longer play this game as i get a "google play has crashed" message every few seconds. I play multiple other games with no problem.

Ani Brown

It doesn't work at all it just shows a black glitch Please fix this I had this on my old device and i really want it to work

Cari F

Changed from hated to liked :) Thank god they removed the coin crap. Love it now, more like "plague", but instead of killing the world you kilk 1 guy ;-) Poor John Smith!

Andre Kolver

Stupid ads Very nice game. But stupid ads at the bottom of the screen preventing me from seeing the entire body

Kate Williams

Can't stop playing it... but I love this game. It's so creative and totally for the anatomy/pathology geeks. The only thing that sucks is that you don't get many coins from finishing the game. And the recovery is ridiculous after playing 2-3 star levels even if you buy boosters. Sometimes they'll get +1 recovery every one or two days. I can't get enough bio coins to even keep up. That's when it starts to not be so fun... :/

Tanysha Smith

A little bit ad-friendly This game is absolutely fantastic. I love every aspect of it, except for the amount of ads. Keep in mind that half of them you are given the option to watch but it feels like the more you play, the more ads you will see. Other than that, the game is similar enough to Pandemic/ Plague Inc that it's easy to learn and yet different enough to be fresh and fun!

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