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20 Aug
Binaural Beats FREE

Posted by TeamAppCreative in Health & Fitness | Aug. 20, 2016 | 104 Comments

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Using binaural brain waves, you can alter the state of your mind for the better.

Gamma brain waves are used for;
-problem solving
-high mental activity
-Enhanced serotonin release. Mood elevation, arousal, stimulant
-migraine prevention e.t.c

Alpha waves;
-Super-learning new information, memorization, not comprehension.
-Enhanced serotonin release. Mood elevation, arousal, stimulant
- Increased focus and awareness
-Relaxation(while awake)
-REM sleep
-Lucid Dreaming
-third eye opening e.t.c

Theta waves
-deep meditation
-Reduces sleep required. Theta replaces need for extensive dreaming
-Centre of Theta frequency. Activates creative frontal lobe
-Schumann earth resonance. Grounding, meditative, Leaves you revitalized
-Increased memory, focus, creativity
-Profound inner peace, emotional healing. Lowers mental fatigue
-NREM sleep e.t.c

Delta waves
-deep dreamless sleep
-Release of Anti-Aging hormones
-Related to O.O.B.E , Astral Travel, ESP, and other phenomenon
-Perfect intuition
-Deepest possible level of mind / body relaxation
-Connection with unconscious mind
-Extreme bliss
-relaxation e.t.c

Endorphin Release
-Brings happiness.
-Creates happiness.

All these waves have frequencies ranging from 0 to 40hz, so be sure for a great experience.
NOTE: For best binaural beats perception, it is recommended that you listen with headphones plugged as binaural beats sends waves from one ear to the other.
Download now for FREE.

Whats new

    -You can listen to ADHD binaural beats for free.
    -Removed problematic ads.
    -Added Third Eye Opener Binaural Beats
    -Added a volume seek bar within the app. Useful to play alongside other music apps.
    -Added ADHD/ADD binaural waves. (In need of total focus and concentration? This is the stuff right here!)
    -Added Endorphin Release Brain Waves. (Creates happiness in an exceptional way. You gotta try it.)
    -Updated the UI
    -Fixed some minor bugs.
    -Very clean app and code. No malware whatsoever!

TeamAppCreative part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 88.7532. Current verison is 1.37. Actual size 52.0 MB.

Download binaural-beats-free.apk 52.0 MB


Nancy McCrary

Better your mind... Better your life! I first tried this app out of curiosity and now I would hate to be without it! I started using it nightly and my sleep improved dramatically. I am now using some of the other provided binaural waves/beats to improve other areas of my life. The applications are so expansive that I sometimes find it difficult to choose what "area" or "problem" I want to work on next. This is the real deal folks! Try it out - give it some time - and see what can happen for you. NOTE: After trying some of the other binaural apps, I always come back to this one because it is the best! Kudos to the development team!

Ugnius Spirgys

I'm happy with the results of using this app but sometimes this static noise pops out. Still 5 stars.

Helder Ribeiro

Just what I needed Kudos for not asking for permissions!

nima asadi

This app need a timer,

jon harring

Nice Job! Works good, Easy to Use, I've been using hemisync/binaural sounds for 25yrs, I like using this App on my phone & tablet!

Joshua Bloomfield

There's a break after about a minute when the tone restarts. The split second of it restarting is distracting.

Mihir Solanki

How does it work? And does it work ? I don't know if it works or not . The app is interesting though, but I tried gamma and delta waves , I don't feel slightest difference, I mean I know its not some magic but still a slight difference would make me feel that this app works .. I guess I might be doing it wrong .. Looking forward to a video demo of this app :).

Jeremy Wing

Absolutely Works on Theta Wave!!! I literally almost fell asleep standing up listening to it. The way it was effective for me was to concentrate on the rhythm and pulsing of the beat the more I did that the sleepier I felt almost immediately.

Patrick Hollenbeck

Pop at the end of the audio loop Hi, I like the app overall but there's a nasty pop every few minutes on the Delta waves option (haven't tried the others yet) which takes away from the meditative effect. Please fix for five stars.

Melanthe Divine

As someone who teaches the magical arts I love this aid and will be recommending it!

Teresha Sprankle

WOW! WHERE are the controls? Use my phone I take it?!?! It just about blew me out of my seat! Maybe it should be more clearly stated in app desciption. Sorry not for me.?

T. Taylor

Phenomenal brainwave tuner light user thay enjoyed it so much I purchased a few things with their next release, but now that I've switched to android, their android version sucks and their free version is horrible. I'm happy though because this app is so much better! I just hope they don't go darkside like so many others

W.Travis Breen

Helps W/O drugs. Thanks. This is totally awesome application. That actually does something. Each setting probably works (or DON'T) for each of up. But after a few tries I found what works. For me?

Melissa Clark

Sleep for insomnia Works great!!!!! Love the app

Don VanEvery

improvements made Thank you for the update great "bassier"frequencies, still minor pops and pauses

Benny Jeffers

Soothing respritory flow,calming of breath and power of voice

richard ellis

Help I need help for addiction, just started using this app, let's see if it works.

Ron S

Great app Alpha waves stimulate creativity, relaxation andeditation.

R. C.I.

Great app Does as advertised! Would give five if it had a sleep timer

James Winson

(JAW™) Just opened it and it ask me for a ratting straight away ? I submit a real ratting once I've used it.

Kirk Mills

Amazing Love this app

John Casey

Ads prevent even testing! Come on guys you'd like people to upgrade but the ads prevent the app from even running. Yes I had headphones plugged in. Sheesh. Uninstalled.

Tyler Muns

Sure Why not

Muhammad Akbar

Good but I think need more in-app info, for example how long duration of the waves, without duration info, i feel jst like this brainwave will take forever

Christine Kurtzke

Cant get past ads I dont know.

Alex Pride

Blares with no volume option to adjust at any point afterwards Just no. No matter how good it might be, does zero good if I'm tearing my earbuds off as soon as it starts, so no. Highly uncomfortable way to be startled into alertness twice in a row.

Dan Dee

AWESOME You should give this a try!

A Google User

Brain Hacking Does it work?

tiina e

Ads are annoying, but fellow migraineurs, give it a try Ads are annoying indeed, but Theta waves (4-7 Hz) might have helped me today. Give it a try.

Moira Keenan

Not really sure yet... Company keeps pestering me to rate this. Only downloaded it yesterday. Think it's working, but not enough time for valid judgement. PLEASE stop bothering me. I'll give it a proper rating when I'm ready!

Dan Probst

B-beats Had others but this worked the best for me. Can function okay.

Ethix Higgins

Good Its good very intense beats but I'd like the ADHD beat

Justin Giffard

Full screen ads. Full screen ads everywhere! I found the interface almost impossible to use because every second or two a full screen ad pops up which makes navigating nearly impossible. And then there still a banner at the bottom... Not that we get a chance to see said banner due to the full screen ads. Didn't try with head phones but theres even a cheek to have some binaural beats locked and only available in the professional version. @developer -- first impressions are important and after having the app for not even 5min no thanks: uninstalled

Finn Mertens

I'm lovin' it It's great, really helpful, nice quality and not just random noises being said to have an effect!

Michelle Elizabeth

Love it!! This app is amazing! I have insomnia and this app has helped me get the best sleeps ive had in Years. People complain about pop ups, its a free app,the developers have to make money!

jerry joynson

Good and bad The sounds send me to sleep quickly, so it does what should. But the pop up full page add is over the top. What's worse when I switch to another app a second add pops up half the time - that is out of order.... Also after I have shut he app down it still pops up notifications. You don't win friends by join in ng a party then refusing to leave when it ends!

Alexander McCoy

Beats are good, ads are bad. The beats in themselves are great, but I deleted this app because of all the goddamn ads. Everytime you press Back you get a giant annoying ad. I couldn't even exit the app-it kept taking me to another ad. Boo!

Chiba Ross

Intrusive Ads As the title says, the ads are way, Way, WAY too intrusive. Every time you pad something, BOOM, ad! I realize the bills need to get paid but seriously!? Just.... no! Uninstalled!

Danny Downes

I pressed a button called 5 stars and it led me here I hope it works

Cory Meek

1 problem Whenever I'm using it (only tried theta waves) it randomly stops, and starts again with a sort of beeping noise... Always happens as I'm entering sleep or trying to meditate and it serves as a distraction, if you can fix I'll give 5 stars! (Unless for some reason it's supposed to be like that) Edit: it now seems to be doing it more often whwn I use wireless ear buds (3-4 times a minute) but it doesn't make this sound when listening to music or doing other things. #Headache

Chris Satorius

Good app great app Helps good should definitely get if you want to improve your life and how you live it

Jason Pyktel

review wanted to like but a joke with ads not even allowing me to sample selection and only one choice per selecting. except adhd part no selection unless premium. you guys are limiting money growth by making non pleasurable to sample testing app. suggestion improve and I'd definitely come back. your app seems like could hold potential

Grace Flyer

Ads ADS EVERYWHERE Ok, I understand the need to make money off of ad revenue but come ON people! Ever heard of unobtrusive ads?? Who cares if they pay you more for full page ads! Is it really worth low ratings?

David Moraes

Great Wish the background color were black, as that would save some battery life, but other than that it's great.

matt taylor

Loops Loud and obvious interruptions during sound. Prevents you from maintaining a meditative state.

Raymond M He

Good for my ADHD Pretty good, had I known I can use an App to generate brainwave several years ago I wouldn't have to pay for all those mp3 brainwaves from Amazon. Didn't like all the ads though. I wish it would let you adjust frequency of each level of brainwave, like high Alpha or lower Beta, Still a good app that produces pure brainwaves.

Jan Martin

Seems to be a loop that pauses and crackles every couple of minutes which is annoying when trying to relax, otherwise the effects are good.

Ken Futamura

Looks nice but was not able to play anything and got multiple adds poping out. Attention... Do not download.

yadu govind

Very nice...... Its pre recorded naa...?? Thats disappointment. There is a slight interference...


Great! Excellent quality and ease of use.

Susilo Andrianto

Loved it It cool apps

Kit X

Way too many ads. They become obnoxious very quickly

Louis Dennis

This deserves 5 stars just remove the adds

Wasim Akram

Just Auspious Its very helpful for me. Seriously, never ever had found a better result of the same, its the best app of binaural waves I say

AlizTh3Wick3d Oueen

Love this app!!!! I've only known about binaural beats for a couple of weeks but it's extremely therapeutic and spiritually enlightening.

Garrett Casey

Its great I love it but it seems to be on repeat always stops after a little

Mohammed Khair

Quick question Hello guys am just wondering should i hear them when i study or when i meditate?

Ayom Satria

Helpful It's working dude

Daniel Gates

Thank you Thank you for such a quality product. I was amazed at the results. Good layout good everything. Keep it up.

Heath Netzley

Ads I opened the app and got 14 ads withing 1 minute. That's not exaggeration, I literally counted. Horrible, I'm uninstalling.

Aimee Buxton

Amazing Really good app and helps me get to sleep a lot thx 4 creating this app

Sandi Shee

Does what I need it to do

Mimi Wilson

Awesome Liked it so much I upgraded

Mark Blanco Jordan

Great app Keep it up

Sophia Gorgone

To many ads

santhosh sk

Simple and good Hi it's good, but there should be some add on like timer so that it might stop after 30mins, 1hr etc...

Shawn Wilson

Awesome App I Sleep more soundly. The only thing is I need it to be a little louder. I Can't sleep with headphones or buds on. I have COPD and run a fan at night.

Arif Dony Wijoyo

Nice app Good job..thanks for the app


Two things would make it perfect The Sound loop is prevalent enough to be a nuisance and the color scheme is too bright on the eyes at night, other than that perfect

Lizo Livit

Would be the perfect BB app, except.. The popping/crackling wakes me right up, defeating the whole purpose. Thought maybe it was my phone, but this happens on my brand new S7 now too, and w/ no other apps running. Now I'm forced to use other apps that aren't nearly as good. Hugely disappointed. ??

yadu govind

Very nice !!! What is this freaking continous updates abouttt...???????????? I have been updating this app 5 times this month... are u crazyy.?? Everytime the update discription seem same thinggggg

Amy Duquette

Really great App!!!!!! I'm a signed model and actress and this helps distract me from the street and anxiety! Check me out on Instagram: amyduquette25

AC Barker

Very disappointed... For me, I felt no change/benefit from the app. Quality of the sounds were poor also. There was static, popping and cracking and the volume would change up/down on it's own. Other apps I've tried were of much better overall quality. I even upgraded to the premium and there was no difference. I'd like a refund. When am I going to get my refund? Waiting and waitingm? Give me my refund already TeamAppCreative!!!

AJ Moolman

Massive amount of popup Ads and inApp ads So many popup Ads, forget about using your phone unless you reeeaaally have to be introduced to online Casinos and the like and you don't know how to search for casinos in the Play store

Ron B

Spam adware.. Could not use ...its paid only..otherwise only Ads..popup...

Tim Gordon

Fix that loop reconnect, I can feel my brain short circuit and see the brightest white flash.... disturbing and more harmful than good

Maxienne Neuwenhuys

Wow On your way to the divine

Akhil J

Good one

Trevor Berry

Ads totally ruin the app. Here i am trying to sleep with the binaural beats pressing the sounds to help with sleep but the same ad pops up. The only way out of it is press the back button like it says which brings me back to the selection screen. I cant even get to the listening part.

Justin Case

Brilliant tool for personal growth and happiness. Even the free version gives many different types of goals and provides guidance which will help in different areas of your life. I find the binaural technogy fascinating and we'll studied. I love that I am becoming a better me while I sleep. I set for 4 or six hours and awake feeling better than before. Thanks for your time and skills

Mike C

So yesterday I installed the app and when I went to bed I turned it on, wearing my earphones. I went to bed at 11:00 and lay there for an hour listening to the annoying sound. I didn't have it too loud. After not falling asleep for an hour and developing a headache, I turned it off. 1) How do you sleep in earphones? They're not exactly comfortable. Which earphones do you recommend that won't come out while you move around in your sleep, etc? 2) How can anyone fall asleep to those sounds? They don't sound calming in any way. What have I missed here? Willing to revise my review if someone can explain this to me.


Awesome app I can choose how long I get to listen to the binaural beats from 2 hours to 8 hours to non stop!

Arash Arfaee

Either pay or its just watch ads! In the second time that I tried to use it, had two options. Either upgrade to the paid version or give it 5 star! Fun part is when it force you to come to play store you don't have to give it 5 star!

Jerel Mercurio

Just what I was looking for. Was looking for delta waves.wonder why Alpha is listed as opening the third eye. Thought that would be delta. Should have explanations listed. Only bad thing is the amount of space it takes up. Hope its reduced soon.

Craig Robinson

Stops after a few mins Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, great app of it actually played for long enough. Switches off after a few minutes. Fix it please. Uninstalled


Simple, Efficient, not elegant but two outa three

Cindi Drennan

Good with small flaws The sound.loops.have.a.small skip.of.silence that can up. If.not for that it would be the.actual sounds work well.

Trason Murugen

Awesome app Amazing tunes...

Elizabeth Snell

Works very well

Avils Shadow

Some glitches at the end of tracks

Aleksandr Clark

Love this app, can't stand d to look at it I love this app, and the binaural beats are great at keeping me calm and such; they're very effective. But I CANNOT STAND the main screen colour! It hurts my eyes to look at and it's hard to read. Definitely not a pleasant aspect, and one that kills it a bit for me.

Chris Meyer

Very good. Except... Some pauses/clicking in the audio? Not sure if it's my device but it's noticeable, and interupts the chill factor

Brendan O'Brien

You updated and you broke it. Good job

Casey Winkler

DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW! If you think you're not the meditation type, then this app is just your style. Anyone can do it... ANYONE! You don't have to be a Buddhist Monk to control and heal your mind and body, because this will basically do it for you!

Deanna Foskey

Stops too much!

mehul Pahuja

Very very effective Good for students and helpful in doing maths

Steve Hoss

Great Nice easy interface. Basic but good.

David Hartman

Good job Interesting and fun.


Frustrated It's hard to relax with the beat session, if the track is going to skip alot. Very disappointing, because I initially loved this app. Please tell me it will be fixed; I would be most grateful.

Angela Gillen

Terrible Ads completely interfere with app including covering most of the screen and some actually start playing in the middle of listening! Had app on for a total of two minutes before Farm Heroes interrupted. AWFUL. Uninstalling.

richard ottum

Great The endorphin release ac rids my mother's headaches, which she has experienced pain with for 30 years. There's great Healing power in vibration.

Khiem G

good, 5 pure preset + timer, can listen offline in subway

Lizo Livit

Would be the perfect BB app, except.. The popping/crackling wakes me right up, defeating the whole purpose. Thought maybe it was my phone, but this happens on my brand new S7 now too, and w/ no other apps running. Now I'm forced to use other apps that aren't nearly as good. Hugely disappointed. ??

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