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7 Jan
Billionaire Clicker

Posted by Achopijo Apps in Strategy | Jan. 7, 2015 | 83 Comments

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Who hasn't wanted to be corrupt at some point? Take a little here, take a little there, travel, gifts, cars. With Billionaire Clicker you can also be part of the problem!

Billionaire Clicker is a game idle where you should make money and get rich by: making a fortune signing contracts, making dodgy investments, avoiding paying tax, and making the most out of any opportunity to get more coins and gems. Because only the worst get famous! Make improvements to your office with the different objects that become available as you become more prestigious.

✔ Seriously addictive clicker
✔ Invest money so you make more without contracts
✔ Upgrade your pen so you can increase the value of contracts you do sign for
✔ Receive 'brown envelopes' to get your bonus
✔ Add fun accessories to improve your prestige
✔ Play the wheel of fortune to win prizes
✔ 3 possible ways of completing the game
✔ 20 Achievements to unlock

Billionaire Clicker will teach you to get involved in a world full of corruption that we always hear about but few of us know anything about.

This game is a parody that is absurdly realistic.

Whats new

    -20 Achievements to unlock!
    -20 new items to decorate your office
    -Some issues fixed

Achopijo Apps part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 7, 2015. Google play rating is 78.338. Current verison is 1.5.1. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download billionaire-clicker.apk 17.0 MB


Antony Hamill

Rip Off. Opportunist developers. Bitcoin billionaire rip off. These developers must have literally copy and pasted the coding and put no effort into making this game. Just money hungry people.

Drew Shepard

Suitcase I would give it a five star if the suit case did something besides give u adds. And also I stopped getting the messages at about 1,hour of the game .if there is a way to fix this bug please let me know

Kenneth Madrulli

WiNoJoE sez: Much prefer BCBill over this clicker, which feels rushed & rough in comparison. Also don't like the blatant BCB idea ripoff, the constant losses in what I earned, nor the constant pestering for ad clicks. But I may give it another go in future, if they polish it up a bit and make it more interesting to the players.

Spencer Seguin

Not sure I quite enjoy it... But I haven't tried any of the games people have been talking about in the reviews

Renato Flores

LOVE IT People say this is just a rip off of bitcoin billionaire, but somehow it is slightly BETTER than bitcoin billionaire and by the way: addiction intestifies

Claire Durr

It's ok It is confusing at first and then it starts getting fun I guess

Nick Ponce

Bill the rich I like this game because its like you tell a man to make money like that's cool and wrong in a way but I really love this game.


Rip of you have copied bitcoin billionaire because you cant think of a game so you copy you are a NUT SCRACHER ??

dustin mcfarland

This game When you win you have to restart if they didn't make us restart I would give 5 stars

Kirsten Andrews

Omg Before the update i would have said this is the best game on my phone i love it and have beat it twice already. Now i say the update ruined it. It goes soo slow to have to click 2000 times takes forever now and before i could go through it in a few mins. I dont know what you tried to change in the update but i assume making it go super slow was not in your intentions. Please fix!

Kelly Smith

Enjoying it I have been playing for's hard to put down or ignore for long.

Blocknation EU

Rip off This is a ripoff of bitcoin needs a lot of work anyway...

Morgan Lyons

Gets boring It's fun for a while, but is repetitive.

Boston Eaton

Just for the gems A good game bit I'm just doing this for the gems

Olivia Munoz

Billionaire clicker Make lots of money using good strategies to play market and get rich quick

Maggie Kirkland

Eh. It's a decent app for when you're sat in a car for 14 hours.

The Masked Potato Mohamad Halil

It dosent matter if its a rip off As long as its fun its good okay? So,no more people saying this is a ripoff of bitcoin billionare okay? Cant we all just get along? *cricket noises * oh yeah....this is the internet................................................... ......rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhht

Aiedel Farrhan

I hate it I prefer Bitcoin Billionaire over this. You just have to copy.

Troy Selvaggi

Liked it but I liked it it is quite OK but can you update it so it can go make money by its self when you are off the game then I will rate you guys FIVE STARS!!!

Tyler Ehley

Retarted I can't even play it. Every time i tap it restarts.

Life Of A Gamer

Fun Great time killer on my fifteens at work.

Tanner Monroe

It was pretty fun Its just a game people, play it.

Jakob Haas

It sucks It's the same as bit coin billionare bit coin billionaire is still better

Liam Richards

Good fun The game is good fun and addictive

Anthony Greve

good game I would say it is a good is a very addictive game as well.

Harry Cutting

Bitcoin billionare rip off This is so dumb, this needs to get removed off the play store for ripping off a good app.

Yong Hua Tan

Fun Funny yet serious. I like it

Eshan Ahmed

You get rich but how do you sign contracts

Alicia Taylor

Fun Good time waster

Damien Power

Add english I cant read uk or spain

Jordan Perez

Gamehunter1237 This game sucks just wanted free gems for this review

Jack Schnell

:) I like it, I couldn't install BCB so I tried dis and stuff so ya ✴✴✴✴✴

Rickwon Rhodes

Fun You can make money fast

Алиса Макнейр

So bad because now: Show add! Better was to -2item

Сергей Кузнецов

I think that game a wonderful and a not sqwere

Eminex Hinrikus

Found a Bug.. Emm i dont know how to say it (Bad English) .=.

Brandon Potter

Good ,but one problem If the game had mor updates it would be better I could imagine you should have put the whole number cuz some ppl don't know there numbers that well like k mean thousand and b mean billion but other than that AWESOME GAME

Carin Abbie Reyhani

Great, I can`t open it! I tried to uninstall and reinstall but.... I guess this app is useless huh?

Deborah Kubasik

Ok Pretty cool I wish the money could build up well your gone

Naalii Chun

Billionaire clicker Can you put Fizz News like bitcoin billionaire for the next update.

Courtney Tompo

Brilliant This game is epic i already have 145 million and i started the game yesterday its sooo adictive

Phillip Ellis

Complete ripoff This is an absolute ripoff, bootlegged, version of bitminer billionaire. Down to the LOGO! Really? You can't even mix it up? Not even a little???

luke jones

Its just a clone Haven't played it yet. But it looks just like bitcon billionaire

Anthony Orlando

Great causal game I know this game is similar to Bitcoin Billionaire, but it has its own charm. Great causal/tycoon game. Never a dull moment is all I can say.

Angela Mosteller

Lovedddddd it Nice game that I suggest you get rif of the adds

Logan Gonzalez

Plagarism Or pirating, whatever. You prickly pears who made this game are dumb. What's 2 plus 2?

Cooper McGlinchey

Alrigh I agree with the people who say it is rushed but alot easyer than bcbill

Jamie Swanborough

Great game I like it but I just wanted the gems! :P

Jeffrey Toale

This game is a very poor attempt at a rip off of Bitcoin Billionaire! This game basically stole everything it is from Bitcoin Billionaire. Except where this game is a sloppy, buggy, pile of trash, the game it took Everything from Including The Logo, the Real, Original game Bitcoin Billionaire is polished and amazingly fun and addictive with layers of strategy, complexity, and replayabilty. Plus the Original that this game ripped off, Bitcoin Billionaire has a major content update coming out very soon for Android and iOS to be released for each platform at the same time.

Owen Swanson

BCBill copy Same exact game as BcBill, even up to the logo of the game with a guy throwing three coins in the air. This game is a crappy fake.

Benjie Ronald

This app needs to loose some weight I mean seriously /Copy-Paste Bitcoin billionaire! I mean srsly why does this all have in app purchases, apchopijo should be giving out coins and diamonds since this app gets no reviews without them saying, "Ripoff of bitcoin billionaire. okay So Just Stop Cloning Other Games And Think Of Something Original!

ahmad gilian

I liked it but... This game is a rip off to bitcoin billionaire and the developer would of said this "bitcoin billonaire was cool But LETS RIP OFF THAT GAME" this game should never be made in the internet

Brandon Chaitram

A RIPOFF this is what the developer said to this game "Bicton billionare was cool... LETS COMPLETELY RIP IT OFF YEAH" this should be taken of the play store

mark nathan

Wtf The founders are not going to reply nor look at nasty comments I don't care if its a 'Bitcoin billionaire ripoff' the devs puthard work into this hope you enjoy ruining their days

JuJubug grape

Awesome If you are one of those people who love clicker/tapping games (I know I am) this is a great app for you!you get to tap and tap or just buy investors to get the money for you. I love this app it passes the time smoothly and is a lot of fun!


Fun casual little clicker - like the way you can play without ads and the ads that are shown aren't invasive

Peter Cruz

What the heck There's no such thing as flying mail bitcoin billion its better because you have drones that give boxes of mail Time to RIP SORRY

TheMatrix Gaming8

If I could give this 0 stars I would. OK! who ever made this really needs to delete it because this is the worst, I repeat the worst rip off, or in the creator's case, since you think it's a game, this is the worst game I've ever played and it's probably the worst game anyone ever play. Okay I have been doing there and for what I'm about to say is one who really loves that game would agree with one of the right to say: you might have just ruined Bitcoin Billionaire for me! Good job you little fother mucker

Kenny Radtke

Can't get letters anymore When I got to a new mission to open letters, no letters where flying so I couldn't finish the mission I'll give 5 stars if fixed :(

He WhoShallNotBeNamed

Ehh good I guess Beat it twice in under 3 hours without spending real money, but got the same ending twice. Idk how to get the other ones.

Ed Berg

Copy!!!? A complete copy of bitcoi billionare. I downloaded this after opening it once a I immediately put this hate comment on it.

MilFab MilFab

Is it a copy? When I wanted to download it i thought it was going to be EPIC i mean it is but its kind of a copy of bitcoin billionare...and if they copied you you guys did excellent! And if not please make it original thx ;D

Freaky Hacker

Hmm So far it looks good. Honestly I wanted the 5 gems haha


RIP OFF This game is a total rip off of bitcon billionaire its like they put no work into it and copy and pasted bitcon billionaire!!!!!

John Marston

The best one yet This is the game better than adventure capitalist


Cool Cool game and it actully has a purpuse insted of cokie clicker with no end just infinite well done

Epic Klash

Awesome sauce Idk wat to say. Oh and im not from the 90s

Justin Robinson

Billionaire Clicker I would definitely love recommend this application to others.

gem lord

Rip off This is just a cheap copy of bitcoin billionaire so don't waste your time


Awesome! It may be a clone, but I wouldn't know for sure as the game this is supposed to be a copy of crashes on startup every time. Uninstalled and reinstalled that POS multiple times with same result. This game is fun. Most importantly, IT WORKS!!! This dev did a great job with this game.

Jordan Williams

Illegal app Absolute copyright, stollen property. Developer copy pasted this game, don't let him profit from this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ILLEGAL COPY!

Lukasz Gabriel

Love this game I don't care if people say this is copy of that other game

Hunter Lew

Copyright stolen You don't wanna know how bad it is! The old man just draws a line on the papers that slide under the pen like magic!I wish I could put zero stars to show how bad it is! Bitcoin billionaire is waaaaaaaay better than this piece o' trash! Plus, when you tap fast, the man looks evil! And how do you earn money by signing contracts? This is a complete rip off to bitcoin billionaire!!

Simone The Llama lover

Good but not great There is only one reason I am giving this a 4 stars is because what girls want to play this game when you even change how the person looks fix the problem then I'll rate 4 stars

christopher bradshaw

I would give this a 0 stars but I can't This game is really boring.

KewlKid 101

Awesome Guys, did you actually PLAY this? This is morely an upgraded version of bitcoin bill. Don't say they copied this is much better than bb.

Not You

Fun This is a pretty fun app, even though all you do is tap the screen. Some how its really addicting. Also if you have android and would love to play Bitcoin Billionaire, this app is for you. To the creator/developers of this app, it would be pretty cool if you could actually customize the character like in Bitcoin Billionaire.


Great app I love it..... NOT This is a total ripoff bitcoin billionaire. So good for you developer you took someone else's game.


Rip of you have copied bitcoin billionaire because you cant think of a game so you copy you are a NUT SCRACHER ??

Cory Dwyer

A wonderful rip off! Boring and is a copy of Bitcoin Billionar. Do not download. Get the official one.

XXXDarklordXXX 9

I can't beat a mission thingy When I got to were it told me I had to open 12 letters the letters was not flying around I just got like 10 thousand more suitcases but no letters

Nathan Kobey

It's stupid Jjfjfjdjdjdj it's only 8 bit I liked it for more money

Jayden plays

Epic dont listion to them and im not one of therr acconts saying its gooz Its.good to md becsyse tapping is addictive

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