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9 Dec
Big Boss TV Tycoon

Posted by Rottz Games in Simulation | Dec. 9, 2013 | 66 Comments

Apk file size: 15.0 MB

Manage your own TV Station! A novel game on Tycoon / Theme / Sim / Story genre.

NOTE: We have lowered the prices of all purchases permanently to Google Play's minimum (USD 0.99). We would make it free, but it's impossible without updating the game, so if you like the game and want to play with the promotions for free, simply contact us thru your order on Google Wallet and we will refund your purchases (make sure to contact through Google Wallet so we get your order number)!

Big Boss TV is a very complex business simulation game where your role is to get your TV station to the top. You have to buy tapes, schedule movies, sign advertisements contracts, get news stories, hire anchors, expand your transmission antennas*, and many more things.

It takes a while to learn how to play and master - the ad contracts will get you money to buy better movies, and with better movies you can get a higher audience. It's definitely NOT an easy task, requires a lot of strategy, time and dedication... are you the next television tycoon?

EXPLORE: explore the building with several floors and rooms. Each city has a different building layout!
COMPETITORS: 2 TV stations competes with you.
DEEP GAMEPLAY: you will have hours of challenge on each match.
REPLAY VALUE: 25 different matches: 4 easy, 9 medium and 12 hard!
AUTO-SAVE: game is always automatically saved.
NO MICRO-TRANSACTIONS: the only available purchases are packs with more cities.

* Note on IAP: IAP is required to unlock bigger cities. On bigger cities you can have more than 1 antenna.

BBTV is an indie game available on Android only, I hope you enjoy it.

(Please Note: Big Boss TV is *NOT* related to the Indian TV show Bigg Boss)

Whats new

    - FastForward mode when moving to far away rooms, making movement less boring
    - Several rarer crashes fixed
    - Avatar movement speed increased
    - Can schedule the following day also
    - Discounting tape value on sale
    - Showing movie freshness when selling or buying
    - Improved touch feel overall
    - Swipe and animation to change viewing tapes
    - Improved drag and drop on schedule room
    Freshly Released on November 8th!

Rottz Games part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 9, 2013. Google play rating is 61.5272. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 15.0 MB.

Download big-boss-tv-tycoon.apk 15.0 MB


Johnathan Sia

Poor clone of classic pc game MAD TV All those reviewers saying this is a great game should go find MAD TV for the PC. The controls here are poor in such a tight, time-based game where every second counts. Missing the humour of MAD TV too

Mary Phillips

Good This is on par with the old computer games! Am only on the 2ND city after the tutorials, so I'll update my rating then....however, so far, so good. I would like to see a female avatar option, but that's not truly a factor for me. Am looking forward to finding out more on the game.

Melody Lopack

Terrible This game is far too unorganized and confusing to be sufficient. The slow walking is annoying and the incredibly spread iut rooms is pointless.

Kieran Jo

Well made, but could do better Very good app, but I never have enough money to get new movies, and the Time continuing while getting ads and Movies is quite annoying.

Tyler Hewitt

Potentially awesome Amazing concept. The whole office building setting seems so pointless. I spend most my time watching John move from floor to floor. Maybe a TV station control room would be a simple setting. The game is fun and the idea is awesome but I find myself getting bored quickly due to watching John go from floor to floor.

Ben Simmonds

Its a good game. Simple - buy films sell ad slots. Dont know why so many have trouble getting that. However there are a few problems; Director mode is a pay only mode - but game experience is poorer with room timeouts which dont so much make it harder as more annoying.

Ruben Brandão

Addictive but... It does not have a save option. I have lost my progress too many times without even noticing, I would give 5 stars if the exit button wouldnt actually delete the whole game, but apart from that, it's.great game. Please fix ty

Nafees Ahamed

Difficult but GOOD!!!! you will need much time to understand the game. It is very difficult. But very interesting. Can't stop from playing the game. But the game is too short want more level.

Ramzi El-amin

Not bad It is a fun game i liked it but the problem is the time. There should be fast forward so we can use it anytime we want.

Tyler Ler

I wish I can play manager and director mode without buying iam only 12 years old i dont have money.if i can play manager and director mode i give you 5 star for now 2 star.

chargedgaming panic

Really good I liked the difficulty all who say its bad are just terrible at games

Josh Dyer

Don't like buying things just to see what it's like I understand the trainee part of the game. But there should be a way to work up to manager without having to buy it... it's a fun game, needs more levels and goals to really get into this. The ads aren't really a problem. It's a fun game, just wish you could enjoy more of it without spending money.. granted I know it's at a low price, but it's the principle of the matter.... With that being said, fun game

Juxhin Cela

Nice but u haveto pay If u dont have tha funds to buy manager & director mode just dont install

Kevin Kevlar

Love this game! FAR too many haters on here giving bad reviews on a GOOD game. If you don't like the game, Uninstall it n stfu.I n plenty of others enjoy though. Good job developers! ;)

Craig Lannan

Would be a good game but has a few problems that make it annoying. Like the first hour of the day is usually gone before you can even do anything. So if you havent set up the progamming the day before you dont have a chance. Also searching for movies and ads is way too slow with having to go through them one at a time, which would be fine if the clock stopped but it doesnt. If these sorts of things were fixed would rate 5 stars.

Michael Berna

Nice game. I like it quite a bit but there should be a fast forward or skip button. It's annoying waiting through the day or pacing to speed it up.

Paulo Costa

Still needs some work to reach near MAD TV fort PC. But it already has the feel... Keep on the good work.

Ross Whitfield

Great game This game is fantastic, it takes a bit of time to get to grips with how it works, but once you do it's great fun and incredibly addictive. There are a few things that could be added to improve the overall experience but this is still an all round awesome game.

Cherrie Dorward

Dosnt work I paid money for the next level cuz its a good game but after the first day you cant play it it just says youve won. Dont waste ur money

Michelle Mashburn

Loved the game but It now freezes qnd you cant move yet the time ticks away. Plus game is too short

Kippaxman S

Fun challenge Very easy to play but a challenge. Was surprisingly compelling and addictive. Great work. Any chance of a free form update rather than it always cutting off. Would love to see how high I could get(in the manner of kairosoft games)

Isaac Wright

Alriiiggghhhht. Needs improvement. Bad graphics. Would NOT RECOMMEND!!!

Dave Wray

Addictive Still addictive. Not sure when last updated but still need to develop depth. Making own programmes chance to buy tapes off other players etc. Is the game still being managed!

Chloe Bennett

Addictive Great time killer which doesn't require internet access to play :)

Andy Medina-Cue

Great game and insight into tv studios. Steep learning curve but so much fun when you got it down! Needs a somewhat fast forward button though. Ither than that its great!


Very tempted to actually pay money. I don't spend money on app games but after playing both maps available for free I am seriously considering spending the $0.99 to buy the game outright and play longer. This is the first tycoon game I've found worth playing my hope is that the next levels will be more competitive with the other stations. There is a bug in the game; in the levels you keep your job. As long as you don't get fired on the 1st day somehow you win at the start of the next shift. A waste of time really.

Lamont Hoffman

Big boss tv Solid game so far a lot of fun.

C Gouws

5 star concept... ...but the implimentation needs improvement. You spend too much time waiting for your caracter to move around, time keeps ticking on when buying movies and ads, there are no time advance feature to jump to the next ad showing. Nice game, but can easily made great with one update.

martin bryan

Addicting and not really free The game is good...I certainly enjoyed it however....just as u get into the game and get the hang of it you need to pay for more isn't free and is a bit of a waste of time if u don't have the funds to pay.

John Constable

Great game Great game like the concept and how its laid out. Like how you in control of everything from scheduling the movies and adds to buying the news. Some improvements could be added. Like speed up the game while you changing floors that drags abit. Make gameplay smoother. Perhaps build your own news centre. Build floors, place rooms, hire and fire people.

Myron Williams

Big boss tv tycoon Nice game but needs work but i like it

charles melton

It's a cool game, but needs more options and more different types of programs such as sports, documentaries and more

Kelinci Orange

Nice game.. Thisbis really the game I want:).. but buy the manager mode :(:(:(

Chad Johnson

Fun and addicting Can't put it down. Fun game. Wish I could fast forward at end day when waiting for eod, but otherwise awesome. Thanks!

brandon batts

I like it but .... But it kept freezing up and would nt let me get pass the second day.

ishita saboo

Getting rid of boring ness☺☺? It is an totally amazing game where you can get rid of boring ness I loved it

Ian Love

Excellent free game! No IAP's!! I wish the day of programming was a little longer, other then that for a free game this excellent. I will be upgrading to help this developer, good job, keep the updates coming!

Tanmay Naik

Not bad.. could be better I wish it also had free simulation mode as well.. without the contests

П Січ

Not interesting No motivation to play any longer after finishing first level. Wish I could create my own company and play without limits. And graphics coul be more pleasant. Rated 5 stars just to help, waiting for updates.

Brian Murphy

Awesome This game is great, i have been looking for a challenging but fun game for a while and now im happy to say i have found it, i am addicted to this game and definitely suggest downloading it and giving it a go, :)

Alex Mason

Lack of customization You are John. You run John TV even though you are a lowly new hire. You cannot change this to names you like better. Cannot change gender. Cannot change colour. --- UI isn't great. Highly limited scheduling period. --- Seems like good concept but needs more work to be a good game.

Angela Mariconda

Game started off well but then the ads stopped paying me! I earned $250k 3 times in a row and they never paid me.

Rakaya Smith

Fun cute &simple This game is a fun way to use your brain and learn about what its like to work for a tv station. The concept is simple but simple doesnt mean it's easy. ?

Minter Agar

Love it .But, The other cities and modes are not free.I dont have any credit cards to buy them. if i had one i would buy the modes .. So please make them free ...

Darius Davis

Great Game I love it. I just wish u didn't have to pay to be another rank but its w.e

Dustin Mefford

Great Great and addictive! Would love to see this game expanded! The only downside is that it ends quickly.

Spencer Parenti

Kills a couple hours It's a pretty good, but could use a few improvements; like a free play mode, and some foreign movies that match their countries.

Titin Haryati Hidayat

Love I love work in Tv. So i thinks this game is cool, although i never won.

Kis Brink

How? How do you base an app on a game from almost 30 years ago and make it worse? The pathing was so horrible you have no real chance. An integrated setting works. The animation may seem necessary but it is game breaking here. Also twice I had ads which spawned new tabs and the game kept running. I have no issue with paying for a good game and those who do need to realize content creation is not easy, however this game does not merit payment at this point . Good luck.


It ok You should name your own tv station and design where to put the rooms

Alain Xalabarde

Potential, but Big Flaws This game has potential, but hits some major flaws. Right off the bat, the graphics are very off-putting. It seems like a small game and the developer should have opted for a minimalistic style that would have made their life much easier and is very successful with players today. The second big problem is having to walk around the building. Walking around the building is not what's fun about a tycoon game like this and becomes annoying. Some other factors, but not enough time to go through them here.

Ricky Martinez

4 star game, needs work Good game but way too short needs more levels and hard levels

Clay Witt

"Mad TV" Reboot... This is just a remake of a classic DOS game... Nothing really new at all, here... In fact, it's actually MISSING a bunch of features... Original programming with scripts, terrorist bombings, winning over the heart of the head girl by airing a significant amount of cultural programming and gift giving, etc. Visually not as good, either. Needs work.

Caleb Shaw

Waste of money Bought manager mode to unlock extra cities, and for some reason they show a win after the first day. Entry levels were pretty fun though.

Brit Robinson

Can't stop, won't stop playing I wish there was a way you could play for longer than 30 days or once you complete the challenge. I also wish there was a fast forward button. That being said, I love this game and it is now my new addiction. It is definitely one of the best simulation games in the play store.

nintendo gamer 21

OK but confusing I like the fame but I buy a movie and I dont know where to go to air the movie if this was fixed I would give 5 but

Michelle Mashburn

Loved the game but Wish it wasn't such a short game. Each time you get a new phone you have to purchase again. So I stopped buying the full game. If it wasn't for that I would give 5 stars

Miss Woods

O...kay Extremely hard to get ratings, without a lot of money. Graphics good be better, and text is small not great for larger fingers or small screens.

haleena maycock

Love the game Really love the game but I think it would be better to have an option to play without goals. Just keep going rising up the ranks until your the boss and more choice on films and programs other than that I love it

Bobbie Davis

Okay Gets pretty boring. Would like to continue working on a level without being stopped.

Kirwin Seger

Ugh So addicting. But I need an endless mode. I'm sick of having to just start over every time I complete an objective. At least let me keep my studio instead of losing my stuff every 10 days

Andrew Hannah

It's good I been playing this for awhile would like some more levels and throw in a endless mode and some new features and events and this would prob be what I consider to be one of the all time greats on my phone its a damn good start but add some more and it will be perfect or better yet if it's easier make a sequel with the suggestions from your fans expand the idea that everyone wants to love and break it wide open

Geoffrey Mason

Great I really like this game because it gives you hours of gameplay management of TV, doing things from scheduling to buying movies to show. Really great game to have!

Victor McKamie

Pretty good sim Not on the same level of addictiveness as kiarosoft games, but it is better than alot of whats out there. Looking forward to seeing what updates add to the mix

Gaurav Bhagwanani

Awesome!! It has got a lot of variety in it.. so its going well as of now.. wat i would suggest is a slight upgrade in graphics..!

Rakaya Smith

Fun cute &simple This game is a fun way to use your brain and learn about what its like to work for a tv station. The concept is simple but simple doesnt mean it's easy. ?

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