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25 Jul
Bid Whist - Classic

Posted by Paris Pinkney in Card | July 25, 2016 | 111 Comments

Apk file size: 4.4 MB

Bid Whist is an exciting, popular partnership trick-taking game. It is played with a standard 52 card deck plus 2 jokers, for a total of 54 cards. There are 4 players consisting of two teams; each player sits opposite their partner. The game starts with each team at zero, and the object of the game is to reach a score 7 or more points, or force the other team to go negative 7 or more points. Points are scored by bidding for and winning tricks, which in this game are called books.

*No Trump Bids will double your points (win or lose the bid)

The Bidding

The turn to bid goes around the table only once starting with the player to the left of the dealer. Each bid consists of a number from 4 to 7, and a suffix "uptown", "downtown", or "no trump".

The number indicates the number of books above 6 that the bidder's team will contract to win - for example a bid of 5 is a promise to win at least 11 books (6 + 5). As there are 13 books in all, 7 is the highest possible bid.
Uptown (or "high") means you intend to name a trump suit, and that high cards will win.
Downtown (or "low") means that you intend to name a trump suit, and that low cards will win.
No Trump means that there will be no trump, and that if you win the bidding you will then determine whether high or low cards will have preference.

Added an option for Easy or Traditional(Hard Bidding). With Hard Bidding, you can only see the Kitty Cards after you have selected the Trump Suit and Direction(Uptown or Downtown) of your hand. With Easy Bidding, you can see the Kitty cards before you select the Trump Suit or Direction(with a No Trump Bid).

Whats new

    Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Paris Pinkney part of our Card and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 25, 2016. Google play rating is 74.9251. Current verison is 1.8.7. Actual size 4.4 MB.

Download bid-whist-classic.apk 4.4 MB


josie carter

Partner does not play with you!!! Why can't partners bid? Why do they allow partners to trump you when you have the book? Still some changes needed such as partner cutting.

Andre Green

Bid whist classic Does not keep accurate score,and when you play against computer,it cheats you of books.whoever designed this program doesn't know the real rules of the game.For instance,don't reward you when you run a" BOSTON"",Seven books and out is a game..etc?????

Nansye anonymous

Lame Barely useable & terrible design. Players that have NO IDEA how to play. Sad. Really sad but no other viable app. right now. ??

Charles Clinton

I love this game I haven't played since I left Atlanta. This game is awesome!!!! A couple of things bug me, but once I figured it out the rest was easy. My partner continues to cut my books when not needed which causes me to lose the game (no trump), partner shouldn't take the book when I have already won the book. The message showing who bid what should be accessible rather than it flashing for a split second (I can't read that fast). Just saying......I play every second I get. CC3

Tamisha Tyson

Computer Partner Sucks The main thing I hate is the computer cuts all my books when I'm winning and costs us the game. Terrible. If that can be fixed then I'd rate it a 5.

Beverly Terry

Please fix this app. My partner is a jerk. Opeponents play great together. Please fix.

paula mendez

Real Bid rules please! Also, why is the computer able to change its bid after you pass? Also, how are you suppose to know which cards win? No indicator for uptown vs downtown. Also, why no acknowledgment of a Boston. Matter of fact, minus another star for that!

Scott Hall

It's Ok Have to give computer more logic. It cuts partner on a regular basis makes game at times not worth playing.

James Moore

James moe I am trying learn this game. But it's very interesting.

Leg Gee

Lg g2 Three improvements would make this game 5 star. #1 play is much too fast... you can't see what cards are being played by opponents and partner. #2 when choosing the discard cards, the cards should be listed in suit order not random. #3 you should be able to bid 4 uptown, downtown, or no trump to start. Good Luck!

Gerard Thomas

Sorryful This is not a good game in comparison with other bid whist apps I've played. The players don't lead with trumps and the animation is to fast to see what was laid.

Nicholas Thompson

Amateurish Partner consistently cuts winners. Game doesn't play like a real life partner. And forget about bidding no trump. Partner loses most of the time.

Amari Hamilton

PLAY IS WAY TOO FAST!! Cards come out almost simultaneously, unless you have the lead you cannot see what gets played by who.

Cassandra Smith

Can't see cards too small game also forces bid

Desiree Johnson

No stars Books are moved too fast

Flora Shanklin

Review Don't like I have to bid when I don't wish to.


LOVE IT!!! A really Great Card Game I forgot how many Boston's I could have!!! Have a great game!!!

Bill Bixby

??? Don't like it played one hand thumbs down

Claudette Fields-Edwards

Bide Wisk competitive w/computer plus great for the mind!!

Candice Smith

Fun Game This is a great game, with real rules. The only thing is the computer parter always cuts you out.

Paul Spellman III

Terrible Design I've played other Bid apps that are easier to play and navigate. I don't care for this games set up.

Yvonne Petteway

Would be fun if. Constantly getting the close and stop error

Aaron Merriweather

I can't support this anymore! Your partners AI needs to be fixed or re-done! He bids incorrectly, cuts you when hand is won, and lacks strategic decision making. Fix the AI!

Diane McIntosh

Extremely poor app I'm quite sure that you are not a Bid Whist player cuz app is missing enough that it can't really be considered to be a complete app. I will email you privately to maybe help out because I do like the layout of your app but doesn't mean anything if it can't be played like the real bid. Sorry, don't mean to be harsh.

Gloria Smith

There are glitches in bidding portion of the game.

kristal tousant

So much fun....great time killer

Ashle G

Great app! Works great, no problems on HTC EVO 3D or Nexus 7 tablet

José A. Aponte MARRERO

José A. "200814...t/o...thanks..."

Karla WithaK

This is my mental exercise. It relieves stress too!

Alberta Jackson

Very poor setup....try bid whist krt apps....

Mary Bradley

Makes you think and do your math

Fu Banks

The computer is cheating. I bid 4 downtown diamonds. The computer throws out a 2 of diamonds, I defeAt it with a high joker. Why is the computer winning this hand?

Deb Lew

A cheating game! It's tolerable, but wow does this game cheat! It skips dealing my hand at times, double dealing cards to my opponent. It steals hands that you have obviously won! Other glitches too numerous to list. The more hands you play the slower it gets. Although I still play, I am looking for something better.

john houston

Horrible I can't figure out how to play a card. I keep tapping on them and nothing is happening. Un-installing.

Lesly Favors

Moves to fast,you can't see what was played

Ron Sarden

You are basically playing by yourself. No "Boston" or points for extra books

Camelia Eaves

Boston Please fix this so that when someone makes all 13 books, it says "Boston".

Wilma Benton

You call this app "classic", yet you don't offer the classic rules. I have never had to bid from "4 up" to a "5". Four down is standard if you know what ur doing. I have ur app but I play another app daily because of this little glitch. Fix and I will rate it higher and play it more.

malik dumas

My Favorite of All of Them The only thing I'd ask for is a setting to make the 2 of Diamonds and the 2 of spades trump cards. (2 of Diamonds is higher-ranked.)

Rhonda Tucker

Love it addicted to the game it's challenging.

Joseph Mitchell

Mr Very gd


"BAD" WHIST ! #1- Bidding order needs serious Quality Process Auditing. #2- The timing between all operations need significant delays installed. #3- Accurate Rules of the game are not properly incorporated into the scoring, bidding, and strategies. NOTE: The basic concept is modeled, however rush to market seems to have taken priority. One Star is given due to the unresponsiveness to earlier reviews instead of a more deserving two stars for creativity. 11/12/015 @ 11:59 pm

Anthony Crider

Very Enjoyable Would be nice if the computer (your partner) knew to throw off instead of cutting your winning trick. Keeps my game fresh.

Toni Snowden

Snowy Would b nice if I could c what was played in a trick...and biding suck

Judie Brodas

Partner cuts your books and takes all your trump cards...

Marilyn Brown

Lots of fun Great but needs to improve logic for no trump bids. My partner will bid without a run or aces.

Dinice Maiden

Confusing No instructions on how to play. I did figure it out finally, but it would have been nice to know the rules.

Jerry Hysten

Bid Who's

Gregory Matthews

Too small The graphics are too small and too busy. Makes it very difficult and confusing too follow. Uninstalling.

Chauntai Mack

Needs more development The app provides a more realistic distribution of cards than most of the others I have played. however, it removes the play so fast often times I don't get to see what everyone played. also your partner will cut you out of your winning play as well as take all of your trump even when you are the last 2 with trump.

Ava Jones

it goes too fast! I barely see the other bids. then with play I can't count how many trumps are still out or any suit for that matter. if you slowed it down it would be great.

Kelley Hall

Addictive Partner does not make the best decisions, but the game is really realistic.

yt mo

Great game One more of the better whist games

Claudette Fields-Edwards

Bide Wisk competitive w/computer plus great for the mind!!

Verna Pheifer

Bid whist classic Great game for beginners and pros.

Delores Hakeem

Bid Wist Who can bid the mms

Beverly Beasley

Spades More like a real world game


Deleting this app, Can't take the stupid play of my so called partner. I swear he's on their side

Cynthia Glenn

Better Percentage Love this game. Great practice for me, I want to play at the real table with my mom and sisters. I just wish the odds/percentages where better.

Jerry Smith

Bid whiz

Doris Dawson

Old school game I grew up on this game my mother and my aunt playing having a drink and playing this game while listening to r&b and blues

Murphy Caldwell Jr.

Not of this world Not easy

missy lord

Great game Brings back fond memories of watching my grandparents play

shirley butler

Can't be beat Bid whist

manish khairwar

I am a diehard Bid Whist player and this game is the closest to real life I've ever played it has the jokers it has No-trump bids and the graphics when you win a Boston are extremely gratifying!

Raj Belwal

I really found myself into this version. I can't seem to put it down!

Karuna Tayade

Karu..... I love this game I play it all the time. If your bored or have nothing to do,install this app/ it and it is even great

Simran Singh

By far the best bid whiz app I've come across! All others have sucked in comparison!

jeti misar

It took a minute to get use to the interface but its very realistic and almost like playing with real people

Mahesh Tambe

I love the app so nice app. Had all the correct rules and partner plays the wai tour supposed to. No glitches or over usage of advertisement....PERFECTION

Sagar Mehra

I like the game a lot and play often. With all of the settings options I can play the exact rules I used to play many yrs ago.

Nikhil Tiwari

It is very much like playing with humans. It doesn't make mistakes or have your partner cut you out.

mohit sadh

Very good Reyli this game is very gud game I Reyli very enjoy this game so plz install this game and play this game I playing mane game but this game is supab enjoy this game I loved it..

Chokshi Sultan

Addictive, my boyfriend and I take turns playing every chance we get.

Mitul Bhai

This is such a fun game. Havent had any problems since i installed the game. I would say my only issue i have is trying to beat my own score

Abid Patel

I just finished downloading this app it's very challenging and good app so far.

Vijay Kumar

Good app in terms of perfection. there is nothing as good as this app

Nitin Dethe

The computer makes very few mistakes. Challenging game play. It exposes my poor game play and is making me better. Nice job.

supriya vanahalli

Best game out there. You are able to set up the game for your regional style. We play high low no. Low takes out high and no takes out both.

abhishek mishra

By far the best Bid Whist app thanks for your hard work

Amit Godara jaat

Mst Finally someone who has laid the game out 100% beautifully via an app. Learn and teach a friend. Whist is to spades like Chess is to checkers. Get this to Facebook so it be interactive.

osama ashraf

the Bid Whist app is the best in the class that ive used. nothing beats it.

Subham Ray

Got such a great game after such a long time. #TryIt

Ashiqur Rahaman

Nice Game this app works quite like a charm. Already addicted :)


Good app Great concept.. I really enjoyed this game.. I couldn't stop playing.. I highly recommend!!

Avadhoot Dixit

Awesome game ever. It is the best one i have found.

ÁYush JàiN

Love it, play it every chance I get

Rakesh Gaikwad

I really like this game. It's Very interesting and and entertaining. Highly recommended this game to play.

Pradeep Dhumal

This game is just the bomb man So epic

Adarsh Jain

Like the ability to make speed and other adjustments

Prakash Soni

Good So speeeeedy!!! Loving the game speed :D

Kankana Kandre

A great learning tool for a beginner and fun. It playing slow right now.


Its a very helpful and interesting app !!!! Much better for playing online... any way l'm glad to have it on my phone !!!

amer khan

Nice app The game play is very strong in this version. At times I feel like I actually have a rhythm with the bot partner. Well done!

Vamshi krishna

Love the game. Too easy for me. Need more competition.

Amit Das

Bidwhist I love the cute little app. I play a few games like this one and i really like it so far.

Murtaza Jawadwala

Much fun....wish a 4 low would beat a 4 high instead of having to bid a 5 low, and, that is my only complaint..... : )

Ashutosh Gupta

What a amazing game. I enjoy using my brain for this game

shaikh aadi

Awesome game It's a very entertaining game, and an excellent way to pass the time

Dimples Watson

Bid whist

Jade Potts

Bid whist Unable to download to play

Verlinda Rogers

Whist I am excited to play, hope that this game is like playing with real people, i love bid whist.

Kris Simons

Destroyed the game First off you caint bid 4 low only 4 high and up. 2nd you get to look at the kitty b4 you call your trump suit. If someone sat down at my table with these rules i would switch the game to spades.

jennifer wiggins

Jenny Great game! Very frustrating for your partner to play the wrong card and cut you out consistently. Please fix it. I'll than rate 5 stars!

Anita Martin

Bid Whist Classic Stupid and slow!


Good game. You need to slow down the lay down of cards played so that the player can see what cards were played.

Dean L Rogan II can do better than this... ...since when does a 4 up outrank a 4 down? and why does my P cut me out of tricks that I locked up, and mess up our bid? and why is it that every time i win the kitty on a no-trump bid, there is ALWAYS a joker in the kitty, without fail? noap...i'm gonna go find another bid whist dealie...this ain't gettin' it.


The partners bid Why does your partner bid before you and doesn't have his bid and only does it when you have points, no one bids if they don't have to, when their partner has the take out bid. Now granted if your partner is giving you a direction for a no trump before their partner bid is fine but they don't even have what they bid before you. They bid for no reason.

Lisa Pree

Understanding The computer doesn't get it. And it doesn't show the kitty when other team wins bid.

2Deneen Stoudemire-Murray

Pro's game Love this game

Peggy Austin

Bid whist

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